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					                                             become available, the exhibits are                      Designed for small groups, the cen-
Showcasing Technology                        updated or changed. Just one of the                  ter has limited seating and standing
                                             many hands-on demonstrations cur-                    room available. A wireless audio system

A        badge swipe and a fingerprint
         identification device greet visi-
         tors upon entry into a world of
the unknown-the NSNCSS Demon-
                                             rendy being showcased in the center is
                                             on biometrics. The explosion in infor-
                                             mation technology has increased the
                                             demand for quick, accurate, and user-
                                                                                                  and wireless headsets for demonstra-
                                                                                                  tions allow visitors and presenters to
                                                                                                  comfortably and effectively interact.
                                                                                                     The center is located in OPS 2B,
stration      Center.    Once                                      friendly    means              Room 2B8036 and is staffed by
inside, displays on leading-                                       for       personal             employees specialized in multimedia.
edge technologies capture                                          au thentication.               Often, they run the show behind the
visitors' energy and enthusi-                                      Biometrics uses                scenes by operating the workstations,
asm. Exhibits, demonstra-                                          automated meas-                VCR's, digital and video cameras,
tions, and simulations from                                        urements of the                video teleconferencing systems, elec-
the key components allow                                           biological charae-             tronic switchers, and projectors. The
guests to experience the                                           tenstlcs (finger-              staff assist briefers by displaying data,
reality of providing informa-                                      print, face, and               providing audio on cue, and connect-
tion superiority for the                                           voice) of humans               ing laptop computers to the system for
Nation in the information                                          for the purpose                screen projection. In conjunction with
age.                                                               of authentication              various offices and organizations, they
   Established in 1997, the center is        or identification. Biometrics is     cur-            coordinate the schedules of all the cen-
designed to showcase NSA's significant       rendy in place in some areas of the                  ter's presentations and visitors.
technologies in one centralized loca-        Agency.                                                The NSNCSS Demonstration Cen-
tion. The center's success is a result of      The facility features a three-screen               ter is a valuable resource for all
taking the most advanced technology          theater environment for high-definition              Agency key components. It is playing
from inside the Agency's labs-anechoic       display of videotape and data. Through               an important role in providing distin-
chambers and research areas. The             connectivity to all major NSNDOD                     guished visitors a clear appreciation of
information is presented in laymen's         video teleconferencing and crisis man-               how NSNCSS will provide and pro-
terms using a balance of multimedia          agement networks, the center allows                  tect information in the 21st century.
and product demonstrations. Agency           the Agency to broadcast the world to                    For more information, send an
visitors have the opportunity to             Agency visitors and has the capability               E-mail to nsademo@nsa.-mdh
observe the latest technologies and          to serve as a crisis room.
receive a tailored technical presentation
of NSA's capabilities through the
NSNCSS Demonstration Center.
   Using flexible trade show display
components, presentations can be
modified or designed to meet specific
customer needs. No longer do visitors
have to travel from building to build-
ing to see demonstrations and listen to
briefings, the center offers all these
opportunities and experiences in one

  Various demonstrations are located
throughout the center; however, as
newer and more powerful technologies            The NSNCSS Demonstration Center offers a variety of technological briefings for Agency visitors.

2 NSA Newsletter                                                                                                                     March 1999

                                   I                                                                                                                -   -:;;fi;-

                               I            DIRNSA'S DESK
                                            A Farewell Note

                                                      Saying goodbye to everyone at NSNCSS is an emotional, but not sad event. You have
                                            not only allowed Barb and me to be a part of this great family, but you have all welcomed and
                                            supported us far above any reasonable expectation. We would like to personally thank all of you for
                                            your exceptional dedication and hard work in support of the Agency and in defense of this Nation
                                            we all so dearly love.
                                                      The past 3 years presented us with a myriad of operational and organizational challenges
                                            that could only have been resolved by a work force as richly diverse in gender, ethnicity, age, experi-
                                            ence, capabilities, and military and civilian cultures as the NSNCSS family. While doing the
                                            "undoable" operationally you have been a part of these noteworthy accomplishments-the National
                                            Cryptologic Strategy for the 21st century; the NSA Technology Plan; establishment of the Senior
                                            Cryptologic Corporate Orientation Program; the Diversity Program; the Modeling and Simulation Pro-
                                            gram; Future Days . 96 and . 98; the Ethics Policy; implementation of the Information Operations
                                            Technology Center (lOTC); the examiners visit for the Presidential Quality Award (PQA); establish-
                                            ment of the Unified Cryptologic Architecture; completion of the EEO Employee Satisfaction Survey;
                                            1 Am An American Festival; dedication of the National Vigilance Park and expansion of the Nation-
                                            al Cryptologic Museum; the National Information Assurance Strategy; the Administration Encryption
                                            Policy; the Intelligence Community Senior Leadership Program; the National Information Assurance
                                            Partnership; implementation of a Y2K policy/strategy; the NSOC Strategic Architecture; and participa-
                                            tion in the Discovery Channel's episode on NSA. It's been an amazing 3 years!
                                                      Through these and many other efforts, the NSNCSS team came together with a common
                                            goal, and despite tremendous obstacles, sharing a common vision, were able to work as a single
                                            entity to accomplish the mission. It is difficult to express the pride of being part of your team. No
                                            team has worked harder to ensure our Nation's security, no team has stood watch longer to prevent
                                            operational and technological surprise, and no team has been more innovative in pursuit of techno-
                                            logical advantage for our success in the 21st century.
                                                      Thank you for helping me give the Nation my best and for letting me be part of a team
            J                               that so diligently endeavors to provide the security of our Nation. We have accomplished a great
                                            deal and we all have reason to be proud. From the newest employees to the most senior, each of
                                            you is essential to the future. I know that I leave the National Security Agency in good hands -
                                            your hands, the exemplary work force of NSA. Stay with NSA, the country needs you.
                                                       Barb and I wish each of you the best of the brilliant future that awaits you. It has been
                                            an honor and truly humbling experience serving with all of you. Thank you for the supreme sup-
                                            port given these past 3 years. May God bless each of you and this great Nation we are all so privi-
        i                                   leged to serve. One Team-One Mission!

        /                                                                                             L( (). LI----
I                   March 1999

                                                                                                                                          NSA NeWSletter 3

                                                                                               THE NATIONAL SECURITY
                              Picture This                                                      AGENCY NEWSLETTER

                                                                                           March 1999 • Vol. XLVIII No. 3
NSAer Gloria Criss Receives Prestigious Community Award: On January 15,
many gathered at the Annapolis Marriot Waterfront to participate in the 11th
Annual Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Awards Dinner for Anne Arundel County
           During this annual commemoration, community residents were recognized
                                                                                                      Ll'NNE YATES
for their significant contributions within the community. Award categories includ-                        Editor
                                                                        ed the Dr.
                                                                        Martin Luther                BETH HADDLE
                                                                                                     Assistant Editor
                                                                        King, Jr. Drum
                                                                        Major Award,                MICHELE HYRE
                                                                        the Peacemaker              Associate Editor
                                                                        Award,      the             BRUCE WARREN
                                                                        Special Recog-                 Publisher
                                                                        nition Award,
                                                                                              The NSA Newsletter is published
                                                                        and the Morris
                                                                                          monthly by the Office of Human
                                                                        H.        Blum    Resources Services for the information
                                                                        Humanitarian      and enjoyment of NSA employees and
                                                                        Award.            their families.
                                                                                              Items submitted for publication
                                                                          Gloria Criss,   should be typed double-spaced and
                                                                        a security spe-   marked with the name, organization,
                                                                        cialist in the    and phone number of the sender. For-
                                                                                          ward all items to: NSA Newsletter, Fort
                                                                        OPS 2B Visi:-     George G. Meade, MD 20755-6000.
           (1. to r.) Lewis A. Bracy; Mayor Dean L. Johnson, Annapolis; tor     Control   Feature articles are due 2 weeks before
                Gloria 1. Criss; and Janet S. Owens, County Executive   Center,           the first day of the month preceding
                                                                                          the month the article is intended to be
                                                                        received    the
                                                                                          published. All other items are due on
Drum Major Award. It is awarded to individuals who keep the dream of Dr.                  or before the first day of the month
King alive through their actions, deeds, and words. Criss is devoted to serving           preceding the month in which the item
others through her church, work, and community. She was awarded the 1999 Dr.              is intended to be published. For exam-
                                                                                          ple, feature articles for the May Newslet-
Martin Luther King, Jr. Drum Major Award for her many contributions to those               ter must be submitted on or before the
in need.                                                                                   16th day of March. AIl other items
                                                                                           must be submitted on or before the
                                                                                          first day of ApriL AIl submissions to
 Foreign Language Videos Available                                                         the Newsletter are subject to editing for
                                                                                          space, clarity, and classification; there
    The Cryptolinguistic Association (CLA) film library has more than 100 videos          are no exceptions to this policy. Newslet-
                                                                                           ter office phones are 963-1848(s) and
  (VHS) in approximately 40 foreign languages. These films may be borrowed by
                                                                                           301-688-6610 (TDD); E-mail address is
  Agency organizations, instructors, and CLA members. CiA membership is open               nsanews@nsa; and location is OPS I,
  to all, at nominal cost. For film listings and information on borrowing, con-            South Cafeteria, Room 2.
  tact Ken Quatdander at 9634733(s), 301-688-4019, or kpquatt@nsa.                             This publication does not necessarily
                                                                                           reflect the official views of the Depart-
    The CLA Film Committee is now accepting donations of foreign language                  ment of Defense.
  videos (VHS) for their film library_ Donors will receive a free 1999 CLA mem-                The Newsletter is printed by the Pub-
  bership_ Films should be of good technical quality, with English subtides and            lication and Reproduction Division.
                                                                                           Printing of this publication was
  cased in their original tape jackets. For more information, contact Drage Vukce-         approved by the Director, National
  vich (dvukceV®nsa) at 963-7770(s) or 301-688-1073.                                       Security Agency, March 1, 1972.

4 NSA Newsletter                                                                                                        March 1999
                                                Club Notes                                                                                                  ~,,---           _ _ \·1,-·

                                                                                                                                     nmt't Savtngs Plan Rates
                                                                                                                                      ,1brouah ;-nuary 1.9
                                                                                                                          Months                   C          F              G
          Il,.<'l' .... j\l"J", -';CI!/"H Di\ing Club wiII        Hinds at 301-688-4598. For coin club
                                                                                                                                              1.3~ (2.96%) 7.22%
          1l1t't't Thur"dav. March 18 at 7:00 p.m.,               informatiun contact Mitch Ross at 301-
                                                                                                                          1995               37.41} 18.31% 7.03%
          III the Colony Seven Complex, Build-                    688-8428.
                                                                                                                         -1996               42.85% 3.66% 6.76%
          inl! ~914. (:luhmom HOO. Electlom; for
                                                                                                                       ~:J997                1l.17~  9.00% 6.77%
          prl·,tdent and trea~urer will take place.               Single People in Activitie.. RecreatiotID
                                                                                                                              1998           28.44% 8.70% 'i. 74%
          Upc(lming trips include a scuna tlea                    and Cultural (SPARC) events for March
          m,lrket in N~w Jersey, the Beneath the                  include trivia and happy hours, dinizrg
          Sea, Conl~'renc,' in March, and a trea:;-               out, a singles dance, a potluck dinner.
                                                                                                                           February           7.20           (.07)           .+1-
          lIT,' hunt in Mil\' in Pennsylvania to                  and a \ideo/game night. For more
                                                                                                                           March              5.11           .34             .50
          l~t\dlt the Mah·-A-Wish Foundation.                     intormation or a membership form,
                                                                                                                           April               1.00          .52             .49
          For more c1uh int~>rrnation, see the                    send your name, organization, and
                                                                                                                           May               (1.72) ,        .95             .51
          hullt'tin hoards in the OPS 1 center                    complete mailstop to SPARC, P.O. Box
          cornd'lr (n"ar the hank), FANX III                      635, Fort Meade, MD 20755.
                                                                                                                          J\lnC               4.05           .85             .48
                                                                                                                       ~ju1y                 (1.09),         .21             .49
          (neM the barhershop), or contact the
                                                                                                                           August   {l4:17)                 1.66             .49
          duh vire president. Vince, at '101-688-                 \Vnmen and Men in N"A (WIN) vlliIT
                                                                                                                           Stptember 6.33                   2.36             .+1-
          286ll,                                                  award Barbara W. Clark undergraduate
                                                                                                                           Octuber    8.19                  (.52)            .41
                                                                  sch~)!arships to NSA civilians and mil-
                                                                                                                           NOvember 6.04                     56              .42
          (",ll \"'''';:lIi"" will soon begin the                 itary personnel who have not yet
                                                                                                                           December 5.76                     .30             .43
           19<'JQ season, A general membership                    received a bachelor's degree and who~
          mt.'l'tmg is scheJubl Illr March 11 at                  wish to enhance their careers. The.
          the hm Meade Cluhhl)use from 3:00                       scholarships are limited to undergrad-
                                                                                                                          Jil.riuary          4.19           .71             .42
          tl I 4:l)() p.m. anJ refreshments will be               uate courses and are not required to
          providelL All picnlre haJge personnel                   be job related. In 1998, WIN award-_
          :ll1d their dt'pemknt~ are eligihle to                  ed $5,360 in scholarships to 21 indi.-
                                                                                                                           MQ~ths        32.85% 8.W,,(, 5.65%
          partiCipate in the llolf .A.ssociation. Fit:            viduals. Applications are available in
                                                                                                                           Pet;Q:ntages· in ( ) an; negative.
          tn'n Oil ti ngs per yea r ;l re held at dit:            any Civilian Welfare Fund office, the
          l~'rent course.' within the states of                   Customer Service Centers, or the
          Maryland and Pennsylvania. This year's                  Career Resource Center. All applica-
          fiN •luting will be at Bay Hills on                     tions must be submitted by noon on
          April S and the last at Andrews AFB                     April 16. If anyone is unable to pick                              :\t\iSWERS T() THE
          on l\.:tober 22. Membership fees are                    up an application, contact Nanl.)' Ste-_                             ~L-\.RCH PUZZLE
          $10 pt'r person.                                        fanski (nmstefa@nsa) or ,01-688-55'16 .
          I'"d.\\" \..·nin ;1I1d "tamp Cluh          vlliII       \Vork and Family Resourcl' Group
          hold its monthly stamp mt'ding Thms-                    (WFRG) will host the program on                         A
          dav, March 11 at noon. The monthly                      "Using Antibiotics Wisely," Tuesday,                    P
          L"in meeting will be Thursday, March                    March 16, from 11:30 a.m. to 12:30
          25 ar noon. Mel'ting locations will be                  p.m. Preregister by sending an E-mail
                                                                                                                          E I,.;.z..---f-,+r:-'~
          ,bphwt'd in tht' showcase upposite the                  to aledwar@nsa by March 5. Consult                      s
          LIPS 1 Cafeteria entrance during the                    ESS topic 1208 for more details.
          respt,ctive "veek of each meeting, Any-
          one inrt'fested i~ invited to attend. For
          "f;1nlp duh int()rmation, call Cirover                                                                          C    Q

          M\lIre" 1999                                                                                                                                     NSA Newsletter 5

_._. _ _. _ - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - _ . .               .._ _ _ .. " .. ,,~.~~~   "" ~       .. _.. -=.=.. _.._..__
                                                                                               ==~-,                     -=::.._..__ .." - - _.._ - _ . _          ,,.._-_     _ _.._ - = ' - - - - - - - -
     Women Putting Their Stamp on America
       ncture a crowd on a California
     r       ~each in the early morning fog.
             Spectators have spent 2 hours
                                                Women's History Month
                                                   March is National Women's History
                                                Month. This year's theme is "Women
                                                                                             In her humble kitchen, Walker
                                                                                           developed the first of what became her
                                                                                           complete line of cosmetics designed
      there, straining to hear an engine's      Putting Their Stamp on America." The       specifically for the needs of black
     roar above the sound of the breaking       word "stamp" is a metaphor for             women. From her quick mind came a
     waves. Everyone is tense and excited.      women's positive, lasting marks, impres-   new approach to marketing. She hired
     It is May 1935. At the movies, Clark       sions, or impact on culture and soci-      "Walker" agents as independent busi-
     Cable is starring in "Mutiny on the        ety. National Women's History Month        nesswomen who went door-to-door in
     Bounty." In the streets, people are        calls upon individuals to reflect on the   their communities selling products on
     humming the popular tune "I Got            impact women like Amelia Earhart           commission. By her own example and
     Plenty of Nuthin." In Congress, a rad-     have had on the Nation, and perhaps        personal instruction, Walker encour-
     ical new government program called         on individual lives as well.               aged her agents' philanthropy and
     Social Security is being debated. If          The accomplishments of some             community work. Madame C.}. Walk-
     everything goes right this morning,        women in the past made headline            er put her stamp on America as a suc-
     Amelia Earhart will bring her plane in     news. People followed their feats          cessful businesswoman and was
     for a landing nearby and make anoth.-      through newspapers or radio broad-         generous in her support of African
     er mark for herself in history.            casts, and later retold those stories to   American institutions, and a benefac-
        That particular morning in 1935         their children and grandchildren.          tor for black artists and intellectuals of
     went perfectly for Amelia Earhart.            Some of those women were featured       the "Harlem Renaissance."
     She landed just as planned, and            on U.S. postage stamps. Other women
     became the first person to fly solo        put their indelible mark on America        Maria Martinez
     across the Pacific from Honolulu.          with far less fanfare, receiving public       Financial fortune and world fame
     America considered her the darling of      attention only occasionally for their      were not foremost in the mind of
     the skies. For the next 2 years, Earhart   work. The country has benefited great-     Maria Martinez when she began ceram-
     made headlines coast-to-coast as she       ly from the contributions of all these     ics experiments in the early 1900's, but
     reached altitudes and speeds that never    women.                                     she achieved both before she died in
     had before been achieved by any               Many women have clearly put their       1980. The task Maria Martinez set for
     human being. Tragically, her string of     stamp on some aspect of American life      herself was to replicate the ancient pot-
     magnificent successes was abruptly cut     through their deliberate actions. Each     tery of her Pueblo Indian ancestors. By
     short on the last leg of completing the    of these women, including those fea-       1919, she and her husband had suc-
-    first-ever flight around the world. A      tured on the Newsletter cover, believed    ceeded in developing a process for re-
     massive search of the South Pacific was    in the glorious promise America holds      creating the ancient black-on-black
     eventually called off without finding a    for boundless human possibility.           pottery that has become globally
     trace of this wonder woman of early                                                   famous among art collectors. Since
     aviation.                                  Madam C.J. Walker                          that historic discovery, she and 5 suc-
        Amelia Earhart's story is familiar to     Sarah Breedlove, now known as            ceeding generations of her family and
     almost everyone. She lived the             Madam C.}. Walker, tried her hand at       tribe have set new standards and styles
     national dream of limitless freedom,       earning economic independence by           for contemporary 'Pueblo ceramics.
     bravery, and path-breaking adventure.      using the American promise to test            Her enterprise resulted in a strong
     She left her clear stamp on everyone's     her ideas and talents. Early in the        economic base for her entire commu-
     imagination. The choices Amelia            20th century, she became a product of      nity, and her own reputation as the
     Earhart made for her life helped to        her own initiative, earned millions,       foremost of the modern Pueblo Indi-
     change America's notions of what           and helped achieve economic inde-          an potters. By skillfully solving the
     women can accomplish when they are         pendence for more than 20,000 other        technical puzzles she faced, Maria Mar-
     given the opportunity.                     black women.                               tinez forged a solid cultural link

     6 NSA Newsletter                                                                                                   March 1999
       between the past and present for her        to be built on the Capitol Mall. How-      regarding Latino culture and life expe-
       people, and a new respect for the art       ever, when Maya Lin's entry won            riences for "Sesame Street" have
       of Native Americans as well.                unanimously over 14,000 other designs,     earned her many awards, including
                                                   her career was launched and her fame       seven Emmys.
       First Female Disc Jockey                    began.
          Graciela Olivarez, on the other             Lin's dazzling monument to the          Cryptologic Innovator
       hand, was fully aware of the increas-       thousands of Americans who lost their         The name Elizabeth Friedman strikes
       ing economic opportunities dlat were        lives in the war quickly became the        a familiar chord. Elizabeth, the wife of
       opening for minorities and the poor         most popular in the Nation's capital.      William F. Friedman, was a pioneering
       in the early 1960's. She had to quit        She was soon commissioned to design        cryptologist in her own right. Born in
       high school before graduation, but she      a civil rights memorial in Montgomery,     Huntington, IN in 1892, she graduat-
       had made her way through business           AL, the home base of that movement         ed from Hillsdale College in Michigan
       school and into radio. In Phoenix, AZ,      in the 1960's. Lin combined a wall         in 1915 with a B.A. in English. She
       she became the city's first female disc     carved with the immortal words of          was recruited to work in the cipher
       jockey. Olivarez was very involved with     Martin Luther King with cool water         department of the Riverbank Labora-
       the problems of poverty. Her commu-         that flows down, then cascades over a      tory in Geneva, IL, where she met and
       nity activism won her an influential        time line of martyr's names and land-      married William Friedman. During the
       position as Arizona's State Director of     mark events from the movement. Penn-       Prohibition era, Elizabeth worked for
       the Office of Economic Oppornmity.          sylvania, North Carolina, New York,        the Coast Guard to break dle com-
       In that position, she was responsible       also have monuments, buildings, or         munications of nautical smugglers.
       for programs including Head Start, Job      installations designed by Maya Lin,           In 1933, she was the star prosecu-
       Corps, legal services, and migrant          which have helped define American          tion witness in a case that indicted 35
       worker services. At 42, Olivarez            architectural design and consciousness     rumrunners for conspiracy to violate
       became the first woman to graduate          in the late 20dl century.                  the National Prohibition Act. Later,
       from Notre Dame's School of Law. As                                                    Elizabeth assisted the Canadian Gov-
       a law instructor , and then as New          Beloved "Sesame Street"                    ernment in the prosecution of a gang
       Mexico's State Planning Officer, Oli-       Character                                  of Chinese opium dealers, by solving
       varez again focused her considerable           Another woman with fans around          complex code even though she had no
       energy on social issues, and poverty in     the world is Sonia Manzano. People         knowledge of Chinese. Her work was
       particular. After a stint in President      who have watched "Sesame Street" on        also instrumental in solving an espi-
       Carter's administration, she returned       television during the past 15 years        onage case involving an antique doll
       to New Mexico and in 1980, founded          know her as the delightful character       dealer in New York City who was
       her own businesses in television and        "Maria." She and the other television      found guilty of spying for the Japan-
       public relations. Graciela Olivarez's       residents of "Sesame Street" teach view-   ese Government. Although overshad-
       amazingly productive work and social        ers that people from all walks of life     owed by her husband's notoriety,
       activism have had a positive, life-chang-   are important, and that life's problems    Elizabeth Friedman forged a path for
       ing impact on the lives of many peo-        can be solved by helping each other,       other women in the Intelligence Com-
       ple in the Southwest.                       and working together harmoniously.         munity to follow.
:                                                     Sonia Manzano grew up in a very            The women noted here demonstrate

       Architectural Leader                        close, Spanish-speaking family in New      the enormous range of women's con-
\'..     A leadership role in her profession       York City. The college degrees she         tributions to life in the United States.
1      was not foremost in the mind of Maya        earned in dramamd the part she             These women and others like them
       Lin on the day she mailed off a bulky       played in the original cast of the         have put their stamp on America.
       package to Washington, DC. That was         musical "Godspell" won her the role        Some of mem have already been hon-
       in 1981, when she was still an archi-       of Maria. On "Sesame Street" she           ored with U.S. postage stamps bearing
       tectural student at Yale. She submitted     focuses on providing a strong and pos-     their portrait, while others will surely
       a design concept in the competition         itive Latina role model for children.      receive that honor in the future.
       for a Vietnam War memorial that was         Manzano's acting and her writings

       March 1999                                                                                                  NSA Newsletter 7
  National Women's History Month,         Bell Atlantic in 1991 as an attorney
celebrated across the country, provides   and was promoted to vice president
an excellent opportunity to draw inspi-   and general counsel of Bell Atlantic in
ration from these personal stories. As    Washington, DC, a few months later.
the successes of women in the face of     She played an instrumental role in the
the obstacles they confronted becomes     approval of legislation and regulations
known, today's women can gain opti-       to strengthen the company's competi-
mism about their own ability to affect    tive edge in local telecommunications
                                          markets. Ms. Bellamy was named pres-
                                          ident and CEO of Bell Atlantic-Mary-
                                          land, Inc. on March 1, 1997.
                                             Today, she oversees the company's
                                          local telephone operations in Mary-
                                          land. Her presentation will focus on
                                          her experiences in penetrating the glass
                                          ceiling to become one of the first
                                          African American CEO's of a Fortune
                                          500 company.                                            Dr. Deborah Tannen
                                             Renown sociolinguist, Dr. Deborah
                                          Tannen will present a diversity training
                                          seminar based on her book "Talking            Adapted by the Office of Diversity from
                                          From 9 to 5," which focuses on the          a speech distributed by the NationaL
                                          communications between men and              Women's History Project, Windsor, CA
                                          women at work. Dr. Tannen received          with information from the NSA archives,
                                          her Ph.D. in linguistics from the Uni-      and biographical sketches provided by
                                          versity of California at Berkeley and       Ms. Bellamy and Dr. Tannen.
                                          currently she is on the faculty of
           Ms. Sherry Bellamy             Georgetown University. She is a dis-
                                          tinguished professor of linguistics, and
the world. They, too, may one day put     a tremendously successful          author
their stamp on America.                   whose best selling books have made
                                          her brilliant insights accessible to men
Distinguished Speakers                    and women the world over.
   As part of this year's celebration,       While countless others' writings
NSA employees will have the opportu-      about male-female relationships tend to
nity to meet two distinguished women      blame one sex or the other,
who contributed significantly to build-   Dr. Tannen adopts a neutral stance.
ing the Nation's society and culture.     This has made her insights tremen-
Ms. Sherry Bellamy, president and         dously popular with both men and
CEO of Bell Atlantic-Maryland will be     women.
the keynote speaker for the month.
She will provide insight into "Obsta-       Visit the EEO HomePage at:
cles and Opportunities in the 21st
Century." Ms. Bellamy was born and        http://www.s.nsa/EEO/events.html
raised in New York City's Harlem, and     to register for these events.
graduated in 1974 with a B.A. in Polit-
ical Science and in 1977 from Yale
Law School. She began her career with

8 NSA Newsletter .                                                                                                 March 1999

                                         Women's History Month Calendar of Ejents

   Datl'                 Timl'                                  Lxation                                    Topic'
   Marth 4               10:00-! I:00 a.m.                      Friedman Auditorium                        Keynote speaker: Ms. Sht:rry Bellamy Presi
                                                                                                           dent arn:(:CEOlrell AtIantk Marylal1<1

   MardI\)              ,1U0-II:30 a.m.                         R&E Symposium                              FinandaLWd\ Being: What Every W\llIlan
                                                                                                           Shlluld Ml1W

   March 11              9:00-11 :30 a.m.                       OPS I North Cafeteria                      Senior;l!fi~l-Level Women's Round Tahle
                                                                Party Rooms                                Discussion

   March IH              11:00 a.m.-l:00 p.m.                   Canine- Suite                              Federal j,Tomen's Prugram Award LUllcheu!)

                         9:00- 10:00 a.m.                       Canine Suite                               Dr. Deoomh

   March 2S              7:10 a.m.+OO p.m.                      Martin's Eastwind                          Baltimon: Federal Executiw Board h·dt:ral
                                                                                                           Women~ Program Conference _

   2-hour sessions                                              Various Agency locations                   Crime Avoidance Program: Person,.\ Sn:uriry
                                                                                                           through- Awareness and Aerion .

        -\ , :,'".",,1 dt!Om-.dt/l/ll     UIiJ ddtlils    arc: mailable: on the W't'h at http://}t'u-d.o.nsa/Atr, Rt'gi$tTLItillll tar til<: kc:ynor.: wJ,lrc:ss
                 fin,! :il<'   "IlIlIlIIlIIlLIWlIllS   mrrkshop is ami/(lhl" on the EEO Horru:Pagc ut h[[P~H"~I,.s.mll.. "EEO':I,<·nts.html.

                                                                Mark Your Calendar

:"·LII,'L   .~4 LU1H.'h N~     Learn                            April 14 HoloGllist l\tefilorial Obser-                 the world         <111     her experiences during
  ~Morc      Time ro TUlw Into Ufe -                            vaIlCL"                                          ~. ~the FolocausC
!-\w<1k Awav frum TV" \0\;11 be pre-                              Mr. Terry L Thompson, DDS, is - She specializes in helping military
"<.·llttX! trum II: 30 a.m. ro DOOD in                          proud ro sponsor this year's Holo- ~Personncl to deal with the psycho-
the       Frkuman      AlIditflT1l1m. The                       caust Memorial Observance, which "':=:Iogical distress that arises fn 1m c\1m-
s~'Cakt'r \.\'ill Ix· Ms. Mimi Noorani,                         will be at 10:00 a.m. in the Fried-".:=- at _or the trauma of !>cing held as
Program Director, TV America.                                   man. Auditorium.                          =a prisoner.
    Bv <l!!t' bS, the average American                            The keynote speaker for NSA's -= During the commemoration pro-
.."ill haw sPt'nt approximately 9 years                         12th annual commemoration of the '::: gram, she wile share' her insPiring
Ililted tl' the nthe. Redaim your life                          Days of Remembrance for the Vic- ..~. story in a presentation entitled "Ti 1
from relevision! Learn what a differ-                           tims of the Holocausr is psychologist ~Be or Not to -Be-A Victim or it Sur-
                                                                                                                   ~           ~-
t"ke if can make. FllT more infor-                              and lecmrer, Dr. Edith E. Eger.       ....:.:. vivor."
marion on rhis evenr, send an E-mail                              Dr. Eger, a survivor of Auschwitz, .. _.,.
f,' Work/ Lit~ Services at wrklife@nsa.                         has,given motivational talks all over
March 1999                                                                                                                                                    NSA Newsletter 9

                                                                                                         - ._,,_ ............._ - -   ---------   --   --.-   ,- ,,_._,._----_.- .. _ - - - - - - - - -
OPS 3 Building Dedicated To Cryptologic Pioneer                                                   ee in Friedman's new organization,
by Tom Johnson                                                                                    the Army Signal Intelligence Service.
                                             Rowlett, a complex genius, regarded                  Mr. Rowlett, with his new colleagues

O        n January 27, curious onlook-
         ers wondered about the large
         canvas canopy, metal folding
chairs, and podium in the courtyard
                                             himself as a simple man. Born in
                                             southern Virginia, he grew up in a
                                             rural setting, and never lost this
                                             Southern gentility. But his placid exte-
                                                                                                  Abraham Sinkov, Solomon Kullback,
                                                                                                  and Japanese linguist John Hurt,
                                                                                                  formed the nucleus of America's suc-
                                                                                                  cessful assault on Japanese diplomatic
between Gatehouse 8 and the                  rior concealed a brilliant mind. He                  codes. They also worked to strength-
entrance to the OPS 3 building. The                                                                                   en the notoriously
late morning sun filtering through the                                                                                weak American code
trees fell on a large granite boulder.                                                                                systems. (The British,
Resembling a grounded meteorite, the                                                                                  for instance, read
stone's sale flat face displayed a large                                                                              American diplomatic
brass plate inscribed:                                                                                                codes      at     least
   "This building is dedicated to Frank B.                                                                            through the middle
Rowlett-American Cryptologic Pioneer-                                                                                 portion of World
Head of the team that broke the Japanese                                                                              War II.)
"PURPLE" cipher device in 1940 - Princi-                                                                                By the time the
pal inventor of SIGABA, the most secure                                                                               war ended, American
cipher device used by any country in World                                                                            Army and Navy sys-
War II."                                                                                                              tems were difficult to
   An Agency bus rumbled up to the                                                                                    break. The SIGABA,
gatehouse. DIRNSA emerged, accom-            (I. to r.)Lt Gen Minihan, Thomas Rowlett, Pamela Rowlett, Shari Rowlett, Rowlett's     invention
panied by members of Mr. Rowlett's               Jonathan Rowlett, and Mr. Mike Jacobs, DDI at dedication ceremony    (coinventors      were
family; the present and several former                                                                                William      Friedman
Deputy Directors for Information             graduated from college with four                     and Laurance Safford) was impenetra-
Security (001); and Whitfield Diffie,        majors-mathematics,                chemistry,        ble, and was never broken by any
a renowned civilian cryptographer.           physics, and Latin, an extraordinary                 country. It projected the United
They gathered under the canopy as            accomplishment. After graduation, he                 States into the lead in cryptography,
Mr. Mike Jacobs, DOl, introduced             went to southwest Virginia to teach                  a lead it has never lost.
Lt General Minihan who dedicated             high school math and chemistry. He                       So, the OPS 3 building has been           I,
the building.                                did not stay there long-in 1930, only                renamed. It has taken the name of
      Mr. Frank B. Rowlett, was a fig-       a year out of college, a Federal job                  one of America's great cryptologic
 ure of historic importance. Although        register caught his eye.                   .          pioneers. It is only the second build-
 he led the team that broke Japanese                A "Mr. William Friedman, resi-                 ing that NSA has named-the first
 codes, Mr. Rowlett emphasized               dent in Washington, DC" was adver-                    was the new building housing super-
 throughout his career that defense           tising for junior cryptanalysts. The                 computers, named after Dr. Louis W.
was primary. He believed it was more          salary was $2,000 per year. The pre-                 Tordella in 1997. However, this is the
 important to secure one's own com-           requisite was a strong background in                 first time NSA has changed a name
 munications than to exploit others.          both mathematics and languages. It                   -chiseled off the old name and
 Having broken the codes of other             was the Great Depression $2,000 per                  emblazoned the new one on the face
 countries, the gospel he preached was        year was good pay.                                   of a building.
 communications security-never anow                  However, no one he talked to                     It is the beginning of a new era,
 an adversary to do to the U.S. what          could tell him what a cryptanalyst                   in which many of NSA's structures
 was done to the Japanese and the             actually did. He applied nonetheless,                will be named or renamed for the
 Germans in World War II. He devot-           and         was      hired     immediately.          great men and women of American
 ed his life to this concept. Mr.             Mr. Rowlett became the first employ-                 cryptologic history.

 10 NSA Newsletter                                                                                                             March 1999

                                                                                   -~~--- ---~~------    -.   -~- ~   -


          EXCEPTIONAL CIVILIAN                                          ..,
             SERVICE AWARD                                           DIRECTOR'S DISTINGUISHED
                                                                         ~. SERVICE MEDAL


                                                                    MERITORIOUS CIVILIAN
                                                                      SERVICE AWARD


               MEDAL                          Thoma,; E. Anderson                               Regina A.

   Charles H. Berlin III     Karen A. Laino
       COt (ISA               CAPT USN
                                                                          William"E. Tate   Joseph R. \Villiam,

                                                                                              NSA Newsletter 11
March 1999
                                                       ,   I

                                                       I   I

             43 Years               40 Years                   Timothy M. Hudson
       Theodore R. Dzielski      John R. Crider                 Ronald N. Kemper
        Marcelo R. Lobato       Donald C. McCall
                                                                      33 Years
              42 Years               39 Years                    Edward L. Coffey
          David. R. Bitzer      Harley W. Carter                John W. Frank, Jr.
         Bruce W. Fletcher      Thomas W. Pryor                Robert J. Marchegiano
        Lawrence S. Howell     Henry R. Roundtree                Maritza L. Stone
          Saul D. Jacobs       Kenneth E. Williams             Thomas I. Waters II
                                                                 Robert L. Werner
              41 Years                38 Years
        Leonard W. Cotton        Francis B. Curley                    32 Years
        James A. Donnelly         Charles B. Fey                 Bruce B. Bottomly
        Charles E. Plummer     Ralph L Moore, Jr.              Kenneth E. Danckaert
                              Richard A. Silbermann            Richard T. Grimes, Jr.
                                James E. Tennant
                                Lawrence J. Turner                   31 Years
                                 Richard L. Wahl                  Mark L. Belcher

                                      37 Years                       29 Years
                                  Charles P. Buss                 Mary S. Tomey
                                Edward J. Czaplicki
                                 Frank Krapcho, Jr.                   28 Years
                               Preston C. Richardson            Michael W. Hackney
                                  John W. Urian                Lawrence L. Harris, Jr.

                                      36 Years                       27 Years
                                 Carol J. Bohuslav               Mary E. Harrigan
                                  Joseph P. Leeds
                               Jacqueline K. Mislyan                  26 Years
                                Thomas W. Orcutt                  Jack A. Lehman
                                   Willie J. Ross              Clyde A. Whitener, Jr.
                                Calvin E. Saltzman
                                  Ronald J. Wells                    25 Years
                                                                Ronald E. Crockett
                                      35 Years
                              William J. MacCormack                   21 Years
                                 Howard S. Pierce               David M. Thompson
                                 Richard C. Proto
                              Richard W. Williams, Jr.                 17 Years
                                                                  Jose A. Martinez
                                     34 Years
                               William A. Burkman

12 NSA Newsletter                                                               March 1999
     1999 CWF Council Year Begins: The first
     official meeting for the newly elected

t    Civilian Welfare Council (CWF) mem-
     bers was held January 28. CWF mem-
     bers and their supervisors attended a
.I   brief indoctrination to explain CWF
r    operations and the council members'
     commitment to the operations. The
     council also discussed upcoming pro-
     grams and services to be offered to
     Agency personnel. In addition to regu-
     larly scheduled monthly meetings, mem-
     bers attend committee meetings and                 CWF members (front row L to r.) Alyson Donnelly, Laura Livolsi, Dawn Taylor, Dineen
     volunteer their time for many events               MannareW, Michele Spaulding, and Christine Wellford (back row Lto r.) Randy Cowan, Yolan-
     throughout the year. This year's council           da Fogg, Ed Reeves, Eileen Sefchuck, Richard Bergamaschi, Karen Tremper, Jerry Brainard, James
     hopes to improve morale by fostering               Mocny, bail Rumenap, Roger Massey, MSgt Jeffrey Carbin, Walter Ruth, and Mark Viola. Not
     new ways employees can participate in              pictured: Monica Hilt and Margie Lund
     the variety of activities the CWF offers.

                                                     Have a question or thought to express? Use Action Line! Opinions
                                                     expressed in letters do not necessarily represent official viewpoints
                                                     or the views of the Newsletter Staff.

                        KEEN EYESIGHT
                                                                            hours. However, when surplus donations are received, leave
     Dear Action Line,                                                      is credited back to the donors balance in increments such
       Many thanks to the individual who returned my keys                   as 7.25 or 4.5 hours. This does not seem fair! I like to
     that were lost during the January 8 snowfall. They were                donate leave whenever I can help someone, but in the
     lost in the parking lot on Canine Road across from the                 event they don't need it all, I dislike having amounts like
     barracks. Although the "Rorida" tag on them was appar-                 .25 hours in my account. I will continue to donate leave,
     ently destroyed, I'm glad your eyes were good enough to                but I do find this policy frustrating and wish those deter-
     spot the three keys that were undamaged. It's not the first            mining leave policy would consider changing it.
     time I've been the beneficiary of the thoughtfulness of                                                     -Frustrated Leave User
     NSAers. Thanks also to the Customer Service Center for
     searching and checking the lost and found box-otherwise                Dear Frustrated,
i    I never would have recovered them.                                        The DCPS Payroll system sets the guidelines as to how
                                        -A Grateful Employee                leave donations are driven. The system is set up to only
                                                                            accept 1 hour increments for leave donations. The reason
                        LETS BE FLEXIBLE                                    leave is given back to leave donors in increments such as
                                                                            .5 or .25 is that the unused leave has to be divided
     Dear Action Line,                                                      between all the donors and evenly deposited to the donors
       It is my understanding that when donating leave to                   accounts.
     someone, leave bank personnel will not accept .5 or .25                                           -Leave Sharing Program Office
     hour increments. Employees can only donate complete

     March 1999                                                                                                               NSA Newsletter 13
               Paul Derthick's Headline Puzzle                                          by Larry Gray      In Memoriam
                 This month's puzzle contains headlines from recent daily newspapers. Each
               of the five, problems is a different letter-for-Ietter substitution. All five are derived   Frank w. Alling, a former analyst in
               from the same mixed alphabet at different settings against itself. To pick up a             the Operations Organization, died
               handout with Paul Derthick's explanation of how to do the Headline Puzzle,                  December 10, 1998, of a heart
               stop in the Newsletter office, OPS 1, South Cafeteria, Room 2.                              attack. He was 74.
                                                                                                              Prior to JOlmng the Agency,
               1. BJIWUT, MQLVGTAUZ OGJM HQPG DWJIGTA PUBGM QZBU OJWW UH                                   Mr. Alling served with the u.s.
                   HJXG                                                                                    Navy. He retired in 1979 with 35
               2. XGYWINPIX UGXKPIY PINWGWMN KPNA OBXIM NJ XUJON UJBBXG                                    years of Federal service.
               3. DTUDUAGM WGNQAWJBQUZ YUCWM AOCB MUYZ TGLILWQZN                                              Mr. Alling most recently resided in
                   LUXDJZI                                                                                 Madeira, OH. As a hobby, he
    I,         4. BVOI ZFGI UV CA RAJVUGFUGRJ IAFM BVO WVMWV'Z DFO CPZ-                                    enjoyed amateur radio. Mr. Alling is
     i                                                                                                     survived by a sister, Leslie Vehr.

                                    Answer will appear next month.                                         Henry W. Blumenfeld, a former sen-
                                                                                                           ior integrated logistics support man-
                                    Answer to February Puzzle:                                             ager in the Research and Technology
               1. HOUSE APPROVES TWO OF FOUR ARTICLES OF IMPEACHMENT                                       Organization, died October 11, 1998.
               2. FCC CONSIDERS TOUGH MEASURES TO CURTAIL PHONE 'SLAM-                                     He was 85.
                   MING'                                                                                     Prior to JOlmng the Agency,
               3. FAST AND EASY; INTERNET GREETING CARDS GAINING FANS                                      Mr. Blumenfeld served with the u.s.
               4. OLYMPIC COMMITTEE TO ACT DECISIVELY IN BRIBERY PROBE                                     Army. He retired in 1989 with 32
               5. WITH MARKET RIVALS WEAKENED, XEROX HAS TEMPORARY                                         years of Federal service.
                   ADVANTAGE                                                                                 Mr.     Blumenfeld      resided  in
                                                                                                           Catonsville, MD. He enjoyed pho-
                        Setting: FILET     Key: BRISKET       Hat: TENDERLOIN                              tography and woodworking. A son,
                                                                                                           Thomas, survives Mr. Blumenfeld.

                                  Non-European Languages                                                   Eddy N. Collett, a former analyst in
                                                                                                           the Operations Organization, died
                                                    K    F    A   D    J    L   M    H    G                December 29, 1998. He was 59.
                         F   P    V    X   L    J
                                                                                                              Prior to joining the Agency,
                        D    L    J    J u      x   0    F    U    S   D    G   S    M    P
                                                                                                           Mr. Collett served with the u.s.
                                       P   Z    M   R    Z    G   R    U    I   G    Z    p
                         J   A    U                                                                        Navy. He retired in 1994 with 35
         I               A    I   0    F   I    I   H    X    H    J D      A   P    Q    F                years of Federal service.
                         p                                                      H    0    0
      I  I
                                                                            I   G    0    V
                                                                                                             A native of West Virginia, Mr.
                                                                                                           Collett resided in Glen Burnie, MD.
                         N   E    A    S   N    T   A    Y    0    E   N    N    S   D    I                He enjoyed antique cars, auto races,
                                                                                                           country music, playing pool, and
~:                       E   N    S    H   F    T    L   B    Z   D    I    V   D    K    A
                         S    T   A    M    I   L    0   E    I   W W       G    P   Q    Q                   Mr. Collett is survived by his wife,
                         E    K   N    I   R    A    D   N    A   M    E    R   A    M    T                Joan; five sons, Eddy, Jr., Randall,

-                        N   M    y    R    Q   z    R   G    E N      R    H    E    I   K                Richard, Dane, and David; a daugh-
                                            L   1    H   A    W    S   B    H    S   X    W                ter, Tara W.; and six grandchildren.
                         I    B   E    1
                                            T   H    T    L   B    A   E    Q    y   E    H
                         H    L   N    J                                                                   Grace J. Fairman, a former clerical
                         C    H   0    V    Z   C    L    I   V   ,I   H    D   N     I   S
                                                                                                           assistant in the Operations Organiza-
                         c    Q    c   G    H   P    F    F   F    C    C   A    Q    J   H


,-              14 NSA Newsletter                                                                                                     March 1999

       tion, died December 28, 1998. She         He retired in 1974 with 32 years of        actively involved in the Boy Scouts of
       was 81.                                   Federal service.                           America and Calvary United Methodist
          Mrs. Fairman retired in 1976. A res-     Mr. Hall resided in Silver Spring,       Church.
       ident of Severna Park, MD, she            MD. He was a volunteer aide to birds         Mr. Torchia is survived by his wife,
       enjoyed traveling and gardening.          and enjoyed gardening.                     Mary; one daughter, Norma Slauter;
          Mrs. Fairman is survived by three        Mr. Hall is survived by two children.    and two grandchildren.
       sons, Harold, Robert, and Richard; six
       grandchildren; and one great-grand-       Adam J. Miller, a former senior elec-      Albert C. Wolf, a former electronic
       child.                                    tronic engineer in the Information Sys-    engineer in the Information Systems
                                                 tems Security Organization, died           Security Organization, died January 17.
       David L. Gallagher, a power plant         January 12 of a heart attack. He was       He was 75.
       equipment specialist in the Support       72.                                          Prior to JOlmng the Agency,
                           Services Organiza-      Prior to Jommg the Agency,               Mr. Wolf served with the U.S. Navy
                           tion, died Decem-     Mr. Miller served with the u.s. Army.      during WWlL He retired in 1989 with
                           ber 12, 1998, of      He retired in 1993 with 41 years of        36 years of Federal service.
                           acute cardiopul-      Federal service.                             Mr. Wolf resided in Columbia, MD.
                           monary arrest. He       Mr. Miller resided in Millersville,      He enjoyed playing tennis, golfing, and
                           was 55.               MD. He enjoyed gardening and repair-       bowling.
                               Born in Ali-      ing automobiles.                             Mr. Wolf is survived by a friend,
                           quippa,        PA,      His wife, Mary, survives Mr. Miller.     Irene Curtiss; two daughters, Christine
                           Mr.      Gallagher                                               Zimmerman and Sheila Jameson-Haes-
       resided in Beaver Falls, PA He joined     John M. Nicholls, a former research        loop; and two grandchildren.
       the Agency in 1987. In his leisure        analyst in the Research and Technolo-
       time, Mr. Gallagher enjoyed playing       gy Organization, died September 8,         Arthur J. Zoebe1ein, a former analyst
       golf.                                     1998. He was 74.                           in the Technology and Systems Orga-
         Mr. Gallagher is survived by his           Prior to Jommg the Agency,              nization, died January 19. He was 72.
       wife, Margaret; and three daughters,      Mr. Nicholls served with the u.s.            Prior to Jommg the Agency,
       Kimberly Brown, Kerry Brown, and          Marine Corps. He retired with 42           Mr. Zoebe1ein served with the U.S.
       Kathleen Podielski.                       years of Federal service.                  Army during WWII. He was the recip-
                                                    Mr. Nicholls most recently resided in   ient of many U.S. military honors
       Mary E. Gilbert, a former clerk typist    Lisbon, MD. He was an avid golfer          including the Purple Heart and Bronze
       in the Information Systems Security       and enjoyed reading, researching any       Star and French military medals
       Organization, died January 4 of heart     topic, and spending time with his          including the Legion of Honor Croix
       failure. She was 91.                      grandchildren.                             de Combattant en France. Mr. Zoe-
          Mrs. Gilbert retired in 1971 with 21      Mr. Nicholls is survived by three       be1ein graduated from Johns Hopkins
       years of Federal service. She most        daughters, Elizabeth Faulkner, Chris-      University, and the u.s. Army War
       recently resided in Port St. Lucie, FL.   tine Hess, and Kathleen Kicherer; and      College. He retired in 1981 with 32
       Mrs. Gilbert enjoyed playing cards.       two grandchildren.                         years of Federal service.

 .!       Mrs. Gilbert is survived by a son,
       four grandchildren, and five great:-      Joseph F. Torchia, a former industrial
                                                                                              Mr. Zoebelein resided in Front
                                                                                            Royal, VA. After retiring from NSA,
       grandchildren.                            production control technician in the       he taught chemistry and headed the
  I                                              Information Systems Security Organiza-     science department at Wakefield
 !      Samuel R. Hall, a former cryptologist    tion, died January 14. He was 80.          School in The Plains, VA. He enjoyed
        in the Operations Organization, died        A native of Baltimore, MD,              antiques and oral history.
       January 18. He was 83.                    Mr. Torchia graduated from Baltimore         Mr. Zoebelein is survived by his
          Prior to joining the Agency,           City College. He retired in 1976.          wife, Camille; two daughters Melinda
        Mr. Hall served with the U.S. Army.         Mr. Torchia resided in Severna Park,    Gurney and Stephanie Prince; one
                                                 MD. He enjoyed cooking and was             son, David; and seven grandchildren.

       March 1999                                                                                               NSA Newsletter 15


In Appreciation                                                         Read All About It
  Matthew and I would like to express
our deepest gratitude for the many             Mary Schanken of the Information           ton for each of the past 5 years.Well
expressions of love and support we           Systems Security Organization, led the       done, Bill!
received following the sudden death of       efforts of her Junior Girl Scout Troop
my mom at Christmas. We miss her             2105 and Brownie Girl Scout Troop               At 6:30 p.m., September 19, 1998,
more than words can say. The phone           1742 to make and deliver more than           Jeff Parr of the Technology and Sys-
calls, cards, flowers, visits, and prayers   620 loaves of various kinds of bread         tems Organization and his wife, Linda,
have been a great comfort during this        for Our Daily Bread soup kitchen to          were walking on the boardwalk in
devastating time. We are blessed to          be distributed to guests on Thanksgiv-       Ocean City, MD, when they heard ter-
have such a wonderful "NSA family."          ing. Her coworkers joined in the             rified screams coming from swimmers
                             -Judi Emmel     effort. Good work, Mary!                     in the ocean. Jeff quickly spotted a
                                                                                          teenage boy and girl caught in the
   My sister, our families, and I would        Spirits were soaring in the Smith          surf. With no rescue training and
like to express our deepest heartfelt        household this holiday season. Denise        ignoring the possible danger to him-
gratitude for the many expressions of        K. Smith of the Technology and Sys-          self, Jeff threw off his shoes and ran
sympathy and support we received after       tems Organization was named Design-          into the water. The young man was
the death of our dad (husband and            er of the Year at the 1998 Kennedy           already starting to drown when Jeff
grandfather). The cards, flowers, and        Krieger Festival of Trees held at the        reached him, fortunately he was able
general words of comfort were greatly        Maryland State Fairgrounds in Timo-          to hold him up. Jeff grabbed both
appreciated. Your caring, kindness, and      nium in November. The Festival of            helpless swimmers by their upper arms
thoughtfulness will always be remem-         Trees raises funds for emotionally and       to keep their heads above water and
bered.                                       developmentally challenged children          then let the surf push all three of
      -Pat Bush, Donna Williams, and         through the sale of decorated, themed        them to safety. As they reached shal-
                                  Family     Christmas trees, wreaths, and ginger-        low water, other people arrived to help
                                             bread houses every year during Thanks-       them onto the beach. Both teenagers
   I would like to thank all my friends      giving week. Great job, Denise!              left shortly after the rescue with a big
and coworkers for their support and                                                       thank you to Jeff. When asked about
concern after the death of my moth-             On October 14, 1998, William P.           the episode, Jeffs humble response was
er.    Your kind words of sympathy,          Rose Jr., of the Support Services Orga-      that he was just fortunate to be in the
cards, donations, and prayers have           nization received the Volunteer fire-        right place at the right time. Way to
been a great comfort to me and my            fighter of the Year award from the           go, Jeff J
family.     Your thoughtfulness was          West Anne Arundel County Chamber
deeply appreciated and will always be        of Commerce. Bill has been a mem-            •••••••••••••••••••••
remembered.                                  ber of the Odenton Volunteer Fire
                                                                                          •                   •
                                                                                          •                   •
                       -Deborah Brace        Department for 5 years. During this          •
                                             time he has completed more than
                                                                                          •                   •
                                             1,000 hours of training. He is a             •
                                                                                          •                   •
                                             nationally certified Firefighter II, emer-
                                             gency medical technician, rescue tech-
                                                                                          •                   •
                                             nician, and Fire Officer L Bill has          •
                                                                                          •                   •
   Friends are gifts that God gives you,     received two unit citations from the         •                   •
                                                                                          •                   •
to cherish and hold dear. Thank you          Anne Arundel County EMS, Fire and            •
                                             Rescue Service. He has also been
friends for sharing your time with me                                                     •
                                                                                          •                   •
at my retirement luncheon.                   among the top 10 responders at Oden-
                       -Helen Goldinger                                                   •                   •

16 NSA NeWSletter                                                                                                     March 1999

                                  -===-~-=--~--=o=---               _

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