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                  About Alliant
                                                    New CLAD Certificate: California Teachers of English Learners
                  Fast Facts                        (CTEL) Program: San Diego, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Irvine,
                  History and Leadership
                  Schools & Colleges
                                                    Fresno & Online Courses
                  International Programs            Important Starting Info on Your CTEL Program |
                  Multiculturalism and
                  Diversity                          In accordance with the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CCTC) regulations, Alliant’s Graduate School
                                                    of Education (GSOE) is offering a California Teachers of English Learners (CTEL) Program leading to the CLAD
                  Student Life and
                  Services                          The CTEL program consists of 12 semester units (4 courses) of graduate study. Candidates complete the program in
                  Jobs at Alliant                   two 10-week terms. For the convenience of working professionals, the courses may be taken online with face-to-face
                                                    meetings at the beginning and end of each term. School districts may also request a cohort model combining on-site
                                                    and online instruction.

                  Admissions                        Tuition is $525 per course for a total tuition cost of $2,100 for the complete program.

                                                    Students completing this CCTC-approved program will receive their CLAD Certificate and are not required to take the
                  Academics                         CTEL test. (Admissions Documents: After receiving your application, we will contact you regarding completing your
                                                    admissions process and registering for your classes. You may click here to find important information about the
                                                    CLAD/CTEL Program's first class dates and which books you will be asked to purchase.)
                  Research and Public
                  Services                               Curriculum
                                                               CTE 7410 – Theory and Method of Second Language Teaching and Learning
                                                               CTE 7415 – The Assessment and Instruction of English Learners (English Language/Literacy Development and
                  Contact Alliant                              SDAIE)
                                                               CTE 7420 – Principles of Linguistics (Language Structure and Use)
                                                               CTE 7040 – Development of Cross-Cultural Competencies (Culture and Culture Diversity and Culturally
                  Portal                                       Inclusive Instruction)

                                                         Enroll now for 2008 Spring & Summer classes!

                                                               • The next regularly scheduled classes begin Saturday, Saturday May 31, 2008. School Districts with teacher
                                                               cohorts may make arrangements for alternative dates. (Click here for complete schedule and locations.)
                                                               • Complete your CTEL courses and CLAD Certification by November 1, 2008.
                                                               • Convenient online classes with campus-based or district-based support
                                                               • All CTEL/CLAD courses may be applied to the TESOL Master’s degree (Articulation requirements and fees
                                                               apply - Inquire with program director.)

                                                      How to Apply for the CLAD Certificate/CTEL Program

                                                                Individual Students - Apply online using the CLAD Certificate/CTEL Program Form. If you have questions
                                                                or need help, please contact:

                                                                Madeline Sakurai, Admissions Counselor
                                                                Phone: (858) 635-4820
                                                                Fax: (858) 635-4555

                                                                School Districts - contact CLAD Certificate/CTEL Program Director Mary Ellen Butler-Pascoe at (858)
                                                                635-4791 or email her at email. We can arrange a cohort with meetings in your district in combination
                                                                with online courses for the convenience of your teachers.

                                                         San Diego, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Irvine &
                                                                                                                                Fresno CLAD Certificate
                                                         Online CLAD Certificate
                                                                                                                                CTEL Program Director
                                                         CTEL Program Director
                                                         Mary Ellen Butler-Pascoe, EdD                                          Shirley Baker
                                                         Systemwide Director, CTEL-CLAD                                         Fresno, CTEL-CLAD Program Director and ILEC Director
                                                         TESOL and Language Education
                                                         Tel: (858) 635-4791                                                    Tel: (559) 253-2305
                                                         Fax: (858) 635-4714                                                    email

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