Multitasking With the New iPad

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					Multitasking With the New iPad

Many pundits found the original iPad almost flawless when it was released in 2010. It was regarded as
the best tablet PC yet. However, some users found it disappointing when they tried to view some videos
online. The iPad 1 could not play videos that ran on Adobe Flash player, which was the major online
video player. Another missing feature from the iPad was the function to multitask. It could not run
multiple applications at the same time. Some even sold their iPads just to get a laptop, which is, of
course, far more efficient. Because of this, users could not look at the iPad more than just a novelty;
certainly never a device for serious work.

The second generation of the iPad, which was released in March 2011, Apple developed to be almost
similar to a standard computer: It can now multitask. If you want to toggle back and forth between one
app to another, you can now do so with the iPad 2 without turning off the app. There are several ways
to multitask.

Multitasking can now be done with the iPad because of the iOS 4.2. In this operating system, you just
tap the iPad’s Home button twice to see the recently used applications and select the one you want to
use now. If the iPad is in portrait mode, meaning the screen is vertical, six app icons are on the Multitask
Bar; in landscape (the screen is horizontal), there are six icons in the bar.
You can close an app by removing it from the Multitask bar. You just press down on an app and hold it
until it vibrates. Tap the minus sign on the app you want to close.

With the Multitask Bar, you save time and energy. You can copy and paste data from one app to another
with the multitasking function. It also lets you go from one app to another without closing the first app,
letting you go back to your previous work. Besides, who uses just one app, anyway? With the Multitask
Bar, you do not have to sell your iPad to buy a laptop because it is not as good as the latter.

However, there can be a bad side whenever you multitask. Imagine doing all this work at the same time:
You are typing an e-mail, while receiving calls, then someone comes in the room and asks you to do this
and that. Your head might explode with too many tasks. Maybe it is not really multitasking, since you
switch from one task to another.

One disappointment brought to Apple users was that the new iPad did not have the iOS 5 operating
system. The If the new iPad has this new OS, then it allows the user to bring up the Multitask Bar by
swiping four or five fingers on the screen, which is not available in the new iPad’s OS. You can also swipe
left or right to view and switch apps.

See, Apple really wants its customers to have better tablet experience than any other tablet companies.
Who says you cannot multitask with the iPad?

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Description: Many pundits found the original iPad almost flawless when it was released in 2010. It was regarded as the best tablet PC yet.