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					Sermon Notes

                          5227 N. Middlebrook Pk. Suite B
                               Knoxville, TN 37921
                                  (865) 599-1044

                              Welcome to Hope Church!
                   We use the acronym P.R.A.I.S.E. to express the Purpose of
               Hope Church. Out of our love for God and Neighbor, we promise
               to: 1) have a daily Prayer time with God, 2) build caring
               Relationships with those we meet, 3) Adore God through our
               worship together, 4) Instruct our families in Biblical principles,
               that they may grow spiritually and teach others, 5) Serve others
               wholeheartedly to meet their needs, 6) Evangelize the world by
               sharing Jesus Christ with them through our words & deeds.
                    Children’s Activities                               Hope Classes
                                                                            At Hope Church, we regularly offer classes entitled Hope 101,
Children’s Church                                                       202, 303, & 404. Hope 101 is our New Member’s classes. If you
    Each week, we offer Children’s Church for kids up through the       are thinking about joining Hope, we ask that you first attend these
5th Grade. Russ Elliott & Amy Palmer are leading this program.          classes. Hope 202 helps you identify & understand your spiritual
You are welcome to go with you child into Children’s Church to          gifts. Hope 303 helps you match your spiritual gifts with ministries
check it out and get your child acclimated to the program.              in our community & at Hope Church. Hope 404 equips you to pray
                                                                        & share your faith with each person that God puts in your path. We
                                                                        will be offering each set of these classes this Fall. If you have been
Fall Children’s Program
                                                                        attending Hope Church for several years & would be interested in
   Nikki Perry has agreed to lead our Children’s Evening Program.
                                                                        teaching a set of these classes, please see Pastor Chris. Hope 101
She & Pastor Chris met this week to discuss the possibilities &
                                                                        will be offered on Sun., Nov. 13 at Noon at Hope Church.
vision for the program. She will be creating a structure, choosing
curriculum, recruiting a staff, & promoting the new program. This
program is designed for kids up through the 5th grade.                  Men’s Bull’s Eye Retreat
                                                                            Randy Atchley is planning another Men’s Shooting Event at his
                                                                        friend, Jim Massengill’s home. We will meet for a little food, fun,
November Princess Tea                                                   fellowship, target practice & skeet shooting. The date is still TBA.
   On Sun., Nov. 20, we will have a Princess Tea for all the
“Jasmine’s, Ariel’s, Belle’s, & Cinderalla’s” at Hope Church. We
                                                                        Women’s Small Group - Sundays
will paint fingernails, put on make-up, style hair, try on jewelry, &
                                                                             Our Women’s Small Group will meet tonight, Nov. 6, at Hope
enjoy wonderful delicacies! Put on your most beautiful ballroom
                                                                        Church at 6 p.m. We will study God’s word and address various
gown and join us for this wonderful day! If you don’t have a gown,
                                                                        relevant topics each week. Group discussion will be an integral
we will have some on hand, so everyone will have one.
                                                                        part of our time together. Invite a friend & grow with God!

Children’s Christmas Musical                                            Wednesday Adult Small Group
    Jill Caldwell & Christy Feliciano are directing our Children’s
                                                                           Our Wednesday Evening Small Group is doing a Bible study
Christmas Musical again this year. They will be leading Children’s
                                                                        using Francis Chan’s Basic: Who is God? He wrote the
Church for the months of November & December as well. The
                                                                        bestselling book, Crazy Love. We will continue this Wed., Nov. 9.
Musical will be held on Sun., Dec. 18, at 5:30 p.m.
                                                                        We meet at Randy & Leah Atchley’s (1000 Ashby Rd. 37922) at
                                                                        7:15 p.m. This group is open to anyone.
Fall Women’s Retreat
   This weekend, we had our annual Fall Women’s Retreat. We             Thursday Men’s Small Group
were blessed to have B.Austell to lead this Retreat! Thank you to          Each Thursday, our Men get together for a Lunch Bible Study.
Christine Fredette for providing a scrumptious lasagna dinner for all   This Thurs., Nov. 10, we will meet at China Lee on Middlebrook
the ladies! Thank you to the Caldwell’s for opening their home for      Pk. at Noon. Don’t forget to bring your Bible. You are also
this event. We had 13 women attend!                                     welcome to invite a Friend!
                   Service Opportunities                               Lost Sheep Ministries
                                                                          Diane Cooper is involved with Lost Sheep Ministries on
                                                                       Wednesday evenings downtown. They serve a meal for 400- 500
Monthly Volunteer Ministry Center Breakfast
                                                                       people & give out clothing each wek. They are always in need of
    November Opportunity: This morning, we took a group to VMC
                                                                       Shoes & Underwear. The shoes can be new or used. If you would
to serve our monthly breakfast of pancakes, bacon, sausage,
                                                                       like more info, contact Diane at 466-1128.
biscuits, & gravy.
    December Opportunity: On Sun., Dec. 4, we will take another
group to VMC to serve breakfast. If you would like to help, please     Elder Nominations
put your name on the sign-up sheet or contact Charlotte Andaluz @         We will begin nominating people for the office of Elder next
936-1982.                                                              Sun., Nov. 13. If you would like to nominate someone, please
                                                                       make sure they would be willing to serve the 3 year term first.
                                                                       Then place their name on a nomination card, that will be available
Prayer Meetings                                                        on the table out front. You can return the card to Pastor Chris or
   We will meet this Wed., Nov. 9, at Hope Church at Noon.
                                                                       place it in the offering baskets.
Normally, we are praying for Marriages, Finances, Addictions,
Children, the Sick, our Economy & Government!
   Our Evening Prayer Meeting will meet this Wed., Nov. 9, at          $40 A Month
Hope Church at 6 p.m. We must come together in Prayer if Hope              Did you know that Hope Church sends $80/month to Pastor
Church is going to accomplish the plans God has for us. We need        Fritz Louisjuste in Haiti to sponsor 8 boys to go to High School?
to grow in the Holy Spirit, mature in our Faith, & grow the body of    Pastor Fritz works with Voice of Children, which is located here in
Christ. The only effective starting place for all of this is Prayer.   Knoxville. He has many young men who are waiting for the money
Do you want to see Miracles, Signs, & Wonders? Then come get           to be able to attend school. If you would like to sponsor one of
on your knees with us and see God work!                                these boys, you have two options: 1) place a check in the offering
                                                                       plate & mark in the memo section “Haiti Schooling” or 2) give T.J.
                                                                       Whaley a check made out to Voice of Children with “Pastor Fritz”
Widows in Need                                                         in the memo section. Either way, the checks will be forwarded to
    On the Youth Mission Trip we met two women, Ms. Julia & Ms.
                                                                       Pastor Fritz & used to educate these young men.
Janice, who are widows. They run the 94 acre Twin Valley Horse
Ranch in Walland, TN. They have an ongoing need for Service
Project help around their ranch. They need trees cut up with chain     “Mrs. Vivian” Service Project
saws and removed from their riding trails. They need several horse        Adam Parker is trying to gather a group to go up to Walland,
trails rebuilt with timber logs & stakes. They also need tons of       TN, just on the other side of Maryville, to build a wheelchair ramp
weed-eating. Ms. Julia, who is in her 80’s, lost her husband in        for Mrs. Vivian. Her small home is tucked back in the mountains
January. If you would like to volunteer once or on a regular basis,    and is in need of many repairs. To get out to Dr.’s appointments in
please see Pastor Chris.                                               the winter, she needs a wheelchair ramp. Our Youth met her this
                                                                       summer when they were doing their Mission Trip at Camp
                                                                       Chilhowee. If you would be interested in helping with this project,
                                                                       please contact Adam (#387-3986)
                      Youth Activities                               College Ministry Opportunity
                                                                         T.J. & Jen Whaley have asked for help with the College &
                                                                     Young Adult Ministry. They would like another person or couple
Sunday Night Guys’ Small Group
                                                                     to alternate teaching with them. This is a good size group of
    Our Sunday Night Guys’ Small Group will meet tonight, Nov. 6,
                                                                     amazing kids. Come find out what God has in store for you!
at 6 p.m. On Sundays, John Palmer leads a Small Group Bible
Study designed for Sr. High Guys at 7 p.m. at Hope. All 9th-12th
Graders are invited to attend!                                       Birthdays & Anniversaries
                                                                     Nov. 2 – Madi Bersaglia               Nov. 3 – Jeff McIntyre
                                                                     Nov. 6 – Ethan Elliott                Nov. 9 – E.J. Caldwell
Lost Sheep Ministries                                                Nov. 11 – Christina Parker            Nov. 22 – Charity Elliott
   On Wed., Dec. 21, our entire church is invited to attend Lost     Nov. 23 – Jake McIntyre
Sheep Ministries Wednesday Dinner under the bridge on
Broadway across from Knox Area Rescue Ministries. There are
hundreds of homeless folks there each week. We will serve a tasty    Youth Fundraiser
dinner, dessert, & drinks. We will also distribute clothes, coats,      Yesterday, Bill James was able to rent the Youth Room for a
shoes, & Bibles. Please place your name on the sign-up sheet as it   Science Fiction Game Competition. Thank you to Bill for
comes around during worship. Or you may sign up on the table in      providing much needed funds for our 2012 Youth Mission Trip!
the front room.
                                                                     Church Website
The Pipeline                                                             We need PICTURES! While we were transferring our website,
   This Wed., Nov. 9, we will meet for our Pipeline Worship          we decided to update its content, pictures, & design. You can find
Service at 7 p.m. Afterwards, our College Small Group meets for      it at www.hopechurchknoxville.com.
refreshments, fellowship, discussion, & a Bible Study. T.J. & Jen
Whaley lead this group.                                              Winter Youth Retreat
                                                                        We will be taking our Youth to a Winter Youth Retreat in
Jr. High & Sr. High Youth                                            Gatlinburg in January 2012. Our Youth Leader’s are in the process
   Our Youth Groups will meet this Wed., Nov. 9, at 7 p.m. We        of selecting the conference we will be attending:
meet for the Pipeline Worship Service, Games, Bible Study,           1. Resurrection (Jan. 13-15 or Jan. 20-22),
Discussion, & Snacks. This group is open to anyone 6th-12th Grade.   2. Tennessee Christian Teen Conference – TCTC (Jan. 6-8),
   Nov. 9:     Lesson: John Palmer         Games: Bill James         3. The Smoky Mountain Youth Conference (Jan. 14-16).
Nov. 16 - Lesson: Kathryn James Games: Jill Caldwell                    Your cost will be $40/kid which covers your conference fee,
                                                                     lodging, food, & transportation for 3 days & 2 nights. The total
                                                                     cost for the Retreat will be over $100/kid. We will be staying at the
Youth Leader’s Meeting
                                                                     Wears Valley Ranch cabins for the weekend.
   Our Youth Leaders need to put their heads together after
worship & choose a date for their next meeting. Pastor Chris gave
out an agenda for the meeting last Wednesday.
Prayer List                                                         Jill’s mom, Ginny Gaddy – severe back & hip issues
Pat Lowe Clark – work stress; diabetes                              Bob Caldwell – 2 bulging discs in his neck
Pat’s step-son, Michael – addiction issues\                         Linda Caldwell – recovering from carpal tunnel surgery.
Pat’s step-son, Terry – having knee replacement surgery             Pastor Chris Aunt, Linda Cobb – knee problems
Jacob Van Buren – contemplating entering the military               Anna Martin – diagnosed with leukemia & at Vanderbilt now.
Terrie McVey’s sister, Linda Martin, has Bone Marrow Cancer         Nikki Perry’s friend – her 9 month old baby passed away.
Terrie’s ex husband, Bob – his wife, Carol, has a rare, painful,    Nikki’s sister, Christina – marital issues
   terminal illness. She is unable to work after 24 yrs. at UT.     Tessa Morgan’s husband, Mark, – had triple bypass surgery
Tommy & Susan Overton’s daughter, Paige Pitts, on the board of           during VBS. He had back surgery at the first of the year and is
    New Hope Academy in Nashville. It is constantly raising              in the process of applying for disability.\
    funds for scholarships for needy kids.                          Kathryn James – migraine headaches
Susan’s sister, Carolyn – salvation                                 Kathryn James – job issues.
Susan’s friend, Taylor Ford – job interviews                        Bill James – foot problems
Liz McDaniel – car accident; still having issues with her arm.      Brandy James’ friend, Gail Tatum – her husband, Art, has severe
Liz’s husband, Bryan – serious health concerns.                         lung problems; asthma & COPD
Ryan McDaniel – trying to enlist in military.                       Gail Tatum – her friend, Trish – just diagnosed with cancer
Davey Lane’s cousin, Terry, - recovering from a car wreck.          Justus Holland’s half-sister, Alexus – 14 yrs. old; she has been
Leslie Lane’s neighbor, Garth – lung cancer; chemo &                    missing since Oct. 14
    radiation. He is now in a wheelchair.                           Jack Little – studying in China for 10 months
Chris & Hannah Willen                                               Mark & Vicky Campbell’s son, Chase – recovering from broken
Sean McDonough – fractured vertebrae in his back                        foot.
Sean – a friend of his at HVA – her cousin committed suicide.       Chase Campbell – interviewing with the fire dept.
Allysa Mclaughlin’s friend, Camryn Shay – lost his brother in a     Vicky’s son, David – his step son has been having seizures
   drunk driving accident.                                          Vicky’s friend, Debbie – waiting on a lung transplant; she is in
Allysa’s friend, Shayla Knighten’s mom is in the hospital with          very poor health & may not make it to the transplant.
    blood clots in her lungs. Will have gall bladder surgery too.   Vicky’s friend, Pam – going through cancer treatment
Joe Creasy – job search; college studies                            Vicky’s friend, Jean – diagnosed with cancer 2 weeks ago.
Leanne Creasy – her commander didn’t get her clearance approved,    Tiffany Campbell’s friend, Erin Stevens – stomach issues
    so she may be stationed in Alabama for a few months             Adam & Christina Parker – trying to have another child
    waiting on this process. You can encourage her at               Adam’s brother – family issues
    leannecreasy93@gmail.com.                                       Randy Atchley – MS treatments.
Pastor Chris & Jill – the roofing contractor starts work            Leah – traveling back from Kansas family celebration
    tomorrow on their roof, gutters, & chimney.                     Randy & Leah’s daughter, Emily – due at Thanksgiving.
Pastor Chris – back injury is still bothering him.                  Emily’s husband, Zach Williams – CNA classes
Jill – double vision from brain injury                              Randy – his uncle, Bob Atchley, severe lung cancer.
Jill – back problems & headaches from car accident on June 2.       Randy’s mom, Jean – heart issues & eye problems; she is had an
                                                                         eye laser procedure done last Monday.
Randy’s Aunt Carolyn – recovering from a fall.                         Pastor Chris’ friend, Bill - he has a 10 yr. old son, Billy with Spinal
Randy’s sister, Candy – more tests after a mammogram &                    Muscle Atrophy. He lives with his wife in Halls.
    ultrasound.                                                        Steve & B. Austell - ministry efforts in Nashville, TN
Leah’s nephew, Ben & his wife, Mariah – pregnant                       Wears Valley Ranch Orphanage – Jim Wood
Randy & Leah’s son-in-law, Howarde Williams – deployed                 The Women of the Knoxville Teen Challenge
    onboard a Navy ship right now until February.                      Our Friends & Family who are Lost; don’t know Jesus.
Jennifer Whaley – kidney stones                                        Martina & her son, Beleo Louisjuste – orphanage in Haiti
T.J. Whaley – still recovering from a cold.                            Pastor Martin’s church & orphanage in Haiti
Jennifer’s mom, Angela – recovering from kidney surgery.               Pastor Fritz Louisjuste’s 6 churches & orphanage in Haiti
Jennifer’s friend, Resa – her son, Weston, was killed in a car wreck   Pastor Leon’s church.
    yesterday morning. He was in his 30’s & had a 1 yr. old.           2012 Elders
Josh Culp’s uncle – diagnosed with Stage IV colon cancer               Struggling U.S. Economy – Gas prices
Josh’s grandfather – layed off from work; needs work locally
Josh’s friend, Frosty – cancer; doctors say “no hope”                  “The Challenge”
Josh’s parents, Woody & Stephanie, are adopting a little girl from        God has put it upon my heart that we are not memorizing
    Haiti.                                                             enough Scripture. So, I am putting out “The Challenge.” Can you
John Palmer’s cousin, Eloise, - has cancer                             memorize Matthew 5-7, which contains Jesus’ “Sermon on the
John – stomach/intestinal issues                                       Mount?” Everyone who accomplishes this task by Dec. 18, will be
Amy Palmer – college Nursing studies                                   Hope Church’s guest for a banquet at Louie’s Italian Restaurant
Amy – has a serious cough; Dr’s are treating her with meds.            on Broadway. Your spouse’s meal will be FREE too!
Josh – needs to find his band instrument.
Ralph Feliciano’s sister, Linda – going through chemo;
                                                                       Pastor Appreciation Month
Charlotte Andaluz’ dad, Johnny Wright Sr. – diagnosed with
                                                                           I would like to thank everyone for their kind words, cards, &
    prostate cancer recently
                                                                       gifts last Sunday morning & evening. I also want to thank Pat
Jasmine Andaluz – boyfriend, Tommy – in basic training in SC.
                                                                       Clark for having a beautiful cake made for me. Your
Susie Campbell’s sister, Gail - diagnosed with Leukemia
                                                                       encouragement means a lot to me & my family. It has been an
Gail’s son’s ex-wife – was murdered 3 wks ago; 23 yrs. old
                                                                       honor to serve Hope Church for the last 9 years!
Heather Campbell’s friend, Casey – in military training in CA
Stephanie Tajen’s sister, Lea – new place to live; new friends;
   also pray for her 2 yr. old daughter, Kaydance.                     Thank You
Demir Tajen – kidney stones                                               We need to regularly say thank you to those folks who
Demir & Stephanie – custody issues                                     continually donate their time & money behind the scenes. Thank
Christine Fredette – she has MS; In a Clinical Study now.              you to Steve Heyward & Terrie McVey for cleaning the church
Ernie – breathing issues                                               each week. Thank you to Pat & Karen McDonough who get
Ernie & Christine’s daughter, Melissa – scoliosis issues               paper products donated from Pat’s company, Kimberly Clark.
Darlene Laverdure’s step father – bowel obstruction                    Thank you to Bill & Billy James and Clay McDaniel for taking
                                                                       our trash to the dump each week. We really appreciate you!
Praises                                                               October Harvest Festival
  1) We had 13 women at our Women’s Retreat and B. Austell               Last Sunday, Oct. 30, we had our annual Harvest Festival here
      led the weekend! B. had safe travel here from her home in       at Hope Church. We had over 100 people in attendance, who were
      Spring Hill, TN!                                                treated to a visit from a festive & friendly group of Vikings.
  2) Last week, during worship, all the folks of Hope Church             Thank you to everyone who worked diligently last weekend
      honored Pastor Chris with kind words, cards, & gifts!           to make the whole thing a success. A special thanks to Jill, Noah,
      October was Pastor Appreciation month.                          & Caleb Caldwell for spending their Saturday at the church setting
  3) Joe, Kathy, Zack, & Hailey Creasy made it back safely from       up for the event.
      South Carolina for LeAnne’s graduation from boot camp!             Thank you to everyone who brought decorative items for us to
  4) Mark & Vicky Campbell’s son, Chase, had a wedding                use: The Atchley’s, Christy Feliciano, The James’, The Johnson’s,
      shower yesterday in Maryville!                                  The Morgan’s, The Overton’s, The Tajen’s, & The Whaley’s.
  5) E.J. Caldwell’s Football team beat Halls in the Semi-Finals         We want to especially thank all those folks who worked hard all
      on Monday 18-0. He scored a touchdown on offense & had          Sunday afternoon at the church: Leah Atchley, Vikki Browning, Pat
      an 85 yd. interception return for a touchdown as well!          Clark, Joe & Kathy Creasy, Zach Creasy & his friends, Keyshawn
  6) E.J. Caldwell’s CBFO Football Team came in 2nd to                & Corey, Russ Elliott, Bill & Kathryn James, Tabitha Johnson,
      Catholic in the XFL City Playoffs. He had an interception       Clay McDaniel, Mark, Tessa, Mark Landon, & Thomas Maynard,
      return for 35 yds in the championship game on Saturday!         Susan Overton, and Amy & Elizabeth Palmer.
  7) Jill Caldwell’s parents, Bud & Ginny, had safe travel to            Thank you to all the people who worked in the different parts of
      Knoxville for E.J.’s game & safe travel back home to            the maze: Randy Atchley, Vikki Browning, Jill, Noah, Caleb, &
      Cookeville, TN yesterday!                                       E.J. Caldwell, Tiffany Campbell, Zack Creasy & his friend,
  8) The Laverdure family had safe travel back from Atlanta!          Keyshawn, Clay McDaniel, Sean McDonough, Allysa McLaughlin,
  9) The Caldwell’s Roofing Contractor starts work tomorrow!          Joshua Palmer, & Alex Seay.
  10) Tessa Morgan’s son, Thomas Maynard, got a new job at               Thank you to all the folks who stuck around to help clean-up
      Wal-Mart!                                                       afterwards: Leah Atchley, Vikki Browning, Russ Elliott, Bill,
  11) Leah Atchley had safe travel to Kansas for family birthday      Kathryn & Billy James, Tabitha Johnson, Clay McDaniel, &
      parties (40th, 50th, & 60th birthdays).                         Thomas Maynard. In addition, thank you to all the College folks
  12) Allysa McLaughlin sent out a prayer request this week           who helped us clean up more on Wednesday, especially Heather
      because her bus stop had been changed and now she was           Campbell, Josh & Jordan Culp, Brandy James, and T.J. & Jen
      having to cross 5 lanes of Lovell Rd. traffic. Later in the     Whaley.
      week, the kids were able to cross in a different spot without
      having to cross Lovell Rd.!
  13) John Palmer had UT football tickets given to him this week
      and he was able to take his son, Josh, Zack Creasy, and
      Noah & Caleb Caldwell!
  14) Pastor Chris was able to put the final touches on our
      Children’s Christmas Musical script this week!

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