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									Dental Discount Plan
    Beginning August 1st Dr. Benson and Associates
is introducing a Dental Discount Plan. The plan
is available for patient’s that will be losing their
insurance as of July 1st, and for patient’s that have
no dental insurance.
    The Dental Discount Plan is purchased by
the patient on a yearly basis every August 1st and
coverage is for a year. Membership fees and services
are as follows:

   $100.00 single person • $150.00 family
                         This fee includes 1 regular
                      cleaning, 2 x-rays and an exam
                       (a $150.00 value) for every
                         family member. This plan
                          also includes a 25% discount
                           on all dental services.

                            Please feel free to contact
                            our office at 734-285-2575
                             or visit our website
                             com) for further details.

                                  * Annual fee must be paid
                                  in full and is not subject to
                                  pro-ration. Once enrolled,
                                   members will be billed every
                                    Aug. 1st for the applicable
                                    membership fee. The
                                    discount is based on the
                                    present full fee at the time
                                    of service and is subject
                                    to standard payment
                                     arrangements. No other
                                     discounts with this plan.

734-285-2575 •

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