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    champaign county
combined charities campaign

Fall 2010

Welcome to the Fall 2010 Champaign County Combined Charities Campaign (CCCCC).

        This year’s theme “Give Today To Inspire Hope For Tomorrow” will hopefully encourage and facilitate
donations by employees to diverse organizations that benefit communities across the globe. The CCCCC
strives to promote and support philanthropy by providing a cost-effective and employee-focused way for
Champaign-Urbana employees to donate to various charities benefiting health and human services, education,
social change, the arts, the environment, animal welfare and more!

        Last year the CCCCC raised over $156,000 with just over 500 donors. Today the need to greater than
ever, and you can chose a charity that is close to your heart right in Champaign-Urbana or around the world.
The list of charities and federations in this booklet provide you the best avenue to ‘give today to inspire hope for

        Please take the time to review over 450 charitable organizations that offer many outstanding programs
in our community and beyond. Then complete the pledge card and return it to your CCCCC Coordinator. If you
have contributed to the campaign in the past, we appreciate your gift and ask that you continue to give. If you
have never made a donation, please give what you can – no gift is too small!

Bill Volk
Chairperson for CCCCC
Managing Director; C-U Mass Transit District

Committee Members

Amanda Tucker, Champaign County Government            Carol Elliott, Cunningham Township
Tammy Hoggatt, Champaign Park District                Mary Beck, Forest Preserve of CC
Donna Pittman, Champaign Public Library               Edward Bland, Housing Authority of CC
Beth Shepperd, Champaign School District              Mike Little, U-C Sanitary District
Seth Brewer, City of Champaign                        Rebecca Brown, Urbana Free Library
Jolinda Ross, City of Urbana                          Ellen Kirsanoff, Urbana Park District
Bill Volk, C-U Mass Transit District                  Lori Johnson, Urbana School District
Linda Smith, C-U Public Health District               Glenn Berman, Champaign Telephone Co
2010 Combined Charities Campaign
September 20—December 3, 2010
                                                                                          WHY SHOuLD I GIvE?

WHAT is the Champaign County Combined Charities Campaign?                                 •    To help those who are
Is a workplace charitable-giving program that offers Local Public                              less fortunate through
                                                                                               no fault of their own.
employees the opportunity to contribute to charities using the convenience
of payroll deduction and more.
                                                                                          •    To support a favorite
                                                                                               cause or charity on a
WHY give?                                                                                      regular basis.
This is your campaign! Created for local public employees, overseen by
local committee representatives of public employers.                                      •    It’s the right thing to do.

WHO to give to?                                                                           •    It will make you feel
One of the greatest benefits of the CCCCC is the wide variety of charities                     great.
and causes represented — there’s something for everyone. They range
                                                                                          •    It’s tax deductible.
from small local organizations to large and well-known national and
international groups.

HOW to give?
The campaign will start September 20th and end December 3rd. You will all receive a pledge form and charity
listing booklet allowing you the opportunity to give.
1. Choose your charity(s),
2. Complete the pledge form,
3. Return form to your coordinator!

                                                More ways to give?
                                                Yes, we have more ways for you to give on the pledge form this year.
        Website Options:                        1.      Payroll deduction
                                                2.      Check (payable to ‘UWCC’)
                                                3.      Credit Card
                                                4.      Direct Bill
        *New this year, ability                 The Champaign County Combined Charities Campaign is fiscally
        to fill out a pledge form online        managed by United Way of Champaign County. We welcome your
        (via payroll, credit card, check        questions and feedback. Contact us at:
        and direct bill)

  2.    Once form is completed
                                                Champaign County Combined Charities Campaign
        online, your campaign
                                                C/O United Way of Champaign County
        coordinator will be contacted
        to ensure proper workplace              Phone: 217-352-5151
        credit                                  Fax: 217-352-6494
                                                404 West Church Street
  3.    View entire list of charities           Champaign, IL 61820
  4.    Frequently Asked Questions

                                                                                                              champaign county
                                Combined Charities Campaign | 3 |              combined charities campaign

Local: Champaign County Options…
         United Way of Champaign County...........................................................................5
         Champaign Parks Foundation ................................................................................7
         Champaign Public Library Foundation ...................................................................7
         Champaign-Urbana Mentoring Scholarship Foundation .......................................7
         Community Shares of Illinois-Local .......................................................................7
         Fire and Police Memorial Committee .....................................................................7
         Forest Preserve Foundation of Champaign County ................................................7
         Urbana Free Library Foundation ............................................................................8
         Urbana Parks Foundation .......................................................................................8
         Bus Passes For Human Service Agencies ..............................................................7
State: Illinois Options…
         American Cancer Society, Illinois Division .............................................................8
         Black United Fund of Illinois, Inc. ...........................................................................8
         Community Health Charities of Illinois ................................................................10
         Community Shares of Illinois-State......................................................................11
         Earth Share of Illinois ...........................................................................................13
         Special Olympics of Illinois ...................................................................................17
National/Global Options…
         America’s Charities ...............................................................................................17
         Global Impact ........................................................................................................19
         Independent Charities of America ........................................................................21
         United Negro College Fund...................................................................................31

                                                    champaign county
                                                combined charities campaign

                                             CARING. GIVING. CHANGING!
                          Combined Charities Campaign | 4 |
LOCAL: CHAMPAIGN COuNTY OPTIONS                                       700-0025 Catholic Charities
                                                                      Provides comprehensive social services including Counseling,
700-0000 united Way of Champaign County                               Senior Services, Adoption, Foster Care, Youth Intervention, and
Community Impact Fund                                                 Institutional Care in 26 counties throughout Central Illinois.
Community Impact Fund provides program funding to over 30             (217) 352-5179;
human care agencies in Champaign County. Over fifty funded
programs address health, education, food and shelter needs.           700-0030 Center for Women in Transition
(217) 352-5151 (17.3%)                             Provide award-winning housing and supportive services to
                                                                      empower homeless women and children since 1985. Every
The United Way of Champaign County                                    donation counts in the fight against homelessness.
addresses serious local issues like hunger,                           (217) 352-7151;
homelessness, child abuse and neglect,
domestic violence and support for senior citizens. By funding         700-0035 Champaign County Court Appointed Special Advocate
local human service agencies young children can be assured            (CASA) Recruit, train, and mentor volunteers who advocate for
of crisis safe shelter around the clock, advocacy in foster care,     the best interest of children, acting as their Guardian ad Litem in
child care and preschool tuition assistance, access to medical        the juvenile court system.
and dental care, school readiness programs and special services       (217) 384-9065;
for developmental disabilities. Youth in our community receive
mentoring, homework assistance, afterschool and summer                700-0040 Champaign County Operation Snowball
programs, opportunities to participate in recreation and scouting,    Place where teens can go to express themselves, become more
shelter for runaway teens and emergency services for homeless         self-aware, learn the tools for responsible decision-making, and
children trying to stay in school. Families get help meeting          interact with peers in similar situations.
basic needs by accessing food assistance from local pantries,         (217) 337-5809;
finding transitional housing in local shelters, escaping abuse
from domestic violence and gaining self sufficiency through           700-0045 Champaign County YMCA
money management classes. Individuals with disabilities receive       Provides recreational, childcare, and fitness programming
apartment and employment assistance and adults with mental            focusing on healthy spirits, minds, and bodies for all ages,
health challenges find treatment for a range of issues. Finally,      genders and ethnic backgrounds.
senior citizens can continue to live independently their homes        (217) 359-9622;
through delivered meals and health care assistance.
                                                                      700-0050 Champaign urbana Schools Foundation
United Way of Champaign County funds dozens of programs that          This organization is committed to encouraging educational
provide essential services to those most vulnerable in our local      initiatives and facilitating excellence in education in the public
community. In addition UWCC advocates for services, promotes          elementary and secondary schools of Champaign-Urbana, Illinois.
collaboration and cooperation between service providers, state        (217) 384-4336
and local governments and the business community. Champaign
County is a better place to live, work and raise our children         700-0055 Church Women united Clothing Center
because the needs of so many are met through gifts to the             Back to School Day is held the second Saturday of August at
Community Impact Fund. We believe that when we reach out a            the Church Women United Clothing Center in Rantoul. Approx.
hand to one we influence the condition of all. That’s how we work     250 K-8 children receive free shoes, socks, underwear, school
to build strong children, strong families and a strong community.     supplies, book bags and dental exams.
                                                                      (217) 892-9499 / (217)892-5982

700-0005 American Red Cross – Central Illinois Chapter                700-0060 Community Service Center of Northern
Provides comprehensive emergency services to military, veterans,      Champaign County
their families; disaster relief and education; AIDS education;        Provides direct assistance with food, transportation, information
health/safety training; international aid.                            and referral, prescription assistance, neighborhood-based youth
(217) 351-5861;                              services, and office space for other human service agencies.
                                                                      (217) 893-1530
700-0010 Anabel Huling Early Learning Center in Rantoul
Tuition scholarships enables working families; families with          700-0065 Crisis Nursery
multiple children; and families in “at risk” populations to access    Prevention of child abuse and neglect through the provision of
affordable quality care, education and special needs.                 24hr/365days a year temporary crisis child care (0 through 5) and
 (217) 892-2139                                                       follow up support to families.
                                                                      (217) 337-2731;
700-0015 Big Brothers Big Sisters of Champaign County
Premier youth mentoring organization whose mission is to help         700-0070 Cunningham Children’s Home
children reach their potential through professionally supported       Offers emotional, social, educational and spiritual support
one-to-one relationships with measurable impact.                      to children, youth and families by providing a safe, nurturing,
(217) 428-4240;                                         therapeutic environment to enhance personal growth and healing.
                                                                      (217) 367-3728;
700-0020 Boy Scouts of America-Prairielands Council
Provides a program of character development, citizenship training     700-0075 Developmental Services Center
and personal fitness for boys in grades 6-8 and young men and         Residential and employment services are provided to adults
women in high school.                                                 with developmental disabilities ensuring participation in their
(217) 356-7291;                               communities. Early identification/intervention is provided to
                                                                      children with special needs.
                                                                      (217) 356-9176;

                                     Combined Charities Campaign | 5 |
700-0080 Don Moyer Boys and Girls Club                                  700-0135 Multicultural Community Center-Migrant Seasonal
Youth Development agency that promotes social, educational, and         Head Start
personal development.                                                   Provide services to the entire family in the areas of education,
(217) 355-5437;                                        cultural arts, recreation, community development, health and
                                                                        social services.
700-0085 East Central Illinois Refugee Mutual Assistance Center         (217) 722-4986
To aid in the resettlement/assimilation of refugees/immigrants
in East Central Illinois and to aid in the exchange/reservation of      700-0140 Prairie Center Health Systems
their respective cultures.                                              Provides a continuum of substance abuse and addiction treatment
(217) 344-8455;                                         services for youth, adults, and families in East Central Illinois.
                                                                        (217) 328-4500;
700-0090 Eastern Illinois Foodbank
The organization provides a reliable source of food for the hungry      700-0145 RACES-Rape, Advocacy, Counseling & Education
by distributing food and grocery products to a network of food          Services
pantries, soup kitchens and emergency food programs.                    Local grassroots organization helping to create a safe
(217) 328-3663;                                      environment for women and children who are at risk by providing
                                                                        education, 24-hour crisis hotline, prevention information.
700-0095 Family Service of Champaign County                             (217)344-6298;
Helps seniors live with dignity, independence and safety and
supports safe and nurturing environments for children. Provides         700-0150 Salt & Light
information and referral to other community resources.                  Serving those at or below the poverty line through the services
(217) 352-0099;                                       of a food pantry, clothing closet, financial literacy programs, and
                                                                        special events.
700-0100 Frances Nelson Health Center                                   (217) 355-5654;
Health services provided include preventive care, diagnosis
and treatment of acute and chronic illnesses, prenatal care,            700-0155 Smile Healthy
medication programs, lab, mental health and health education            Dedicated to meeting the oral health needs of underserved
services.                                                               children and families by focusing on preventive care,
(217) 356-1558                                                          comprehensive treatment and education.
                                                                        (217) 359-7404;
700-0105 Girl Scouts of Central Illinois
The Girl Scout Leadership Development program is an informal            700-0160 The Reading Group
educational opportunity for girls 5-17 emphasizing learning by          Specialized, one-to-one tutoring services are provided for
doing, group interaction, girl planning and community service.          students of all ages with reading and learning disabilities in other
(217) 328-5112;                                 areas as well as giftedness.
                                                                        (217) 351-9144;
700-0110 Greater Community AIDS Project
Provides housing and supportive services to persons who are HIV-        700-0165 The Salvation Army of Champaign County
positive or living with AIDS-related issues.                            Provides basic human need and disaster services of food,
(217) 351-2437;                                         clothing, utilities and housing for homeless men and families of
                                                                        Champaign County.
700-0115 Habitat for Humanity of Champaign Co. & ReStore                (217) 373-7832;
Building relationships and community through the construction of
new, simple, decent, affordable homes with low income families          700-0170 YMCA of the university of Illinois
and dedicated to addressing poverty housing.                            Since 1873, develops leadership skills of college students by
(217) 359-0507                                        providing volunteer opportunities for community service and
                                                                        social action, education, tutoring, and work for the environment.
700-0120 Land of Lincoln Legal Assistance                               (217) 337-1500;
Provides free high quality legal assistance to resolve the critically
important legal problems of low income and elderly persons              700-0175 YWCA of the university of Illinois
through legal advice, representation and education.                     The YWCA is committed to developing the next generation of
(618) 398-0574;                                          women leaders who understand the importance of and are
                                                                        committed to social and racial justice.
700-0125 Mahomet Area Youth Club                                         (217) 344-0721;
MAYC is a community based youth development program that
provides activities for youth between the ages of 6-17 that reside
in Mahomet and the surrounding area.
(217) 590-2860;

700-0130 Mental Health Center of Champaign County
MHC offers prevention, intervention, and mental health services
in office and community settings including: 24-hour adult group
homes, various housing units, Roundhouse and TIMES Center.
(217) 398-8080

                                      Combined Charities Campaign | 6 |
Bus Passes for Human Service Agencies – Code 701                        903-0095 Champaign County Humane Society
The Champaign County Active Transportation Coalition provides           Provides shelter, medical, and adoption services for pets in need.
grants to local human service agencies to provide the MTD’s $60         (217) 344-7297;
annual bus pass to their clients.
                                                                        903-0100 Champaign-urbana Tenant union
Transportation is always a critical need for low income and             Prevents and resolves landlord-tenant conflicts.
transitional individuals.                                               (217) 352-6220;

Your gift will enable agencies to provide support for their clients     903-0310 Homestead Corporation of C-u
to access job opportunities, training and education, health care,       Provides affordable housing for low-income individuals and
and everyday needs.                                                     families.
                                                                        (217) 328-9373;
For more information, please contact
                                                                        903-0437 Junior League of Champaign-urbana
Champaign Parks Foundation – Code 702                                   Women’s volunteer organization committed to improving
Help send an underprivileged child to day camp                          communities.
next summer by donating to the Champaign                                (217) 356-5880;
Parks Foundation Youth Scholarship Fund today!
Donate online at www.champaignparkdistrict.                             903-0474 PACE, Center for Independent Living
com/cpdfoundation.htm or call (217) 819-3839 for more                   Serves people with disabilities increasing or maintaining their
information.                                                            independence.
                                                                        (217) 344-5433, (217) 344-5024 TTY;
Champaign Public Library Foundation – Code 703
In time of economic stress, community members are using the             903-0610 urbana-Champaign Independent Media Center
Champaign Public Library in record numbers – an average of              Using media production and distribution for social and economic
2,400 people visit the library each day.                                justice.
                                                                        (217) 344-8820;
From the worker who was laid off and
needs a computer to look for a job – to                                 903-0645 Wesley Evening Food Pantry
the excited preschooler who gets to take                                Provides groceries monthly during evening hours.
home a stack of books – to the retiree who attends a lecture on         (217) 344-1120;
the changing universe, the library offers vital resources people
need to succeed, live quality lives, and reach their full potential.    903-0650 WEFT - FM - Community Radio
                                                                        Multicultural views, music; greater access to airwaves.
Your gift to the Champaign Public Library Foundation will enable        (217) 359-9338;
the library to better meet increased demand from individuals of
all ages and backgrounds for books, computers, and educational          Fire and Police Memorial Committee – Code 705
programs.                                                               To honor Champaign’s brave heroes, we are working to complete
                                                                        Phase 2 of the Fire and Police Memorial in Westside Park. We
For more information, contact Donna Pittman, Development                are looking to the community to help us raise the $75,000 we
Director, at (217) 403-2048 or email:            need for two life-sized bronze statues. Supporting this tribute
Website:                                              helps honor the brave men and women who keep our community
                                                                        safe. Thank you.
Champaign-urbana Mentoring Scholarship Foundation – Code 704
The Champaign-Urbana Mentoring Scholarship Foundation is a              Fire and Police Memorial Committee
volunteer organization supporting C-U One-to-One Mentoring, a           c/o Community Foundation of East Central Illinois
school-based mentoring program now serving over 500 children            404 W. Church, Champaign, IL 61820
in most Champaign-Urbana elementary, middle & high schools.             (217) 352-9336
The Scholarship Foundation:
•   Provides scholarships for further education                         Forest Preserve Foundation of Champaign County – Code 706
    for each C-U One-to-One mentee who                                  PLEASE HELP US…acquire land to improve water quality in our
    stays in the program through high school                            rivers, lakes and streams…restore native prairie, wetlands, forest
    graduation                                                          and wildlife habitat…construct and improve trails, including a rail-
•   Recruits and supports mentors                                       trail between Urbana and Kickapoo State Park.
•   Advocates for mentoring in the local community
C-U One-to-One is a long-range program with the goal of having          Our Forest Preserves…an investment
students and their mentors stay together through high school. It        today for future generations.
was the winner of the 2000 Governor’s Hometown Award in the
youth development category.                                             For more information please call: John Baker (217) 586-3360; or
For more information, please contact Brenda Koester, Board              visit:
President at (217) 244-6486 or email:
Please visit our website:                                urbana Free Library Foundation – Code 707
                                                                        With the completion of the library expansion in 2005, The Urbana
Community Shares of Illinois – Local                                    Free Library Foundation has been working on projects that will
                                                                        enhance the library for all its users. Projects include art inside
903-0090 Champaign County Health Care Consumers                         and outside the building, Cherry Alley pavers and landscaping,
Works to ensure quality health care for all people.                     music programs and other special events, the online tutoring
(217) 352-6533;                             service, and future expansion of the library.

                                       Combined Charities Campaign | 7 |
Founded in 1874, The Urbana Free Library is one of the oldest           Find Cures.
public libraries in the state. Known for its eclectic collection that   Right now we’re funding over $23 million in Illinois research
includes titles both old and new, local history and genealogy, and      grants. It’s part of our longstanding commitment to cancer
its strong commitment to exceptional public                             research – an investment of over $3.4 billion that has paved the
service, The Urbana Free Library was rated                              way for every major cancer breakthrough, including Tamoxifen,
a 2009 People’s Choice winner as one of                                 Herceptin, Gleevec and many more.
the top 25 best businesses in East Central                              Fight Back.
Illinois.                                                               Events like Relay For Life® and Making Strides Against Breast
                                                                        Cancer® keep our mission moving forward. We work in
For more information, please contact our Library Administration         Springfield and Washington to promote cancer-fighting laws such
at (217) 367-4058.                                                      as the Smoke-Free Illinois Act and the Family Smoking Prevention
                                                                        and Tobacco Control Act.
urbana Park District Foundation – Code 708                              How do we know we’re making a difference?
Your donation to the Urbana Parks Foundation means better               More than 11 million cancer survivors alive today are living proof
parks and recreation opportunities for Urbana – today and               of our progress.
tomorrow. Your gift will support land acquisition, natural areas,
recreation programs, construction of trails and more. The
Urbana Parks Foundation is a charitable 501 C 3 organization            Black united Fund of Illinois, Inc. – Code 950-0000
that links interested citizens with opportunities that further the
mission of the Urbana Park District. While the foundation is            Who Do You Think We Are?
independent of the Urbana Park District, it works closely with          • Homeless Shelter?
it, offering individuals the opportunity to be part of the district’s   • Theater Producers?
future growth.                                                          • Student Mentors?
                                                                        • Health Providers?
The foundation operates with a look toward                              • Community Liaisons?
the future and with the understanding that the                          • Economic Developers?
amenities and programs Urbana enjoys only                               • Heritage Preservationist?
come about when citizens-acting as community                            • Philanthropists?
stewards-help make them happen.                                         • College Consultants?
                                                                        • Employment Specialists?
For more information, please contact Ellen Kirsanoff,                   • Social Activists?
Development Manager, at (217) 367-1536 or by email at                   • HIV/AIDS Counselor? please visit our website: www.             • Educators?
                                                                        We Are All of the Above
                                                                        In the tradition of “Helping People Help Themselves” the Black
STATE: ILLINOIS OPTIONS                                                 United Fund of Illinois (BUFI), Inc. has been all of the above by
                                                                        providing funding and technical assistance to over 450 non-profit
American Cancer Society, Illinois Division – Code 907-0000              grassroots organizations that are dedicated to the improvement of
Thank you for supporting the work of the American Cancer                the quality of life in our communities.
Society in Illinois. Your gift is even more critical this year as       Since 1986, the Black United Fund of Illinois has developed
cancer patients seek our help in record numbers.                        and implemented systematic mechanisms that are designed
                                                                        to encourage individuals at every economic level to set aside
Here are some of the ways your dollars make a difference:               a portion of their own resources (i.e., ideas, money, supplies,
•   $15 provides a customized help kit for a patient, filled with       skills and time) to support economic development, alternative
    information about their form of cancer and special sections         education projects, arts and culture, health and human services,
    to organize their medical records.                                  social justice, legal services, research and emergency needs.
•   $40 provides a patient with free rides to and from treatment.
•   $50 provides pain and nausea medication for someone who
    would otherwise go without.                                         950-0010 Black united Fund of Illinois, Inc.
•   $100 removes treatment barriers for a disadvantaged patient         Provides funding, technical assistance and support services for
    by linking them with a skilled Society social worker.               African American
                                                                        Community based organizations throughout Illinois.
Stay Well.                                                              (773) 324-0494;
We empower people to act on the good news that 2/3 of all
cancers can be prevented through healthy choices. Our free              950-0015 ABJ Community Services, Inc.
education programs help hundreds of thousands of Illinoisans            Child welfare foster care, employment and training services,
learn about cancer screenings, good nutrition, exercise and more.       behavioral and substance abuse services, and after school
Get Well.                                                               programs for teens.
In Illinois, we help a new cancer patient every 20 minutes. Free        (773) 667-2100;
support is available at 1.800.227.2345 or
We also have 70+ patient centers statewide providing caring,            950-0030 African Women’s Organization
hands-on help.                                                          Information referrals, educational and leadership training for
                                                                        women of African descent.
                                                                        (773) 906-4073

                                       Combined Charities Campaign | 8 |
950-0033 Betty Shabazz International Charter School                    950-0137 Global Girls, Inc.
Operates three African-centered charter schools, two which are         Uses performing arts to equip girls, 8-16, with communication,
elementary schools and one high school.                                leadership and life skills.
(773) 651-2425                                                         (773) 374-5009

950-0035 Beulah A. G. Smith Scholarship Foundation (BAGS)              950-0140 Grant A Wish, Inc.
Tutoring, mentoring, recreational and scholarship programs.            Grants wishes to needy, disabled and abused children.
(773) 445-6264;                                  (312) 222-0525;

950-0037 Big Buddies Youth Services, Inc.                              950-0173 Institute of Positive Education
Promotes educational, social, recreational and cultural services       Operates the Nsoroma before-school and afterschool tutoring
(773) 702-8288                                                         program, the Community School Initiative Program and the
                                                                       Bethume Teachers Training Center.
950-0040 Black Ensemble Theater                                        (773) 651-9599
Produces theater that inspires cross-cultural communication.
(773) 769-4451;                           950-0175 Interfaith House Inc.
                                                                       Restoring health for ill and injured homeless adults.
950-0050 Black On Black Love                                           (773) 533-6013;
Programs and community services that offer positive alternatives.
(773) 978-0868                                                         950-0177 Jackie Robinson West Little League
                                                                       Provides recreational, social and educational programs for youth.
950-0060 Cabrini Connections                                           (773) 928-5418
A tutoring and mentoring program.
(312) 467-2889;                          950-0190 Link & Options Center, Inc.
                                                                       A multi-faceted community based organization that empowers
950-0065 Childlink, Inc.                                               minds and links youth with options.
Provides foster care, homeless youth intervention, referral            (708) 331-4880
services, mentoring and bilingual counseling.
(312) 377-4735;                                      950-0200 Matthew House (Chicago)
                                                                       Provides homeless men, women and children with emergency
950-0090 Clara’s House Shelter                                         day-time shelter.
Emergency transitional shelter for single women and their              (773) 536-3661;
(773) 778-8854                                                         950-0220 Muntu Dance Theatre
                                                                       Performances and teaching of traditional and contemporary
950-0100 Coalition for Improved Education                              African dance and music.
Empowers all facets of the community to act on issue effecting         (773) 602-1135;
(773) 684-6070                                                         950-0230 National Black united Front
                                                                       Social Actions and after school tutoring program.
950-0110 Community Christian Alternative Academy                       (708) 389-9929;
An alternative high school and social service agency.
(773) 762-2272                                                         950-0240 National Hook-up of Black Women, Inc.
                                                                       Provides direct assistance to women and children in education,
950-0115 Community Relief Coalition                                    scholarship and healthcare.
Provides housing, employment, training and supportive                  (773) 667-7061;
services through a collaboration of partners, to end the cycle of
homelessness, recidivism and substance abuse.                          950-0250 Neopolitan Lighthouse
(773) 291-9211;                              Comprehensive shelter and support for victims of domestic
950-0120 Concerned Citizens                                            (773) 722-0006;
Transitional housing, health care, supportive services for
homeless women and children.                                           950-0260 Olive Branch Mission
(773) 252-5360                                                         Provides long-term total rehabilitation services for destitute men
                                                                       and women.
950-0125 Dusable Museum of African American History                    (773) 476-6200;
History and culture of Africans and Americans of African descent.
(773) 947-0600;                                  950-0325 South Side Community Arts Center
                                                                       Provides gallery space for artists and serves as a resource for
950-0130 ETA Creative Arts Foundation                                  African American artists.
Main stage professional production and classes in technical arts.      (773) 373-1026;
(773) 752-3955;
                                                                       950-0330 The South Shore Drill Team
950-0135 Freedom in Holiness Mission (SPRINGFIELD)                     A prevention program fighting against gangs, drugs, high drop-
A mission that provides food, clothing, education for Life             out rates and teen pregnancy.
Workshop, children books and toys.                                     (773) 651-0220;
(217) 522-2527

                                      Combined Charities Campaign | 9 |
950-0335 South Side Help Center                                      800-0050 Autism Speaks
Emergency food, clothing, infant nutrition, health education and     Dedicated to funding research and raising awareness about autism.
workshop.                                                            (312) 832-1990
(773) 445-5445;
                                                                     800-0055 Blindness, Illinois Society for the Prevention of
950-0350 Thurgood Marshall Scholarship Fund                          Preventing needless blindness through education, information
Merit scholarships for students attending history black college      and research.
and law schools.                                                     (312) 922-8710
(917) 663-2221;
                                                                     800-0060 Breast Cancer Network of Strength, Illinois
                                                                     (formerly Y-Me)
Community Health Charities of Illinois – Code 800-0000               Provides peer support, so no one faces breast cancer alone.
Together we are working for a healthy Illinois!                      (312) 364-9071
(312) 332-0198
                                                                     800-0065 Cancer Research Institute
WHAT YOuR DONATION CAN PROvIDE                                       Funds research in immunology and cancer immunology at
$20 per pay period provides one manual wheelchair for a person       institutions worldwide.
with neuromuscular disease                                           (800) 992-3623
$5 per pay period helps distribute Wizdom Kits to newly
diagnosed children with diabetes                                     800-0070 Children’s Heart Foundation, The
$1 per pay period can buy a morning of summer camp for a child       Saving children’s lives one heart at a time.
with cerebral palsy                                                  (847) 634-6474

                                                                     800-0075 Children’s Memorial Hospital
800-0000 Community Health Charities of Illinois                      Offers leading pediatric specialists and technology.
If you choose not to desginate your donation to a specific agency,   (773) 880-4000
funds will be shared with all 40 Community Health Charities of IL
member charities                                                     800-0080 Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation, Illinois Carol Fisher
800-0005 ALS, Les Turner Foundation                                  Dedicated to finding the cause and cure for Crohn’s and colitis.
Funds ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease) research and patient services.      (847) 827-0404
(847) 679-3311
                                                                     800-0085 Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, Greater Illinois Chapter
800-0010 Alzheimer’s Association, Greater Illinois Chapter           Provides education about CF and conducts fundraising events.
Research of disease and related disorders. Provides education,       (312) 236-4491
awareness & support.
(847) 933-2413                                  800-0090 Easter Seals Metropolitan Chicago
                                                                     Provides services for people with disabilities and other special
800-0015 AMC Cancer Research Center                                  needs.
Researches the most promising ways to prevent and control cancer.    (312) 491-4110
(847) 329-1039
                                                                     800-0095 Epilepsy Foundation of Greater Chicago
800-0020 American Diabetes Association                               Dedicated to prevention, control and public understanding of
Leading voluntary health organization concerned with diabetes        epilepsy and seizure disorders.
and its complications.                                               (312) 939-8622
(312) 346-1805
                                                                     800-0100 Hemophilia Foundation of Illinois
800-0025 American Hearing Research Foundation                        Provides support services, emergency assisstance and summer
Hearing research, education and referral.                            camp.
(312) 726-9670                              (312) 427-1495

800-0030 American Liver Foundation Illinois Chapter                  800-0105 Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, Illinois
Education, support groups, research & advocacy for those             Chapter
affected by liver disease.                                           Largest nonprofit, nongovernmental funder of diabetes research.
(312) 377-9030                                (312) 670-0313

800-0035 American Lung Association of Illinois-Greater Chicago       800-0110 Kidney Foundation of Illinois, National
Working to eradicate respiratory disease, provide research and       Provides kidney screening and works to make life better for
detection programs.                                                  kidney patients in Illinois.
(312) 781-1100                                        (312) 321-1500

800-0040 amfAR (AIDS Research Foundation)                            800-0115 Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, Illinois Chapter, The
Supports research on HIV/AIDS treatments, vaccines and cures.        Assisting patients and families fighting blood related cancers.
(800) 39-amfar                                         (312) 651-7350

800-0045 Arthritis Foundation, Greater Chicago Chapter               800-0120 Little City Foundation
Take control of your arthritis. We can help.                         Making life better for people with disabilities.
(800) 735-0096                                     (847) 358-5510

                                    Combined Charities Campaign | 10 |
800-0125 Lupus Foundation of Illinois                                 800-0190 united Cerebral Palsy of Illinois
Supporting those affected by lupus and working to advance the         Eight affiliates across IL serving families and individuals with
cure.                                                                 disabilities.
(312) 542-0002                                        (217) 528-9681

800-0130 March of Dimes Foundation
Working to prevent birth defects and infant mortality.                Community Shares of Illinois – Code 903-0000
(312) 435-4007                          Community Shares of Illinois represents a diverse
                                                                      group of charities with a common mission to
800-0135 Mental Health America of Illinois                            make our world a better place.
Providing education and advocacy on mental health issues.
(312) 368-9070                                           Whether your passion is women’s issues,
                                                                      protecting children, helping animals, preserving the environment,
800-0140 Muscular Dystrophy Association                               promoting health care, or curbing poverty and disease, we are a
Leaders in the fight for 43 neuromuscular diseases.                   resource providing options to help people make positive change
(630) 960-1551                                         in their own communities. Together we work locally to empower
                                                                      those who give, and those in need. Choose Community Shares of
800-0145 Myasthenia Gravis Foundation of Illinois                     Illinois for your payroll deduction and let us enable you to channel
Service to patients, research, education and information.             your passion to make positive change. One person can change a
Providing strength in hope.                                           life. With your peers, you can change the world!
(630) 835-0153                               Designated contributions go directly to specific agencies selected
                                                                      by the donor. Undesignated contributions are divided among
800-0150 National Alliance on Mental Illness-NAMI Illinois            members based on a sweat equity formula.
Improving quality of life for persons with mental illness.            (217) 352-6533 or (312) 379-0190;
(217) 522-1403

800-0155 National Multiple Sclerosis Society, Greater Illinois        903-0000 Community Shares of Illinois
National MS Society - one thing people with MS can count on.          903-0010 ACLu, Roger Baldwin Foundation
(800) FIGHT-MS                                     Protects civil liberties through education/litigation.
                                                                      (312) 201-9740;
800-0160 Sickle Cell Disease Association of Illinois
Provides patient grants, scholarships, camp and educational           903-0025 AIDS Foundation of Chicago
materials.                                                            Leading the fight against HIV/AIDS improving lives affected by the
(312) 345-1100                     epidemic.
                                                                      (312) 922-2322;
800-0165 Spinal Cord Injury Association of Illinois
Serves persons paralyzed by trauma and central nervous system         903-0040 American Friends Service Committee
conditions.                                                           Works for social justice/peace, speaking out against war.
(708) 352-6223                                   (312) 427-2533;

800-0170 St Jude Children’s Research Hospital                         903-0050 Animal Protective League
Research center for catastrophic diseases in children. Giving         Full service animal shelter; low cost spay/neuter clinic.
families hope.                                                        (217) 544-7387;
(773) 784-6704
                                                                      903-0060 Better Government Association
800-0175 Sudden Infant Death Services of Illinois, Inc.               Nonpartisan watchdog group combating waste, fraud and
Provides bereavement support, infant safety education and funds       corruption in government.
research.                                                             (312) 427-8330;
(630) 305-7300
                                                                      903-0065 Between Friends
800-0180 Susan G Komen for the Cure, Breast Cancer                    Comprehensive domestic violence services for women and
Organization                                                          children.
Breast cancer research organization, fighting for the cure.           (773) 274-5232;
(773) 444-0061
                                                                      903-0070 Bottomless Closet
800-0185 The Arc of Illinois                                          Provides professional clothing and job readiness training to
Seeking full participation in community life for people with mental   women in transition.
retardation.                                                          (312) 527-9664;
(800) 588-7002                                                   903-0075 Center for Multicultural Communities, The
                                                                      Works to dismantle racism and promote community.
                                                                      (708) 709-3797;

                                                                      903-0080 Centro San Bonifacio
                                                                      Improves the quality of life for Latino families.
                                                                      (773) 252-9098;

                                    Combined Charities Campaign | 11 |
903-0110 Chicago Area Committee on Occupational Safety and             903-0225 Habitat for Humanity, Illinois
Health (CACOSH)                                                        Supports 52 affiliates in providing decent houses for families.
Provides health and safety advocacy and training.                      (630) 551-0160;
(708) 359-3303;
                                                                       903-0230 Habitat for Humanity, Knox County
903-0120 Chicago Coalition for the Homeless                            Provides low-income families with decent houses.
Leading the fight against homelessnes for every child and adult.       (309) 343-2242
(312) 435-4548;
                                                                       903-0255 Habitat for Humanity, Windy City
903-0122 Chicago Fair Trade                                            Provides decent affordable housing for working poor in Chicago.
Works to reduce global poverty by increasing support for fair trade.   (312) 243-6448;
(312) 212-1760;
                                                                       903-0270 Hamdard Center for Health and Human Services
903-0130 Chicago Metropolitan Battered Women’s Network                 Services for underserved immigrant, refugee, and minority
Advocacy, training professionals, and connecting survivors to          populations.
direct service providers.                                              (630) 835-1432;
(312) 750-0730;
                                                                       903-0315 Housing Action Illinois
903-0133 Chicago Public Radio – WBEZ, WBEQ, WBEW                       Works to increase and preserve affordable housing in Illinois.
Distinctive and engaging programming about issues that affect          (312) 939-6074;
the community.
(312) 948-4600;                             903-0320 Housing Opportunities for Women
                                                                       Housing and supportive services for homeless women and
903-0134 Childlink                                                     families.
Ensures human services available to children and families in           (773) 465-5770;
Chicago area.
(312) 377-4735;                                       903-0329 Illinois Assistive Technology Program
                                                                       Increases access to and funding for assistive technology devices.
903-0136 Child’s Play Touring Theatre                                  (217) 522-7985;
Literacy programs for children of all abilities and at-risk youth.
(773) 235-8911;                                           903-0330 Illinois CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates)
                                                                       Provides advocacy for abused/neglected children in the juvenile
903-0140 Coalition of Citizens with Disabilities in Illinois           court system.
The Voice: advocating equal opportunities for all people with          (309) 683-8788;
(217) 522-7016 V/TTY;                               903-0340 Illinois Council Against Handgun violence
                                                                       Educates the public about the dangers of handguns.
903-0142 Community Alliance & Action Network                           (312) 341-0939;
A community center for LGBT and allies in Joliet.
(815) 726-7906;                                    903-0350 Illinois Disciples Foundation
                                                                       Multi-issue peace with justice organization at University of Illinois.
903-0145 Community Organizing and Family Issues (COFI)                 (217) 352-8721;
Low-income parents fighting for justice for children & families.
(312) 226-5141;                                     903-0370 Illinois Hunger Coalition
                                                                       Works to end hunger among children, working poor, seniors &
903-0160 8th Day Center for Justice                                    immigrants.
Works for social justice through education/advocacy.                   (312) 629-9580;
(312) 641-5151;
                                                                       903-0380 Illinois Migrant Council
903-0185 GLAAD (Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation)             Promotes employment, educational, health, and housing
Using the power of the media to amplify LGBT voices.                   opportunities for farmworkers.
(800) 429-6334;                                          (312) 663-1522;

903-0190 Gilda’s Club Chicago                                          903-0385 Illinois Network for Centers for Independent Living
Support for people with cancer and their families and friends.         Statewide association of centers for independent living.
(312) 464-9900;                              (217) 525-1308;

903-0210 Glass Slipper Project, The                                    903-0390 Illinois NOW Legal and Education Fund
Free prom outfits to low-income girls.                                 Information, support, and referrals for Illinois women.
(312) 409-4139;                            (217) 787-1268;

903-0213 Greater Chicago Food Depository                               903-0395 Illinois State Museum Society
Cook county’s food bank providing food for 500,000 people              Inspires life-long learning and protects Illinois’ natural and
annually.                                                              cultural heritage.
(773) 247-FOOD;                               (217) 782-7011;

903-0220 Habitat for Humanity, Chicago South Suburbs
Provides low-income families with decent houses.
(708) 756-2015;
                                     Combined Charities Campaign | 12 |
903-0410 Illinois Stewardship Alliance                                 903-0545 RAMP, Inc. (Regional Access & Mobilization Project)
Promotes environmentally sound, economically viable, and               Services that allow/expect full participation by people with
socially just local food systems.                                      disabilities.
(217) 528-1563;                                     (815) 968-7467;

903-0425 Interfaith Housing Center for the Northern Suburbs            903-0550 Northside Action for Justice
The area’s premier advocate for fair and affordable housing.           Empowers residents to fight for decent housing, jobs and schools.
(847) 501-5760;                        (773) 255-5258

903-0435 Jobs with Justice                                             903-0575 Springfield Project, The
Uniting community, faith, student and labor groups for economic        Works to unite Springfield by improving the quality of life in
justice.                                                               neighborhoods.
(312) 738-6209;                                            (217) 206-7688;

903-0438 KFL Community Services                                        903-0590 Streetwise
Service agency committed to building a better community.               Helps the homeless help themselves with jobs.
(815) 932-6915                                                         (312) 554-0060;

903-0440 Korean American Women in Need (KAN-WIN)                       903-0600 Tutor/Mentor Connection
Domestic violence services for Korean American women.                  Is dedicated to helping Chicago’s tutor/mentor programs.
(773) 583-1392;                                         (312) 492-9614;

903-0445 Lincoln Memorial Garden                                       903-0620 voices for Illinois Children
Maintain the Garden’s design and offer opportunities for               Champions the full development of every child in Illinois.
environmental education.                                               (312) 456-0600;
(217) 529-1111;
                                                                       903-0640 WDBX - FM - Community Radio - Carbondale
903-0457 Little village Environmental Justice Organization             Culturally diverse music and local issues, programming.
Works and promotes environmental justice and community                 (618) 529-5900;
(773) 762-6991;                                          903-0660 WuIS Radio Information Service for visually Impaired
                                                                       RIS provides audio access to printed materials to people who
903-0460 Lupus Foundation of America, Illinois Chapter                 can’t read.
Inform, educate, and promote awareness and understanding of            (217) 206-6516;
(800) 2-LUPUS2, (312) 542-0002;                        903-0670 Young Women’s Leadership Charter School
                                                                       All-girls public college preparatory school focused on science,
903-0465 Mercy for Animals                                             math, technology.
Dedicated to helping save farmed animals from needless                 (312) 949-9400;
(866) 632-6446;
                                                                       Earth Share of Illinois - Code 909-0000
903-0467 Midwest Shelter for Homeless veterans                         One environment…One simple way to care for it.
Transitional living facility that provides assistance to U.S.
veterans.                                                              Earth Share of Illinois represents over 60
(630) 871-8387;                                   leading environmental and conservation
                                                                       organizations making a difference
903-0470 NAACP, Illinois State Conference                              locally, nationally and internationally. By
Civil and human rights.                                                addressing environmental challenges in your community and
(309) 763-2658;                                  around the world, we join together to improve quality of life and
                                                                       make our living spaces healthier. Members of Earth Share of
903-0472 Operation Snowball                                            Illinois need your support for this important work.
Promotes awareness of alcohol, tobacco and drugs among youth.
(217) 528-7335;
                                                                       909-0000 EarthShare of Illinois
903-0480 Parent Place, The                                             Donations are shared among our member groups to protect
Child abuse prevention with the mission “teaching positive             our environment, health, wildlife and natural resources. One
parenting.”                                                            environment, one simple way to care for it.
(217) 753-8730;                                          (312) 795-3740;

903-0490 Physicians for Social Responsibility, Chicago Chapter         909-0005 African Wildlife Foundation
Committed to nuclear issues, environmental health and the              Foremost authority on African wildlife dedicated to protecting
reduction of violence.                                                 elephants, mountain gorillas and other unique species through
(847) 894-5026;                           innovative, practical programs developed with the people of
903-0540 Prevention First                                              (888) 4-WILDLIFE;
Prevention of substance abuse and related health issues.
(800) 252-8951;

                                      Combined Charities Campaign | 13 |
909-0010 Alaska Conservation Foundation                                909-0060 The Conservation Fund
Premiere link between individual donors nationwide and Alaska’s        The nation’s most effective and efficient conservation organization
conservation organizations. Protects Alaska’s wilderness and           - protecting working landscapes, wildlife habitat and recreation
wildlife habitats by funding the best local environmental groups       sites - with 97% of funds going directly to mission.
and programs.                                                          (703) 525-6300;
(907) 276-1917;
                                                                       909-0065 Conservation International
909-0015 Alliance for the Great Lakes                                  Using a strong foundation of science, partnership and field
Conserves and restores the world’s largest freshwater resource         demonstration, CI empowers societies to responsibly and
using policy, education and local efforts ensuring a healthy Great     sustainably care for nature for humanity’s long-term well being.
Lakes for generations of people and wildlife.                          (703) 341-2400;
(312) 939-0838;
                                                                       909-0070 Defenders of Wildlife
909-0020 American Farmland Trust                                       Working since 1947 to save America’s endangered animals and
Stopping the loss of farmland to sprawling development. Working        their threatened habitat for future generations through public
with communities on smarter growth that includes local family          education, citizen advocacy, legal action and scientific research.
farms. Advocating environmentally healthy farming practices.           (202) 682-9400;
(800) 431-1499;
                                                                       909-0075 Environment Illinois
909-0025 American Forests                                              Investigates problems; educations the public about solutions; and
Funds private and public land reforestation projects; provides         organizes for safe drinking water, clean air, toxic education, solid
satellite imagery of tree loss to cities; educates the public on the   waste, safe, affordable energy and environmental preservation.
value of trees and forests.                                            (312) 291-0096;
(800) 368-5748;
                                                                       909-0080 Environmental and Energy Study Institute
909-0030 American Rivers                                               Protects the climate by educating Congress, developing innovative
Working to protect and restore healthy, natural rivers for the         solutions and building broad coalitions to move America to
benefit of people and wildlife; ensuring clean drinking water,         efficient and renewable energy for a sustainable future.
natural flood protection and recreational enjoyment.                   (202) 628-1400;
(877) 4-RIVERS;
                                                                       909-0085 Environmental Defenders of McHenry County
909-0035 Bat Conservation International                                Citizens working together to protect water quality of streams,
Worldwide authority on bats committed to their protection              wetlands and drinking water supplies. We promote sensible
through direct habitat conservation, research and education;           community planning, recycling, reduced waste and native
facilitating win-win solutions that help both bats and people.         landscaping.
(800) 538-2287;                                         (815) 338-0393;

909-0040 Beyond Pesticides (National Coalition Against the             909-0090 Environmental Defense Fund
Misuse of Pesticides)                                                  Environmental Defense’s scientists, economists and attorneys
Prevents pesticide poisoning of our environment, homes,                design practical, long-term strategies to protect wildlife, natural
workplaces, schools, food and water through a practical                resources, safeguard clean air, water and human health.
information clearinghouse on toxic hazards and non-chemical            (800) 684-3322;
pest control.
(202) 543-5450;                               909-0095 Environmental Law and Policy Center of the Midwest
                                                                       The Environmental Law and Policy Center is a legal advocacy
909-0045 Center for Health, Environment and Justice                    organization that protects our natural resources and promotes
Protects the health of communities and children through                business solutions.
grassroots organizing, coalition-building, and consumer                (312) 673-6500;
campaigns to eliminate dangerous chemicals in water, air, homes
and schools.                                                           909-0100 Environmental Law Institute
(703) 237-2249;                                           Environmental law that works for you: community-based
                                                                       education + research on national problems = solutions to protect
909-0050 Center for Neighborhood Technology                            people and nature. Independent and non-partisan.
Promotes the development of more livable and sustainable urban         (202) 939-3800;
communities. Develops innovative solutions to improve and
strengthen the region’s environmental and economic conditions.         909-0105 Family Farmed
(773) 278-4800;                                            Encourages sustainable economic development and revitalizes
                                                                       communities in an environmentally sound manner. The
909-0055 Chicago Legal                                        program builds markets for regional family
Clinic                                                                 farmers and food processors.
Maintains an Environmental                                             (708) 763-9920;
Law Clinic that offers
free representation to                                                 909-0110 Forest Service Employees for Environmental Ethics
people confronting urban                                               Seeks the preservation of ecological values and biological
environmental problems in                                              diversity in our national forests through education and advocating
the Chicago area.                                                      for reforms of the Forest Service’s management practices.
(312) 726-2938;                                                        (541) 484-2692;

                                      Combined Charities Campaign | 14 |
909-0115 Friends of the Chicago River                                  909-0170 Illinois Environmental Council, Education Fund
Our work includes restoration, education, watershed                    IECEF promotes sound environmental policies, provides a forum
management, planning and outreach. Our vision is a healthy             for environmentalists and facilitates a statewide activist network.
Chicago River offering 156 miles of recreation and community           (217) 544-5954;
(312) 939-0490;                                   909-0175 John G. Shedd Aquarium
                                                                       At Shedd Aquarium, animals connect you to the living world,
909-0120 Friends of the Earth                                          inspiring you to make a difference.
Strives to preserve our natural resources, advocates for public        (312) 692-3324;
health protection and works for environmental justice for all
peoples throughout the world.                                          909-0180 Lake Forest Open Lands Association
(877) 843-8687;                                            Preserves, restores and maintains 730 acres of woodlands,
                                                                       wetlands, prairies, ravines and savannas. Provides environmental
909-0125 Friends of the Forest Preserves                               education to children and adults.
Working to preserve, protect and restore the Forest Preserves of       (847) 234-3880;
Cook County for the benefit of people and nature.
(312) 356-9990;                                          909-0185 The Land Connection
                                                                       Works to establish successful farmers on healthy farmland,
909-0130 Friends of the Fox River                                      ensuring an abundance of delicious, local and organic foods.
We are building a watershed of caretakers. We teach children and       (847) 570-0701;
adults to monitor and maintain the health of the Fox River and its
tributaries.                                                           909-0190 Land Trust Alliance
(815) 356-6605;                           Leads 7,100 conservation groups across America to save
                                                                       the forests, farms, waterways and natural areas you love in
909-0135 Friends of the Parks                                          communities where you live, work and travel.
Preserves, protects and improves parks, forest preserves and           (202) 638-4725;
Chicago’s lakefront by creating citizen awareness, volunteer and
educational opportunities and influencing public park policy.          909-0195 Lincoln Park Zoo
(312) 857-2757;                                           A free family zoo in the heart of Chicago dedicated to superb
                                                                       animal care, world-wide conservation initiatives, scientific
909-0140 Green Corps, Inc.                                             education and preserving the world’s wildlife.
Training a new generation of environmental leaders by working in       (312) 742-2000;
communities with local groups to preserve forests, clean up our
air and promote cleaner energy.                                        909-0200 National Forest Foundation
(617) 426-8506;                                     Engages America in community based and national programs that
                                                                       promote the health and public enjoyment of the 193-million acre
909-0145 Illinois Association of Park Districts                        National Forest System.
Improves our quality of life by promoting recreation programs and      (406) 542-2805;
self-confidence building opportunities for youth, preserving open
space and natural areas, supporting trails and greenways.              909-0205 National Parks Conservation Association
(217) 523-4554;                                        Preserves national parks from the Grand Canyon to Gettysburg;
                                                                       protects endangered wildlife and cultural sites; promotes new
909-0150 Illinois Audubon Society                                      parks; defends against pollution, inappropriate development and
Illinois Audubon promotes the perpetuation and appreciation of         overcrowding.
the native flora and fauna of Illinois and the habitats that support   (800) NAT-PARK;
(217) 544-2473;                                909-0210 National Wildlife Federation
                                                                       America’s conservation organization dedicated to protecting
909-0155 Illinois Conservation Foundation                              endangered species and habitats for our children’s future and
Forests to fish, prairies to pollution prevention and wetlands         connecting people with nature through education and action
to wildlife, the Illinois Conservation Foundation works for the        opportunities.
protection and enhancement of Illinois’ natural resources.             (800) 332-4949;
(217) 785-2003;
                                                                       909-0215 Natural Land Institute
909-0160 Illinois Council of Trout unlimited                           NLI is creating an enduring legacy of natural land in Northern
Volunteers focus on the preservation, restoration and                  Illinois for people, plants and animals by preserving and restoring
improvement of fisheries and their watersheds through advocacy,        forests, prairies and wetlands.
encouragement of sound conservation management, habitat                (815) 964-6666;
improvement and environmental education.
(773) 638-6178;                                             909-0220 Natural Resources Defense Council
                                                                       NRDC defends embattled wilderness, rivers, clean air, coasts
909-0165 Illinois Division of the Izaak Walton League of America       and wildlife across America and around the globe. Saved Baja’s
We are a grassroots organization dedicated to identifying              whales, Canada’s Spirit bears and California’s sequoias.
workable, scientific solutions to environmental problems of soils,     (212) 727-2700;
woods, water and wildlife.
(815) 344-9720;

                                     Combined Charities Campaign | 15 |
909-0225 The Nature Conservancy                                        909-0280 Scenic America
The Nature Conservancy is the leading conservation organization        Protects natural beauty, fights billboard blight, saves America’s
working around the world to protect ecologically important lands       special places. Our education and advocacy preserves thousands
and waters for nature and people.                                      of miles of roads and hundreds of communities.
(703) 841-5300;                                         (202) 638-0550;

909-0230 Nuclear Energy Information Service                            909-0285 Seven Generations Ahead
Provides information about the hazards, safety problems,               SGA promotes healthy local food and nutrition education in
environmental effects and economic costs of nuclear power,             schools and environmental planning and policies to build
radioactive waste and radiation exposure and about viable energy       sustainable energy efficient communities in the Chicago area.
alternatives.                                                          (708) 660-9909;
(773) 342-7650;
                                                                       909-0290 The Sierra Club Foundation
909-0235 Ocean Conservancy                                             Dedicated to preserving wilderness and protecting environmental
Through research, education and science-based advocacy, the            quality through education, publication and all lawful means
Ocean Conservancy informs, inspires and empowers people to             necessary.
speak and act on behalf of the oceans.                                 (312) 251-1680;
(800) 519-1541;
                                                                       909-0295 South Cook County Environmental Action Coalition
909-0240 Openlands                                                     Educates the general public regarding the hazards of current
Openlands protects the greater Chicago region’s natural areas          solid waste disposal methods; advocates source reduction,
through advocacy, education and outreach, planning and land            aggressive recycling, reuse and composting.
acquisition to improve the quality of life for all.                    (773) 239-9926
(312) 863-6250;
                                                                       909-0300 Southeast Environmental Task Force
909-0245 The Peregrine Fund                                            SETF is dedicated to serving the Southeast Side and south
Saves eagles, condors, falcons and other endangered birds              suburbs of Chicago by promoting environmental education,
through research, breeding and conservation programs. Helps            pollution prevention and sustainable development.
preserve rainforests. Educates children and adults about nature        (773) 646-0436;
and science.
(208) 362-3716;                                  909-0305 The Student Conservation Association
                                                                       Over 1,600,000 hours of environmental service yearly, with high
909-0250 Pesticide Action Network North America                        school and college volunteers working in parks, forests, refuges
Works to eliminate poisonous pesticides. Links consumer, labor,        nationwide. Building trails, saving wildlife, helping visitors.
health, environment and agriculture groups internationally to          (603) 543-1700;
advance safer, ecologically sound pest control alternatives.
(415) 981-1771;                                          909-0310 Surfrider Foundation
                                                                       Protects and preserves the world’s oceans, waves and beaches
909-0255 Prairie Rivers Network                                        through conservation, activism, research and education.
A strong voice for Illinois’ rivers, providing leadership, technical   Activities include: water quality monitoring, environmental
information and hands-on assistance to citizens working to             education and grassroots activism.
protect and enhance our rivers and water quality.                      (800) 743-SURF;
(217) 344-2371;
                                                                       909-0315 The Trust for Public Land
909-0260 Rails-to-Trails Conservancy                                   The Trust for Public Land conserves land for people to enjoy
Converts thousands of miles of unused railroad corridors into          as parks, gardens and other natural places, ensuring livable
public trails for walking, bicycling, hiking, skating, horseback       communities for generations to come.
riding, cross-country skiing, wildlife habitats and nature             (800) 714-LAND;
(866) 202-9788;                                  909-0320 union of Concerned Scientists
                                                                       Scientists and citizens working on solutions to reduce air
909-0265 Rainforest Alliance                                           pollution and global warming, protect biodiversity, prevent
Works to conserve biodiversity and ensure sustainable livelihoods      nuclear proliferation and ensure a sustainable, safe food system.
by transforming land-use practices, business practices and             (800) 666-8276;
consumer behavior.
(888) MY-EARTH;                            909-0325 Wildlife Conservation Society
                                                                       Saves endangered species and threatened ecosystems in 61
909-0270 Safer Pest Control Project                                    countries; teaches ecology and inspires care for wildlife through
Dedicated to reducing the health risks and environmental impacts       the Bronx Zoo and national science education programs.
of pesticides and promoting safer alternatives in Illinois.            (718) 741-1647;
(773) 878-7378;
                                                                       909-0330 Wildlife Trust
909-0275 Save the Prairie Society                                      Wildlife Trust empowers local conservation scientists to protect
Acquires land, restores native Illinois ecosystems, protects           nature and safeguard ecosystems and human health.
wildlife habitat, organizes field trips and conservation education     (212) 380-4460
activities and promotes environmental values through grassroots
(708) 562-3280;

                                      Combined Charities Campaign | 16 |
909-0335 World Wildlife Fund                                             910-0030 Arthritis & Chronic Pain Research Institute
Protects endangered wildlife and their threatened habitats by            Chronic pain caused by arthritis, cancer, and other medical
providing emergency assistance and long-term support to parks,           conditions cripple 86 million Americans. Help us continue our
nature preserves and anti-poaching activities on five continents.        search for new medications to relieve pain.
(202) 293-4800;                                    (800) 877-4166;

Special Olympics of Illinois – Code 905-0000                             910-0035 Breast Cancer Coalition
Special Olympics Illinois provides year-round                            National Breast Cancer Coalition Fund works to end breast
training nearly 21,000 athletes with intellectual                        cancer by increasing research funding, making sure all women
disabilities and more than 4,000 Young Athletes                          have access to treatment, and training advocates.
ages 2-7 with and without intellectual disabilities. Special             (800) 622-2838;
Olympics programs enhance physical fitness, motor skills, self-
confidence, social skills and encourage family support. Special          910-0040 Cancer Research and Prevention Foundation (Prevent
Olympics involves more than 3.1 million athletes in more than            Cancer Foundation)
180 countries. Part of an international program, Special Olympics        Your donation funds cancer prevention research; educates people
Illinois Eastern Prairie/Area 8 serves 670 athletes in Champaign,        about how they can prevent cancer; and supports community
Ford, Iroquois, Kankakee, Piatt and Vermilion counties. Special          cancer prevention programs.
Olympics Illinois conducts more than 175 events throughout               (800) 227-2732;
the state each year. Champaign-Urbana plays host to an area
volleyball qualifier, and district basketball, bocce and aquatics        910-0045 Cancer Research for Children (National Childhood
competitions, each bringing hundreds of athletes from around             Cancer Foundation)
Central Illinois to the community.                                       Cancer is the #1 disease killer of children. Please help us reach
                                                                         the day when every child with cancer can be guaranteed a cure.
Contact Special Olympics Illinois at (800) 394-0562.      (800) 458-6223;

                                                                         910-0050 Catholics united for Life
                                                                         Pro-life Catholic organization dedicated to defending human
NATIONAL/GLOBAL OPTIONS                                                  life from the moment of conception. Activities include sidewalk
                                                                         counseling, educational programs and legal defense of religious
America’s Charities – Code 910-0000
Working to build strong communities.
                                                                         (800) 764-8444;
Addressing needs of children, families,
communities through member programs, by
                                                                         910-0055 Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation
helping employers and employees support our
                                                                         The Foundation is dedicated to curing spinal cord injury by
member charities’ programs.
                                                                         funding innovative research, and improving the quality of life for
(800) 458-9505;
                                                                         people living with paralysis.
Through your gift to America’s Charities you can:                        (800) 225-0292;
•   Help fulfill the wish of a child with a life-threatening illness
•   Help fund research toward a cure for terminal diseases               910-0060 Diabetes Research and Wellness Foundation
•   Help protect individual freedoms of citizens without                 Scientific research into treatments and cure of diabetes. Conducts
    resources                                                            screenings, education programs to save lives from blindness, kidney
•   Help fund activites to motivate children’s interest in reading       failure, amputations. Publishes The Diabetes Wellness News.
•   Help promote activites designed to benefit the environment,          (877) 633-3976;
    humans, and wildlife
                                                                         910-0065 Diabetes Research Institute Foundation, Inc.
                                                                         Committed to curing children and adults now living with diabetes
910-0005 Alzheimer’s and Aging Research Center                           and leads the world in bringing promising treatments to patients
Stop the suffering caused by aging- related medical conditions!          as fast as possible.
Your support makes exciting new research possible. Please help           (800) 321-3437;
our aging population and their families.
(800) 877-0019;                                   910-0070 Dress for Success Worldwide
                                                                         Dress for Success is an international non-profit organization that
910-0010 American Center for Law and Justice                             promotes the economic independence of disadvantaged women
Specializing in constitutional law, the ACLJ is dedicated to the         through suiting, career development and employment retention
concept that freedom and democracy are God-given inalienable             programs.
rights that must be protected.                                           (212) 532-1922;
(800) 296-4529;
                                                                         910-0075 Father Flanagan’s Boys’ Home
910-0020 American Civil Liberties union Foundation                       Provides food, clothing, shelter, education, spiritual, and medical
Defends your constitutional rights. Upholds free speech, religious       care to homeless, neglected, abused, and communicatively
liberty, equality, privacy, due process. Fights unlawful detention and   handicapped boys and girls.
eavesdropping. Protects minorities, women, immigrants, the poor.         (800) 448-3000;
(212) 549-2500;
                                                                         910-0080 Feed The Children
910-0025 Amnesty International uSA                                       Feed The Children provides food, medicine, clothing, educational
Worldwide membership-based human rights organization --                  materials and other essentials to children and their families
impartial and non-political -- working to create a safer, more just      domestically and internationally.
world.1977 Nobel Peace Prize recipient.                                  (800) 627-4556;
(800) AMNESTY;
                                      Combined Charities Campaign | 17 |
910-0085 Fellowship of Christian Athletes                            910-0140 Make-A-Wish Foundation® of America
Empowering and equipping coaches and athletes with                   We grant the wishes of children with life-threatening medical
encouragement, resources and training to influence and impact        conditions to enrich the human experience with hope, strength,
the world for Jesus Christ for more than 54 years.                   and joy.
(800) 289-0909;                                          (800) 722-9474;

910-0090 Flu (Influenza): Infectious Disease Research Center         910-0145 Mothers Against Drunk Driving
Influenza and viral illnesses such as HIV/AIDS kill millions each    Provides national and local programs to educate the public
year. With your help scientific research can discover vaccines and   about drunk driving and underage drinking as well as provides
drug treatments for infectious diseases.                             assistance to drunk driving victims.
(800) 877-9541,                           (800) 438-6233;

910-0095 The Fund for Animals                                        910-0150 Multiple Sclerosis Association of America
The Fund for Animals, founded by Cleveland Amory, operates           MSAA helps individuals cope with the day-to-day situations
animal sanctuaries and wildlife centers, and is a leading provider   that arise from having MS by providing free equipment, expert
of direct care for animals.                                          consultation, educational publications, and webcasts.
(888) 405-FUND;                               (800) 833-4672;

910-0100 Give Kids The World                                         910-0155 NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund
Give Kids The World is a non-profit resort that creates memories     Fights for equality, access to education, employment, health
and hope for children with life-threatening illnesses who wish to    care, housing, environmental justice, voting rights, criminal
visit Central Florida’s attractions.                                 justice. Provides scholarships to promising African-American
(800) 995-5437;                                         undergraduates and law students.
                                                                     (800) 221-7822;
910-0105 The Hole In The Wall Gang Fund
Founded by Paul Newman, is a non-profit camp and year-round          910-0160 NAACP Special Contribution Fund
center providing free services to children with cancer and other     Focused on protecting and advancing civil rights by eliminating
life-threatening illnesses.                                          the disparity within target areas: criminal justice, education,
(203) 772-0522;                            employment, emergency relief, health advocacy, housing, legal
910-0110 Hospice America (American Hospice Foundation)               (877) 622-2798;
Increases access to hospice through public education,
professional training, and advocacy to ensure comfort and dignity    910-0165 NARAL Pro-Choice America Foundation
for dying people, and compassionate support for grieving families.   Works with 24 affiliates to advance our shared mission of making
(202) 223-0204;                              abortion less necessary, and provides citizens with resources to
                                                                     take action locally and nationally.
910-0115 Human Rights Campaign Foundation                            (202) 973-3000;
Provides information and resources to educate the public and
foster sound public policy to end discrimination against gay,        910-0170 National Black Child Development Institute
lesbian, bisexual and transgender Americans.                         Exists to improve and protect the quality of life of children and
(800) 777-4723;                                          families through educational programs, tutoring, training, public
                                                                     education, and other community outreach programs.
910-0120 The Humane Society of the united States                     (800) 556-2234;
The Humane Society of the United States celebrates animals and
confronts cruelty. The organization is backed by more than 10.5      910-0175 National Down Syndrome Society
million Americans.                                                   Strives to increase public awareness about Down syndrome
(202) 452-1100;                                and improve the lives of people with Down syndrome through
                                                                     research, education and advocacy.
910-0125 “I Have A Dream” Foundation®                                (800) 221-4602;
Empowering children in low-income communities to achieve
higher education by providing guaranteed tuition assistance for      910-0180 National Organization for Rare Disorders (NORD)
college and a long-term program of academic and social support.      Provides understandable information on rare diseases; peer
(212) 293-5480;                        networking; community resource referrals; patient medication
                                                                     assistance programs; research; advocacy for over 25 million
910-0130 International Planned Parenthood Federation,                people with rare disorders.
Western Hemisphere Region                                            (800) 999-6673;
Providing access to sexual and reproductive health information
and services for all, especially the poor and marginalized.          910-0185 National Trust for Historic Preservation in the
(866) 477-3947;                                      united States
                                                                     We help people protect, enhance, and enjoy the places that matter
910-0135 Lance Armstrong Foundation                                  to them. Your support will help save America’s historic places and
The Lance Armstrong Foundation unites people through                 revitalize our communities.
programs and experiences to support cancer survivors and the         (800) 944-NTHP;
fight against cancer. Unite and fight caner at
(877) 236-8820;

                                    Combined Charities Campaign | 18 |
910-0190 Native American Rights Fund                                   Global Impact – Code 901-0000
Provides legal representation nationwide to Native American            Global Impact is dedicated to helping the
tribes, villages, organizations, and individuals to uphold sovereign   world’s most vulnerable people. Established
and human rights guaranteed them by treaty and law.                    in 1956, it is the national leader in raising
(800) 447-0784;                                           awareness and funds for over 50 humanitarian organizations
                                                                       that provide help to people in need in virtually every developing
910-0195 Orphan Foundation of America                                  country. Through programs such as disaster relief, education,
At age 18 most orphans are on their own. OFA and volunteers            health care training and economic programs, Global Impact
provide moral and financial support to parentless teens pursuing       funded charities touch over 400 million lives each year and
college and vocational training.                                       promote self-sufficiency, strengthen communities and offer hope.
(800) 950-4673;                                         Since its inception, Global Impact has raised more than $1 billion
                                                                       to help others.
910-0200 PetSmart Charities
PetSmart Charities has funded over $70 million to support spay/
neuter, disaster relief and educational programs. We saved 3.4         901-0000 Global Impact
million pets through its in-store adoption program.                    Supports leading U.S.-based international charities to address
(800) 423-PETS;                              critical needs throughout the world. We help ensure sustainable
                                                                       solutions by meeting real needs with real results.
910-0205 Population Connection/ZPG                                     (800) 436-4620;
A national nonprofit organization working to stabilize population
growth and achieve a sustainable balance of people, resources          901-0010 ACCION International
and the environment.                                                   Provides “micro-loans” to low-income people.
(800) 767-1956;                           (800) 931-9951;

910-0210 Reading Is Fundamental, Inc. (RIF)                            901-0030 African Medical and Research Foundation (AMREF)
RIF provides free books for children across America to choose          Improves health conditions for Africans.
and keep. By promoting a love of books, RIF encourages                 (212) 768-2440;
children’s literacy and involves communities.
(888) 725-4801;                                            901-0040 Africare
                                                                       Develops self-help programs and emergency aid in Africa.
910-0215 Ronald McDonald House Charities®                              (202) 462-3614;
Creates, finds and supports programs improving health and well-
being of children through its global network of local Chapters and     901-0060 American Leprosy Foundation
281 Ronald McDonald House® programs worldwide.                         Our goal is to eradicate leprosy through scientific research.
(630) 623-7048;                                           (877) 241-1736;

910-0220 Southern Poverty Law Center                                   901-0070 American Jewish World Service
Using litigation, education, and other forms of advocacy, the          Provides nonsectarian relief to people in need.
Center works toward making the ideals of equal justice and equal       (800) 889-7146;
opportunity a reality.
(888) 414-7752;                                      901-0080 American Near East Refugee Aid (ANERA)
                                                                       Helps people in the West Bank, Gaza Strip, Lebanon.
910-0225 Tiger Woods Foundation, Inc.                                  (202) 842-2766;
Helping all children build values, characteristics and attitudes
to reach their goals, TWF initiates and supports programs that         901-0090 American Refugee Committee
enhance their learning, growth and development.                        Provides medical care, training, and related services.
(888) TWF-KIDZ;                           (800) 875-7060;

910-0230 Tuberous Sclerosis Alliance                                   901-0100 AmeriCares Foundation, Inc.
The organization supports tuberous sclerosis research, maintains       Restores health through medicines and other aid.
a national network for family support, and promotes public             (800) 486-4357;
awareness and the education of medical and allied professionals.
(800) 225-6872;                                     901-0110 CARE
                                                                       Fights root causes of poverty in 66 countries.
910-0235 unitedHealthcare Children’s Foundation                        (800) 521-2273;
UHCCF provides medical grants up to $5,000 to children’s families
to help pay for non-covered medical services and expenses from         901-0150 Children International
their commercial health benefit plan.                                  Provides assistance to poverty-stricken children.
(952) 992-4459;                                          (800) 888-3089;

910-0240 Wounded Warrior Project                                       901-0160 ChildFund International
Honors and empowers wounded warriors, helping severely                 Serves the needs of children worldwide.
injured service members aid and assist each other providing            (800) 776-6767;
unique, direct programs and services to meet their needs.
(904) 296-7350,                          901-0170 Christian Reformed World Relief Committee (CRWRC)
                                                                       Improves food production, health, & self sufficiency.
                                                                       (800) 552-7972;

                                     Combined Charities Campaign | 19 |
901-0180 Church World Service/CROP                                   901-0315 International Youth Foundation
Eradicates hunger and poverty and promotes peace.                    Serves disadvantaged children and youth.
(800) 297-1516;                           (800) 770-8710;

901-0190 Doctors Without Borders uSA                                 901-0060 Leonard Wood Memorial for the Eradication of
Provides medical care to victims of war and disaster.                Leprosy and the American Leprosy Foundation
(888) DWB-0-DWB;                       Our goal is to eradicate leprosy through scientific research.
                                                                     (877) 241-1736;
901-0200 ECHO
Develops agricultural solutions to aid farmers.                      901-0320 Lutheran World Relief
(239) 543-3246;                                      Strengthens hundreds of communities in 35 countries.
                                                                     (800) LWR-LWR2;
901-0520 EngenderHealth, Inc.
Works to improve reproductive health care.                           901-0330 Mercy Corps
(800) 564-2872;                               Saves lives and works with the poor globally.
                                                                     (800) 292-3355;
901-0530 Episcopal Relief & Development
Creates lasting solutions to poverty.                                901-0340 Near East Foundation
(800) 334-7626 x6122;                                   Organizes vulnerable communities in the Middle East and Africa.
                                                                     (212) 425-2205
901-0210 FINCA International
Microfinance programs to assist the poor.                            901-0350 Opportunity International
(202) 682-1510;                               Provides small loans and basic business training.
                                                                     (800) 793-9455;
901-0220 Freedom From Hunger
Program fights chronic hunger.                                       901-0360 Oxfam America
(800) 708-2555;                               Dedicated to solutions for global poverty, hunger and injustice.
                                                                     (800) 77-OXFAM;
901-0230 Habitat for Humanity International
Working to end poverty housing by building affordable homes.         901-0370 PATH
(800) 422-4828;                                      Strengthens communities break cycles of poor health.
                                                                     (206) 285-3500;
901-0240 Health volunteers Overseas
Achieves long-term improvements in health care.                      901-0550 PCI-Media Impact, Inc.
(202) 296-0928;                                       Uses broadcast media to promote health and human rights.
                                                                     (877) 724-7627;
901-0250 Heifer International
Provides poor families with farm animals.                            901-0380 Planned Parenthood Federation of America -
(800) 422-0474;                                       International
                                                                     Provides reproductive health services in the developing world.
901-0260 Helen Keller International                                  (800) 829-7732;
Works to treat and prevent nutritional blindness.
(877) 535-5374;                                          901-0130 Plan uSA
                                                                     Brings hope and help to the world’s poorest children.
901-0280 International Eye Foundation                                (800) 556-7918;
Saves sight by providing local health worker training.
(240) 290-0263;                                       901-0410 Project HOPE
                                                                     Provides services to improve community health.
901-0540 International Medical Corps                                 (800) 544-4673;
Provides vital medical care for women and children.
(800) 481-4462;                                 901-0420 Rotary Foundation of Rotary International
                                                                     Provides international efforts to immunize children.
901-0290 International Orthodox Christian Charities                  (866) 976-8279;
Provides aid through emergency relief.
(877) 803-IOCC;                                         901-0430 Salvation Army World Service Office (SAWSO)
                                                                     Assists the poor with health services and relief.
901-0300 International Relief Teams                                  (800) SAL-ARMY;
Assists disaster victims worldwide.
(619) 284-7979;                                      901-0440 Save the Children
                                                                     Serves the poorest children in over 40 countries.
901-0310 International                                               (800) 728-3843;
Rescue Committee
Emergency relief services for                                        901-0450 TechnoServe, Inc.
refugees.                                                            Creates income, opportunity and economic growth in the
(800) 733-8433;                                       developing world.
                                                                     (800) 999-6757;

                                    Combined Charities Campaign | 20 |
901-0460 uNICEF, u.S.                                                 911-0023 Adoption Exchange Association
Saves children’s lives and builds their futures.                      114,000 U.S. foster children need adoptive families! AEA recruits
(800) 486-4233;                                     families and helps agencies, professionals, and families negotiate
                                                                      local and interstate adoption. Home to
901-0470 unitarian universalist Service Committee                     (888) 200-4005;
Defends civil liberties and promotes economic justice.
(800) 766-5236;                                          911-0024 Adoptions by Cradle of Hope
                                                                      Provide overseas adoption services and support.
901-0480 united Methodist Committee on Relief                         (301) 587-4400;
Focuses on alleviating hunger and poverty.
(800) 554-8583;                                         911-0030 Adventist Relief & Development International
                                                                      Promotes self-reliance and social well-being.
901-0490 William J. Clinton Foundation                                (800) 424-ADRA;
Meeting the challenges of global interdependence.
(212) 348-8882;                             911-0070 AIDS and Sexually Transmitted Disease Information
                                                                      Services of the American Social Health Association
901-0495 Women for Women International                                Fights sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).
Aid, eduction and income generation to support women.                 (919) 361-8400;
(202) 737-7705;
                                                                      911-0075 AIDS Fund, National
901-0500 World Relief Corporation                                     A nationwide partnership of community-based organizations
Provides emergency relief to the poor worldwide.                      fighting HIV/AIDS through prevention, education and care. Grant
(800) 535-5433;                                            dollars matched by communities 2:1 - doubling your contribution!
                                                                      (202) 408-4848;

Independent Charities of America – Code 911-0000                      911-0080 AIDS Programs of the National Minority AIDS Council
America’s finest tradition and independent                            Provides minority organizations with assistance.
charities working to feed the hungry, shelter the                     (202) 483-6622;
homeless, protect the children, and care for the
elderly, ill and infirm. All the charities listed                     911-0090 AIDS Treatment and Research Infomation
below meet the highest standards for public                           Provides complete and up-to-date information.
accountability, program effectiveness, and cost-effectiveness – so    (415) 558-8669;
youar generosity brings real help to real people, right now.
                                                                      911-0092 AIDS vaccine Initiative, Inc.,International
                                                                      The world needs an AIDS vaccine. We work to ensure and speed
Independent Charities of America – 9111-0000                          development of safe, effective, accessible, preventive HIV vaccines
                                                                      for use throughout the world.
911-0010 4-H: The National 4- H Council                               (212) 847-1111;
Youth taking leadership to their communities.
(301) 961-2853;                                  911-0094 Air Compassion America
                                                                      Enabling life-saving discounted emergency air transportation
911-0012 Abandoned Children’s Fund                                    by working on behalf of patients and patient families in times of
Saving children’s lives! Sharing God’s love by providing food,        crisis.
shelter, clean water, healthcare, education and vocational            (866) 270-9198;
training to desperate, abandoned women, children and families.
(888) 884-0567;                        911-0096 Air Serv International
                                                                      We carry medicines, relief workers, supplies, food and medevac
911-0015 Access Fund                                                  patients for hundreds of relief agencies working with developing
Promotes minimum impact climbing practices and conservation.          nations in crisis.
(888) 863-6237;                                    (540) 428-2323;

911-0018 Adoptable Children (North American Council)                  911-0097 Alexander Graham Bell Association for the Deaf and
Advocate family solutions for children in foster care.                Hard of Hearing
(651) 644-3036;                                         Promotes the use of spoken language and hearing technology
                                                                      for those who are deaf or hearing impaired, through outreach,
911-0020 Adoption and Humanitarian Aid - MAPS                         training and financial-aid, scholarships and fellowships.
Adoption services and humanitarian aid to orphaned and                (202) 337-5220;
abandoned children.
(207) 532-9358;                                     911-0098 Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation
                                                                      A four-year-old cancer patient’s front yard lemonade stand
911-0022 Adoption Center                                              evolved to a nationwide movement to find a cure for pediatric
Finds adoptive families for abused, neglected, and disabled U.S.      cancer. Please join us.
children.                                                             (866) 333-1213;
(800) TO-ADOPT;
                                                                      911-0100 Allergy and Asthma Network/Mothers of Asthmatics, Inc.
                                                                      Reduces asthma and allergy suffering and death.
                                                                      (703) 641-9595;

                                     Combined Charities Campaign | 21 |
911-0101 Alley Cat Allies                                              911-0180 Anxiety Disorders, Panic, & Stress Research and
Works for humane control of feline overpopulation.                     Awareness Foundation
(202) 667-3630;                                       Promotes the prevention, treatment, and cure.
                                                                       (301) 231-9350;
911-0105 Alzheimer’s Foundation of America
Hands-on care and support services nationwide for individuals          911-0190 Armed Forces veterans Homes Foundation
with Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias, and their              Health Setbacks. Loneliness. Helplessness. We assist 30,000
families. “Caring for the Nation.                                      veterans overcome challenges of aging and disabilities with
(866) AFA-8484;                                         quality long term care at 140 State Veterans Homes
                                                                       (301) 899-8386;
911-0107 Alzheimer’s Research Foundation, Fisher Center
Providing research into Alzheimer’s.                                   911-0200 Arthritis National Research Foundation
(800) ALZ-INFO;                                        Help make arthritis a disease of the past. The search for a cure
                                                                       continues as we continue to fund research to find new treatments.
911-0113 American Discovery Trail Society                              (800) 588-2873;
Help build the first coast-to-coast, multi-use hiking trail.
(703) 753-0149;                                 911-0215 Asian Children’s Assistance Limited
                                                                       Saving Asian abandoned, orphaned, destitute, and handicapped
911-0115 American Forest Foundation                                    children by providing hope and opportunity. Reaching their full
Conserving today and preparing for tomorrow. Dedicated to forest       potential through basic care, corrective surgery, therapy, and
conservation, wildlife habitat restoration, and environmental          training.
education to protect our nation’s natural resources and green          (866) 523-3133;
(202) 463-2462;                               911-0220 ASPCA: American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty
                                                                       to Animals
911-0120 American Foundation for Children with AIDS                    Prevents cruelty and alleviates the suffering of animals.
HIV+ children don’t have to die. Help us provide free anti-            (212) 876-7700. ext. 4511;
retroviral and other medication, support, and education to help
victims achieve their full life potential.                             911-0225 Assistance Dog united Campaign
(888) 683-8323;                           Help provide loving assistance dog partners-Guide, Service,
                                                                       Hearing, Social/Therapy dogs-to individuals with disabilities
911-0140 American Humane Association                                   through ADUC’s assistance dog sponsorships and training
Protects animals and children from cruelty.                            program support.
(800) 227-4645;                                 (800) 284-DOGS;

911-0145 American India Foundation                                     911-0230 Autism Intervention and Treatment Research -
AIF’s mission is to accelerate social and economic change for the      Organization for Autism Research
marginalized in India through emphasis on education, livelihood,       We’re here to provide those answers and fund studies that provide
maternal and child health.                                             practical information on lifelong care.
(888) 243-4463;                                   (703) 351-5031;

911-0150 American Indian College Fund                                  911-0240 Autism Society of America
Help us revive some of the most economically depressed                 Improves the lives of individuals with autism.
communities in our nation by supporting scholarships to                (800) 3-AUTISM;
American Indian students at our nation’s tribal colleges.
(303) 426-8900;                                    911-0145 Autoimmune Diseases Association, Inc.
                                                                       Fights 80 autoimmune diseases.
911-0160 American Thyroid Association                                  (888) 856-8585;
Everyone knows someone with thyroid disease -- millions are
undiagnosed! Support patient education and thyroid research            911-0250 Bear Necessities Pediatric Cancer Foundation, Inc.
discovering causes, treatments, and prevention. Help with your         Helps children with cancer.
contributions.                                                         (847) 952-9164
(703) 998-8890;
                                                                       911-0255 Believe In Tomorrow National Children’s Foundation
911-0210 Angel Flight Central                                          National leader in hospital and respite housing for critically ill
Provides free air transportation to people in need.                    children your donation provides essential support services to
(800) 474-9464;                             families in the midst of medical crisis.
                                                                       (800) 933-5470;
911-0115 Animal Legal Defense Fund
Protects the lives and advance the interests of animals through        911-0257 Best Buddies for Children with Mental Retardation
the legal system.                                                      Children with mental retardation are often lonely and isolated.
(707) 769-7771;                                           Change their future by matching them with volunteers in one-to-
                                                                       one friendships…providing ‘Best Buddies’ for life.
911-0170 Animals for Awareness                                         (800) 89-BUDDY;
Wildlife rehabilitation provided for all native animals. No-kill,
permanent safe haven for displaced exotic and unreleasable             911-0260 Bethany Christian Services
wildlife. Humane education and pet therapy for all ages.               Enfold a child in loving arms!
(708) 361-9330;                            (616) 224-7610;

                                      Combined Charities Campaign | 22 |
911-0265 Bethany Christian Services - Illinois                        911-0300 Breast Cancer Action
Provide free, confidential, options counseling and support to any     Take action with a breast cancer organization that educates
woman facing an unplanned pregnancy. (773) 264-0200; www.             and advocates for social justice, patients before profits and an                                                           environment with fewer toxins.
                                                                      (877) 2-STOP-BC;
911-0270 Bethany Christian Services of Missouri
Bethany finds homes for homeless children. We cherish children,       911-0307 Bright Hope International
providing adoptive homes for American, foreign-born and special       Helps poor and suffering people obtain resources needed to
needs children foster families for abused children.                   transform their quality of life and relationship with God.
(636) 536-6363;                                       (847) 519-0012;

911-0275 Big Run Wolf Ranch, Inc.                                     911-0310 Brother’s Brother Foundation
Educational facility that cares for North American wildlife.          Medical, educational, and agricultural programs.
(815) 588-0044;                               (412) 321-3160;

911-0278 Black Charities for Children, Families, Communities          911-0320 Cancer Aid and Research Fund
Provides programs that improve the quality of life for Black          Cancer support groups for patients and families.
children, families and communities.                                   (623) 561-5893;
(301) 563-6250;
                                                                      911-0325 Cancer Curing Society
911-0280 Blind and visually Impaired Services Accreditation           Help thousands of people recover from so-called “incurable”
Perform on-site visits by peer-professionals to agencies and          diseases, such as cancer, by teaching a powerful natural
schools serving people with vision loss, assess compliance with       treatment to patients, medical professionals and caregivers.
national standards of services provided and business practices.       (888) 443-7766;
(440) 409-0340;
                                                                      911-0323 Cancer Recovery Foundation of America
911-0281 Blind vietnamese Children Foundation                         Helping children battle cancer through national “Bear-Able Bag”
We provide direct assistance to the Vietnamese shelter-schools        program. Gift bags with toys, games, give children in hospitals
for blind and multi-impaired children, enabling them to become        hope, spirit. Emergency financial support to families.
independent and self-sufficient, as American blind children do.       (800) 238-6479;
(415) 713-2481;
                                                                      911-0330 Cancer Research Foundation
911-0282 Bone Marrow Donor Registry - American                        Help us find a cure for cancer. Funding laboratory and clinical
The registry makes lifesaving donor/patient matches possible.         cancer research projects that provide better treatment and care.
(800) 745-2452;                                         (312) 630-0055;

911-0283 Born Free uSA united with Animal Protection Institute        911-0332 Cancer Research Fund of the Damon Runyon - Walter
Advocates against animal abuse, and provides sanctuary for            Winchell Foundation
rescued primates.                                                     100% of your donation funds brilliant young cancer researchers
(800) 348-7387;                                   seeking new treatments for all forms of cancer.
                                                                      (877) 7CANCER;
911-0285 Boys Hope Girls Hope
Helps hurt and at-risk children.                                      911-0334 Cancer Research Fund vHL Alliance
(314) 298-1250;                             Funds research, provides information, peer support, improving
                                                                      diagnosis, treatment, and quality of life for people living with
911-0286 Brady Center to Prevent Handgun violence                     kidney cancer and related tumors.
Educates Americans about the scope of gun violence.                   (800) 767-4VHL;
(202) 289-7319;
                                                                      911-0336 Canine Assistants
911-0287 Brain Injury Association of America                          Training great dogs for special people. Invest in freedom by
Research and personal support to help the 5.3 million survivors of    providing service dogs to children and adults with disabilities.
traumatic brain injury.                                               Thank you!
(800) 444-6443;                                        (800) 771-7221;

911-0288 Brain Tumor Association, American                            911-0340 Canine Companions for Independence
Funds research for treatment of brain tumors.                         Gives independence to people with disabilities.
(847) 827-9910;                                          (800) 572-2275;

911-0290 Bread for the World Institute                                911-0350 Canines for Disabled Kids
Engages in research and education.                                    Providing trained rescued dogs and donated puppies for
(301) 608-2400, ext. 243;                               assistance at home and in school.
                                                                      (978) 422-5299;
911-0295 Breast Cancer Fund
Breast cancer is a public health crisis effecting mothers, sisters,   911-0360 Carter Center
and daughters. BCF identifies and advocates for elimination of the    Prevents and resolves conflicts, enhances freedom and
environmental causes of the disease.                                  democracy, and improves world health.
(866) 760-TBCF;                              (800) 550-3560;

                                     Combined Charities Campaign | 23 |
911-0370 CASA-Court Appointed Advocates for Abused Children            911-0463 Children of Nicaragua Fabretto Foundation
Trains advocates for abused and neglected children.                    After-school academic and nutrition services to children living in
(800) 628-3233;                                   severe poverty in many communities in Nicaragua.
                                                                       (703) 525-8716;
911-0390 Catholic Health Care for the Poor
Distributes health care to victims of poverty.                         911-0465 Children of the Night
(212) 242-7757, x22;                                      Rescues American children from street prostitution.
                                                                       (800) 551-1300;
911-400 Catholic Relief Services - uSCCB
Rushes food, clothing, shelter, water and comfort to God’s most        911-0470 Children’s Angel Flight
vulnerable children effectively and efficiently in times of disaster   Free medical air transportation for ill children.
and provides the means to self-sufficiency.                            (888) 675-1405;
(888) 277-7575;
                                                                       911-0483 Children Fire & Burn Fund
911-0415 C.H.A.D.D. (Children and Adults with Attention Deficit        Provides free smoke alarms and fire prevention education
Disorder)                                                              materials to local firefighters.
Family support, education, and research.                               (800) 877-1250;
(301) 306-7070;
                                                                       911-0485 Children’s Heart Foundation International
911-0420 Chicago Women’s Health Center                                 Treatment for children with congenital heart disease.
Empower and educate low-income and uninsured women by                  (877) 869-ICHF;
helping CWHC provide gynecology, counseling, and women’s
health education. Sliding-scale fees.                                  911-0490 Children’s Hopes & Dreams - Wish Fulfillment
(773) 935-6126;                      Foundation
                                                                       Help us realize a suffering child’s final wish.
911-0430 Child Family Health International                             (800) 437-3262;
Provides free health care to poor children worldwide.
(800) 771-2344;                                           911-0500 Children’s Hospital Medical Center Foundation
                                                                       Benefits the Children’s Hospital Medical Center.
911-0440 Child Find of America                                         (510) 428-3360
Child kidnapping prevention and recovery specialists.
(800) I-AM-LOST;                  911-0505 Children’s Medical Ministries
                                                                       Provides surgical teams, medicine, food, and clothing.
911-0450 Child Foundation                                              (301) 261-3211;
An international nonprofit organization that helps children in
need, who have been identified as high achievers, remain in            911-0511 Children’s Miracle Network
school.                                                                Gives funds to local participating children’s hospitals.
(503) 698-4084;                                (801) 278-8900;

911-0455 Child Rescue International                                    911-0512 Children’s Network International
Relief to institutionalized handicapped children.                      Provides food and medical assistance to needy children and their
(800) 245-9191;                                            families across the United States and world-wide where and when
                                                                       it is most needed.
911-0457 Childhelp®                                                    (877) 264-2243;
Working to meet the physical, emotional, educational and
spiritual needs of abused and neglected children. We focus our         911-0513 Philippine Children’s Shelter
efforts on advocacy, prevention, treatment, and community-             Orphaned children in the Philippines need more than just
outreach.                                                              shelter...we provide food, medicine,education and a loving home
(480) 922-8212;                                      through three residences and a school.
                                                                       (763) 689-6558;
911-0458 Childhood Cancer Research Coalition
Providing cutting edge children’s cancer research, one-to-one          911-0515 Christian Freedom International
patient and family education services, and life saving cancer          Caring for persecuted Christians in war-zones, brutal repression,
medicines free to needy patients. Your support saves lives.            and emergency delivering medicine, food, education, tools and
(919) 821-2182;                        Bibles reporting globally the atrocities occurring world-wide.
                                                                       (800) 323-CARE;
911-0459 Childhood Cancer Research - St. Baldrick’s Foundation
Shaving the way to conquer kids cancer! Our volunteers shave           911-0518 Christian Relief Services
their heads in solidarity, raising funds for awareness and             Many cannot afford the most basic needs... food, water, medicine,
lifesaving research to cure children’s cancer.                         housing. We’re providing a hand-up rather than hand-out to
(888) 899-BALD;                                    those who need it most worldwide.
                                                                       (800) 33-RELIEF;
911-0460 Children Awaiting Parents
Unites children with caring adoptive parents.                          911-0520 Christian World Adoption
(716) 232-5110;                                          Relieves suffering by feeding, clothing, medicating, educating,
                                                                       caring for children, our example being the love of Christ.
                                                                       (888) 97-ADOPT;

                                      Combined Charities Campaign | 24 |
911-0525 Chronic Fatigue and Immune Dysfunction Syndrome               911-0570 Direct Relief International
(CFIDS) Association of America                                         Strengthens local health programs and facilitates around the
Facilitates, programs, education, and research.                        world in areas of high need and responds to disasters with
(800) 442-3437;                                          medical material resources.
                                                                       (800) 676-1638;
911-0527 Coalition to Salute America’s Heroes
Assisting wounded and disabled war on terror veterans who              911-0575 Disabled American veterans (DAv) Charitable Service
have sacrificed to defend our country - financial aid, career          Trust
development, housing, education, family support services.              Provides food/clothing/shelter to homeless veterans.
(914) 432-5400;                                   (606) 441-7300;

911-0529 Comfort for America’s uniformed Services                      911-0580 Discovery
Provides entertainment and recreation programs to wounded              Tuition-based, subsidized services, and a free academic at-risk
warriors returning from Iraq and Afghanistan and undergoing            program.
long recuperations at military medical centers around the              (618) 632-3670;
(703) 750-6458;                                      911-0585 Dogs for Disabled Americans (NEADS)
                                                                       Trains rescued dogs and donated puppies.
911-0532 Compassionate Friends                                         (978) 422-9064;
A child’s death is devastating. Parents are inconsolable. Siblings
experience a rollercoaster of emotions. Devastated grandparents        911-0590 Dollars for Scholars
are in shocked disbelief. We help families to cope.                    Community-based scholarship foundations.
(877) 969-0010;                           (800) 279-2083;

911-0530 Concerns of Police Survivors, Inc. (COPS)                     911-0593 Down Syndrome Congress, National
Services for families of officers killed while on duty.                Information for people with Down Syndrome.
(573) 346-4911;                                   (800) 232-NDSC;

911-0535 Conservation and Protection of Public Lands                   911-0605 Educate the Children
Provides protection of natural resources through education and         We provide scholarships, teacher training, adult literacy, health
advocacy.                                                              programs, and small business development - with special
(703) 790-1988;                                     attention given to girls and women - to communities in Nepal.
                                                                       (607) 272-1176;
911-0540 Cornelia De Lange Syndrome Foundation
Children/families are provided personal support.                       911-0615 Equestrian Land Conservation Resource
(800) 753-2357;                                       Every hour, 250 acres of rural land is developed. Loss of
                                                                       land is a critical and defining issue for all horse people and
911-0543 Correctional Peace Officers Foundation                        conservationists.
Nonprofit charity for Correctional Officers and their families, by     (859) 455-8383;
providing line-of-duty death benefit, and catastrophic assistance
in cases of accident or illness.                                       911-0620 Faces: The National Association for the Cranio-
(800) 800-2763;                                           Facially Handicapped
                                                                       Funds for travel to reconstructive surgical centers.
911-0544 COTA Children’s Organ Transplant Association                  (800) 3-FACES-3;
COTA gives hope and makes miracles for children and young
adults needing life-saving transplants. All funds raised for these     911-0625 Family Adoption Consultants
children go toward transplant expenses.                                Our goal is to get children off the streets and into safe homes.
(800) 366-2682;                                           Providing ethical adoption services as well as aid to homeless
911-0545 Covenant House                                                (269) 343-3316;
Serves homeless and at-risk youth in 21 cities. No child turned
away. Free food, shelter, clothing, and medical services.              911-0630 Farm Animal Reform Movement (FARM)
(800) 388-3888;                                  Promotes humane treatment of farm animals.
                                                                       (800) ASK-FARM;
911-0547 Diabetes & Immune Disease National Research
Institute                                                              911-0640 Farm Safety 4 Just Kids
Help find treatments for diabetes and other immune system              Dedicated farm safety for children.
disorders. Make the necessary scientific breakthroughs a reality       (515) 758-2827;
by supporting our cutting-edge research.
(858) 752-6500;                                         911-0650 Farmers & Hunters Feeding the Hungry
                                                                       Please help farmers and hunters give nutritious meat free of
911-0550 Diabetes Action Research and Education Foundation             charge to their hungry neighbors.
We fund research for treatment, prevention, and cure.                  (301) 739-3000;
(301) 493-5537;
                                                                       911-0670 Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Network
                                                                       Food allergies can be deadly help us help others.
                                                                       (800) 929-4040;

                                      Combined Charities Campaign | 25 |
911-0680 Franciscan Outreach Association                              911-0770 Holt International Children’s Services
Provides food, emergency overnight shelter, and case                  International adoption and child caring.
management to 6,000 of Chicago’s poor and homeless in order to        (541) 687-2202;
help them build a better life.
(773) 278-6724;                                  911-0771 Homes For Our Troops
                                                                      We build specially adapted, handicap-accessible homes for
911-0690 FRAXA Research Foundation                                    severely injured veterans across the country. The homes are
We aim to cure Fragile X, the foremost known cause of autism, by      provided at no cost to the veteran.
funding medical research and helping affected families get the        (508) 823-3300;
best treatment.
(978) 462-1866;                                         911-0772 Hope For the Hungry
                                                                      On average 40,000 children die daily of malnutrition. Give us the
911-0705 Giving Children Hope                                         means, we’ll do the work, “Share the Bread of life with a Starving
Provides medicine/equipment for orphanages, pediatric hospitals,      World”.
and clinics.                                                          (254) 939-0124;
(714) 524-4454;
                                                                      911-0773 HOPE Worldwide, Ltd.
911-0710 Give 2 The Troops, Inc.                                      Medical services, health education, disaster relief.
Supporting the physical, moral, and spiritual health of America’s     (610) 254-8800;
armed forces in combat zones through the letters and packages
prepared and shipped by caring individuals.                           911-0780 Hospice Foundation of America, Inc.
(888) 876-6775;                                Supports organizations assisting the terminally ill.
                                                                      (800) 854-3402;
911-0711 Green Peace Fund
To expose global environmental problems and promote solutions         911-0790 Housing Opportunities & Maintenance For The Elderly
essential to a green and peaceful future.                             We help the elderly/poor with their housing needs.
(800) 326-0959;                                (773) 921-3200;

911-0712 Guide Dogs for the Blind                                     911-0793 Humane Farm Animal Care
Providing safety, independence and companionship to the blind         HFAC improves farm animals’ lives by providing stringent,
and love, responsibility and purpose to dogs.                         vertificable standards for humane food production, and by
800 295-4050;                                       assuring consumers that certified products meet our humane
911-0715 Guide Dogs of America                                        (703) 435-3883;
Free guide dogs and training to blind individuals.
(800) 459-4843;                            911-0795 Humane Society of Missouri
                                                                      Full-service animal welfare organization providing adoption,
911-0720 Guild for the Blind                                          shelter, veterinary, rescue and investigations, farm, educational
The Guild provides individuals who are blind or visually              services and community outreach programs to people and
impaired with the tools, training, and resources they need to live    animals throughout Missouri.
independently.                                                        (314) 647-8800;
(312) 236-8569;
                                                                      911-0800 Illinois Branch of the International Dyslexia Association
911-0725 Habitat for Humanity International                           Dedicated to the study and remediation of dyslexia and to the
Christian Housing ministry working to end poverty by partnering       support and encouragement of individuals with dyslexia and their
with families in need to build affordable homes over 200,000          families.
worldwide.                                                            (630) 469-6900;
(800) 422-4828;
                                                                      911-0805 Illinois Law Enforcement Education Foundation
911-0730 Half the Sky Foundation                                      Provide training to law enforcement officers, research important
Children in Chinese orphanages may have cribs to sleep on, food       law enforcement issues and educate the public about topics
to eat, but children need more, they need loving, family-like care    important to them and law enforcement.
to thrive.                                                            (217) 726-8880;
(510) 525-3377;
                                                                      911-0810 Illinois Spina Bifida Association
911-0735 Hearing Foundation                                           Improves the life for those with Spina Bifida.
Provides hearing aids and batteries, research, and training to        (630) 637-1050;
low-income individuals internationally.
(952) 947-4903;                             911-0820 In Defense of Animals
                                                                      Fights to end animal cruelty, exploitation, and abuse.
911-0745 Hepatitis Foundation International                           (415) 388-9641, x26;
Funds research and provides public education.
(800) 891-0707;                           911-0830 India Partners
                                                                      Christian charity supporting self-help projects in India since
911-0750 Hispanic Scholarship Fund                                    1984: orphanages, schools, agricultural/food projects, medical
Scholarships for Hispanic-American students.                          clinics, sewing schools, disaster relief, literacy, job training, and
(415) 445-9930;                                           churches.
                                                                      (888) 870-9085;

                                     Combined Charities Campaign | 26 |
911-0833 Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund                                  911-0890 Lions of Illinois Foundation
IMSFF provides grants to injured and critically ill Marines,            Helps the blind/deaf communities throughout Illinois.
Sailors and their families to help with the costs associated with       (815) 756-5633;
hospitalization recovery and transition.
760 725-3680;                                      911-0895 MADRE, Inc.
                                                                        Rape, abduction, death threats and ‘honor killings’ of women.
911-0835 International Fellowship of Christians and Jews                Gender- based violence is rising internationally. Women and
Promotes understanding between Jews and Christians. Provides            their children need protection and justice. Please help.
relief in Israel and the former Soviet Union. Airlifts Jews to Israel   (212) 627-0444;
through “On Wings of Eagles.”
(800) 486-8844;                                            911-0900 MAGIC Foundation
                                                                        Supports families of children with growth disorders.
91-0837 International Myeloma Foundation                                (800) 3-MAGIC-3;
The International Myeloma Foundation (IMF) is dedicated to
improving the quality of life of multiple myeloma patients through      911-0910 MAP (Medical Assistance Programs) International
support, education, advocacy, and collaborative research.               Provides medicine to aid needy children and families.
(818) 487-7455;                                         (800) 225-8550;

911-0840 Jesuit volunteers: International                               911-0920 Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation
Trained American college graduates - giving freely.                     Provides scholarships to children of Marines.
(202) 687-1132;                            (800) 292-7777;

911-0843 Jews and Gentiles Joined in Messiah                            911-0925 Marine Mammal Center
Jews and Gentiles throughout the world working together to raise        Rescue, treat, and release injured and endangered marine
awareness of Jewish believers in Jesus and support the growth of        mammals.
Israel’s Messianic (Christian) congregations.                           (415) 289-SEAL;
(877) 876-2580;
                                                                        911-0930 Mercy for Animals
911-0845 Jewish Women International                                     Working to end animal abuse wherever it’s found while creating
Serves to break the cycle of violence through education, advocacy,      a culture where all animals are treated with the respect and
and action internationally.                                             compassion they deserve.
(800) 343-2823;                                     (866) 632-6446;

911-0850 Jobs For Youth/Chicago, Inc.                                   911-0940 Mercy Medical Airlift
Gives low-income youth the chance to succeed.                           We ensure that no needy patient is denied access to distant
(312) 782-2086;                                      specialized medical evaluation, diagnosis or treatment for lack of
                                                                        a means of long-distance transportation.
911-0855 Jumpstart for Young Children, Inc.                             (800) 296-1217;
Help every child succeed. We train and pair college students with
preschoolers to develop language, literacy, social and initiative       911-0955 Mercy-uSA for Aid and Development, Inc. (Formerly
skills - preparing them for success.                                    Mercy International - uSA)
(617) 542-5867;                                          Provides international emergency relief.
                                                                        (800) 556-3729;
911-0860 Kidney Cancer Research and Education Association
Improves care/survival of kidney cancer patients.                       911-0960 Merit School of Music, Inc.
(847) 655-4495;                                    Provides youth with chance to develop music talents.
                                                                        (312) 786-9428;
911-0865 Kids in Danger
Works to improve children’s product safety.                             911-0963 Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research
(312) 595-0649;                                    Dedicated to finding a cure for Parkinson’s disease through an
                                                                        aggressively funded research agenda.
911-0870 Last Chance for Animals                                        (800) 708-7644;
Help us fight animal cruelty!
(310) 271-6096;                                        911-0965 Military Officers Association of America Scholarship
911-0875 Life Quest Center                                              Loans and grants to children of enlisted and officers for college
Offering an educational program that meets the deeply rooted            education.
needs of individuals psychologically, socially, and spiritually.        (800) 245-8762;
“Learning to live, learning to love.”
(217) 351-3033;                                911-0967 Miracle Flights for Kids
                                                                        Change the future for a sick child! Your donation provides free
911-0880 LINC, Inc.                                                     flights for children needing to reach medical surgeries thousands
Services, advocacy, and education to handicapped.                       of miles away from home.
(618) 235-9988 (V/TTY);                                 (800) 359-1711;

911-0885 Lymphoma Research Foundation
For Hodgkin’s and non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.
(800) 500-9976;

                                      Combined Charities Campaign | 27 |
911-0968 Napolean & Ada Moton Chapman Institute                      911-1125 Operation Food Search
Provides critically needed resources that assist you and adults in   Volunteers meeting desperate food needs of hungry and hurting
need                                                                 children, unemployed, senior citizens and homeless in Missouri
(630) 739-9660;                             and Illinois. Fighting hunger and saving children’s lives!
                                                                     (314) 726-5355;
911-0969 NASW Foundation: Social Workers Helping
Communities                                                          911-1122 Operation Homefront - Illinois, Inc.
Social workers are vital to helping people in crisis. Proper         Operation Homefront provides emergency support and morale
training and preparation enables them to care for those in need      to our military troops, the families they leave behind during
and improve their lives.                                             deployment, and wounded warriors when they return home.
(202) 408-8600;                               (800) 825-9189;

911-0970 National Association For Down Syndrome                      911-1126 Operation Homefront of Missouri and Southwest Illinois
Assists parents of children with Down Syndrome.                      Provides emergency support and morale to our military troops,
(630) 325-9112;                                         the families they leave behind during deployment, and wounded
                                                                     warriors when they return home.
911-0980 National Center for Missing & Exploited Children            (800) 799-1470;
Spearheads national and international efforts to protect children
from sexual exploitation and abduction, and to locate and recover    911-1127 Operation Smile
missing children.                                                    Your gift provides reconstructive surgery to children with facial
(800) THE-LOST;                                  deformities in 21 countries.
                                                                     (757) 321-7645;
911-0985 National Council of La Raza
Fighting discrimination, reducing poverty, and improving             911-1130 Operation uSA
opportunities for Hispanic Americans. Our network of Hispanic        Provides emergency relief services USA/worldwide.
community organizations is the leading voice for Latinos.            (800) 678-7255;
(202) 785-1670;
                                                                     911-1133 ORBIS
911-1070 National Park Foundation                                    Fights blindness worldwide using flying eye hospital to teach
Invest in America’s National Parks.                                  sight-saving skills to medical professionals and to treat patients
(202) 785-4500;                                with preventable blindness in developing countries.
                                                                     (800) ORBIS-US;
911-1080 National Park Trust
Purchases private properties/donates for parklands.                  911-1135 Ovarian Cancer Coalition, National
(202) 548-0500;                                    Public information and education organization with large national
                                                                     network of state divisions.
911-1090 National Runaway Switchboard                                (888) OVARIAN;
1.6 million kids runaway from home every year. Help us be there
at 1-800-RUNAWAY 24/7 to keep these kids safe and off the            911-1137 Pancreatic Cancer Action Network
streets.                                                             PanCAN is the only national leader to fight pancreatic cancer in
(800) RUNAWAY;                                   a comprehensive way--through research, patient support, and
                                                                     advocacy for a cure.
911-1100 National Transplant Assistance Fund                         (877) 272-6226;
Financial counseling and grants help transplant and catastrophic
injury patients receive life-sustaining care and treatment which     911-1140 Paralyzed veterans of America - Spinal Cord Injury
would otherwise be unaffordable.                                     Education and Training Foundation (ETF)
(800) 642-8399;      Services for veterans with spinal cord injuries.
                                                                     (202) 416-1275;
911-1110 Northern Illinois Food Bank
Distributes food to agencies serving those in need.                  911-1145 Paralyzed veterans Of America Spinal Cord Research
(630) 443-6910;                           Foundation
                                                                     Funds research for improved care and eventual cure.
911-1112 Northeastern Illinois university Foundation                 (800) 424-8200, x255;
Contributions to the NEIU Foundation help to guarantee success
for a diverse student population attending one of Illinois’ most     911-1160 Parents of Murdered Children
affordable and high-quality state universities.                      Provides support for survivors of homicide victims.
(773) 442-4225;                                         (513) 721-5683;

911-1115 Obsessive-Compulsive Foundation                             911-1165 Parkinson’s Research Center, Michael Stern
Information and treatment referrals, funds research.                 Foundation
(203) 315-2190;                                 Sponsoring research at leading
                                                                     academic centers in the U.S. to
911-1120 Open Doors with Brother Andrew, Inc.                        find the cause, treatments and
Help provide hope through Bibles, training, advocacy, relief and     ultimately a cure for the second
community-based initiatives.                                         most common neurological
(949) 752-6600;                                 disorder.
                                                                     (800) 470-0499

                                    Combined Charities Campaign | 28 |
911-1170 Partnership for a Drug-Free America                          911-1240 Polish American Congress Charitable Foundation
Messages telling children that drugs ruin their lives.                Medical supplies/equipment for Poland’s hospitals.
(212) 922-1560;                               (773) 763-9944;

911-1180 Paws with a Cause                                            911-1260 Prevent Child Abuse-Illinois
Help us, help them, help themselves.                                  Protecting our most precious resource, our children.
(800) 253-PAWS;                                (217) 522-1129;

911-1185 Pearl S. Buck International, Inc.                            911-1265 Prostate Cancer Coalition Fund, National
Child biracial discrimination is devastating! Help us turn the        Provides comprehensive education, conducts free screenings,
tide, by advancing the legacy of our founder through adoption,        increases research funds from the federal government to find
humanitarian and cross-cultural educational programs.                 new treatments and funds research for a better test.
(800) 220-BUCK;                                    (202) 463-9455;

911-1190 Pediatric AIDS Foundation                                    911-1267 Puppies Behind Bars
Committed to eradicating pediatric AIDS, preventing mother-           Train and donate service dogs to severely wounded veterans from
to-child transmission of HIV, and ensuring better medical             Iraq and Afghanistan through ‘DOG TAGS’ program, providing
treatments for children.                                              disabled heroes with critical assistance and companionship.
(310) 314-1459;                                       (212) 680-9562;

911-1195 People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals                  911-1270 Rape, Abuse, & Incest National Network (RAINN)
Fights cruelty through education.                                     Operates National Sexual Assault Hotline.
(757) 622-PETA;                                   (202) 544-1034;

911-1197 Pet Partners                                                 911-1275 Reach Out and Read
Trained pets and volunteers provide therapy and love.                 Pediatricians on military bases and in civilian healthcare settings
(800) 869-6898                                                        give free books to young children and advice to parents about the
                                                                      importance of reading aloud.
911-1205 Philippine Children’s Fund of America                        (617) 455-0600;
Serving poor children and those left behind by the U.S. base
closure also daycare in the U.S.                                      911-1280 Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Syndrome Association
(800) 660-4009;                             of America
                                                                      Promotes awareness and funds research.
911-1207 PKD Foundation                                               (203) 877-3790;
Only organization worldwide solely devoted to programs of patient
education, public awareness, advocacy and research toward a           911-1285 Refugees International
treatment and cure for polycystic kidney disease patients.            Our advocacy mobilizes lifesaving protection and humanitarian
(800) 753-2873;                                       assistance for refugees around the world and works to address
                                                                      the issues that cause and surround their displacement.
911-1215 Planned Parenthood Illinois, Inc.                            (800) REFUGEE;
Helps individuals make reproductive choices.
(217) 359-4768;                                         911-1290 Restless Legs Syndrome Foundation
                                                                      Provides information and funds research to find a cure.
911-1220 Planned Parenthood Foundation                                (507) 287-6465;
Preserve and protect Planned Parenthood affiliates.
(800) 829-PPFA;                             911-1300 Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation
                                                                      Protects wildlife, its habitat, and public recreation.
911-1230 Planned Parenthood Of The St. Louis Region                   (800) 225-5355;
Helps individuals make reproductive choices.
(314) 531-7526 ;                                        911-1310 Ronald McDonald House Charities of Chicagoland and
                                                                      Northwest Indiana (RMHC-CNI)
                                                                      Home-away-from-home lodging.
                                                                      (630) 623-5300;

                                                                      911-1320 Sarah’s Circle
                                                                      Helps provide a safe haven for homeless women.
                                                                      (773) 728-1014

                                                                      911-1325 Science Olympiad
                                                                      Encourages all students to participate in academic events at
                                                                      tournaments designed to promote career interest in science,
                                                                      mathematics, and technology.
                                                                      (630) 792-1251;

                                     Combined Charities Campaign | 29 |
911-1330 Search Dog Foundation, National Disaster                     911-1384 Transplants , National Foundation for
If you love dogs and respect firefighters, support our canine/        Helps people seek a new life through transplantation.
firefighter teams, searching for people buried alive during           (901) 684-1697;
(888) 459-4376;                           911-1387 Twin Towers Orphan Fund, Inc.
                                                                      Provides higher education, mental, and physical healthcare
911-1335 Seeing Eye, Inc., The                                        assistance to children who lost parents on September 11, 2001.
Enhancing lives by bringing independence, dignity and self-           (661) 633-9076;
confidence to blind people through our Seeing Eye® dogs.
(973) 539-4425;                                     911-1388 u.S./Labor Education in the Americas Project
                                                                      Fights against abuses of workers in Latin America, especially
911-1340 Shriners Hospitals for Children                              those who produce for the U.S. market and U.S. companies.
Children with orthopaedic conditions, burns, spinal cord injuries,    (773) 262-6502;
and more receive expert, specialized medical care in a family-
centered environment, at no charge.                                   911-1390 united Animal Nations
(800) 241-4438;                             Rescues animals during disasters.
                                                                      (800) 440-3277;
911-1345 Simon Wiesenthal Center
Holocaust remembrance and the defense of human rights                 911-1392 united States Association for united Nations High
Museum of Tolerance.                                                  Commissioner for Refugees
(310) 772-2424;                                    Help the UN Refugee Agency ensure that they receive life-saving
                                                                      humanitarian aid.
911-1350 Skin and Dental Dysfunction Foundation                       (800) 770-1100;
Support services to children with Ectodermal Dysplasia.
(618) 566-2020;                                          911-1394 united ukrainian American Relief Committee, Inc.
                                                                      Humanitarian aid to Ukrainians throughout the world.
911-1355 Soles4Souls, Inc.                                            (215) 728-1630;
Soles4Souls provides free footwear to victims of natural disasters
or extreme poverty, while keeping shoes out of our landfills. Visit   911-1395 veterans of Foreign Wars Foundation
our website for more information.                                     Support projects that improve life for veterans and military
(866) 521-SHOE;                                   service personnel.
                                                                      (816) 968-1128;
911-1360 Special Olympics International
Helps build self esteem and physical fitness.                         911-1396 vietnam veterans Assistance Fund
(800) 700-8484;                               Housing assistance and job placement services.
                                                                      (202) 628-2047;
911-1370 St. Coletta’s of Illinois
Non-profit, nonsectarian social service agency.                       911-1403 Water for People
(708) 342-5200                                                        Helping the most impoverished people worldwide improve their
                                                                      quality of life by supporting sustainable drinking water, sanitation
911-1372 Suicidology, American Association of                         and hygiene projects.
Works to prevent this tragedy. Suicide prevention is everyone’s       (303) 734-3490;
business. Join us.
(202) 237-2280                                                        911-1404 WaterPartners International
                                                                      WaterPartners is transforming the lives of people in developing
911-1375 Surgical Eye Expeditions International                       countries through access to safe water.
Delivers free sight-saving surgery.                                   (913) 312-8600;
(805) 963-3303;
                                                                      911-1405 Wildlife Conservation Fund of America
911-1380 Thomas More Law Center                                       Protects sportsmen’s opportunities to hunt, fish, trap.
Public interest law firm defending the constitutional rights of       (614) 888-4868;
Christians, family values, and sanctity of life.
(734) 827-2001;                                    911-1410 Women in Military Service for America Memorial
911-1383 Toys For Tots Foundation                                     Donations to build a Military Women’s Memorial.
Brings Christmas joy to needy children nationwide.                    (800) 222-2294;
(703) 640-9433;
                                                                      911-1415 Women’s Health Research
                                                                      Medical research funding.
                                                                      (202) 223-8224;

                                                                      911-1420 World Impact
                                                                      Teaches Christian values, respect, and discipleship.
                                                                      (323) 735-1137;

                                     Combined Charities Campaign | 30 |
911-1423 World Hunger Year                                           united Negro College Fund – Code 900-0000
Helping hungry people access food, shelter, job training, and
government benefits in addition to supporting grassroots             America needs more college graduates.
solutions that create self-reliance and economic justice.            President Barack Obama has committed
(212) 629-8850;                             the country to regaining world leadership
                                                                     in the percentage of people with a college
911-1425 Youth for Christ uSA, Inc.                                  education. Because America needs the
Establishing life-changing connections with youth in schools,        teachers, scientists, public servants and good neighbors they will
institutions, communities and military bases.                        become. And it needs to make sure that African Americans and
(303) 843-9000;                                   other minorities — who will be a majority of the population by
                                                                     2050—get the help they need to attend college and graduate.
911-1430 Zero to Three: National Center for Infants, Toddlers
and Families                                                         That means America needs UNCF. UNCF knows how to get
Informs, trains, and supports professionals, policymakers,           students into college, succeed there, and move on to careers
and parents in their efforts to improve the lives of infants and     of success and service. We give college scholarships to almost
toddlers.                                                            9,000 students at more than 900 colleges each year. We provide
(202) 638-1144;                                  financial and capacity-building support to the 39 historically
                                                                     black colleges and universities that are members of UNCF and
                                                                     their 55,000 students. That’s why more than 170,000 individuals,
                                                                     corporations and foundations invest in UNCF each year. Because
                                                                     America needs college graduates. Because it’s the right thing to
                                                                     do. And because, “A mind is a terrible thing to waste.®”

                                                                     For more information, call (312)
                                                                     845-2200 or go to

For a $1 a week you can…or $52 a year.
• Provides nearly 326 lbs of food for hungry Champaign County residents
• Diabetes risk tests for 2,500 individuals to help with early detection
• A morning of summer camp for a child with cerebral palsy

For $2 a week you can…or $104 a year.
• Buys two hearing aids for low income, hearing-impaired people.
• Provides 43 meals to homebound seniors enabling them to live independently
• Save 18 feet of trail for bicycling, horseback riding, running or hiking

For $5 a week you can…or $260 a year.
• Provides two hours of medical or legal assistance to a victim of sexual assault
• Five wigs for children undergoing chemotherapy
• Provides housing and one meal and assistance toward a goal of self-sufficiency to 20 homeless individuals

For $10 a week you can…or $520 a year.
• Reforest Central American land with 2,100 seedlings which, when planted, reduce soil erosion and improve family
    nutrition through gardening
• Provides lifesaving medicines for 300 children cut off from health care
• Pays for travel expenses for one disabled person going to pick up his or her new assistance dog partner

                                                           champaign county
                                                       combined charities campaign
                                    Combined Charities Campaign | 31 |
    champaign county
combined charities campaign


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