Diesel engine smoke is responsible for cancer by Tayeb0008


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									         Diesel engine smoke is responsible for cancer
  Diesel engine emissions are spread cancer. World Health Organization (WHO) on behalf of workers
   engaged in research on higher health risk an expert panel that has been confirmed. International
   Agency for Research on WHO part of the research on cancer . The panel of the engine speed diesel
  certainly responsible for lung cancer. This may be due to urinary tumor. Aiearasi I said before, diesel
 engine speed may be responsible for the elements of a human cancer. But now they announced her, it
certainly has the cancer. However, count towards the risk of cancer is responsible for the elements that
  are not comparable statistics. Pieces of wood from the elements, as well as diesel engine speed to be
 considered as a substance responsible for cancer. Christopher portiyara the main panel of experts, the
    scientific data - data that is clear and has been working with the team, I agree that lung cancer is
 responsible for diesel engine speed. United Kingdom Department of Health said they will consider this
report on the spot. The employer and employees both work to reduce diesel smoke exposure should be
                  taken as appropriate for Cancer Research in the United Kingdom. BBC.

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