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									Your Gyro International News Magazine                            DIGITAL ISSUE /NUMBER 6

                                                           APRIL, MAY, JUNE 2011

   ~ photo highlights of outgoing President Harold & Trudy Bernard’s term in office ~

                                                               Hello Gyro Friends:
                                                        Hello Gyro Friends:
                                                           It seems a short time since the journey on the Executive
           0                1
                            1                           Council began at the Installation Ceremonies at the
                                                        Niagara Falls Convention as 3rd Vice President, to be
                                                        installed as 2nd Vice President at the Victoria Convention,
                                                        to be installed as 1st Vice President at the San Diego
                                                        Convention and finally to be installed as President at the
                                                        Saint Paul Convention to an amazing celestial display of
                                                        Mother Nature's fireworks.

   PRESIDENT’S                                             If this was an indication of the kind of year that was in
                                                        store under my watch, WOW!!
                                                           Through these years the guidance and leadership
                                                        provided by those who were presently serving or who had

    MESSAGE                                             previously served on the Council and the Board of
                                                        Governors were very helpful and useful in preparation for
                                                        the leadership of our organization. Thanks to all those who
                                                        offered support and encouragement.
  During my first three years, membership was one of my primary responsibilities; as a result many articles were
written and a continuous stream of correspondence flowed in the interest of encouraging more members to join
our organization. Were these efforts successful? As an organization, like any organism, it will wither and die, if it
does not renew or replenish itself. Once the core of the club (20% of the membership) becomes worn down, it is
only a matter of time before the club relinquishes its charter. Success in Gyro cannot be measured by the size or
the number of clubs, but by the quality of the FRIENDSHIP offered to the members of the clubs. Are we secure
enough in the knowledge that our non-Gyro Friends would be welcome, if we invited them to join our Friendship

    The Leadership Development Sessions for incoming district officers at the International Conventions and
Interim Meetings have been one of the highlights of these meetings. We were fortunate to have access to a
number of our members who were career Professional Trainers. The success of these sessions can only be
measured by the quality of the information that is carried back to assist in the leadership development of the
members of the various clubs. The terms of office of most district officers are too short to complete meaningful
leadership development programs in their districts.

  This journey would not have been possible without the support and encouragement of my Gyrette Trudy; she
was and is there to keep me on the right side of the road.

    Special thanks of appreciation to the Gyro Headquarters staff for all the work they do to promote our
Friendship Fraternity. Pat Swanson who is retiring at the end of June has been our number one ambassador for
many, many years. Thanks, Pat!

Yours in Gyro Friendship,

Harold R. Bernard
Harold R. Bernard, President
                                                                                                        Eagle Nebula

                                                                                                                  April, May, June 2011
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  John MacDonald
                                                      President Harold Bernard’s illustrious career as an educator.
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                   From the desk of the Editor ...
                          Occasional trivia & items of interest ...
                                             Prepared by Emil Baijot, Secretary-Treasurer
     A note from Joan Stevenson of Burnaby, wife of PDG                  At the recent District IV Interim in Nanaimo -- as is
  Howie Stevenson, who along with Katie Willett,                      routine during the Saturday evening festivities -- an
  Olympia, wife of PDG George Willett, who were the two               attractive Gyrette was called upon by the MC Dave Hart
  instigators of this years 2011 Calendar ...                         to offer a toast to the Gyro men.
                                                                         Nicole Sendey advanced to the podium, asked the ladies
   “A great big thank you to all who helped put the                   to charge their glasses and rise to join her in the toast:
  ‘Gyrette Jewels’ calendar together, and to all who
  bought them. It was great fun. Although we did quite                 Ladies, hoist your glass and join me in a Gyro cheer,
  well with sales, we did not make enough to continue with              To our friends new and old, from both far and near
  a 2012 calendar. Requests were put forward for ideas on              Good friends, good times, good wine all in one night,
  how to spend the money and the results were about 50-                  Cheers to the memories that we won’t recall after
  50 to a charity or to a Gyrette Fund. So $1200 has been                                     tonight.
  sent to Breast Cancer Research, leaving approximately                   May we make a toast to our Gyro men as their
  $1000 which will be split between the U.S. and Canada.                                  honored wives,
  The money will be dispensed at $100 per year to the                   Who allow us the privilege of enriching their lives.
  District IV Governor’s wife to help offset the costs of               A night of laughter and drinking shall soon come to
  entertainment/prizes at ladies coffee parties.                                                pass
    Thanks again to all the Gyrettes who ‘bared their                  For tomorrow, Moosemilk may drop you on your ass!
  souls’ for the fun of Gyro.”

                                     The Danes Invade Camosun!
                                            The Scandinavian Flag was predominate at the
                                               Camosun Gyro Club’s 63rd Installation
                                                     on the May 1st weekend.
   It all kicked off with a delightful Friday evening meet and greet for our out of town and Victoria Gyro Club guests
hosted by Past President Ned Pederson and his ever effervescent Gyrette Laurie at their wonderful waterfront home
overlooking the American Gulf Islands. The weatherperson cooperated to the max and the views were magnificent as
were the goodies and the libations!
   Incoming Pres. and Lady Jane Fogh-Dohmsmidt outdid themselves with preparing lots of Scandahoovian (Danish)
delicacies for our gustatory enjoyment. The “frickadilies” (open faced smorabrod sandwiches) were my favourite!
   Our Saturday Evening Installation found all gathered at the Uplands Golf Club for cocktails and a delightful dinner and
an entertaining program. District Governor Bob Skene installed Paul and his Viking Longboat crew in fine fashion,
acknowledging the fact that he had never installed such a “horny” crew. The comic strip Hagar was their “model”!
(Although all wondered why Paul couldn't get his horns up??!!)
  A pleasant evening of tripping the light fantastic to the sounds of the live band sent all home to bed with fond memories
of another great Camosun Installation.
   Sunday morning found the Moosemilk Breakfast Crew hard at work at the spectacular waterfront
home of Stuart and Dawn Cameron. The weather Gods looked favourably upon us with sunshine
and decent temperatures. And, once again Chef Glen worked his magic with ham, sausages and
eggs, ably assisted by our Hostess Dawn and all her helpers. (And a big Gyro nod to Stuart who
gave a miss to the TC 10K so he could assist in the set up!).
  Another wonderful Camosun Installation weekend full with Gyro friendship to be tucked away in
the memory bank.                                                            ~ submitted by Denis Moffatt ~

      Gyros Celebrate Davenport’s 90th Anniversary
                                                                      ~ submitted by Arnie Crass ~
      In what could be described as a typical Iowa Spring day where morning brought heavy showers followed by non-
sticking snow – blowing sideways of course, followed by partially sunny skies as the Davenport Gyro Club celebrated
their 90th Anniversary party at the Davenport Outing Club. To complete the lovely affair the club danced in the view of a
99.99% full moon in a clear sky. Other than the term 'typical' being a truth – all else was a reality. First International VP,
Jim Hyland, attended with his wife Eileen. Jim commented that Youngstown has similar weather trends as Youngstown
is just a few miles southeast of Lake Erie, so he felt right at home.
    The Davenport Gyro Club started as an independent Gyro Club with or without any knowledge of an International Gyro
Association by holding their first formal meeting on April 9, 1920. Please remember that Google and Bing were not readily
available in the early speak-easy days of the Roaring 20's. Nevertheless, the common sense and wisdom of this Midwestern
group resulted in the reality that The Davenport Gyro club decided to join the International organization and was sponsored
by the Chicago Gyro Club for membership. The Chicago Gyro Club was chartered in 1915. Officially, the International
Association of Gyros Clubs conferred a Charter on the Gyro Club of Davenport and that was presented on April 4, 1921.
   The opening remarks were made by the outgoing president Dick Wells, spouse Peg, and included recognition of our oldest
known member – a SIXTY Year member – Mr. Bob <Steamer> Fulton. Now, for those that know Steamer, he never
acknowledges this honor – claiming it to be in the early 50's – especially when his wife Joan is present. Also recognized was
Mr. Arnie Crass, spouse Dotti, as Past International President of 2003 era. Both members have been firm believers and
supporters of club activities and involvement. Dick politely ended his reign with his resignation as President and the
introduction of Neil Baker, spouse Lolita, as the District II Lt. Governor for opening comments.
   The District Governor, Dan Holz, spouse Linda, inducted our new President Jim Stuhler, spouse Leeta, our new
Secretary/Treasurer Bob Bateman, spouse Joyce, and Past President Dick Wells. Dan then yielded the podium to the 1st
International President for the presentation of the 90th Anniversary Plaque to the new and past President.
    Neil in his opening comments acknowledged the fact that the Davenport Gyro Club has sponsored 24 Past District
Governors (PDG). The Davenport Club Past District Governors present included: George and Ann Fuller, Roger and
Waneta Montgomery, Pete and Karen Burks and Mrs. Francis Shannon.
Out of Town guests were also present and included:
1st Int'l VP Jim & Eileen Hyland – Youngstown        PDG Bob & Sandy Smith - Des Moines
PIP Ab & Win Nightingale – Toronto                   PDG Harold & Shirley Holder – Missouri
Gov. Dan & Linda Holz – Des Moines                   PDG Lou & Jane Gral - Milwaukee
PDG Mrs. John Irvine                                 PDG Dennis & Karen Carlsen – Clinton
Bernie & Marlys Sayler – Des Moines                  Bill O'Keefe & Linda Sullivan – Dixon
                                                     PDG Greg Langan & Nancy Morrissey – Dixon

In Town Guests attending included:
PDG Bill & Betty Huston - Int’l Associate & Stan Hill - Old QC Club
                                                                                                      1st International VP Jim Hyland and Eileen
Davenport Members included:
John & Phyllis Affre             Dick & Myrna Duley                PDG Roger & Waneta Montgomery
1 Lt. Gov Neil & Lolita Baker    Dick & Penne` Duncan              Bill & Kay Owen
Chuck Bracey                     Wil Ensenat                       John & Kay Schmitz
S/T Bob & Joyce Bateman          Manny & Kay Fritz                 Jack & Pat Sievers
Bob & Ellie Budd                 PDG George & Ann Fuller           President Jim & Leeta Stuhler
PDG Pete & Karen Burks           Bob & Joan Fulton                 Craig & Nancy Van Hook
Don Cameron                      Sid & Phyllis Herzberg            Past Pres. Dick & Peg Wells
PIP Arnie & Dottie Crass         Dave LeFever & Pat Glass
“In remembrance of the original founding members and their foresight to join the
International Gyros Club – we thank them and all the individuals that helped to
make the club of today as strong and vibrant. We hope that our next milestone – be
it the 100-year anniversary or the 150-year anniversary is even stronger than that
of today by our commitment and belief in true friendship in fellow mankind.”                         Left to Right: Dick and Jim receiving the plaque.

Letters to the Editor ... from Bob Skene, Governor D-IV
                              AN OPEN LETTER TO All GYROS ~ April 17, 2011

 It has come to our attention in District IV that there may be an initiative underway to reverse two decisions
 taken at the Savannah Interim by the Board of Governors. These decisions being the cessation of the
 International Interims for the next two years and the rejection of a $10 annual dues increase.
 If these two items come up for consideration again in Halifax, we in District IV want all Gyros to know that
 once again District IV will be opposing them. The process by which District IV came to our
 Recommendations in Savannah for major changes within Gyro International consumed hundreds of hours of
 effort throughout District IV. Over a period of several months the District IV Task Force sought the input of
 all 830 District IV members. We received over 700 inputs and the backing of 20 of our 23
 Clubs. The overwhelming input was that the need for increasing membership numbers was essential and that
 our members seriously questioned the value they were getting from Gyro International with
 respect to their annual dues.

 Through this process it became fairly obvious to us that the need for value together with the desperate
 financial position faced by Gyro International (ie. a current surplus of only $3,300) meant that some serious
 cost cutting had to occur.
 Thus one of our major recommendations was that the International Interims should be discontinued. The
 Savannah experience emphasized further the need for discontinuance. Apart from the very good
 education/training sessions, Savannah was an appalling waste of money. A total of 60 or so Gyros
 attended at a cost to Gyro International of approximately $18,000 and an aggregate cost to the Districts
 likely in excess of $50,000. No wonder our members are questioning value for money.
 With respect to training and education, whilst we applaud the Executive Council for their efforts, we believe
 that the same results can be achieved either at the Annual Convention or through advanced technological
 On the issue of dues we cannot support a dues increase when our members are questioning the value of the
 current International annual dues of $50. To say that we need the funding to survive is not accurate. Our view
 is that we must first be able to demonstrate meaningful fiscal prudence. Once that is accomplished then we
 can consider dues increases for specific operational initiatives based on an approved Strategic Plan. An
 excellent start regarding fiscal prudence occurred in Savannah with the cessation of the Interims and a
 reduction in the size of the Executive Council and Executive Council travel.
 A number of other positive steps were taken in Savannah to remedy some of the issues facing Gyro
 International. One of these was the expansion of the Secretary Treasurer's role to a full time Executive
 Director. It is our understanding that this expansion of responsibilities includes the development of a
 Strategic Plan for consideration by the Board of Governors. It would obviously be helpful to our future
 direction if the draft Strategic Plan was available for review by the Board of Governors in Halifax.
 Additionally, as noted above an approved Strategic Plan would add credibility to the possible need for dues
 increases in the future.

 With respect to the Membership numbers throughout our respective Districts, I urge you to read the excellent
 articles by Mike McNally and Emil Baijot in the last GyroScope. Both articles rightfully state that a good
 start to increasing memberships is to have more of us simply make the commitment to invite a friend to Gyro.
 Emil's article is an abridged version of a much longer article which I encourage each of you to obtain.
 We are hopeful that the above comments are considered by each of you in a positive light for the betterment
 of Gyro. Like you, we in District IV are Gyros because we love the friendship and fun and obviously want
 to continue to do so for many, many years to come.
 Yours in Gyro Friendship

Letters to the Editor ... from Ab Nightingale, PIP, D-III
                     AN OPEN LETTER TO MY FELLOW GYROS – June 12, 2011
    At our International Interim Meetings in Savannah on January 18, 2011, the Board of Governors (BOG)
 discussed and approved a number of resolutions with the objective of reducing costs and moving our fraternity
 into the 21st Century by making major changes in the structure and management of Gyro International. Most
 PIPs and PDGs, including myself, disagree with the following amendments to the Constitution & By-laws and
 are hoping that we will be able to convince the BOG to defeat them when they are discussed again at our July
 2011 Annual General Meeting and Convention in Halifax.
          1. Eliminate International Interim Meetings for a two year period.
          2. Reduce EC travel expenses by utilizing PIPs and PDGs as Installing Officers at District Conventions.
          3. Reduce the Executive Council from 6 members to 4 by eliminating the 3rd Vice President and the
                   Immediate Past International President positions.

 I, like
 ? so many others, find nothing in these resolutions that the current EC have not already discussed and
 dealt with. The EC and their ongoing committees are already looking into and dealing with all the issues raised
 by the District IV Task Force. There is no need to reduce the EC to 4 members, or as proposed to hire a full time
 Executive Director at $80,000 ++ per year, or eliminate Interim Meetings. Radical and expensive changes are
 not necessary and will only add to the cost of operating while reducing the effectiveness of the EC. We currently
 have an EC with varied talents and experiences; changing this mix and, for a large art, concentrating the
 decision making in a new Executive Director or a randomly selected group of PDGs, is only asking for trouble.
 Membership will also suffer and the intent of our Mission will be greatly diminished which appears to have been
 overlooked during our discussions in Savannah.

   The Mission of the Friendship Fraternity we all know as GYRO shall be:
        The promulgation of friendship among men of all states, provinces and nations.
        The cementing of relationship and establishment of cooperation between all Gyro clubs wherever
        The preservation and extension of principles and ideals of this organization.

    I do not consider these amendments productive. We need perhaps some MINOR SURGERY to our current
 setup and modes operandi but what is now being proposed is unnecessary MAJOR SURGERY. As many are
 aware, we already have plans afoot that will deal with most of the Task Force's concerns. If the plan is to reduce
 the International dues by cutting costs (services) in the near future, I suggest someone redo the calculations. My
 numbers indicate that, instead of increasing the dues by a modest $5 or $10 to allow the present International
 Organization to operate properly, under the task force recommendations we'd soon be asked to increase the dues
 to $25.00 or more to support the proposed new organization.

    And last, but certainly not least, discontinuing the Interim Meetings would destroy the Governors Training
 Program and eliminate a major opportunity for Gyros to see and enjoy the company of their friends from all parts
 of Gyroland. Recent Interim Meetings have been attended by up to 180 people and play a major role in
 satisfying the requirements of the Gyro Mission. Unfortunately there is a sense among some members that these
 meetings are for an elite group. This is not so – all Gyros are invited to attend, enjoy the events and make new
 friends. Good friends are not made or kept solely through emails and Social Networks.

   Elsewhere in this GyroScope you will find differing opinions from D-IV Governor Bob Skene. Bob and I have
 agreed to disagree on what is best for Gyro. It is my desire to have the Board of Governors do what is best for
 Gyro. These changes are too important to have them ramrodded through -- full and serious consideration in open
 meetings must be given to the impact of each item on the Future of Gyro. Please take another look at Gyro PIP
 Ian Greig's “Letter to the Editor” that appeared in the last issue of the GyroScope. I cannot say it better so I will
 not repeat here.

   If you haven't already done so, I encourage you to direct your Club Executive to send your Club Proxy for our
 July 2011 AGM in Halifax to either your District Governor, or any delegate attending, instructing him to vote
 against these proposals. Time is short so please do so ASAP.

 13                                                     -6-
                 From the desk of the Editor ...
                        International Voting Procedure
                                            Prepared by Emil Baijot, Secretary-Treasurer

  With the intent of having an informed membership, it was thought that the following would be of interest.

  Actions taken by the Board of Governors at the recent Savannah Interim will necessitate a number of Constitutional
and By-laws changes. The scope of those actions in Savannah required an item by item recorded vote as set forth in the
Constitution and By-laws. Generally speaking, although it is spelled out in those documents, the need for a recorded
vote is somewhat unprecedented in our Gyro meetings. So some clarification is appropriate.

  Those actions now will require further action by the BOG in their meeting in Halifax wherein all the changes will be
voted upon individually to approve the changes. Those actions causing change and then approved, will then go to the
Annual General Meeting in Halifax for ratification. Changes to the By-laws require only a simple majority. Those to
the Constitution require a two-thirds (2/3) majority. Any issue before the General Meeting maybe be called into
question, or a new issue may be opened to the delegates by any delegate. The General Meeting is the final authority
within Gyro.

   Each club has at its discretion, 5 votes, plus one vote for every 10 members or major fraction thereof. We consider
that 5 members is a major fraction. Thus, for example, a club with 25 members has 8 votes (5 + 3 = 8). A club by club
accounting is shown below. The cut-off date for computation is the end of the fiscal year (April 30).

   In the BOG meeting, the District Governor has one vote for each club in his district. The members of the Executive
Council each have one vote. The District Governor may vote all his district votes at his discretion – they can be split to
reflect the individual club’s wishes, he can vote according to the majority wishes, or he can vote all the votes, in total, as
he thinks best.

  At the General Meeting, the Governors and the EC do not have a vote. Club delegates or their assigned proxies are the
only voters. Since it is unlikely that every club would have a delegate in attendance, it is thus very important that the
clubs assign their proxy to one or more delegates. This is usually the District Governor, but it may be any other
authorized delegate in good standing – another district officer, an International officer, or even a delegate from another
club or district.

    As of May 1, 2011


      14          7          10        23          1            7             10           14   6      6            1


   TOTAL VOTES AVAILABLE:                                    105                    SIMPLE MAJORITY: 53 VOTES

   Note:    Governors have one vote for each club in district / no individual vote
            Governors may vote entire total at his discretion regardless of club preferences
            Governors may split district votes according to club preferences
            Governors may vote all the district votes according to the majority wishes of district clubs

   BOG amendments (by-laws) do not require approval by the general meeting, however any delegate
   may put the matter on the floor for reconsideration.


                              -8-                              Cone Nebula
   Gold Coast Gyros answer to:
            “Where’s the Beef?”
   The February party for the Fort Lauderdale/Gold Coast Gyro club was held
   at the home of David and Darlene Vlasny on February 16, 2011. Delicious
   food was the order of the evening and everyone enjoyed the plentiful
   offerings. February Birthday and Anniversary announcements were made by
   Club President Tom Evans. Birthdays included Ron Leininger, Bob Kelly,
   Valli Weaver, David Vlasny, Giselle Elliott, Patricia St. Jacques and Jeanette
                                                                                                         David Vlasny cooking the delicious beef
   Petrozella. The lone February anniversary was Giselle and Gordon Elliott.                          tenderloins on the grill & President Tom Evans
                                                                                                            doing the heavy supervising duty

           Patricia & Roger St. Jacques with               Art Athanas, Ric Taffe and Ron Leininger       Patricia St. Jacques, Jeanette Petrozella,
            Jack McGregor & Sandra Heys                            sporting his new ‘stache                Marianne Evans and Catherine Jarkesy

         Irish Party in New Glasgow, New Scotland
                Saint Patrick’s Day was March 17th this year – it is the same date every year. He’s
              He’s known as the Patron Saint of Ireland. Saint Patrick was born in England,
                     later moving to Ireland. As a young man he was taken to France to become a
                      monk. In 1432 a vision caused him to return to Ireland as a missionary bishop.
                    From the time he returned, until his death in 1461, he converted tens of
                  thousands of heathens to Christianity.
                It is believed he used the shamrock to help explain the Holy
              Trinity. His birthday is celebrated throughout the world, and
              especially in the USA and Canada.

   A large group of Gyros and Gyrettes gathered for an evening of fun
and entertainment to celebrate this special occasion – and some of those
present claimed Irish blood in their ancestry. Almost everyone was
wearing some green – ties, shirts and necklaces of shamrocks.
Surprisingly, there was one Orangeman present who did not share
admiration for St. Patrick.
   Gyro Wendell Langille told some very amusing stories and was
rewarded with lots of laughter. Following which we all sat down to a
very English dinner of roast beef and orange pudding.
   Our Gyro band led by Norm Lord with Gyrette Emma Stewart and
Wendell Langille started playing, joined by Keith MacDonald playing
his guitar and singing in a great voice. Everyone had song sheets and
joined in the songs of Ireland – The Rose of Tralee, and many others. It
was a great deal of fun, and everyone had a good time.
                      ~ story by Michael Goble / photos by Norman Lord ~

    Gyro Club of Winnipeg
                       Submitted by Gervin Greasley

  For the past two years the Club has been operating on the
concept that if it organizes a good number and variety of
activities, every member will have the opportunity to choose and
enjoy at least some of the events. As a result we have enjoyed a
busy late winter and spring
    Those who were not vacationing in southern sunshine spots
joined us for the annual Valentine's Dinner with our Gyrettes at
the Winnipeg Winter Club. That pleasant evening was repeated
when the ladies joined us again to celebrate St. Patrick's Day. If
there had been a prize for the greatest Irish display, it would have
gone to Alf and Betty Eason, who were resplendent in their
 A special evening was arranged by Don McInnes for members
and Gyrettes. Our guest speaker, Peter St. John, has an extensive
background in Canadian intelligence services and dealing with
international government groups like the FBI. He teaches
classes outlining the causes and development of terrorism. Based
on his experiences in North Africa, he explained the cultural and
                                                                            Guest speaker Peter St. John provided an entertaining
political aspects of Libya past and present. Both the Gyrettes and          and informative evening for Winnipeg Gyros & Gyrettes
Gryos found the presentation of interest and an active question
period followed.
   The Bingo Bowl afternoon, organized by Marian and Gervin Greasley, was, as they say, “a hoot!”. It's a great game if you
aren't a professional bowler, which is probably why Gyros and Gyrettes enjoy it. When the laughter died down and we
reviewed the carnage, the two teams led by Jim Perfanick and Derek Hay were the leaders and we've nothing but that at the
regular dinner meetings since then.
 Our annual Fish and Game dinner was a great success. Attendance was just over 100 people , which is about all our favourite
room at the Granite Curling Club can hold. Tim Paul and Mark Rathwell started lining up the wild meat last fall, and a number
of members contributed along the way. We sampled moose, wild duck, deer, salmon, bison, caribou, bear, wild geese, and a
variety of fish. (Sorry, no armadillo this year).
    The auction during the evening was organized by Dennis Cale, Gervin Greasley and Mitch Pawlowich, and several
members donated valuable prizes. Much to the surprise of all, Tom Phinney won the “Texas Mickey” bottle donated by
Dennis Cale, and Dennis won the similar prize donated by Tom. The overall event raised $1,600 , the majority of which will
be added to the funds raised at the annual President's Christmas Luncheon, and donated to the Boys & Girls Club of
Winnipeg, which works with underprivileged children. The average annual donation to charity from the efforts of our 25
members is $3,000.
   We were very pleased to welcome new members Doug Clark, Bob Dines, Jim Ashdown, Gary Hawes and Bob Drew. At the
Annual Meeting the same four executive members were elected – President Derek Hay, Vice-President Craig Cormack,
Treasurer Kevin Semenchuk and Secretary Gervin Greasley. Perhaps it was a matter of leaving them in office until they
finally “get it right”. Also elected to the Board were Don McInnes, John Stordeur, Jamie Hay and, automatically, Past
President Bill Johnston. District VII Governor Glen Hamilton traveled to Winnipeg to preside at the installation of our 2011-
2012 officers
  Plans are underway to have Gyro Tom Phinney fly our delegates to an interclub meeting with the McKenzie Island Club in
Red Lake Ontario. A car rally is planned for early summer, and arrangements are being made for another afternoon of
competition at the Manitoba Hand Gun Club. A series of Wednesday afternoon golf outings will keep us busy during the
summer, and if the river level ever goes down to normal depth, we will enjoy the annual cruise in mid-August.

                                                          - 10 -
Only a Gyro, eh?!                                           or 62+57 =
                                                            a lot of Fun


The purpose of this vignette is to
stress that we should live our
passions and none of us are
getting any younger. Remember
the proverbial bucket-list? As
Gyros, we are capable of doing
anything we have earned the
right to do!

Hope you enjoyed this slice of
two Gyro lives. Enjoy the photos
on the next page.

Brad Atchison
Victoria Gyro Club                   Brad and Pete waiting for plane pickup ... Gyros for life!
                                              - 11 -
- 12 -
   Sarasota Gyro Club ...

        ALIVE & WELL!!!
   The Gyro Club of Sarasota is alive and well and
mixing it up with a variety of monthly activities. In
February, Bill and Janine Shaw and Ket and Mary
Alice Weist organized a club trip to Everglade City.
Eighteen members spent a beautiful sunny day
riding air boats through the Everglades, and sharing
drinks, appetizers and lunch on the large screened
porch of the historic Rod & Gun Club once favored                                                   4                                                 6
by Presidents Eisenhower, Truman and T.                   Linda Moore holds a young alligator as                  Mary Alice Weist with Oriole mascot!
Roosevelt. (photos 1-4)                                           Bev Starks looks on

   In March, twenty-five members attended the last
game of Spring Season for the Baltimore Orioles at
the newly renovated Ed Smith stadium in Sarasota.
The perfect day began with a catered picnic before
the game with the Toronto Bluejays who took the
winning honors. (photos 5, 6, 7)

   In April, several members attended the District X                                                                                                        5
Convention in Tampa to support the installations of
Jim Ellis as the new D-X Governor and Roy                        Roy Hyland, Al Henry, Dennis Vance, Marie Henry, Anne Hyland, George Vance
Hyland as the new D-X Treasurer. Jim and his
steering committee are now planning the D-X
Interim Convention to be held in Venice in early

    In May, Paul and Annette Seibert and Linda
Moore planned our 2nd annual “Venice Pub Crawl”
... one of last year’s premier events. At stop number
one twenty-seven of us sampled imported wines
and oils. Then, we walked to stop number two – a
popular Italian restaurant for our delicious main
course. The final stop was restorative and just a                                                                                                           7
few doors away. There we were treated again to a
variety of wines and assorted desserts including
                                                                                 Bev Starks, Judy Faraldo, Bill Shaws, Jack Starks
elcairs, cheeses, cookies, brownies and
cheesecakes. (photo 8)
  At this time, several members have returned North to
their summer homes, but we all look forward to our Fall
and Holiday lineup. In October, we’ll hold our 8th
annual Founder’s Day Seafood Buffet and Golf
Tournament at Plantation Country Club, followed by a
“Sunset Beach Party” in November hosted by Anne and
Dave Holland at their new condo located on Venice
Beach. This new membership event shall have live
music, catered food, selected wines, and a priceless
view!! In December, Andrew and Rosie Issacs will have
reserved tickets to a popular holiday evening of music
and pageantry at the First Baptist Church in Sarasota
                                                                                     ~ ONE OF THREE TABLES AT MAGNIFICO ~
followed by a candlelight dinner somewhere nearby.         Liz Pritchford, Jim Ellis, Anne Holland, Dave Holland, Mary Alice Weist, Bev Starks, Ket Weist
As we say ... our club is Alive and Well!!

                                                            - 13 -
                    THE                                                                        FAREWELL TO OUR
  Sarasota Gyro Club ...                                                                      DEPARTED MEMBERS
                                                                                             David Luke              I.A. - Canada
                                                                                             Tim J. Hickey           Clinton
                                                                                             Jack Erdall             Minneapolis-Subruban
                                                                                             Gus Ehrman              Sarasota
                                                                                             Christian Miller        Wheeling
                                                                                             Philip Dolan            I.A. - Canada
                                                                                             Frank Wright            Cleveland Heights

                                                                                      1                       March
                           ~ Sarasota Gyro Club Gyrettes ~                                   George Butt             Kentville
Mary Alice Weist, Ann Holland, Linda Moore, Lorraine Frinizio, Janine Shaw, Bev Starks,      Michael O’Hara          Winnipeg
                       Rosie Isaacs, Rita Vance, Liz Pritchford
                                                                                             Bob Van Os              Penticton
                                                                                             John Wilson             Columbus
                                                                                             Bill L. Smith           Regina
                                                                                             Joseph Slater           New Glasgow

                                                                                             Jack McGuire            Indianapolis
                                                                                             Norman Arnos            Cleveland Heights
                                                                                             Lawrence Johnson        Spokane (50 yr. member)
                                                                                             William Boettcher       Vancouver, WA
                              ~ Ready for Airboat riding ~                                   Jon F. Nash             Belllingham
                     Bob Finizio, Jack Starks, Bill Shaw, Ket Weist

                                                                                             Gyro Memorial Fund
                                                                                              The persons listed below have been memorialized,
                                                                                                 or otherwise honored by contributions to the
                                                                                                  Memorial Fund from May 2010 - April 2011

                                                                                               Howard O. Dodson, Jr. .... Indianapolis
                                                                                                   David Dechak ... Edmonton
                                                                                                  Frederick D. Kay ... Penticton
                                                                                                  Eugene Langlie ... Rochester
                                                                                                     Richard Lauz ... Buffalo
                                                                                                 Christian E. Miller ... Wheeling
                                                                                                  Gordon Rennie ... Edmonton
                                                                                                 Marland J. Showalter ... Canton
                                                                                                  Ernest F. Siegel ... Edmonton
                                                                                                    District B VI Deceased Gyros
                          ~ Heading out to the Mangroves ~
                     Ann Holland, Jim Ellis, Bev Starks, Jack Starks                                 Rochester Deceased Gyros

                                                                                    - 14 -                                            Swan Nebula
                     San Jose Golf Winners:                                       Linda Richards, Lowell Gist, Barbie Reynolds,                 Accompianist Martan Mann
      Roy Billings, John Elliott, Jack Richards, Fred Wool                            Randy Graham, and Karrie Reynolds
Sharon & Lowell Gist, Sherry Davis, Bonnie Knowlton,              Bette & Hugh Riedle, Jerry Nelson, Dick Field                   Bonnie Knowlton, Jim & Mary Vaughan,
   Knute & Joyce Knutson, Carol & Roger Lindley                           Barbie Reynolds, Joy Nelson                         Joyce Knutson, & John DeYulia enjoy Moosemilk

District IX ~ Second Annual Spring Fling
About 37 of our District members just finished having some fun at our 2nd Annual Spring Fling which was held in Santa
Cruz during April 29 – May 1. The Spring Fling is a fun activity where all district club members are encouraged to attend
for the Gyro fun without any planned business meetings.

It was hosted by the Fresno Gyro Club with Larry and Alice Duba, and Lowell and Sharon Gist as Co-Chairs. Lowell was
the current President of the Fresno Gyro Club and is the district's 1st Lt Governor. Henry and Nora Berumen hosted the
hospitality room. People registered on Friday, and in the evening I was honored to be able to install Dick Field (San Jose
Gyro Club) as the District's 2nd Lt, Governor. Dick's daughter Kathy shared her beautiful voice by singing with her
accompanist Martan Mann on a keyboard. Kathy wrote some lyrics about our Gyro organization which she sang for the
first time. Loud applause followed her wonderful performance.

The Spring Fling was attended by members of the Blacklake, Fresno, Oakland and San Jose Clubs as well as a few dual
members of the Coachella Valley Club. Golf was played by 11 Gyros on Saturday, while others took the Roaring Camp
steam train ride or toured the Santa Cruz and surrounding area sights. The San Jose Club members won the golf match
and retained the golf trophy. On Sunday morning, Henry made the delicious Moose Milk that Fresno is well known for,
and Sharon provided a great assortment of juice, fruit and sweet rolls for the Continental Breakfast. Those attending
expressed that they had a great time. We know that many missed some wonderful Gyro fun.
 Henry Berumen serves Roger Lindley                     Larry congratulates Dick Field after installing him         Kathy Blackburn          Sherry Davis & Bonnie Knowlton
 & Knute Knutsen in Hospitality Room                            as 2nd Lt. Governor of District IX                       sings                   wearing moose slippers

                                                                                   - 15 -
- 16 -
- 17 -
      Time to say farewell and
   thanks for all the Memories ...

               Pat Swanson
       Gyro International Office Manager

           is retiring on July 1, 2011
          after 29.75 years of service!

  Dedicated, effervescent & always smiling,
      pat@gyro.org will be greatly missed

 If you wish to send your regards you may contact her via email to
pat@gyro.org or by mail / phone at Gyro International headquarters.

                              - 19 -
                                                                ACT IV
                                                          Lt. Col. Terry McGuire, Buffalo Gyro Club
                                        A few historians have argued that if these United States
                                        of America were a play, the battlefield outcomes of our
                                                  horrific Civil War completed Act III.

   In Act I, the creation of a new nation was declared and        wrong was the horrendous and final cost of settling the
secured by the American Revolution. The second act laid          issue.
the foundation for actual governance with our laws,
expressed several years later, by the U. S. Constitution.          The combatants had plenty to fight over with slavery,
After several years of fits and mis-starts post-revolution,      with money and power through representation as
the Articles of Confederation were scrapped in order to          components of the slavery enterprise. But the southern
form a “more perfect union,” as expressed up-front by the        central cause argument for states rights versus an
Constitution.                                                    unrestricted federal government keeps our old wounds from
                                                                 healing properly without infection, especially among our
   Surely the new document's preamble may have been              African-American community. A stiff dose of open honesty
“perfect” for some, but in 1860, nearly 4 million slaves         will be needed for any real healing to take place, even
were personae non gratae. Well before the ink dried on the       nearly a century and a half after the war's desperate battle at
new Constitution during those steamy colonial days in            Gettysburg.
Philadelphia in 1789, our Founding Fathers, many of them
slave owners, grappled with the institution of slavery as the       In 1860, slaves, as actual and insurable property, were the
new nation grew stronger and sought further expansion            single greatest financial asset in the United States, worth
westward.                                                        some $3.5 billion. This amount was greater than the value
                                                                 of all of our ships, banks, factories and railroads at the time.
   And the authors knew they had “kicked the can down the        Cotton was extremely profitable and not only made
road” when it came to the slavery issue. As James Madison        Southerners rich, it made Northern Wall Street bankers and
noted, “It now seems pretty well understood that the real        textile mill owners rich, too. One out of five British citizens
difference of interests lies not between large and small but     owed their jobs to imports of U. S. cotton, all predicated on
between the Northern and Southern states. The institution        the continuance of that “peculiar institution.”
of slavery and its consequences form the line.”
                                                                    So how have the critics reviewed our collective
   Make no mistake; the enterprise of slavery was the            performances during America's Act IV, 150 years after the
central and definitive issue over why the Civil War was          Civil War? My view was solidified by an invitation from
fought. The political progression of events that led to the      Team 30 of the U. S. Army Command and General Staff
cataclysmic clash of arms that claimed 620,000 lives, more       College located at Fort Belvoir, Va. I had the honor of
than all of our other wars combined, was fueled by the           touring the Gettysburg Battlefield with the newest
slavery question.                                                generation of U. S. Army officer students examining their
                                                                 own profession of arms and leadership. These men and
   From the Missouri Compromise of 1820, the                     women, at mid-career, have taken the full brunt of 10 years
Compromise of 1850 and Fugitive Slave Act, the Kansas-           of combat in Iraq and Afghanistan. They bear true witness
Nebraska Act of 1854, the Supreme Court's Dred Scott             and a new resolve forward for their fallen soldiers, who
decision, and abolitionist John Brown's aggressive actions,      gave “the last full measure of devotion” to safeguard
the issue of slavery ignited the shots fired on Fort Sumter      American interests and values.
in April of 1861. The historical Confederate political and
economically based counter-assertion that secession and             These leaders give me my greatest hope. They will lead
the “Southern War for Independence” was much like the            the way for all of us to appreciate the value of our U. S.
American Revolution masks the foundation of the                  citizenship, to understand how hard the blessings of
struggle—the right to own slaves as property.                    freedom were to secure for everyone back then, and how
                                                                 difficult the gift of freedom is to secure now for global
   Abraham Lincoln, who did not embrace more                     stability and peace. The actors and theaters may have
abolitionist viewpoints until issuing the Emancipation           changed, but the acts of the play are still the same.
Proclamation nearly two years into the war, framed the
issue at the time: “One section of our country believes            Our study of the battle evoked some special words from
slavery is right and ought to be extended, while the other       our warriors. This is where I met Army Maj. Thurayya
believes it wrong and ought not to be extended. This is the      Gillis. An officer of African heritage, she summed up our
only substantial dispute.” What both sides had terribly          day together better than anyone I could ever have imagined.
                                                              - 20 -
 At the very spot on the battlefield where the Confederacy                We ended our day with another officer's reading of
reached its “high water mark” with Gen. George Pickett's               Lincoln's Gettysburg Address, the 282 words of unmatched
Charge on July 3, 1863, she delivered a personal address               American prose that have guided us through Act IV. The
that left me suspended in time, in joyful tears, and in                last lines ring as true today as they were given by the
reverent awe. She described her family's past, her present             summons of his trumpet then — the November day in 1863
life and the future ahead for her children, a journey                  where Lincoln reflected on the 50,000 blue and gray
afforded by the Army of the Potomac's victory on the                   soldiers on both sides who had just perished and had
battlefield.                                                           forever consecrated the ground beneath them.

   Gillis said: “282 words. Words that were written 87 years             Lincoln said, “That this nation, under God, shall have a
after the Declaration of Independence was signed by our                new birth of freedom — and that government of the people,
Founding Fathers, reminding us of what they fought for —               by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the
freedom. Today we stand on sacred ground which was                     earth.”
soaked by the blood of those who died, and consecrated by
their tears. I stand in awe of those who made the ultimate               As we consider the challenges facing America — in the
sacrifice with their lives. As brothers in arms, we must not           Middle East, Far East, Africa and here at home—know that
forget, and pledge to continue to fight for democracy and              our brave young men and women continue to rise against
freedom. No, President Lincoln, we will not forget, I will             danger and make supreme sacrifices.
not forget. I thank God for each life that fought for what
they believed, whether a Union or Confederate soldier.                    One hundred years after Lincoln took office, John F.
Most importantly, I am thankful for each and every soldier             Kennedy concluded his 1961 inaugural address: “Finally,
who bled and died so that my mother, father, grandparents              whether you are citizens of America or citizens of the
and great-grandparents could be free. So that I and future             world, ask of us here the same high standards of strength
generations of those who look like me could be free. For               and sacrifice which we ask of you. With a good conscience
me, this is personal. Right here, right now, on this sacred            our only sure reward, with history the final judge of our
ground, I pledge to fight for democracy, for what is right,            deeds, let us go forth to lead the land we love, asking his
so that these lives were not given in vain.”                           blessing and his help, but knowing that here on earth God's
                                                                       work must truly be our own.”
   She then sang the first verse of the African-American
National Anthem, one written many years ago by the                         Lt. Col. Terry McGuire lives in Williamsville. He is
founders of the National Association for the Advancement                   currently serving as a U.S. Army staff officer at the
of Colored People, an anthem, sadly on many levels of                       Pentagon. He and his team visited the Gettysburg
understanding, that I did not know existed.                                                Battlefield in March

                   From the desk of the Editor ...
                           Brotherhood and the meaning of Gyro Identity ...
   When I gave my Membership Report in Savannah and in the last GyroScope, I identified two problems – 1) a lack
   of energy within the membership, and 2) the loss of Gyro identity. Pointing out the lack of energy was rather easy,
   however I was a bit perplexed on how to explain the loss of identity. While doing research for the 100-year book,
   I came across a speech given in 1925 by “Sandy” Sanderson, Treasurer 1919-1920 and then Secretary 1920-1921,
   who was taking a look back over the brotherhood of the previous 13 years. He concluded by looking forward:
      “As we look forward it may seem too big a problem for a comparatively few individuals on this continent to make a
      successful thing of it that we are trying to do, but there can be no question in our minds of this dream which is ours, to
      place this brotherhood idea in all its different aspects, to be carried forward until there is a living and vital force, not only
      in every Gyro club where by reason of association are getting the most of it, but that it will be a community force, that it
      will be a civic and governmental force, and it will perhaps be a force that perchance may control the destiny of nations.”
  “Brotherhood.” That is the dream that created and grew Gyro, and what I meant by the “loss of Gyro Identity.” We
  must regain this dream and embrace it if Gyro is to succeed in the next 100 years! It is up to all of you.
                                                                  - 21 -
                                                                 Conventions & Interim Meetings
NEW MEMBERS                                                                      to learn more, go to http://www.gyro.ws

                                                                          Future Deadlines for the GyroScope
February                                                             August 20, 2011 / November 30, 2011 / February 28, 2012

Camosun         Adrian Porter
Charlottetown   James B. Johnston
                Gordon S. Wood         July 4-10, 2011 ............................................... International & District VI Convention
Naples          Bud Elmore                                         Halifax Marriott, Halifax, Nova Scotia
                James Poon
Tacoma          Richard Bowe           August 19-21, 2011 .................................................................................... District II Convention
                Robert Ketner                                         Milwaukee Club, Milwaukee, WI
Toronto         Robert DeMelo
Truro           Murray Hall            September 9-11, 2011 ............................................................................. District III Convention
                                                Holiday Inn Peterborough Waterfront, Peterborough, Ontario

March                                  September 9-11, 2011 ............................................................................. District IV Convention
                                                  Clarion Hotel & Conference Center, Yakima, Washington
Dartmouth       Robert O. Kimball
Nanaimo         Saul Hilchey           September 10-12, 2011 ............................................................................. District I Convention
Tacoma          William Harrison                                    Put-in-Bay, Lake Erie, Ohio
Victoria        Robert M. Ross
                John C. Tomchick       September 15-18, 2011 .......................................................................... District VII Convention
Windsor         Frank R. Moore                             Sheraton Hotel, Bloomington, Minnesota
                Frank J. Strickey
                                       October 14-16, 2011 ............................................................... District IX Convention
Youngstown      Thomas F. Lyden, Jr.                                              California
                Thomas S. Lyden
                                       November 12-14, 2011 ................................................................................................ D-X Interim
April                                                          Hilton Garden Inn, West Palm Beach

Canton        Gerald A. Reinhardt      December 2011 ................................................................................................................... District V
Blacklake     Alan Daurio                                                                 Salt Lake City
Buffalo       Barry J. Donohue
              Daniel J. McCollum
Edmonton      Art Merrick
Edmonton-Xrds Arny Odenbach
Indianapolis  Ted Mau
                                       June 11-17, 2012................................ International & District I Convention
Naniamo       Malcom Potts
              Robert Simpson                              “100th Anniversary of Gyro International”
Nelson        Phillip Best                                            Netherlands Hilton Hotel, Cincinnati, Ohio
New Glasgow   James W. Ebert
              James E. Macdonald       2013 .............................................................. International & District X Convention
Painesville   Ted Lorenzen                                      Caribbean Cruise, Gold Coast/Ft. Lauderdale
              Mike Miller
              John Roberto
Powell        Mark Hafner
Regina        Steve Harold
Syracuse      Christopher E. Cheney
                                                   ?              ?               ?                      ?              ?       ?       ?        ?
              James B. Conners, Jr.                                       ?
              Donald C. Donohue
                                              ?                         ?              ?      ?
                                                                                                    ?                   ?
                                                                                                                                ?               ? ?
                                                                                                                                                               ?          ?
                                                                                                       ?         ?
                                                    HAVE YOU INVITED A? ?
                                                               ?                          ??
              Micheal J. Durkin                        ?                                                                                                                   ?
Vancouver BC G. James Sced                                                                ??                                                    ?
                                          ?                        ?            ?                                 ?

Wallace       Tom Hayes                            ? FRIEND TO GYRO ?
                                                          ?     ?    ?    ?
                                                      ? ?   ? ?   ??   ? ?
                                                                        ?   ? ?             ?
              Mike Lavigne                  ?        ?    ?                                                                                                             ?

Youngstown    Daniel H. Becker
                                                                        ?                                                ?               ?            ?       ?
                                                                ?               ?           ? ?                ?

                                                                - 22 -

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