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        Minutes of Meeting on Coke supplier held on 01.04.2013 at Mumbai

Present :

       From RSL :                    From Coke Suppliers :
       Shri Anil Jain                Shri Lalu Prasad
       Shri Akhil Sen                Shri Vinayak Singh

Detailed discussion has been carried out regarding supply and price for the season 2013-14 and
it has been agreed that suppliers will continue to supply the total quantity of 100000 MT in
respect of each supplier totaling 200000 MT. The total new area quantity 100000 MT which
was supposed to be procured from new area will be supplied by them and if there is any
shortfall, the same will be made through regular area so that total commitment of 200000 MT
from both the suppliers will be achieved by them.

As far as price is concerned, after mutual discussion both have been agreed to reduce bonus by
Rs.100.00 per MT for the quantity slab and the revised slab on quarterly basis will be applicable
from April 2013 onwards as under :

    80 Km radius of RSL from April’13 to September’13

            Quantity slab        Basic Price (Rs.per MT) Bonus (Rs.per MT)
                                       Order Rate
               0 – 50000                  4500/-                NIL
             50001-80000                  4500/-               100/-
             80001-100000                 4500/-               200/-
            100001-150000                 4500/-               300/-
            150001-180000                 4500/-               400/-
            180001-200000                 4500/-               500/-

Both the suppliers have agreed to perform very well and they will complete the obligation of
quantity during the season 2013-14. Also they have mentioned that they want long term

For Rocket Sales Ltd.                                      For Coke Suppliers

Anil Jain                                                  Lalu Prasad

Akhil Sen                                                  Vinayak Singh

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