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Training Requirements


									P. O. Box 247 RPO Corydon
 Winnipeg, MB R3M 3S7
 Telephone: (204) 475-5070
    Fax: (204) 452-8679
The Canadian Schools Accounting System is designed
to track revenues and expenses for any number of
school-generated (non-board) funds, in order to ensure
complete accountability and to provide the information
required for the GST rebates from Revenue Canada
CA$cH performs its functions with the
power of a business-based accounting
program and, at the same time, is as easy to
use as a home-based accounting program
         Our Company

• Manitoba company with office in Quebec
• Expertise and experience
• In business since 1990
       Background on Product
• 1990 - CA$cH developed to recover GST
• Powerful “fund accounting” program
• DOS version used in schools across Canada since
• Windows version released in February 1998
• Will continue to develop as new needs arise
•   Designed specifically for Canadian schools
•   Based on familiar concepts
•   No accounting experience required
•   User friendly interface
•   Maintains a complete and secure audit trail
•   Comprehensive suite of accounting reports
•   Month-end reports in just a few keystrokes
•   Automatically tracks GST/HST
             The Program
•   Cheques            •   Bank Reconciliation
•   Receipts           •   Transfers
•   Deposits           •   Adjustments
•   Review Accounts    •   Reports
•   Printing Cheques
    and Receipts
•   Fund Ledger Reconciliation [Trial Balance]
•   Fund Account Ledger
•   Fund Account Statement
•   GST Information Report
•   Monthly Summary of Cheques and Receipts
•   Summary Cheque Report
•   Bank Reconciliation Report
•   Cheque Distribution
• Complete and secure audit trail
• Intuitive, user friendly design ensures
  easy to use system
• No formal accounting experience is
• Year 2000 compatible
• Bank reconciliation wizard
•On-screen report viewer
•Instant access to your accounts
•Prints cheques and receipts
•Complete year end functions
•Complete backup and restore
•Multilevel password protection
•Free Internet support
Comprehensive and concise accounting reports,
• Asset Account Ledger
• Bank Reconciliation
• Fund Account Ledger
• Fund Account Statement
• Fund Ledger Reconciliation (Trial Balance)
• GST by Account
• GST Information Report
• Account Summary

• Cheque and Receipt templates
• Reports
• Allocating GST rebates
             and Support
• Internet (e-mail, FAQ’s, updates)
• Service and maintenance contracts
 All updates to program
 Major revisions
 Telephone support for program
• Implementation requires planning
• Planning committee evolves plan and
  implementation schedule for district
• Participatory process essential to success
• TCS will support the planning process
       Training Requirements
• CA$cH does not require training in accounting
  principles and skills
• Training in groups of 6-10 people
• Training includes both descriptive and practice
• Develop implementation plan and schedule
• Assistance in the planning process
• Assistance in developing in-house procedures
             System Requirements
• Pentium 100 or higher running Windows
  3.11or higher
• VGA monitor with 600 x 800 resolution
  – 24MB for Windows 3.11
  – 32MB for Windows 95
• Disk Space Requirements
  – program files require at least 25 MB
  – database files require at least 10MB
  – temporary files require at least 25MB
           Pricing Schedule
01 – 10 units             $ 269.00/unit
11 – 20 units             $ 254.00/unit
21 – 40 units             $ 239.00/unit
41 or more units          $ 229.00/unit
                             plus applicable taxes

 Shipping and Handling:   1 – 5 units       $ 8/unit

                          6 or more units   $40 total
     Contact at us at:

P. O. Box 247 RPO Corydon
 Winnipeg, MB R3M 3S7
 Telephone: (204) 475-5070
    Fax: (204) 452-8679

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