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					          Common name                  Botanical name                Sun     Spread Wet/Dry notes
                                                                                            Flowering Season: Late spring to f all; Orange,
ANNUAL    Impatiens Elf in             Impatiens wallerana           partial 8-24in moist
                                                                                            pink, purple, red, white
                                                                                            Deciduous; Fronds: Stipes shorter than the
                                                                                            blades; ov ate-lanceolate to lanceolate blades
FERNS     Lady Fern                    Athy rium f elix-f emina      all     1-3f t  moist
                                                                                            are broadest just abov e the base; dark brown
                                                                                            Deciduous; Fronds: Circular cluster of arching
                                                                                            f ronds; bright cinnamon colored f ertile f ronds,
                                                                                            produced in late spring and die by mid-summer;
FERNS     Cinnamon Fern                Osmunda cinnamomea            all     2-3f t  moist
                                                                                            Comments: easy to grow; v igorous; may go
                                                                                            dormant with dry soil; slow to establish but long
                                                                                            liv ed
                                                                                            Deciduous; f ronds are pale pink as they emerge
FERNS     Roy al Fern                  Osmunda regalis               partial 2-6f t  wet    in spring; Comments: Easy to grow; naturally
                                                                                            occurs in swamps and wet sites
                                                                                            Ev ergreen; Fronds: constricted at tip and die in
                                                                                            winter; sterile f ronds are smaller and less erect;
FERNS     Christmas Fern               Poly stichum acrostichoides   all     12-36in all
                                                                                            Comments: Easy to grow; tolerates a range of
                                                                                            site conditions
FERNS     Southern Fern                Thely pteris kunthii          partial 2-3f t  moist  spreads
GRASSES   Sweetf lag - Acorus          Acorus                        all     12"     all    green/y ellow
GRASSES   Golden Sweet Flag            Acorus gramineus 'OGON'       all             all    y ellow and green
GRASSES   Fringed Sedge                Carex crinita
                                                                                              Bloom Time: May - September; Bloom Color:
GRASSES   Lurid Sedge                  Carex lurida                  all    1.5-3f t   wet
                                                                                              Green; low maintenance
                                                                                              Small greenish brown scaly f lowers July to
GRASSES   Sof t rush                   Juncus ef f usus              all    12-36in wet
                                                                                              September, sof t, grass-like stems in clumps
                                                                                              Contorted to corkscrew, dark green needle-like
GRASSES   corkscrew juncus             Juncus ef f usus 'Spiralis'   all    18in       wet
                                                                                              leav es
                                                                                              Ev ergreen; Form: Grasslike clumps; Narrow
                                                                                              dark green leav es up to 2 f eet long; 6 to 8-inch
                                                                                              spike-like cluster of dark purple f lowers in mid
GRASSES   Variegated monkey grass      Liriope muscari 'Variegata'   partial 18-24in moist    to late summer; .3-inch round green f ruit that
                                                                                              ripens to shiny black; Comments: Varigated
                                                                                              cultiv ar is v ery popular; has small potato-like
                                                                                              swells on roots; drought tolerant
GRASSES   Silv er Dragon Mondo grass   Liriope spicata 'sliv er
GRASSES   Muhly grass                  Muhlenbergia capillaris       sun    2-4f t     dry    f eathery purple plumes in f all, salt-tolerant

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             Common name                             Botanical name                 Sun       Spread Wet/Dry notes
                                                                                                             many selected v arieties av ailable in nurseries,
GRASSES      Switchgrass OR Panic Grass              Panicum v irgatum                        2-8f t
                                                                                                             some salt-tolerance
GRASSES      White-topped Sedge                      Rhy nchospora latif olia
GRASSES      Little Bluestem                         Schizachy rium scoparium       Sun       1-3f t   dry      v ery drought tolerant, some salt-tolerance
GRASSES      Woolgrass                               Scirpus cy perinus
                                                                                                                spreads to f orm mass, f ine-textured, salt-
GRASSES      Saltmeadow Cordgrass                    Spartina patens/bakeri                   1-3f t
PERENNIALS Bugleweed                                 Ajuga repetans                 partial            moist    blue-green
                                                                                                                pale blue f lowers, Flowering Season: Spring,
PERENNIALS Blue Star                                 Amsonia tabernaemontana        partial 2-3f t     moist
                                                                                                                f ound in moist woods or streambanks
PERENNIALS Swamp Milkweed                            Asclepias incarnata            all       3-5f t   moist    pink to white f lowers, early summer, butterf lies
PERENNIALS Climbing Aster                            Aster carolinianus             all       12"      all      pink/purple
                                                                                                                 Most nativ e aster species are suitable f or rain
PERENNIALS New England Aster                         Aster nov ae-angliae           all       2-5f t   moist
                                                                                                                gardens. Fall bloom
PERENNIALS   Boltonia                                Boltonia asteroides                      2-5f t            White f lowers July -Oct.
PERENNIALS   Canna                                   Canna spp                      all       2-8f t   moist    red
PERENNIALS   Sedge                                   Carex spp.                               1-2f t            grass-like groundcov ers, part shade to shade
PERENNIALS   Turtlehead                              Chelone glabra                 all       2-4'     wet      rose-purple
PERENNIALS   Pink or Swamp Coreopsis                 Coreopsis rosea                          6"-12"   moist    June-Sept., spreads
                                                                                                                ev ergreen groundcov er, succulent needlelike
PERENNIALS Delosperma                                Delosperma sutherlandii        sun       4-6in    moist    f oliage, bright pink f lowers in summer & drought
PERENNIALS Purple or Rocky Top Conef lower Echinacea purpurea                       f ull     3'x2'    wet      pink
                                                                                                                lav ender-blue f lowers Aug-Oct., may spread
PERENNIALS Blue Mistf lower                          Eupatorium coelestinum                   8"-16"   wet
                                                                                                                aggressiv ely
PERENNIALS Joe Py e Weed                             Eupatorium dubium              all       8'       wet      white
                                                                                                                Large lav ender-pink clusters July -Sept.,
PERENNIALS Joe Py e Weed                             Eupatorium maculatum           all       3-6f t   wet
                                                                                                                butterf lies
PERENNIALS Joe Py e Weed                             Eupatorium purpureum           all       8'       wet      lav ender
PERENNIALS Flat-topped Goldenrod                     Euthamia graminif olia                   1-2f t            Aug-Oct, spreads rapidly , butterf lies
PERENNIALS Swamp Sunf lower                          Helianthus angustif olia       all       4-7f t   all      Oct.-Nov ., 2" y ellow f lowers, birds eat seeds
PERENNIALS Red Star Mallow                           Hibiscus coccineus             Sun       4-7f t   wet      June-Aug., 8" red f lowers, hummingbirds
           Luna Hibiscus or Swamp Rose
PERENNIALS                                           Hibiscus moscheutos            sun       2'x2'    wet
PERENNIALS Candy tuf t, Ev ergreen                   Iberis semperv irens           sun       6"-12"   moist
                                                                                                                May -June, v iolet-blue f lowers, spreads in wet
PERENNIALS Variegated Iris                           Iris pallida 'Variegata'       all       1-2'     wet
             Blue Flag Iris (Iris v irginica, Iris
PERENNIALS                                           Iris v irginica                all       1-2'     wet      May -June, blue f lowers, spreads in wet soil
             v ersicolor)

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           Common name                       Botanical name                Sun     Spread Wet/Dry notes
PERENNIALS Seashore Mallow                   Kosteletzky a v irginica              3-5f t         Aug-Sept, pink f lowers, salt-tolerant
PERENNIALS Becky Shasta daisy                Leucanthernum                 all     36"    moist   white
                                                                                                  Various species, purple-pink spikes, June to
PERENNIALS Blazing Star                      Liatris spp.                          1-3f t
                                                                                                  Oct, butterf lies
PERENNIALS Cardinal Flower                   Lobelia cardinalis            all     3-5'   wet     red
                                                                                                  1 inch v iolet or blue-purple long-stalked, tubular,
                                             Mimulus ringens v ar.                                two-lipped f lower; occurs in pairs in leaf axis;
PERENNIALS Monkey f lower                                                  sun     2-5f t wet
                                             ringens                                              two y ellow ridges in throat; f lowers summer into
                                                                                                  f all
                                                                                                  Other species suitable f or rain gardens:
PERENNIALS Dotted Horsemint                  Monarda punctata                      8"-16" moist
                                                                                                  Monarda didy ma (Bee Balm) &
PERENNIALS Monarda ‘Blue Stocking’           Monarda spp.                  all     15"x2' all     bluish purple
PERENNIALS Monarda ‘Jacob Cline’             Monarda spp.                  all     15"x2' all     red
                                                                                                  Ev ergreen; Growth Rate: Slow to moderate;
PERENNIALS Pachy sandra                      Pachy sandra terminalis       partial 6-12in moist   Forms dense mat; shiny medium green leav es;
                                                                                                  Fragrant, spikelike white f lowers in spring
                                                                                                  Lav ender-pink or white spikes, June or early
PERENNIALS Obedient Plant                    Phy sostegia v irginiana              1-4f t
                                                                                                  f all, may spread aggressiv ely
PERENNIALS Sentimental Blue Balloon Flower   Platy codon grandif lorus     sun     2'x2'  wet     blue
PERENNIALS Pickerel Weed                     Pontederia cordata            all     1f t   wet     purple
PERENNIALS Carolina Buttercup                Ranunculus carolinianus                      wet     y ellow
PERENNIALS Black-ey ed Susan                 Rudbeckia hirta                       1-2f t moist   June to Oct.
           Cut-leaf or Green-Headed
PERENNIALS                                   Rudbeckia laciniata           all    2-6f t   moist     June to Sept., spreads in moist soil
           Conef lower
                                                                                                     Other species f or rain gardens include R.
PERENNIALS Conef lower, Black-ey ed Susan    Rudbeckia spp.                       2-6f t   all
                                                                                                     maxima, R. subtomentosa
PERENNIALS Ly re-leaf Sage                   Salv ia ly rata                      8"-16"             Ev ergreen f oliage rosette, blue f lowers in spring
                                                                                                     Season: late summer to f all; buds light pink,
                                                                                                     open to bronze red; Propagation: div ision in
PERENNIALS Sedum                             Sedum 'Autumn Joy '           sun    18-24in moist      early spring or f all, terminal cuttings; attractiv e
                                                                                                     to butterf lies and bees; in winter, browned f lower
                                                                                                     heads are considered ornamental.
                                                                                                     Ev ergreen great f or areas where there is good
                                                                                                     drainage. It can stand a lot of water but does
                                                                                                     not want to sit in a bog, and also display s some
PERENNIALS Blue Spruce Sedum                 Sedum ref lexum               all    0-1f t   moist
                                                                                                     drought tolerance. Bright y ellow f lowers f orm
                                                                                                     June to August.Looks best in clusters, so plant
                                                                                                     a grouping of three or more.

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              Common name            Botanical name               Sun     Spread Wet/Dry notes
                                                                                         S. semperv irens (Seaside Goldenrod): salt-
PERENNIALS Goldenrod                 Solidago spp.                        2-4f t
                                                                                         tolerant. Most species
                                                                                         Ev ergreen; needs well-drained soil; Form: Low;
                                                                                         spreading; v elv ety , sof t, lamb's ear-shaped
PERENNIALS Lambs ear                 Stachy s lanata              all     12"x3' moist   leav es; light gray -green and cov ered with white
                                                                                         hairs; Pleasant scent when crushed; moderate
                                                                                         drought tolerance
                                                                                         Season: late spring to f all; red, pink, white,
                                                                                         purple f lower; Propagation: root cuttings in
PERENNIALS Clump v erbena            Verbena canadensis           sun     8-18in moist   spring, seed; nativ e f rom Virginia to Florida
                                                                                         where it spreads in sunny , well drained areas.
                                                                                         Very attractiv e to butterf lies.
                                                                                         purple f lower clusters late summer & early f all,
PERENNIALS New Y ork Ironweed        Vernonia nov aboracensis             4-7f t
                                                                                         butterf lies
                                                                                         Large (3 to 10 inches), f ragrant, white aroid
PERENNIALS Calla lily (edge plant)   Zantedeschia aethiopica      partial 2-3f t  moist  f lowers with central y ellow spadix, shiny arrow-
                                                                                         shaped leav es
                                                                                         white spring f lowers, dormant in summer,
PERENNIALS Atamasco Lily             Zephy ranthes atamasco               6"-10"
                                                                                         f oliage appears in winter
SHRUBS        Red Chokeberry         Aronia arbutif olia                  8-15f t        sun to part shade, f ruit f or birds, f all color
SHRUBS        Groundsel Bush         Baccharis halimif olia               8-15f t        salt-tolerant
SHRUBS        Beauty berry           Callicarpa americana         partial 3x5'    moist  purple
                                                                                         sun or shade, summer f lowers, some salt
SHRUBS        Sweet Pepperbush       Clethra alnif olia           partial 5-12f t wet
                                                                                         tolerance, colonizing
SHRUBS        Silky Dogwood          Cornus amomum                        6-12f t        f ruit f or birds
SHRUBS        Strawberry Bush        Euony mus americana                  6-12f t        showy f ruit, shade tolerance
SHRUBS        Dwarf Fothergilla      Fothergilla gardenii         all     4-6f t  all    f ragrant spring f lowers, f all color
SHRUBS        Possumhaw Holly        Ilex decidua                         6-12f t        f ruit f or birds
SHRUBS        Inkberry               Ilex glabra                          6-12f t        ev ergreen
SHRUBS        Winterberry            Ilex v erticillata           all     6-12f t all    showy f ruit retained in winter
SHRUBS        Y aupon                Ilex v omitoria                      8-15f t        ev ergreen, salt-tolerant, red f ruit in f all & winter
SHRUBS        Virginia Sweetspire    Itea v irginica              all     4-8f t  all    spring f lowers, f all color, colonizing
SHRUBS        Coastal Doghobble      Leucothoe axillaris                  3-5f t         ev ergreen, part shade to shade, colonizing
SHRUBS        Spicebush              Lindera benzoin                      6-12f t        part shade to shade
                                                                                         ev ergreen, f ast-growing, salt-tolerant, good
SHRUBS        Southern Wax My rtle   My rica cerif era                    8-15f t
                                                                                         wildlif e habitat
SHRUBS        Upright Nandina        Nandina domestica
                                                                                             f ragrant spring f lowers, colonizing, shade-
SHRUBS        Coastal Azalea         Rhododendron atlanticum             2-6f t

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         Common name            Botanical name               Sun   Spread Wet/Dry notes
                                                                                  f all color, wildlif e f ood, colonizing, tolerates part
SHRUBS   Winged Sumac           Rhus copallina                     4-15f t
                                                                                  ev ergreen, part shade to shade, colonizing in
SHRUBS   Dwarf Palmetto         Sabal minor                        4-10f t wet
                                                                                  wet soil
SHRUBS   Highbush Blueberry     Vaccinium cory mbosum              4-12f t        f ruit, f all color, part shade to sun
                                                                                  spring f lowers, f ruit f or birds, f all color,
SHRUBS   Arrowwood Viburnum     Viburnum dentatum            all   6-12f t all
                                                                                  tolerates part shade
                                                                                  spring f lowers, f ruit f or birds, f all color,
SHRUBS   Possumhaw Viburnum     Viburnum nudum               all   6-15f t moist
                                                                                  tolerates part shade
                                                                                  spring f lowers, pref ers part shade, may
TREES    Red Buckey e           Aesculus pav ia                    10-15f t
                                                                                  def oliate early in season
                                                                                  early spring f lower, f ruits f or birds, tolerates
TREES    Serv iceberry          Amelanchier canadensis             12-20f t
                                                                                  part shade
TREES    PawPaw                 Asimina triloba                    10-15f t       edible f ruit, shade-tolerant
TREES    Riv er Birch           Betula nigra                 all   25-50f t all   f ast-growing
TREES    Atlantic White Cedar   Chamaecy paris thy oides           40-60f t       ev ergreen, tolerates part shade
TREES    Fringetree             Chionanthus v irginicus      all   10-15f t moist f ragrant, showy spring f lower
                                                                   *30-           *may be dwarf ed in dry sand, orange f ruit,
TREES    Persimmon              Diospy ros v irginiana
                                                                   60f t          orange to purple f all leav es
TREES    Sweet Gum              Liquidambar sty racif lua          40-60f t       red to purple f all leav es
TREES    Sweetbay Magnolia      Magnolia v irginiana         all   15-30f t all   ev ergreen, f ragrant f lowers early summer
TREES    Black Gum              Ny ssa sy lv atica           all   25-40f t all   red f all leav es, f ruit f or birds
                                                                                  ev ergreen small tree or large shrub, some salt
TREES    Redbay                 Persea borbonia                    12-25f t
TREES    Bald Cy press          Taxodium distichum           Sun   40-60f t all   deciduous conif er, will grow in shallow water

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