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Health Insurance
Health insurance is a misnomer. It should be called disease/illness/injury insurance.

It is only health insurance when it covers vaccines, cancer screening studies, and smoking cessation
programs. Health insurance companies are myopic. They do not see the value in keeping you healthy
through wellness programs. Some of the more progressive ones, and there are few, will cover gym
Like your auto insurance, health insurance does not cover routine maintenance. You have to decide
whether wellness maintenance is a worthwhile investment for you. Most of the work involved in
wellness maintenance will be done by you. We at the AgeWell want to be your coach. We’ll formulate
the game plan with your input and you are expected to execute it.

Health insurance is something that most people believe is a basic right. As I write this, the major
provisions of the health insurance reform bill have yet to take effect. It would be nice, and cost
effective, if this new plan covered wellness. I am not optimistic. Regardless of the changes, the same
system of disease care has been left in place.
I believe that everyone needs a basic level of health insurance to protect against catastrophic illness i.e.
cancer, major organ failure/transplant. Beyond that, you should provide your own health insurance. You
do that, not by buying an expensive policy, but by taking care of yourself. Exercise and eat sensibly
even if you are not overweight. If you are overweight, get back to a BMI of less than 25. Again diet and
exercise are the critical factors. Do not smoke or use any tobacco products. If you drink, drink in

The fact that most people have health insurance may be contributing to the development of illness.
People are not taking ownership of their health. “It’s insured!” If a problem develops, it will be fixed,
and beyond a small deductible, “it will not cost me anything.”

Most of the lab work ordered through the AgeWell will be covered by your health insurance. If the
AgeWell believes that a test is not likely to be covered, you will be advised before you go for the
testing. However, we cannot know all the different pluses and negatives of the myriad policies out
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