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             HIGHWAYS and
             PUBLIC WORKS

                                    JULY, 1931


                                      Table of Contents
    Huge Work Program for Next                          Si~    Months                ~                           .__    1
    State Agencies Unite on lo""ire Program                                                     ._••         •          2
    Highways Become Fire Barriers______________________                                                                 ..
    Radio's Worth in Crime Prevention_______________________________                                                    6
                Sri J • • u      Roell",. Ul'ret<_ of C..."' ......U ..... I_p'ef&r
    Patrolmnn '8 IJeroi3m Kets Auto ThieL____________________________                                                   8
    Works Department's Aetivities Analyzed._________________________                                                    9
                B/I .1• • 0:. I. H~. D~JI.'l1 Dineror
    Speetaeular Job at Bottom of Sea                                             •               •                     12
    Piet.orial Story of Diver's WorL                                                                                   13
    Status of California. Waur Problem.                                                                                14
    Just QDe DaS io a Policeman's Life....                                                                             16
                s)' 8 .....11 B..,..         Ch., l-.pector
    Tnller WorkiuKti Or Hi ·'hWIlY CommissioD                                              •             •             17
            BII n ......." A. Hop.'..... Oo"'..O&ri<>...... fro..             Taft
    Letters Laud Work of PatroL                                              •                                         21
    Stately Itedwoods to Be Sa"ccL                                     .•                            •                 25
    Dam and Water Statisties___________________________________                                                        28
    Ancient and Modern U{'frigeratioD                                                                                  30
                £)1 C, A. He..acrlolls. Au,",'allt &lIgfaecr
    lJow Land Is Sceurro for Kew Roads                                                                                 32
                8)1 c, C. CarilOll. C"''''f. D1~ C4Inr... cl~ alld Bighl. 0( Wilt'
    Iligbway Bids ltnd Awards for Junc                                                                                 34
    Selfish Driving Ueld Calise of Accidents                                                                           36
    Arizolla :llodels After Statc PntroL                                                                               ~7

    Engineers Discuss Weglern Problcms                                                                                 38
    Activities of Oi\'ision of Water Resourccs                                                                         39
    fjodge to Mark Historic Spot with TableL                                                                           42
    Value of Prison Campb OUtiined                                                                               .__ 4a
               nil   #'re~ /t.    llq...~)I.r, s .. pen......... ,..""'''''' RO<ld 0 ..",,,,,

    Division of 1\Iotor Vchicles ReporL__________________________                                                      44
1 S   IX MILLION DOLLARS worth of con·
       'rae'" are w be awarded by the Depart.-
       ment of Public Works during the next.
 three monthl for highway work!
    And the total contraets under wa)' on July         process.
 1st amounted to $17,522,969.                          Considerable
                                                       I a b 0-1' is neees·
    Thl' total number of men employed b)T the          s & r y in preparing
 fiighway Division on tbat date was 6261.              materia.b and machin·
    Thus does the DcvarlJuenl oC Public Works          cry to be used on can·
 enter the third quarter of the year with expec-       l.racts let by the various
 tation of awarding additional contracts of            divisions.
 $2,726,500 and bringing the tot a I Cor the
                                                                        r.NP'ORCE NEW UAWS
 ppriod to tbe not insigniflc~Ult sum of
 tB,726,500.                                               "'nile it is impossible accuratel;r tA:l estimate
                  GOt'S TO I..A80B                     how maDY are 80 employed, it should be noted
                                                       th.llt the Departmlillt is preparing strictly to
           Seventy per cent of this expenditure        enIoree the proviaioDs at the t1\'O so-called
 is passed on to labor.
                                                       labor bills passed at the last session of the
   The Division ot Architecture is shaping its         Legislature and signed b)' the Governor. One
 wo.'k 50 that additional emplo:rment may be           of these, Chapter 398, Statutes ot ]931, pro-
 given J700 men during the July-September              vides that NOXE BUT A)[BRICAN CI'l'I-
 period.    Already 2l).l2 are at work 00 various      ZENS ltAY BE E1U)LOYED ON STATE
 projects.                                             PHOJEC'l'S unless in the event of extraor-
    Awarchl alread)f made total $5,868,010 [or         dinary emerge-lIe.y. The other, Chapter 397,
 100 projects. Those to be lmdertaken during           Statutes of 1931, 888II1'CS the wOI·ker payment
 July, August and September eall for Sin               of NOT LESS 'l'HAN THFJ OENERAL
 estimated COSt of $4,858,273, involving 69            PREVAILING RATE OJi' WAGES 011 pub.
 projecta.                                              Iic works.
    W- Thus it is shown that the two divi·                 Some idea of the work planned by the
 sions alone will employ more than 9000 men!           Highw8Y Division from .July to December
                                                       11111)' be gleaned from the followiug table,
                  LAHOE INCREASE                       which i~ an estimllte of the jobs to be donc,
    Activitie8 or the DivisiOn of WILler Re-           althougb it shows the jobs which it is pro-
 sourCe8 Ilre largely technicnl, but this serviec      posed will be ndvcrtised np Decrmher
 comprehends work costing $],658,000. 'fhe             31st. Perusal of thiH li..,t will show tlUit tim
 regnllll' RI.a1f of 250 trained nlcn represents a     work is distributed over the entire State, thus
 considerable illcretu;t!, made neeessary by the       giving employment in everr section.
 cxpnuding serviecs of thc division.                                         1't<O..........   WOOl"
   Sumll1illg up, the Depnrtment of Public             P.""o:l            TAmU.                   A ... o.... r
 Worlo: ill right nil to its schedule of activities,   I-Mf>n--Cedar creek and Dann CrHk bridle. IZU,001l
                                                       Y-lion-Rocl<Y CrHk to Dh'td....      •• _. 311,&00
 drawn up under Governor Rolph's program               YI-Had--At 'beer••••• _••                  ._.___      to,60U
 [or speedinJ.!' up public impro\'ements as a          Il-!;;I...-Cl~ar Creek appn;>&d>e••        •            9,tol
                                                       V-SBt--.q, boundary to San &lnllo Rlver__ ••          144,600
 means of alleviating unemployment.                    IV_SM_SCI_Redwood ClI,. I" 0",10110 A ..e...          UL4U'
                                                       rv_"-la~,,1'llie to Uv~."",,",_._.______              1".10'
    ~ Nor must the tact bo 108t sight of               II-Lo._wtllard. to Su. .nvill.                  ._    U ••OOO
                                                       III_Clc--ln Willow••••          ._. _._                15.701
 that the employment of more than 9000 men              III-rkl.-Un.... ln to Shul""                          14.7"
 on State proj~ts does not nearly represent            VIl.()ra-Fallerllln to .... tul,. boundary___         In.IM
                                                       V.$Bt--3an De"ltn m...". br.di;c_•• _ ••              140.001
 the total given work under this speeding-up           VI-Her-BrIdge. __ •                 • __ •   ••• __    to.OOI
                                                                        (Contln,"" On          ~       U)
2                         CALIFORNIJl HIGHWL1YS AND PUBLIO WORKS

State Agencies Welded into Unit
          In Intensive Forest Fire Battle
                     'f         'f          'f         'f         'f         'f

T      HAT right now is the time to start
    . improving the State fire laws by uniting
       all indn trial and commercial interests
and tying the fire sitnation into the big prob-
                                                    vcntion and suppression. The subcommittee
                                                    consi ts of R. A Vandegrift, chairman; State
                                                    Fire Marshal Jay Stevens and fil1perilltend-
                                                    ent E. Raymond Oato of the Higllway Patrol.
lem-the water problem of the Stare-was                 , 'The presence of the members of the Cali-
the key m ssage given the California Fire           fOl'llia Pire Emergency Committee here today
Emergency COHlwittee at its first executive         is of great significance, " said Governor James
session, July 1, at the State Capitol, by Rol-      Rolph, Jr.] in opening the executive session
land A Vandegrift, Director of Finance.            he had sponsored. "It means that the State
     \Ve lmow," said the Director of Finance,
    /<                                             government is solidly back of the preserva-
spealdng on the administration's policy of         tion of Oalifornia's greatest heritage--its for-
forest protection, "there will always be the       ests and watersheds."
necessity for spending money for forest fire           After reviewing the purposes for convening
suppression, and of course the best method of      tbe session, in closing his talk to the com-
suppression is preyention. W listened to           mittee, Governor Rolph said:" ow .is the
State Fore tel' Ivr. B. Pratt and other goentle-   time for California to recognize squarely and
men who are particularly concerned, and I          flllly its l'ei;;ponsibility in forestry. We must
believe that we can say without fear of con-       search for the facts and upon these facts build
tradiction that the State of Oalifornia is now     fI, program of development which can be car-
and will be, as a result of the budget, in a       ried out progressively as rapidly as SOlIDd
better position to protect tlle forests and the    public finance permit."."
otller property in the State from fire than                    COOPERATIVE AGENCIES
ever before.]]
                                                      11,S executive secretary of the committee,
             ADVA)JCE,. CAMP   GN                  State Forester M. B. Pratt outlined the activi-
   Vandegrift'8 taDe, according to actual fire      ies of the nine distinct fire prevention cam-
fighters present, not only advanced 25 years'      paign being carried on in the State by coop-
efforts of £re prevention endeavors in Cali-       erative agencies to the Governor's proclama-
fornia to a workAble ba<;;is as long visioned by   tion.
fire organizations, but also visualized a solu-       As a coordinating body, the California Fire
tion of the problem through the medium of          Emt'rg'ency Committee is expending no State
such a constituted body as the Oalifornia Fire     funds on the consolidated fire prevention cam-
Emergency Committee.                               paign this season. 'fhe costs of the campaign
   It is claimed by fire prevention leaders that   are contributed by the cooperative agencies.
Vand&g'rift's visualization of the fire prob-         In addition to the State Division of For-
lem as (1) a coordinated State project, (2)        estry and the U. . Forest Service, fire pl'e-
to become a major factor in the Sta.te's water     vention campaigns are being conducted by
problem, and (3) to be covered by adequate         the "Stop ForesL Fires" Committee, the
State legislation for enforcement purposes,        State Chamber of Oommerce, the California
properly installs all fire plans into the indus-   Forest Prot.eetive A ssociation, the California
trial development and preservation of the          State ALltomobile Association, the Automo-
natural resources of the State, thereby con-       bile Association of Southern California, the
verting the whole problem from a seasonal          American Legion and the Consel'vation Asso-
menace into a State economic measure of            ciation of Los Angeles County.
real value.
                                                               COORDIKATED REPORTS
              ROLPH'S MESSAGE
                                                      ,Vith an attendance of 15 out of 17 mem-
  Unanimously supporting the contentions of        bers Ii ted in the proclamation, tIle major por-
the Director of Finance, the committee named       tion of the session was nevoterJ to receiving
three of its members as a subcommittee to          reports of accomplishment from the coor-
study remedial Jegi 'latioll covering fire pre-    dinated State forces.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _..:-('/lL/FOItNJA. 1!IOEII'AYR AVO PUBLIC WONKS                                             3

j GIVE           THEM THE._C_U_R_E                                                     B_y_R_o_dg_er_1

  Std,   ;=o~nte..   M.   e.   Pratt and member. of Gov-   Th. punishment followinlJ conviction may b. a
ernor Rolph'. 1""1..","e)' committ.. hivi actad            te.m in jail 0. a fin" o. both.
with commend,ble prom pi"... to cope with the                  Supt. Cato of the patrol kIlO •••"r.d the .m•••
for lilt fir. problem, which i, mar••• rioul thl" IVI..}' committee that hi. men will not h..ltat. to
th', yu .. beea"'I" of the extraordinary light ....        make ......t.. "nd i" making "n .1lP"! to the
lonal ..a;nl.                                              court. fp. COOll. . . . tion.
   R..,ou"l:i!ing the fad that many of the fins that           It i, • m .. tt•• of gener.1 knowl.dge that the
Ira turning California', famld farelt, into Wist..         courta in the put h"v. dealt lightly with thl. type
of burnt ,lump, .re IUrted by ca..,l,.. Clmper,            of offender.
and motori,l.. tl•• Stat, Highway Patrol lou bM"               The ·N.w...... no di.po.ition to "pull the l.. w"
ordered to ."...oi. . .!"c!lll "'\lih,n<:11 in making      on .. n)'on.. But in vi.w of the ....iou.n••• of the
I ..rub for violation of fire ",",ventien taw ...          iitu.. tlon w. can ... no nalOn why the eourt.
   It may not b. Itlnenlly known, but the stat, law'       '''ould not m.t. out the penaltl.. p.escribed by
prohibit, the flicking of lillhted matches, cill....l"     l.. w to th .... who d•• poil our fo••• I •.
and elgin from lutomobil.. and i. Iven mo ••                   Coooe•• tion b.t...... n the enfo.cement office••
at.ingont in deeling wit" campe'" wh.o feit to put         and the coucts. in our .. pini..", will ••duc. fo,...t
out "II f1"mlng when b.e.king "p camp. to .. minimum.-18. J" D"UlI Nnu. J,,~ 8)
 4'                    OA.LIFORJH.4 HIGHWAYS A.ND PUBLlO WORKS

 Highways First Line of Defense
       In Fire; Man Power Mobilized
      How the Department of Public Works is making the State highways of California a.
natural firebreak as a means of reducing the annual toll of devastation taken each yea.r,
is told in Colonel Walter E. Garrison's report to the State Fire Emergency Committee.
The report, read to the committee July 1st, follows in part:

       HE department has made immediate             B of growths and vegetation along
       response to the Governor's call for aid   highways and rights of way was at one time
       in fires.                       regarded as an act of good housekeeping. The
   The entil'e man power and equipment of        clean road pleased the eye. It continues to do
the department has been made ready for the       so, but a decidedly more practical object now
field. Regular employees came first, then con-   is sought.
tractors engaged in highway work were               This is a dl7 year. '1'he State roads thread
advised that under the regulatiuns, specifica-   seared valleys and dry mountain roads. The
tions and contracts fheir crews were subject     work of oil spraying rights of way and burn-
to service in fighting fires.                    ing them over and the clearing of dry brush
   The highway employees, motor patrolmen        from hill roads does two things. It removes
and contractors' crews numbered more than        the hazard latent on the roads and the cleared
3500 when the call went out.                     rights of way provide thoroughly effective
             PLAYS MAJOR PART
                                                              HIGHWAY A DEFENSE
   Now with the construction program in full        Fires must not start on highways. Fires
swing man power has increased to nearly          started elsewhere must stop at highways.
5000 aud the di tribution of these forces at     Thus a hazard is removed and an aid to safety
various points in the State makes possible a     established.
quick service at. any poi.nt. So, in coopera-       It is. not too much to say that the State
tion villi the Federal Furest Service and the    highway system already has become a first
Department of Natural Resources, the Divi-       line of defense against fires and will be
sion of Highways is able to playa major part.    improveu ,Yearly in this service.
   In human ills, prevention is better than         If motorists using the highways and camp-
cure. It i::; equally true that the fire pre-    ers who go into the forests will only exercise
vented is the only costless one. It is better    known and obvious precautions, their con-
business to prevent fires tban to arrest them    tribution to the safety of lives and property
after they have taken their toll on public       will be a material one.
and private property.                               Work of clearing the highways is care-
   The Department of Public Works has a          fully plamwd alid the plan works. Early in
definite program of service in reducing the      the season the most hazardous areas on the
fire hazard. Work of prevention is accepted      more than 3000 miles of highways, with
as a function of the depa.rtment and it is       nearly 700 miles in the worst forest section
under way for several months each year.          areas, were scouted and mapped.
              SPRAY AND BURN                                  UTMOST PRECAUTION
  The 1931 program of the Division of High-        A strip nine feet wide alo·ng both sides of
ways provides for spraying and burning           the right of way if; sprayed with oil and early
roadside vegetation over 46 counties. 'It        burning begun under every known precaution
covers 1150 miles and represents an expendi-     to prevent the spread of fire. In addition to
ture of $81,000. Snpplementing this is the       ordinary tools for service, the men are
work done in fall and winter months in. tlie     equipped with Hauck torches. and Indian
forest areas.. Growths encroaching on the        type knapsack pumps. Each crew is attended
rights of way are burned with an annua.l         by a water tank or fire truck, sentinels are
cost of about $20,000. More has been done        posted at control points to protect traffic and
th~s year-tha.nks to the emergency appro-        the utmost care is exercised to protect trees,
priations to relieve nnemployment.               fences and inflammable property.
                                  ('AUllQH~"'I"   HHHflVAYS AND j'UJJLIO IVORKS                                               ,
      I"'flammable 111alier
            Along Rights of Way
               Sprayed and Blll'Ited
        It is understood, or oourse, that ouly the
     most hazardous places are lIClected for pro-
     teetive treatment, but even under this limita-
     tion the range of the year's work, now well
     aecomplished, includes 1150 miles in areas dis-
     tributed ~ follo"s:
        Along t.he Red\\ ood llighway in ]larin,
•,   Sonoma. Mendocino lUld Humboldt counties;
     the Pacific Highwa)' east lind west of the
     Sacramento River to RedclinlZ, M well as
     scattered sections totaling perhap!l 25 miles
     between Redding' and the State line; portions
     tlt rhe Tahoe-Ukiah route; between Roseville,
     Auburn alld Or85ll Valley.
                       WIOt:lil'kKAD 1'1tO:ST
         TI,e Mother Lode from Auburn to Sonora;
     tlie mountain laterals, between Sacramento
     and Placcn'ille. Clay and Jackson, Lodi and
     San Andreas; the all':rlffl" highway between
     Uereed and Yosemite: the inland eoa.rllaier-
     ala, Gilroy to Califs, Snn Luctlll to Hanford,
     and Santll Maria to Marieopa; the main line
     from Saeramento to Napa; the river Jateral
     from Lodi too Suisun, Martine! to Richmond;
     the volley route from Sacramento to Bakers-
     field; Ihe ridge "0' tf':, Bakersfield to Los
     Angeles; and the COtlst l'(lute from San Prall-
     cisco 1.0 San Diego. Work 'Will also be done
     in San Diego, San Bernllrdino and Orange
         The snbjeet of fire prevention is olle of such
     S(.'Ope M to make its detailed review impos-
     sible in a brief report, but, 8ummurized, it
     may be said:
         The h ig h w a.y system of California. is            $100 SMILE THIS_She', Helen Non.m .nd th.t',
     becoming a. fIrst line of defense a.gainst the        the ,Ioll.n .bovo h,~ piclu~o, fo~ writing which ,ho
                                                           I'4Icoivlld til, cheek ,he hold.. A ~t"dent of H.rbert
     spread of torest and vegetation nres.                  Hocver High School, Glendele, Mi" Hol.n won
                                                           1\... t p~iZll in • conte.t co;onducted by the Sto;op
                      A!;!;URE COQPEI'lATIOY                Fo..nt Fir.. Committee o;of C.lilorni.. Why
       The Division of Highways is doing annu_             .ho;o"ldn't .he .mile!
     ally a. work of h i g h e 8 t value in ftre
     prevention.                                                           COMMUNITY SPENDING
        The Division of Highw&)'s all a. coopere.t-              Fortyllllht a.lI!orlli. t'Oun~jlll .pent • total of
     ing unit is effective in the field both became        $1,OOO,~.37 for "dl"ertl,lnc lnd J)romo~lon In 1930, l
     of its superior numbers in m&n power e.nd    i""llf!d h,. 3t"l(I CnntNlU.... ft,,)' T•• Rile1 revells.
     because ot its distribution of men and equip.         Mr. Rile1 flcuru the per capita COlIt at 30 cea"" Loe
     ment.                                                 A.nnlee Coulltr "'.. the llrlelt lliina:~e lldn.'rli&er,
                                                           fT>\:ndin. $951,3!J7. SAIl f·rallcl.-co .pent $lfO,ooo,
        AsKtcialL'{} a,,-e:llcies lIlay be assured of      Alameda Count,. $HH,77'9, IIld Rl ..e"ide CoUDty
     enoperation and aasistanee promptl:r and to           iW,i86.
     the Cull mea sur e o[ the departml'!D.t '8
     rei«lIll'C(!s.                                           Uncle Sam ha. In hl. p(N)tal ,,",lee alon.. a. total
                                                           et 11.616 .uto.... obU ...
o                            C.lU"·OIl"L". TIIOHlVAY8 AXD PUBLIO WORK.S

Experiments Prove Radio's Worth
      In Broadcasting Orders to Police
                     By JAMES ROeHl!!, llapoeclor In Chlll1re, Bureau or COmmunIcation

"HELLO!                1'his is border patrol               lo'lirthcr trslil at bpedquarters in Sacramento
             oillee at         speakiug. Please          ha\'e delUoll!ilrltled the (~aSihiliLy of tLe sys-
             stand b~' and reeei,-c report on            tem. A low wave length reeeiyer was installed
murderer ~,mewhere on t.he California high-              at Eleventh and P streets and we were able
wa)-, he.vil;r /Inned and driving a stolen               to libten in on the different police department
auto. ,.                                                  radio brollldcMb! throughout the State-in
  'That might be fl rnessnge s~nt through to all         QOme instanc~ we heard other slates as well
highway plltrolmen in the near future should                Intensely intpresting u:lUUples of the effi-
present. ))10118 for Il State-wide radio system          ciency of police broodl'asting were pieked up
for the ('llliCornill Highway Patrol come into           by us in &uamento. One in particular came
being.                                                   from Los AnFeles. We heard radio head·
  The Jlrojl.'C~ ealls for se'-cr-allow wllve If'ngth    qllllrf'J'l'l thf're nrdl'r tYrO patn'l cars to 8
stations throughout the Slate, the broadcasts            bu~Ill.ty I:llSlli~nlllt:uL Are... miuutes lal& we
!rom which will not interfere with re.:,"'1llar          listened in as one ... as instructed to return to
radio programs, since the broadcast wa"e would           its regular be8t inee the ot.her had 8ppre-
be beyond the reach of commercial reeeivers..            hended the thi('vea.
                 START 101 ........   nus,,"                              WOULD AID PATROL
  Installation of radio sets in border check-               ]n passing it ,night be noted that Los
ing lltations would compleleIy sbut off all              Angeleti police haYe increased their ielon;r
auto entrances and uiLi and, with receivers              eon\'ict.ions 60 per CCllt sine(' the insta118tlon
locat.ed in patrol otHces and on pa.trol cars            of radio equipment. ChiMgO !'end!; out ,m
and motorcycles, it. is not bard to pict.ure a           average of 3000 c,llIs per dllY via l(Jw wnt:.
conversation like that above being the signal               The \'alue of this system for tile Califonlill
for an intensive man hunt. on the part. of the           Highw8)' Patrol wiU be readily recognized.
Highway Patrol.                                          Our men lire ~pre8d over p.very strategic cen-
  It has been my dUI~' tv hlSlteet the radio             ter of the Slate. Nut only .... ould our effieiene;r
systems oC the Btll] Franeisco, Berkeley and             in patrolling the highwnys be impro\'oo; our
Los An~les police dCIll\rtmrnts; the Hoeing              record of cooperlllion with other police agen-
Air e r II f t and the Rad io Corporation of             cies in the llpprehension of criminals
America s.\'slems; t he {'(I u ipmcnt of the 'Vest-      enhanced; our effectiyenesa in time of emer-
ern Electric ('ompany nnd the pIon employed              gency or dil;.'lster increa;;ed, but-we would go
by the Department of 1"ol·('sl.ry. Consequently          Jar in aiding in kl'f'ping criminal;; ont of lhe
J am most enthu~iflstic over I./Il' possibilities        bOlmdaries of thi!i Stutc.
of such meallS of communicotioll for tIle High.
way Patrol.                                                           SPARE OUR BLUSHES
                TAI,K 'I'U OAl"I'AINS                         TIn: 'Tl1tr hum Seeromento 10 Lake 'l'nhoe by
                                                         WilY of Aulmr" ean be IQAd. ~8.8ily in fOllr bourl with-
   A unique I'xpf'I'imenl \\'11'1 triell during the      out getting LI,e aulOln(lbile dust:!', du~ to the lI\lle,ullJ
last elllss of l;llptllil/s, LhclI ill session at. the   .....n'lItinn or tllf' liP... ~d 10 the l)ollner summit.
Sacrllmento training ijChool. Chief CaM                                            • • •
tnlked over the air directly to the school sev-             Tue SUMMIT GRADE !rotn the vnlley side latl't
eral miles away, by means of the Boeing air-             aDywhp~ near liB tormltlllble nil he:ro~, aod Dot IIg

craft trOl/smitter. lie outlined to the assem-           dilft('nlt to mllke II. thO! rplUrn trip "I' from Dollnu
                                                         lake. to the top.
bled caplains the policies and duties of the                                       • • •
]>9tl'01 and \\'IIS heard ('IFSlrl)'. I 91.<10 had the     Till: IIlOUWj,Y WORK on hoth lIides ot the tum-
plcQ.'lure of addrCilSin!:, the officers on "Com-        mit b the finelll moontain road that ui!<u; anywhere
mWlicntion and Radio" and was grateful to                tbi, "'riler hili ~n. If ao::idelll, ~r Ihe... tMY
learn subsequently that the eounty eapu.ins              Pre the r.ull "t the drbeu alld n"l d lhe eopnetlll
                                                         and ,... orkml'll '11"110 laid oulll,e roal!way.-(/I"~ C. J.
are f'nthu...iaSlic over this: modern method of          I.:, col",.... "BOcNl"""'O" i" Buena..... '. U,,;o",
crime broadca.«tillg.                                    J.", !9fll.)
                        OALTP'ORNIA HICl-HlVAYS A.ND PUHLIO WORKS                                      7


        EV ERY S ECON 0 COU NTS in catching a criminal. And the Highway Patrol does not wish to
be caught napping. So E. Raymond Cato, the Chief, is experimenting with radio communication for
h is force. He sent out his first message the other day to officers in the training school, being gu,ded
oller the "air bumps" by James Roche, Inspector in Charge of Communications. To use the old Amos
and Andy signal: "Here they are."

    Warm tribute to tJle tireless and successful     duty shown by them during the strenU01l!)
efforts of the men of the Highway Patrol to          days and nights of July 3d, 4th and 5th.    .
ll:eep traffic moving and accidents at a n ini-        "Through your vigilance and activity HI('
mum eluring the July 4th double holiday has          hundreds of thousands of California citizens
been paid by Chief Cato in a general order.          and guests were able to enjoy our highways
                                                     in safety, for, even though the highways were
It follows:                                          crowded with vehicles, never before exceeded
   "1 desire to commend the entire personnel         in numbers, fatal accidents were few.
of the California Highway PatTol for their             " fen, I am proud of the record you made
tireless energy and the splendid devotion to         and proud of you. "                         .
8                              CAT.lPOUJIlA lflGHlVAYS AND PUIILIO WORKS

Patrolman Dazzles       Louisiana to Lead
  Man With Flashlight,    U. S. in Cash Spent
   Disarms, Arrests Him     Upon Highway Work
                                                                           F.POR'fS from forty.five of the forty.
      OOLNKSS under attaek and extreme

C      bravery were displayed last month by
        William C. Pouyer, member of the
Calil'ornia Highway Patrol, who, covered
                                                                            eight states indicate that the 1931
                                                                            highway construction program will
                                                                   (ar surpass the amount oC work llceom-
with a pistol by an alleged auto lh ief, dazzled                   pli<;h.-d in 1930, according to a statement by
the man with his flashlight, disarmed and                          D. H. Lafferty, president of the California
arrested him.                                                      State Automobile Association.
   The story of Pouyer's quick wit is wId in                          ., The sum of one billion dollars, in round
8 story appearing in the IIlO""i,,g UllWII. of                     nnmllf'rs, will bi' spent by the states for
Grass Valley under date of June 21. 1t                             improving some 40,000 miles of highways
follows :                                                          and in maintaining the existing SJo'stems,"
   Di.playilll' plellt1 or tool ll~e in raci..,_.. a.aertfd        Lafferty said. "fn addition, there will be
lIoline, 111., ,unman, .Officer Willi.,n b~o,,¥u of the            aboUI $500,000,000 upended by counties on
CaliforDla Hi.bw1l7 I'uro!. outwitted Georn Uf:lta
at Flori.ton at D.30 o'clock Fri.,. DI,ct" .00 1.1l::l~            local roadlf.
him III the 'rrUl:k~ jllil Uel~ . . . captUrM .ft~ a                                  LOUL..:tAN" A 1,£...\ 08
_lde-ot:H'lI chll.e do....n Ibl! m Rich••)' lrOIll
Trucll:ec to li'Ioriaton.                                             "On the baau of reports received, Louisi.
                                                                   ana will head the lin of states with tbe larg-
                      ONE 8fU1T   nu:n
                                                                   est npenditure, which is announced as
    Della, II I, t1almed. broke Into I "-I' in Trudl.~
nnd !lIo\" /I ..... \'oll'Pr. ~ri .... II rid.. to J.b Tah~
                                                                   $64,700,000. New York will be second
with I moolorin "Good Bamuitan," tlte alI.Utm «UD-                 with a. $60,000,000 highway program, and
mall foret'll tbe ear drh·tr 10 tOp his .IIllebint, dl'"t np       Dl.iDois will be third with $M),OOO,OOO.
lilt \'alliabl" Illd 1'-0 UI nr. One.tH>t lI'U fired 10            While d&ta has not been received from
IIl1roree tbe deulllllll..
    'n,e elIr owner ,..." Jl'l'u II rid.. 10 'I'm..... ~ hy ..     Pennsylvania, that _tate will also be well
111I"!nr mOll!rl"t, lind, ... hile I'dllle« hill !tory to          toward the top oC the list with large road
IiOIlJeI'", rf('(JlJII~ Itil machine coillf through town.          expenditures.
FOIiJet inlUntly .. ne ~hue, and ... hen the bandit                   "}orolll Lhe slnndpoint of mileage, Louisi-
rdullt:'ll to .Urll fo~ III(' mlld>ine inlo the dite!!.
Helta jllmlltt! !rom bit ear lind Itnltd hill !tUn at the          lUla plans to improve the high total of 3200
om r.                                                              milt's during the cnrrent year. Texas bas a
                    DA~       J,Il8AlLAII"T                         program calling for the improvelllt'nt of
    Ifouyer ...u mo" quid. ""iltoo, IDol llJlldug his              2400 miles, 81J(1 Okillhoma js third with 2300
lDOt light On " ..ILa jnmped Into the allado,," lind               miles.
drew hili own llln, l'lllllll( UllOn Hdta to drop hi~
lUll or Inke. "'h.....e or ltftd. Helta lhN!W hi. n"olver                         ENCOUfUotNO ASN:cT
o"er the embankment lI.nd lIuhmittl"'l to Hrrp.8t Hlld                "Asidc frOIll relieving unemployment and
hll.DdeUfl'lI.                                                     fllrnisJling an outlet for materials, the 1931
    Fouyer "I.... r«onred the eliI', the bandit's gun,
lind plnced the mID in lhe Truckee jill!. Be Wi8                   highway prograllls in all statcs have II most
talien to Auburn to rllce the lIerlOlill ehargl,g or high-         encouraging aspeet from the viewpoint of
way robbery wlllL n deHll1J W"~llnn.                               the years immediately ahead. in preparation
                                                                   to meet thos!! future neeWl, the states arc
                COURTEOUS WARNING                                  expending approximately $13,000,000 lor
    FroID   Chili. 1. Carter, SlIn Frltncio>l.'ll' t   re~I,.,d·   uew equipment and road-buildillg machinery.
(nlly wllh to report thllt, <Jurill" the enforcement of               "The increase in federal-Rid appropria-
hi. dUlin. Omcer ~'orrel oC Bu.n Joee found it neete·              tions from $75,000,000 to $125,000,000 lllmu·
RarT to warn the writer with retPfCt 10 t1'1llfte regu·
lation. lind In tile courae of lueh dutJ, uel'clud surh            ally and the emergency appropriation of
unlook~ r~r lIn(l ullUllutll courtu,. aDd IIOlileneu,              $80,000,000 made available for 1931 bave been
tocetbe. with n kimlly altitude Dn$Ul"fltl&eed in point·           vital factors in stimulating the states to take
ing out tl propiJr nnd le.AI oblf!l'nnce of the I.....
~latlnr 10 motorilltl" rlgh" IlDJ wha.l-uot, thllt I f~l
                                                                   advllntllgp. of Ilip. bll~inplVl lnll 10 meet t.he
;t incumbent upon me, lit a citiun, to IICQllaint you              demand for more hilo{hwtly~."
.... I~h Ihe rorel"OllIl dlltll.
      In theM dllyl 01 b...e 'Dd tbollghtle-.-. II hI I
                                                                     Pe4_rl&rlll Iaamm,-That III It ll4rure!l <!on't 11....
Inat plettror4 to ,,"IiUl that JOU" denartmeDt i. ao               At IIIlJ' rate cuult,. rtl'lOrt.t tOl" 1 no thow IMt Ai_
abl,. rell~nled by IUch competent ...d wboll,. hum.n               un the total ot lJede.trlan <!.;oathl hu Inertll.ud only
olficen 18 lIr. To~ .00 otbl!r ,elltJtmen La the                   5 per cent. "'hlle ""lhll to pe.-.on. I" elllll bavo Ju",ped
Tl1IlIie DiTilion whom 1 h11l'"t .IIleL                            to U per cent.
                        OALIFOR IA HIGHWAYS AND PUBLIO WORKS                                  9

$30,000,000 Annual
   Expenditure Proves
      24-hr. Day Problem
      By JAME;;S I. HE;;RZ. Deputy Director

      PEAKlr G jocularly, the first hundred

S      years may be the test of a maD: s staying
       qualitie ; but to a new officIal of the
State Department of Public Works, the test
is accomplished in six months. At the end of
the shorter period the official has become 0
intel'estf'd in his work and accumulated so
many resjJon ibilities he is not ooncerned
about a little matter of 99 years.
   The Department of PLlblic Works ba~ a 24-
hour day of responsibility. It has a 365-day
year of planuing and building. Highways,
bridges, public buildings, w ate r projects,
dams, irrigation projects and related im!lrOVe-
ments-all indispensable in the mechani'm of
our fast moving age.
   There j nothing academic in the curricu-
lum of the department. Its duties call for
material l' e suI t s. As the servant of the
exp ctant taxpayer, it must return work of                       JAMES I. HE;;RZ
a character that he can literally see and feel
and appraise. But by the same token, the       for plltting into effect Governor Rolph's pro-
hard work involvell is made easier by the      gram for speeding up improvements for the
tangible and enduring results.                 relief of unemployment. By emergency legis-
                                               lation near . 10,000,000 was made available
                  GOING CO CERN
                                               for the department, much of it to go into pub·
          The Department of Public Works is lic buildings.
a going' concern. More than $9,000,000             That the Governor!s wishes were fully met
worth of work on incomplete contracts was was in evidence when within a few weeks
taken over when the new department heads nearly 100 projects were under way. And it
took office in January. The legal and moral should be said in passing that whenever pos-
responsibility for the expending of nearly sible the benefits of employment were dis-
$30,000.000 annually falls on the Director tributed in the local centers of the work.
and his sta.ff.                                    The department was successful in advanc-
   In the biennium budget will be found ing the highway construction program. As
the major plans and specifications-and the the press has pointed out, millions of dollars
bank account. To master the budget's general have been put in circulation and thousands of
pl'inciples and get a working idea of the families made to benefit by employment of the
detail'l is a test of concentration and study. bread winners.        or bas the business princi-
   The Legislature met in January and the ple of getting full value for the dollar been
members looked to this department for sug- neglected.                                          .
gestions and cooperation on all improvement         The end of the first six months found nearlY
work, dellling, a.s that work must, in appro- 100 projects of an architectural character
priation. In return for the effort made, the under way, and the general highway pro-
Legislature returned to the department a fine gram had been advanced by at least 90 days.
mea nre of confidence and approval.             'l'he tate's activity as a builder and employer
   There was real urgency in the preparations has had a decidedly beneficial effect in J).gh,t-
'0                       C.HIFOUYI.l H/GIIWA)'.'; ASP 1'(78,.,0 l1'OItJOI

DeparLmenL Gives          Toll of A /lLn DeaLhs
   Work La Many, buL        Caused by Excessive
       InsisLs on ReLurns        Speed, Says ReporL
                                                               XCEsSIVE SP}n~O-thnt's the ()ut·
ening thfO period of depression, b)' furnishing
lIIorll then 8000 persons with CIIII)lo~ Illent and
a rcody market for machinery, mnterials and
eqUipment running into millions of dollars.
                                                       E        .!Jtrlllding cause of the" appalling 1088
                                                                of life and peTl>Onal injuries" TCSult-
                                                       ing from motor vl'hi~l~ aecjd~nts.
   The Highway Commifif'ion ill the legislatil"e           So sa)'s E. Ra.vmond Cato, Chief of the
tlutiJorily in highways •.train; that ill to sar.      California Highway Patrol, in hiJJ monthly
it !ielecta roads for improvcment and provides         report.
the money alloenlions. But onee this highJy                As a nsult of a spf'l'ial anal)"sis o[ auto aeei-
important 8eM'ice is furnished, the responsi-          dents made lor tte flr!'t four months o[ the
bili!)' passes to the Departrr.ent of Public           ;,-ear nnd compared with the game period or
Works. The Direoetor re<leive3 the bids, o~ns          last .vear, it i. noted th8t there has been tin

them And maklS the Ilwards.        Spf.'eifiealloDS,   inerease in auto accidpnts of 1337 per C('nt
contracts and ~iupervision are under his               with a resultalll lo.n !>er cent jump in
authority. And in the case or public build-            deaths.
ings, the r4!Sponllibility from their initiation to        "The California Highwa.)' Patrol is par-
completion rests on him and bis staii.                 ticularly interested in draths occurring out-
   A State a~"Wcy spendin,ll so mue.h mOIl~Y           side incorporatetl citiet>," Stiys Cato. "There-
and employing direetl;r or indireetly so many          fore it is 01 interest to note that ueb deaths
people un not eseape a relationship to the             increllsecl only ~.24 per cent, w h i J e those
unemployment probltm, especially when tt;e             inside ineorllOrated eilies jlllnpf'd 17.88 pE.'r
work of tbat department reaches into e"ery'            cent during the lour-mouth period."
section of Ihe State. The department has felt              As a mClllI1l of cutting down this toll of life
the strain. 1n IIddition to those seeking              and limb, the rel>ort I" ceo u n t g redoubled
emplo)'ment by reason    of   a change of admini!>-    effortl.l to wipe O\lt defeelivf' bnkes. During
tTation, thou.sands out of employment bave             the month of :Ma.I' 9;:;14 mltchilles were tested
turned to the State for jobs. We have done             and 9.85 per cent were found .(Iefeetive. In
the best. WI' could up to the lull measure of          all therE.' art 13-15 stations authorized to test
our budgetary' allownnces. We have tried to            bl·ak~.
keep the buman fllctor in mind and 3t the                 A decrease ill tile llumUer of upplieations
~mc time seClIre for the State its just dues           for drivers' licen.5ClI is reported. Applications
in service lind improvements.                          numbered 34,499, a decrealie of 6690 from the
   1 am hOI)cful, 100, tbat we ha\'~ ncllieved tl      April figure.
meOlmre of SllC<*88 thot Clln not be fixed by             The actual Humber of licellS(.'l) issued was
highways and building eon~ruelion. In the              less by 5008 than the totn! issued the preyious
Ih()u$llnds ()f contncts we hllve made with            month, the .May figure being 30,605. Of these,
men having public Bud private business with            60 per cem were 01)etatOrs, 21 per cent dnpli-
the department, we have tried to be lair,              cate opel'atoTS and ]9 per cent cJlll.uIrcUI'll'
candid Imd 10 the lKlinl.                              liccnses.
   It is not alwB~'s e:lS)' to slIY No nor always         State examiners oonducicd 55 per cent of
pos.siblc lo say Yes; but it is, in my judgment,       the examinations "!leI 45 per cent werr, given
best 10 ll!le the word that provides a final           by th~ auto clubs, police and other uulhOl'izeJ
answer, Frank COil tact with people Icavcs no          ageneles.
tucks of unfulfilled promises 011 the record to
pUJlctUre public confidence.                                          PERSONNEL CHANGES
   IlOOking back O"er m.v first six months in             Tht foll"wi"","   ~rtlo)nnfl   ~hllnlf1l   wn~   nnaoullenl
thill position, I will SIlY that it hllll heen fine    Illis montb by Hill:b .....,. 1'.IrOI htQ(ltIUI,rteMl:
                                                           I'ntrolll"" Jnn S. TIo..,u .",)(>luI('(\ aelin; cap-
lu work witb Colonel Garrison and the ~-tatf;          t"lll i" Colu~l1 Cvulltl to "'III... " Dbllrld Inspector R.
And it mCl'peeially gratifying to ncknowledge          1.. 1'lotl<lo", a ..,igntt! to epednl duty.
the friendly cooperation of the public in solv-            IUI(j«lor Rnr"C7 Ulad'/l'rll n.mtd .ctine dlltrici
ing our many-sided prohlems. To write a                inll~lDr     in Dillrict ~o. i, Georre F. )Joynaball, Itm-
                                                       110... "1,. ..~pf'd IS . .li.t.llt ,uperviaor ill the BUrtA\l
log of the 8i-.: monthlt voyage would have left        of TralrK EnforetlDtllt.
no time to navigate the craft. Hem~e the rec-              Illipecolor Paul lUuim Illeilllltd 10 Bul"t.u 01
ord mu§t be sought in the results obtained.            \\'~ixhb:   .nd C~lll \'~blda.
                       GALIFOR IA H1GHTVAYS AJ'VD PUBLW WORKS                                             11

       A~L SMOKED UP-But it soon will be a road.    This is a scene on the Arrowhead Trail on the
State H,ghway to Boulder Dam. It shows blasting operations, the cameraman catching an explosion in
full force.                                                 •

He Urges'Expansion     Will Earl Lee Kelly
   OJ Highway Programs   [J se Gavel as ·Weapon?
   Growth of motor "ehicles, both in number            ApP(lre~tly there's a chance for a good
an~  .speed, has fa1: outstripped the highway
faClhtIes of the Umted States, and that is one
                                                    sport!:> WrIter to turn publicity man.
                                                       Riverside Junior High School has presented
of the principal reasons for the cono-cstion        Earl Lee Kelly, chairman of the California
danger and discomfort of much of th; mot01:         Highway Commission, with a beautifully.
trnvp.l of torl.ay, Raid W. R. Smith, president     carved orange wood gavel with which to direct
of the Amel'lcal1 Road Builders Association         futurf' meetings of the commission.
   "There is urgent need at the present tim~           The presentatiuH was made to the chairman
 for a marked expansion of highway pro-             b y Commissioner Frank A. Tetley, who
grams," statf'd Mr. Smith. "This i,.'\ especiallv   explained that the school cl1ildren of River-
true of road bond issue'S which bring immedi-       side under the direction of Ira Landis had
ately the benefits of good roads- without           made the gaV'el for use of the chairman in
nnduly increasing taxes. Road bond is,mes           keeping oI'der.
are usuallj' pa~d for by motor vehicle ta.xef;,        Mr. Kelly thanked t,he commissioner for
which do not increase tile burden on real           Riverside's kindness and a resolution ...vas
estate. ~he roads are paid for by the people        adopted ordering' a letter of thanks sent to
                                                    Mr. Landis.                        ~        ,I ,
who receIve the most benefit-the road users.
   "Thl.' United States can not afford to be           Rnt-the publicity man is needed to spread
without safe road'5. The death toll of 32,500       tidings concerning Mr. Kelly's height, weight
annually with 950,000 injured, combined with        and reach. At that the gavel might h~lp.
a property damage due to motor accidents
e~timatecl at a billion dollars, makes safe           It doesn't take much of a ca~, at tbnt, to l::Ist ;o~e
                                                    drivers II lifetime.                 ')
hlghways a p1'ofitable invest.ment " declared H. C. \~hitehurst, engin~cr of high-
                                                      Too miluy men are out in tbe back ;i.rd' lO<lldllg
way of the Dishict of Columbia, in discu s-         for four-leaf clovers when opportunity kuocl<s at the
ing the same subject.                               front dOOf.-FoJ'llm.     ; , I . , ) . J . i,) ,
                              CAUJ'ORlI"/A IfIGHlfAnj A.J.V/J l'UHbJO WORKS
    Spectacular Job at Bottom of Sea;
      10 Boals, 33 Men Remove Phone Cables
                          ,           ,           ,           ,           ,          ,
         PECiTACULAR as the building of                    and executing the job. But, despite all pre·

    S      the 75,000,000 San Francisco-Oakland
           bridge, one of the world's 1a r g est,
    undoubtedly will be, it is being preceded by
                                                           cautions, 8S the sccond eable was raiRed, nn
                                                           the fourth da,r of operations, it. broke in t.~·o.
                                                           Fortunately, the break oceurrcd aUer the
    one of thf' most diffirult jobs in western tele-       day's trAffic peak, and few telephones wue
    phone history_ And this job, too, has spee-            affeeted. Should a larger eablt break, one of
    iaewllr features,. mostly under water!                 the two, for instance of the world '" la~t
       Squarely on the sites of two of the bridge's        size, more ser\"i~ would be disturbed, but
    piers. large ft8 ail,y block~, are ]2 huge tele-       only for a short time, since spare speeiu
    phone cltblei. They and their lesser prede-            "stand·by" lines can be tonDccted in Irom 15
    cessors have beld this approximate route Cor           to 70 minutes. Tmmediately after the break,
    nearly a half aenlury, ever since the first            the telephone- company appealed to patrons to
    eablll of 14 wirl!ll wa.~ laid Kaross 81m ll--rall--   hear with it in 8 difficult situation.
    cisco Da.)' ill 1884. The 12 cables now hold              The deep sea diver engaged in the work is
    well over 5000 wires, with a peak capacity of          William Reed, • World War naval wreck:
    270,000 words a minule. A newspaper          diver, and one at the heroes of the raising of
    of liOlid reading matter eTer)' minut.e!               the American lubmarine S-lil, whieh sank off
                                                           Providence, R. I.
                    'feN BOATS USED
                                                                          SPECrA.CULAn JOB
        It is the hope of ChHrles 11. PUl"Celi. State
    lIi/othwtloY Engineer. that the bridge can be             The diver's work is liOU}~what SI>e<:la.cular.
    completed in 1931. But before it can be                One hundred feet under water, he directs the
    started the pier (oWldations must. be laid.            wll.'lhing of the 15 feet of mud from the
    But the foundations ~l\1l not Jxo laid until the       eables with a powerful strcam of water.
    eables lire Ollt or the way.                           Reed's helmet is equipl>ed with ear Ilholles aud
        Desiring to cooperate, and to speed the            II transmitter with which he tolks to tele-
    bridge as a great community enterprise, the            phone men on the eompany 's burge, "Pacific,"
    Paci1l.c Telephone and Telegraph Co. assem-            just abo,e him. I [e directs the opcrations of
    bled a. 8eet of 10 boats and 33 men, including         derricks and winches in untangling the cables.
    a. deep lea diver, a life &aver, a.nd a. squad of      The sl ream of water, under ]00 I)Ound~ pres·
    seven code signalers. Then on June 30                  snre, ill plll.ycd upon the cables through a
    began a. emergency                 huse equipped with nozzle attached to 11
    taak to move the 12 cables 1000 teet north             n wagoll " with runners sliding over lhe cable.
    of the bridge site.                                    This tt wllgon" was specially d~igncd by local
      The cables, Ol'cr two miles long, are buried,        telephone people f.or t11is partilmlar job.
    for about 1000 rcct of their length, Hilder 15            Bl'(ore the three mOllths' job of moving the
    feet of mud and debris Ileellffiull\ted through        cables began, a t.wo monllis' game of "hide-
    the yt'8N1. Bllch cable must be lifted from            Ilnd seeJt" was IlL'CCSSlll'y to locale them under
    the mull lind raised 100 feet. to the surface of       the 15 feei of mud. No olle knew precisely
    the bay before being moved. The cablC!j have           where they were. AU llll,}'olle Imew WIlll that
    never been dislurbed ill this way. To pick up           they were "out there in the bay." Only
    one of the"'e lon·lon CAbl(';; and raise it at one     when a ship's anelinr rlrllgIJ across 8 cable and
    puiut as high as II lO·ijtory building. and then
                                                            breaks it is it necessary to Rnd a eable.
    carry it 1000 feet north, puu an unantici-
                                                              Kow, however, all 12 tables ffiWlt be round.
    pated strain upon it.
                                                            A gialJt electric "deteetor" W88 built by tbo
                   O:s'F. CABLE BREAKS                     local telephone people to locate the cobles and
      The dfln~r of splitting a eable uud inter-           ehart dIem on a map. This charting was
    rupting telephone lIe~;ef' was earl:r 8M':n 8S         donI' tn pre\'l'nt rlf'lay when the 9O-day job
    grave. Extreme care wall lakt.Jl in planning            began•

                        CALIFORNIA HIGHWAYS AND PUBLlO WORKS                                         13

      "EXCUSE IT, PLEASE!"-Shades of Jules Verne. It's a great work this-moving telephone cablelS
from the bottom of the San Francisco Bay. No.1 shows how they "shoot" positions; in No.2 is II U. S.
Navy hero, Diver William Reed, who took a prominent part in the resoue work of the S-61. He's getting
final instructions from Superintendent F. O. Edmunds. They talk while the diver is under water              I
through the phone around Edmunds' neck-and they're never cut off. No. 3 is the "Pacific," barge             I
flagship of the telephone fleet; No.4 an insignificant looking gun, but it waehee the mud off the twelve
cables buried fifteen feet under the waters of the bay; No.5 gives an idea how they talk to shore.
                           ('jUfOHN1A f/1QIIWAYS .4ND PU81.10 11'0111\8                                  _
"California Must Get Togelher;"
  Then U. S. Water Aid Seems Assured
                       •             •         •           •           •             •
"I       P Til E 1)(!OIIIe of California will iron
          out ·}.("ir !llfle differences regarding
                                                       will wipe out., for all time, the menace of
                                                       wa.ter famine?
          ,Iu= wilier problem of the State. theD         ., That'/j w1l1'l- \,e ha"f' to 110," l'Ont.lllued
the figllt for OOIlS('fY8tion and prOJ>t'r dispo-      GarriSOll. "I thiuk 1 ear. sarely say that
sition of lhi<; prwious fluid will be oyer.            c\'e~' mcmlx'r of the part)· Vo'ilich bll.5 just
   ,. J am ronfldent thai the CougrHlSionaJ            visited u~ i.. to recomm~nd reLieC Cor
eomllliti~ ~ hich has ju"! toure-J the Stall' is       this State.
ready to rerommend to Congrhll that Federal                                GET TO(lETIlUt
assi.st8nce in the form of n loan to the p<.'Ople          "1\'ot only l'i :\[urphr. l1$ the Repnblicall
ot this Slate be gran"eft                              clJainnan of the subcommiltee, 1i,)'U1plI.tbetic,
   "But 1 II a ( feeommendation will 110t be           but COll!:'te';Slllllli Ed"8rd T. Taylor, Demo·
forthcoming' until Californi8 appears at the           crat of Colorado, who ma)' become chairman
National Capital wilh a united (ront, each             should the R~pr($!."11t8tive<l be organiurl with
section of tile Stulf' lI.!:'rPf>d u»On a progrRln."   11 Democratic majority, told me that Cali Cur-
   1'h8t'5 hO\l Colonel \\",I1'>r E. Garrison,         Ilia stam}" an excellent chance of getting wbat
Director of the ~partment       or    Public Works.    it wants in water relief legiahHioll. But he
sums lip the result of the IOUf throughout             reiterated what }Iurphy said:
the State ju:.t e<lllcludHl b.v Iht" subeommittee          "'Get together, California.! Present. a
of tll{' House Appropriations Committee.               united front. to Washington. Settle your
The Coloncl and Edwud Hyatt, engineer in               di.1ferencel and the bMtle it won.' "
I'hllTge of Ihe Division (If Water Resources,              The Congressionslparty arrived ill Cali-
accOIupanied tbe vi8itor~ on their trip.               fornia July 4th after insl>ccting the BOllldflr
                 TO SELL POWER                         Dam I)roject. A SUbcoUltllillee uf the Houlie
  "1t IS my opinion," continued Gflrrison,
                                                       Appropriations Committee, Ihcy viewed the
                                                       ('lIlire CRhfornia Wilt e r problem lind con-
"that it will be necessary for the voters of dIe
                                                       cluded theil' StBte visit 8t Klamath. Fall~ on
Stale to pass Il constitutional amendment              Jul.r 14.
which will permit the Stale to deyelop llnd                            (lO\'.:Ilt'"OR'a 1'1,EA
adl rower.
   "In thll connectian I might add that it                I-leaded b)' l·'rank j\hu.:phy, chairmau, of
appelll'3 to be the attitude of the Congres-           Ohio, they were weloomed officially to the
siona.l party that Congress will not come to           Stale on Sundlly, July 12lh, by Governor
the aid of this State if there be any danger           RulfJh Itt the capital. In addressing the com-
of the power thus developed falling into the           mittee tmd their wi\'e6, the Governor tol~l the
hands of the power trust,                              visitorll thot Californill i.s in dire di~trcB!I
   "It seems we mllst guarantee thnt auch sale         due to lhl' ltcutp wnlf'I' "itu8Iioll_ He pointed
Rhall not be possiblc.                                 out thai the Stll.te's gl'ellL )lccd W88 to build
                                                       impounding dam$ 10 store the winter flood
                UN1TY ESSENTIAL                        wllters.
   ''In the ml'llnlimc, Prank Murphy, ehair-             "California is a mighly Stlltl'," the Gov-
man of the oommittee. told me that, COllgrf'~1;:       ernor continued. "H we can obtltin the water
will not 00 eoneerned with the localiun of any         whieh is our dire Ileed we can continne to
partieuJar dam, the site of a power plant or           grow. We will come 10 rOil to hol'row the
tile particular di"crsion of any stream in             money so to COn'.ct\·e this \\'Iltflr likf' bll~iness
California," said Colonel Garrison. "All               men would. We need IhI: 1II011t'y at the lowest
Washington will want to know is:                       possible "Il~ of interest aud liS quickly as
   "Hal Calitorni& a definite program for              possibl~. We will repay it."
relief of its mOit serious problem-WATER.                In rcplying, :\Iurphy said:
SHORTAGE? DDei C&lifornia come before                    "1 feel confident that thl' l\lItioJH'lI govern-
us united on    a. policy to be adopted which          mCllt ""ill be s;'o'mpathttic toward California
                        OALJ:f.'ORltlIA HIGHWAYS ARD PUBLIC WORKS                                  15


      "WATER OUR GRAVE PROBLEM!" That's Govel'nor Rolph's message to Congressional eom-
m ittee studying California's gravest issue. The Governor is shown here, surrounded by the visitors as
he officially says "Howdy" to Chairman Frank Murphy of Ohio.

in the .olutioll of the serious problem now         project, so I am inclined to believe that COII-
confronting the State.                              gress will eonsidel' YOUI' appeal in a very
   "The United States will come to the rescue       sympathetic manner," he saiel.
of California in preventing what mig h t               The delegation included Congressmen Mur-
become an enormous calamity, I believe. But         phy, Burton L. French, Idaho; Edward T.
first the entire State must agree upon a uni-       Taylor, Colorado j William W. Hastings,
fied and busillesslike plan and guarantee the       Oklahoma; Don B. (;Olt011, Utah; Addison T.
goVetlm1ent t11at any money advanced will be        Smith, Idaho; Robert Luce, Massachusetts, and
repaid. "                                           Congressmen Harry L. Englcbright, Clarence
   Edward T. Taylor of Colorado, ranking            F. Lea and Phil D. 8wing, California.
Democrat OIl the cOlllmittee, supported Mur-           The Interior Department was represented
phy's viewpoint.                                    by Elwood :Mead, Commissioner of Reclama-
   COllgTessman Addison T. Smith, Idaho,            tion; while F. J. Bailey, Assistant Budget
Republican, chairman of the House Irrigation        Director, a d William A. Dnvall represented
Committee, stressed the importance of state-        the Treasury Department.
wide unity on the problem. He pointed out              Members of the Ca1i£orrua legislative com-
that California must concentrate on a nnani-        mittee in the party ",'ere Senators Crittenden,
mous proposal to Congress.              .           cllairman; Frank lVlixter, 'rulare; W. P. Rich~
                                                    Marysville, and RHlph Clock, Long Beach;
               SHOW SYMPATHY                        and Assemblymen Robert Patterson, Toft;
   "Two of California's delegation in 'Wash-        Edward Craig, Brea; Harold Cloudman,
ington, Senator Johnson and Congressman             Bl'rkrlf'Y; Frank S. L"rael, Stockton; John E.
Swing, were able to obtain a $165,000,000           }'razier, Gridley, and Robert P. Easley,
~'edeI'al appropriation for the Boulder Dam         Antioch.
16                            OtlLTFORNIA IIIGIHVAYS AND PUBLIO WORKS

Ho Hum! Just                                                                       Strange, liVeird
 a Day ~n Life                                                                        Gallant Deeds
    of Patrolman                                                                      Some of These!
    A shiny white motorcycle snorted                                                 l'escuiug mar 0 0 ned families, dogs,
and coughed its wa out of a division                                                 chickens, etc" from the tops of build-
headquarters of the California High-                                                 ings SUt'rounded by water, One aged
way Patrol with Officer A-- astride,                                                 mall was carried to safety aft l' he
promptly at 7 o'docl{ on a bril(ht July                                              had been 011 the top of a 'mall build-
morning.                                                                             ing fOl a day aud uight.
    Within an hour he had tagged a                                                       Captain ll'red A. Goodloe hilS had
h'uck driver for ovedoa(ling, gh'eu road                                             UlanJ U !'ace with speeders, but the
direction,; to two tourists and repri-                                               race he will remember longest wns
manded " traveling salesman for cal'C-                                               won from Ule stork over 17 miles of
lesa driving.                                                                        Shasta County's 1'o\lghe:;1 tlutl crooked-
    '1'wo miles farther down t.he rolld a                                            est road. He had founrl 1\ ('Il" on its
womun run out screanling that her                                                    side and un excited YOU1Lg Illlsband
child had n safety pin i 11 her thl'ont.                                             standing be We a pale 18·yt-ar ~irl 011
Officer A-- took the child i.n his lap,                                              n pile of bed(Ung. Let Captain Good-
                                                By RUSSELL BEVANS.                   loe tell tIle rest of the story:
drove seve miles to a doctor, hllll tiJe              Chief Inspector
piu removed and returned the child as                                                    "I'll never forg'ct that ride to the
goocl as new. Somewh:l.t later, he f.ound a weeping            hospital. It was 17 miles of puin and feal' for the
boy beside u dog whose leg had been broken by a }>uss-         gil'I, 17 mites of anxiety fo,' the man and 17 miles of
iug car. He holUld up the leg with pieces of wood              curves, hills and loose gl'avel for me at a speL'l1 some-
and tire tape and sent the boy home happy.                     times 85 miles an hour. But the old white goose out-
     Shortly after lunch Officer A - - caught two              l'un the "tol'k llud a fine 8~·pound boy WaS born 10
motorists raciug On the highway and tagged both. At            minutes after we arrived 'at the hospital."
3 p.m. he passed a farmhou " amI noted a barn on                    Whell th        St. Francis Dam broke in Ventura
fire. Hun'yin!: in, he led a cow and II goat to sofpty         County aud sent a great flood of wlIter down tbe
and sounded an alarm.                                          valley, Tho'rnton Edward, a membe,' of tbe patrol,
                                                               risked his own life to ride from home to home, warn-
                                                               iug Uj(~ lJeople to escape to high ground. Edwards
                                                               later rp..,,,ivP.fJ n med>tl for his brave deed. Be is now
                                                               Chief of Police of Santa Paula.
                                                                    VClll't think that enry time an officer blows hi,;
                                                               ~i ren for you to go to the side of the l'oad he is going
                                                                t arrest you. He may have It mes~age for you
                                                                    Some years ago, Inspector W. E. Sa I and Officer
    At 6 p.m. Officer A-- reported back to head-               ,J. In, Reynolds caught un escaped convict at TehachaDi.
quarters,                                                      While Snell was talking OVel' the phone to tbe Sheriff
    "A (Juiet day," he told his Captain - - .                   the escape "rabbed Reynollls' gUll irom its holster.
    Those are some of the things that happeu to a              Reynolds dropped to the floor and yelled "Bill!' Snell
California highway patrulman in hi relnllar daily               turned, drcw his gil n and fired just as the convict
gri nd of duties. The events cited didn't all happcn on        fired. But Suell was the better shot and the convict
the same day, of course. But Lhey uid iJap~n over              is dead,
a period of a few weeks to members of the same county               Captain G. F. Daley of Siskiyou Cou.nty once noted
squad, as records of the patrol will show.                     ncar pal'ked on the roadside, Investigating, he found
    The coneeption the average person has of the high-         a mother with three young children and a man sick
way patrolman is of one who rides furiously llP and             with tull'rculosiJ5, They were penniless and tr~ojng to
dOWll the highwa~'S banding out tickets to speeders.           get to Arizonn. Dale·y drov" six miles, b,'ollght back
    This is fal' from correct., as only a small pal't of his    breud, butter, mill" bacon and beans and fed the
duties is handling speeders. The traffic officer is clllled    family. He gave them a few dollars amI sent them
upon to do a little of ev"rything unll the good officer        on theil' wn~' happy.
is one who Lmows bow to adjust himself to ummTll1
situ a tions.
     Almost el'ery officer can tell of numerous ~trange
things he has had to do in the ourse o,f his work.
     For eS:lUUple, Captain T. B. Myers of Lalle County
 lists as one of his accomplishments the saving of a
  voman's life who WaS being beaten to de1lth with the
heel of a sboe by Un irate husband. On auother occa-
sion Myers met an airplane bringing a doctor and a
 pulmotor and rushed both to Rainbow Camp on Clear
Lake t() save 1\ llrown"d boy's life,
     •'ometimes it become" necp.s~n.ry for the officer to           Captain H, C, Meehan was recently caller1 by a
 ubandon his motorcycle Iltld take to the water. Cap-           man who informed him a friend was ill in a Sawtelle
 tain G, W, Brown of Sutter County tells of such a              hospitaL and tllat he was trying to rush two men to
case in th£' flood of 1929 in Marysville when be and            give the patient a blood trnnsfwlion. l\Ieehun detailed
 one of his men worked for two days in a rowboat                II car for t.he trip.       The pa tient ,'eeovered,
                        OALIFORNIA HIGHWAYS AND PUBLIO WORKS                                    17

Workings of Highway Commission
    As Revealed by One of Its Members
   Just how does the Californ~a Highway Commission operate? How does it go about
ha.ndling the 7500 miles of roadway now in the State system? How are the highway
problems of each section of California studied and disposed of? These are some of the per-
tinent questions which Harry A. Hopkins, commission member from Taft, answers and
explains in the following a.uthoritative article on the procedure and policies controlling the
activities of the commission.

                            By HARRY A. HOPKINS, Highway Commisslnner

T  .
          attempt to write an article on the
       above subject after being a member of
        the California Highway Commission
for only six months IlLight be termed impertin-
ence. However we live to learn and in ab-
sorbing as much as one human mind could in
so short a period we fuld we could live several
lives and not know all that is to be learned
in this department of the State Admini tra-
tion. It is It progreslIive work and every day
new development· enlarKc our understanding.
   The procedm:e controlling the activities of
the California Highway Commission or, as
the TJegislatllre terms it, the Division of High-
ways in the Department oJ: Public Works, is
governed to It large extent by the legislative
acts of the California State Legislature.
               S~IEKTIFIC   BASI
   The most recent act of the Legislature is
the Breed Bill of 1927. This provides a
scientific basis of operation and its provisions
provide for the division of revenues, classi-
fication of highways, divi<>ion of the State into
Northern and Southern groups of COLUliies as
well as other important provisions too numer-
ous to mention. Its sections recite, in part,
what proportion of the revenues must be used
on Primary and Secondary Highways and
joint highway districts as well as segregating
the flUlds for construction, recon!'ltruction,                   HARRY A. HOPKINS
maintenance and repairs, administration of
the depaJ.'tment of the California Highway          that body possible, it would, in a large meas-
System.                                             ure, clear up much misunderstanding 1n re-
   In fact the Breed Bill provides for most         ference to the details of the work. While
of the procedure that govern' the activities of     Governor Rolph has appointed to the Cali-
the Division of Highways. However, the              fornia Highway Commission one member from
Commission has initiated other important            the northern part of the tate, one from the
procedurf' and policies.                            north central part, one f- om the central part
   If the public could be informed more             and one each from the southeast and south-
regarding these provisions under which the          west parts none represents any particular sec-
Commission works and the laws that make             tion of the State. All are appointed at large.
'S                        C..ILfFORXl.t lI/(;JJ WAYS .l.vV PUBua WORKS

     Public Meetings Supply Much Data
Yel eac.h naturally is more familiar with that         zation of tht I) Califomia Highway
l>ortion of the State surroundill~ IIi.., residence.   Commis.',i'lII,
  Sectional favoriwm is not p08llible both                 In carry in:;: alit t]le duties or the Commi~
because of Governor Rolph's broad view on              sionel"'i the)' are eounselro b:,- the attonler for
St.ate Government Admin.i5tra.tion and the             the Commission in legal lllatters and b.\' the
provisions of the Breed Bill. Yet the Ohair-           State Highwll)' Enginet'r in mllltns of engi-
man of the Commission has always shown                 neerin~, 'rlJe Direttor or PullEe Works is the
the courtcay of securing the ideas and recom-          diM.'ding ('xrl.'uli\'c. In a bOOy comprhing
mendation! of Commissionen being nearest               fil"r n,en lhere i~ repn'st'nted as man.\, differ-
sections where some problem has arucn and              rill Jine~ at ende8\"01'. EaclJ has the f'xperi-
upon which mggestions are invited.                     (lice of Iii.'! own lillt"i of busil1e~~ to 8ssi8t
                                                       in deciding thc problems that come before the
                (;OM!'\.}>'n; UNITY
                                                        Commi'U-ioll. "Tldl" nnDt> 11ft' l'ngineers or
   However after a maHer 111\'1 bf'ell [ully pre-      praelit·illl! nlt.ol'nt:)'ij yet "8eh hIlS n back,
sented and 8. clear ullde~tllllding is had by          grollnd of expcrience on hig:bway eommiuC("s
the Commission, it immediately assumes the             of Ci\'ir Ilnd :--tate organizations !lS "ell all
status of Ii StAte wide matter 3nd CommiBSion-         c,'tperit:llce in City and State highwa)' COil·
crs other than the one residing nearl'St t.o its       struetit,n through eonne'CtiollS ill ~flllliciplIl
origin might make and seeond mOliOllil (or it.<;       and ~tate Go\'ernmelltal official lire.
dispOSAl. The interests of one Commissioner
art> the interests or all the others.                                  llEETlNGS PGBI.IC
     TI,c execution of the requirements and pro-           The meetings of the California Highwa)'
\'illiollil of the la'll"s appe.rtainjng to highways   Commi ion Are publie. Outside of the rotl-
 is many times misundcrstood or not known              lill!;! work that the operations of the Dh'ision
 to have had their origin in th~ To4'gislature.        bring before the meeting, W'-ering resolutions
 Cimens tD.&ny times are under \he impres-             allocating funds for eontinj!encies and pro-
sion tha\ the California High\\'Uy Commis-              jects. Yotes 011 routeS and signing of Ja)'out
sion originates Ute methods or the system               ror Ihe !S801e, transferrinK uf funds from time
undcr which the Division of Highways is                to time, IIIlIch time is required (or public
 working and feel that many statements and             hearinp;ll at regular meetings. These hearings
 decisions affecting problems and projects             al'e public aud are given the citizens of the
 are the result of a Comm1ssion policy,                 various ports or the State 1I1)Oll their appliCII'
                                                       tlon to the chairman of the CommiSlSion, usu-
                JUSTICE    nm ALL                      fllly through its mem!>en;, IlJld tile chairman
    U81Jtlling the affairs of 8 Comlni",~ion that      ofTers every opporLunity for all concerned in
hilS the building and Jnllintuiuiul{ or ten per         cI:mtro\'l!l'Hial matters Ilnd otherwise to exprCS8
cent of the 75,000 miles of rOR(h; in California,       their views nml present their evidence to the
or 7500 miles now ill Ihp- ClIlLfornia lJigln...ay      COllllllissiQIl.
6Jstem, naturally would clIll for rules of pro-
cedure in the conduct of the meeljngSJ Illld                          U-II'ORTA."'T POLl()Y
Iltlf'nding to its routine matters. Mall)' con-           These hearings ha"e brotlpoht to the aUrn,
till/.{cneies ariS!': that are IIIllookrd for aud      tion of the public, policies thai ncccl:iSKri 1y
man)' problems are presented t.hat also lIc(:es-       had to be put into effect where similar con-
sitate some definite policy to govern those            ditions prcvlJiloo. One ver)· important policy
that are similar in character. The Commis-             is that ill reJatiou to routes that the smaller
sion must work 88 II unit,                             cities insist. should go through their muniei-
    Realizing that in order to clo justice to 1111     pAlili~     The Highway Commission dClir"
parts of the State and secure the best results         to cooperate with all cities in the State in
there is an agreement Among the of            this respect, providing the route desired can
the Conunission and the Director ot Public             be built to latisfactorily handle state traffic
Works that the majorit), rule will pre,'ail in         and in accordance wt\h good engineering
all mattt.l'f;; that come up for a 'Vote, This was     requirements and principles.        With this
the fiJ:'5t. IKI)iey promulgated upon the orgl'lni.    understanding the ColnDliuion will adopt
                         CALIFORNIA. HIGHWAYS AND PUBLIC WORKS                                                   19

High11Jay Commission                                    ISTWAY OADRAY OGSWAY!
   Working as Unit to                                         COPS ACQUIRE "CULTURE"
      Build up All State                                   They fire telling this onc on big, genial Bert
                                                        Reeves. sergeant of the Murin Count}' State Police
such route to connect with the State high-                 "Sa}', Hewie," booms the tickli'h one. "I under-
way, provided the elective body of the city             stand the next class at State Highway I>olice school
adopts such route by resolution and obli-               in Sacramento this summer is to include a cluss in
                                                        Pig Latin like the school Jdds talk.·'
gates itself to provide the necessary rights
of way to make the street eighty feet wide,                "You don't say so," replied R. A. Hewitt, the
                                                        dpJl10n hike rider. "What's the idea of learning
and advising the method to be used to                   tha t stuff?"
finance the same.                                         "Why simply so that we can talk to the l'oad
   'When evidence has been sho\'m the Com-              hogs," chol'tled the "Dig One," as he deftly and
mission that these r quirements have been               grncefully executed a back :fI.ip,-Sau3alito eW$.
met, then the Commis.'ion will build a hard           ~r-========~========"';:
surfaced strip through that street on the
adopted route as wide as that outside th"e
city that it approaches.
                                                      I nter-A merican Road
               NUlrfEROUS DUTIES                               Progress Outlined
    Other policies or duties of the Commi!'lsion,         Progress of the Inter-American Highway
:;,elf impo ed, are llOldiug hearings in the          was outlined to a group of Latin American
several com unities, attending Civic and State         diplomats a.nd officials of the 1Jnited St/l,Les
organizations, viewing projects tmder con-             Government by Senor Tomas Gua 'dia at a.
!'ltruction as well as different parts of the high-   luncheon in Washington recently.,
way 8Y tem, and dis minate such information                 r. Guar;rlia is Pre, ide 11 t of the Inter-
as will give better understanding on the part         American Highway CommissiOll and Chief·
of our citize~ of the methods, requirements           Engineer of the Central Highway Board:of
and laws provided in carrying out the bu .j-          Panama. Theluncheon was given in lrl~'1{<?qor
ness of this Division of the Department of            by the EXI'(\lltive Committee of the '~an
Public Works.                                         .American Comedemtion for JIig-Lway E<;lu,
    One item that is not understood by the g'en-      cation. Dr. L, S. Rowe, chairman of thQ
eral public is that the Commission does not           Committee, and Director General of the Pan
let contracts for projccts, Bids are called for          mericfln Union, presided.
by the State Engineer and the Director of                 The total len g t h of the highway from'
Public W ork,~ lets the contracts. The Com-           Laredo, Texas, to Panama City is 5200 kilo"
mission allocates the money for these projects        meter, Sr. Guardia said, and of this distance
for which bids are called,                            two-thirds of the mileage is built, under con-
                 WORK AS UNIT                         stxuctioll, or easily passable in dry weather.
    :Many invitations are extended the Commis-        The distance remaining to be built is 1850
 sion to meet wit11 organizations and cities in       kilometers, according to hi<; report, and vir-
,almost every part uf the State. An early             tually all of this route has been SUl' eyed.
 accepted policy, presented by the ehairman of            In the achievement of the ultimate goal of
 the Commission, was to accept as many invita-        a higlnvay connecting the United States with
 tions both in a body and a inc1ividual mem-          the Centl'al American countries and Panama,
 bers as consistent and possible.                      Sr. Guardia sees no insuperable obstacles.
    In conclusion there is one thought that I         'l'he problems of financing and construction
 would like to express. It is that the memo           he considers as subordinate to the project of
 bel'S of the California. Highway Commission          rousing the enthu iasm of the people and
 are working in unison and cooperating to             nations tlJrough which the highway is to pass.
 the extent that the wishes of Governor Rolph             eeWe must bring the minds of the pe,ople
 will be carried out to the fullest in that this      to a state where they will appreciate that
 Commission is a Commission representing              roads, though entailing exertion, expense and
 the citizens of this State and that through          pecevel'ance, are well within the reach of all
 their procedure, duties and policies they are        and that the benefits deri ed soon sUl'pas,c:; the
 working for the best interest of every part          S8crifices involved," he said.      Il..• l • !,.;J' .'J_ •

and for the upbuilding of 'our great oommon-                                                          tOO.
                                                         Did you know tha.t, Nlnely_fpur Jle;:-,:teni..'of ......11,
 wealth, the State' of California.                    automobiles stolen dUl'ing 19aO were recovered?
20                           CALIFORNIA HIGHWAYS AND PUBLIC WORKS

     CALIfORNIA HIGUWAVS AND PUBLIC WORKS                    Unemployed Given
  Official journal of the Division of Highways of the
Depa.-tm~nt   of Public Works, StatA of California;
published for the information of the members of the
                                                               Work on Highways
department (I,nd the citizens of CoJlfornin.
  Editors of newspapers and oU,ers are privileged to
use matter contained herein. Cuts wHl be gladly loaned
                                                                  As Relief Measure
upon request.                                                         (From Ban Lnis Obis2JO Telegram)
COLONEL WALTlI:I> E. GARRlSON_                _Director
Erue CULL.ENWA..'l.D                              Elditor

  Address communications to California Highways and
Public Works, r. O. Box 1103, Sacramento, calliornl",.
                                                             W       ITH the establishment of unemploy-
                                                                      ment camps on the upper end of the
                                                                      San Simeon-Carmel highway where
                                                             hundreds of l11en were employed and with the
                                                             enlargement of the maintenance crews, Le ter
Vol. 0                JULY, 1031                    No.7
                                                             H. Gibson of San Luis Obispo, district engi-
                                                             neer of the State Highway Department, esti-
                                                             mates that 600 men were employeu in the dis-
"Wise Recommendation"                                        trict.
 Says Los A ngeles Times                                       The polley of giving positions to unem-
   It has been recommended by the directors                  ployed men on the road work of the district
of the Automobile Club of Southern Cali-                     was a part of the plan of the department of
fornia to the Supervisors of Los Angeles                     Public Works to air] in relieving the unem-
county that the present county motor patrol                  ployment of the nation.
of highways be given in cha.rge of the State's                                     * '*' '"
traffic departmeDit, thus saving $161,000 a                     The funds provided for the purpose are
year which, it is suggested, might be spent                  now spent, and the relief work is over. Mr.
in grade separations and other highway im-                   Gihson says that at the close of the period
provements.                                                  over which employment was furnished it was
   This seems to be sound sense. Thel pre-                   c"idcl1t that l.memployment situation of the
sent patrol servioe is good but too expensive                winter mont.hs was considerably relieved.
in that it involves a duplication of work and                The men were leaving the highway depart-
of pay rolls. It has been pointed out to the                 ment to find work in oiher kinds of business.
Supervisors tha.t the county has to pay 40
per cent of the cost of the Sta.te patrol any-                 'rhe number of dependents of each of 600
wa.y, this being its share of the taxes used                 men employed has averaged 'about four to the
for this purpose.                                            man, so that the district has taken care of
   No complaint whatever is made by the                      abtmt 3000 individul:l1s, Mr. Gib on estimates..
Auto Club of the work of the men of the                        By means of qucstionaires, the highway
county patrol, in fact, they have nothing                    department determined the need of the indi-
but praise for it. But the duplication of                    "jdual before he was employed in order to
service is felt to be unneoessary. Perhaps,                  give work to the most de~erving.
also, if the State patrolmen had no assistance                                     '" *    ol'
from the county they would feel that they                       The men were willing worker, eager to
had greater responsibility and could perform                 demonstrate their appreciation of the jobs
their work with freer hands. In a.ny event,                  offered. The men employed on the mainten-
it does not appear that they would have so                   ance crews were g-iven three days' work per
much more to do that they could not render                   week so that by employing two separate shifts,
efficient service'_(D..4.. Times editorial)                  work could be furnished to a larger number of
                                                             men and a greater amount of relief given,
         ROMANCE OF INSURANCE                                l\fr. Gibson said.
  How a business that started with less than $1.00
grew into II six hundred million dollal' annual eo'cpendi-             A MOTORIST'S PRAYER
ture is reealleu by the annivcrsary of the first firc           Teach us to drive through jif" without skidding into
insurance policy cvel' written on an Automobile, SOYS        other people's business. Preserve our brake linings
a leading insurance publication. Thill policy was            that we stop before we go too far. Help us to hear
written June 2, 1902, by the Boston Insurance Com-           the knocks in our own motors and close our ears to
pRn)' on a fwo-seRted single cylinder French make            the clasbing of other people's gears. Keep alcohol in
car.' The insured was 'protected only against fire in        our radiators and out of our stomachs. A.bsolve us
the sum of $1,000.                                           frorn the mania of trying to pllSS the other auto on
  The premiums paid in California last yClII were            a nan'ow road. Open our eyes to the trlllfic gigDJ and
more than $50,000,000.                                       keep our feet on the breaks.-Qutlook.
                                CALH'ORNIA HIGHWAYS AND PUBLIO WORKS                                                                    21

111_UI_UI_II-fH1_'~'O-                    O -_ _
                                                        t1t1_tut_III1_I_._IlIl-J_..         Ii        ..         ..   ._1.-..-111-"11-11"-1

               Gleaned From Letter Bag                                                                                                    I

Highway Patrol Win s Commendations j                    This Writer Even Likes His Arrest; Multi-
      CGurtesies and Firmness Both                            farious Duties Done by State
                 Praised                                                 Squad

   From Mrs. C. L. Corson, Burlingame: Having              During the past year I have made seven or eignt
just returned from a trip to my mother's. I wish to     trips to California by automobile and have observed:
take this opportunity of thanking Traffic Officer 418   that your patrolmen are a credit to your State.
for nis wonderful service in nelping to check a fire    It is wit'" pleasure that I report th is incident of
on tne "Cowart Place" near Arno. Had it not been        your Officer No. 39.
for his wonderful help the fire no doubt would have                                   ~          ¢         ¢
taken dwelling and all frame buildings. Kindly
accept my thanks for the services renderod.                From L. O. Myers, D.D.S., San Francisco: May
                                                         I take this opportunity of telling you of the
                                                        courtesy of one of your men. This offioer gave mc
             SPLENDIDLY EFFICIENT                       a tag for lack of trailer license, a matter tnat I
   From Robert and Olive d'Erlach, Berkeley: We         was in ignorance of.
hereby desire to exp"ess our appreciation of the           There is so mucn difference in some men that
splendid and efficient aid rendered to us by Officer    my friends and myself, on this trip, want you to
Eisenhuth of EI Dorado when he found us injured         know that an entire force made up of men of his
on the Mother Lode road.                                typo would be a credit to the State of California.
   Our macnine having left the road, we were help-      This officer could give anybody a tag and make
less and Mr. Eisenhuth never left us until after ne     him like it. As near as I can read the name it is a
had seen us safely installed at the Placerville         Mr. Monteverde, No. 143.
Sanitarium.     He also communicated with my
firm's district representative and took good care of
                                                                                                 .. ..
our belongings.                                                     ACCIDENTS CUT DOWN
   In other words, Mr. Eisenhuth not only did his          From W. C. Parcher, Independence: Having
official duty, but extended courtesy and sympa-         been much concerned during the past few years
thetic attention to details which meant much to         OVer the numbor of serious accidents that nave
crippled folk in strange surroundings.                  occurred on the State highway through Inyo
   The department as a whole and Mr. Eisenhuth          County and having noted with mucn pleasure the
in particular has our sincere regard and esteem.        marked decrease in these accidents since the estab-
                                                        lishment of tne patrol system here, I wish to con.
                                                        gratulate you upon the personnel of your Inyo
             LODGE IS GRATEFUL                          County squad.
   From E. Hansen, San Francisco: On behalf of             The men of this squad, under the very efficient
Oriental Lodge, No. 144, F. & A. M., I want to          directIon of Captain Suer, are doing a fine job.
express to you our thanks for the fine service you      This was especially noticeable during the Decora.
rendered in arranging escort of Captain Joe Blake       tion Day week end when the heaviest traffic ever
and Officer Tom Taylor on our recent pilgrimage         known in tnis county was handled without an
from Sacramento to Colfax. Tne officers handled         accident or serious trouble of any kind.
our caravan in the most efficient manner.                                             'I<        '"        >1<

                           '"   'I<   •                              FUNERALS ESCORTED
               HE'D EVEN TOW HIM                           From R. L. Tudsbury, Loomis: May I not
    From L. P. Aldrick, Oregon: It is with consid·      apprise you of our family's deep appreciation of
erable pleasure to me to be able to report to you a     the services rendered to us during the funeral of
little incident that occurred just north of Vallejo.    my motner last May, as well as the funeral of my
    I was driving to San Francisco and ran out of       father this May by your traffic officers of Placer
gas about two and one-half miles north of Vallejo.      County?
In free wheeling down a little grade, I noticed one        I wish to take this opportunity of commending
of your highway patrolmen seated in his car             most highly the captain of your patrol, Charles
watching the traffic. He evidently observed that I      LaPorte, for the kind, efficient and understanding
was well to the side of the road and going rather       handling of our two caravans.
slow as compared to the traffic in goneral, sensing
without a doubt that I was in trouble. My car                                         .. '" '"
finally stopped 300 or 400 yards beyond where he                      SHORT, BUT SWEET
was stationed, and he immediately came down to             From Bulah Baker Hugnes, Davis: It affords me
see if he could help me and suggested if I nad a        great pleasure to commend to you tne courtesy
tow line he would be glad to tow me to the next         and intelligence of Officer Burle Reynolds, who ..was
service station. He was very courteous and appar-       ablo to help me when our car stalled above Kyburz
ently willing to do what ne could to as'sist me.        last week.
                                     C ILI"'OR~'JA. llIUllU'AYS .B'D PrJ8iAO rrOUKS

1_l\_T_ew La'-b-o,-'-L-c~,~:,,~L':-~"l-. B-e--E-n-j,-or-ce-d-

         ALL IS CONFUSION to the I.)'m.", but this     e~lIip.... nt i. p.~t of that which Is b.lng .mploy,d to
~u.h   th, N ..... e. .tl. t"nn.1 job to completion. When complettd, the tunnel .... ill take highw.y t~.Hic
und ... the eily .nd .eli,,,. consid.rabl. conge"t'on.

               PROI>uno ..... ,,~I<_(nr>1'iTl"'Ultn)                           The DcpltrllO£,ul or A.'cJlitecture allllounces
ROIl(/                      T.'"U.                             A~.o .."t   a formidable list of PI'ojects Ill~o, TilINe
V-SBt-Odd,. _•••••••• _.              ~.         ••      ~.     $10,000
YIII.l;B<1-o.>,.",." L" AIMl)         __   ~.   __ ._.    •    43~.100     1Il,'reiD enulOcrllled will be undc.· Kctila] eon·
IX-;o,lno--Cull. Diablo not 51}1'ln, to Dea<1-                             struction in tht' Helel during this half year.
      m/l." CTflek •        •      ••          •     •          183,60U
y·sn T.lle AhimOll to ~olomo"'. SummLt•• _.                    4U,GOO                                                                     A ",ollnt
YII_l...lI_Waahlna-to" Blvd. to EI Slll:1lndu_._               ~OO.OOO        hel,latko"                    P"u/vel
V1Tl.SBd--Orade llell/lratlon                      ~_____         60.000   San f'ra.ncleeo Collelle. addition ... ' cl'Ulllrnnma 1100.000
j.Mel"-LllUe o.nn Creek to Lell:iretl_______                      85.000   New State II..-pllal In ,nnt.hern Celltornl.,
i\'-CC-Slln Pa.blo CrHk 10 Crockctt________                     SiC.OOO       ~pconri unit tn~ I»-tl"nl•••. _ ._ ••••                   _ 351.'00
T1.llut.-PuIP Jl,her In enunty 1'""                    •        4U.400     ]\""",'"n,,1 GlIard. ~'"ba City A.m<lT)'•••                  _   15,000
Vlll_lml,-<:''')'nli Will, 10 Ohcl..,l"nd.__ •                  492.400    Ind"~lI'lal 110m. tor Ath,.11 Dllnd, 11l1perlll.
V1TI.lmp--Dlxlet.nd to 1 mUd wut ••                             liO.OOO       t"n«4nt'a re"ldllnOll                 ••• _••         ~   _   15.000
Yll_Ven_Venl"r" to £1 Rio •                      .~.           '100.000    to<"\Ili lJC»Ipltal, imllro~'cmcnt to ..... rd"_~            •   25,'00
IT_Trl-"\llpro.chM to Trinity Rl""r b.·LI!.c~.                   ~7.iOO    :.fendoolno Ho"pH"I. 1aundr)' • __••                        ._   80.000
V_Sho-Loe ncr~ Creek to Ano)'o Orande_                         336.100     Sonoma State Home.... hool .,,,1 &Y"",lU>iulII_                  40,000
I_H .. m-Rc<lwood (,........ 1< to Will"..' Creck____            ~3.400    Sonoma State Home. On IlUUJM _ •••• __ •• _._                    $1.'00
V-Mon-AlJpro.che" to Drodl..,.. brld.e__ •• __                   40.000    State ;:';..n:"Li" 1l""lIltlll, ,"'0 ,,'am bUIl,Una-a            40.000
V-SB--t..o.    Al."'.....Creelo: brl<llf," __ ._.
l\'_~ .. _R ..... lto.n Hlv"r 1.Irldl..__•••••
                                                                           Preolwn School, 5hOP bUlltllnl'__ .~
                                                                           santa ColleI'll. ulll1l1n, II<:hool•••• __
                                                                                                                                . ' ••• _   u,.oo
lIl-PIa--GoIO Run 10 Airport.. _•••__ .                        780.000     Pallon lI.,.pltal. c:alry unit _ __~                •• _•• __    21.000
VIl-Un-:OO,       port to Corona 0.1 !lII.r                    2 1,300     A&nll ..·• Hospital, kitchen eqnlpment••••                   _   !I.OOO
VB t.a-l         ~LOrtol canyon to lSIUtta ,",-onlea           lilO,JOO    SChooL tor Our, llnprovemen .... _._._ ••                    _     2,UO
1-llum-Hrldl:a •• __ •         •    ._••••                       U.iClO    .s"p&. Hospital. toad•••••                          ._ ••••        S.3(10
VIII.RI_lIle<:ca-BI)·the I"O'Id__ ••            ._             JI)t...O    Preston 6'-'hool, hnpro"fln. . rJO • _                     __      5.731
X.5.I-Waterloo road to Clementl•••           •• _. :n.too                  Dl!lIartmenl ..t .... &rlr... ltu~ ... bor.... r .1"tlO.....     11,000
lll_Pla-GT' ll!:lAnltlon _••• __ ••    .____   tMIOO                  ~"'"""Uc IIllf1plt<.I, ..en1ce WllnecUO"...._ •••__                3.10¥
                                                                           ~toekton 110",,1111.1, r"mo<tel JauII<lr,.__ •             _       '.400
VI.Ke........ Kern Rl"er bo'lot.."_                41)t,. .0
                                                                           !khool tor Dlln<l. Impro\·.. m.nt••••__ ._.                  _     '.400
      Tolal-        ••••       ._ _        ••••• 1.126.500                 san Dlep Colle", __ ._ •••••                 _     3,100
                                CAUli'OR,Ntd HU}HlVAYS AND PUBLIO WORKS                                                        23

fr----------~Il-                         .   -II.-~JI--.-..-III1-.II-II-"-I.-,II-.-I----                ril-l.-l.-Jl-ell-«M-IU-Ii

       List of New Work Projects Released ._lll_tI
                 ...                          Continued   fl·o.m   preceding page        IIl-llll-llIl-U-.II_t--1IJ

 11lstitution           P"oj_at                                       IllSt/tutioll              Pro;ect                 .<I.mou"t
New State Hospital In southern California,                          l'acllic Colony. 'Yard Building No. 3           _      55,000
 roa.Os and walks                             _        10,000       :Karcotlc Rospital, physlclan'S cottage           _    10,000
New State H:osl'ital In souther. Cal1fornla,                        Agnews Hospital. physician'S cOltage         .. _      10,000
 employees' quarters                         _        100,000       WllitlJer State School, emplo)'ees' cottlige _           8,500
New State Hospital in southern California,                          Department of Jj'lnance, addltlo .to printing
                                                                       plant __                   _                   _
  employees' kitchen and dining rOOUl-..   _          100.000                                                              81,000
 ew Stale Hospital in southern CalifornIa.                          Pacific Colony, ,Val'd Building No. 15-           _    60,000
  Administration Building _ - -               _        50.000       Agnews Hospital, pathological laboraton' _             80,000
New State HospItal In soutbern California.                          Sonnma StA.tA J-Jome. physlcian!s r:ottag'A. _         10,000
  fal"1n group _ •  •                         _        30,000       School for Blind, addition to girlS' hou e        _      2,000
New Stnte Hospitn.l in southenl California,
  laundry                                •• _                       Norwalk Hospital, wanl building at farrn _             ?5,000
                                                       50,000       California. Institution for W0111eu, dah"Y . __ ~        5,000
Narcotic llospital. supel"lntendenl's I' sidenee       16,000       SLockton Hospital, kitchen. bakery, cold stor-
                                                                       age                                            _
Pre~ton School, [arm cottage      --            _       4.000                                                             118,000
Pre"LOIl School, dairy unit                   _        GO,QOO       San Jose <;ollege, Science Buildiul;'--           _ 202,000
Rumbolclt College. traIning ool<ooL             _     170,000       Pacific Colony, addition to dining 1'00111        _    35,000
Chico College, IlIJrary and clas"rooms          _     117,000       Paclfio Colony, patlents' farm cottag'e           _    35,000
San Quentin Prison, cell blocl<               _       300,000       San Quentln Prison, prIson wall                   _    50,000
San Quentin Prison, solitary confinement        _      25,000       San Qllentln Prison, jute mllL__ _                _    15,000
SchOOl for Deat, primary school anct (lll11ng'
  room                     p                      _
                                                                    Folsom Prison, kitChen, commlssal'Y and coW
                                                                       storage                                        _ 100,000
                       barn, ~aral(es and ware-
,VhlUier State School, __
  house                                    _                        New State Hospital In southern California,
                                                       12,000          til'st unit for llatients                      _ 350,000
San Dip-go   ~ol1egf!:.   gymnaslunl              _   205,000       Veterans' Home, relocating- Company __       "C"
San Quentin PrJ 5011, Industrial Bullding     _        50,000        _ RI1i1(1ing _                  _       _
Fresno College, libra.ry                  _ __        115,000       Agnew. Hospital, wate,' SyStem....                _    10,000
Vetera.ns' Horne, h05plta1-                   _       500,000       National Guard, additions at training camp__           75,738
Nationn.1 Guard. Pnsadena Annory__ -.       •          50,000       Folsom Prison, wal"ehouse            ...        _        5,000
Sonoma State Home, eo~tage for boys           _        75,000 Hospita.l, retnodeling               _           81,000
California Institution [or Women, Detention                         Nava. Hospital, Impro,'ements                     _    25,000
  Building                .... __ ..  _       _       106,000
Santa Barbara <;ollege, Science BuUding       _       120,000               Tot 1                                      $4,858,273

        DIGGING IN-The boys on this Newcastle tunnel job are out for lunch. The scene is that of the
east.. portal of the project. The tunnel will run under the main section of the town. Three drifts are
being developed which later will be consolidated into the auto subway.
24                               OALIFORNIA HIGHlV AYS AND P7JBLIO WORKS

r _ I I _ I I _ I I _ _ "_~Ir-"MI_MI_'I_I_"-"'   ._I;'   . , _ . _ - " _ " - . i l I _ . I _ l I l _ . . . - . _ I I_ _I I t - I I t - l i l o - l . . . . - l _ t _ l . ! .

:                                                                                                                                                                         I

jMotorists' Fees Rernedy Road Like Thisl
1. •           • ~'_'._•. _I_aa_IIf1'-III_'_'~"-'-"Il"      _ _._'II_._.II-tlIl_·..                                               _ _'._'_1111_11"_'' .1

                                                                                                                                     .:, .~ "'~~:": :...
                                                                                                                                            ,"-,       ':~'..;l

      ROUGHING IT-in Bear Valley. Here's your typical "Ozaik, Missouri," road on the route from
Emigrant Gap to Nevada City. This section has not yet been reached by construction, but the roa-d-
a reminder of the early auto days-is still used.

      HE Division of Motor Vehicles has
                                                             those owned by public corpol'ations and is a
      accouuted for Hs stewardship of funds                  gain of 38,153 vehicles over the same period of
      collected from the motorists of the State              1930.
during the first half of 1931, by apportioniug                  The apportionment is based 011 fee-paid
the huge sum of $6,176,513.91 to the counties                registrations for the periud totaling 2,006,165
of the State and to the Division of Highways                 for the six months period.
for road maintenance purposes.                                 The registrations for the period are divided
   One half of this amount, or $3,088,256.96,                as follows: Passenger carl';, 1,855,236; solid
goes to the Division of Highways and will be                 trucks, 10,514 ; pnenmatic trucks, 85,675 ;,
expended by the State's road building organi-                motorcycles, 7949; solid trailers, 7,737; pneu-
zation. The other half is apportioned among                  matic trailers, 39,054.
the fiity-eight counties according to automo-                   Los Angeles County with more than one-
bile registrations.                                          third of all the registrations will receive the
   The amount apportioned is substantially                   largest share or $1,265,276.11. S!m Francisco
greater than last year despite an augmented                  COUllty will receive $229,414,8U, the second
program of highway patrol and protectio!ll                   larg'est share. Alameda County will receive
financed from license fees. The apportion-                   $218,795.63.
ment practically enables the motorist to get
his -money back in the form of good roads.                         Here's an interesting fact: Sixteen                                   ~r cent of the
   This total of registrations does not inclnrlp.            motor vehicles made in the UILited                                     Stat~s in 1930 were
cars exempt from payment of fees such as                     exported.
                              C.~LJFORNIA.       HIGHWAYB AND PUIlLIO WORKB                                                   25


     LONG LIVE THE KINQ-Thil luperb Itlnd of Rodwoode, on thl So"th Fork of the Eel River,
with 10,000 acr.. of I"rrounding forest, ;1 doclilr~d by o".oertl to bo a perlect example of redwood
Jlrowth, which, onu deetrol'ld. nl"lr could be reproduced. The area tin been purchued Ind will
become • part of the State Plrk eyatem, John D. Rocklfeller, Jr~ contributed $1,000,000 tow .. rd the

   Th(l rellow,,~d null Creek ll11d Oyl'tvi1!p. forest$,         Under the lCI'U1B or the State Pari. Bond .~et. I*fI8OO.
1\(:daiDI~ by world trayeler, Ihe supreme deHlopment             by the Legj~llltllre in 19'17, lind tDlifie<l by the peolile-
of Culifornill" ,ll"iant rOO"'oocb. and conaidered of the        of the Stllte. ball of tbe totnl oo~t of the proje<:t ia to
I(lme nolio".1 iml)Qrtll"~ AI YOlWlllite, GUild Clln.\·on        hIl horne b:r t.he Stale and hal( b:r the Save-the·
nnd olber unique nlltiolllll wOll<len, aN! ullured of            I!l'<hvooda LenK"!!. '1118 an"iuK 01. tltl!lle red.... ood, "'RI
rw"llprUlion IllI H part of C.HforniH'a J:)taCe t'lIrk           l,romlneotly leaturNl ill tbe calli(>lI'l;ll foc the Slate
arMem.                                                           Pllrk bomb.
    'Ihi. i. tile annOlllleemenl of Ille Callfornlll Stille          Tile Sarc·the·Hedwood8 League hila 1t""Quneed tbsl
I'ark Commission, which hilS rel\(lrted tbroU!:"h the            it IllU. I@cured lJDflkienc routributiolU and pledl:elI 10
 Dirf'(:tor of Nalllr..1 R~n~ to Governor J4'0Cll                "'atch atllte ['ark bond funds for cbe acquisition of
UolJlh, .Ir.. that nl'Jl:otiati.;>n8 with tile Pacific Lumher    thl's!! lallla. Uany publie·spirited indltidualll and
Com\II"y, o.... n... ot these redwood ~rov~, h/lv~ read,..,1     QI'J:1I111Z'1I;Onll throughout the United Stuletl IIl1ve L'On-
II snL~~~~r,,1 l!ome!u"j"n, sn,\ that 10.000 aeru, includ-       trIbute<!.
iug the 1\'lleraheds of llull Creek. Deeker Creek and
Cabin Creek, n~ well u till! North and South Dyerville                John 0, Rockefeller, Jr.. by • gift of $1.000.000
Flat><, will be aC'I\lired.                                      and a pledge (If a ucond million to match private
                                                                 gift. . . r.c"iv.d, mid. pOlaible the lucce.. of the
    Tile .equi~ilion of theve redwoods cl11mhmh'1l .I
cRUlI",ign Iff (lver I~n yellnl conducted by the       project.
 Hcdwoods Lel~e, llnd ~un by ltll rOlfnderl!, Dr. John                0'1l1n;z4tioo" Buell (la The- Gardea Clnb o{ America.
C. Metrifom of c.he COlrnegi", In.tiroli.,m of \Vllllhjn~t.o",   the Callfornia FcderHtion of ·Women's Clubs lLnd lbe
?lladl.wn Grant of N~w York, Ilnd Dr. Ueol"1 Fairfield           Natb'e D,u8'htcr~ of the C.-fll<leo '\'~t oontributed
Oah,","n or the Amerlcau :\lulieUID of Natural Hi~lory.          ~ubscaatllli funds,

    26                         C.4.LI1"OUSl.l IIWIfWA,I"S AND I'U1JLlU WORKS

    When Bowling A long      17 Stolen Machines
      Highways, He Gives        Recovered by Patrol;
          Cheer for Builders           21 Officers Cited
                                                                    EVENTEEN :.tolcn allto~ were recovered
    5r J. A. GREGORV, Olst.rlet vln Hi&ht or Way    AK~Llt
                                                                     and J;Cventcen persons arrestecl as auto-
             ODAY we seem to be al the beginning

    T        of a IlpW pra in highwAy building and
          _ pr·ogTcss. 'l'he men who are responsible
     tor construction of the highways of today are
                                                                     mobIle thieves during tile month of June,
                                                             uuc to the efforts of the Highway Pall·o!.
                                                                In nc1dition, several lives were 1;3\"t~d by
                                                             efforts of patrolmen.
    entitled to u great deal of commendat.ion. We               'I'he fllcts IIrc broughl Otlt in a list or cita-
     get in our car and start out for the b~3Ch,             tiolls given out by Chief K Haymond Cata,
    mountains or desert, and 8S far as roadbed is            who omoe<l twenty-one members of the organi-
    concerned we I'ide witJI ellse.                          1.ation for good work done during thc past
        ltittlc thought is given to the origination of       month.
    :mch highways and the vast a.mount of field                              TEX Gt:T THIEVES
     warl! and office work necessary befol'c even
    construction work hegins. As we ride over                   'fen men were commended for their work in
     mountain roads, where tlle country is in ick            Dabbing the auto thieves. The)· are 'rony Rose,
     with brush and rorests, little tllOu:.:llt is given     JOSCI)h Lewis, C. R. AV('llar and A. Lars-en of
     to the SIIr\'c,yor and locator who battled and          A lameda Count)'; Captain S. :'IL PI.rull and
    cut hi:;! WHS thrmlgh such places to make the            C. A. Lunncll of Ventura Couuty, L. :i. Har-
    location.      All such surveys nnd locatiollii          vey of San Diego County, R. H. 'l'rembath
    after being madc in the field are then brought           lind R. Cockerton of Contra Costa Count~·
    in to the offices of the Division of Highwayfl,          and J. C. Shanks of Sonoma Couuty.
     wherc prints of rOlltes, togethrr with maps of             Two officers, J. N. Nobel and R. J. Parr oI
    elevations, cuts and fills, etc., lire Jllll.lle which   Venturn County, rt'ceived commendation for
     S}lOW exactl,\' where that ccrtain route is             their resellP or two fishermen caught by the
    located. All ~llch. plans after completion are           tide.
    then IOl'\I'lu·ded to the central office, Sana-                            !SAVES A LlFf;
    mento, for approval.                                       'l'wo olhers, N. VacllJai;j lIud C. K. Gill of
        Afler plans have been returned with an               Allllllcda County, were cited lor rendering
    O. K. from Sacramcnto, in due time That cer-             assistance to a man and woman hurt in a
    tain project is adyertised fOI· hid:>, which are         plane crash.
    opened in the offices of the Department of                 Inspector M. F. Brol\'n, Eureka, toolt pneu-
    Public Works.                                            monia serum to an ontlying point and sa\'ed
        These ilre a few of the high lights prepllra-        a pAt.ient's life, thcreby ellrning notice. F.
    tory to the eonsjructiOll of. the wouderful              Perry WitS commended for assistance in check- we have throughout the State today.            ing /1 fire ill Sacramcnto County.
        To somr. it woulit SP.f'ffi extravagant CODl-          Captain ::u. Carter and John Shaffcr of
    pletely to change a dc<1ic.ated roadbed to an            Tehama ellrnerI for first aid given a
    elevated positioll practically paralleling the           woman whose huslJallll hud been killed io an
    same ronte. This is where the maintenance                automobile accid('llt.
    cost of highways figures in. A rearl~' ehr.c.k
                                                                            HERE'S URAVE ACT
    on repairs, grading and cleaning 01I 1l101'111
    refuse {rom highways and the great inCOIl-                  'V. Pouyer of Ncvada County earned a cita-
    venienee to motorists, commereilll and ot.hers,          tion for the captur(' of a bandit at night who
    arc checked ogainst trw cost or ne\v construc-           had drawn a gun. Fouyer threw his spotlight
    tion, which through the elevated grade and               in the man's cyc~ and captured him without
    storm rlrnilHJ, pl'aetically eliminates flood            a struggle.
    damage.                                                     II. l'renner of Mont.prey County wa.~ com-
        Too much can not be said in cOilllllendation         mended for ussislin:.: Ule IJolice of Pacific
    for the Governor who tlpprovca road con-                 Grove in giving first. /lid to persons involved
    struction budgets, the Legislators, who also             in an automobile wreck.
    ha'·e lheir purt, and the Director of the                   L. Saml)!e, a bordl!r checker of San
    Department of. Public 'Vorks, who sees them              Berllardino COilnt)', was COllUIIClJdl:rl for
    through to a linal conclusion, and last, but 1I0t        assistultce given tho nuthoritics of Nevada in
    IcltSf, the glls tax that makes it all p()il~ible.       capluring two murder suspects.

                            CALl1<'ORNTA HlGH1F.4.YS AND PUBLIO WORl(S                                          27
Work is Progressing
  On Alternate Ridge
     ROllte Construction
    S. V. Cortt'lyou, Distrit't Bngineer. f('port8 rupid
llrogress on highway construetio work in Distrkt
7. Extracts from his report show:
    IN LOS ANGELES COUNTY-Work is .'opi(]l~,
)leaL" ng completiou ou the fir·t grailing contl'!\ct f
the Altemute Hidge Houte. This poriiou il; between
Castaic and Canton Creel, and is being consh'nded
by Doeriug von del' Hellen & Pierson, coutractors.
    The second grading eontract on this route, from
Canton Cl'ee\; to I'irn Gorge, wus awarded to the
"Will F. FecI> )olllPllOY April 23, hJ31. Work is now
 in progress On this section una the g.'oeling of file
 work. will lie completed b~' llpproximately Sept mber
1, 1932.
   Bids will be ojlened for the tbin] an() finn] grading
contrac]; on this project JuJy :15, 1931, sO tbat grad-
ing for the enw:e length of the AI ternate . Hidge
Route will be under conll'act ahol·t1y after that date.
   I N ORANGE COUNTY-Paving W 0 r k was
recentl)' completed On th Gnlivnn line change, a
distance of 0.93 mile. This new alignment l:rosses
tbe Santa Fe nailroacl tracks on till overhenr] cro.~·
ing which was constructed II few years ago. A con-

        THEN AND NOW-Surely 3 real study in contr3sts. The "Before" photo is a good 3d for So
 &. So's tractor-at least one would need it to traverse that road. But the same scene depicted below,
 typical of highway improvement between Mojave a nd Bishop. is an old story to Californians-a long,
 level stretch' of modern road.

 tract has recenLly lH!eu a warded for widening tbe          Bostollia, which greatly iwprove- tbe alignment Oil
 grading and puv€'llleut for It distanc of approximat ly   . this section, is now under coo trnction. Portland
 5i miles aJong the Serra Hluffs from Sail Mateo Flat        ~ement concrete pavement 20 feet wille has been com-
 to Serra.                                                   pleted and this ])ortioil of the highway will be opened
    IN SAN DIEGO COUNTY-A line change at                     to traffic in 11 short time.
                                       CALlPOIr,NIA [JIm/WAY8 AlW PUBLIC WORK8

      Vital Statistics on Dam Construction
                                  ,                  ,                ,                 ,               ,              ,
... ppllutl.... t", ~pp.ov,,' 0' d ..... b ..lIt p,l    , .. AUg"D'              57-'ll. P"",lIk: Oaa and Electric Compally, San "'ran-
      I., 1m, "loci with the Stat. o-p.,I            ,,1 01 PI/bile              cbco. OWII.'; Mrtb and rock. 1111 rWI a:>ave atreambed
      w .... I<•• Di... ;...." of Water Rnou,n., elurlng Ih.                     .. lUI a 1t0n.jJ'8 cavae.t,. 01 Z'll .crl-t....t.. .tt""tecl (on
      mOflth 01 J"n.,        '"1.                                                Te.'l:u Cl'Hk trlb,llary to South Yuha RI...."· III Sec 20.
                                                                                 T. n 1\., R. 18 ,,:., M D. B. .IId lL. for nOO'aCe pur_
    VEXTUlCA CO[p<,"'TY-Lo. r ...... W_h No. 111• .I.                            ~ for po... lr Ufl!.
:N. Thille and !'eter Connelly. Sallla PIr." .... IIwnu.                             ALA1olEOA COUNTY_Hpper AhlftoCda Cl'!lek D!T<:r.
_nil, 40 re« above '~lr.bed ... ,U• • ~ e e.paclty
of rot a"re-of"t. lllituato!d On r- P.... W ...h lrlbutar}"
                                                                                 .1oA Dam No.          I......
                                                                                                           City And Count)· ot liIan l"J'an..
                                                                                 el..,." Sail Fr.."claeo. o ~r; alab and bullre.. <I...... II
"10 lle."lon SloUf;!l,      tv• • llt atora•• PU'IlO-'                           reel abo,-• •Ir_robed        Ith a "Io",,,e a.-ellY uf U
     tUVKRSlD£ COUNT\'-San J'ac.lnto Dau. No. 811.                               a<=,e-feet••ltu:tt<=d 0" Upper Alamed... Creek t,llI-"I..,)
~.C. 1.1:.... Arled•• o1l"ner; earlll. n feel.llnv"'.""m_                        to Ca1:tve,.." Creek In 8ec- 17, T. G 8.. n. Z c.. .ll. O.
bed wtill a l!to,ure capaelty o~ 60 aen.'.... l. I"",ated In                     D. :tn<l M., tor <I"e,,,lon PUJ"~, for mu"lclPaI all(1
sec. II, T. 3 ~ .• n. , W. o S. B H. "'"d M.                                     <lome.tle Ulo.
   MODOC COUNTY-Dry Valley                           DAm  No. 12t-5.
llh'by-Hu:rm&n caUle Co., AIt"                        OWll".
                                                           I' ' . . . . ·th. I    Plan. for tt." rep.1r 0' alter"tlon of .pproved by
I. .t abo,"" ort...... "'bed with .. Mor            ""'II"C ly vt HIO                  the Stat. D.p.rtmellt of Public Worke. Dlvillon of
aOrfl-,,,,,t, ,ltu .. ted OR Dr, V.... II .. , trlll"!".y to 'Vlllow                   W.oihr Ruourcu. during Ih. month of Jun., 11131.
<:reek In S<l<:. lJ, T. 41 N., R. U 1!:., lol. D, U. and M.•
for etor..... purpoae.e, tor Irrlg.. llun And ItO<:k Ule.                            LOS ANUb:I~I:.:.::l COUNTY-Big Anita Dam
                                                                                 No. H-2. Los Angel.., <'ounty Flood COntrOL Dlurlct.
Applleationl fer approval 01 ,Ianl and Illecl"e.llonl 10r                        Los Angel09, owner; arch dam, "Itllllte<! on We: SltnUI
      eonltrUCllon or enllrgemant of daml "I.d wth the                           Anlt... CNlk tributary 10 San Gabriel Rlv"r In SIle. 10,
      Stu. O.p....tment of PUblic Wor.... Oivll;on of                            T. I N.. R. I W" 8. B. B. a"d :M.
      Wlter Rnourcea. durlnlJ thl "'onlh 01 June, lUl.                               MO~O COUNTY             8lInlino r.....k. Dam NO. 581-2.
                                                                                 Archibald "",...lnllIO", Mono IAl<e, o...-ner; rock, 10
    BAN MATJ:'::O COUKTY-WhitehOllM Creek Dam
No. oOJ. Humphrey &lsUte, In<:., I'CM:I.lIero. owner;
a thom. n t~t abo... ItreamtMld with a norage                                      'o..
                                                                                 feet above lFlrc&mboell Wilh a ~tor.. &"e c.lpaelty or 10
                                                                                 Ae....      t, .11IIO~ Oil W"lker Cnlck t:rlb1HAr1 ttl »lIl1O
                                                                                 U1lto In ~. Iii. T. I 8., II. U E" M. D. U. alld M.
o:a.... clty of • acre·tcet ~t'QUed on Whltetou ... ~ k
III sec. S, T •• s., n. t W" !II. D. U. and .\1•• tor .tOfalle                      VENTURA COUNTY-Lo..u H.n canyon DaJII No.
a.. d (Ilnnloll PII~ Tor IrTIptlon lItIe. &atlmated                              1St-I. Anoctat.." 011 CompaQ,.. SAn Franeblco. owner;
<IX* JI;lbO, tMe pakI U!.5Q.                                                     eartr. dAm. Illt .... ted on Ha.l1 C&r\Yor. Croo:k tr.huta,,. 10
                                                                                 Pacific       oo-n.   located In Rartehn El< MI..:on 'San
U...... Loo Ancel.. Coullty
A,,!p1-. oomer.         _rt.!l.        .,00II
    LOS ANG:ELGS COUXTT_VndllSO Waah Dam No.
                                      CO"II'OI D\lotr1ct. 1..-
                           Z: fMt abon IRreantbed wlUl a
                                                                                     BUTTE OOUSTY- Roulld VallI)'" Dam No. U-t.
atorlllfe ca_lty of I i i aen·fcet. allllate4 ... Verdl;lJ;o                     Paellkl Gaa and EIoct.-tc Coo:npaRY, San Frallc'-.
Creek trlb"ta..,. To r.o. AD~Ie, ItlV1lr. I_led In                               0 ....... ; . .rth d ..... al1t.:ated on NOrlh "'.....k F8I.lblr
Raaeho san ~a"l Eatlmat"" _               U',lSl. t_ ..,..Jd                     Rlvt:r trlt;\Ota'7 to Feather RITer III Sec. ,e. T. ZI S .•
UII.U.                                                                           R.I E.. II. D. D. and K..
                                                                                     LOS A... Ot:L!':S COUNTY-Derlla Gate Dam So.
Applleulonl for appr"".. 1            of pllnl a"d I"ClnClllo""                  IJ-.a. Lo. AnS~" CO\lllly Flood COntrol Dl.n,",. Loe
   lor r.,Air or 111.ratlon           of dama filed wllh tile St.oote            ~-. o.... ner; CTI\"ltr cia,... ,I~_ted on Arrnyn SIleo.
   Dlp,,"menl of Public               W.rk.. 01 ...1.10" of Wattr                Uibutaf7 to Los AI\I:tMoe River Ie Ral2dl.lI san PalQual
   R... u,c... du,lng thl             mollth .f Jun., tUl_                          RIY£REHtlE COUXTY- -S-ll JadnlJ> o.m No. 'U.
                                                                                 J. C. AS". Art_I:'J ownu. ~arth dam, localed In Sec.
  SOLA.."O COUXTY--S... ar.oq Lakl D&m No. HI.
Calif.     HalOall Sliettr Retl"!'" Corp., Crockett..
.,..."er; _nh (lam, ~ ~ In Vallejo Town.Wp.
                                                                                 til. '1'. S 8.. R. • \v., S. 0. n. aDd 1ll_
                                                                                    RIVERSlllE COUNTY_Lake Nort:<mJan. Wl'lt Dam
    i\o!ODOC CQL"TY-5pauhllnll na.. No. 15". R. D.                               No. UIl_A. Ru U. ClarlC, Noreo. owner; earth dam.
eral... llIalln. Orea-on. nwnlr; ...,th d ...., Iltl_ted on                      locat6d In sec. n, '1'••        s..R. 1 W .• S. B. B. and lL
unnamed drainu~ r.,It.ul"l7 to Tull La..,e In s.c. 2.
T. "Z N .. R. 1 K. M. D. B. and M.
   VE."lTUnA COUSTY-Hall (>.ny",.. Lo.... er Dam                                     WATER APPLICATIONS AND PERMITS
No. 1U-Z. Aa.ooclaled 011 CQ"'l"Iny l:lan l'·ranel~.
o,,",lr; earth dalll, "it"alll(\ Oil Ha(l canYOn Creek
trlbuUOry 10 PacIfic Ooean In RanehO Ex »t..lon lla.n
Duenayent\Ora.                                                                     LOS        Al'l1~.JLltlt COUN'l'Y-Allpilcatlon 8~70. Hllrry
   nIVl::1RSIDE COUNTY-San Jll<':lnto OIl.m No. 812.                                     .
                                                                                 :\I. Mm.. r. Llttl", RO<:'k     C.llf.. tor 2 mine... Incllu or
J. C. AI:;Qe. Art~Ja, owner; ~.rth, loclltod In Ele<:. U,                        O.O~     "-f.... rrom an unnamed ~pl'le8 trlbntttry to Moj,,-vob
T. I 8 .. n. 6 W., S. B. n. .... n<'l M,                                          Oe .... rl. 1'0 be dlY;:,rted In se", le. '1'. t S .• H. 10 W"
   nIVERSIDE COUNTY-Lakl NOr<;o"I""                 Dllm.                        S '0. B. •nd M .• for Irrigation and dQtn60IlC purlloae"
W ...I. No. no. nl,. D. Cla,'k, Noroo. uwner; earth,                              (2 a<=r.,,).
1000Ied In Bee. 12, T. IS.• n. 7 W" 8. B. B. 1111(\ Y.                                ALI'INl'J CQUNTY-Applleatlon U11.                  St.ate or
   ORA.Nca; COUNTY-80lltll Lambllrt Dam No. Tn.                                  Caur"r"lll., DeIlA ...m""t of Publlc .....orkB. Dlvl.lon cf
Till Irvlnl Co.. Tustin. ownlr; eartll. loeated In Lnt                            HIII;h .... ) .. 018lriCI X, by C. JL PII_reel! St .. tl JllJrh-
n8 or Ir\"h'M eubdh1.lOn.                                                        way Engilleer, sacramenfo. CaHt.• for O.iju c.r_. from
                                                                                 an "nnamed 'flnn, Irlblllary 10 Middle York or
   JdO~O CQUXTY_Walk.r DDm No. na.              Archibald
F'arrint'\OIl. ltono, ownlr; . .rill and rock, lit1l-
                                                                                 Slanl~I,,"a m,·er.         '10 be diverted Insee.   15. T • N"
                                                                                 R. %I R .• .lI. U. 13. and :.a:~ tor dom.tlc P\I'IlOMa.
at.." on Walker CrH.k trIb\Ot.ary to Rum Creek In sec..                           E'Umate<t CCNlt n,OOIl.
7. T. I 8.. R. 26 }-=.. ),L D. B, and M..
                                                                                      NEVADA COUNTY-AppilcaUon ua. Co A. ca..r,
PI.n• • nd .pee,fIoaiion. for tIM con.t,uefoll or enla'la_                       lLU Valley, Calif•• for ono ml"..... IJIcb rrom a aprlne
     "'.nt of dam ... pp'o .... d by tile Slit. Oep"rtm.nt                       trlbotal"J' to 1Iiddie Fork cf Tuba Rl\<ff. To be dl·
                                                                        In 8ec. &. T. 17 X~ It. S E., It. D. nand l1..
     01 P"bJie Workl, Olvllion ., W"t.r Reoourcal.                               tor minillt! and Jf\lrpoeea.
     d",lng the month of Juoe, 1131.
                                                                                      KERN COUNTT-AJiPllcatlllll 1'11.                Clllllon R.
   !.OS .....CELES COUNTY-Plnl Ca.u,.ua ~ Xl).                                   ....Ibertaoll. Box U. Inyoklm\ Otlif•• for 60f 1lS1lone
11 Cit.)' 01 p. . .dena. ~ ...... uw ...r; ....Y1ty dam,                         per lb.!" trom a WIll. To be (Ilvened III 8«. %I. T. 17
'11 f~ abo.. e Ilreambed "lUI.'l!\"e c.padO' or                             8.. R. 40 1":.. lI.. U. B. and M.. for mini... and ""III_Ie
".000 ..,,..-feet. alt:lated un san GabMot nhe~ trltlu·                          pu~               t.:aJmated coat StoO.
tar)" 10 Padftc ~ l!o &oc. U. T. 1 N •• It. II W; S.
                                                                                      SIERRA. COUNTT-Appllcatloll UH_                  I4ll1nle P.
B. a a>.d AI., r... lIlOl'aCe Pl'1'llOIM (01" mnll!t:lpal and                    Dutton. lOS! :'-. Ardmore. ~ AlIJI:el.... Calif•• tor U
<101_1c: .......                                                                 ,,-La, trom South "'Oric of Xorth Forlt 01 Yuba Rher
   NEVADA COUNTY-Lo,.i... LhMl .... y ~ke Doom Xo.                               tribatar,. to North V....k or Yoba HI""". To bol .U,·erlltl
                               CALIFORNIA HIGHWAYS A.1VJJ PUBLIO WORKS                                                       29

    June Water Applications and Permits

in Sec. 30, T. 20 N., R. 12 E., M. D. B. and M., for                EL DORADO COUNTY-Application 6988. Harold
power purposes.                                                   J. Smith, 602-4 Medico Dental Bldg., Sacr",mento,
   TUOLUMNE COUNTY-ApplicatIon 69.5. State of                     Calif., for 200 gallons per day from Rock Creek tribu-
Caltfornla, Depanment of Public Work~, Dlvl810n or                tary to South Forlt of American River. To be dlvertcd
Highways, c/o C. H. Purcell, State HIghway EngIneer,              in Soc. 18, T. 11 N., R. 17 E .. M. D. B. and M., for
Public Works B1<lg., Sacramento, Calif., tor 0.016                domestic purposes. Estirrlated cost $100.
c.f.s. from an unnamed spring trIbutary to South Fork
of Tuolumne River. To be dIverted in ::lec. 35, T. 1 S.,          Permits to appropriate water issued by the Department
R. 19 E .• lI1. D. B. and M., for domestic purposes.                   of   Public   Works,   Division   of   Water   Resources,
Estimated cost $1,000.                                                during the month of June, 1931.
   SAN BERNARDINO COUNTY-Application 6976.                           SIERRA COUNTY-Pm'nllt 3721, A]lpllcation 6923.
Wayne Courtney, 1318 W. 94th street, Los Angeles,                 Geo. F. Taylor, Downjeville, Calif., June 2, 1931, for
Calif., for 3 c.t.s. from Antelop Canyon tributary to             50 C.r.S. trom Cherokee Creek in Sec. G, T. 19 N., R. 9
1I>!oJave Desert. To be dIverted in Sec. 29, T. '2 N., R.         E., M. D. M., fOI' mining purposes.
4 m., S. n. B. and M., for irrIgation and domestic pur-              SAN BEP...l'l'ARDINO COUNTY-Permit 3722, Ap-
poses.                                                            plication 671 7. Geneva C. Baxter, Vlctorvllle, Callt.•
    KE.l:tN COUNTY-Appl1catlon 6977. W. F. ElwIn                  June 2: 1931. for 0.4 c.ts. fl'Om SlIver Creek Canyon
and Noah Adair, c/o C. L. Adair, 308 Date street,                 in Sec. 17, T, 3 N., R. 1 vr., S. B. M., for lrrig'atlon
RIalto, CaUf., for 3 c.f.s. from wells b'ibutaTY to Goler         purposes on 180 acres. Estimated cost $100.
Creek, tributary to Mojave Desel·t. '1'0 be diverted in              MARIPOSA COUNTY-Permit ana, Application
Sees. 34 anel 35, T. 28 S., R. 39 EJ., M. D. B. and M.,           6836-Mrs. !!Jstelle 1. Fraser, COUlterville, Calif., June
for mining pUrJ)oses. Estimated cost $3,000.                      2, 1931, for 39 c.f.s. from North Fork of Merced River
   TRINITY COUNTY-'~JlIllic~at.inn 6978. Eilward L.               in Sec. 7, T. 3 S., R. 18 E., )i. D. M., foJ' power pur-
SchreCkengost, Douglas City, Trinity County, Cll.llf.,            poses.
for 2 c.t.s. f"om Browns Creek tributary to T"inliY
River. To be diverted in Sec. 19, T. 31 N., R. 19 W ..               LOS ANGELES COOKTY-Permit 3724. Appllcation
M. D. B. and M., for mining purposes.               Estimated     6511. Ernest E. Pettinger and Ralph WaRner, Saugus,
cOBt $600.                                                        Calif., June 6, 1931, for 0.05 c.f.s. from DripIJY Spring
   HUMBOLDT COUNTY-Application 6979. Ulysses                      in Sec. 25, T. 5 N., R. 16 W .. S. B. 1\1.. for Irrigation
S. Grant Myers, Weott, Calif., for 0.025 c.f.s. from              and <lomestic purpo~es on 4 acres. Estimated cost
Pete Cl'eek tributary to Soutb Fork of Eel River. To              $2fiO.
be diverted III Sec. SO, T. 2 S., R. S E., H. B. and M.,             MONTEREY COUNTY-PermIt 3727, Application
for domesUc pUrp08Ss. Eslirn...teu cost $2,150.                   6066. Florenco Ho;;ue, Los Angeles, Calif., June 9,
   TULARE COUN'l'¥-ApplicatlOll 6980.               Frank O.      1931, for 3 c.f.s. from Bixby Creek in Section 15, T.
Sheldon, P. O. Box 68, Porterville, Callt. ror 200 gal-           18 ~., R. 1 E., M. D. M., for power purposes. Esti-
lons per day from a spring tributary to South ~'ork of            mated cost $9,000.
Middle Fork of Tule River. To be diverted in Sec.                    MONTEREY COUNTY-Permit 3728, Application
35, T. 20 S.. R. 31 E., M. D. B. and M., for domestic             6067. Florence Hogue, Los Angeles, calif., June 9,
purposes. E~timated cost $35.                                     1931, for 1 c.l.s. from (2) BixbY Creek, (3) Cross
   TULARE COUNTY-Application 6981. N. N. Reel-                    Canyon., (4) Daisy Gulch, (5) Bear Trap Canyon in
ford, A. M. Criggs, R. Y. Roper, c/o N. N. Redford,               Sees. 1:> and 16, T. 18 S., P.. 1 E .. M. D. 1.1., for domes-
Exeter, Callf., for 600 gallons per Clay from Monarch             tic purposes. Estlma,ted cost $ 22.000.
Creek tributary to East Fork of Kaweah River. To                     MONTEREY COUNTY-Permit 3729, Application
be diver led in Sec. 15, T. 17 5., n. 31 E., M. D. B. and         6122. Florence Hogue, Los Angeles, Calif.. June 9,
M .. for domestic purposes.                                       1931, for 1 c.f.s. from Sierra Creek In Sec. 21, T. 18
   TRINITY COUNTY-Application 6982. Basil Fro-                    S., R. 1 E., M. D. 1.1., for domestic purposes. Esti-
loff, Weaverville. Calif., for 12.5 c.f.s. from Rush Creek        mated cost $8,000.
tributary to 'l'rlnIIY River. To be diverted in Sec. 21,             LAKE COUNTY-Permit 3730, Application 6927.
T. 34 N., R. 9 W., M. D. l:l. and M., for mining and              P. V. Pe<1ronclnl, Ukiah. Call!.• June 10, 1931, for 0.1
domestic purposes. Estimated cost $5 O.                           c.f.s. from two unllamed springE In Sec. 11. T. 15 N.,
    PLACER COUNTY-Application 6983.                  Brockway     R. 11 VI'., 1\1. D. M., for Irrigation and domestic pur-
Land & Water Co., a Corporation, c/o Jessie H. Miller,            poses on 7 acre". Estimated cost $3,000.
Atty., 712 DA'Voung Bid!:,., San Francl.sco, Calif.. for             HUMBOLDT COUNTY-Permit 8731. Application
1.0 c.f.s. from Gritr Creek tributary to I,ake Tahoe.             6911. Mrs. Sarah J. Carpenter, Salyer, CaUf., June 19,
To be diverted in Sec. 18, T. 16 N., R. 18 E., M. n. B.           1931. for 1.2 c.f.s. from Ammon Creek, in Sec. 12, T.
and M., for irrIgation alld domestic purposes (8U.88              5 N., R. 5 E., H. B. M., fnr irrigatIon purposps on 60
acres).                                                           aGres. Estimaterl cOst $H 00.
    MERCED COUNTY-Application 6984.                  Stevinson       BUTTE COUNTY-Pel:mit 3732, ApplJcation 6660.
,Valer District, a Corporation, c/o Hatfield, Wood &              A. H. Dakin, Magalia, Calif., June 19, 1931, lor 3 c.f.s.
Kllkenny, Allys., 31" Chancery Bldg., San Francisco,              from Emplrc Creek in Sec. 20 T. 28 N., R. 4 E.,
Callr., lor 176 c.l.s. from McCoy Spillway, Arena                 M. D. 1;1" tOl' mining purposos. Estimated cost $1,600.
Splllway, Llvlngston Drain, Be...r Creek, Owens Creek,               MOKO COUNTY-Permit 3733, AplIIJcatlon 5953.
 Duck Creek, Deadman Creek, trIbutary to San Joaquin              Harry A. Culver, June Lake, Cam., June 20, 1931, for
 River. To be diverted In Sees. 20, 21, 22, 27 and 33,            0.025 o.f.s. trom an unnamed spring In Sec. H, T. 2 S.,
 T. 7 S.:J. R. 11 E., M. D. B. and M., Sec. 12, T. 8 S."          R. 26 E., M. D. B., lor domestic purposes. Estimated
R. 11 jj;., M. D. B. and M., and Sees. 19 and 30, T ....          cost $100.
S;, R. 12 E., M. D. B. and M., for Irrigation purposes               PLUMAS COUNTY-Permit 3734, Application 6874.
 (zO,6~8.33 acres).    Estimated cost ~50,000.                    Oscar T. Schumachel', Quincy, Calif., June 20. 1931, 1
    TRINITY CO"LNTY-AIlPlication 6985.                 Majestic   c.f.s. from an unnamed stream in Sec 33, T. 23 N .•
 Mlnes Co.. Weaverville, Calif., for 100 c.f.s. from Rush         R. 10 E., M. D. M.. for milllng- and domestic purposes.
 Creek trIbutary t Trinity River. To be diverted In                  EL DORADO r.OUNTY-Permlt 3736, AppllC:l.t1on
 Sec. n, T. ~4 N., R. 9 W., M. n. R and ~, for minIng              6842. .T. W. Moore anrl W. C.           eumiller, StOCkton,
 and domestic DurDo~es. Estimated cost $50,000.                   calif., ,Tun" 23, 19~1, for 1800 gallons per day from
    DEL NORTE COUNTY-Application 6986. D. R.                      FornI Creek In Sec. 24, T. 11 N., R. 16 E., M. D. M ..
 ),{orrison and W. J. Cooley, c/o Daniel M. Hunsaker,             for domestic purposes. Estimated cost $350.
 Atty., Rowan Bldg., Los Angeles, Calif., for 50 c.f.s.              P ...UMAS COUNTY-Permit 3736, Appllcatlon 6872.
from Elk Creelt tributary to Illinois Hi vcr. To be               Max Paul Boebme, San Francisco, Callf., June 3, 1931,
 diverted in Sec. 12, T. 19 N., R. 4 E., H. B. B. and M.,         for 0.1 c.f.s. from Mill Creek in Sec. 27, T. 2G N., R.
 for mining purposes. Estimated cost $200.                           E., M. D. M., for irrigation and domestic purposes on
    SISKIYOU COUNTY-Application 6987.                    T. A.    six acres. Estimated cost $150.
 Sweeney, A1nswortb Bldg., Portland, Ore., for 2 c.f.s.              SIERRA COUNTY-Permit 3737. Application 6 H.
 30 acre-teet per annum trom Hungary creek and                    Kate Hardy MIning Co., Downieville, Calif., June 25,
 unnamed springs tributary to Klamath Rtver. To be                1931, for 0.205 c.f.s. from an unnamed ravine in Sec.
 diverted in Sec. 36, T. 48 N., R. 8 W., 11'1:. D . .8. and M.,    20, T. 19 N., }t. 10 E., M. V. M., for mining purposes.
for mIning and domestic purposes.                                 Estimated cost ;300.
                                    ('.HAf'OR~·l.1        HIGllW.iYS ,1l,,'D PU8IAO WONKS

r'-'- - - - - - - - -
I Here's Hol Article on a Cold Subjed"l
     The following article on refrigeration may not be read with nidity by this journal's
subscribers in Alaska, bu\ it is particularly timely in S&cramento, where it ill being edi\ed
on one of the Sa.cramento Valley', "unusual" day!, It is an intensely interesting paper on
how to keep cool and how ice and other freezy things are made.

          LTII(Il'(j;1I ..!ri~ro.,iOIl III ",.~ 110'" kuo... it w                OridlT "",I,,",, 1M. Is .t'C'OIillllil;lted bl' Ibe l:'Olllprta-
1\         II roml,amli,~I,. lUUtll'l'll IlrOl'ftOll. It iii a )onowl1
           flirt IIIlIt Ille an("~l8 kn~w
                                                                            Noll of the alllOlODi.. 'M 10 About 16.:i-ponoJ . . "r".
                                                  l':If of iu lI«:.......   ...bidl .... ~ ita I:lperUUI'f'. "00 the tfIloWDI: of Ilti>l ¥u
       Tbo"sa,,,1 of ,.en" the d 1! of the ClIrl.ll-                 Ibl'Ollfb a C'tXllf1' .... hlett «I1Ia18t1 _ti.lll' of It lIf-rin
tlao. erll. the E(:n,lI.1I1 produ~ Irti6dlll I'ffrinra-                     of tu'- IInrrounded bl' ~linr WUel' of about 65° F.
tio:l by mfI.Dl! of fnrorntioll for tb. ~1i11f of wina                      The o:ooh".- of tI.e amlllOoia .... uucler pr_.e by
••id ..... I..r. Th....... doM b,. 1'1.0"« Ibe IlQllidli to                 Ir.e:JDIl of roW wlter utrae!s the helll lIf tompreaio<o
be l:OOIed III poro~ "eiI~b, the ev.poration of moutul'f                    .Dd liqoefi... it It:ll it ill IlaMed h'o:D the cooler Of"
on Ille outaidoo c:odh~ the llq~W i"lIiIk:. Thill prinople                  ('Ondetu;er lu tI.e ... lOoDI. ~h·tI'.
 i~ Itlll emplo,.ed. for in.....t'e, 10 ~ desen                ttr baI:
......utllrueted (if hM1')" ClIllns, n.. fri'eraliOJI                ~                             QtllTr It. PIIOCE,U
oOtain..d by lb• • nftellUi b,. metAII of packed $ ...                           From dli. l'ft@;,'er il III .11<",....1 to entfr the upuo-
bl'OUSI.t (\0"'11 frotll uearby monnaiQ lhrouJ:1I m""D                      ,ioll or eooIiDl eoil. Ilt n IIrt'NUl"f of about 15 poundJl
of rUt rtlntlfrt,.                                                          XIIIICe. th~ coil.. bel"          'Ublllfl"lt<! in. tile brine unk.
                                                                            TIle dl'<'ll.1 I" Ilttil!lOn! fl'Oll'l 165 pom.d. 10 13 J)Ou"d11
                      DATU I,I.ACK TO 1673
                                                                            s·.rllllr \owei'll the '~mperat"re of tlt~ al_molll., rellult·
   Tile .ceeteafDl productloD of rt'fri&"raliou by lhe                      ill( III aoc.ut 0° .'. hll'lide of Ihe '''Imonla C'tlils. From
N'OI're!OIioll ~Pitem d.t... bltk 10 the iD"er.tirn or tbe-                 tl:.. uptlTlliioa or ammouia ('On. uc It'" i.I 1'C1lIrned 10
,,"uoolli. oomp,.. w.Oll m_dliDe 11\ 1813. Sub3equent                       the .lIctioll .id~ of lho: l'UlIlllreuot' IbrougiT plpinr.
10 llollt ti ....., othu ul'erifllfl\U Ilrot/uC'td dift" oenl               ...btn': it is opin ('GIDIIN';llFf-d and tile urne q-cl.
fGrlll1 or Illf'dl.nleftl ",frirero.tion: howe"er, none ..                  ..._<ot
.."Iir..l)' flueee.fui. Me('hani<:l\l refr;,;erHlJon ""011' lit                 l'lll'f .llb,.dl'\lUl liquid 'IDn.oniA ia the rtfrirerant
firet .pplied 10 til" lirot/ll('tioll of l..ufieial iff. It Wnll            most IIni.-..,,,,,,,,I1,. uHd be('nUM it liqnellell lit • COP>
800D fOllud. bo...·e'·er, th.1. ltoe lI'a11 Dot l'Uilible tor lJ:e          I"'nth'ely 10,,' t!lopet".t"re nnd iu lal~ul heal valne !II",io" of (oodll n 10'" IftJlpernlur"" lind the us·                  relllli""lr lIilh, It boil, .t 2ltjO 1'_ belo,,' ",rro Ilt
Iflll of I,IIIdnJ exponlllotl or C'OObllC «111M di~l' in.                   atn"",ph..r;c IIre..."re lI ..l1 .t 11(" level. Co"t",.t tblll
the euld stnrll," bon. WI'I' d.....fIOf/f<l                                 with .... ntno which ooll~ III 212° Ji'. under tILe urne
    Y<.'Challlctll re(dger"lion 1t9.1 now be('ome llll abso-                mnditiOIl1!- TIle brill\! lllUk eon;lta of a aeel l.nk
lute n~il.' in 011' State inMhnliona lind lllllO in                         l':Outainillg II ....Iution of "'Ilkr "ml Cftldmn cll1orioo
hot..llI. cold " Illonl:ll, ete., "here it i. nfCeSljuy                (oommon Ult) of .ulllclellt .lrellgtb lIO unt it ... iII
10 keep ~nll"lie. of llel'lehnble food On hnnd, Wben                        Dot {ref.... 't'ltp brine i. lnalntalned .t • leU1j1oera-
it il COllllidered that tl'lnllrrlltntf 000'" WO F. I'flUltli               '"l'e o{ About 14° T", by n~lIlU1 ot t.Ile ammo"i.. colis
 ill 'he rlll'id "!lOil/lt;e of nJC\lot foodll tl,,'..ugh bllett':rl!t      .ubmerged. Sm~ll Cl:nlrl(llj:1l1 ImTnlll elre.. l"le the
Jlto\\·tb, the IIb~olule need of tefrh:erntion il 0l'pnrenl.                rold brine Ihronlh pilllttK to the ,·ndou. coilll in die
 Poultr,., fn. \Il~tllnce, .llOllki hi! kept ot .. oout 2{)0 F.             Ilora.:\! rOOlll~,
 if heh! for llll)' !eUjl"th or ll",e; meR{ lit 32° Y.: like·
 \IdS! milk. ('gj;k. tit .. ~roulld :W O ~'" An!! "the,' prodnel>l                                  !l1\TJ:lI:'I" rol..o 1I00)!&
>II I'Or'.... I....IJl<!i".ly 10'" temperlll".......  I'rodnet. ill              .0\.1 Ihe PAtton :;tllt~ Hn~llilnl itt Ih~ re!lendy ('(lin-
~torll'\! rOr ]Utllt periods >It'll held Itt ~ome\\'hl\t Ill,rer            l·I~'l'tI l;itch..,ll /Iud h"ke,·y b"ildinll. tbue II n '01,,1
 lenl\lerahlrCII thlln IIllOW",                                             ..I 11 .. (... tJ ~ult] IO'O"".1(t l'QOltllO rnllling Itl silt fl"OlII
                                                                            Ih .. IImJ1lleHt I·OIltn. nJlllroxhnntel, HI ttl!t by (I rtl!t
                          ':'''11 11'1" STATE                               by 10 red hi\:ll, 10 th.. ldrnlt. Hi t .... l by 30 r~et by
      Wilh the (lpnlolllllent of me<:hlll\i('al refrl&rrA';uu.              JO fl'tt hl~h. All of Ih~"f room. hlll'e the ftool'll, wnlh.
;t.l'I ".e ]"l~ boon lXtC'tlllfd to oth~r fi... II'~ "neh as Ihe            IIn,1 ",·m"lt" in~"lalfd with ,h~: ('(Irk board I indfll
COIllinl anti air co',,!itiGning of tact"ri", theatl'ft., ctc..             Ih;~;'. IIPIIIi~1 ito t\ln IN) ..... :I lll~ht'* thlek. with joiots
"0";011' IDedu.nicltl aud ebfmlcal "'...." ' _ 1l11l1 Ille                  st.neret!. J'olheet cork is the lltJIllhiinn mn~t ,enerall,.
IlrtJOh~tlQn of dr,. ltoe or rr~" etlrbGu dio:dcl~ (COo).                   Ifrerl"tred becaute it 11 imlof'.... io'" 10 nlllialn'f lind ilu
.., .... heo-i.l   maul' other willi!'" di«c~nl IIppliellliOlla.            "'I"",\' low tI''',mul con<!uetlvit,., Tht briDe or euollnJ:
      It ill Ih l'Url»lle \>( Iblll nrtlc!e to descrlbe in •                ro!11I are pillCO'<! o"~rb,,",1 In bunk\",.. IIfar th.. ~iling,
~e!llral WA". lbe Iype \'If ~frilt ..rnlinr f<ll.uipment io                 M~11 room ('J:lll'Ilt 11:.. 1't'1'1" .. nnU one. h.. ln, l .. t>
ell! lit vario... Stale Ill1ltitUTion., Por Ihe Iltqfr Stahl                bunkt'l'll. 110 UIS '0 rNl\lde proper nir ('ir('lltnllon "nd
]n"tlhnlon" ",he~ • numbfr of C'tllil 1I1orll.e rooDlS                      ,,00 of d..rru/lti", \Ill. OInil, tbf otb.. rt'Illaininl
Un>lt be ron] ...l, Ihe a ...mollia I'Olllpl'tiiaioll IITlitem witb         ill o[lf:'",lilla. 'Illue .. re t ......Ulll:IUtllll ~1"II..-n
briDe ('i"",latio" to tAe cold Itoralf ""'01 coil~, II                      illlllallfd, one of If II IIln. ("llp.,dt,. dr;"fll b,\' • 2£).h II.
118ell. TOe prodn('\l(Hl of atId br mfnn. of Dled1l1ni..,,1                 ..1f'Ctric m(l(or .lId tht" OIlll'r of Ilfl....n 100S C111..dll'
,,,,f.ig.. ra,ioll i.. II eomt)llrui.. ell' "imvle pr"tlttll&               clriwr. by .. 30 I'-I~ ele<'"lric motor. Thf OIlcfll.tion of
                              :OALIPORNIA HIGHWAYS AND PUBLIO WORKS                                                        31

       NOT SO HOT-because it's a chilling room, a 'new one at Patton State Hospital. It had been
hoped to cool a hot article by printing a picture showing long, white icicles hanging from pipes, but the
world moves on and it is found that the above is th e very latest, In other words, there are no more'
naked chilling pipes in modern architecture, The arrOW shows the cooling chambers, enclosed
i,n casings, More sanitary,

1Jlese compressors is entirely automatic; that is, when                           THREI: TON'S l'ER DAY
a certain amount of refrigeration has been snpplied
they lIutomatically shllt down lind likewise start again
                                                                    'Yater ice, or ice marle iL'om frozen water, is manu-
                                                                ~actured at all of the State hospitals, also at Folsom
                                                                                                                                I ~
when additional refi'j1\"eration is required. The cor-          and San Quentin Srate prisons, the Veteraus' Home,
red temperatures in the cold storagll rooms are                 1'1' ston School of Industr~ and the California School
autolDu[ically maintllincu lIy meaus of a Iheru,,;>staL ill     for thc Deaf.
each storage room (:onnected to a brine valve located               Some of the institutions are eqnipped to manufac-
in the cODJ1ection to the coils which controls the sup-         ture whut is known us comme..cial1~- clear ice, Ol'lli-
ply of cold brine.                                              l1a t'ily in freezing ice, the entrapped air results ill
    Electric refrigeration, liS it is called, is used           c1o~ldy or opaque ice.        Clear ice is lUade by the usc
extensivel~' in     State institutions, uS\lally in the         of eCl'tain equipmcnt which, briefl~', consists of a
smaller kitchen buildings, doctors' residences, ward            small l'Otury air ('ompl'ti~ssor. 0: vacuum pump aud a
buildings, etc. ~'hey vary in size from the small               system of small piping conveying' the compressed ail'
household box to larger installations involving several         to the water which is being frozen in eacll can. The
compressors of toe l'eln,ote installati(>ll type. The~          sUlall air bubbles fOl'ming on the surface of tlle ice
machines virtnlllly all use sulphur dioxide- (SO') as           atLach tllcmscl ves to the larger bubble' introduced by
the ('efrigel'nllt, because it may be used at very low          the blower and piping and are libemted from the top
prellSures, c0I111id~l'Ubly below a'lllllonia, tbus eliminat-   of tll<\ f,'erzillg cul;e, thus fonning clear 01' trunsparent
ing the possibility of leakage and otheJ' trouble!;,            ice,
    With one or two e..'<c ptions, all operate On the
I'Omllression system, the- p,rinciple of operatiou being                       ARE YOU FIFTY·FIFTH?
identical to the large ammonia machines with the                    Thel'e is olle automobile for ever~' 55 pel'sons in the
exception that small units, such as the regular bOllse-         world. The United States has mOl'C than 11 times the
hold box, use air circulated through the condenser by           average, it is indicated, as there is one vehicle for
a fan to liquefy the compresse,l gas, Electric refrig-          PlIeh 4.n inhahit.llllts. ()ut.~ide of the Unit.p.d States
eration ,has been developed l'upidly in the last few            the ratio is one autornobile for each 216 persons.
yeal'll and has beeu installed in several sizeable instal-          California has nearly 100 times this average with
lations w!Jere ,fol'luerly ammonia machines would be            all automohile for eve~y 3.5 persons, or more than one
refluired.                                                      to each family in the State.
    :J2                       CAoUFOflA'lA HIGJlWAYS AND PUBLJO WORKS

    How Land Is Secured foT' New Roads;
       Diplomatic Envoys in State Employ
                         Oy c. C. CARl-IlTON. Cbwt. Dtvltlon of•• nd   Kllrhta of WAY

             HIS is the l\felltieth year of systematie     owners" tllir!)- llnd squarely," but it requires

    T        Sute highway building in California.
             While considerablc right of way activ-
    ity has from the out1let been prer-equisite to
                                                           Ule "tMet and eontaet" of forty trnined and
                                                           cxperieneed mcn to handle the situation,
                                                           ne\'en heless.
    the highw8)' work, Jet it hILS only been for a
                                                                           El."M't.T.Il 8EPORE TRIAL
    few yearS that it hI become recognized as of
    major imllortance on a parity with the engi.              Condemnation prOCffdings are in'\"okoo
    neering itself.                                        only alter !riendl)' ovc.rtures hue been un·
       The cost. of right. of W&y now represenhl           nailing, and e'-ell if sueh proceedillKS are
    about. 11 per cent of the total S1ate highwa.y         instituted, a large percentage of them nre
    construction disbursements.                            settled before trial.
       III earlier )'eBrS old county roads with thEir         The constitution of California was amended
    cxisting widt1ul ""-ere adopted Ill! Iinb in the       in 1918 enabling the State to deposit DlOney
    State higbway B)-stem and an)' necessary D6W           security into court when the condemnation
    rights of way were obtained through the                proeeedings are comlllenced Imd to take imme-
    county boards of supervisors or eivie organi-          dillte possession of the desired right or Wll.y
    zations interested in promoting projects of            without awaiting results of a trial.
    particular intf'N'St to themselves.                       Bnt dl!f;pite this summary procedure the
                                                           ri~ht of way agents are admonished to speed
                     PORn' EMf'LOl'KES                     IIp their negotiations to the end that land-
        Bllt wilh OIl' ,u1\'ent of the gas t.u: and        owoers shall ha"e had ample opportunity to
    conllequellt greuter State highway aeeomplish-         settle before being haled inl0 court and as
    ments and bolder t.reatment of highway loca-           little periJOnal cmbArrassment as p<m.iible occa·
    tion and eonstruetion, it became imperative            sioned,
    that the Slate ilself establish itA own right of          The Division of Contracts: and Rights of
    way organization.                                      Way is one of the bureaus ot the State Depart-
        Thc staff' conaists at prC9Cl1t of about tort)·    nlcnt of Public Works.
    f'lnplo)'I'('R, six of whom ha\"c hlld legal educa-                      DOW l'Uf;Y WORK
     tion, the rellltlindel' possessing either a special
    training ill right of way, real estate, or                This clh'ision is in charge of a cbicf, who
    appraising practice, or such other business            must he an attorney at law, lind who coor-
    bllekground as will l'l'ailily 1lflapt them for        dinatcs all right of way aetivilil'!I of the
    successful ser\'ic~ itl this llelli.                   department.
                                                              'l'ile right. of WIlY staff consists of two
                     :m:N1MUll Wlll1'11                    classes; one de"ol illg' ilsel r to work largely of
       Thc minimum st8.tutory width of right of            n legal 1If111l1'e I1mJ the other' to ,'isiting th06e
    way [or Stnlo highway in California is eigllty         having SOIllC jJlICI'Cl!t in the land SOllght to be
    feet.                                                  obtained nncl getting their signutures "on th('
       However, the Stalc llil;hwlt)' Commission           dotted line."
    has now prescribed II minimum width of one                'rhe court work is mOt'C direclly ill churge
    hundred feet for Ihe trullk lines.                     of the attorne)" who is usually spokell of as
       n becomes obvious t. h a. t, as the mini-           the Attorney ror the CaliCorll18. Ihghway
    mum statutory width of coll'nty roads was              Commission and \\ho is aided by three assist-
    only forty feet. the present da.y widening             !lnts with legal trAining called" Condemnation
    and altering of these old roads to modern              Investigators.' ,
    State highway standards :iJ crellting right. of           The attorney hnndles all condemnation pro-
    way problema of major proportions, as a.               ceedings and pl1l1SeS upon the sufficieLicy of all
    large of the State highway hLl now            land titles.
    become closely built. up or bordered by                   The rondemnation investigators assist the
    expensive improvements.                                attorney by actin~ I\S his field representatives
          "he policy of the State is to deal with aU       in settling cases before trial, or in the event

                          CIIU~'ORNU      I1IOITWAYB AND PUBLIO WORKS

Right of Way Agents                                     THANKS ARE EXTENDED
  Must be Versatile to                                                     TO PROPERTY OvrNERS
                                                       I A N EXPRESSION of comm.nd.tion i. due
      Operate Successfully                             I t~ the hund...d. of pt"op.ny own.... th...,,,gh,
                                                        ou~ C"lihrnie who .... beilitetinll Slet. high-
that. eases can not be settled, in visiting the         w"y eon.trlletion by thei.. don"tion, of nee..•
localities where the eases are to be tried and          :ery "';ghte of wey.
preparing for the impending trials b}' inter-               Some f.."nkly .cknowledge the ...."Itent
viewing witnesses ami attending to all other            b, of the hi"hw.y b.Uerm.nh to thei ..
                                                        pfVIMrty. olh......t eam. p.rean,,1 ,aerifi~.. lI.n·
necessary preliminary trial work. They must             .rou,ly eontribut. the u,. of theIr prop.rty for
also be qualified to act as attomf"}"fI in eases        .he .d.... n'''....nt of th. community w.I'.....
should the attorney be unable pt:l'liOulllly to             Th. don.tion' h..... bun of two typee, thoe.
handle them due to streS$ of other dutiC&..             gr.nting requir.d e.,emcnt, witho",t ,ny eom'
                                                        p.nution, end thoee contributing
                YLYlKO SQUAORON               , land 0" th. ,01. condition thet the
                                                        Sut• •h.1I b".r the eod of mo ;nll , ..ietin"
   Practicall,:.· the entire time of this legal fly·    building' Or p.y for .ny fruit tr      effect.d by
iog squlldron is engaged in the trial of the            Ih. ·Improvem,nt.
many eondemnation eases in progress in the
f1ft.j',p-igbt llounties of the State.
   Attached to tile office of the Chief of the         purpose and their desire to deal tairly wilh
Diyision of Contracts nnd Rights of Way are            them.
two aides of legal training who are desig-               The "right of way man" has now become
nated as the general right of WilY agent and           recognized in Ihia State lIS being as essential
tlle uWrtant general right of way agent,               to an effective State highway organil.ation as
resr>eetively.                                         the engineer. In fact, a good "right of way
   1'hey fire the lillillOn agents of the Chief of     man" in the complexities of modern hignwHy
the Right of Way Divisioll in his eontacUl             eonstruction mll5t. be quite a paragon.
witb the distriet right or way agents. They                             ALlrROtnro A.BIUTY
are subjeet to orders to go to any part of the
                                                         He most be informed concerning the lAw of
State to deal with the legal or even the solici-
                                                       land titles, havll at least a rudimentary knowl-
tation phases of the dist.rict right of way
                                                       edge of engineering and the ability to read
                                                       maps IIDd bloe prints, able properly to
                DlSTUlCT OPFlCES                       appraise property nl1ues, a keen anal}·st of
   The Slate highwa)' work in this State is            human nature and the possessor of an agree-
handled regionally b,:.' ten district offices.         able periOnality and an UIlSW"erving integrity.
   The local right of way aeth'ities such as               In, may the writer be pardonoo. for
actual field negotiatioD.!! for ueeessary rights       the !acetious obgervation that, despite the
of WIl)' are ordinarily eonducted by diatriet          trilllB and tribulatioDs of the "right of way
right of way agents attached to the distriet           men," theirs must Telllly be II. vcry absorbing
officf'll. The district right of way agent is in       vocation, evideuced by the Cact that in Cali-
turn Elided by several assistant l'igllt of 'loy       fornia tiley rArely if e"er voluntarily resign
agents.                                                to enter other lines of endea'\'or.
   These district right of way agents fOl'm
the reaJ. backbone of the right of wa.y organi,                       IT'S A FUNNY HABIT
zat.ion, &II upon them largely reata the IUCceSS           8<IlDe motorlJl. lire IlO .U:liODS to cruh IlIto " rail.
and the popularity of the State's endea.vors           ...e7 tt.l" that the7 bun;t tbroufb the Iluud Pow. to
to la.y its ribbons of roa.dwa.y over private          lIec'OfnllU.b chil end, It UI ~.C11led Lli reporUI 01. the
property with &Ii little private detriment &8          Amule.n     n"u","S     AlIIOci.tiOD. AoorO:limate1Y one-
                                                       fourth of lbe cradc ~i.Bt; lloodenl<l III th. tounlrs
possible.                                              lut 7Ur weN due to motoriflt.s ruonlol lilto Irallll.
               DlPI.o)ILAnO AGENTS                     TheN .ere 1130 pu.nge.. auwmobilM lilt ttllinA I",t
                                                       1eu, Iri1linc Zl" pereons.
    They are the advance llgeol.8 who, without
regard to their own pef80nal comfort or con,              Eqioeen end lliallwaJ' luperinleooenu fmlll ren_
venience. must eonstB.ntl)- be at the wheels of        .A~rM.:en co",nttia: .... bUnl;" t .. lned i. AfMnnn
their ears yiBiting landowners, however far                                             etboJarebip plall 1I\Ip.
                                                       road bulldiu~ roetbocl. tbroua:h a
oR' the beaten path they may find them, smil-          ported by the Amenun Road Bu.ilde:..• Aaodatio...
                                                       Two rued bolide.. fmlll cecb 01. fifteen PAn·Amnia.
ingly attempting to convince lIUeb landowners          rotInt.riell ril be appointed iD 1931 for .a mont'"
(lSl.lIl1e very redoubtable) of their siueerity of     audJ' of Amuie-n biaIaW., methocb ll.lId equlpmenl.
                                     ('.HIPOU"'·I.t HJOTln'AYS .L1I'O I'UHLIG II'OUKB

  l'-H-'i-~l-1,~ay Bids an~Awards for                                                                                    Junej
      ALAl'4£OA COU~TY-r.rf'cllon lind compte';"" of                        B. llcOo...lI.n.    n:.,,':        Sn,l'" Drothet1l Co.. Kur.u.
  • ""l"t~ ... "~... IU.llon llull,Jlnp nUt LlyenDONi. DI~I.                UI.'l1. W. J. I~tt). C>latl"Orill •• 1n.'lt1 ,. ~. J .
  1\", N. IL S.l<>lKrl 4. &oil llan ~·nln"bco.; H.                    O'.xdl 110.f>fl; J W HooIM......CT1I.... nlo. ~1 .• la:
  HWI'IIOII k Son, Porten-nil', n,nD; Arthur                       Peter )I~H""n San f'N.nehe<l. n;,ltl.                        COlllra"t
  HayWlrd, U,t$l; C. A. Uruce It. So.... Ple. . .nton.                      a_r,le<\ tu A. T Ho... ~. Santa J":oe:>, UI.1:'-
  $l.Ut; Wm. SPlnodt. &Il .'ran<:lKG, U.IIU; Ol~r                                )IE:-'DOCINO l.'OU:O<TY_B4ltWHn 1'1f.rt7 and tit..
  S. Alm.le, gall i"ranelaoo. $I.~8!; Ttu! ~llnl.On Co..,                   nortb"r~ l>uunoJ&rJ.            About:!.1 mile. to ~ surfaeft!
  Palo Alto, U,I9J            Contract ....... nlN,\ (0 Theodor             ...IU, 1I_~tr ....t(;d cn.lIe<t WT.,·et Or atone. ObI. I. Rt.
  JohanlQi, S.n U.IU.                                             I. s..c. K Smlln Broa. Co.. Euraka. II'.UI: TietJau
      AXAOOn OOUl'TY Beu._ Drytown and Amad".                                Broot., ~rke, ..}·. IS.IU. Cortr.CI ....rdEd lu Jea. w.
  CIty, 2.7 mU. . H' bltun,ino... ~url.<:oIl tnaUn.. "t to be                Bl:rt;'anl" HOOI.nd. n,I:1.
  "l>$>lled. DIn... X. Rt. 16, sec.         n.
                                             A Tlokllert Ii'. Son.               llEII:OOCLN:O COUNTY-Bat-....en Pry ~. brldll"
  J ...... Sloenllne"u. n.n!. Cont,'''CI ...... rded to f:. F.              and Chrl~t1...,. Abo"l 2.1 mil... 10 b4 .,..a.cled and BUt·
  Hllllalli. s..en"",ntO, ':'.50'.                                          rac<e4 ... lth ...-'"'" .rll'·'" and a ~bnbo!r b.k1/Ce 10 be
      CAlJ.VEJ(A!$ (''OUXTY_Bet~ M~rpII)"II IUd DIS                         ~"C1.<>d.             DlIIt. n°. Rt. II. ~ A. B. K"cned,.
  i"N<I!.. Abollt IS.' mil" to b6 blt""'1,...
  t .... ted.   DISI.. X. Rt. :4. Ste &. H ... fey~),[oo
                                                              t• .,.
                                                                            eo.....rucUon Co.. 0\01<111."<1.      Ii;.'''.    H. 1l. Boomer,
                                                                            San Fl:anea.eo. 1'1.011; Fr.nk C. Cutl"e. San Rafav,
  tt.   RM~
                 12',.'":   Puel ..... ~. TnCY. IZO,451; .1.
                   _cnr:oenlo.       U1,IU; G_              F~neh,   Jr.•
                                                                            1';.17,; Coootoul... Co... lnteUlln Co.. san rran.,.ICO.
                                                                             UI.'n: Chltt"-nden .I: H" ..... xal*l In~!lI; Granfteld.
  Stockton       no.;u: A Teb'bert .. Son.                  Ine.. S>.cra-    Fa ........... Card .., San y..,.net_. 71.1V9,' Huly T1b-
  1T... :lUl.   ku::u. r."nlnoe.; a .... ~ to               William    J.    Mtla COnalluetlon C,"", 8&n FT.. nclKu. '5.11$. Con-
  SchnolclL &.1<..1        ..,., 117,'15.                                    'ract ._rJlo,<l 10 hlu .)1~1lt;Kh. San FreJ\elaeo.
      COLUIlA COtJNTY-8I!twwn WllIla.nll and MaJI_                           In.UI.
  ...ell. Abollt ••• mn... to 1M CTaded and pau4 wilh                            llEXOOCL,"O lCOUr-:TY"_Ertetlon ....01 romllleU....
   l"lrtland conen~.. ~.""nt. DIU. III, Itt. '. sec,. n"                     of lI>:llntlCfUlT.c.. ~".'Ion "'I~l .... "ear 8 _...111.. Dltt.
  c o.~kh B ....... eunatn.etlon Co.. Torr.nce. n".~n;                       IV. Ol,,,,,,r i'!. Almll~, $:tn Fno.ecleeo...... i; n. Hod,(-
   No ),L 8t'l1, Porte,...,lLl•• U411.H1: l'redrk.k.aon &. W"t-             ann &. StIr... Pon...... U•• ".750; E. O. H.rL San PTa..•
  ""n Co".lrll<'llon Co. .nd I"ret!rlcl<_ 0 .... OAkl.nd                     cloocn. 17.t.0: J. W. Col>b}' &. Son. Ban Fr.nclaeo.
   U~,.US. lIa,.... tlall co.• sa" Franclaco. nh.g) ~: C:                    U.uS; Ch~& lj... nfelt. Ukiah, 11.OM: WIQ.. Sphuc>t.
  ·w. Wuod, Stockton, UU,iU_ COntrat"t ._rd~ to                              &on Frane....... I',2ot. CotItt"ct. a_rded 10 n.llOdor
   {;"nlo" Pn"I~ Company, S'1l )"l'l",.claco, 5!J&,h1                        JobJi.Dna. San I;,iU.
      COLllfl .... COUNTy_n.t..·t'4>n 4          ..,:1.,.  ","U, of 'VII.        MERCED COUNTY-lielwllen Ihe fOOl of Pacbeeo
   lla_ a"tI 'VI11I....... ."bO"t t.1 mil... III ~ ~de<I                     Plo.... anll. ~h., _erly bOunda.,.. Abol.ll 11.' mil                  10
  &n(l t>II..-.d with Pcrlland c.ment co:>crete. Dbt III                     be trealed with "            !' fUel 011 10 a wIdth or I' on         "to
   RI 1. see. n. c. w. WOO(!. StockiOIl, 1I1t,ln; ·Matt                      ll1ll.e or Ihe alAll         pa"~'''enL. DUlt.. VI. Rt U. ~
  J. eO',.. .,o!A. 6t""klon. 'UI.ttl; lI.. n~han Company                     A, ~ .I: Co A. n,kbert " .\'on, Jne. Illor.ramom.... IH.-
   San Fr;\t\d-. liu.$n; N.:W !)all, Por«nill.. un:                          ~14: 0"'011.. Conairuetlon Cn.• l..tll          W.t ..... .-IIIo·. 1!1.-
  'FJoan<:J.tooo. 'U
   UI. ConI""M ....·.. rded to CnlOn P"'lnl" U>D1])&ny. sin
      EL DORADO COUII:T'(-UetwllI'.n ClarkJl Corner
                                                                              II'. Conlract awarded 10 S,e.... t .. Nu_ If\e.. ~o,
                                                                             U~ 156.
                                                                                 MO:S-Q COlTh.""I'V-Uelw",,, 1,o;,o,"lnlo. and t mllu
  and PIa~r1'lll". Pladno: crWlhed I;ra"..1 Or aton.. and                   .....t or BrldgeJlOrt-           About n.1 mile.- to be ~ .. tw
   treallnl wlIn cut back utlhalt hy .... ad ml:o: melhO(!                   will< hea"y f .... l 011 and C\fI-!Nu"1t asphalt ItS a dUal
   D:al. I J. Ut. II. S«. C. T~II'AnY-McReynold~-T1fl'.n'':                  paillatl"...      nisI. IX, Rt. 21. see.. II a r. Conlr.u:t
   San JOlla. Ut..;U              Coni""""" aw>lrdOld to Foret' Co':':       "',d to Bltftll HocIt Co., 1110., Nail&., Ut.lit.
   ostruetton Co•• rladmont. 11I,';.                                             ·MO~O COUNTY-Fllml,.J,lnc hea,·l' ru~1 011 a. dUlt
      "'RESNO AND "anN COU~"'TIE8--F~no County                               In)'6r bcl"'eetl DtladlDlln CrHk and f.()tl"lolnc. And
   bt',..ot(!n wut ooun4....,. to t mltu e'-l or t'llrkn.. ld                belween .IunCllon nr Houl~ U And 40 a .. d , mil""
   Jun<"Uon. 15.t mllelf. K",·,. County lHl"'~n \ll'elIl bounll-
   ar}· Gnd 2 ""nee       w".,       (lr Marlropa '0 be o,led ...,. ..
  .1"", Plllll.. U ... e. Dbll. VI, Rt•. lU lind 57. &lc.. A an"
                                                                             w~st. 21.1 mil....
                                                                             Ollmore on Co. Loa .anltll..a,        n,"'.
                                                                                                       I")l~. IX, n~.. n to. Sec&. .. .Ii 0, B.
                                                                                                                             Conlrlctltw.. n1ect
                                                                             10 Pacln" 1\.nk I.h,... Ine., Loa A.nCeles, SO,IU.
   A. lJ &. C. Slewart .. Nu... ~"'NfIno. n.3S!; r.llll_                         MONO COU:o.'"TY_Bet·. .,een Sonor.. Jttr:cllon alld 4
   fonlla C,.,."" service. 1-0. Anile ..... J~ HI: Wm J                      n:lles lIOu,h of Col,wllle. ..... bout 12.9 ",n", 10 be am'.
  'Sd""lllt. B~rlt"I(lY. '4.HS: IInrtm!L1l ('(lnlftr"~t;"tl Co..             faced ... lth cruHher run an,1 bltu"llnous treMt'ld
  n.k....n~ld, U.577; K .. rn COllstructl"" Co. Bak.... n.ld.                eru~nE<i !l"r.. "el or .tone.         DIl.t. IX, RI. U. Sac. K,
   1~.t11.     Contrnct   .,,'.row        tn l'n<:lnc T .. nk Unu, LOB       Clark & H..,lIel"}' L:oMtructlon Cv. Su Fr~ ...e1aeo
   ,\n".. 16lt, 13.206.
     IIUMnOLlYr COllNT1'_O<!twe"n WIl Lagoon ami
  "'relnwatar Lnll"oon. About 8.4 ,nll"s to bfo llUrfa"e<j
                                                                                                                    \''',,&8; "".d
                                                                              '111.'4\1; Helllureet" Dell, Mar" ....ill•• *13'.5t.; 0..,'
                                                                              1T~1"1f lit Co.• San MernArdlno.
                                                                             &. Con~trucllon co.. ~'re~no. , If. 71:
                                                                                                                                v ..n.". 1'."ln;-
                                                                                                                                         W. Nlf:h-
  wllh bltu,nlnoua I'MI"d IJra ....1 DI.t. I, Rt. I. see. J.                 bert, OPkerslleW ~11~.31t; Orana., C"<>natru~lIon Co"
  lIeroer PruG.,r ('0.. gurek~, UI,ISt: lIcarlly-Moore                                               I
                                                                             Ltd., WOUlonv1!Ol, '148.171. Cnntl'a~t ......... rded It>
  ('0. O.. I:lnnd, ,73,aO; w. u. llnOHr. Qakl:Lnlt, $6i,nO.                  &:uthwc~t PavlnK Co.,. Lt," .\nfllll.., $SI,.U.
  <Conl"'''1 a ...... rd .. ,1 ~o &0 r~ll. MarYII"lIle,                 MO:>.lO COUNT\" OU""e~,, y"rb, flnll Ca811 Diablo
   I~4.GOS.                                                                   Hol Sf,orln.... About 1t.3 mlln lu be ,r'lIed and aur.
       IMPEniAI. COtJNT\'_flO'tw..n RUI HI.".. I.IM                          flteed .... llh bltumlno". traAL~,1 eruaned na"el or IIto"e.
  ('.n .. 1 .. nd Sand UII1... About tl mlle. whlenlnJ; O.I"n-               Dlnl. IX. Rt. f~. See... CAD, (Jlorare Hen .Ii Co.. San
  ilion IlllVe"lent wUh "'Ilhalt e.,.,"....t.. Dl"t. VITI. RI.                l;Iernltrdino. UII,1l0 1 . Hellly T'bbitla ConalrucUOD Co.,
  U. Sec A, >;1"1. Flnl.y. San,,, A"", Ul0,S77; n. E.                         Ban Fr.."dllC<), U~O,g!7; O. w. f.:rll~. Looo
   lIu,.. Nl Cousullctlon Co.• SAn Dlol:"o. Ull.llS; 8011.110_                n~f,590; 80ulnwUI p .. vlnll Co. LoA AJ1ll:alea. 'UI.-
  "·eat P.,·..... Co.. Loll. An/fel", U U,01!. Y. R. 0."",1"                  Q4 : C. A. U.yl.... IJI!rIll\, U59.tU; '·on <1Ilr Hllll'ln"
  (;'on.tructlon 00.. F..n Dl'lll"O. 'IH,UI. Contract                         Plenum. Coatale. $348.'·48: Clark" He ..... ry Con.truc-
  .."' Ild to Grlmth Co.• fAa Anlel"", $95.nO.                                lIOn Co.. san"'laeo. JH4.~5I; ~'rAd W Nlghberl,
       » RIPOSA COU:>l'rY-Delw.... n Loru." on Drte.-·                        BItJter'ltlelol.; HellUllrtill .. (lpn, Maryll,·lIIe.
  bUrl Il"rade and EI PortaL               U.S mil.... 10 b .. ro... n:d      un.uI: Olbt.on, A Rea,1 I"'nmpany. Durbank. $lU.-
  '6ltl\ • blt"mlMut lI\I.r."", IrHumenl of Uph..Hlc I"I)Old                  sa. Contract a ...a ••le<1 10 )laeeo Conslru"tlon Co..
  011 .nd sereenlnll"1I. DIM. VI. lh. U Ike. E, 10' .Ii G.                   ("leArwatr.r. ,US,Ol1.
  Wm. J. St::hmldt. Il.flrk..l~y, U1,!!5. Contr""" award"<!                       MOII:Tu::nJ:)Y COUNTY-Blt....""n P r Ie. t V.lley
  lu A. Telr.h..rt .I: Son. In<:.. &ocr.,r:."lo. U4.U ..                      Scl>ocM and the .,asl"rl,. boun.h..)'. About 1.1 mllu to
       ;\fEXDOCINO COUNTT_Urld.e aCr'" .RIISlIlan                             be ""rfae.,..1 with 011 lreated 1(t"....,I. DI~L VI Ill. 10.
   Rt....r 2 '" I... jll()UIII of {;"k.ah Two 125' timber tn:.a               See. C. TI...LlI.u Broa.. BUkele,., n,14I, HnRIII Prod-
  ..~n. a,,'" 1 II' limber Ireatle _na. 110' road_,.                          llCO< Co.. san Lulll Obllrl)o, lll,'lXI. ContraM a .....rded
  "Puo.....",n to be lfradM .nd ... rueed with bltum.noul                     to GrftnH.. CorutnM,:tlon Co.. Ltd.• Watson ..lll.. ",US.
   tr,,",tet'l cnr.tItoed II."rll"el or "'0"," ""rf.elng. 01". TV.                :>.lEVAOA corNTy-n~I"'MD Trurkae a ..d HlniOn.
  RL 11. 5"'C. A. C. f)lulk-y OeVelbl... SaJt Fnonetero.                      Abo"'t '.1 Ollie. to be ~lIrlaee(l ...." .. """her rlln bo.M
  nl,IU; lV. W. KlTehom, Stln FrRnellleo. In.570: :'1.                        and bitamlnn"a Ir....led .."",,111(1 1""',·.1 O<t ato"o (lIl&nt
                               OALIFORNIA.' HlGHW AYS AND PUBLW WORKS                                                                       35

                                           _,._u_ _._••.
                                      •. -••                  _ 1 1 _ U _ I I _ I I _ 1 1 t - 1 ' _ . I _ . I _. .
         Details of Work Done tn Counties
    ._'1_1_1                  .--'_.1_11_11_11_"_4"       41_11_111                1_1              il_,~I_IIl_IIl_._
mix). D:sl. ro. Rt.. ~8. Secs. A & B. Clark & Henery            h:avy fuel oil on eaeil side of eJ<istlng j>ayement, Dist.
Construction Co., S'Ln Francisco. $l7~.499; Hemstreet           V, Rt. 2. Sec. B, Rosellp Products Co., San Luis Obispo
& Bell, Mary~viJJe. $146.622: A. 'relchel"t & Son. Sacra-       $~,488: W. A. Dontanville. Salinas, $10,096; GranHe
n,ento, $139,147; Valley Paving & Construction Co.•             C~l "truction Co" Wrctsonvllle, nO,G24; Cornwall Con-
Fresno, $lfl9,529; Fl'ed W. Nighberl, Dakilrsfteld, $] 22,-     sl!- etlan Co., 'sAnl", BA.rbllra. $10,907 ''cCaliforllia Crane
2a5; Granite Constructio" Co., Ltd.. Watsonville,               Service Los Ang'eles, $11,151; H E            ox & Ron Pasa-
$147,395. Contract mvanled to Tie.Jau Bros., Berkeley,          dena., $12,3G7. Contract awarded 'to Cook &' Clark.
~1U~,1G4.                                                       Santa Barbara, $8,637.
   PLACER AND NEVADA COUNTIES-Bel ween                             SAN MATEO COUNTY-Undergrade crossing S. P.
AlrpDlt and Soda Springs. About 20 miles to ue                  R. R. near Henderson Station. 2 concrete abutments
bituminous treated. Dist. 111, ll.t. 37, Secs. E, F, A &        ~ith wing walls, installing drainage system and PUIllP-
B. George French, Jr., Stockton, FO,~38; Hemstreet &            Illg eqUIpment, grade and pave with POl'tland concrete
Bell, ¥arysv1lle, $65.006; A. Teichert & Son, Sacra-            cell~en.t 0.4 miles roadway, A. J. RaiBch, San Jose,
mento, $85.813; Force Construction Co. Piedmont,                $1l'2,031; FreclrlCI{son & Watson Construction Company
~69,930 : F,'<"d W. Nlghbf'rt, Bakersfield, $79,274 ; Gran-     and. Fretlrlcl{son . Bros.. Oakland, $101,273' Heal)'.
ite onstruclion Co .. Ltd .. \Vatsonville, $79,329. Con·        T,bb,tts ConstructIOn Co., San Francisco. $98.728; M.
tract aWal'ded to C. w, Wood, Stockton, $66,380.                D. McGowan, San Francisco. 8106,234; Clyde W. Wood,
   SAN BENITO, MONTERI:lY, SAN LUIS OBISPO                      S.loc1<:ton, $103,686; Hanrahan Company, San Fran-
AND SANTA BP..RBARA COUNTIES·-Painting traffic                  CISCO. $107.439. Cont"act awal'ded to Barrett & HiJp
~trlpes tor designating trame laues. About 2G4.26 miles.        San Francisco, $95,188.                                        '
Dist. V, Rts. 2-22, EssiCk & Co., Los Angeles, ~1,97G.              SHASTA COUNTY-Bet,,'een Rec\cling and Fall
Independent Construction Co" Oll.kland, $2,224. Co'n-           River. Abotti 60.1 miles to be treated 'WIth heavy
tract a.warded to Mcl>Jveriast, Inc., Los Angeles, p,525.       fuel oil lU'll crush"" run bas~ a&\lha]t as a dust palla-
    SAN BENITO AND SANTA CLAi{A COUNTIES-                       tlve, Dist. II, RI. 28, Sec". A, B, C & D. Gl'anile Con-
Betwcen 3.2 mUes north of Halllster and Pacheco Pass            struction Co,. Ltc!., Wa.lsonville. $14,860; Basalt Ruck
road. About 4.7 miles to be graaed and surfaced with            Co., Inc., Napa, $14,373; Jack Sasson, Hayward, P~,­
bitmninous treated crushcd gravel or atone surfacing.           2ti7; C. vv. Wood, Stockton, $15,027. Contract awarded
Dist. V, Rt. 22, Secs B & A, Force Constl'uction Co.,           to D. McDonald, Sacramento, $13,154.
Piedmont, $82,610; Valley Paving and Construction                   SISKIYOU COUN'I'Y-RM.wefln 1.5 miles north of
Cu., Fresno, $56,722; A. J. Raisch, Sa.n FrancIsco, $63,-       Yreka ancl the Klamath RlvP.I'. Ahout 7 miles bitumin-
791. Contract awanlell to Granite Construction Co.,             ous surface treatment to be applied to the existing
Ltd., WatsonvUle, $51,404.                                      roa{lbed.    Dist. II, Rt. 3, Sec. C, Dnnn & Baker
                                                                Klamath Fails, Oregon, $27,245. Contract awarded t';
    SAN BERNARnTNO CaUl' Y-Through Upland.                      Heafey-Moore Co., Oakland, $25,702.
About 2.2 mUes to be graded and paved with asphalt
concrete. Dlst. VIlI, Rt. 9, Se". D, Hall-Johnson Co.,              SUTTER AND BUTTE COUNTIES-Between Yuba
Alhambra, $128,064; Ed. Johnson &. Son~, Lns Angeles,            City and Biggs roa<'\. About 19.2 miles to be bitumin-
$116,067; Steele Finley, Santa Ana. $104,351; South-             Ous lreatetl, rock borders. Dist. III, Rt. 3, Sec. A.
weat Paving Co., Los Angeles, $104,180; Geo. I-I.               Clark & Henery Construction Co., San Francisco, $79,-
Oswald, Los Angeles, 8112,617, Contract awarded to               438; Southern California. Roads 00., Inc., Los Angele~.
Grltllth Company, Los Angeles, $99,112.                          $79,703; A. Teichert & Son, Inc" ;;acramento, $86,278,;
                                                                Granite Construction Co., Ltd.. 'W'atsonville, $H,783;
    SAN JOAQUIN COUNTY-Between Turner Station                   J. E. Johnstoll, Stockton, $81,253; Fred W. Nlghbert,
and Stockton. About 7.1 miles to be graded, 4,9 miles           Bakersfield, $71,353; Hemstreet & Bell, Marysville,
to be paved wIth Portland cemenl concrete. DiaL X,               $86,892.    Cono'act awarded to Jones & King, Hay-
Ht. 4, Sec. E, Clark & Henel')' Construction Co San             ward, $68,487.
F'ranc!sco, $223,739; Frederickson & Watson Con'st:ruc-
tion Co. and I<'rederlckson Bros., Oakland. $211,954;               TRINITY AND SHASTA COUNTIES-Between
Jahn & Bressi Construction Co., Inc.. Los Angeles,              ,\"eavervltle and Tower House. About 32 miles to be
$211,392; H.anra!,"-n Company. San Fra.nclsco, $203,-            bituminous treat"ll. Dist. II, Rt. 20, Secs. A, B & A,
116; G. W. Wood, Stoe.kton, $196,O~7,             Cont.ract     Geo. Frene!!, Jr., Stocklon, $G1,579. COIJiract awarded
awarded to t~. M. Ball, Porten'ille, $195.801.                  to HeafeY-L\'lOOre Co., Oaklaml, $61,223.
    SA.N JOAQUI:"T COUNTY-Between Sloclttoll and                    VE:'J'TURA COUNTY--Glrder deck bridge M)ross
Turner Station. 9 tlml>er bridges to be constructed             Santa Clara Ri\'H1'. 21 R5' ~DaDS on concrete piers and
p.nd 2 concrete bridges to be widened. Dlst. X, Rt. 4,          abuhnents. District Vll, Rt. 2, Re('_ C, Merritt Chap-
Sec. E, W. J. O'Neil, san Fra.nclsco, $75,925; J. S.            man Scott Corp., San Pedro. $318.903; Owl Truck Co.•
Metzger & Son, Los Angeles, $57,615; 1''I'ederlckson &          Jnc., Compton, p98,630; Oben:o; Bros., Los Angeles.
'Vatson Construction Co. a.nd Fretlricl{son .Llros Oak·         $a20,749; Union Engineering Co" Ltd., Huntlngton
land, $65,645; R. B. McKellzie, Red Bluff $6'4,082'             P"rle, $312,274; Mn.cco Construction Co., Clearwater.
                                                                $~04,156 ;    Cencral Engineering Corp., Ltd., Los
Geo. J. t:lrich Construction Co., Modesto.' $60,595:
]VI. B. MCGO"'''Ul. San }Prnnclsco, $71,098 '; Lord &           Angeles. $326,288; Herbert M. Bo.ruch Corp., Ltd., Los
Bishop, Sacramento, $63.870; O'Berll: Bros.. · Los              Anc:;eles, $303,691; Robill:!!OIl Roberts Co., Los Angeles,
                                                                ~341,67G; Lynch-Cannon Engineering Co., Los Angeles,
Ang"les, $73,217; Force Construction Co" Piedmont,
                                                                ~317,807; R. H. Travers, Los Angeles, $308,115; Gut
$65,270: Boclenhame,' Construction Co., Oakland, $72,-
662. Contrnct a warded to Thel'motite Construction CO..         leben BI'O~.. Oakland, $308,116; Rocca & Caletti, San
Inc., San Jose, $57,537.                                        Ra,fael, P55,098; Bodenhamer Construction Co., Oak-
                                                                land, $332,151.      OonLl'act awarded to Mittry Uros,
    SAN LUIS OBISPO COUNTY-About 7 miles north                  Constructlon Company, Los Angeles, $282,303.
of Paso Robles, R. C. girder bndg'e across San Marcos
Creek, four 40-foot spans on concrete benls aud grad-
Ing and paving approaches wIth Portland cement con-
('reiI'. Dis!. V, Rt. 2, Sec. A, Neves & Harp, Sa.nta                               . ARCHITECTURAL AWARDS
Clara, $21,608; Oberg Bros., Los Angele!! $21,514;                                       For Month of June
Robinson Roberts Co., Los Angeles, $22,740; Lord &
~i"llOP. Sacrall1ento, $21,953; Hanrahan Co., San Fran·
ClSCO, $21,959; Bodenhame" Constructlon Co Oakla nd
nO,693. C<:mtract awarded to L. C. Clark "and C. E:                CALIFORNIA INSTITUTION FOR WOMEN, near
Doughty. VIsalia, $20,116.                                       Teha.chapl-Administratioll Building and, cottages:
                                                                 Contract for plumbing WOl'k to Thomas Ho.ycrty Com-
    SAN LUIS O,OISPO COU:<l'TY-Between Arroyo                    pany; Los An![eles, $17,106; contract for electrical
Granele and About 2.8 miles to be treated with            work to R. R. Jones Electric Co., Pasa.dena, $6,800.
heavy fuel uil on each side of existing pavement.                  MEl'."l)OCINO STATE HOSFJ;TAL, Talmage-Ward
Dlst. V, Rt. 2, Sec. E, Roselip Products Co., Sail LuIs          Building No. 14; Contract for general work to Minton
Obispo, 1~,9U; Cor,nwall COllstruellou Co., Santa Bar-           Company of Palo Alto, $47,674; contract tor plumbing
nara, $3,222. Contract awarded to W. A, DontanvIlle,             work to J. A. Fazio. Oaltland, $5.989; contract for
Salinas, $2,755.                                     .           h" work to Geo. C. Bell. Oaklan<l, $3.800; contract
    SAN LIDS OBISPO COUNTY-Betwean Atascadero                    for electrIcal work to Roy M. Butcher. San Jose,
a.nd Paso Robles. Abom 9.1 miles to be treated with              $1.456.
                           CALIFORNIA HIGIlWJ11'S AND PUBf.lO WORKS

Selfishness Blamed        Commission Adjourns
   For Large Increase       Oul of R especl for
        In Aulo Accidenls    Mrs. Toner's Memory

       CClDEKT reports receivw by the                              RS. J.A!1ES A. TONEU, do.ughter

A      Division of 111 0 t (I r Vehieles for the
        month of May, 1931, show large
i!wrenses in the total number of accidents and
                                                                    of Timoth,r A. Renrdon, California
                                                                    Highway Commissioner, and daugh-
                                                         ter in-law of Dr. J. M. Toner, Director ot
                                                         lnstitutions, died June 24th.
per SOIl!l injufPfI. TTowf'ver, the resultant
                                                           At its regular metting June 25th, lhe High_
deaths increased I~ tbun ]0 per cellt Cor the            W3'y Commission adjourned out uf rt:1!1>eel to
first time since F'cbruary. 1931.                        tbe memory of Mrs. Toner Dnd passed a reso-
   Reports were received on 2852 accidents               lution of s:nnpRth)' which was epread upon
involving injury and This is 22.88 per           tbe minutes ot lhe commission and copies ~nt
cent greater than May, 1930. The number of               Mr_ Reardon and Dr. Toner. The resolution
penons injured in these accidents (4106) is              said:
31.60 per cent greater than l1ut year, while                WlJD.J:A~. The      aliforni" Highway Com-
the deaths, which toW 218, increased only                mission, thilt dll.\ ill Illt.'eting assembll'd, has
7.39 per cent.                                           been informed of the paMing of )11'8. James.A...
   }<-or the first time sinee August, 1930, the          Toner, the beloved daughter of our a.ssoeiate
number of pel'ilOns killed in Rnto v&Sus auto            and feUow member, Timothy A. Reardon; and
aecideu uet.oeded the number of pedestl'ians                WUEREAS, The commission desires to ex-
killed. There were 61 people killed in May               prell8 its profound sorrow n.t the IOfJJ suffered
auto vcrsw aula aeeident.llllnd 52 pedestrians.          by Commi ioner ItJ'lIrdon; therefore be it
These tl\'O ty))f':fl: of ll~idents caused 51.83 per        Ruolt't.d, Thllt 11 copy of this resolution be
cent of all May motor "ehicle deaths..                   spread upon the minutes of this commission,
                                                         and the sincere sympsthy and eOllbOlation
              11.\.D BED( DfUNKfNG                       of this tom mission be otrerM to GOffilllissionf'r
  A total of 4-Ha dri"'ers were reported                 Reardon and hi:> fllmit." in u!eir ber~avemcnt;
involved in May llccidenls. oC which 3766, or            nnd be it further
&1.20 per cent, were males, 595, or 13.30 ver              RuoltJtd, That when this commission this
cent, femliles, while the sex oC 112 (2.50 per           day adjourns that it shRlI do so out of respect
cent) was not "tll100.                                   to the memory of :l\(rs. '['oner.
  Forty-two drivers were reported to have
been" asleep at the wheel," while 214 "bad                  MCL'lt pedestrian accidents ocellrrftd Ilt illter-
been drinking."                                          ~eetiolJli.247 were illjur~d ltnd .11 killed while
  "Violation ot right of \vay" rankl'd first             crossing intersections in MaJ, the seeond larg-
in the cause of accidents for whid! tIle drivers         est number of pedestrian accidents occurred
we r e definitely rcspolliJ.ible. "Exeessiye             in the strcels bctween intersections, with lR3
speed" wall SC<!ond, "drove of!' the rondway"            ilijureJ 1111d 10 kiJled. or the 669 jJcdcslrillus
third and "driving Oil the wrong side of thr.            injured, 22 had becn drinking, 3 had physiclil
road" fourth. These four eames, all        or
                                          which          defects, 42 were confused by trllffie, the "iew
arc within the control of thc dri\'crs, repre-           of 29 was obstructcd. while 62 wcrc reported
sent 5O.FiR per cellt of the total causes of             to hav~ beell careless.
aecidCII~ attributed to tlle drivers.     Three             P'om thousund fivo hundred sixteen vehicles
other causes prominent in May aceideul/$ were            were reported involved ill the 2!:!5::! aecident':l.
"improper turning," "improper passing"                   Of these vchieles 86.56 per cent were passen-
and "slowing down Or stopping."                          ger cars. Only 117 were dcflnitely reported
                                                         to havc been de£eetiye meehnllieally.
              TOLL 0" PEOISTRIANS
                                                                        WlfE~   TIfFV ()(:CtlR
    Pedestrians totaling 669 were involved in
:i\ray accidents, of ,vhieh number 52 were killed          The peak hour of all aecidenlA during :Uay
 and 6.17 injured. .Ai is usually the ease,              was from 5.01-6 pm., while the I>enk hour of
 pcdestrinu deaths were most numeroWi 8Jllong            fatal accidcnts only was 7.01      p.m. Morc
young children and elderly people, there                 accidents occurred on Sundays than any other
 being only ]4 ll11eh df'1Iths bet.....een the ages of   day of the week. Saturdays were second in
 10 tiJl() 39 )'ellrs.                                   the total nu'rnhfor of aeeidl'nUJ.
                          (,'AUFQRNIA JIIGlfll'AYS AND PUBLJO IVORKS

Arizona Pays State High Tribute;
     Will Model After Highway Patrol
                      ,           ,           ,          ,         ,           ,
        ALIFORNIA has bello signally honored

C        by il..~ sister state, Arizona.
            Auxiow" to establish an efficient,
up-ta-date, thorough organization of higllway
patrolmen, Arizona has picked this State's
policc system upon which to model hcr force.
   }i'ollowiug a series of conferences between
Superintendent Raymond Cnto and Arizona
authorities, Ii'. G. Yoder, district il1sp~ctor
and senior instrudor of the California High-
way Patrol, was choson for this highly im-
portant organization prog.-am. He left for
his temporary post last month, amI will
remain in Arizona until he hns the new body
of men functioning smoothly.
   In choosing Yoder to represent this State,
Oovernor James nolph, Jr., and Chief Oato
took into account not only the nil-around
ability of the inspcetor, but his £ne record 8S
an offi<~llr.
   The recipient of this !5ignal honor is 39 yclU's
old and comes from Orange County. He joined
the Highway Patrol in 192:3, previous to that
time having gained detective lIlld police
experiellce, first with a private detective
agency and second ,vith the Santa Ana police
department, where he functioned for a year as
a patrolman.
   T~ong a stndeot and finall;r on authority on
motor vehicle law and its interpretation,
Yoder worked his way up in the State service                           F. G. VOOlZR
from patrolman to SCllior instructor in the
traininft scheel at Sacramento. There lIe had
a lot to do with teaching officer.;; and mcn of
the California Highway Patrol l:lystem the
                                                      A uloisls and Press
meaning and usage of the State Vehicle Law.
   Fooling deeply the honor conferred upon
                                                             Praise Clean Roads
him, Yoder isqued the following statement               Clefln flJld unobstructed Slate highways
prior to his departure:                               over the Indepl:llucllee Day holiday period
   "I relilize fully, and appreciate, the confi-      have won high commendation both. from
dence placed in me by His Excellency, Gover-          autoists and newspapers.
nor JllJnes Rolph, Jr., and Chief E. Raymond             Govllrnor Rolph '01 order that oiling be
Calo. 1 am also aware of the responsibility           sloppeu on Slate roads Jul,r 3d to permit of
to the people of Arizona.                             easy tlnd comfortable travel du.ring the
   "My only hope is that I mllY take into the         heavy three-da)' vacation, aroused mueh
State of Arizona the spirit of the California         favorable comment throughout the State.
Highway Patrol and that the friendly feeling             Contractors handling State pro j e c t s
now existing between the people of these two          received their meed of praise, too, for their
states may be broadened by the cooperation of         unselfish action in removing, when pOf>Sible,
their '.'ery t<imilllr patrol organi1.fltioD!~."      working equipment from the roads.
                          C.LfFON~\J.l     JJlOlJII'Al'S AND pO/II,fa lVORKS

Association Approves Proposals
          Affecting Highway Construction
        wo l1ATTER8 of importance affecting
                                                        minin!:! lawl> and undf'r the guise Ulat the)' are
        hilo::hwlly construction which were urged       to he used for mining purpol>eS.
        b)' reprt>3entati"es 0 f California-t.Ite            Olher represe.ntath'es of the department
orderly addition of roads to the Stale high-            who apl>ellrffi beCore the meeting were C, S,
way system and nJll('llnmenl of lo'ederal ~ta.t­        POpi!, ConstrnctionEngineer, whose paper
utcs regarding Ule rig It t of way situation            1'I'a.;;. f'ntltll.'(l "Pavement Coustruetion in
fl('ross pub~ic lands-were approv~ by the               ]930: Portland Cemt'nt Concrt':f,f' lind AJphaJt
Western A!OSOeiation of State llighway Offi·            Concrete," aud T, II. Deullb, )laintensnee
cials al it. annual 1nef'ling held at the St.           Eng-incer, ""IlO discussed Oiled Road Con-
Praneis Uotel ill Sail Pnmeiseo Oil July 10th           struction.
and 11th,
    The subject of additions to the State high-             CHAIRJJAN K£!..LY WELCOll'fS IlBLEOATES
waf system was presented to thf' meeting b:r                F.8tl Lee Kt':lIy, Chainnan of t.he Califomia
C, H, rureell, State Highway Ellgineer, who             Hi!!'hway Comm~ion, wf'll'flmed the delegates
uplained the prooedure adopted in Califor-              to California upon bclla!( (If Oovernor James
nia, whcN'by additional roads are autnorized            Rolph, Jr., and the Depart.ment of Public
10 bf.' included in the State highway ~y8tem b)'        WorkK. Governor Uolpb 8Cnt a Ictter of
the ~i!llllture only a f Le r un e.ngineering           greeting, explaining that hf' WIIS unable to be
study b)' the Divi~ioll of Highways. These              prt':$eut beeatlM! of the fUlleral of the wife of
studie!l, a~ Mr, I'urcell pointed out, are car-         Lieulen..'lJIL Oo\'ernor Fronk F. "-,Ierriam, which
ried on in accordance with CErtain definitf'            was bf'ing h("ld in Beach on the day of
principles laid down uy the Icgi~lati\'e body           the opening, A telegram of rrgret wns also
Iwd permit a lltudy of e06t of construction.            receivKl. from Jamel! 1. He.r.t, Deput:" Director,
traffic to I>l' !ll'(\'pd, the general development      who wae aBo in southcrn. California attend-
of the locality and the State and the relation          inl.! the fnnerNI of Mrs, Merrialll,
of the road to the remaindcr of tht: hiRhway                Cllltil'lDan Kelly and COlUmis,Clionpr Hop.
8,rstem,                                                kins attended 8 e s s i 0118 or UJe convention
                                                        which extendoo o\'cr .PridllY and Saturday,
      ASSOCIATIO~    lU~COMlfE.."DS   l>TtlDIES
                                                        Colonel Wllltrr R Ollrri<;on, Director of tho
   ru adopting a resolution of cndorsement of           Deparlllll:!llL of Public Works, was present [or
thig phm, the WeslPrn A!<Sociat.ion went a step         118hort wllile on Saturdny moruiu$t, July Htll,
furUle.· Iillll ijll'zl(ell'ted that tho states begin   in company with t1H} Congressional dclega-
II study of addiliol1~ to thcir reapectivt: Fcd·        tion, then louring CAlifornia [or thc purpose
eral !lid s)'ste11l8, The AiJSOCiatiOIl fll\"Ors,       of lnspeetin:.:- the propO.!Jed State·wide watcr
befOl'C such additions IIrc mAlle, that an expcrt       de\'elopment, Colonel Oarrison 8ccompanil:!u
engineering study be lllllde,                           ihis delegation during it!:l elllire tr'ip through
   The 8ubject of poS8C3S0ry rjghts acquired            the Stllte.
by mining locators 011 public ISllds which
interfere with rights of way for hillhwllyS was                         \'u,:w CAl.lFORNIA I'ROJECT
discussed by Frank D. Durkee, Rij!1Jt of Way               All of the stlltl'lI and territories having
Ab'ent, from the }lcadqunrtcra office. The              meJllbe~llilJ in t11l~ Assoeiatioll were rf'pre-
A9'\O('illtion adopted a resolution petitioning except Washington and the Territury
Conl{~"3 to enuct such additiollal JegL'I1l\tion        of Hawaii. Following t.he meeling in San
as mllY be necessary to protect the ril{hts of          Francisco, visiting ellgillce~ and officials
the public to bigh\va~' rights of wa:)', Ule right      WE're takeu 011 trilJ5 O\'l!r California highway
to take rOlld hnilding materials from the pub.          prnjccts 11!1 ~Uest8 of the engineers of t]le
lie domain, fwd the rigbt of the Forest Serviet'        Division of Highwa,1's.
nnd other deparLmcnU to prohibit the ~llC'
tion of un5i~htly billboards and other struc-             ~t1I1.tlon_A
                                                                            road hew .... n:olOl'lat who It.aa "eaf'd
tures on Federal Illnos arquired under the              of ever,. lll,tolllObU. _ r y llXeept eouttN)'".
                                VA/-lFORNI,l lIfQITIVAYS ~l\-D PUBLIO IllORKS

   Determined efforts on the part of the Divi-                       ",·hltt in l\(honee of the similar encrnnchment lit tbls
                                                                      time in 19'.H.
sion of Water Resour(:es under Edward Hyatt                                                              Discharge In Sec. l,'t.
further to push its water conservation cam-                             Station                            1~31         19H
paig'n are pictured in the official report of                        5acn... "",,,to River at Red DIuI!' 6/11 '990 6/11 2980
                                                                     su.cramentu nl.~,· ",t Bult" City 6/9 1680 6/9 IUO
that department for the month of June. Flood                         SIlcramento River III C.,h",a __ 15/8 1310 6/8 1$60
                                                                     5f1crllft'lento RIver at Knl!:1111l
control and reclamation activities, tabulation                          Landing                ~       _ 6/8 1080 018 1400
of dam applieatioll!l and irrigation district                        ::;lIcrllmento Rlv~r at VerOn8._~ 6/11 1531
                                                                     ::;acramento K1ver at Sacra-
news are illeluded in the report which fol-                                     _~

                                                                                                         6/IG 1400 i/Ii USO

                                                                     Feather HI at 1\lcOla\lI     _ 6/10 2n 6/10 10'
lows:                                                                AmerIcan River at H St. Bridge 8/15 800 ll/H In
                                                                     San Joaquin River near Ver-
                                                                         nalle __ ._~

                                                                                                         6/13 370 SlU 678

                                                                     Combined nnw Dr Saer.mento
                    FLOOD CONTROL                                       River at Sltc.... menlo "n~ Ran
                                                                        JoaQ,uin Rl>'er near Vernltl1~ fi/H 1710 $/U 1670
    At the r~Quellt of the 1Wc1.. ",,,tk,,, Botortl, InvestIga-          SolidlY Test3 Sacramento-Snn Jooquln Deltll
tion and s1,lf\"~~'s were made. alle!!:n anti plane wero
preWlrell. and reports aubm!Ue4 to the Hecla'n1l.l1otl                                                                Sallntty In para
BOJIrd on R \\'elr to b<l COtl9tructed lrI the Wall.worth                                                              o~ chlorine per
C.. "aJ or Sutter·Uutte .<>y-I'.... Project No. $. Th!s                                                                  100.000
offlee will ('()nelruo::t the dam with our own equipment                   Stallcn                                  &/10/31 '/10/%4
In(t force "t an esllmated COlt or $8.730. :'>"              Bullhea(l Polnt_          _                  _  1080
hR'·e been order-e(l and conltructlon ('()mmeneed on                 () and A   ~'etT...            ••            _   561      U2
.rune 2~,1.                                                          r:"llinsvllle                           _        380      300
    'fh!" weir Ie t<l be constructed for the PUIP<l~ o~              'rh"e Mile Slnu1"h Urldltll
hOlding th", water ."rfllc" in the .......ortl\ ellnal to
... hl@har Jevel to prevent the drRJnlng O\\t cf lI"r"",,"
watere In the territOry adjacenl to        tI,.   "",nals.

                                                                     Polo VI.tJI.______ _
                                                                     Antioch _._.
                                                                                         _ __ ••
                                                                                                         ~        _
                                                                                                                       2l~     2!n
                                                                                       •                         __
    AlIJ;ltIellanue of Sll!lramellfo IJ"d San Joaql'.;n Dro'''-

                                                                     IVebb PUnlll
                                                                                                ~        ~_~

                                                                                                         •        _     u       t9
a,e nilJr;ol.-8mall ere"". been engaged in clear-
h"g vegetntlOli out of .,,,rllli,, drainuge C"tlUJlI lind 00';-         A meeting of the Perm ....ent Committee of tho  "
iOll ... wF\f'fl~ frol,1 the leveo.-8. The em"!'fenc}· rel)aita to   Sacramento' San Joaquin River Problemt Confer-
the Davia wdr No.2 in'r By·rnu were                     tnc. waa h.ld On May 28th .nd ths water sit"lltion
cou,pleted on Ms)' 27th, lit which time the ttaahhoatoJ~             wa. e~ltieally reviowed.
were put ill Illn~. The ",,~U!r wn~ reJeW!ed on AI/ril                  Th. Committee decided that all of the major
2(lUI in the eveniug, and the ehunnel W08 flllC(! to                 projecta in the aaer.m.nto VaUey ahould b. hold
llllilroximllrely Ihe lIIme elevation on May 28tb.                   ~e.pontible fo~ ....a.te pr"vention and conae~vation
    Owing to the dr}·n_ of the selUlOn it hOI been                   ltnd that should b. . .ked to appoint a Con_
lIeC<!$aIUY to install tour 8moll PIIIllJI>I lo mre fot      we      8erv.tion Officer to tlffect Ihi" o::on".rv.tion .nd to
willoW8 Jll~nteo:l (or le\"l~e protection on Ihe east !:Intter       cooperate with the Wat.r Supervi.or and officiala of
D~·-PIllU, )eVff for II diatnnee of noont eleven milell. in          the W.r Department. Th'. r...:omm.ndation wat
connection with which tJlll ditches were cleaned lind                carried out and the various projects have appointed
....\Iflired.                                                        tI•• ir Con•• rvation Offic. . . . nd inaugurated an
                                                                     intensive conurv.tion camp.ign.
           SACRAMENTO-SAN JOAQUIN                                       Warninga have been sent OQt by Ihe Wat.r
                                                                     SUllervi.or to 011 of the indiv'du.1 w .. t,~ usera
              WATER SUPERVISOR                                       under all of the la_gelt proj.cta and to all water
                                                                     oUr, making dive..ions of any aiu from tHe rivar.
   During the \lOlit montb tbe ~ular field work h._~                 Thes.. warnings have ,bUd thot the ~ule to be fol.
ronthllle<l, O:QlIll'ri~tlr uleaanrements uf ull diunione,           lowed i, that diversion. ahaU bs cut by th" amount
str~ll.'" flow, and Nllurn wliter thl'(l11l:hout th~ Saera-          of waate found und.r tl,em. During I'" palt weele
mentil-Sun Joaquin territory.                                        a ~ep_euntativ. from the War Deparlm.nt and
   The aallnltr sampll", in t.he Sacramento-San ,Jos.-               Ihe Wllt"r Supervisor completed an inlpection
quin Oeltlt has been extRnded IlO that at Jlrescnt                   of the cont~oi .nd uae of water on nasrly o.U of the
"ample!! ne l.eing received rrom {orty_....ven 8tationll.            largor projects in the Valley.
The n«nmpanylng table shows tbe ('()mpurlsoll l>et.... ~tl              It wa. found that, On th.....1.01•• a ,ine.~ • •Hort
1931 and 1924 atrea ... flow ~Tlfl l\IJ]inity dala. II will          il being put forth on the part of the waler ,,'or.
be "ote<:! that at lIOu'e of the $lAtions the Btt<'am 110.....       to cut down waat", and with the placing in sffeet
il cQlIsidernbly leN Ulan it wu In 1924 at the same                  or additional ,tepi recommcnd.d to the various
li"'e nlld also thllt the salinity en~rollehnlf!nl i~ Aome·          districb by the Water Supervisor, It is felt that
40                              OALIFOR.\'1A HIOHW"lY8 A...¥D PUlJLlO WORKS

     Flood Control and Reclamation
                                                ContInued from preudll1g           ~

ev.rything poulbl' or ,(eomplilhmanl through                         ment. COJl!lO'r...tioll aDd utillaation of tbn water reo
wut, prevention and U1n..rvation will have been                             of the State, autborized under the pro"iaiODS
done.                                                                ot Chapter 83: of lbe Stabltes or HI29.
    It rt:l:la..iol to be Ieell ... b;Etlll~r or nat. fortber
drop LII It~m lIow will requi", otber ,dditiOllfl rqu.
lalloDJI in lJoe nature or • ~hed:.Llie, prorttiu.c the                                     IRRIGATION
aupPb'. etc.

                                                                         While the num.roua ahow.... during the ""onth
         COOPERATIVE SNOW SURVEYS                                    in the Central Vallay r..ulted in a.. ma O'a""age
                                                                     to ",aturing barry, 'rult _nd g~ain crops, thay will
                                                                     to a limited .xt.nt relieve the ahOlta,a of irriga-
  The ....ork on lb. projtct dllrilll the PUt IllOnlh h..            lion water.
(Orapri-' ,lmote. rotl"l,. o8Ioee Ittldidl in re1atiol:"
                                                                         h'ield -..U:ia for conrermo:e or 1D$pec:t.ioD of worb
                               1"11 .. 00«.
Itl"elllll flow and precipit.llvn to        In ueh                   ""ere ....OJ., to tilt La. eanada, Soutb YOflttbtUo And
major It",am buln, the Ure&1U 1I0w lItation DOW
MiDI mlhllai,* .bleh ,",old bNt I'tfleu the IIIIGw
                                                                     Wa.lO:lt Irriv:cioro lliatrlcu i.o 1.(111 A..,ele. eo...",,;
                                                                     me Sonta Fe, lia:I D1f:1"ulto, VI.a, .'allbroolt,
1"1111-011' art 8ele<:ted for the vt.riolUl partial al"£llS aJld
                                                                     Ramoa1, Laktlldfc. Saa Yll.dro a..d La ),(rtlII, 1..e1D01l
SUb-buill" The computatlona are tben mlde to                         Gron a.d SpnDJl" van"" Itria_tloll diatricta in Sail
ohtai.. tor _eh of tbe tuition. tc!f.'('ted an COllimated            Dir,o CoUDtJ'; the Carve-oler, Serrao.., ~ell'port
IoI!INiu,e n"o-oll' rfCOrd. ThU estimate It made by                  Beicbu aDd 'se.-port M_ lrriration d;.mcta ill
mmpariton wilb Ihfo Ictu,l lour·time re«lrd at the
princiPflI cueing llatl_a.        With    IU t'Vti~ted      lODJ;-
                                                                     O.. ~ Coulll".; tie BM.umont and P.Jo Verde Urica-
                                                                     lion dil!trteLt iD Itllfl"lide CoUllt,.; tile Dolli"tt irri·
 time ,tream llow ~rd It "eh IlSlIoO, Il!fIlltivc                    poon cURrie! ill San BP.ftito ec.lIntJ; alMl the lJereed
 DOrmalR 10f" tht ..atet eonttllt at lbe Tarioua imInO'              and E1 f\"ido irr;ption diatrictt in llel'l:t'd Couol1.
 ClDlI~ .,.a be DDmrut(!d bf O;:I,uuparlBon wit!!. de run-
olf data.                                                                About .. ller /!ellt M the tx<:Autlon ADd 4G per <:tilt
      ~rae om... WOt. hila 1:oe<'n dOlle i .. Ukln" ~ the            of the al:ro<:turea remalD«!. 10 be buill .11' June 1"It to
 a~1L! of thl. ele~ntioN WIIH luto wllieh !.he 'l'llI:ioll!          ,:,.llnplele tIlfc irrlpUoD Qsttm of the EI N'k1o irriea-
 bflaiu ale diTldei. Th_ att. . are t«!uitt<! in the                 tlOII distri<:t.
 reductlOD of the anow mealUrtlnfcDta to <>bUlln II                      At " meetinK of tbe C"lifornia BoDd Certll!.euiooD
                                                                     Commi_oll held 00 JUDe 11 at 810. Frand_, 1lD
 wei,hted mean watet eDlll{DL for II lIub-buin.
      !'lana tOf" the Dext • ..-0,,', 1\'otk II.... bf-in, forlDa-
lated ...d • blldlet haa bee.. P~Il ..,ed whleh pennia
                                                                     upenditure order Qf      '000      hy tbe ThermaJito Ird,a.
                                                                     lion district. ...... "pproled for d"",~opmeou.1 plitpOlle.
....f the additIon of a te'" more snow eoul'llU III II(lnle of       ...ithl" the dlatriet.
 the baai". a"d a ."".1l utenaion of the work.                           .~ntl between lh~ Coreol"llo i,rilUion diltrlfct
      A trip W~. made (Ot c:oJufertnet with tbe members of           Dod Meridllln Limited Al:d Ihe Ouaralll) Inyl:tlllllent
 tbe Nevada Goo,}·e 8nn1\' SlIr"~' Committee ....11-          Cowlll\n1, corpo~.tlon" tor the luae of certalu w~lll1
 th'e 10 ro~Ula and tlMa hi connection ",i~h the ea.t-               b, the dislriet. to be ill,talled "U] f)Qulpped b1 the
em ,lope ba~;'I'"                                                    COtllOntliona on la ..d o... lleo:! b1 ~w ill the dilltl'i<:t,
                                                                     >Iud to yield 32 lIC<:OIld·feet of \l'attr, were "lprortd.
                                                                         General dillCllU;Oll ...n. '"'01 b1 tbe Ctlmmllllllon rela-
                  WATER RESOURCES                                    tin to the lllana for refundin, p~nt hono:l lUllet: by
                                                                     OH!v@tlll of th@ irri¥aUon dlltrl<:t11 in the State.
   1\'OPlJ VllllcV hlt>uji(ratioll.-~allt\ ni,'~~ ~Ild Conn,
Reetor a"d 1)111 Creekll haye been mel.llUred rellul .. rl,                                     DAMS
alld lb" wfllllr level. lakell in Il lIumbet {If "'ellll
tbrourhout Nnpa Valley.
   SOIlI" COlutal RII.;n I1tl:raHlI01io".-Tbill io"ellI.i,a-            Durill~ June efforts hUe! bMn madll lu ,et to dnlJlll
lion b." eoutinuetl In II routIne wa1 throllghout the                in the I-li,h Sierr"" whieh are "<:ceSllI\.l11l for unly a fl'W
lUOolh. Of "lOClal lnter~n In tbl, \l'ork ;. Ihe r@port               uwlllh8 In the 7"r. An endeavor I. heine mlUle to
wbie.ll WAft ~ml)let",d Oil ...ork nllCl'lIl!ary 10 determine        have ",pail'll rompleled On all e'l«h., tlalDl this
~he VOMibillt, of aalt ,nter i"trualo" alonr the Onnte               scaann.
CIIuuty COII,t lind ,."hl<:h ill to be Pl'6tlltl!d to the
O.....m ge Count1 CooIH!J'ative Committee Ilt all earl,                 Tn lillte i03 .pplieaUoIU for appro...1 of uiat10a
date.                                                                damll al'f: on IUe; 70 for applV~.1 of plana Lod apeei-
                                                                     lieationa lor <:onltrlletloll or CIllar~ment nnd 156 for
                                                                     appro"al of plalllt tor ",pili.. or Alteration$.

          WATER RESOURCES REPORTS                                    &FFU<J...Tlo:ra   ~CD        "II ... rr.o•.ll. or Fw.:ra &1111
                                                                            Si"UlrIC4TIOSS rOIl   CO:l"ll"'Ill1!r.TIO~   OF II.:WI
    5latill"elOf"Y pr(Cl'8S b.. btell made l.D completin"
tbe "'1lOJ'U 00 tbe wuer ~un:es lo\"atlraUOn' col'er·                                  "••"'07' ["uu 1-..
111« the Stale Wattt Plan for the eoordillatioo, dt..elop-                             LA. CMlI" ... e.tnl Oln,let
                                     GALlFOnNIA lIIGHWAYS AND PUBLlG WORKS                                                          41

r-'-----'--·-··-·o-,-' '----"o-·-·-·,-·,-'-----·-·-·-'-"-"-·l
              Dam Wins Approval of State I
1$5,770,000 ._,,
f__._.._"_._"                                                 Continued from   'Da~e   40                      ~~~                  _

APPLICATIONS RECEIVED FOR APPROVAL OF PLANS FOR                             Yuba County. A third application of nnusual import-
                     REPAIRS OR ALTERATIONS                                 ance was received from Geo. L. Dodds et al., seeking
                                                                            an appropriation of 10 secolld feet aDd 10,000 acre
        Dam                          Own"                    Counly         feet from ~scondido Creek in San Diego County for
Spaulding             R. D. Craig                            Modoc          irrigation and domestic purposes.
Big Sanb Anila        l. A. County Flood Control Districl    los Angeles
Swanzy lake           Calil.·Hawalian SUD.r Refining Corp.   Solano            Among the more important applications approved
San Jaclnlo           A. C. AD"                              Riv.rsid.      werf' the following:
Hall C. yon. low"     A«od.led Oil COl1pany                  V.nwra            Two by the City of Monrovia allowing 10 second
Duil, Cale            l. A. Connly Flood Conlrol Oislrict    los AnD.I ..
                                                                            feet and 1000 acre feet per annum from Sawpit Can-
PLANS .U'PROYED FOR CONSTRUCTION OR & "LAR(J}::MENT                         yon for municipal purposes.
                                                                               Eight by the County of Los .Angeles for the benefit
                               OF DAMS
                                                                            of Los Angeles County Park.
         Da..                        Own.r                   Counly            One by El Dorado Irrigation District allowing 5000
Pine Canyon           Cily 01 Pasaden.                       Lo, Angel.s    acre feet per annum from Weber Creek in Ell Dorado
L.....r Lindsay       Pacilc G.s and EI.clric Co.            Nevada         County for irrigation, the estimated cost of develop-
   The City of Pasadena on September 30, 1930, :filed                       ment being $450,000.
 apIJlication, as pro~ided for in the law governing                            One lJy Sll.nt'l Cmll Devl:'1opIllellt Company allowlng
 the supervision of dams, with the State Elngineer for                      3.5 seL'Ond feet from Brnnciforte Creek in Santa Oruz
approval of plans and specifications for construction of                    County for domestic purposes on summer home sub-
a concrete dam at Pine Canyon Site Number 2 on the                          division, the estimated cost of the development being
 San Gabriel River about foul' miles upstream from                          $100,000.
Azusa. the reservoir back of this dam to have a storage                       Inspection of projects under permit in Saeramento,
capacity of about 64,000 acre feet.                                         San Joaquin, 'l'uolumne, Stanislaus, San Mateo, Santa
   On March 18, 1931, the city filed an amended                             Clara, Santa Cruz, and Monterey counties was com-
application in lieu of the one filed in September.                          pleted for the cUI'rent ~eaSOll.
 Under the amended application it is proposed to con-                                            ADJUDICATlONS
struct a dam of the snme type at the same location
but 50 feet less in height than that originally con-                           Shasta River (Siskiyou County). Case pending
templated. The reservoir storage capacity would be                          in the Superior Court of Siskiyou County.
 reduced from 64,000 acre feet to about 40,000 acre feet                       Whitewater River (San Bernardino and Riverside
under the new proposal.                                                     counties). Case pending in the Superior Court of
                                                                            Riverside Oounty awaiting devplopment.q in regard to
   Because of the magnitude, importance and many
                                                                            the proposed All Amet"ican Canal from Colorado
technical considerations involved in the proposed
construction, the State Engineer appointed a Con-                              North Cow Creek (Shasta COUDty ) . Case pending
sulting Board consisting of preeminently qualified                          in the Superior Court of Shasta Oounty, awaiting the
geologists and engineers to advise on the safety                            court's pleaaure in placing: it on tbe calendar.
features of the dam and appurtenant structures.                                Oak Run Creek (Sbasta County). Case pending in
Based on the findings and conclusions of the Board                          the Superior Court of Shllsta County awaiting the
together with careful study by the department, the                          entry of a decree in the North Cow Creek case.
State Engineer approved the City's amended appli-                              Clover Creek (Shasta County). Case pending in
cation June 2, 1931.                                                        Superior Court of Shasta County awalttng the court's
   The estimated cost of the dam, exclusive of con-                         plellsure in placing it on the cale/,dar.
duits and other features of tho project, is given by                           Butte Creek (Siskiyou County). Case pending in
the city as $5,770,000.                                                     the Superior Court of Siskiyou County awaiting ac-
                                                                            tion bJ' the parties involved.
    PLANS         APPROVED FOR REPA1DS OR ALTERATIONS                          Los Alamos Creek (Santa Darbara County). Divi-
       D.-                           Owner                   County         sion's repolt as refer e submitted to the Superior
Folsom                PaciRc Gas and EI.ctric Co.            Sacram.nto     Court on May first.
Big Sanla Anlla       L. A. County Flood Conlrol District    Los Anl!l..       Davis Creek (Modoc County). A tentative decree
Sardine Lake          Arthib.ld Farrin~ton                   Mono           has been circulated among counsel and is now under
Lower Hall Canyon     Associaled 011 Company                 V.ntura
                                                                            consideration by the Superior Court.
                                                                               Mill Oreek (Modoc County). More than eighty
                                                                            p~ (lP,nt of thp. water usI'.rs have signed the ~tipulation
                        WATER RIGHTS                                        for consent judgment which was presented at tbe
                                                                            conference held at Lake City on "March 17, 1931. The
                                                                            stipulation is now being circulated among the non-
   T~enty·two applications to nplJroprintc water were                       resident parties.
received during May, thirty were withdrawn or can-                            Deep Creek (Modoc County). Distribution of tbe
celed, and twenty-fonr were aPlJl'oved. Eleven per-                         waters of Deep Creek was continued throughout the
mits were revoked and fifteen passed to license.                            mouth in accordance with the trial schednle of allot-
   Among the applications received' were seven for                          ments which was adopted at the conference held at
mining purposes, including two rather large ones~ne                         Cedarville on March 16, 1931.
by Wm. F. Bickel of Auburn to appropriate 25 cubic                             Franklin Creek (Modoc County). Administration
feet per second from Mill Oreek in Sierra County and                        of the chedule of allotments for trial distribu tion dur-
the other by Geo. W. Liscber of Camptonville to                             ing the 1931 irrigation 8(l8.SOn was continued tbrough-
appro riale a like amount from Willow Creek in                              out the month.
                                 CALH'OR!o'I_~       JlIGIlW,4.YS AND PUBLIO WORKS

                                                                      Lodge Will Set Up
           FOR EVERY EMPLOYEE                                             Tablet as Marker
 WE .... now in tho midlt of the ....".. tio" .u-
      so_ur p. . k period of tr.~c. Thol'
                                                                              Fol' H istol'ic Spot
 uli"g thl !"O.d. I t this tim • • r. on pl..,ur.                            ESPONDLVG to 0. rcqucgt of the Grand
 b."t, touring the co.,t, ""II.y .nd hiSh moun·
 bin nsien ..
    It .hould b. u.. "im of o r .ntin e"9" ..i..,,-
 tlon to IJlIP'f;i. . .".,y pr  tion for U.I Af.ty
                                                                      R        Lodge o[ Odd 1o'ellows, Ualifornia,
                                                                              members of the stllff of the State High-
                                                                      way Division lIa"e been in conference with
 of this trlfflc, and by uniformly courtaoua tl"Ut-                   officers of the fraternity lit Il. point on tbe
 ment contribute our ahare toward. their                              Kit Ca.rson tNlil, nfOar ItfodLake, IUl to the
 thorough enjoyment of this period.
                                                                      locatiOli uf /I. pl:Irticuhu1) interesting marker
                           • • •                                      whieh the ordcr proposes to erect.
    UlUlnocliolU guru JM'ItO !5 II, Cl.lrlt. H.
 P .. ~lI. I/el, lI,*l""'1f ""l7Uoff't'. to _"Iel/fl' 01                 It seems that in the ),car 18-l9 there ,,,as
 Il. DiriI''o4 0/ JIi,l_If'.)                                         some competition between the Masons and
                                                                       Odd FelloW'.! for installation of tlu: 6.rst
                                                                      lod[l~ in C.lifornia. A party or Odd Fellows
HEPORT SHOWS WORK DO!'l'E                                             from the east Mitring a dispenMtion to form
    BY WATER DIVISIO;\,                                               a lodge, pu.s111~d 0"'<1' tile ri<Jge and liS ilUQn as
                                                                      the)' were 68tisf.ed that they were within the
                (C...uln .. ed fro ...   ~e   41.)                    CaJifornia line, they proceeded to paint the
    Nt. I''inl' Cl"l!l'.k (,\IlW\nr eoll.,t,). li'iftd trOd on        names and dales or their arrival on large
thf- innltil""tioD of lhe ~"t6 nppl:r aDd Il8e or •• ter              roeks.
on ~f-'" I'lnt CI'ftIF: ..... eontinlled throufbollt 11e                               ROCKS .\RE :MARKED
    Espt Cl'ftk ()lodoc Couul..1), The eue or Arthll'                    Using whAt. appears to be a white lead solu-
J. H.rrlS tl .I~ ..... rah I., AdlllAA f-l al.. inl'ohiru::           tion, they printed their names and the date,
"" deterw:lln.llion of tb, _Itr ri3bt. on Ea.,l. Creeit.              AUb'1.1St 4tb, \·er.y clearly on the rocks. Until
lIodoc Count" ..... n:Cen~ Ito tilt Dl .. l.iIion b1 the
Su~nOl' (;ourt on Ma, 13. 1931. A litld inl'f'.J<tip-                 recent Y~&ni all tile names wecc le~iLle but
tion of tbt .....te, npp!r .ml u. or WOltr from the                   they are now f::lding. Some, in more pro-
IJtreRm "'0 oommenl:ed Immedia~lJ' followwg the                       teeted places, are fairl,· clellr.
~fe~_ 11I11 hna hPfon rontinutO thl'OoIhoul tbe
                                                                         The Grand Lodge haa, by resolution. autbor-
                    .......TaI OIBTJ,18ttfIO:'r                       ized insertion of a brQnze tablet in one oC the
  c...1~,·,On;'" D"",,,. 1o;:lIenlOI', FraDldln. Mill, Ntw            rocks and erection of. 8 large pillar where the
Pine. Owl. Pine Ind Soldier C......b (M"""" Coont]"),                 pioneers call1ped, The nffir.f'rf; IUlked Walter
'\'It~r ma.tcr 8(l1·.. lce ou tht$t II~allll ...... eonlin\l~         E. Garrison, Dir..:ci..or Qf l)u!.Jlic Works, to
tbroughout the mOMh.                                                  assure the locatioll as against road change:'!
   "It Rt ...r 01 ....1 lind f6lUl.'n Coulllies). Su.-r-
vi'ion of diveulone from Pit RIver in DO, raile, and                  and 80S to easement.
In H1,It Spnn", Velley WliS contiuue-<! throu"hout the
month.                                                                                FIND l'ARKINQ SPACE
   XOI'th eo..·• Oak nUll anl1 Cl'»'cr Cr.el.~ (Sballta                  The dil'Celor 8(1nl' tIle st.aff: membeN to
County). WIl!t.r muter IItn';!:" on thue IItl1lamS was
continued Ihrou8bout the mouth,
                                                                      illvcstigute lind report. 'I'hcy found Lliln by
   I.lttle ahaM" River (SiMl.:iyOJu o.)\1I1ty). Wuter                 pro.. iding a c.ro6Sing acros.'J 8. small gully and
mllBler serviee on Ibis .trl'um "" .. eontlnup.d through_             clearing some space, an cxcellent, pllrking
out the month,                                                        plnce may be made at the site. Jt is near hot.h
   Lo\\'er Shu~tll HI"tr (~lllkly(Hl Cclunty). Water
roMler ~en'ice on Ibis lOtn-am WIUt OlOmmenced June
                                                                      rrragedy Springs and the Kil C/\rSOll nla.l'ker.
                                                                                     ENGINEERS TO MEET
                  MANY MOTOR LAWS                                         Pla,,~ are ul\tl~e.wll.r for Ih~ 1931 eoDv~ntion of tile
   The ,,..ernle dtben Inll ble automobile rttf.lvtd                  Amtriun AlllO<.'"illtiori or Enli1t~r... wllklJ. ill to be
more IIttention dutln~ thf' reeenl lJ.eMiOLB of various               beld at HuntillIton. 'Vest \'Irllinla. on September 21\.
IUlte legu,llIlu,," thn IIny other Ilh'iIl! of human                  29 alld 30. Thf- Hunti",ton Clll1pter ....1Il Rct IlII hOllt
aethit,.. Thill I. 1..,.l1"",htJ by relK>rl:a .t'I.'eivec1 b:r tile   to Ibe dell'l[atee lind II eord1ll1 Illylluion la extended to
Antom~,Ue Chlb oC ~uthem CalifonJia. M1,Iwin&" that                   .-11 enrinl'f'n inte~~tPf'l in thl! ~illl IInl! e<><>nomie
mOre tJlIln 6,"j(lO bi1l!l Wert ;nt.odu~ in tht "8 Mntell,            ~Ide of the prof"",ou 10 aUtrul thl' meeting,
an 'Vtrel"e of mo~ til.n 100 pt:'r lillltf-, pt,tI;nlnr to
motor ,'ebie!e treflle.
                                                                       Rea'" thl.a ODe aocordllllr to . .x-"Wh.t dou It mttan
                                                                      when t.bat n:a.n (lad,., web hi. (her) hand out Ihe
   A malluCactarinr cenhu til a mall .00 make. "                      _7 h' (....) douT"
eomuoodlt1 jult .t.rolll eaoulh til hold tOIelbe, until                  "That lie'. Ishe'l) lroI...- to t1lnl to the rleht. or 10
t'e lut lnU.llment 1lI                                 the Ian 0' lrO ....llbt ahlad"
                         C/IJ./POJlNJA JlJOJ/WAYS AND J'UBLle WORKS

State Prison Camps Give Hope To Men
       A.nd A.ssist In Their Regeneration
                         By FRED R. SEYMOUR. Sup....'Y;'Or. Pril'On R. .J camps

          BY DO WE put peflple in prisoD'              souls, to dcnlop llC:II·confidcnce, ambition, and

\iN       ls it a r 0 r m of collective revenge
          which soeiet)· imposes on those wbo
violate iti rules, II. lOtudit!d plan (or rehabili-
                                                        restore pride.
                                                            Idealisticf Yes, but practical, as evidenced
                                                        by tht! sueeess or CaIHomia p r i son ro8d.
tation, or the e8.iieet way to haDille a perplex-      comps, to which vacntionista Ilrc indebted for
ing problem' 1 belienl the latter is the basis         many hundreds of lDilea o( broad highwa;rs
of our penal s)'stem, whieb is. perhaps, the            into "'onderlands of nature. These tire honor
most. oUlslaliding (ailure of our modem ci,'ili-       eam~, whert tbe men are well housed, well
zotion. l'hi.9 g rea t problem, involving a            clotlied and well (00_ A88ignment to the
stupendous economic and social loss, is Dot            camp; is a pri"ilege, "'bich must be earned by
alOllc a responsibility of gQ\"erumenl, but is a       an utended period of good work and good
problem which rest6 on the shollldel'8 o(              conduct inside. A wage is paid, from ,,'hieh
every citizen, IlDd will not be solved until met       are deducted individual expt'nGK, thu8eneour-
squarel)" without evasion.                             agmg economy. The ,llYCtllge l)ri!lOnf.'r If\Il.vCR
   These men are not in                                                         eamp with $80 to $100, Ii
prison of thcir O\'l'll volition,                                               suff'Jciellt amount 10 finance
but because we Pllt the Dl                                                       II i In in securing emplo;y-
there, and why' To eventu-                                                      ment. Additional lime cred-
ally release them with the                                                       its, amounting to one day
espectation they will beeome                                                     for each two da:<'s in camp
good citizens and helpful to                                                    are grallted road workers.
fiociely, nne to r('habilitAtion                                                     'I'hese Il1en, or rather bo)'s,
during the period of imprill-                                                    for most ot them Ilre under
oument, or relealle them                                                         30, are in l-rouble largely
more hardened, more resent-                                                     due to lack of training in
ful. and moll' r1eu'rmined                                                       honest l/lbor. :\lsllY arrive
to 00 outlll\\S uf Ulcir kiud f                                                  at CUIlI}l with cousiderable
It &eClllil obvious that lIny                                                    misgiving liS to their ability
form of imprisonmcllt which                                                      to survive luud work, and
doe s !lot contemplate the                                                       laler (lll r i v l' considerable
regeneration of t1lu erimiual                                                    pride !rUlIl the knowledge
is but addiug another erime                                                     of thcir physical ftlnes,<i ond
by society to the mlllly com-                                                    t.he fact t hilt work is not
mitted by individuals.                                                           lH'e~sat'ily futal.
   I belieye the onlypllnaecu              FRED R,    SfiYMDUR
                                                                                     The illlluenee of tile road
 is worl; Ilot the mentally                                                     calli p in presorving diflCi-
degrading and nonobjective                                                       plinc withi.n the prisol1s CRn
toil ot breaking up rocks with hammers, encr-           not Ill' overestimated, a,~ the mnjority of the
VIning toil over rows of noisy, dusly aud               lIIell IIro .\Mi,"illj( for a t'ceord which will enable
unhealthful j u tc loom8, or manufacturing              them to recei"e rond camp B88iglllllont. Unfor-
commodities 10 be sold on the (1)('11 Illarket ill      ~uuat(,ly, however, the number that. Clln he flO
competition with fret labor, but rather work            used is but I\. small percentage ot the lutlll
that tekea those who hs'"e Cllrned the privi-           priSOJl I)Opulation, lind mallY dcscrving meD
lege, b)' 8 period of good behavior inside,            nrc doomed to 106e the benefit of this experi-
away from dip. prison wa1l8 into Ihe great Ol1t-       ence. A pCll>Sible way of exlendjng tilis work
UOOnl; healUI ful, illlerestinj{ and constructive      of rehahilitation may be in a Stllte plau of
work that Ullbuilds ph)·sically and spirituall,}·.      mountain reIorestation, where honor camps
I believe that worthwbile ""'ork in elose con-         could be C!Itabliilhed to supply tile labor"
tact nature is the surest way 10 hring                'l'he indh'idual mAy I\.'l.k, where does my
surC(l8se to troubled, t:mbittered and \'elll{clul      responsibility lie. and what can I do to help

: .....
.:                            ~OAL1l'ORZ,·lli         HIGHWAYS AN,":..:.""UCB:L:'C0:..:',",O:"CKCB=---                                 _

soh'c this problem' I would first suggest 8.
ml':ntal readjustment to the understanding                             New and Used Auto
thllt convicts are not a peculiar species unlike
our~-'ves, but are the brotbers and lIOns of
                                                                         Sales Increase Says
our !riends and neighbors, with hopes, loves
And ambitions such as our own. We can help
                                                                            Col. Snook's Report
by giving jobs to men paroled and diseharged,
and assist them with hoocst friendl'ihip and
encouragement, without unreasollable cxpee.
                                                                       1   -'HE general public is buying both new
                                                                             and l.I1iOO ears in much greater quantity
                                                                             tban a year ago!
                                                                         That is the oonclusion reaehed by the
   It is of vital importance to fl:Liminate (rom                       Division of Motor Vehicles in ita monthly
the mimI or the ml:tu who hlt8 "done time" a                           report to the Director of the Department of
acnBe of persecution and continued public                              Public Works.
condemnation. Be personally fl.'ela he hll6                               Colonel Snook reporU tha.t there iJ an
discbarged his debt a.nd is entitled to a fresh                        increase in registrations against the first five
start.                                                                 months in 1980 of 89,515, of which 27,217
  We can help by encouraging the enactment                             were classed lLS PLEASURE CARS.
of more en lightened legislation, and discour-                            An·incr-ease is also shown in tho number of
nge fooliflh'ln t.o curtail inilividlllll                transfers bandIed as of May 31st. In 1930
liberty and I'Csponsibility.                                           tbere were handled by the division 462,874
   Perhaps 8. little m<lre consideration for our                       transfers. whereas in the same period this
neighbors' problem!! and a littlc help and                             year 484,736 wp,re l11ade, an inerell1le of :tl,S62.
encouragement when most needed will ron-                                  Alwgtlhe.r the divisiun bas collected tor the
tribute greatly to the reduction of our -prison                        fint five months of this year $8,638,851 in
population.                                                            motor vehicle registration fees.
                                                                          During the month of May 6637 nontCRi-
                                                                       dent permits ""ere granted, bringing the total
CALIFORNIA'S RECORD IN                                                 number for 1931 to 27,741, an inerense of 396
                      MOTOR OAR OWNERSHIP                              over tbf' Mme fM'riod of ]930.
     C.lilOMIla stood ~Dd to New York in the DDm·
W of JIlI-1I.P" e..... tuicalM ud 00_ liec!lllC!d                             ROAD TROUBLE IN ARIZONA
durlDJ: LlIe 1elr ]930. aeoordillf to • tabnlatfOI put
out bJ' tbe 1iAiU!d Stat@ll Borea" of Publi" Ro.ds.
Out of 23,000.000 rqiKntiOQI for th~ tJ'~1 of
fthielM, OaIUorni. bad 1,810,000, ",bile New York                          A northe", ArillOna I'Oltd pai:l"ol fol'ft!llCl. npon
1:l.Id olb 150,000 1Mft.
     Odlfunlla, too, Ilhowel oue uf the blew llercent-
                                                                       be.lnlt relieved 01 bll dUlles. Wli    ed to         ".m
                                                                                                                            In II
                                                                       I'f'pnrt of ~njl,meal, ete., whleb be      turo.i.nS over
."el of IlIer_ onr 19"2D, the ~rd for the Gtlldeo                      to the De.. 'o.em... Tho lIuditor raeh'ed the fol-
Stitt beille 8." p'" emt 011 • total 111Cf'N811 of 61,000              lowing relKJrt:
onr the p!"t'l'10II' yetllr. Tbroosbollt the Nation the                                                               Feb.. 4, 1031.
pin 01'er HI2D "'." t'lDb 118 per ~t In total mowr
'I'eilide rqiltntion.                                                      "I Iler",by transfer to lhe lieIII' Plitrol Foremall tbe
     U Illotor (ruet. are added, Camonl" Ind Nell' York                lollowlq:
were the ooly two atatellto hl1'ol more than two million                   A ml_llaneou/I bunch of equipmenl, IIOme good,
Ik:eDllf!d mutur vehicle>! in Upo:nlUUIl lallt year. Tbe               IIOme bad. with nil lItta(hment& lind lI~lIOrl" Ihal
number or trucks io Califoroil nUlIlbered 230.000,                     hll1'c not 00e1l remo"ed or Dtolen.
nllPl'Ozimn.tely ]00,000 leM then ",eM opel'llted 10 New                   I alllO lransfer cerlain lIuim08ilice. not mentluued
York State.                                                            herein hUl later b1 duioull meanli will be made kno..n
                                                                       to tbe new Plltrol Foreman.
           CROSSING ACCIDENTS DROP                                         A1IIo a eertllio amou"t of grief caused by wroog
                                                                       dl!riCftI N.1'0rt.a, Indill'erenCl! to tbe job. lalklnl: too
   Orade croII~inr lIeMdenta in c.lifo",il durin&" thl'                IDlI(b and jealouaiea awont: hia bired liell/.
fint fiYe mOllths of 1001 totaled 001, I dtc:'l'eUll of                    AIM Ill!1"elllJ'-four lIIileli of road on wblch he maJ'
19.6 per eent below the 1930 diult ef 1202. leeordlllJ                 m1''', ...or1l: and .... _t tWeJlty·four bour$ II day if he
to ftl>ort compiled by Jo~b G. Hunter, TrUl.lPOrtI-                    ..i5htllo, I1nt it ....1Il loe tbe $.lUl1(' old nllld.
lIuo En&"i.o~f ur lbo: Railroao1     eu........
                                    i¥a.... n.                              I .1.. l",dIU to UlII my salary. tIIil1 btlnr the 01111
                                                                       tl'alulffcl that I r'elftt.
                                                                           Biped: Old Pltrol }'oreaau."
   ''The ~n," be      " ............. parlced  at lhe "do of the
road•• nd . . I (Ire near I eoul(1 hear        no*- of a    _nII;-
cte ...Ithln. I could hnr • MlJltle, prot.bly o! alllt, ud               The .«rap dtl2.en az>d 1>.110 .... tomobllo reeavoMlo
the m:.olllled"1lI" of • man. on.. bocl.)' or the car             more .uentloa dllJ"!q the retelll _Iooa of 1'l.I'kJua
.....yl'(l IIIChU" to Ind fro.       I heard .. c:u...... an4 thf:n.   eta~   leeu.... tur.. than any otIM.. plnae or bDr.llln at:tl ..-
acatn, tho ftul!le<l p& t cnpt a<.ttly a.round 10           II.J', u.e Erllltlrle TrIO<: Bul"t&u of H».rvard Untver-
tile lIlde, 1o‫ס‬ii:1.... Inlo lb. W'tlldo_. and      -                  e.itT ahowlnc that more lhaII 550t btl:.. __ lnu"l'l.hao.'"
    MIL man UT!J>c lo (old. road m.p lh                           It   In tho f01"l¥.... tcbt __ IN.,          of m_ Ill... itO
11<04 to-Dl"                                                           per 1lta.t4, pal'tatnilla' to motor , htd. tI'Ime.

                                       STATE OF CALIFORNIA
           Department of Public Works

          JAMES ROLPIT. JR.                                                                                                 Ooyeruor

          COLO:iEL WALTER E. OARRlSON                                                 •         ~                            Direetor
          JAMES 1. nERZ                                                                                         --Dcputy Director

                                                                                                SI'EXCER BURROUGHS, Attol"lIey
            DIVISION OF HIGHWAYS                                             EVERETT N. BnTANL. Hydraulic Eql_r.                           W .. tu
                                                                                    A. N. BURCH, IrTlc&t1oa JnvNttpUou
        CALll"OllNIA HICHWAV COMMISSION                                      H. JoJ. STAF1i'ORD. J<>&qul" WaUr
                                                                                            .                Su~
       EARL LEE KELLY, Chairman. Reddlu                                      GORDOX ZANDER, AdJvdklaUOII. Water DlatrtbuUOII
            llAIUtY A. UOPIGN8. Tat!                                                                .,
                                                                                  KATHlmlNE A. FEE.... .. ChW auk
       TlYOTHY A. REARDO:-I. San !h'a"cl8on
                                                                                        »ABEL Pt:J.Ul.TlIA~·. !her«a1'Y
          PHlLIP A. 8'TA.... TOX. Anabdm                                     a    T. HARDL'\I'O. lrr~UOII an4 8_tal In .. -.JpUou
           FRAXK A. TETLEY, Rlftrl""e
Co It. PURCELL., Stat" Hlal\....,. En~.eer, &cn.mento
          Ellie euLJ".Jo~""W ARD, S«nlarY
    In:CH K. lIcKEVJTT, Attorney, San Frluld_                                             DIVISION OJ' AROHITEOTURE
                                                                             GEO. ll. .lrlcDOlJO.A.LL. O ... f. 01.....1011 of ArehIUlctun
     O. T. II<:C01', I'rlnolpal Aaabl.afIt Er~r
                                                                                        I>. T. POACE, Aealatallt A",h1t.ct
           L. V. CUlPDELL,         omoaEul_r
                                                                                       W. K. DANIELS.         Dell\lty   Chler of   Dt~"'lon
  T. B.. STANTON. Materlal• •nd IteIeat1:h BnsI_r
  FRED J. GRUlUI', Enalnotr of Sun·e,.. and Plana                                                        H£AOQUARTCR8
          C. 8. POPE, Conatn>cU"n Enslnkr                                       H. W. DIlH.AVP.:N. Chief""" Dratum.ll
         T. FL D&.'\l:itS. llalnte...""" l':n.l...,.,r                                C. lL KROlIER, SU'lICtural EncIDMr
         CRA$. &, A.'l'DREW. 8<'ldlo Entrlneer                                    CARLETON PIItRgoN. Speclfteatloll Writer
       n. H. STAI.NAKJ::R. EQulp",ent Enl'lnoar                                            C. O. PALM. Chler CierI<
           &, II.. JOOGINS, Chl"r Aoeountant                                       C. E. BERG, EnlIIlMr, ltathnat.N aile! eo.ta
                DISTRICT ENGINEERS                                           J. W. DUTTON, GenuaJ Superintendent eonltrllctlon
     F. W. HASET.WooD, D'-trle:t I, Eureka.                                       W. IL ROCKlNCHAlI, M«hanleal Elll,lllleer
         H. S. COMLY, Dlatrlot II. n.dd1nl:                                  C. A. K'EXDEIlWNO. AIaIltant Meehanlcel Entrln_r
CHARLES IL WUITMOR):!:;, Dlatrlet llL &cramento                                     W. "- CALLAHAN, Electrical""r
    J. H. SKECCS, Olelrlet IV. San ~ ..I&oo
    L. H. GUI~ON. DIUrkt v. san Lv" Obl.po
        I:l. E. W A LUC&, Dl&trlet VI.                                        DIVISION OF MOTOR VEHIOLES
  S. V. COIt1'ELYOU, Dlltrlot VlI, Loa Anlteloa
 E. Q. SULLIVAN. Dlalrlot VIIt, San Dernardlno                                        FRANK O. SNOOK, Chlot
         F. O. 801llN£R, Dlltrlct IX. mmhop                                  E. RAYMOXD CATO, Superintendent of California
       n. m. PIEncs, Dlltrlot X. Sacramento                                                               HighwAY PAtrol
  General Hoadquarterl, Public Work" Blllllllni".
  Eleventh ani! P Str..,-- 8aenmento, C"lltol'Tllll.
                                                                                       DIVISION OF CONTRACTS AND
                                                                                             RIGHTS OF WAY

Ii:DWAnO HYATT, State £nal....., Chl.r o! Dimlon
                                                                                                    c.   C. CAIl.LSTON. Chl.f

        J. J.   HAL~'{.   Jr.. Admlnl.rall..e   ~~UI.Ilt
HAROLD CO:.KLINO, Oaput)' In Charge Water" R1&bU                                                    DIVISION OF PORTS
    A. D. EDlIO~8TON, n.putl' In Ohare. W'UeT
               ~uru. Inve.tlptlon
R. 1... JONES. Dlput)" 'n e ......... "1Q04 Control u:d                               Port or EureJ<a-Wllllam Clark. 8r•• Surve70r
                    Recl....atlon                                                           Pert of Blln ,,-.-Not app,I"t6d
   GEORGt: W. HAWLEY, J)eI);Ity In Cbarp Darna                                           Port oJ Sltn D1~co-Ed... 1n P. Sampl,e
                                                 uu........,.... ~ .......,.............. ,ca
                                                     . . . . . . . . . . .0 .. ". SlA11I _11'1110
'6116     1-S. '600                                          ...c ...... uno. ....

                                                        l.Z4 CT5.
                                                                                      p.,. cent
     G,neral Office Adml"l,tratl,,"                   ••_ _            1Ml,OOO CO        0.10
     'OI"I,lon "   Architfclur •••                         _        f,3,6!lO,OOO 00      ',24
     Phrl.len ,,' WHc' RClOurou                  .~            •      $8115,000 00       '.N
     Oi,,',l,,"of Po.u                                     _            13,OSO 00
     Olvl,l"n of Motor \'0111<:101       _                          13,115,.500 OD       ,.~
       Rtllletrltion                          'l,~iis,oooOO
       Cellfornl. HIgh""ll)' Patrol           $l."9.r.oo 00
     Oi"1.1,,n of H11I""")"                    ~         ~ __

       "dml""tratlen                     _    $1,035,171 57
       M,inu"a"CI __                          $5,412,452 59
      Co""""ctl"" , .. d R.conet,..."I!""    '2fi,6lll1.92~ 58
         Totaro                                             _
       • Indud. . .peel.1 'cprOprl,llona fer !mprov.manto••"p.ndit".... aup.rvloed
     by tI,. Dlvillon of Archll.ctur.,
       T"l. '"01)'110 I, of '''penditur... for yea. ending June SO, 1531.

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