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					                     Architectural Engineering Department (ARE)
                       College of Environmental Design, KFUPM

Course        : Real Estate Management, ARE 528 (3-0-3)
Prerequisite  : NONE

Instructor        : Dr. Abdul-Mohsen Al-Hammad
                    Bldg. : 19, Room : 428, Tel. : 860-3581, Office Hours : as Posted

Course Location : Bldg.-19, Room 401, or as instructed
Course Objectives
- To familiarize the students with the real estate management.
- To provide an overview of real estate management techniques.
- To illustrate the influences of real estate management on the efficient utilization of real
Course Description
   The course includes overview of property management, real estate analysis and
development, environmental and government regulations, real estate financing, real estate
economics, leasing practices and negotiation, and lease terms and management.
Course Syllabus
       History and growth of Property Management                                1 week
       Scope of Management, Building Classifications,
        and reasons for ownership.                                               2 weeks
       Economics of Real Estate                                                 3 weeks
       Techniques of Real Estate Management                                     5 weeks
         - The Management plan 1, 2, and 3
         - Owner Relations and Record Keeping 1, 2
         - Market and Leasing 1, 2
         - Tenant Administration 1, 2
         - Maintenance
         - Staffing and Employee Relationship
       Scope of Real Estate Management                                          1 week
         - Rental Housing
         - Condominiums and Cooperatives
       Recent Articles on Real Estate Management                                2 weeks
       Computer Application                                                     1 week

                                                      Dr. Adel
                    Architectural Engineering Department (ARE)
                      College of Environmental Design, KFUPM

Course Evaluation
 Components:     - 15%       Class Assignments
                 - 20%       Midterm Exam
                 - 20%       Paper
                 - 30%       Final Exam
                 - 10%       Class participation
                 - 5%        Article choice & Presentations

                                           Note: A deduction of 1 point for each
                                                  unexcused absent

Note: A term paper is required from each student to address an issue in this course and is
      related to Saudi Arabia. He has to collect all relative literature and information
      available on this issue specially in Saudi Arabia. (see attachment)

Mainly: Principles of Real Estate Management
              By James Downs
        Corporate Property Management
             By Victoria Edwards & Louise Ellison

Note:   Handouts and recent articles will be distributed in class, when appropriate, to
        cover some of the course topics.

                                                      Dr. Adel
                     Architectural Engineering Department (ARE)
                       College of Environmental Design, KFUPM

Requirement for the Paper:

As indicated in the syllabus, the paper is a requirement of the grading of this course.

The selection of the topic will be the responsibility of the student. The topic of the paper
should be related to the material covered in the course and approved by the instructor.

The paper must be presented in a typed and bound format. No specific format for margins,
type style, orientation except for the typing should be double spacing and conforms to the
prevailing norms of organization and must specifically Include a table contents, abstract,
introduction, chapters as appropriate, a conclusion, and references.

The grading criteria and percentages which will be applied to evaluation of your 8 paper will
be as follows:

Criteria                                                                 %
Preparation and Review Stages                                            31
Form (General style, Appearance, & Organization)                         7
Background                                                               7
Methodology                                                              7
Accuracy                                                                 7
Completeness                                                             7
Conclusion                                                               7
Presentation                                                             20

Information and deadline for the "preparation and Review Stages" mentioned above are as

Submit Title and Detailed Outlines                                       7
Submit Reference List                                                    3
Submit Revised Outline                                                   5
Discuss Paper Progress
Present Typed Final Draft for Review ,                                   10

The submission date for the completed paper is January 15, 2008
Any part of the paper or the homework which is submitted late will be subjected to late
penalties applied to that particular portion of grade as follows:

       For the Paper                 For the Homework
- 5% for the first day                    10% for the first day
- 2% per day after the first day          10% per day after the first day
- No credit after One week                 No credit after one week

                                                         Dr. Adel

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