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Form Bill of Sale


                                                             COOK ISLANDS                                                          Registration
                                                                                                                                    FORM 9
                                                              BILL OF SALE                                                             v.2

   OFFICIAL               IMO NUMBER             CALL SIGN                      NAME OF SHIP                                 YEAR OF
   NUMBER                                                                                                                  REGISTRATION

       GROSS                         PORT OF REGISTRY                           NET TONNAGE                           TYPE OF VESSEL

The Transferor (Seller(s) (a)

of (address)

in consideration of the sum of (in figures and in letters)

paid to the Transferor by the Transferee (Buyer(s) (b)

of (address)

the receipt of which is acknowledged, transfers to the Transferee (c)

shares in the ship described above, and in its boats and appurtenances. Further, the transferor covenants with the transferee that the transferor has

power to transfer the shares and that the same are free of encumbrances (d)

Dated at

on the           day of         ,



In the presence of:





(a)      Insert the full name of each registered owner.
(b)      Insert the full name and address of each transferee. NOTE: Where there is more than one transferee, the transferees are joint owners.
(c)      Insert the number of shares.
(d)      If there are any subsisting encumbrances, add "save as appears on the register of the said ship.
             NOTES: 1.      If the owner is a Corporation the Bill of Sale should be made on behalf of the Corporation by an Officer of the
                            Corporation authorised for the purpose and under the seal of the Corporation.
                      2.    The expression "Transferor" and "Transferee" used in this document shall include their heirs, successors, assigns,
                            executors and administrators or any other legal representative.

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