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									 Drip Irrigation for
Third World Kitchen
  Richard D. Chapin
Executive Director Chapin Living Waters

  William A. Chapin
   President Chapin Watermatics Inc.
 In the 1970’s a simple
and inexpensive Bucket Kit
was developed. It was found
that a 5 gallon bucket one
meter above the soil would
provide enough pressure to
Irrigate 2 Rows 50 feet long !
The same Bucket Kit
can Also be Used For :
  4 rows 25 feet long
  6 rows 16.5 feet long
When it is first installed,
the bucket should be
filled 2 or 3 Times.
This makes a wet spot
at each outlet.
Then, a plant is transplanted
in each wet spot, so that
every drop of water goes
directly to a plant.
 Often the water used for
 Bucket Kits is rather dirty.

To overcome this, a 3 stage
 filtering system is used.
1st   Stage:
A Heavy Cloth is Tied
to the Top of the Bucket
2 nd Stage:
  A Screen Filter at the bottom of
  the bucket
3 rd Stage:

  An Internal Filter extending the
  full length of the Drip Lines.
The Drip Lines should be
installed with the outlets up.
This allows any Foreign particles
to fall to the bottom of the tape
where it can be flushed out the
Preparing the Bed
Laying the Drip Lines
Usually, filling the 5 gallon
bucket once in the morning
and once in the afternoon is
However, when the growth is large
and there is a very hot dry wind, it
might need a 3  rd filling.
Larger Field
Tomatoes in 2005
2005 is the 11th year that
this same Bucket Kit was
used in our test plot, and
in 2005 it produced nearly
 700 pounds of Tomatoes!
We are pleased to know that similar
 Kits are being manufactured in
 several countries.
We encourage more manufacturers
and organizations to help starving
people and get this type of simple
drip irrigation into their hands!
   No COMPANY or
can meet the needs of the
       Presented at
 The Irrigation Association
27th Annual International Show
    On November 7,2006
   San Antonio,TX USA

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