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					                                                    RAY I. LEAKE
                                                                                Cell: (386) 801-7266
Debary, FL 32713                                 Home: (386) 774-0352

                                             PROFESSIONAL BIOGRAPHY

Ray Leake is a Sales, Marketing, Business & Brand Development Professional who has more than 20 years of broad based
experience in sales, marketing, business management, and operations management. He specializes in Innovation and
Implementation Leadership. Ray has expertise in sales management, marketing, and business and brand development. He has
developed a proficiency in strategic planning, product development, and sales and operations. Ray’s primary focus is on
organizational development and operational improvement. Increased sales revenue, increased profits, an increased market
share, and enhanced customer satisfaction were consistently realized as the products of Ray’s investments in the area of sales
and enterprise turnaround. Ray founded LX4 Inc and works with companies to focus on developing teams that are focused on
delivering Operational and Organizational excellence. Most recently, he served as a consultant for business product and brand
development. In that capacity, Ray was intricately involved in the development of several new brands, and received three
patents for products he helped develop. He was a Group Vice President (Sales, Marketing, and Brand & Product Development)
for the Audiovox Electronics Corporation, a global leader in consumer electronics with $700M in annual revenue. Ray’s
leadership was evident at Audiovox, where in less than three years he led his team from $20 million to $70 million in sales. The
leadership potential that Ray possesses is a unique blend of vision and broad based experience, coupled with the ability to
deliver exceptional sales and results. Under Ray’s leadership, he and his team captured and held the number one market share
in a key product category in the mobile electronics field for four consecutive years.

Previously, Ray’s leadership potential was recognized by Circuit City Stores, Inc., who recruited him as a District Manager in
training to oversee what would eventually be 21 store locations and 200 employees. After just three years, he was promoted to
the corporate offices as a Corporate Operations Marketing/Merchandising manager. In that position, Ray exercised his
invaluable field of knowledge to manage multiple projects, to promote new ideas and best practices, to write weekly sales and
operating guides, and to remodel existing guides (including grand opening guides and “operational playbooks”) for his division.
Ray was then promoted to the position of Buyer where he helped the company realize increased year to year sales and exceed
industry sales growth by 10% in 2002. In 2004, Ray was promoted to Sr. Buyer overseeing $500 million in annual sales.

Ray’s creative and results oriented leadership, coupled with his vigorous and passionate commitment to success in business
have consistently enabled him and his teams to exceed industry standards. His visionary leadership has established a record of
success in creating sales growth, in delivering positive bottom-line impact, in generating process improvement, and in building
strong teams that deliver world-class performance and customer service. In his career, Ray has demonstrated the ability to
develop and coordinate diverse businesses. He has also realized success in marketing, in brand and sales management, in
retail operations, in orchestrating successful turnarounds, in product development, and in managing products from design
conception through mass production and delivery. Ray has the ability to identify and address organizational gaps and shortfalls
in a manner that will deliver process improvement and sustainable growth, high profitability, a competitive market position, and
ensure top-level performance. A few of Ray’s accomplishments are reflected below:

       Championed a sales, marketing and product team to an unprecedented increase in revenues that began at just
        under $20M in year one to over $70M in year three.
       Is a supporter of new technology and embraces change.
       Successfully coached a sales, marketing, and product development team to a level of unparalleled success of #1
        market share for three consecutive years in a market of very experienced competitors.
       Substantially reduced product manufacturing cost by 50% through continual process improvement.
       Multi-National expertise which included traveling extensively to Asia to work with managed contract manufacturers as
        well as coordinating projects and production through the company offices located there.
       Managed/Negotiated multi-million dollar contracts involving production, sales, warranty repair, and product marketing.
       Developed yearly strategic sales forecasts, marketing plans, budgets, and operational plans.
       Sales and Operational Management expertise (Corporate, District/Territory, and Location).

Ray has completed 121/125 credit hours in Business Administration from East Carolina University and is working toward degree
completion, with plans to start in the MBA program. He has attended Six Sigma Champion training, and various personal
development programs throughout his career to enhance his abilities in team and situational leadership, negotiating, creative
and critical thinking, meeting objectives and deadlines, and multiple project management. Ray has most recently been working
with Life Equip, a coaching and consulting firm focused on helping companies focus on Organizational Health and Operational
Excellence. Ray lives in greater Orlando, Florida, with his family. His wife of 24 years, Carla, is a Dental Hygienist, and they are
raising two daughters. Ray leads an active lifestyle, participating in golf, running, collecting wine, and cooking. As a community
leader, Ray serves as the Vice Chair of the Board of Governors at Debary Golf and Country Club. He also teaches Sunday
school, volunteers at his children’s middle and high schools, and has served as a volunteer coach on his daughters’ soccer

                                               RAY I. LEAKE
                                           Resume of Qualifications
                                                                                Cell: (386) 801-7266
Debary, FL 32713                                Home: (386) 774-0352

                                             STRENGTHS & SKILLS

   Sales and Marketing Professional with over 20 years of expertise in business management.
   Brand and Product Development Leader. Expertise in Brand Strategies and Product design and development.
   Creative and results-oriented leader with a robust and energetic work ethic. The Passion to win!
   Expertise in problem solving, strategic planning, recruiting, training, and organization design and development.
   Expertise in sales forecasting and inventory management and business process management.
   20 years of organization and operations management focusing on Organizational Health and Operational Excellence.
   Proven record in consistently increasing sales revenue, profit, market share and customer satisfaction
   Team Leader, competent in recruiting, building, motivating, training, developing & retaining sales staff, management
    and product development teams to meet and exceed goals.
   Expertise in corporate operations, multi store and multi site management.
   Certified Coach Practitioner from Certified Coaches Federation
   Developed three products that were patented. (Integrated Television Mount and Audio System)
   Embraces new technology and the connected world. Understands how to communicate and sell technology.
   Experience encompasses business development; sales and marketing; retail operations and merchandising;
    customer service and relationship management; brand management and product development; P&L management;
    contract negotiations; program, project and operations management; establishing international manufacturing
    channels; product sourcing: vendor relationships; hiring, training, mentoring, supervising and evaluating personnel;
    managing products from design concept to mass production and delivery.

                                            PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE

LX4 INC – Debary, FL                                                                          Jan 2010 – Present
Sales | Marketing | Branding Consultant
Self Employed (Expertise in Marketing, Sales, Brand Management, Business and Product Development, Sourcing and
Direct Importing, Operations and Process Management, Organizational Structure)

Consulted with Metra Electronics Corporation, Holly Hill, FL.                                       Jan 2010 – Sept 2012
   Hired as a contract employee (consultant) for business development, sales and operational process management,
   marketing, brand management, management of new product development, contract manufacturing and sourcing.
   Developed Audio Solutions and a product category Audio Mounts          Personally awarded 3 patents!
   Developed the Audio Solutions brand, sales, marketing and product strategies and tactical plans
   Developed the Metra OE Direct Fit brand, sales, marketing and product strategies and tactical plans
   Established and managed outsourced product development (engineering) team
   Established and oversaw direct importing and outsourced product manufacturing in Asia
   Implemented Quality Control and project management in Asia.
   Implemented new operational processes and procedures.
   Oversight with sales organization to develop and implement sales plans and budgets.
   Developed and implemented product plans and streamed lined product assortments of existing brands
   Performed customer, competitor and market research to determine market needs and product planning requirements
   Negotiated vendor contracts, pricing, and royalty issues as well as negotiated U.S. repair center contracts.

Sodexo – Gaithersburg, MD                                                                               Jan 2010 – May 2010
[Sodexo, a world leader in Food and Facilities Management services with $15 billion in annual revenue]
Director of Merchandising / Sr Buyer (Health Care Retail Shops)
    Hired to work on a new concept team to develop a new Health Care retail shop “Re:sourxe by Sodexo”
    Actively participated in the development of the brand attributes and store concept for the new healthcare retail brand.
    Responsible to help select, purchase and set up Point of Sales and inventory management system
    Responsible to evaluate and purchase health care products and gift shop accessories for marketability and
    profitability for Health Care Retail Sales. Responsible for staff: forecasting, purchasing and inventory management.
    Developed strategic and tactical marketing, sales and business plans.
    Managed category research and evaluations of industry, manufacturers and products;
    Oversaw vendor relationships, negotiations and agreements
    Responsible for pricing strategies, sales and marketing plans, promotions, store design, and merchandising.
    Position was hired as a virtual office. However after we defined the concept and responsibilities, it was determined
    that position needed to be located in the corporate offices in Gaithersburg and I could not relocate at that time.

                                                 RAY I. LEAKE
                                              Resume of Qualifications
                                                                                Cell: (386) 801-7266
Debary, FL 32713                                Home: (386) 774-0352

AUDIOVOX– Hauppauge, NY (Lake Mary, FL)                                                                        July 2004 – Oct 2009
[Global company with $700M plus in annual revenue; some of the brands include Audiovox, RCA, Jensen, Acoustic Research,
Advent, Terk, Code and some German brands]
VP (Sales, Marketing & Brand and Product Development)
         Hired for business development, sales management, marketing, brand management and management of product
         development; focused on an anticipate market need/target of a $40M business.
         Increased sales revenue from $20M to $40M in first year, to $70M by the third year.
         Development of Jensen branded product to #1 market share four consecutive years in U.S.
         Developed yearly, quarterly and monthly sales budgets and product/inventory forecasting.
         Developed strategic and tactical marketing, sales and business plans.
         Oversaw group worldwide sales & distribution, US, Canada, Mexico, Russia and Australia.
         Called on and made sales presentations to all National and Regional Electronics and Automotive Retailers
         Oversaw Sales, Product Development Managers, Engineers, Technicians and administrative staff.
         Responsible for Brand Strategy, Standards, Positioning and Management.
         Management of pricing parameters and elasticity for all products and brands
         Creation of marketing and sales training programs and material for all brands
         Managed four brands of products and Private Label programs
         Marketing encompassed Traditional, Digital, Web site, Public Relations, Tradeshow, in-store displays and product sales
         presentations, product catalogs, promotional material, white papers and packaging.
         Strong understanding of key stakeholders needs, from external partners to internal x-functional teams to end users
         Negotiate contracts/vendor agreements with retailers, pricing, and programs
         Managed contract with services providers and negotiated Marketing Development funding from service providers
         Responsible for Product Development for all brands (AIPMM PMF & Time Marker System)
         Performed consumer, competitor and market research to determine market and product development needs
         Managed Product Managers/Development: products from design conception through mass production to delivery to
         meet/exceed dealer and consumer expectations as well as managed all phases of the product life cycle.
         Extensive experience identifying and connecting technology advancements with customer need to create new ideas.
         Traveled extensively in Asia to visit factories, develop programs, oversee production and work with Asian offices
         Negotiated and managed all contracts with Asian factories and vendors.
         Generation of higher profit margins by establishing and managing lean manufacturing and cost reductions.
         Managed group buying and procurement of product; inventory management;
         Improved inventory forecasting and management by implementing new processes and procedures.
         Team successfully brought 100+ products to market within budget through use of proper engineering, product design,
         time management, lean manufacturing and lowered cost using continuous improvement and mass production in Asia.
         P&L responsibility in directing all aspects of product line which involved strategic and business planning; overseas
         product sourcing; vendor management; pricing; channeling; marketing; sales, training; product development, packaging
         and time markers for on-time mass production and launch and product and customer support.

CIRCUIT CITY STORES INC. – Richmond, VA                                                                     Jan 1994 – July 2004
[Leading, national consumer electronics retailer with $10B in annual revenue]
Senior Category Manager / Buyer –(2001-2004)
    Evaluated, forecasted and purchased products for marketability/profitability generating over $500M annually.
    Developed yearly strategic and tactical marketing, sales budgets, inventory forecast and business plans.
    Responsible for purchasing twenty-two classes of products encompassing hundreds of products.
    Managed category research and evaluations of industry, manufacturers and products and vendor relationships
    Created marketing plans, advertising, pricing plans, sales and training plans, and in store promotions/displays.
    Developed and trained three buyers. Hired, trained, motivated, and supervised up to six personnel.
    Increased year-to-year sales above market trends.
    Exceeded industry sales growth by 10% in 2002.
    Negotiated cost reductions with suppliers to improve sales, gross margins and profits.
    Launched new products (i.e. portable navigation, satellite radio) that improved category sales.
    Development of private label lines in audio and video products that enhanced profit margins.
    Negotiated vendor agreements, funding and pricing and millions of marketing development funds that increased advertising,
    promotions & profits.
    Wrote sales, operational and product training articles for internal weekly communication. Merch News.

                                                RAY I. LEAKE
                                             Resume of Qualifications
                                                                                Cell: (386) 801-7266
Debary, FL 32713                                Home: (386) 774-0352

CIRCUIT CITY STORES INC. – Richmond, VA                                                                      Jan 1994 – July 2004
[Leading, national consumer electronics retailer with $10B in annual revenue]
Corporate Operations “Merchandising & Marketing” Manager – (1997-2001)
    Reported to Division VP and managed merchandising and sales operations across 600+ stores.
    Assisted with strategic planning processes and development of sales budgets.
    Activate participate in Monthly Business Reviews/Quarterly Business Reviews and Workforce/Succession planning
    Visited stores with Regional and District Management on monthly basis to help ensure Operational Excellence
    Worked with buying and marketing departments on sales plans, promotional/marketing plans and in store displays
    Responsible for category store layout, design and site plans.
    Traveled throughout US to coordinate new store openings, remodels and new merchandising projects.
    Taught monthly MAP (Management Advancement Program) training classes on tactical execution of corporate
    merchandising and BEI (Brand Enhancement Image) programs to groups of up to thirty managers.
    Hired, trained, managed and evaluated team of five individuals in, operational policy, store communications, project/special
    event management, inventory control, planogram development and new product evaluations.
    Generated additional sales revenue through development, launch and management of after-market mobile electronics retail
    sales program for CarMax, a wholly owned subsidiary of Circuit City at that time.
    Generated new business and revenue annually through negotiations of numerous contracts as 3 rd party installers.
    Created planograms/in store displays, training and operational direction for Retail Sales floor and Installation areas.
    Wrote weekly sales trainings, operating guides, remodel guides, grand opening guides and holiday “playbooks”.

CIRCUIT CITY STORES INC. – Richmond, VA                                                                   Jan 1994 – July 2004
[Leading, national consumer electronics retailer with $10B in annual revenue]
District Store / Location Manager Roadshop Division– (1995-1997)
    Managed all aspects of daily operations of twenty-one Retail Sales & Installation Centers with 200+ personnel generating
    over $20 million in annual revenue.
    Developed, trained, implemented and monitored business/operations plans; merchandising programs; budgets; sales
    goals/strategies; expense control; and loss prevention programs.
    Opened, trained and staffed 19 new locations within 24 month period that produced over $15 million in annual sales.
    Increased sales revenue, profits, customer satisfaction above corporate average and reduced shrinkage.
    Developed and trained 2 District Managers and 19 associates to Managers.

CIRCUIT CITY STORES INC. – Richmond, VA                                                                    Jan 1994 – July 2004
[Leading, national consumer electronics retailer with $10B in annual revenue]
Roadshop Location Manager – (1994-1995)
    Managed all aspects of retail operations in location with 15 employees and $2M in annual sales.
    Increased sales revenue, profits, customer satisfaction above corporate average
    As a Store Director opened 2 new locations, remodeled 2 locations and relocated 1 facility.

Prior to 1994:   (1986 – 1994)

Auto Center Manager & Market Manager– (Montgomery Ward)
Tidewater Va. Market Manager I oversaw my location and 5 other locations for company initiatives and training.
Managed three different Auto centers locations, including grand opening of two locations.

Electronics Sales Manager, Assistant Store– (Montgomery Ward)

Probation and Parole Officer – (State Of North Carolina)


Business Administration (121/125 credit hours completed) – East Carolina University, Greenville, NC.                      1985

I am currently working toward completing my degree requirements, with intent to start MBA program.
Various seminars/training such as Six Sigma Champion training; team and situational leadership; coaching; training; negotiating;
creative and critical thinking; project management, management advancement, etc.
Completed Coaches Practitioner Certification from Certified Coaches Federation


Description: Ray Leake is a sales, marketing, business & brand development Professional who has more than 20 years of broad based experience in sales, marketing, business management, and operations management.