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                    in FOCUS    N          E        W           S          L         E          T         T          E          R

            Our Internet rating and application                                                         us to receive Commercial Lines applications is
            system, available for Personal Lines in all                                                 dramatically shortened. Agents using Internet rating
   states in which we do business, continues to lead the industry for ease       don’t need to print applications to send to our Headquarters. With the click
                                                                                   of a button, the application is electronically and instantly submitted to the

      Commercial Lines                                                              underwriting and issuance processes. “Add to this the fact that the
                                                                                    majority of our Commercial Lines applications are processed within 24
                                                                                      hours of being received, and it’s clear that ACUITY offers a turnaround

                       Joins ACUITY’s                                                  time that is second to none,” says Ben Salzmann, ACUITY President
                                                                                      and CEO.

    Internet-Enabled                                                                 The Commercial Lines system is also built with the future of insurance
                                                                                      business in mind. Just as our Personal Lines system currently links with

   of use and has earned us national recognition. So         Products                                                           continued on page 8
   how do we improve on it? By adding Commercial
     Internet rating and application is now available for Bis-Pak® in
   Wisconsin, Ohio, Iowa, and North Dakota at and will
   roll out to other states quickly. “By the end of the year, every state will
                                                                                     System Debuts, Impresses
   have Bis-Pak® rating and application capabilities,” says Chris Matysik,                                    No sooner had announcements of the
   Marketing Analyst III and Project Lead of the Commercial Lines                                             availability of our Internet rating in Commercial
   initiative. Remaining Commercial Lines coverages will follow.                                         Lines hit our agents’ desks, when we received the
     Internet rating will replace our rating diskettes, but it will                                            first application uploaded via the web from the
   continue to incorporate all the important features that made                                                 Potter Agency, an Eau Claire, Wisconsin-
   these diskettes a valuable tool in your agency. “The                                                        based franchise of The Murphy Group. The
   system is very easy to use,” says Matysik. “You also                                                        agency, who had previously been using our rat-
   have the capability to save and retrieve quotes for later                                                 ing diskettes, is sold on the new online system.
   completion.”                                                                                          “The process was smooth and the system very
     However, online rating improves on the diskette-based                                             easy to use.” says Chris Potter, agency owner. “I
   system because it requires nothing other than a browser                                             was definitely impressed.”
   and an Internet connection and ensures accuracy of                                                   Immediately after successful submission, the
   quotations. “Rather than receiving diskettes, installing                                           application went to the underwriter’s electronic queue
   programs, and managing software versions, agents are now                                          for review. The bottom line: within 48 hours of upload,
   able to obtain quotes using the same, real-time rating engine                                     this Commercial Lines policy was issued and ready for
   that our own systems use,” says Tom Braun, Senior                                                 printing and mailing.
   Systems Analyst and MIS Team Lead.
                                                                                                       Far from being an exception, this quick application
     And equally important, the time it takes for
                                                                                                                                continued on page 7
         Financial Results Continue to Impress
                                                                                in underwriting. Therefore, we’re pleased to report that ACUITY’s
            After reporting on our financial results several times in these pages
            this year, we’re running out of different ways to say “outstanding.”combined ratio not only ranks among the best in the industry, but has
      Compared to the same period last year, the first three quarters of 2001   continued to improve throughout 2001. At the end of the third quarter, our
    saw a total company growth at ACUITY of 26.3%. While this figure is         combined ratio registered 103.0; down from 104.0 at the midpoint of the
    notable, it is particularly impressive given that each of the last                                                        year and a far cry from the
                                                                                                                              115 that analysts project
    several years had also recorded double-digit growth over the              Total New Business Premium
    previous one.                                                                                                             for the industry this year.
                                                                                                     Through First Three Quarters
      Within the category of premium growth, the number that stands out                                                                               While no one can predict
                                                                                                     100                             $100 M
    is total new business written. At the end of September, ACUITY had                                                                             the future with certainty,
    written over $100,000,000 — that’s one hundred million dollars — of                                                                            we are understandably
    new business premium, up from the $66 million we had written                                                                                   optimistic as we
                                                                                                                                                   progress through the

                                                                               Millions of Dollars
    through September, 2000.                                                                                               $66 M

      “The industry as a whole has grown only marginally even as
                                                                                                                   $53M                            f o u r t h q u a r t e r. W e
    renewal prices are increasing,” says Ben Salzmann, President and
                                                                                                     50     $47M                                   remain a market for new
    CEO. “The fact that we have the capacity to increase our new busi-
                                                                                                     40                                            business and thank our
    ness revenue alone by more than fifty percent is a testament to how                              30                                            agents and staff for the
    we have positioned ourselves ahead of the market curve and how                                   20                                            efforts that have con-
    our agents have continued to strengthen their partnerships with us.”                             10                                            tributed to our continued
                                                                                                     0                                             and mutual success.
     Of course, growth in premium must be combined with profitability

      One Legacy, Many Beneficiaries                                                                                        ACUITY Staff Dress
                                                                                                                             Down, Reach Out
           Former ACUITY Board member Don Lohmann was known for a life-
           time of service to the community. At the center of his efforts was his work                                      “Jeans Days” continue to be powerful fund-
                               for the YMCA, which spanned his entire professional                                          raising tools for ACUITY’s staff. On September
                                      career as well as his retirement years.                                       19, the employees at our Corporate Headquarters in
                                         Lohmann died in March, 2000.                                               Sheboygan participated in a “Jeans Day” that raised
                                          As a tribute to his service, the                                          $5,000 for the victims of the September 11 terrorist
                                          Sheboygan County YMCA created the                                         attacks on the United States. In turn, ACUITY matched
                                          Don Lohmann Legacy Fund to support                                        the contributions of its staff, resulting in a total of
                                          youth programs throughout the                                             $10,000 donated to the Red Cross for relief efforts.
                                          County. “Don’s love was youth sports,”                                     On October 12, ACUITY employees rallied together
                                         explains Henry Jung, Development                                           once again, wearing their denim to make a difference
                                       Director for the YMCA Endowment Trust,                                       and raising money in connection with National Denim
                                    which oversees the Legacy Fund. “The                                            Day to aid in the fight against Breast Cancer. Staff raised
                              purpose of this fund was to recognize the achieve-                                    over $1,700 for the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer
    ments of a man who gave freely to both the YMCA and the entire community.”                                      Foundation to be used to fund breast cancer research,
     In just nine months of existence, the Don Lohmann Legacy Fund has raised                                       education, screening and treatment programs.
2   over a quarter million dollars in cash and pledges. ACUITY was the first                                          Additionally, at a blood drive held September 25 at
    contributor to the fund, and was recently recognized for our contribution. In the                               Headquarters, ACUITY employees donated over 70
    photo above, Jung, left, presents a commemorative plaque from the YMCA to                                       pints of blood for emergency efforts and other Red
    ACUITY. Accepting the recognition on our behalf is Sara Larson, General                                         Cross needs. Thanks to all our staff for their continued
    Manager – Central Claims and member of ACUITY's Charitable Contributions                                        generosity, and we’ll see you in your blues again
    Committee.                                                                                                      soon!

    in FOCUS           November.2001
                            Speaking Tours Deliver
                           Strong Message to Agents
         Agents looking for optimism in today’s gloomy insurance              up and down a rating scale is easy to understand and easier to sell,” he
         marketplace found it at ACUITY’s Fall Speaking Tours, held           said. “And combining driving records and claims experience with an
during October throughout Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Illinois. “In a time      impartial credit score will allow us to price accurately and competitively.”
when one in three companies is expected to disappear, ACUITY is your            In addition to detailing our Commercial Lines changes and capabilities,
consistent source of strength. And that is not our own evaluation; that is    Waldhart stressed the value of partnerships to both agents and carriers
what you, the agents who are in a position to evaluate us every day, are      in an unstable insurance marketplace. “We understand one truth, that all
telling us,” said Ben Salzmann, President and CEO, to start the               independent agents have a choice,” he said “We want to be your go-to
sessions.                                                                     company, but we also know you don’t have to do business with us. So
  That strength is based on outstanding and stable operating results,         when you do, it’s our job not to drop the ball.” Waldhart also reported that
adequate and fair pricing, and excellent capacity, three factors that have    fewer reductions in our agency force are expected going forward and
kept us writing new business while other companies have severely              that, most important, we are truly open for Commercial Lines business.
curtailed it. “In Commercial Lines, we began taking moderate price            “We want to write business with you, especially now,” he said.
increases well before the marketplace. That has allowed us to keep our          Tours will resume again in the Spring in other states. Keep reading the
premiums fair and our doors open for business. And in Personal Lines,         inFOCUS for announcements of dates and times.
our true tiering gives us a rheostat where we can fine tune pricing, rather
than just throwing an on-off underwriting switch as so many companies
do,” Salzmann explained.
  Salzmann also stressed that not only is ACUITY stronger, but so is our
agency force. “We’ve increased the value of our agents by reducing the           NEW JOB
number who represent us by 50 percent,” he explained. “That not only
has resulted in us being represented by the best agents in the
                                                                                   in FORMATION
marketplace, but has reduced predatory competition in your own
territories.” And despite the reductions in our agency force, attendance                     Are you interested in joining the ACUITY team? Do
was strong at this year’s tours, with our first-ever 300+ session recorded                   you know of someone who is looking for an excellent
in Milwaukee.                                                                        career opportunity? Or are you a current ACUITY staff member
  Salzmann’s comments were followed up by specific product line news                 who is seeking career development and advancement?
from Ed Felchner, Vice President – Marketing and Personal Lines, and                   If so, ACUITY’s Human Resources Department is interested
Wally Waldhart, Vice President – Sales and Communications. Felchner                  in hearing from you! Here are the positions we are currently
focused on tiered auto and credit                                                    looking to fill.
scoring in Personal Lines, which
                                                                                       Inside Claims Representatives and Commercial
will give us the ability to write
                                             Ben Salzmann takes to the                 Underwriters (entry level – starting in January)
more business both fairly and                floor to emphasize a point
profitably. “A single, tiered                                                          Field Claims Representatives – Cincinnati and Milwaukee
                                                   at a recent speaking
plan where drivers move                                tour session.                   Inside Premium Auditor – Sheboygan
                                                                                       Loss Control Representative – Minnesota
                                                                                       Additionally, new opportunities are opening all the time. For
                                                                                     information on any of the posted positions, or to express your
                                                                                     interest in being considered for future openings, simply contact
                                                                                     John Signer at 800.242.7666, extension 1020. Or, send an
                                                                                     e-mail to

                                                                                                         in FOCUS             November.2001
           Great Plains Agency Keeps Growing
             To the casual observer, Sioux Falls-based Boen & Associates                “Everyone enjoys the long-term relationships — even friendships —
             enjoys both a strong community presence and a steadily                   that you establish with your clients and the entire business community,”
      growing loyal clientele. But a deeper analysis reveals what truly sets this     says Kevin. “We do business throughout several states and have
      agency apart: a staff that remains intensely loyal and long-term, a 30-         national clients, but we’re still headquartered in a city with strong
                          year commitment to agency automation, and a never-          community core values. You see your clients at the store, at their kids’
                                  ceasing focus on adding value to consumers’         softball games. The personal rewards of the agency life are
AGENCY                                                                                              tremendous.”
  in SIDER                                                                                            Technology Frontrunner
                                                                                                       It’s rare to find an agency today that doesn’t use some
      insurance-buying                                                                              sort of automation system. Yet it’s equally rare to find a
      experiences. Those                                                                            firm that has made automation part of its operating
      characteristics,                                                                              objectives for the past 30 years. In the early 1970’s, the
      combined with an                                                                              Boen agency began using a batch process for billing, out-
      entrepreneurial                                                                               sourcing accounting and statement preparation to firms
      vision of the                                                                                 who used the cutting-edge computing systems of the time,
      agency’s manage-                                                                              based on punch card media.
      ment, has allowed                                                                                Later, the agency was an early adopter of mainframe
      this firm to grow                                                                              computer technology. “The first computer we bought cost
      from a start-up                                                                                us $90,000,” Don says. “It had only dumb terminals, and
      operation in 1969 to a 28 person enterprise serving clients throughout          was bigger than a refrigerator.” Today the agency, an AMS client, is
      the Northern Plains states.                                                     completely paperless in personal lines processing and is in the process
        The agency is named for its founder, Donald Boen, who today is in the         of extending that capability to commercial lines. “We’ve gained more in
      process of turning over day-to-day management of the firm to Kevin              efficiency out of our computer systems in the past five years than we did
      Kroeze and Michael Mahan. While he plans to complete this process               in the last 25, and we believe that the rate of return will continue to
      by year-end, Don stresses he is not retiring. “I’ll just be less visible,” he   accelerate,” Don says.
      laughs. “I’ll still be helping identify new marketing opportunities and           Not surprisingly, the agency’s focus on paperless processing has
      contributing to the future of this agency.”                                     made ACUITY a good fit for their operations. “ACUITY is in the lead
        Kevin joined the firm in 1979, Mike in 1986. Both came from an                when it comes to downloading, and they’re pretty aggressive in seeking
      insurance carrier background and are two of the many associates who             a way to communicate with us not only though download, but any way
      have long-term histories with the agency.                                       they can,” says Don. “We’re appreciative of that. They’re definitely the
        Don attributes this longevity to careful staff selection combined with a      leaders in our agency in respect to technology.”
      work environment that lets employees take charge of their careers.                The Boen agency has always viewed technology as not just a way to
      “We’re not severely regimented,” he explains. “Our staff has the freedom        improve their own operations, but also a way to add value to their
      to work the way they want to in order to achieve both their goals and our       customers’ insurance purchasing experiences through faster, more
      business objectives. That philosophy works because they’re responsible          efficient, more accurate service. For the future, they will continue to look
      people, people who are intelligent and trustworthy and who, quite frankly,      for ways to improve their customer care through both technological and
      I as a manager don’t have to worry about.”                                      other means.
        The positive relationships among Boen’s staff have definitely carried           “Every agency looks to provide a continually higher level of service and
      over to the relationships between the firm and its clients. “We’ve              we’re working on a number of concrete ways where we can extend it,”
      established many wonderful relationships and have a solid reputation in         says Mahan. “Our customers will definitely see some new service
4     the community which helps us get in the door,” Don says.                        offerings from us in the near future.”
       Relationship building is also part of what has helped the firm achieve           What will stay the same is the agency’s focus on growth and
      an average annual growth rate of over 10 percent. It’s also what has            commitment to the communities in which they do business. In that
      helped keep Boen’s staff committed to the business.                             respect, they are the same firm they were 30 years ago.

    in FOCUS         November.2001
                 Prevent and Protect is the Best
                Strategy for Computer Equipment
            Many of your insureds purchase coverage for computer equip-              and money. Dust is a computer component’s
            ment and software in the event of a loss. However, there are             worst enemy, so the careful cleaning of a
     many precautions your customers can take to minimize the chance                 computer inside and out should be done
     and severity of any computer related loss.                                      regularly. Keeping the hard drive running
      A majority of computer hardware damage and data loss is                        efficiently can extend its life and insure
     caused by electrical problems. Power loss, surges, and spikes can               optimal overall computer performance. The
     do significant damage to computers and peripherals attached to them.            use of third party disk utilities or the ones
     An Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) with built-in surge protection            included with the operation system, such as
     will help prevent damage and allow proper equipment shutdown in                 a disk defragmenting utility, help keep a hard
     case of a loss of power.                                                        drive up and running. Finally, checking for               Mike Nickels is a
       In order for your customers to have their daily operations continue           visual and audible cues can be the most                  Programmer Analyst at our
                                                                                     telling signs of impending problems. Your                Corporate Headquarters.
     in the event of a major loss, backups of critical data should be taken
                                                                                     customers should take corrective action as               He joined ACUITY in 1999.
     regularly. Backed-up data should be kept off-site in case the home or
     office is destroyed. It is also a good idea to have contingency plans in        soon as they notice erratic software
     case of a catastrophic loss. Such plans may include forming a                   behavior, grinding noises, or improper     EXPERT
                                                                                     bootup and shut down.
     partnership to use their facilities until computer equipment is restored                                                     in SIGHT
     or having backup or redundant hardware.                                           The final measure of any protection strategy
       Computer security is crucial to protecting equipment and data. Your           is the purchase of adequate computer coverage     By Mike Nickels
     insureds should invest in virus detection software and update virus             from ACUITY in the event that, despite taking
     definitions daily. Firewalls can be used to protect against unwanted            the best precautions, a loss does unfortunately occur.
     outside parties from accessing your customer’s data. Physical                     Each of these precautions is as important to large commercial
     security, like locks on computer cases and secure rooms for critical            computer systems as it is to the home user with one PC. While it is up
     hardware can help prevent third party or employee sabotage.                     to the insured to determine how much protection they need and how
      One essential precaution that is often overlooked is preventive                much to spend on it, even the easiest and least expensive
     maintenance. Catching problems before they occur can save time                  precautions can end up saving a lot of time and money.

             ACUITY Names New Vice President
        On September 7, ACUITY’s Board of Directors named Jim Keal our new Vice President – Finance.
         Jim joined ACUITY in 1998 as our Controller. Prior to coming to ACUITY, he had worked at SECURA where
he held positions of financial analyst, then Director of Financial Reporting and Accounting, and, finally, Controller.
Prior to SECURA, Jim had worked for Pricewaterhouse Coopers, the world’s largest professional services firm.
  Jim earned an undergraduate degree in Economics and a Master’s degree in Accounting, both from the
University of Wisconsin. Jim is active in various professional and community organizations, and holds the CPA
(Certified Public Accountant) designation.
  A native of Sparta, Wisconsin, Jim today lives in Sheboygan with his wife Bridget, twin sons Andy and Joe (age
7), and son Peter (age 4). Warmer weather finds the Keals fishing, camping, golfing, and enjoying the

                                                                                                                in FOCUS          November.2001
              Swimmer Finds it’s Never too Late
                    to Go for the Gold
              Look around at your own hobbies, activities, and pastimes                 Senior Olympics are open to men and women ages 50 and over. The
              and chances are that you’ll find at least a few interests that            NSGA is a nonprofit organization dedicated to motivating senior men
      date back as long as you can remember. For Dorothy Rose, such is                  and women to lead a healthy lifestyle through the senior games
      the case with swimming. “I’ve been swimming since I was a kid,” she               movement. The association holds games each year in states through-
      says. “Our family always went on picnics on Sunday, usually to parks              out the country, and organizes national games every two years.
      near Lake Michigan. That’s                                                                             In her first year of competition at the Wisconsin
      where I learned to swim,                                                                                         Senior Olympics, Dorothy couldn’t have
      and I’ve been swimming                                                      STAFF                                done any better, taking home gold
      ever since.”                                                                  in SIDER                           medals in age-group competition in the
        It’s probably safe to say                                                                                      50-yard freestyle, the 100-yard freestyle,
      that, while many continue                                                                            the 50-yard breaststroke, and the 50-yard side-
      to enjoy participating in                                                                            stroke. Swimming meets were held September 16
      sports recreationally, most                                                                          at Whitefish Bay High School, near Milwaukee. “I
      of us are content to have                                                                            set out to prove to myself that I could do it,” Dorothy
      left our competitive efforts                                                                         says. And prove it she did.
      in yearbook photos and
                                                                                                              While competition has heightened Dorothy’s
      high school memories.
                                                                                                           interest in the sport, fitness is still the primary
      Certainly, few of us end up
                                                                                                           reason she continues to take to the pool. “When I
      taking a sport to competi-
                                                                                                           feel frustrated, I swim,” she laughs. She also
      tive level for the first time
                                                                                                           teaches deep water aerobics and works as a
      after reaching the age of
                                                                                                           lifeguard for Plymouth Community Education.
      50. However, Dorothy
      decided that this milestone                                                                              Not content to rest on her current accomplish-
      was indeed the perfect time                                                                            ments, Dorothy plans to step up her swimming
      to begin training for swim                                                                             training even more over the coming year. “I want to
      competition.                               In her first year of competition at the Wisconsin           add greater distances,” she explains. “I’m going to
                                                 Senior Olympics, Dorothy Rose earned four           start training first for the 200-yard freestyle, then the 500,
        “I never competed in swimming in         gold medals in swimming.                            and also add backstroke to the events I’ll compete in.”
      high school, but I just came to the
      decision that I wanted to take my swimming up to another level,”                    She also has her eyes set on the National Senior Olympics. “I hope
      she says.                                                                         to qualify for the Nationals next year,” she says, “so I definitely have
                                                                                        a lot of training to do!”
         Part of the reason for that decision was the influence of her sister,
      Donna. “She’s a marathon runner,” Dorothy explains. “I helped her                   Considering the accomplishments this determined swimmer has
      compete in the Green Bay Marathon.” There, Dorothy gathered                       achieved thus far, she has a strong start off the block toward reaching
      literature on other competitions across the state that included                   that goal as well.
      swimming.                                                                           Dorothy Rose works in our Commercial Lines Policy Assembly
        “I began to train for open water swimming,” she says. For the past              department at our Headquarters. She has spent her entire career in
6     three years, she has competed in mile swims at Moon Beach in St.
      Germain, Wisconsin. From there, she set her sights on the next goal:
                                                                                        insurance, first at an agency and then at INSpire Insurance Solutions,
                                                                                        an insurance software vendor, before coming to ACUITY in 2000.
      the Senior Olympics.
       Sponsored by the National Senior Games Association (NSGA), the

    in FOCUS        November.2001
                                                                         SERVICE THAT’S
                                                                                in VALUABLE
            System Debuts, Impresses                                                 Many thanks and congratulations to the following individuals
                                                                                     celebrating employment anniversaries:
 continued from page 1
                                                                           30 YEARS
turnaround should be the norm for the majority of applications             Bob Schellinger – Field Claims Manager
received. In fact, the second policy that we received via the Internet     Debbie Speener – Senior Business Analyst
was processed in just 45 minutes.                                          20 YEARS
 “That proves we’re entirely capable of receiving an uploaded              Renee Richter – Workers’ Compensation Manager
submission in the morning and issuing it the same day,” says Kay           Susie Senkbeil – Inside Claims Representative
Hutchison, Senior Business Analyst. “With Internet applications,           15 YEARS
we can have a policy delivered to the customer by the time other           Mike Fuller – Marketing Analyst III
companies would have first received the application in the mail.           Bonnie Limberg – Human Resources Assistant
That’s a tremendous competitive                                            Scott Offerdahl – Senior Premium Auditor (Madison)
advantage for our agents.”                                                 10 YEARS
                                                                           Peggy Lauersdorf – Commercial Rater II
                                                                           Roxanne Lensmire – Commercial Rater III
Nancy Nason, left, presents
                                                                           5 YEARS
an ACUITY shirt to Chris
                                                                           Craig Grenfell – Commercial Lines Underwriter (Milwaukee)
Potter for submitting the
first Bis-Pak application                                                  Marty Jaeger – Director - Property Claims
via the Internet.                                                          Kelly Mueller – Personal Lines Underwriter
                                                                           Greg Olsen – Director - Auto Physical Damage
                                                                           Stephanie Schreiber – Commercial Lines Underwriter
                                                                           Steve Waterman – Senior Premium Auditor (Indianapolis)
                                                                           2 YEARS
                                                                           Chris Berlin – Inside Claims Representative
           ACUITY Staff Member                                             Tim Klinkner – Inside Claims Representative
  Named IMA Chapter President                                              Karen Kovacich – Commercial Lines Underwriter (Milwaukee)
                                                                           Joy Marquez – Senior Programmer Analyst
        Elizabeth Schultz, Financial Analyst at our Headquarters,          Darren Meiselwitz – Inside Claims Representative
                                                                           David Miller – Inside Claims Representative
        was recently named President of the Wisconsin Lakeshore
                                                                           Scott Sabin – Claims Representative (Milwaukee)
Chapter of the Institute of Management Accountants (IMA).
                                                                           Debbie Steinke – Mailroom Clerk
  Nationally headquartered in Montvale, New Jersey, the IMA is the         Josh Tegen – Inside Claims Representative
leading professional organization devoted exclusively to manage-
ment accounting and financial management. In addition to offering
professional resources and education for its members, the IMA also
sponsors the Certified in Management Accounting (CMA) and
Certified in Financial Management (CFM)
  Elizabeth holds an Associate degree in
Accounting from Lakeshore Technical
College in Cleveland, Wisconsin, and a
Bachelors degree in Accounting from Silver
Lake College in Manitowoc, Wisconsin.
                                                                           Back row:
She has also earned the CMA designation.                                   (l to r) Bonnie Limberg, Mike Fuller, Debbie Speener, Darren
A Sheboygan Native, Elizabeth lives today                                  Meiselwitz, Josh Tegen, Tim Klinkner, Greg Olsen, Chris Berlin; front row: (l to r) Kelly
in Manitowoc.                                                              Mueller, Stephanie Schreiber, Peggy Lauersdorf, Roxanne Lensmire, Joy Marquez,
                                                                           Susie Senkbeil, Debbie Steinke

                                                                                                           in FOCUS                November.2001
                                                                           Commercial Lines
                    FOCUS ON                                                       Joins ACUITY’s
                      in STRUCTION                                         Internet-Enabled
            Congratulations to the following ACUITY staff members who        continued from page 1
            have recently completed coursework and passed exams:
    John Cavanaugh – Economics (CPCU-9) course through the                 Applied Systems' WARP Central and is also designed to interface
    Insurance Institute of America                                         with other business partners as their capabilities allow, so will
                                                                           Commercial Lines leverage this design as well. “There are many
    Lisa Foote – Claims Environment (AIC-33) course through the
                                                                           different channels that agents use to do business with ACUITY,”
    Insurance Institute of America
                                                                           says MIS Director Doug Thayer. “We are committed to supporting
    Ann Hiltunen – Discrete Mathematics course through Lakeland
                                                                           and improving upon existing channels, as well as researching and
                                                                           evolving new ones.”
    Laura Ramos – Insurance and Financial Planning course through
                                                                             No paper. Real-time, accurate rating. Fast turnaround. That’s
    the American College
                                                                           Internet rating in Personal and Commercial Lines at ACUITY.
      For more information on our employee educational reimbursement
    program, contact Bonnie Limberg at Headquarters.

                                                                           NEW HIRE
                                                                             in DUCTION
                                                                                   Welcome to the following individuals who recently joined
                                                                                   the ACUITY team:
                                                                           Christine M. Boberek – Field Claim Representative – Ohio
                                                                           Donna Fairfield – Senior Commercial Underwriter
                                                                           Margaret M. Taylor – Customer Service Representative – Claims

                          Play Ball!                                                    in TRANSIT

8    On October 2, Ed Felchner, Vice President – Marketing and
    Personal Lines, threw out the first pitch on ACUITY’s behalf for the
                                                                                   The following ACUITY staff members recently received
                                                                                   new titles:
    7 pm contest between the Milwaukee Brewers and the St. Louis
                                                                           Audrey Parrish – from Workers’ Compensation Clerk to Services
    Cardinals. ACUITY had the opportunity to be in the spotlight because
                                                                           Imaging Operator
    we are a sponsor of Brewers radio broadcasts.
                                                                           Dana Dassler – from Mail Room Clerk to Commercial Rating Clerk

    in FOCUS         November.2001                                                                                                            ACUI101810/01

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