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Section I – Preparation

Section II – Youtube SEO – Step 1

Section III – Off Page SEO – Step 2

Section IV – Social Proof – Step 3

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                          Quick Overview:
Youtube Kickstart is a simple 3 step system where you are able to rank review videos
for upcoming WSO’s or Clickbank products. It can also be used to rank review videos
for Amazon products.

This eBook covers everything from uploading your video, simple on page SEO that
takes roughly 5 minutes but is super effective. Then I cover off page SEO with things
such as social bookmarking and pings.

Finally we need a way to gather Social proof so we will be using Fiverr and other

Before you upload your review video to Youtube quickly rename the video to your main

For example, if you are trying to rank for the keyword “meme crusher review”, you would
rename your video to “meme crusher review.mp4” or whatever format you are using.

No one ever sees the name of the video except Youtube. I have found this improves the
time it takes to have a video indexed and initially ranked by Youtube and Google.

Youtube registration link:

Next you will need to create a new Youtube account. I recommend creating a new
account for each product you will be promoting. You want to split your main
keyword/product as the first and last name so the product name is displayed under the
Youtube video.

For example, I’m promoting the product “Meme Crusher” so when creating your account
you put the first name as “Meme” and the last name as “Crusher”.

Secondly the email you want to use your main keyword as your username.

For example, I’m trying to rank for the main keyword “meme crusher review” so I want
my username to be a variation of this. In my case I was able to get the username
“MemeCrusherReview”, if that was unavailable you would want to try other variations
such as “Meme.Crusher.Review”.
Here is an example of how I setup my account:

I have seen videos index and rank faster when following this procedure. The end result
is that your username is displayed on Google when people search for your keywords.

                    Step 1 – On Page SEO
Next you will be uploading the video that you prepared earlier. As the video is uploading
you are able to perform the needed On Page SEO.

Step 1a – Video Title

First thing you need to optimize is the video Title. You will want to include the main
product name at the start of the title, and then include your keyword. Separating these
two with the a character such as ‘ | ‘ or ‘ : ‘.

For example, I’m ranking for the keyword “Meme Crusher Review” and the product
name is “Meme Crusher”.

I use a similar template for all video review style videos.

Product Name | Watch this <keyword> Review!

So for my example I would use the title:

Meme Crusher | Watch this Meme Crusher Review!

Step 1b - Description

You can now move onto optimizing the description. You will want to use your main
keyword 4-5 times if possible while including secondary keywords also.
The very first line you will want to put the main product and your keyword(s).

For example, with my video I put: Meme Crusher | Meme Crusher Review

On the second line you want to place your affiliate link. If you haven’t received your
affiliate link yet, simply place the URL of your Youtube video which can be found at the
top of the page.

Now you want to write your main content/review. What I like to do is read over the JV
page to get an idea of what the product is about so I can easily write a review that
actually matches the product.

The final step is to place your affiliate link another 1-2 times throughout the description.
Again if you don’t have your affiliate link yet just use the Youtube video link. You want to
leave at least one link to your Youtube video because if anyone scrapes your video it
will be getting you free backlinks!

Step 1c - Tags

Obviously here you want to have all the keywords you are aiming to rank for. For
WSO’s I follow a simple template:

Product Name
Product Name review
Product Name reviews
Product Name wso
Product Name wso review
Product Name wso reviews

That leaves you with a tag list such as:

"meme crusher" "meme crusher review" "meme crusher reviews" "meme crusher wso"
"meme crusher wso review" "meme crusher wso reviews"

Step 1d – Category

I also set my video to News & Politics if I’m doing review videos. I find these videos are
indexed and initially ranked a lot quicker than other categories.

Step 1e – Thumbnail

Choose a thumbnail that is appealing to the user, such as a frame that features the
product logo or icon. This will help to draw the users in as they realize it’s the correct

You can now click the “Save changes” button and the On Page SEO is completed.
Step 1f – Captions

Here you will be uploading a caption for your video. Youtube and Google can’t exactly
watch your video and know with 100% accuracy what it’s about so by providing them
with captions they are able to understand exactly what the video is about.

Head over to your main Youtube video and simply Copy and Paste your Youtube video
description into notepad. Save this as <Keyword>.txt

In my case for example I would name it: Meme Crusher Review.txt

Now head back to your Youtube video and click the little drop down arrow at the top,
then select Captions.

Now you want to Click “Upload caption file or transcript”

Select your saved text file and click “Open”.

Next step is selecting the option “Transcript File”. Finally you want to enter the track
name as your main keyword (same as your text file).

Mine would be: Meme Crusher Review.

Click “Upload” and everything is set and finished. That completes the On Page SEO
                   Step 2 – Off Page SEO

This step is split into two sections. Section 1 covers how to index and rank your
Youtube and Section 2 covers how to get social proof.

Section 1 – Indexing and Ranking

To get a huge advantage over the competition we will be purchasing 1 fiverr gig which
will create the needed social bookmarking backlinks + rss feeds/pings to get your site
ranked. Basically as the Google spiders go searching the web for new content, the more
sites that are listing your website the better.

Here are 2 gigs that I really recommend.

The first gig offers 1750 high quality backlinks. This consists of 75+ Social Network Blog
Posts, 200+ Web 2.0 Profiles, 75+ Article Directory Submissions, 500+ Social
Bookmarks and a whole lot more. The best part about his service is that all the links will
be pinged by Linklicious which means they will be picked up by Google very quickly.

The second gig is by a lovely lady “Volarex”. She has over 5000+ sales of her services
with 99% positive feedback.

She creates a simple link wheel for you, which consists of 6 high PR Web 2.0 sites, she
then pings all those sites. After that she will create 3000 backlinks to these Web 2.0
properties. Finally she will send you the full report + logins to all the sites.

HIGHLY recommended!

Section 2 – Social proof

Social proof is essential for when people start finding your video on Google and
Youtube. Who wants to watch a video that has 3 views? In their mind the video can’t be
very good if no one is watching it so they are unlikely to click your affiliate link as well.

There is really only one person I trust to do my Youtube views, likes and comments and
that’s Harry. He’s sold nearly 1000 gigs and only has 1 negative feedback.
He offers 100% REAL human views, likes and comments which is vital to ensuring your
video isn’t removed. He gives you 1000 views, 100 subscribers, 50 likes, 50 favorites
and 10 comments for only $5

That’s all there is to getting your videos ranked quickly and easily. The secret is to
purchase these 2 gigs to quickly gain backlinks, views, likes and comments to your
video. This ensures Google and Youtube notice you.

If you followed all the On Page SEO you will be ranked on the first page in no time.

                            Final Thoughts
So we’ve reached the end of the Youtube Kickstart method.

You have everything you need now to completely dominate the Youtube and the search
engines so take MASSIVE ACTION and get those results.

Once you implement the method be sure to post your results in the thread here:

<Wso thread link>

I’ll be giving away special bonuses to a random lucky people who have left reviews. Let
everyone know how the method is working for you, Post screenshots of your rankings if
you want.

I can’t wait to hear about your success!

If you need any help with anything be sure to contact me on the help desk or skype. I’ll
try my best to help you as soon as I can.

Skype: teammastermind
Help Desk:

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