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                      When:                      Right: Crisp, clear weather helps the large crowd
             Tues., January 10, 2012             onshore at Saltwater Park greet the Christmas Ship and
                     7:30 p.m.                   its parade of followers. Photo by Pam Barrett. For more
                                                 photos and a recap of events, see page 5.

     Transitional Housing,
   Shorewood Robotics Club
           Richmond Beach
        Congregational Church,
        1512 Northwest 195th
                                                      Winner of Gold Level Award for Newspaper Excellence from Neighborhoods, USA (NUSA)                                               JANUARY 2012

January Community Meeting: You’ll want to be there!                                                                 Nomads of Seattle — Living in
Transitional Housing Development and Shorewood High Robotics
Club featured at January RBCA meeting
                                                                                                                    Tent City 3
                                                                                                                    By Marc Weinberg, courtesy of the Shoreline Area News. Photos by Marc Weinberg
By Tom Petersen and Marcia McLaughlin

   The January public meeting of the
RBCA will be both serious and seriously
                                                                      The other house was rented out for a
                                                                      while; since 1993, however, it has been in
                                                                                                                                                                                      T    o me, camping or
                                                                                                                                                                                           sleeping in a tent was
                                                                                                                                                                                       always about a fun and
fun! Representatives of Richmond Beach                                a transitional housing program through                                                                           an adventurous experi-
Congregational Church and Hopelink                                    the Church Council of Greater Seattle.                                                                           ence; something to look
will make public their plan to convert                                Since that time, 14 families have lived in                                                                       forward to for a week or
church property along 15th Avenue NW                                  that house.                                                                                                      weekend. And, of course,
to 24 units of transitional housing. Also,                                Over the last several years, as part of                                                                      it was always during the
the Shorewood High School Robot-                                      the RBCC’s long range planning process,                                                                          summer months, never
ics Club will be on hand to show their                                they looked at the usage of the prop-                                                                            in winter. But for those
creations and tell of their work and the                              erty. The congregation overwhelmingly                                                                            in Tent City 3 it is a way
clubs achievements in competitions over                               wanted to continue to use the property                                                                           of life, dealing with those
the past year.                                                        as a form of outreach but to increase that                                                                       circumstances that are
   The meeting is Tuesday, January 10,                                usage. The congregation chose Hopelink                                                                           mostly unpredictable.
at 7:30 p.m. in the basement of the same                              as its partner because Hopelink is a well-                                                         What brings one hundred people
church, at the corner of 15th NW and                                  established local agency and because                                                            together like this? Most of the time the
Richmond Beach Road. All are welcome.                                 they provide supportive services to the                                                         answers I hear are loss of a job, financial
                                                                      residents. RBCC will continue to own the                                                        problems, few friends, divorce or no
Transitional housing proposed                                         property, giving Hopelink a long term                                                           family to call on for help, and many are
   In October 2011, Richmond Beach                                    lease (50–75 years) for use of the proper-                                                      reluctant to ask.
Congregational Church, United Church                                  ty. Actual development of the properties                                                           I’ve been photographing and writing
of Christ, voted to partner with Hopelink                             will not be until about 2014.                                                                   about Tent City 3 since December 2008
to develop 24 units of transitional hous-                                                                                                                             in an effort to shine a light on the need
ing on the site of two houses on the                                  Robotics Club to show creations                                                                 for more resources and support for this
northeast corner of the church’s prop-                                   The Shorewood High Robotics Club                                                             growing segment of our population. I’ve
erty. These houses are directly north                                 is under the direction of teacher Wesley                                                        also been scouring the garage and estate
of the church on 15th NW. While this                                  Proudlove. Students with a mechani-                                                             sales on weekends asking for donations.
construction will not actually take place                             cal, technical, or inventive bent build                                                         For me it has become like a scavenger
for a couple more years, they want the                                robots and enter them in competitions,                                                          hunt, finding adult clothing (no chil-
community to know what they are doing                                 in which the contraptions carry out                                                             dren in Tent City 3), shoes, boots, tents,
and to give them an opportunity to ask                                various feats and functions. The new                                                            tooth paste and brushes, bedding, tow-
questions.                                                            “season” will have just started, but the                                                        els, blankets and more.
   Some history: One of these houses was                              team will bring last year’s robots for a                                                           In December of 2008 when I first
the parsonage; the other was purchased                                demonstration.                                                                                  visited Tent City 3 at Calvin Presbyte-
by the church in the late 1970s. The                                     The RBCA will be inviting a different                                                        rian Church in Shoreline, my wife and I
parsonage has been primarily rented over                              school or youth group to each meeting         Top: In early 2009, snow dusts the tents of       decided we would not buy presents for
the last 50 years, except for a couple of                             this spring. You won’t want to miss any!      Tent City 3. Below: The entrance for guests
brief times when the pastor lived there.                              See you there!                                and residents.                                                      Continued on page 5 >

                                                                      2012 Holiday Tree Recycling Event
                                       Please deliver without delay
       US Postage
       PRSRT STD

       Seattle, WA
       Permit No.

                                       Time Sensitive Material —

                                                                      City of Shoreline Press Release


                                                                                                                                                                          4 feet, and place it next to your yard
                                                                      Saturday & Sunday, January 7 & 8              Sunday noon to 3:00 p.m. Please do not                debris container at the curb for collec-
                                                                      Sat. 9 a.m.– 3 p.m., Sun. noon–3 p.m.         bring flocked, artificial or garden trees,            tion at no cost. No flocked, tinseled or
                                                                      Tree recycling is free                        branches, wreaths, or swags.                          artificial trees are accepted; and trees
                                                                      Meridian Park School parking lot,                 This is the only holiday tree recycling           without a yard debris cart next to it
                                                                      17077 Meridian Ave N                          event in the City. Youth groups offering              will not be collected.
                                                                                                                    tree pickup service as a fundraiser often           • Recycle your tree at the Shoreline Re-
                                                                         The City of Shoreline will host a          bring the trees to the Shoreline event.               cycling and Transfer Station at 2300
                                                                      Holiday Tree Recycling Event on Saturday      Trees will be recycled into wood chips,               N. 165th St. Please call (206) 296-
 Richmond Beach Community News

                                                                      and Sunday, January 7 and 8, to help          but they will not be chipped on-site at               4466 for information on rates.
                                                                      Shoreline residents recycle their holiday     the event.                                          • If you have a flocked, tinseled or an
                                                                      trees. To support financial stewardship,          If there is snow or ice on the road that          artificial tree, and you have Clean-
                                                                      the event will be shorter on Sunday this      weekend, call (206) 801-2450 on the day               Scapes curbside garbage collection,
                                        Visit Richmond Beach at:

                                                                      year, as the City transitions to a one-day,   of the event to find out if it is cancelled. If       cut it to fit inside your garbage cart
 Shoreline, WA 98160

                                                                      Saturday-only event next year.                the event is cancelled or you cannot make             for free collection. If the tree is taller
                                                                         After removing all hooks, ornaments,       it to the event, other options for disposal           than 4 feet, cut it in half and put it
                                                                      tinsel and tree stands, bring your tree       of holiday trees in Shoreline include:                next to your garbage cart for a collec-
                                                                      and proof of Shoreline residence to the         • Recycle your tree in your CleanScapes             tion cost of $3.75.
 Box 60186

                                                                      Meridian Park Elementary School parking            curbside yard debris cart, if you have          For more information about the
                                                                      lot, located at 17077 Meridian Ave N.              CleanScapes yard debris collection.          Christmas Tree Recycling Event, call
                                                                      on Saturday 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., and            Cut your tree in half if it is taller than   (206) 801-2700.
2                                                                                                                         January 2012 • Richmond Beach Community News

President’s message, January 2012 l l Where we have been, and how we can continue what we are doing
By Ed Adams, President of the RBCA

                        A    fter the last
                             few months of
                         my rambling letters
                                                      “reporting that the community should
                                                      be proud of the men who patrolled
                                                      the beach to enforce the 11:00 p.m.
                                                                                                         with the numerous events.
                                                                                                             The calendar is full of events through-
                                                                                                         out most of the year and each one takes
                         and articles, I figure       curfew. The rowdy element has left.”               a certain number of volunteers to make
                         that it is about time      • In 1960, “it was discussed regarding               it happen. Some of the events are rather
                         I write something            incorporation of the area.”                        involved, such as the Halloween Carnival        The Richmond Beach Community News is
                                                                                                                                                         published monthly September through June
                         that actually per-         • In 1971 “a committee was formed to                 and the 150 or so volunteers, and some
                                                                                                                                                         by the Richmond Beach Community Asso-
                         tains to the RBCA.           support the Light Levy to retire unpaid            are not as daunting and only need a few         ciation. It is financed by advertising revenues
                         So, this month I will        electric bills.”                                   bodies, such as the Night Out Against           and RBCA membership dues. A small, volun-
talk about the organization and the sup-            • In 1972 “Marge Unruh [yes, that Marge              Crime BBQ and the three to five people          teer staff creates, publishes, and distributes it.

port that is needed to keep it going. There           Unruh who has the award named in                   necessary there. Each event could still         Editor, Marge Mueller
will be a little history and some explana-            her honor] announced the June meet-                happen with fewer volunteers, but they          Contributing Writers
tions, but not much more than that.                   ing will be a community wiener roast.”             wouldn’t be as successful nor nearly as         Anina Coder Sill, Chris Riveland, Tracy Tall-
                                                                                                                                                            man, Dr. Art Kruckeberg
    As some of you know, the Richmond               • 1979 saw the “first Richmond Beach                 much fun. The Board does a lot of the
Beach Community Association has been                  Community Club sponsorship of the                  “heavy lifting” on the events but the ef-       2010-2011 RICHMOND BEACH COMMUNITY
around in some form or another for more               Strawberry Festival”; it is 32 years later         forts of the community are what put the            ASSOCIATION BOARD
                                                                                                                                                         Contact all Board Members
than 100 years. The original paperwork                and the event is getting bigger and                cherry on top of each event.          
filed with the state dates back to 1908, and          better every year.                                     Every month I could write an article        President, Ed Adams
there has been something in place ever               The 80’s didn’t appear to be a good                 asking for volunteers, but most of the
since. The name has been changed a few            time to take notes and pass them along;                articles in the paper that talk about the       Vice-President, Tom Petersen
times and has included everything from            I haven’t seen much from then. The late                upcoming event already handle that. Each
the Richmond Beach Community Club to              90’s saw the conversation turn towards                 event has a lead person and each person         Secretary, Bill Willard
the Richmond Beach Community Council              the bluff trail and the future annexation              takes a lot of pride in getting the people in
                                                                                                                                                         Treasurer, Christie Wishaar
to the Richmond Beach Community Asso-             of Point Wells.                                        place for the events. Each event leader re-
ciation. Even with the name changes, the             The turn of the century and first                   lies heavily on their friends and families to   Information Officer, Sheri Ashleman
general purpose has remained the same             decade started off smoothly and then                   pitch in but each could use some outside
throughout the years: “to promote and             Point Wells came back to life and has                  people. It helps to have outside help to        Board Member, Tom Berquist
enhance the community.”                           monopolized the meetings and organiza-                 give fresh ideas and new looks to the same
    The meeting minutes that I have seen          tion’s time. The Board has continued to                event each year.                                Board Member, Jack Malek
from the past talk about all kinds of things.     keep an eye on Point Wells, but has been
                                                                                                                            Continued on page 3 >
                                                                                                                                                         Board Member, Jerry Patterson
  • Like in 1952, with member Joe Lutey           able to maintain a sense of community
                                                                                                                                                         Board Member, Sherry Edwards

To The Point l l January Point Wells update
                                                                                                                                                         Subcommittees: Point Wells
                                                                                                                                                         Jack Malek, Bill Willard
Developer appeals judge’s November 23 ruling                                                                                                             Non-Board Positions
By Point Wells Subcommittee                                                                                                                              Membership, Scott Keeny
   On November 23, 2011, Judge Dean                   a “victory” celebration at the Innis               quality of life for all Shoreline citizens.     Events Coordinator, Sheri Ashleman
Lum ruled in King County Superior                     Arden Clubhouse, and SRB Board                        Most importantly, even though the  
Court that Blue Square Real Estate’s                  members will provide the community                 final chapter of the Point Wells saga may       Webmaster, Andie Piteo
urban center application is not vested and            an update about what they can expect               be years away, community members and  

ordered Snohomish County to suspend                   next.                                              organized groups need to keep up with           Richmond Beach Community News
                                                                                                                                                         Editor, Marge Mueller
processing the development application               In addition to these formally sched-                new chapters, ever vigilant of the twists, (206) 533-0955
as an urban center.                               uled meetings, community members                       and turns that pop up. RBCA is commit-          Billing, Ted Mueller
   BSRE responded quickly with a press            have continued to hold informal discus-                ted to doing its part in reporting current, (206) 533-
release stating, “The developer of the            sions about alternative uses of the Point              happenings.                                         0955
mixed-use community at Point Wells will           Wells property that could enrich the                                                                   Advertising Manager, Tony Flock (206)
immediately appeal today’s ruling…” and                                                                                                        
they did.                                                                                                                                                Circulation, John Durgin, John Thielke
   BSRE Point Wells, LP and Snohomish                                                                                                          , (206)
County have formally appealed, seeking            Measuring up Point Wells                                                                                  542-3641
review by Division I of the Washington            By Marge Mueller, Editor                                                                               ADVERTISING
State Court of Appeals. Then what hap-                                                                                                                   Richmond Beach Community News wel-
pens? In the November 30, 2011, edition               The Wednesday, December 7, 2011 issue of the Seattle Times reported on Stadium                        comes advertising support.
of Patch, The Shoreline-Lake Forest Park          Place, a new residence tower to be built a block north of Seahawks Stadium. The struc-                 Ad rates
Newsletter editors commented, “No mat-            ture is especially noteworthy because of its height, scale and bulk. A panel is taking un-             The monthly ad rate is $15 per column
                                                                                                                                                         inch with a one-column–inch minimum.
ter the ruling in the appellate court, no         der consideration whether such a large building is compatible with that neighborhood.                  Discounts are given for ads running a full
one expects the fight to be over.” Patch              Comparison of the Stadium Place tower in the SoDo district to the proposed Point                   year. For more information or to place an ad
editors went on to say that Judge Lum             Wells development can help one grasp the impact the Point Wells project would have,                    contact
said that the case could go all of the way        if it were to be built.                                                                                Ad deadline
                                                                                                                                                         Advertising must be received by the 15th of
to the State Supreme Court.                                                                                                                                 the month prior to publication.
   Even though no appeal date has been              Stadium Place                                        POint WellS
set yet, typically the timeline for a ruling                                                                                                             SUBMISSIONS
                                                    Scope: 3 towers of 10, 20, and 25 stories            Scope: 3 separate towers of up to18 stories,    This newspaper welcomes reader input in
at the appellate level could be as far out                                                                                                               the way of articles, letters to the editor, and
as 12–18 months from now. Plus, you                 attached to a 4-story central core or “podium”       on a 61-acre waterfront site edged by small     “Thumbs Up! Thumbs Down!”. Submissions
                                                    on a 4-acre site (full city block) in a major city   residential communities                         must be relevant to our community, must
can add another 12–18 months to the
                                                                                                                                                         be copyright free, and must be submitted by
timeline if the case is then appealed to            apts. & condos: 764 total (514 apts, 250             apts. & condos: 3,500 condos and apart-         the 15th of the month prior to publication.
the State Supreme Court.                            condos)                                              ments total (458% greater than Stadium          Either electronic or non-electronic submis-
   It is important to report that, even                                                                  Place)                                          sions are accepted. Photo prints will be
                                                                                                                                                         returned promptly.
though the legal battle may potentially
                                                    Residency: Approx. 1,500 residents                   Residency: Approx. 6,100-7,100 residents            For verification purposes only, submis-
stay tied up in the court system for sev-                                                                                                                sions must include name, address, email
                                                                                                         (473% greater than Stadium Place)
eral years, interest and energy invested in                                                                                                              address and phone number. Items are
                                                    Retail/Offices: 16,000 sq. ft of retail              Retail/Offices: 100,000 sq. ft. of retail and   published as space allows at the discretion
this controversial project will continue
                                                                                                                                                         of the Editor and Information Officer. We
unabated on other fronts. For instance:                                                                  office space (625% greater than Stadium         reserve the right to edit letters and articles
  • On December 12, 2011, the City of                                                                    Place)                                          for length.
                                                                                                                                                             This newspaper does not provide a fo-
    Shoreline held a public hearing on a            Parking: 369 parking stalls; additional              Parking: Underground parking of approx.         rum for personal opinions regarding social,
    proposed revision of the Transporta-            parking in nearby commercial lots or on              2,000 stalls (less than for 1 car per home).    religious or political issues.
    tion Master Plan. As this Plan relates          city streets                                         Any other parking will be along Richmond            Send submissions to:
    to Point Wells, it will determine the                                                                                                             or
                                                                                                         Beach Drive or on residential side streets.           Richmond Beach Community News
    amount of traffic (and subsequent                                                                                                                          1440 NW Richmond Beach Rd, #202
                                                    transportation: City streets, freeway,               transportation: One 2-lane blacktop road
    back-ups) that the City concludes is                                                                                                                       Shoreline, WA 98177
                                                    light rail, commuter rail, busses, (streetcar        with no sidewalks (Richmond Beach Drive)
    an acceptable level.
                                                    proposed)                                            emptying into other 2- and 4-lane roads for
  • On January 8, 2012, from 4:00 to 6:00
                                                                                                         cars and busses
    p.m., Save Richmond Beach will hold
Richmond Beach Community News • January 2012                                                                                                                                                3
                                                                                                Blood Drive Calendar for 2012: Win
President’s Message l l Fueling the RBCA
<   Continued from page 2
                                                                                                Your Pin!
                                                                                                by Tom Petersen
    I could also ask each month for your         businesses in the area who have given
financial support. The organization runs         their support with little to no expense           The Richmond Beach neighborhood
strictly on donations or contributions.          to the organization. The uses of facili-       blood drives far exceeded the goal of reg-
The funds come from your memberships,            ties, the involvement in the community         istering at least two new donors per event
your charitable contributions, the city          events, the financial support all help         in 2011. Half again as many gave blood                  ���
and the funding programs it offers, the          cover the operating costs of the Associa-      for the first time last year. These generous            ���                  �������������
arts council and some from the events            tion. Without their support, we would be       souls combined with scores of neighbors                 ���
themselves. Most of the events break even        in serious discussions about what events       to contribute nearly 20 gallons, saving                 ���                    ���������
if they do that well at all.                     can and can’t survive budget shortcom-         lives around Puget Sound and in disaster                ���                  ���������������
    The Association has been fortunate           ings. In the tough economic times that         areas elsewhere in the U.S.                             ���
to have great relationships with many            we are all facing, the RBCA has continued         For 2012, the goal is to have those                  ��
                                                 with traditions (Strawberry Festival and       beginning donors become regular donors.
                                                 Halloween Carnival), and even added            The local campaign will be for every-
Arson Fires in Shoreline
                                                 some new ones (Turkey Day Fun Run and          one to donate as many times as it takes                  �
                                                 4-Corners Brewfest) and have been able to      to “Win a Pin”—one of the lapel pins
Shoreline Fire Department Press Release
                                                 do it without running the bank account         given at each gallon (8 pint) threshold.
Hair Salon Fire                                  into the ground. That doesn’t mean that        A person who donated twice last year
   Shoreline Firefighters quickly extin-         we don’t need your financial help, it just     could reach a gallon if s/he makes it to all
guished a maliciously-set fire Sunday            proves that the fiscal responsibility of the   the Richmond Beach drives or otherwise
night, December 18th in a small hair sa-         Board has been in good hands through           gives six times in 2012.                       ommended, either via the web at www.
lon in the area of 165th and 5th Ave. NE.        the years.                                        The Season of Giving brought out 26         psbc. org or by calling 800-398-7888. The
   The fire was reported at approximately           I know that in the first paragraph I said   donors, including one first-timer, to the      drives will end at 3:00 p. m.
11:00 p.m. The salon was closed at the           I wouldn’t ramble, but I guess I did so any-   December 17th event. More would have
time of the fire. Fire crews arrived to find     way. Oh well, that’s just my style I guess.    been given, but the bloodmobile was            2012 Dates
a small fire, and extinguished it within         Long and short of it—support your Associa-     short-staffed.                                    The PSBC Mobile Unit will be in front
minutes. Investigators from Shoreline            tion, physically and financially, attend the                                                  of the Fire Safety Center at the corner of
Fire and the King County Fire Investiga-         events and help out where you can--there is    New Time                                       Richmond Beach Road and 20th Ave NW
tion Unit determined the cause to be             really something for everyone.                    By popular request, Richmond Beach          on the following Saturdays:
arson, and have placed Arson Alarm signs            Thanks for reading and I’ll see you in      blood drives will start an hour earlier in
on the occupancy regarding the incident.         the neighborhood.                              2012, at 9:00 a. m. Reservations are rec-       •   March 10
   No one was injured, and the scene was                                                                                                        •   May 12 (Strawberry Festival Day)
cleared a few minutes before midnight.                                                                                                          •   July 7

                                                                       Thumbs up!
                                                                                                                                                •   September 8
Shorecrest High School fire                                                                                                                     •   November 3
    Shoreline Fire, Shoreline Police, and                                   Thumbs down!                                                        •   December 29
the King County Fire Investigation Unit
are looking into an intentionally-set fire            THUMBS UP! Each year, during the holiday season, Richmond Beach resident
that charred an exterior door at Shorec-           Chris Riveland honors RBCA with a generous donation. These donations help
rest High School overnight.                        support the many events and activities RBCA sponsors throughout the year.
    School officials reported finding burn         You might recognize Riveland’s name from the monthly column she authors
marks and charring on a portable class-            in the Richmond Beach Community News entitled “Food for Thought.” For
room door just after students and staff            many years, Riveland also baked homemade cookies for the Tree Lighting event
arrived for classes on Monday, December            in Richmond Beach. RBCA wishes to thank Riveland for sharing her many gifts
19th. The set-fire apparently went out on          and talents with our community and recognize her for contributing to the bet-
its own, limiting the damage.                      terment of life for all of us who live here.
    At this time, there is no known con-                                           — The Richmond Beach Community Association
nection between the Shorecrest High
School incident and an intentionally-set               THUMBS UP! To all the selfless people who donate blood at the blood drives.
fire that occurred Sunday evening at NE            My husband recently was diagnosed with an illness that requires regular blood
165th and 5th Avenue Northeast.                    transfusions. In the last two months he has received six units and, unfortunate-
    Anyone with information about either           ly, this might be an ongoing procedure. We are fortunate enough to have good
incident is encouraged to call Arson               medical insurance. However, the generous donors of Richmond Beach are giving
Alarm at 1-800-55-ARSON. A reward is               what insurance cannot: life! There is nothing more precious. We thank you.                  A collection of blood donor pins from past
being offered for information leading to                                                              —Name withheld by request                years shows dedication to giving.
an arrest and/or conviction.

Your RBCA membership helps keep Richmond Beach great
   Dedicated to community building, the          businesses or organizations that get in-          Where else can you get so much fun and      and beautification projects.
Richmond Beach Community Association,            volved and make Richmond Beach a great         do so much good for only $15 a year? The          Please join the Association by filling
along with your neighbors who volunteer          place to live. The Association acknowledges    RBCA is entirely volunteer run. None of        out the membership form below. Include
to help out with activities and events, is re-   their contribution by presenting them          the membership money goes for salaries—        your dues and mail it to the RBCA, Attn.
sponsible for helping to make this the com-      with the Marge Unruh Community Service         100% goes back into the community to sup-      Scott Keeny, P.O. Box 60186, Shoreline, WA
munity that you enjoy. Your membership           Award.                                         port activities and community information      98160-0186.
in the RBCA is needed to keep all the great
community activities happening through-
out the year.                                     Join now and support the Richmond Beach community. There are many opportunities to be involved; you and your
  • Strawberry Festival                           family will enjoy the fun and satisfaction of working with others to make our community a better place to live.
  • Community Garage Sale
  • Park Clean Up
  • Beach Blossom Garden Tour                           Richmond Beach Community Association MEMBERSHIP FORM
  • Night Out Against Crime
  • Sandcastle Contest                                       Dues are $15 per person, per year
  • 4-Corners BrewFest                               Please make checks payable, and return this form to:      Richmond Beach Community Association, Attn. Scott Keeny,
  • Halloween Carnival                                                                                         P.O. Box 60186, Shoreline, WA 98160-0186
  • Turkey Day Fun Run
  • December holiday events including                 First name(s):                  Last name(s):                   Street:
    the Holiday Craft Party, Tree Lighting,
    Caroling, and Christmas Ship Celebra-
    tion (complete with choirs, cookies, and                                                                          City, State, Zip:
    a large bonfire)
  • The Youth Jam was established by the
    RBCA and is now a Shoreline-wide event                                                                            Phone, e-mail:

   In addition, the RBCA keeps the com-
munity appraised of events, issues affect-
                                                          Please add my name to the mailing list because I currently do not receive the Richmond Beach Community News in the mail
ing Richmond Beach, and candidates for
election through its newspaper, website, and              Please send me e-mails regarding upcoming community events and meetings
monthly public meetings.                                  Please add me to your list of volunteers for community events and other help, as needed
   Also, each year, the RBCA selects persons,
4                                                                                                            January 2012 • Richmond Beach Community News

Turkey Day Fun Run delivers great fun and Hopelink food!
By Sheri Ashleman
    There was a nip in the air Thanksgiv-       Dong Lee & Joe Whitworth/Lee’s Martial      Evan Voltsis/Spiro’s Pizza and Pasta              so great and resources are scarce. At the
ing morning as walkers and runners                  Arts Academy                            Rachel Alexander/State Farm Insurance             time the donations were delivered, their
gathered on the bluff of Saltwater Park to      Jack Malek, Realtor                         Jim Swanson/Swannie’s on the Alley                cupboards were bare.
participate in the fifth annual Richmond        Marisa E. DeLisle, DS, PS/Northwest Fam-    Whidbey Island Bank                                  There is one size large event T-shirt
Beach Turkey Day Fun Run. Participants              ily Chiropractic & Massage              Don Wilson Photography                            available for purchase for $20. Please
enjoyed an invigorating turkey trot with        Richmond Pediatrics                                                                           contact Sheri Ashleman at 542-9147 or
friends, family and neighbors before            Dr. Paul A. Mack/Shoreline Chiropractic     Thanks for Hopelink donations            if you are
parting ways to indulge in their personal       Shoreline Firefighters, Local 1760             A food/fund/gift drive for Hopelink            interested.
Thanksgiving celebrations. It was great to      Drs. Simons & Lowe/Simons/Lowe Ortho-       was held at the event. Participants gener-           To view more photos from the 2011
see all the hillbilly hicks in costume!             dontics                                 ously donated 180 pounds of food at a             Turkey Day Fun Run in Richmond Beach,
                                                Eric D. Kitts, D.D.S./Soundview Family      value of $268, $85 in cash. Hopelink was          visit the RBCA website at www.Richmond-
Thanks to volunteers                                Dental                                  extremely grateful for the donations,   
   RBCA would like to thank the wonder-         Harley O’Neil/Spin Alley                    especially at a time when the need is
ful volunteers who contributed to the
success of this event:
Organizers Don Wilson and Sheri Ashle-
Scott Piteo of Achtung Graphics who did
    the design work for the T-shirts and
Andie Piteo of Achtung Graphics who
    managed the website for the event
Spin Alley for collecting registration/
    T-shirt order forms
Nancy Gustafson for procuring gifts for
    the prize drawing
Chet James and Judy Albrecht, owners of
    Super Jock N Jill and Richmond Beach                                               Many of the entrants got in the spirit and showed up
    residents, for the generous gift certifi-                                          costumed as hillbilly hicks. Photos by Don Wilson
    cates for the prize drawing
Shorewood High School SERVE Club
    members Alex Ashleman, Annie Basa-
    mania, Phoebe Crampton-Haywood,
    Katie Gibbs, Brianna Huntamer, Denis
    Kalamar and Roya Karami and their
    advisor, Tammy Ceesay, for distribut-
    ing door hangers and volunteering at
    the event
Set up/worker/take down crew: Ed Ad-
    ams, Sheri Ashleman, Scott Beasley,
    Dave Brengelmann, Dave Davis,
    Nancy Gustafson, Fang Kongjan, Jack
    Malek, Jerry Patterson,Tom Petersen,
    Bill Willard, Don Wilson and Christie
Linda Jo Pym for use of her driveway and
    power for the sound system
Lee’s Martial Arts Academy for cheering
    on participants at the finish line
Simons/Lowe Orthodontics for providing
    bottled water for participants

Thanks to businesses
   Please thank and support the follow-
ing businesses for sponsoring the Turkey
Day Fun Run:
Scott & Andie Piteo/Achtung Graphics
Eric A. Carlson, D.D.S.
Full Moon Thai Cuisine
Drs. Fong & Bennett/Highlands West
John Rousey/Interstate Insurance Agency
Matthew Fairfax/James Alan Salon
Richard T. Jones, D.D.S./Jones Orthodontics

Local families get a leg up on Thanksgiving
By Dong Lee

    Sixty-one families in Shoreline and Edmonds received          The Shoreline Lee’s Martial Arts owners, Dong Lee         hopes to surpass this year in order to help even more
Thanksgiving dinners because of thousands of kicks            and Joe Whitworth, admit, “It seemed a little strange at      families enjoy Thanksgiving dinner. If you want to be
made by the students at Lee’s Martial Arts in Rich-           first to associate a martial arts gym to Thanksgiving din-    involved, stop by the academy or contact Dong Lee or
mond Beach. For the fourth straight year, Tae Kwon Do         ner, but the idea stuck with us. We expect courtesy and       Joe Whitworth at (206) 542-7778.
students, ages 3 to 50, raised pledges for each kick they     compassion from our students and encourage all to be
could physically muster. This year’s Kick-a-Thon raised       involved in community service. Helping families who
more than $5,000.                                             may go without this meal was a cause that everyone was
    The students’ incredible determination to help those      passionate to support.” Over 200 friends, family mem-
in need, along with the help of friends and family            bers, and students volunteered to give these families a
members, provided for more dinners than they imag-            leg up.
ined possible. The goal was to provide 50 families with           The families that received dinner baskets were rec-
full Thanksgiving dinners. Eleven additional families         ommended by members of area schools and churches
were surprised with a delivery of a Thanksgiving basket       throughout Shoreline and Edmonds. The community
filled with turkey, potatoes, stuffing, vegetables, gravy,    supported this cause in every way possible and Sam’s
cranberry sauce, rolls, beverages, pie, cooking pan, and a    Club helped by storing the perishable food items until
$10–20 grocery store gift certificate.                        the deliveries could be made. Next year, the school           Students and volunteers assemble dinner baskets
Richmond Beach Community News • January 2012                                                                                                                                     5
Tent City 3
<   Continued from page 1
                                                                                                Holiday Festivities
                                                                                                By Sheri Ashleman
each other that holiday.
Instead we asked for a list                                                                        Richmond Beach residents kicked off the holiday season with several commu-
from Tent City of what                                                                          nity events sponsored by the Richmond Beach Community Association. Starting
they needed. We went to                                                                         with the Holiday Craft Party at the Richmond Beach Library on Saturday, Decem-
Costco and Deseret Indus-                                                                       ber 3, children created festive holiday decorations. A record number of partici-
tries and purchased things                                                                      pants turned out for this fun activity. Our thanks to Jan and Julia Manfredini for
for them. Shortly after                                                                         organizing the beautiful crafts!
New Years we had several                                                                           Later that evening, neighbors gathered together in the Spin Alley parking lot
snow events and it drove                                                                        for the annual Tree Lighting Ceremony. Santa arrived by fire truck with lights
me crazy to think of them                                                                       flashing and a jolly ho-ho-ho booming over the intercom. After Santa led the
living like that. At night                                                                      crowd in a countdown from ten to one, the lights on the community holiday
when I went to sleep and                                                                        tree popped on and remained illuminated through the holiday season. Children
noticed my feet were cold,                                                                      had an opportunity to visit Santa, guests delighted in music provided by Dave
I could not imagine how                                                                         and Lynn Cheeney, and warm beverages and holiday cookies were enjoyed by all.
they must have felt.              In 2009 a winter snow blanketed the tents and other posses-   Thanks to our musicians, Shoreline Fire Department and Spin Alley!
    And so today, three           sions of Tent City 3                                             Afterwards, many ventured over to the Richmond Beach Rehab for caroling.
years later, I often ques-                                                                      To see the joy on the residents’ faces brings such pleasure to the many adults and
tion why I am still doing things for                 ized I wanted to do more, to share with    children who participate in this heart-warming activity. Our gratitude to song
them with such a degree of interest.                 others the community where we all live.    leader Lisa Van Horne (Director of the Alleluia Choir at First Lutheran Church of
And each time the answer is the same…                    My photos, like myself, may be         Richmond Beach).
because I cannot forget that they are                imperfect. They may never hang on an          Many people worked behind the scenes to make these events happen: RBCA
there. I can’t imagine ninety or sixty               important wall, but they are important     board members Ed Adams, Tom Petersen, Jack Malek, Bill Willard, Sherry Edwards,
days camping at one church and then a                nonetheless. They are a record in time     and Sheri Ashleman; Dennis Molvik and Steve Anderson.
moving somewhere else. And to those                  when I saw you for just a second and

                                                                                                Christmas Ship Celebration
who say ‘why don’t they get a job and                realized you were there. Thank you for
get out,’ the answer should be more                  sharing your life with me.
clear than ever. It’s on the evening news                                  Sincerely, Marc
                                                                                                By Sheri Ashleman
every night.
    In March 2009 when I began mak-                    Consider what you might do for our          On the calm, peaceful evening of December 13, hundreds of people poured
ing their photo album for them I wrote             “Nomads of Seattle”.                         onto the beach at Saltwater Park to attend the annual Christmas Ship Celebration.
a preface to that book (which they                     Financial help by check to: Greater      The magical evening, enhanced by local youth choirs, blazing bonfires and com-
maintain in their camp) which reads as             Seattle Cares PO Box 77815 Seattle WA        plimentary cookies, enticed residents to venture out of their warm homes. The
follows:                                           98177-0815. Or by PayPal. Material           Richmond Beach celebration is one of the largest gatherings of this type in the
  Dear Tent City 3,                                goods donations go to Greater Seattle        Seattle area and a favorite of Argosy Cruises which deems it “the most community
      This is Our Album, yours and mine,           Cares. For a list of the things they need,   oriented.” The Argosy owners even attended our celebrated event this year.
  and it will grow as we all will. These           go to         After outstanding performances by the Syre and Einstein choirs under the di-
  pages represent only the times we’ve             html. They deliver directly to the camp      rection of Janet Allison, The Everett Chorale sang a 20-minute performance from
  spent together and not when we’ve been           at Prince of Peace Church, 14514 20th        the Christmas Ship broadcast via a state-of-the-art speaker system. Word has it the
  alone and apart. My effort is to remind          Ave NE, Shoreline WA 98155.                  music could be heard from the far corners of Richmond Beach!
  myself and us that our lives may be                  Camp needs during these cold                Sponsored jointly by the City of Shoreline and Richmond Beach Community
  separate, but our needs are the same.            months: blankets, tarps, warm clothes        Association, this event has become a tradition in the Shoreline community.
  I respect your right to privacy in your          (especially socks and shoes), toiletries,
  home and thank you for inviting me in.           non-perishable foods that especially
      When I began this project, I had no          those that can be heated in the micro-
  idea what it would mean to come into             wave.
  your life or you into mine. From my brief            If you can provide hot meals contact
  visits to your door over this winter with        Liz Fenn at 425-698-5581 or check the
  gifts of mine and my neighbors, I real-          Greater Seattle Cares calendar online.

            My Favorite Things,
          Richmond Beach Version
  Jolly fat Santa and warm woolen mittens
  Hot cups of cocoa and noses frostbitten
  Children’s bright ornaments tied up with string
  These are a few of my favorite things.

  Choirs and cookies and boats draped with lights
  A tall lighted fir tree that brightens the nights
  Neighbors who gather to laugh and to sing
  These are a few of my favorite things.

Photo of choir, above, and child with cookies, at right, by
Pam Barrett. Other photos by Bob Pfeiffer
6                                                                                                           January 2012 • Richmond Beach Community News

Local students selected for All-State                                                       Shoreline teachers earn National Board
Music Honor Groups                                                                          Certifications
Shoreline Schools Press Release                                                             Shoreline School District press release

   Shoreline School                                                                             Ten Shoreline School District teachers      A national panel of peers then assesses
District student musi-                                                                      have received their certifications from the the portfolio. Teachers also take a six-part
cians were recently                                                                         National Board for Professional Teaching        examination in their content area.
selected through audi-                                                                      Standards.                                         The Shoreline School District sup-
tions to All-State music                                                                        The teachers and schools are:               ports the National Board Certification
honor groups. They                                                                              Jennifer Altena, Syre                       program by paying half of the registration
will perform during the                                                                         Andrew Bagley, Shorewood                    fee. Those who complete the program
Washington State Music                                                                          Cristi Camp, Einstein                       receive a yearly salary bonus approved
Educators Association                                                                           Mikael Christensen, Shorewood               by the Legislature. Teachers attaining
(WMEA) convention in                                                                            Alisan Giesy, Shorewood                     certification provide 25 hours of service
Yakima in February.                                                                             Roberta Ruark, Shorecrest                   either teaching professional development
   Shorecrest High                                                                              Brynne Saskor, Shorecrest                   classes, supporting or mentoring col-
School: All-State Con-                                                                          Marybeth Scherf, Lake Forest Park           leagues, or working on projects.
cert Band: Christopher                                                                          Clark Youmans, Shorewood                       Created in 1987, the National Board
Hughes, clarinet, Ben                                                                           Cheryl Zahajiko, Lake Forest Park           for Professional Teaching Standards is an
Keehn, percussion, Liz                                                                          With this latest announcement, Shore- independent, nonpartisan and nonprofit
Zweizig, trombone,                                                                          line now has a total of 66 board-certified      organization devoted to advancing the
Molly Kercheval, eupho-                                                                     teachers currently working in the District. quality of teaching and learning. For
nium. All-State Wind                                                                        Numbers released by the National Board          more information, visit the NBPTS Web-
Ensemble: David Miller,                                                                     for Professional Teaching Standards             site at
percussion. All-State                                                                       show that Washington has the
Symphony Orchestra:                                                                         second-most new NBCTs (945),
Amylia Glaskova, viola,                                                                     behind only North Carolina,
Jeff Lee, Violin, Youch-                                                                    and is fourth overall in the
an Kim, viola, Johann                                                                       total number of NBCTs (6,242).
Gascoigne, string bass.                                                                     This achievement brings the to-
All-State Chamber Or-                                                                       tal number of teachers certified
chestra: Maeve McIver-                                                                      nationwide to nearly 100,000.
Sheridan, violin.                                                                               The national certification
   Shorewood High                                                                           process takes a minimum of
School: All-State Band:                                                                     18 months. Teachers must
Nikka Dellosa, French                                                                       demonstrate in their four-part
horn, Evan Strandberg,                                                                      portfolio a deep understand-
trombone. All-State                                                                         ing and application of the          From left, Shorewood teachers Mikael Christensen, Clark
Orchestra: Jeffrey Li,       Einstein (top) and Shorewood (below) music students who were   national standards that are in      Youmans, Alisan Giesy and Andrew Bagley have earned
Frank Liu and Francesca chosen for All-State music honor groups                             place for their field of teaching. their National Board Certification.
O’Malley, violin, Jason
Pegis, cello, Emily Perry, string bass, and Jacob Ziontz, viola. All-State Choir: Cassie
Willock, soprano, Amy Lind, alto.
   Einstein Middle School: Junior All-State Band: Brian Farthing, percussion, Tim
                                                                                            Shoreline band director named to Music
Goei, trumpet, Stephan Huchala, trumpet, Lauren Smith, clarinet, Spencer Westmore-          Educators Hall of Fame
land, trombone. Junior All-State Orchestra: Areeya Tipyasothi, violin.                      Shoreline School District Press Release
   Dan Wing, orchestra director at Shorewood High School and Einstein Middle
School, is president-elect of WMEA and will become president in June 2012.                      Frank Halferty, band director and mu-        Currently Halferty has more than 200
                                                                                            sic department head at Einstein Middle        compositions and arrangements in print,
                                                                                            School in Shoreline, has been elected to      most recently the Folk Song Trilogy per-

Former Shorewood soccer star honored                                                        the Washington Music Educators Associa-
                                                                                            tion (WMEA) Hall of Fame. The Washing-
                                                                                                                                          formed by the Shoreline School District
                                                                                                                                          Honor Choir in its recent concert with
   George John is a soccer player who          • 2003, 2004 and 2005 chosen by his          ton Music Educators Association is the        the Cascade Youth Symphony at Ben-
currently plays for FC Dallas in Major           team as the Shorewood Soccer Teams’        largest arts organization in the state, and   aroya Hall.
League Soccer.He was an excellent athlete        MVP                                        represents more than 2,000 music teach-          Halferty has 36 years of experience
for Shorewood, active in ASB and an            • 2003, 2004 and 2005 he was selected        ers in the state.                             teaching instrumental music at all levels,
excellent student:                               for 1st Team ALL WESCO                         In 1996, WMEA established the Wash-       and has held numerous positions as
 • Four Year Letter in Soccer, 2002- 2005      • 2004 and 2005 chosen to be the Shore-      ington Music Educators Hall of Fame, to       director of choirs and community groups.
                                                 wood Team Captain                          honor outstanding music teachers who          He is the recipient of 14 ASCAP awards,
                                               • 2004 Gatorade Washington Boys Soc-         have shown a long-time contribution to        Outstanding Educator Awards in both
                                                 cer Player of the Year                     music in the state. Criteria include excel-   the Shoreline and Lake Washington
                                               • 2004 National Soccer Coaches Associa-      lence in teaching, a significant contribu-    School Districts, and the Outstanding
                                                 tion of America (NSCAA)/Adidas High        tion to music beyond the classroom, and       Music Educator Award from the Sno-King
                                                 School State Player of the Year and        work done in a number of ways at the          Music Educators Association. Halferty
                                                 selected for the Adidas High School All    state and regional level. Hall of Fame        has also served as a board member of the
                                                 American Team                              nominees must also have brought about         Shoreline-Lake Forest Park Arts Council.
                                                 John played college soccer at the          substantial improvements in the edu-          He maintains a busy schedule compos-
                                              University of Washington, leading the         cational process, and have contributed        ing, fulfilling music administration and
                                              Huskies to back-to-back trips to the          significantly to the betterment of the        teaching duties, guest conducting, and
                                              second round of the NCAA Tournament           profession through exemplary service.         adjudicating music festivals.
                                              in 2006 and 2007. Among other honors              Halferty, himself a graduate of Shore-
                                              he received, he was a three-time NSCAA/       line High School, joins Einstein and
                                              Adidas All-Far West Region selection, a       Shorewood orchestral music director and
                                              two-time first-team All-Pac-10 selection,     WMEA president-elect Dan Wing in the
                                              an All-Pac-10 second-team honoree in          Hall. John Law, Neil Lieurance, and Ken
                                              2006 and a two-time first-team NSCAA          Noreen, retired Shoreline School Dis-
                                              Scholar All-American.                         trict music teachers, are also in the Hall
                                                 John was drafted in the first round        of Fame. The induction ceremony will
                                              (14th overall) by FC Dallas in the 2009       be held Feb. 17 in Yakima, during the
                                              MLS SuperDraft. He made his profes-           WMEA conference.
                                              sional debut on April 4th 2009, in a game         Halferty has taught at Einstein since
                                              against the New England Revolution.           1993 and serves as the District Music Co-
                                                 Shorewood High School honored              ordinator. He holds two Bachelor of Arts
George John with his #11 jersey. Retired on   George John by retiring his number #11,       Degrees from Seattle Pacific University in
December 16, 2011                             his jersey from his senior year.              Music Education and Music Theory and
                                                                                            Literature. He received a Master of Music
                                                                                            in Composition from New Mexico State          Einstein Middle School band director Frank
                                                                                            University.                                   Halferty
Richmond Beach Community News • January 2012                                                                                                                                                        7
                                                                              Youth Jam 2012 will take the stage Friday, April 6
   Crawling around our                                                        By Scott Becker

  By Andie Piteo       S                                                          horeline
                                                                                  Youth Jam
                                                                                                                                            in the “Shoreline Youth Jam.” This year’s event, orga-
                                                                                                                                            nized and sponsored by multiple neighborhood groups
                                                                              2012 will                                                     in Shoreline, will take place Friday, April 6, 6 p.m. to 10
     We’ve got some great new things on the Rich-                             celebrate its                                                 p.m., at the Shoreline Community College PUB.
 mond Beach Community Association website!                                    sophomore year                                                   The contest will feature a live audience, professional
 Thanks to newspaper editor Marge Mueller, we now                             on Friday, April                                              sound, and constructive feedback by judges from the
 have a map on our website of our neighborhood,                               6, with a show                                                music industry. Performers will be arranged into show-
 including major landmarks. Find it at www.Rich-                              of outstanding                                                case segments (2 to 3 songs) and prizes will be awarded, or through the navigation                               youth perform-                                                in several categories.
 bar from the “About Us” drop-down menu. And,                                 ers from the City                                                Entrants to the Youth Jam are asked to submit in-
 thanks to Don Baker and the Shoreline-Lake Forest                            of Shoreline.                                                 formation about their act, a recorded sample of their
 Park Patch, we’ve posted his video of this year’s Hal-                           Shoreline’s                                               performance, and a $20 entrance fee (hardship exemp-
 loween Carnival on our homepage and the Carnival                             young rock bands,                                             tion available) by the February 16, 2011, deadline to be
 webpage.                                                                     pop singers, hip-hop                                          considered for the show. For more details or to submit
     Want to see your name online? If you take photos                         groups, classical solo-                                       material, please contact Scott Becker (contact info below).
 at one of our events and would like to share them,                           ists, gospel choirs, ac-                                         Tickets for the show will be sold at the door for $2. A
 contact me at Webmaster@RichmondBeachWA.                                     cordion players, blues                                        limited number of free tickets will be provided to each
 org. You can submit your photos for possible inclu-                          guitarists, jazz combos,                                      participant for family or friends.
 sion in the RBCA Newspaper and/or Website and/                               DJ’s, beat-box dancers,                                          Refreshments will be available for purchase from the
 or Facebook page. Please note: If your photos are on                         and all musical artists,                                      PUB Chartwells Espresso & Deli. So, bring your friends,
 the RBCA Website or Facebook page, anyone can                                this is your chance to                                        bring your family, bring everyone you know to support
 download copies of them and/or drag the photos to                            perform on stage and                                          your favorite act and enjoy a great night of entertainment!
 their desktop to make copies of them. If you want                            vie for prizes.                                                  PERFORMERS CONTACT: Scott Becker (scottb@four-
 to share your photos of the community, but don’t                                 The youth of Shore-    Entrants in the 2011 Youth         fold, 206-533-9112)
 want them copied, send them only to the newspa-                              line, 18 or younger,       Jam: Top, Stefan Petersen and         GENERAL INFORMATION & PROMOTION: Stefanie
 per: Please note that                            with musical aspirations   Julian Anderson of Misoneism;      Gendreau-Stroud ( 206-310-
 you do not want them to appear where they might                              are invited to compete     below, Alejandra Guido             0560)
 be copied.
     For photos of our events, there is now a new
 style of slideshow being used on the RBCA website.
 There are gains and losses with switching from the                           Timebanking is coming to Shoreline, Woodway, Edmonds
 old style to the new style, but the tipping point is
 precisely why I was looking for a new method in the
                                                                              and Lake Forest Park!
                                                                              By Jan Stewart
 first place: the new ones can be readily viewed on
 iPads and iPhones (because they do not use Flash
 software). You can try out some of the new slide-                            Dessert Potluck and SWEL Timebank Orientation                 Timebank member goes into the bank as a time hour.
 shows right now from our homepage. As always, any                            Tuesday, January 24, 2012                                     Then you have a time hour to spend having another
 feedback on our website is appreciated—and can be                            7:30-9:00 p.m.                                                SWEL member do something for you. People of all ages
 done anonymously through the email form on the                               Richmond Highlands Recreation Center                          are welcome.
 Board webpage.                                                               16554 Fremont Avenue North, Shoreline                            Learn how the SWEL Timebank works and become a
                                                                                                                                            founding member at our next potluck/orientation.
                                                                                 A group of North King and South Snohomish County              There are over 100 timebanks in the United States,
                                                                              residents is realizing their vision of creating a timebank.   including one in East King County, which serves the cit-
                                                                              On November 9th, the SWEL Time Bank launched in               ies of Kirkland, Redmond and Bellevue. Timebanking is
           Several of our regular contribu-                                   Shoreline with plans to hold monthly potlucks during          a great way to get to know members in your community.
           tors did not submit articles for                                   2012.                                                         In addition to a group of dedicated volunteers, SWEL is
           publication this month for person-                                    Timebanks use a low overhead, self-organizing inter-       made possible because of a generous grant from United
           al reasons. They are missed. We                                    net based system to help people exchange their talents,       Way of King County, and help from Eastside Timebank
           hope that they will be back with                                   passions, and resources with other members so that they       & Senior Services’ Aging Your Way Initiative.
           us soon.                                                           enjoy the necessities and the niceties of life. At its sim-      For information about SWEL Timebank, visit www.
                                                                              plest, an hour you spend doing something for a SWEL  or email

                                                                  Dee’s Home & Pet Service
                          PHIL FRIEND                             � local pet sitting � dog walking
                          Broker                                  � midday breaks � licensed, insured
                          REALTOR®                                  Dolores Marshall 206-542-1870
                          (206)713-4125 CELL
                          COLDWELL BANKER COMMERCIAL
                          DANFORTH & ASSOCIATES, INC
                          211 N. NORTHGATE WAY #101
                          SEATTLE, WA 98133
                Each Office is Independently Owned and Operated

Richmond Beach                                                                         ���������������
   Congregational Church
      United Church of Christ
     An Open and Affirming Congregation
             Handicap Accessible
         Sunday worship is at 10 a.m.
    Sunday school and nursery care provided                          ��������������������
We offer hospitable, joyful and meaningful                            ��������������������
worship. We take the Bible seriously but not                          ��������������������
literally. We seek to foster mutual respect as we                      �������������������
journey together in a diverse world.
                                                                      ����������������� ����
 “Peace, Respect and Love in Action!”                                ���������������������

            Please support our advertisers and tell them you saw their ad in this newspaper.
8                                                                                                          January 2012 • Richmond Beach Community News

Kruckeberg Garden’s Member                                                                          RICHMOND BEACH DIRECTORY
Meeting will feature Dan Hinkley                                        GOVERNMENT, EMERGENCY                  City of Shoreline                       Horizon School
Annual Meeting of Botanic Garden is open to public                     EMERGENCY POLICE, FIRE,                 17500 Midvale Avenue N                  1512 NW 195th St.
                                                                       MEDIC ONE: 911                          Shoreline, WA 98133                     Shoreline, WA 98177
By Sarah Baker                                                         Non-emergency police dispatch           206-801-2700                            206-546-0133
Thursday, January 12                                                                                                                                    CHURCHES
                                                                       Shoreline Police Station                Shoreline Historical Museum
                                                                                                                                                       Calvin Presbyterian Church
7:00 p.m.                                                              1206 N 185th St.                        749 North 175th
                                                                                                                                                       18826 3rd Ave NW
Shoreline City Hall council chambers                                   Shoreline, WA 98133                     Shoreline, WA 98133
                                                                                                                                                       Shoreline, WA 98177
17500 Midvale Avenue N, Shoreline.                                     206-801-2712,        206-542-7111
                                                                       Westside Police Neighborhood                                                    First Lutheran Church of
    The Kruckeberg Botanic                                             Center                                  SCHOOLS                                 Richmond Beach
Garden Foundation welcomes                                             624 NW Richmond Beach Road              Shoreline Public Schools                18354 8th AVE NW
plantsman Dan Hinkley to                                               Shoreline, WA 98177                     18560 1st Ave NE                        Shoreline, WA 98177
                                                                       206-546-3636                            Shoreline, WA 98155                     206-546-4153,
speak at the Garden’s annual
Members Meeting on Janu-                                               Shoreline Fire Department
                                                                                                                         Richmond Beach Congregational
ary 12. His talk entitled (Too                                         Headquarters, Station 61                                                        Church, United Church of Christ
                                                                       17525 Aurora Ave. N                     Syre Elementary                         1512 N.W. 195th St.
Often) Overlooked Plants for                                           Shoreline, WA 98133                     19545 12th NW                           Shoreline, WA 98177
Pacific Northwest Gardens will                                         206-533-6500                            Shoreline, WA 98177                     206-542-7477,
explore some of his favorite                                                                                   206-393-4165
                                                                       Shoreline Fire Safety Center,                                                   New Hope Seattle
trees, shrubs, and perennials
                                                                       Station 62                              Room Nine Community School              19350 Firlands Way
that are relatively and inex-                                          1851 NW 195th Street                    17077 Meridian Ave. N.                  N. Shoreline, WA 98133
plicably absent from mari-                                             Shoreline, 98177                        Shoreline, WA 98133                     206-546-3550
time Northwest gardens. The                                                                                    206-393-4180
                                                                       Ronald Wastewater District
presentation will take place                                                                                                                            RECREATION
                                                                          Einstein Middle School
after a short meeting and elec-                                        (206) 546-2494                                                                  Shoreline Pool
                                                                                                            19343 3rd Ave. NW
                                                                                                                                                       19030 1st Avenue NE
tion of board officers for the     Dan Hinkley on a rare plant quest                                        Shoreline, WA 98177
                                                                       U.S. Post Office, Bitter Lake Branch                                            Shoreline, WA
Foundation.                                                                                                 206-393-4730
                                                                       929 N 145th Street                                                              (206) 801-2650
    A world-class plant hunter, Dan has collected plants around the    Seattle, WA 98133                    Shorewood High School            
globe and introduced new species to horticulture through his well-     206-364-0663                         7300 Fremont Ave North
                                                                                                                                                       Spartan Recreation Center
known nursery, Heronswood. Though Heronswood closed in 2006,                                                   Shoreline, WA 98133
                                                                       U.S. Post Office, Spin Alley sub-                                               202 NE 185th Street
his ongoing explorations continue to add interesting new species       station                                                                         Shoreline, WA
to the palette of plants available to Northwest gardeners. Dan is      1430 NW Richmond Beach Road                                                     (206) 801-2600
                                                                       Shoreline 98177                                                       
well known as a writer and lecturer, and his talk is sure to inspire
gardeners new and old.
    The meeting will be held on January 12 at 7p.m. in the Shoreline
City Hall council chambers. City Hall is located at 17500 Midvale                  •   Commercial Richmond Beach Businesses pay a fee of $7.50 a month, $67.50 a year, for their list-
Avenue N, Shoreline.                                                                   ing in this Business Directory. This listing is free if they have a display ad in the issue. To have
    The meeting is open to the public, and all are welcome! Entrance                   your business included here, contact
is free for Garden members, with a suggested donation for non-                     •   Government and non-profit entities are listed free if they are relevant to the Richmond Beach
    For more information see or contact the
Garden at 206-546-1281.                                                FINANCIAL, INSURANCE, LEGAL           TOMGAR Construction LLC                   REAL ESTATE
                                                                       The Flock Group                       Tom Schultz, owner                        Jack Malek, Windermere RE/
                                                                       RBC Wealth Management                 Shoreline, WA                             Shoreline
Bicycle Found                                                          303 5th Ave. S, Suite 100
                                                                       Edmonds, WA 98020
                                                                                                                                                       20224 23rd Place NW
                                                                                                                                                       Shoreline, WA 98177
                                                                       425-712-7310                                     206-498-2189;
    Did your son or daughter loose a bicycle over the summer? A                                                                              
                                                                       John Rousey, Interstate Insurance     John Curtis Wolfe/Architect
bicycle was found on the grounds of the Richmond Beach Congre-
                                                                       Agency                                Richmond Beach, WA                        Maplewood Rock and Gem Club
gational Church-UCC in mid-summer and it has not been claimed.                           Clubhouse Rental
This is probably a boy’s bike of the Wired Mongoose variety with                206-547-5727                              8802 196th Street SW, Edmonds
knobby tires and 21 speeds. If this is your bicycle, please identify   206-542-3195                                                                    206-794-2727;
the color and/or provide some means to show ownership. The bike                                               HOME & PERSONAL SERVICES       
                                                                       June E. Howard, CPA
                                                                                                             Academic Coaching & Tutoring
is at the church, 1512 195th Street (the corner of Richmond Beach      824 NW Innis Arden Drive
                                                                                                             Reading K-12, Writing Elementary          RECREATION, FITNESS
Road and 15th Avenue NW). The church office is open week days          Shoreline, WA 98177
                                                                                                             to College, Organizational Skills         Richmond Beach Yoga
from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Please call (206) 542-7477 if you have any                                             (425) 774-5205                            621 NW Richmond Beach Road
questions.                                                             Phil Friend, Realtor                                                  
                                                                                                             Bly’s Services                  
                                                                       Coldwell Banker Commercial
                                                                                                             Window and gutter cleaning,
                                                                       206-713-4125 (cell)
                                                                                                             pressure washing, moss removal            Spin Alley Bowling Center
                                                                                                             206-890-3334                              1430 NW. Richmond Beach Road
                                                                       Rachel Alexander, State Farm                                                    Shoreline, Wa 98177
                                                                                                             Dee’s Home & Pet Service                  206-533-2345
                                                                                                             Delores Marshall
                                                                       644 NW Richmond Beach Road
                                                                                                             206-542-1870                              RESTAURANTS, TAKE OUT
                                                                       Shoreline, WA 98177
                                                                       206-542-8800                          Quality Cleaning                          Pizza Mia
                                                                                                             Edmonds • Shoreline                       Neighborhood restaurant with fresh
                                                                       GIFTS, CARDS, SHOPPING                Residential housecleaning                 pasta and homemade pizza
                                                                       Beach House Greetings                 Call Judy: 206-542-6989                   1857 NW 195th Street
                                                                       626 NW Richmond Beach Road                                                      Shoreline, WA 98177
                                                                       (206) 542-2773                        Richmond Beach Classic Framing            206-542-8330
                                                                                                             1436 NW Richmond Beach Road
                                                                       HOME CONSTRUCTION, REPAIR             206-542-3007                              TECHNICAL SERVICES
                                                                       Johnson Roofing & Gutters                                                       Achtung Graphics
                                                                                                             Walter Zamojski Images
                                                                       2133 NW 204th Street                                                            Scott & Andi Piteo
                                                                                                             Fine Art Photography, Portraits,
                                                                       Shoreline, WA 98177                                                             206-992-4215
                                                                                                             Nature, Events
                                                                                                    (206) 390 5108
                                                                       Skyline Windows, Inc.
                                                                       17240 Ronald Place N.                  MEDICAL. DENTAL
                                                                       Shoreline, WA 98133                   Dr. Fran A. Pinault MS, LAc, ND
                                                                       206-542-2147                          Shoreline Natural Medicine Clinic
               Skyline Windows Inc.                                                                          646 NW Richmond Beach Road
                       Kevin Sill, Owner                                                                     Shoreline, WA 98177
               Manufacturer of vinyl and aluminum                                                            206-542-8687,
                windows, patio doors and screens

                            We measure and install
                             replacement windows
                                                                             John Curtis Wolfe                                                     GRAPHIC DESIGN,
                                                                                                                                                     WEB DESIGN
                                                                             Architect             206.542.5727                                            Free Phone Consultation
                                                                                                                                                        ACHTUNG GRAPHICS
                                                                                                                                                            Scott & Andie Piteo
                                                                             “The Split Level Doctor”                              
            206-542-2147       17240 Ronald Place N
Richmond Beach Community News • January 2012                                                                                                                                  9

                                                                                       Book Review
  Anina’s Corner                            By Anina Coder Sill
                                                                                       By Aarene Storms

    Sometimes when I wake up in the middle of the night I try to recall the
                                                                                       A Long, Long Sleep
 smattering of foreign words I’ve learned. It takes me time and effort to learn        By Anna Sheehan
 something new, and yet it takes no effort at all to forget it! I like the way these
 words sound, and how rewarding it is to be able to greet someone and say                 Technically, Rosalinda Fitzroy is 16 years old,
 please and thank you in another language. I know it would be better to know           however, she was born nearly 100 years ago.
 more than that, of course. Floating around in my head barely within reach, are        Locked away in chemically-induced slumber in-
 the following:                                                                        side a stasis tube, Rose peacefully slept through
                                                                                       the Dark Times that killed millions of people
                         Greeting                Please            Thank you           and left her orphaned...and heir to the enor-
      Cantonese          nei hou                 maa do jeh        mh goi              mous UniCorp fortune. Now that she’s been
      Spanish            hola                    por favor         gracias             kissed awake by the handsome Brendan,
      Marshaleese        yowkwe                  please            kommol tata         Rose must find her place in a world that is
      Japanese           ohiogaizaimas (a.m.)    kudasai           arigato             completely different from everything she has
                                                                                       ever known.
    Now I have learned some new words in the food category due to current                 This fresh retelling of the Sleeping Beauty story goes beyond a sim-
 trends in ancient grain revival. They make me smile because of the way they           ple recasting of an old tale into a science fiction framework. Rose is a fully-
 sound:                                                                                realized character with deep flaws that she tries desperately to hide from the
                                                                                       world, including herself. The futuristic world, ruled by mega-corporations
   Spelt: an ancient wheat with spikelets containing two light red grains. It is       like UniCorp, is just possible enough to be frightening, as well as fascinating.
          not gluten free. Origin: Middle English, from Old English, from Late            Cuss words have changed in the future, so they are not offensive to 21st
          Latin spelta, of Germanic origin; perhaps akin to Middle High Ger-           century readers. There is a very tactful incidence of Star Trek sex, so smooth-
          man speltesplit piece of wood, Old High German spaltan to split. First       ly written that I almost missed it entirely.
          Known Use: before 12th century. Rhymes with belt.                               Recommended for readers ages 14 to adult.
    Teff: Amharic tef. An economically important Ethiopian annual cereal grass
          grown for its small grain which yields a white flour and as a forage and
          hay crop. Origin Amharic tef. First Known Use: 1790. Rhymes with chef.       RBCA Newcomer Greetings
   Quinoa: an annual herb of the goosefoot family that is native to the An-            By Sheri Ashleman
          dean highlands and is cultivated for its starchy seeds which are used as
          food and ground into flour. Origin Spanish, from Quechua kinua. First           In order to welcome newcomers to the       new neighbors into our close-knit com-
          Known Use: 1625. Rhymes with amah. Prounounced ki:nwa.                       neighborhood, RBCA has put together           munity.
                                                                                       packets containing useful information             As stated in RBCA President Ed
    Many of you may already be familiar with these words; if not, you can add          to acquaint new residents with services       Adams’ letter of greeting in the pack-
 them to your thoughts in the wee hours of the morning. Or maybe we can all fit        and organizations they may find helpful.      ets: “Here you will find friendly folks
 them into conversation, and even into our diet.                                       With the help of our newspaper editor,        who enjoy a high quality of life for all
                                                                                       Marge Mueller, we created a coupon book       ages. We have excellent schools; ameni-
                                                                                       containing discounts at several local busi-   ties such as parks, a library and a post
                                                                                       nesses.                                       office within walking distance; good
                                                                                          Richmond Beach resident Edie Nelson        restaurants; retail stores; low crime rate;
                                                                                       will be our goodwill ambassador to de-        involved residents and more. We enjoy
                                                                                       liver the packets and personally welcome      living here and hope you will too.”

                                      FRAME IT!
                                    Made to order wood and metal frames for
                                          your art and your memories
                                        Classic to contemporary styles
                                       Preservation framing at its finest                  BLY’S SERVICES
                                       Richmond Beach Classic Framing                            Licensed and Bonded
                                      1436 NW Richmond Beach Road • Shoreline                              Window Cleaning
                                                  206-542-3007                                             Gutter Cleaning
                                       Your neighborhood custom picture & art source                       Pressure Washing
                                                                                                           Moss removal (roofs)
                                                                                                           Holiday Lighting

                                                                                            10% o for new customers

                                                                                          Excellent service! Reasonable price.
                                                                                                                Jerry Girmus

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10                                                                                                         January 2012 • Richmond Beach Community News

 Looking Back                                  By Tracy Tallman

O     ne day George Kolesar wondered
      to me if he wasn’t the oldest
person born in Richmond Beach who
                                             during an era when every
                                             town and most local
                                             businesses had their own
                                                                                                                                         the time there was no oil depot at
                                                                                                                                         Anacortes, and although there were
                                                                                                                                         smaller depots on Lake Union and at
still lives here. I think that Cliff Garl,   ballclubs. He played                                                                        Harbor Island, Point Wells was the
born in 1915, likely holds that record       for countless teams all                                                                     primary depot for Puget Sound. It was
and I hope to touch base with him            over Western Washing-                                                                       an enemy target and was protected by
soon. However, George and his brother        ton and as far north as                                                                     the military at least until 1945.
Charles, born in 1927 and 1928, likely       Vancouver, B.C., and                                                                            Just where 199th reaches Richmond
hold the record for living continuously      landed a tryout with the                                                                    Beach Drive there was a guard station
in Richmond Beach, as Cliff lived in         Seattle Rainiers Pacific                                                                    manned by men with machine guns.
California for part of his life. If anyone   Coast League franchise.                                                                     These men lived in about five or six
knows of other long-timers, please let       Cooper took up baseball                                                                     barracks on the property in Woodway
me know.                                     as an eighth grader in                                                                      where the City Hall is now. The oil
    Joseph George Kolesar, Sr. –“Joe”        1919 and joined his first                                                                   tanks that once stood in the current
[1893-1968) was born to Czechoslo-           semi-pro team two years                                                                     Woodway Reserve are now gone, but
vakian immigrant parents just outside        later. He maintained a                                                                      they weren’t there until after WWII. A
New York City. The rest of his siblings      rigorous playing schedule                                                                   gun emplacement near today’s small
stayed back east, but Joseph Sr. had the     well into his fifties and                                                                   park at about 199th was used to pro-
foresight to land in Richmond Beach.         was a fixture at the an-                                                                    tect Puget Sound from possible attack.
He married Edith Cooper [1900-1987]          nual old-timers games at                                                                        In those days cargo on ocean-going
in Seattle on July 26, 1923. At the time     Woodland Park.”                                                                             ships wasn’t stored in containers, but
she was already living in Richmond               My consultant                                                                           was placed in the cargo holds between
Beach with her parents and brother           for this article was                                                                        layers of wood called dunnage. As
Charles, working as a nursemaid. The         George Kolesar, Jr. He                                                                      these ships entered Puget Sound the
Cooper family immigrated to Ontario,         was born in Septem-                                                                         crew would throw off the wood in
Canada in 1909 and found themselves          ber of 1927 right in                                                                        preparation for offloading the cargo,
in Richmond Beach by 1920 where the          Richmond Beach. He                                                                          and it would wash up on the beach.
father, George Cooper [1868-1927] was        still lives not far from                                                                    Many people used this good wood to
working as a gardener for a nursery          where his family home,                                                                      build garages and other structures.
company. They lived near Echo Lake           now owned by Charles                                                                        Richmond Beach bustled then with
before moving down to the beach.             Kolesar, still stands.                                                                      at least four grocery stores and other
    George and Edith bought their                One of George’s                                                                         businesses.
house at 2326 NW 197th about the             earliest memories is of                                                                         George worked for Boeing, had a
time they were married. The house had        the train depot along the tracks south of                                                   roofing business in Lake City and kept
been built in 1918. Edith always swore       where 195th NW hits Richmond Beach                                                          the pulse of the community. In 1957
she would never move, as the family          Drive. At the depot there was a large metal                                                 he married Betty Louise Burns who
had moved so many times on their             hook where the mail bag could be left by                                                    was a semi-pro bowler. George swears
immigration journey to Richmond              the postmaster for pickup and the incom-                                                    he was in every bowling alley in West-
Beach. They lived in Detroit, Florida        ing mail bag could be dropped onto the                                                      ern Washington. There was even a TV
and Pennsylvania before moving to            platform. Kids would congregate when                                                        show at the time that followed them
Clarkston, Washington. Edith had             they knew the mail would arrive and hope                                                    around to these tournaments.
one brother Charles [1904-2004], who         to be chosen to deliver anything that                                                           George’s sister Marjorie Jean mar-
graduated from Ballard High School.          came in as “special delivery.” In this way                                                  ried Clayton Smith Denton who
His obituary in the Seattle Times said:      a kid could make a cool 25 cents—quite a                                                    passed away in 2005. She lives in
    “He loved baseball and was a well-       lot of money in those days.                                                                 Kirkland.
known catcher, outfielder and master of          George just missed WWII because                                                             Please give George and Charles
the bloop basehit throughout the Pacific     he turned 18 right after the war ended.       Top: The home owned by Charles Kole-          Kolesar a pat on the back next time
Northwest semi-pro baseball circuit. Coo-    However, he remembers the impact              sar, Jr., present day; middle: the property   you see them around the neighbor-
per was one of the last of the old-time      WWII had on Richmond Beach due to             card and early photo of the home; bottom:     hood! They are truly a part of our
semi-pro players who gained notoriety        the Point Wells Standard Oil Depot. At        George Kolesar, Jr.                           history.

                                                                                                                                                QUALITY CLEANING
                                                                                                                                                   & surrounding areas

                                                                                                                                                   Established 1987
                                                                                                                                           Licensed, Insured, Bonded
                                                                                                                                         CALL JUDY: 206-542-6989

                                                                                               QUALITY WORKMANSIP SINCE 1984                                    JOHNSRG160DA
                                                                                                     Residential & Apartments
                                                                                             Composition Shakes Torchdown Roofing
                                                                                               Free Estimates References Available
                                                                                              All W

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Richmond Beach Community News • January 2012                                                                                                                                         11
 SHORELINE-LAKE FOREST PARK ARTS COUNCIL                                                    Shoreline–Lake Forest Park Arts Venues
 18560 1st Avenue NE, Shoreline, WA 98155.                                                  Shorecrest Performing Arts Center
 Office hours Monday—Friday, noon–5:00 p.m.                                                 15343 25th Avenue NE, Shoreline, WA 98155
                                                                                            Shoreline City Hall Gallery
 For information on the Shoreline-Lake Forest Park Arts Council and on these and other
                                                                                            Located at 17500 Midvale Ave. N, Shoreline, WA 98133. Gallery open Monday through
    Arts Council programs and events, call 206-417-4645, see or
                                                                                               Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. except holidays.
                                                                                            For more information please contact the Arts Council at 206-417-4645 or info@shorelinearts.
 The Shoreline-Lake Forest Park Arts Council is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization
                                                                                               net or Ros Bird, City of Shoreline Public Art Coordinator at
    whose mission is to nurture all of the arts in the community through programs
    and events, arts education, advocacy, and support for artists and arts organiza-        The Gallery at Towne Centre
    tions.                                                                                  On the lower level of the Lake Forest Park Towne Centre, 17171 Bothell Way NE, Suite A-141,
                                                                                              Lake Forest Park, WA 98133. Open Tuesday through Saturday, noon to 5:00 p.m.

Jazz up your winter with Gary Smulyan                                                       Lineup for 2012 Children’s Series
Shoreline-Lake Forest Park Arts Council Press Release                                       Announced
January 21, 2012 , 7:30 p.m.
                                                                                            Shoreline-Lake Forest Park Arts Council Press Release
Shoreline Center Auditorium                                                                    Save the Date! Shoreline-Lake Forest Park Arts Council is pleased to announce the
18560 1st Ave NE, Shoreline                                                                 dates of our 2012 Children’s Series. Once again we have an exciting line-up, with
Tickets: Tickets are $15 for adults, $12 for                                                concerts priced so the whole family can attend. Tickets make great gifts and stocking
   students and seniors and $10 for                                                         stuffers!
   children 12 and under.                                                                      With the exception of the June concert, all concerts will be held at 11 a.m. at the
                                                                                            Shoreline Community College Campus Theater. The June concert is a part of the an-
   Please join us for Jazz It Up!, the Arts                                                 nual Shoreline Arts Festival, and is held at the Shoreline Center Auditorium. Tickets
Council’s annual Arts Scholarship Pro-                                                      for all shows are $7 each. Tickets can be purchased at our office located in the Shore-
gram fundraiser, at the Shoreline Center                                                    line Center, at our Gallery at Towne Centre located in Lake Forest Park Towne Centre,
Auditorium. (Please Note: This has been                                                     online at, or via phone, (206) 417-4645.
changed from the venue listed on our           and Kennelly Keys Music.                        The Shoreline Community College Campus Theater is located at 16101 Greenwood
brochures, originally listed at the Shore-        The Shoreline Center Auditorium is        Ave N, Bldg 1600, Shoreline, WA 98133.
wood High School Theater.) Our special         located at the northwest corner of the
guest this year is award-winning baritone      Shoreline Center. Tickets can be pur-        Juggletunes                                      the whole family! www.wearethe not-its.
saxophonist Gary Smulyan.                      chased online at or    January 21                                       com.
   Joining him will be the Shoreline           by calling (206) 417-4645.                      Winner of multiple National Awards
School District’s Friends and Faculty All         More on Gary Smulyan: Gifted multi-       for her Children’s CDs, including                Book-It –The Lorax & The Sneetches
Star Band as well as Shoreline middle and      instrumentalist Gary Smulyan is critically   Parents’ Choice Silver, Linda Severt is a          anOther Stories
high school jazz bands.                        acclaimed across the board and recog-        “creative genius” who weaves hilarious           March 24
   In the week leading up to the con-          nized as the major voice on the baritone     physical comedy into her music con-                 Join Book-It All Over on a fanciful
cert, district middle and high school          saxophone. His playing is marked by an       certs with refreshing originality. Parents’      journey to explore our responsibility
jazz bands will work and rehearse with         aggressive rhythmic sense, an intelligent    Choice noted that Linda’s songs have             to our environment and one another
Smulyan, who will then act as their band       and creative harmonic approach, and,         “The wittiest lyrics this side of Dr. Seuss.”    through Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax and The
leader on stage at the concert. This rare      perhaps most importantly, a strong and       Come see for yourself why the LA Times           Sneetches and Other Stories. In The
opportunity to work with a professional        incisive wit.                                called her show, “A tour-de-force come-          Lorax, Dr. Seuss implores us to take care
in the field gives students a chance to           Gradually establishing himself, the       dic act.”                    of our planet. Then we meet the loveable
learn about the music industry, ask ques-      talented Smulyan was asked to share the                                                       Sneetches and learn about the pointless-
tions about a professional career in mu-       stage and the recording studio with a        The Not-Its                                      ness of prejudice.
sic, and gain valuable guidance on their       stunning potpourri of luminaries, includ-    February 11
own performances and skills.                   ing trumpeters Freddie Hubbard and               Meet The Not-Its! – Seattle’s most           School of Acrobatics and
   Funds raised during Jazz It Up! each        Dizzy Gillespie, saxophonist Stan Getz,      rockin’ band making music for children.            New Circus Arts
year help support the Arts Council’s           pianist Chick Corea, timbales king Tito      Their debut album, We Are The Not-Its!,          April 14
Summer Enrichment Scholarships,                Puente, and R&B/Blues and soul icons         took the kindie rock scene by storm, re-            Prepare to be stunned and amazed as
awarded to Shoreline District students         Ray Charles, B.B. King and Diana Ross.       ceiving a Fids & Kamily Music Award for          these fearless kids defy the challenge of
in grades 7 through 12. This concert is           Gary’s new CD, “Smul’s Paradise”, will    one of the best family music albums of           gravity time after time. Witness stunts
made possible through the support of           be released in early 2012 on the Capri       2009 – unprecedented for a freshman re-          that exceed the boundaries of the pos-
the Shoreline Public Schools Foundation        label.                   lease. The Not-Its want to be your child’s       sible! Bring the whole family for this fun
                                                                                            first rock band….but they’re perfect for         event!

                                                                                                                                             Missoula Children’s Theatre - 1 p.m.
“Playful Geometry” at the Gallery at Town                                                                                                      and 5 p.m.
Center                                                                                                                                       June 23
                                                                                                                                                As part of the 2012 Shoreline Arts Fes-
January 3–February 18, 2012                    show of the new year, and features the                                                        tival, children are invited to experience
Open Tues.–Sat., noon-5:00 p.m.                whimsical, colorful and bold works of                                                         the process of auditioning in a show.
Lake Forest Park Town Center                   Joan Keith (painting) and Ellen Witebsky                                                      Presenters focus on an inclusive perfor-
17171 Bothell Way NE                           (photography).                                                                                mance that showcases as many children
                                                  Witebsky’s series, “A Playful Nature,”                                                     as possible. The young actors rehearse for
   Winter’s short days can be dark and         invites viewers to see the familiar from a                                                    a week, culminating in two performances
dreary; what better way to brighten your       new perspective, and explores our com-       The Not-Its                                      on the Saturday of our annual festival.
world than with art? “Playful Geom-            pulsion to make changes to the natural
etry,” opening January 3 at The Gallery        world and the objects in it.
at Town Center, will be the Gallery’s first       Keith’s pieces inspire imagination,       new exhibit runs January 3 to February           Sometimes my sense of quirkiness is re-
                                               with their simple shapes and pure colors     18, 2012, alongside our enticing array of        flected in the subjects that I photograph.
                                               speaking to our primitive nature.            ongoing works on sale from eighty local          Sometimes it’s in the angles and perspec-
                                                  Whether your aim is to purchase or        artists.                                         tives from which I capture them. And,
                                               simply to view these dramatic works on          The Gallery, operated by the Shoreline-       sometimes—as in A Playful Nature — I
                                               display, we hope you’ll come by! The         Lake Forest Park Arts Council, is located        engineer it into my images. But, for all
                                                                                                     on the inside lower level of the        their quirkiness, my images never lose
                                                                                                     Lake Forest Park Town Center. For       their beauty, their sensuousness, their
                                                                                                     information on the Shoreline-           pure esthetic. My art reflects not only
                                                                                                     Lake Forest Park Arts Council see       how I see the world, but who I am. www.

                                                                                                     More on the Artists:                     Joan Keith: I delight in painting geo-
                                                                                                     Ellen Witebsk: While I consider         metric shapes with bright colors. I strive
                                                                                                     myself a serious photographer           to work these elements into a rhythmic
                                                                                                     and digital artist (I am a 2007         dance with animation, balance, and har-
                                                                                                     graduate of the Photographic            mony. Pure color and geometric shapes, I
                                                                                                     Center Northwest), I love quirky.       believe, can speak to our primitive side, in-
                                                                                                     I want my art, above all, to make       spiring spiritual and intellectual thought,
Dreams are Toys by Joan Keith                  Chard by Ellen Witebsk                                people —including me—smile.             yet evoking simple playfulness.
12                                                                                                                            January 2012 • Richmond Beach Community News

UPCOMING RICHMOND BEACH COMMUNITY EVENTS                                                                  RICHMOND BEACH LIBRARY • Call (206) 546-3522 for information
RBCA-sponsored events are highlighted in darker gray                                                      19601 21st Avenue NW • Open Monday–Thursday 10:00 a.m.–9:00 p.m.;
                                                                                                          Friday 10:00 a.m.–6:00 p.m. • Saturday 10:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m. • Closed Sunday
The Richmond Beach Community Association sponsors more than a dozen community events
throughout the year. The RBCA welcomes ideas for events that you are interested in organizing. For        Children and Families
more information about events or to volunteer, contact
                                                                                                          Wed., Jan. 4, 11,   Pajamarama Story Times
                                                                                                          18 & 25, 7 p.m.     All young children welcome with parent or caregiver. Wear your pjs and join
                                                                                                                              us for books, stories and songs!
Tues., Jan. 10,    Richmond Beach Community Association Meeting
7:30 p.m.          Richmond Beach Congregational Church, 1512 Northwest 195th. Topics: Pro-               Thurs., Jan. 5,     Toddler Story Times
                   posed transitional housing project at Richmond Beach Congregational Church.            12, 19 & 26         Ages 24 to 36 months with adult, siblings welcome. Join us for books, finger
                   Shorewood Robotics Club Demonstration.                                                 10:15 a.m.          plays, stories and songs just for toddlers!

Sat. & Sun.,       Shoreline Tree Recycling Event                                                         Thurs., Jan. 5, 12, Preschool Story Times
Jan. 7 and 8       Meridian Park School parking lot, 17077 Meridian Ave N. Tree recycling is free.        19 & 26             Ages 3 to 6 with adult, siblings welcome. Enjoy stories, rhymes, music and move-
9 a.m.– 3 p.m.     Remove all hooks, ornaments, tinsel and tree stands, bring your tree and proof of      11:00 a.m.          ment with other preschool pals as we continue to celebrate the alphabet. This is a
                   Shoreline residence to the school parking lot. Please do not bring flocked, artifi-                        great way to get your child ready to read!
                   cial or garden trees, branches, wreaths, or swags.

                                                                                                          Thru May 2012       Read to Me!
Thurs., Jan. 12,   Kruckeberg Garden’s Member Meeting
                                                                                                                              Newborn to age 5 and their caregivers. Read together for 20 minutes for 20 days
7:00 p.m.          Shoreline City Hall council chambers, 17500 Midvale Ave. N, Shoreline. The
                                                                                                                              in a month, and bring a completed Read to Me form to the library to select a free
                   meeting will feature Dan Hinkley. His talk entitled (Too Often) Overlooked Plants
                                                                                                                              prize book! Ask at the Information Desk for more details.
                   for Pacific Northwest Gardens will explore some of his favorite trees, shrubs, and
                   perennials that are relatively and inexplicably absent from maritime Northwest
                   gardens. For more information see or contact the Garden at
                                                                                                          Mon., Jan. 9, 23 Study Zone
Tues., Jan. 24     Dessert Potluck and SWEL Timebank Orientation                                          & 30, 4:00 p.m.  When school is in session. Grades K-12. Drop in for homework help from
7:30-9:00 p.m.     Richmond Highlands Recreation Center, 16554 Fremont Avenue North, Shoreline                                trained volunteer tutors.
                   Learn how the SWEL Timebank works and become a founding member at this
                   potluck/orientation. For information about SWEL Timebank, visit www.sweltime-          Wed., Jan. 4, 11,   Teen Talk Time
          or email                                              18 & 25,            Improve speaking and listening skills in this English conversation group for stu-
                                                                                                          4:00–6:00 p.m.      dents in middle, high school and college. Refreshments provided by the Friends
FEBRUARY                                                                                                                      of the Richmond Beach Library.
Tues., Feb. 14,    Richmond Beach Community Association Meeting
7:30 p.m.          Richmond Beach Congregational Church, 1512 Northwest 195th. Topics to be
                   determined.                                                                            Adults
                                                                                                          Mon., Jan. 2,       Evening Book Discussion Group
                                                                                                          7:00 p.m.           A Homemade Life by Molly Wizenberg

                                                                                                          Tues., Jan. 3, 10, Talk Time
                                                                                                          17, 24 & 31        Improve your speaking and listening skills in this English conversation group.
SHORELINE SCHOOL DISTRICT CALENDAR                                                                        4:00 p.m.
To access the full Shoreline School District calendar, including athletic events, go to www. The calendar is in the bar on the left. Below the calendar click on “View           Tuesdays, 6:30–     ESL Classes
Full Calendar.” The blog “Shoreline Area News” carries up-to-date reports on Shorewood ath-               8:30 p.m. &         Learning English? Learn and practice daily English language skills including read-
letic teams:                                                            Sat., 10 a.m–noon   ing, writing, speaking and listening. Free; please register. No class on February 21
                                                                                                          Jan. 10–March 17    & 25.

18560 1st Avenue NE, Suite 1 • Shoreline, WA 98155 • (206) 367-1714 •

Fri., Jan. 13       Karaoke-BINGO                                                                         Tues., Jan. 23      Chinese New Year’s Meal
Doors open at       Have you been thinking about giving Karaoke a try? Well at the Shoreline-Lake                             Come and celebrate Chinese New Year at the Senior Center and enjoy a tradi-
6:00 p.m.,          Forest Park Senior Center we have paired Karaoke and BINGO together to provide                            tional Chinese meal; Chinese mix grill (pork and chicken) egg roll, steamed rice,
BINGO at 7 p.m.     a night of fun. The evening begins with a couple of Karaoke songs and then we                             mandarin orange, stir fried vegetables, and almond cake. A $3.00 donation for
                    play a couple of BINGO games. There is fun and great food for only a $10.00 ad-                           seniors 60 and older is recommended, participants under 60 can enjoy this meal
                    mission which includes a packet for 8 bingo games. Cold beer and wine are sold,                           for $6.00.
                    and there is plenty of food and soft drinks offered; ages 21 and over. Make your
                    reservations early: 206 365-1536.                                                     Tues., Jan. 17      PROBUS Invites
                                                                                                          11 a.m.– noon       All are welcome to attend this event. “Generating Income in Retirement” Most
    Another year has come and gone, and for me it has been a good one and I hope it has                                       people in retirement are relying on social security and maybe a pension for their
been for you as well. Many changes have taken place; this coming year will not be an                                          income. You will be provided information on managing your retirement income
exception. For the past year, FareStart has been our food provider, but alas, this is not to be                               stream and other sources available to supplement your income. Presentation will
any longer. As a result, starting in January, our kitchen will be making all meals from scratch.                              be offered by Mike Mahoney, New Your Life Insurance.
This means that not only special occasions, like birthday and heritage meals, but every day.
Menus will rotate quarterly and seasonally. We will continue to receive donations from
Safeway, Starbucks and Ivar’s, which will show up on our menu on a regular basis. So we are               North Seattle Seniors can get a ride to the Senior Center
off on another adventure. I would like to hear from you on what you would like to see on                     Riders who live in the Lake City area can now request rides to the Shoreline-Lake Forest Park
upcoming menus. Of course, we still need volunteers in the kitchen.                                       Senior Center. Also, Shoreline seniors and people with disabilities can be taken to medical appoint-
                                       — Chef Janice, Bon Appetite!                                       ments at Northwest Hospital, Northgate Group Health, other Northgate medical facilities, even
                                                                                                          Northgate Mall! The van is lift equipped and operates Monday to Friday 9:00 am to 4:00 pm.
Tues., Jan. 3       New Year’s Celebration Meal
                    Come and celebrate the New Year at the Senior Center for lunch. The first meal        Receive help with your Income Tax from AARP
                    provided in 2012 will be a Pork Chop with Sauerkraut, Carrots and Broccoli,              Make an appointment through the Senior Center starting in January 2012 to get help with your
                    Baked Potato, Roll and Peach Cobbler. Meal starts at 11:45 a.m. A $3.00 donation      income tax. Appointments begin on Friday, February 3, 2012, call 206 365-1536. The income tax
                    for seniors 60 and older is recommended, participants under 60 can enjoy this         services will be held at the Richmond Beach King County Library. The library is located at: 19601 21st
                    meal for $6.00.                                                                       Ave NW, Shoreline, 98177. PLEASE DO NOT CALL THE LIBRARY FOR AN APPPOINTMENT. YOU
                                                                                                          CAN ONLY MAKE APPOINTMENTS THROUGH THE SENIOR CENTER.
Tues., Jan. 10      Cajun Heritage Meal
                    Want the taste of New Orleans? Join us at the Senior Center to experience a           Membership 2012
                    culinary treat: seafood jambalaya, steamed rice, collards greens, cornbread, Cajun        It is time to renew your membership at the Shoreline-Lake Forest Park Senior Center, or to become
                    bread pudding with apple. Meal starts at 11:45 a.m. A $3.00 donation for seniors      a first time member. Yearly membership is good January to December; $25 for a single membership;
                    60 and older is recommended, participants under 60 can enjoy this meal for            $45 for couples in the same household. Memberships benefit the Senior Center, so your support is
                    $6.00.                                                                                appreciated. Members benefit by receiving discounts on class fees, get the bi-monthly Activities Guide
                                                                                                          in the mail and more.
Wed., Jan. 11       Cooking with Chef Janice
1:30 p.m.           New year, new classes, new ideas, and more fun. Starting in January there will        Rent the Senior Center for Your Special Event!
                    only be one Cooking with Chef Janice class each month. She has a regular group            The Senior Center is available on most weekends for special events in our Dining/Bridge Rooms
                    of participants at each class, but would be delighted to see some new faces. Please   for up to 180 gests. Classroom space is also available on most weekends and evenings. Call 206 365-
                    reserve your space by signing up at the front desk. Fee: Members $5, Non-Mem-         1536, Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. for more information. Ask for Marilyn or Bob. Catering
                    bers $7.00.                                                                           service is available through the Center’s Kitchen Corner Catering. Find out more details when book-
                                                                                                          ing your event. The Senior Center has easy access from I-5 with lots of parking available. Rental fees
Thurs., Jan. 19     Birthday Lunch                                                                        benefit the Senior Center.`
                    The Shoreline-Lake Forest Park Senior Center provides a free lunch for current
                    members celebrating their birthday. The Birthday Lunch is always a very special       Van Drivers Needed
                    meal. This month the meal is ginger mustard pork loin, new potatoes with dill,           The Senior Center is in serious need of van drivers. Can you or someone you know help? Senior
                    creamed lemon spinach, roll and butter, and birthday cake. Entertainment, birth-      Services provides the training necessary. All you need is a regular driver’s license. The time commit-
                    day cake and prizes are part of the fun. A $3.00 donation for seniors 60 and older    ment can be a half-day or full day, once a week, morning or afternoon. It is pretty much up to you
                    is recommended, participants under 60 can enjoy this meal for $6.                     and your schedule. Call Jon Ann or Judy at 206 354-1435 or Senior Services Transportation: 206 727-
                                                                                                          6262, to volunteer and get more information.

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