Lincolnshire’s first Business & Enterprise College

                                                                       Christmas 2009

Dear Parent/Guardian                         Students in the College Sixth Form
                                             achieved results that are the best ever
Examination Results                          produced by our young people. Almost
                                             half of all the grades attained by sixth
Those     two   emotionally   charged        form students were at the highest
Thursday mornings in August seem a           grades (A and B), which reflects not
distant memory now as the young              only the ambition and academic flair of
people involved have now moved on to         these young people but also a
universities, the College Sixth Form,        determination to make the most of
places of further education or               those abilities.
started out on their careers.
                                             For the fourth year in succession the
                                             young people in Year 11 achieved so far
                                             in excess of expectations that they
                                             performed in the top 10% of all
                                             students   nationally    according   to
                                             government value added measures.

                                             The details of these tremendous
                                             achievements can be found inside this
                                             Newsletter and we are equally proud of
                                             the fact that so many of our students
                                             achieve   well    academically   whilst
We are very proud that all of the
                                             developing into fine young people. All
hard work and commitment from our
                                             of this is grounded on strong
students, teachers and parents means
                                             partnerships with home; we thank you
that our young people move on with
qualifications that they can be very
proud of and which, for the vast
majority, have opened the door they
wanted opening into the next phrase
of their life.

                                         1                    Christmas Newsletter 2009
for that and we continue to try     and       Design Champions
develop that partnership in every   way
we can, including our ‘Parents      For       Winning one county wide and very
Learning’   Newsletter     and      the       prestigious   enterprise    competition
workshops at Parents’ Evenings.               (Lincolnshire Young Co-operatives) last
                                              term was wonderful but winning a
Premises/Caretaker                            second this term is quite magnificent.

Having a completed refurbished Sixth
Form Centre available to students and
staff at the beginning of the
academic     year    seems      highly
appropriate given the scale of
achievement of students already in
the Sixth Form and those joining it.

The major upgrade to a very
important part of the College site
allows    Mr   Turton,   our   senior
caretaker, to begin his retirement in         A team of Year 11 Design and
the New Year having presided over             Technology students from Branston
the management of a site that has             (Molly Brien, Jade Toulson, Sebastian
been transformed from the one he              Elliot and James Croft) finished ahead
inherited 25 years ago. From the              of teams from schools all across the
bleak beginnings Mr Turton describes          county by designing and making an
so vividly we now have a site that is         electronically controlled Pub Quiz
warmly complemented by so many                system.
visitors. It is a fine legacy and a
tribute to Mr Turton’s passionate             Providing fantastic support to our
commitment.                                   students through their many years of
                                              experience (Design and Technology
We wish him all the very best in his          rather than the pubs of course) were
retirement and thank him for all he           Mr Franck and Mr Turner and our
has given to this College for over a          congratulations go to them as well as to
generation.                                   our Design superstars.

                                                                        Mr P Beighton

                                          2                    Christmas Newsletter 2009
 HEALTH AND SAFETY WARNING                   Year 8 & 9 Art students. The students
                                             were inspired by the work of the artist
Regarding acrylic/false nails.               Gustav Klimt, producing sketches in the
                                             style of the artist and then produced a
We have been notified by Accident            large felt each based on their study.
and Emergency staff that acrylic             Students were taught how to plan, lay
nails/extensions are highly flammable        out and make their own multi-textile
and that they have recently had to           piece of felt. The final felts are going
treat young people who have suffered         to be displayed in the General Office
burns. Clearly some lessons, Science         and staff room.
and Food Technology for example, do
have occasions when naked flames are
in use. We therefore need to draw to
your attention this health and safety
issue so you are fully informed should
this be relevant to your child.

                      Mrs J Campbell

                                             Photography Students Let Loose!

During October, Louise Bell (fashion         The latest hands on initiative from
designer) completed a 2 day residency        Branston Community College, has seen
in the department working with               Sixth Form photographers from the
students in Years 11,12 and 13 on            Art department unleashed on the
fashion    and    textile techniques.        Lincolnshire community. The vocational
Students learned new skills and the          approach is to not only let the students
samples created will form part of            show off their talented skills in
their portfolios.                            photography, but to also give them an
                                             insight into the real world of
                         Mr L Brown
                         Head of Art
G & T Art Workshop                           The Year 13 students, William Corrigan,
                                             Rory Barr and Jack Skeet and Year 12
On 30th November, Carol Parker, a            students, Christopher Callan and
local Felt Artist came in for the day        Stuart Beezley, were invited to
to work with 24 gifted and talented          Washingborough Hall Hotel. They were

                                         3                    Christmas Newsletter 2009
let loose on the hotel with the task of
capturing professional images of the
gardens, hotel and architecture. This
allowed the students to independently
and innovatively decide which shots
they wanted to capture, as well as
using a variety of styles and finishes.

Getting out of the classroom and into
the community has really benefited
the students, as it has allowed them
                                              Ms Andrew, Miss Booty and 10 students
to apply the knowledge they have been
                                              went to Bishop Grosseteste College on
taught into a real life situation.
                                              17th November to collect the award.
                                              Anne     Fine,    critically  acclaimed
The students weren’t the only ones to
                                              children’s author, presented the award
benefit from the exercise as owner,
                                              and gave a speech on the importance of
Ed Herring, was allowed to choose his
favourite selection from the finished
                                                                        Ms D Andrew
portfolio of images. The photographs
can be viewed on display inside
                                              On the 1st October, some Year 13
Washingborough Hall Hotel from
                                              students   attended    a     brilliant
January 2010.
                                              performance of ‘Othello’, starring
                                              Lenny Henry at the Trafalgar Studios
                                              in London.    The trip was jointly
                                              organised with Branston Theatre
On Monday 2nd November, Branston
Community College received the
Rooted in Reading’s ‘Bookmark Award’.
                                                                        Mrs L Price
                                                               Joint Head of English
These are given to schools across the
county who have developed and
                                              How well do you speak?
promoted reading.       The English
department and Ms Andrew have been
                                              Speaking is something that we can all
introducing the Reading passports to
                                              do but are we really any good at it?
students and strengthening links with
                                              Four     students    from    Branston
the library, as well as many one off
                                              Community College took part in the
events celebrating the importance of
                                              regional round of the Cambridge Union
                                              Debating Society Competition. Alex

                                          4                   Christmas Newsletter 2009
Parker (Year 12), Alex Kent (Year 10),        further debating competition in Lincoln.
Molly Brien and Beth Alford (Year 11)         They presented a crafted, well
had the opportunity to travel to              supported and plausible argument about
Nottingham to debate against other            why examinations are not getting
teams from the region, some of which          easier. Their previous experience in
had huge experience in this type of           Nottingham assisted them in defence
competition.    It required them to           of their stand point. Despite a gallant
formulate arguments and ideas,                effort, they were unlucky not to go
present them in a clear and persuasive        through to the next round.
manner, ensuring that they convinced
the judge that their argument was             The Branston Debating Society is now
the most plausible. The topic of one          up and running - watch this space for
debate was known prior although               news of further success!
students did not know if they would
be in proposition or opposition and for                              Mrs C Hewerdine
second debate they were given 15
minutes to prepare and plan - this was        DESIGN TECHNOLOGY
no easy task.
                                              EISS County Design Challenge
I can safely say that these four
students can all speak well, in fact,         Jade Toulson, Molly Brien, Sebastian
brilliantly. Molly and Beth wowed the         Elliot, James Croft won this prestigious
judge with their quiet determination,         trophy and individual trophies for the
skilful manipulation of the topic and         design of their wireless electronic Pub
overall persuasive skills and are             Quiz game system called ‘Quiz Buzz’.
through to the next round. Well done!         After rigorous competition they have
It is unheard of for ‘debutantes’ in          been awarded best entry for the
this style of debating to be successful       competition over wide number of
on their first attempt. Alex and Alex         Lincolnshire schools.
were not as successful but put up a
good fight against very tough                 Branston Parish Council
opposition. All four students gained
great feedback; the skills developed          Sophie Straw, Katie Stuffins, Toni
during the course of the last few             Hewitt and Lauren Hennell have had
weeks will be invaluable in the future.       design work selected for commercial
                                              manufacture by Branston Parish Council
Alex and Alex (The A-Team) then had           and Arts NK. Their designs of street
the opportunity to take part in a

                                          5                    Christmas Newsletter 2009
furniture could well be coming to a           Christina Lombers, Michael Crummey,
street corner near you!                       Luke Elliott and Andrew Townsend.

Harley Dunning in Year 10 has been            The company that they will be working
awarded an Ipod as first prize for            with is EDF Power. They will first visit
designing the new Lincolnshire ELP            the site and talk to the engineers about
logo. Her design rolls of the printer         the problem.      The group will then
from Ruddocks after she has spent a           attend a 3 day workshop session at
morning working alongside the Graphic         Loughborough University to create the
Designer responsible for converting           solution to the problem. Mr Franck of
her final idea into electronic format.        the Design Technology department will
                                              be assisting the students throughout
Christina Lombers received her                the project.
Arkwright Scholarship award from
the Arkwright Trust - a bursary to                                        Mr J Franck
encourage her to study A Level Design
Technology and further study in the           On 1st December some Year 12 and 13
design industry. She follows in the           Food Technology students visited the
footsteps of Hannah Wharton and               Walkers factory to find out about
Vikki Houlden who received their              industrial food production.
second year bursary recently.
                                                                         Mrs J Woods
                        Mr S Turner           GEOGRAPHY
           Head of Design Technology
                                              The Geography department has been
Engineering Education Scheme                  busy. In October, Years 10 and 11
                                              Geographers accompanied by Mrs
Again this year the College is involved       Baxendale, Miss Saul and Mr Dooley set
with the Engineering Education                off for Italy. The schedule was quite
Scheme. The scheme allows a number            demanding but the students coped
of students to work with a company to         brilliantly. The sights and amazing
solve a problem. This year five Year          remains of Pompeii were not dimmed by
12 students applied.     After being          the drizzle and students gained a clear
interviewed by the area co-ordinator,         picture of the daily life of Pompeii
the     following   students      were        before the eruption of 79AD.
                                              Vesuvius was shrouded in mist and
                                              cloud whilst we climbed to the crater

                                          6                    Christmas Newsletter 2009
but the sun burnt through the mist            they were excited by new experiences
affording magnificent views over the          that they will remember forever.
Bay of Naples. Our guide theatrically
assured us that he spent more time            Norfolk Visit
worrying about paying his bills than he
did about the likelihood of Vesuvius          Norfolk was the chosen destination for
erupting again.                               Year 12 and 13. Holt Hall was used as a
                                              base.    Year 12 completed an urban
Not everyone enjoyed the hydrofoil            study of Cromer on the first day and a
trip to Capri, but once on dry land           river study on day 2, providing them
such recovery as was necessary was            with valuable data for their January
rapid. Capri itself was beautiful and         exam. Year 13 studies were focused at
students      researched        tourism       the coast. Day 1 was spent surveying
management, coastal scenery and the           and completing vegetation succession
vagaries of Italian bus services.             studies across sand dunes.          The
                                              conflicts      surrounding      coastal
The Tarrantela evening was enjoyed
                                              management provided rich material for
by all but especially Tom Ryder who
                                              discussion on day 2, as the students
ended up on the dance floor.
                                              visited heavily defended areas of
The Phlegraen Fields, not a typical           coastline, areas where sea defences
holiday        destination,      were         are being allowed to decay and a
extraordinary though Miss Saul was            designated site for a controversial wind
heard    to    comment      that  Mrs         farm at Wells.
Baxendale’s exceptional interest in
                                              The sixth form are further enriching
foul smelling residual volcanic hot
                                              their   geographical    knowledge   by
springs and fumeroles was a little
                                              attending the Lincoln Geographical
weird. The origins of Monte Nuovo,
                                              Association Sixth Form Conference.
the youngest volcano on mainland
                                              Lectures cover topics including Urban
Europe were explained in Italian with
                                              Regeneration, The Geographies of
a    simultaneous    translation  into
                                              Migration and Peat Bogs and Global
English. To their credit the students
                                              Warming.     The lectures are being
followed closely.
                                              delivered by Leeds University and
Sorrento proved a delightful base             students have the opportunity to speak
where the students could safely be            to the admissions tutor from Leeds.
given a little independent free time to
                                                                   Mrs H Baxendale
explore. A straw poll of the students
                                                                  Head of Geography
suggested that they enjoyed the visit,
that the views were breathtaking and

                                          7                    Christmas Newsletter 2009
PERFORMING ARTS                              PHYSICAL EDUCATION

The Year 10, 11, 12 and 13 Performing
                                             Team Achievements
Arts students went to London on
Thursday 26th November to see Billy
                                             YEAR 8 FOOTBALL TEAM
Elliot at the Victoria Palace Theatre.
Having left school at 6.30 am the
                                             What a year in the National Cup. We
students were taken to Pineapple
                                             are through to the last 64 after some
Studios near Covent Garden to take
                                             thrilling results in recent weeks,
part in a dance workshop taken by two
                                             including an injury time equaliser, a
members of the cast of Billy Elliot.
                                             penalty shoot-out win and a last gasp
                                             winner. There were 873 teams in the
                                             competition at the start, so the
                                             achievement is fantastic. Also two wins
                                             from two in the league and progression
                                             to the quarter final of the county cup,
                                             where a weakened team fell to their
                                             first defeat.     This team has been
                                             excellent so far and it is great to see
                                             some boys in the team, who may not
                                             achieve as well in lessons, show such
The workshop took the students               commitment, impeccable behaviour and
through an energetic warm up and             a real desire to win for the school.
then they were taught part of the
finale of the show. After an hour of         YEAR 7 FOOTBALL TEAM
dancing they were then given the
chance to chat to the dancers about          A mixed start to this season. Exit
what it is like to perform in the West       from the county cup in the first round
End; this gave the students a great          on penalties to a strong St Georges
insight into the life of a west end          side. However, 2 wins, a draw and an
performer. After a brief lunch we            unlucky defeat in their first 4 league
then made our way to the theatre to          games shows promise for the future.
watch a fantastic performance of
Billy Elliot.      A memorable and           YEAR 9 FOOTBALL TEAM
inspirational experience for all.
                                             A disappointing season so far. Exit
                                             from the national cup in the first
                                             round. a poor start to the league

                                         8                   Christmas Newsletter 2009
campaign. However, progression to              BASKETBALL       AND      BADMINTON
the quarter final of the county cup.           TAKE OFF
There may be silverware yet.
                                               There has been a real surge in interest
YEAR 10 FOOTBALL TEAM                          in Basketball and Badminton in the
                                               College this year. It was a key aim of
After an excellent season last year            Mr Foot to push these sports this year
the boys have made a decent start to           and funding was acquired from Sports
their league campaign. Two wins, and           Unlimited to hire in coaches to run
a draw from their games so far.                after school clubs. both have been a
                                               great success and it is fantastic to see
LEADERSHIP ACADEMY                             so many students enjoying less
                                               heralded areas of PE.           At one
This year has seen the launch of the           Basketball session we had over 45
Lincolnshire     and     Gainsborough          students - FANTASTIC
Leadership Academy for Sport. This
is for selected Year 10 students who           This had led to Year 9 and 11 teams at
show     outstanding    qualities     of       Basketball and both started off with
commitment, attitude and effort in             great wins against Cherry Willingham
PE. Their role will be to be at the            School.   We also played Badminton
forefront     of     developing       PE       matches against Queen Elizabeth
opportunities in the Sports Zone over          Grammar, Gainsborough and although
the next 2 years. They will help run           we lost a close fought contest, the
Primary Festivals for our feeder               boys showed great promise for the
schools, coach in these schools and be         future.
expected to play leading roles in all PE
lessons. It is a great achievement to          NO MORE PE KIT SOLD IN SCHOOL
be selected and the students are:
                                               We will no longer be selling the
Lead Male: Callum Warnock                      branded PE kit directly from the PE
Lead Female: Abi Bourne                        department. The venture was no longer
Academy    Members:        Charlotte           financially viable and very time
Abernethy, Hannah Miller, Alex King,           consuming     for    the   department.
Tom Marnie, Stuart Longmate, Jake              However, the exact same high quality
Smith, Shelley Goodwin and Matt                kit is still available from Justins in
Hodson.                                        Lincoln.

                                           9                    Christmas Newsletter 2009
                                                 The Year 8/9 team reached the final
So far this school year the girls                of      the     Yarborough     6-a-side
Netball teams have played Robert                 tournament, the Year 11 team reached
Pattinson, Cherry Willingham, North              the semi-finals of the Yarborough 6-a-
Kesteven, Witham Academy and Trent               side. The Year 7/8 team beat Trent
Valley.                                          Valley 17-5 in a 6-a-side match held at
                                                 Branston. The Year 7/8 team finished
We are now running teams from Years              third in the Lincoln City Community Cup.
7 through to 11 and so far have had
several strong performances from                 ABBIE    REACHES              ENGLAND
Emma Ritchie and Jess Bleasdale in               STANDARD
Year 7, Shannon Downey and Becky
Hackney in Year 8, Liz Evans and Beth            As well as team successes we also
Reynolds in Year 9, Shelly Goodwin in            celebrate the individual success of
Year 10 and Molly Brien in Year 11.              Abbie Murrell in Year 8 who has
                                                 performed exceptionally well for her
We have managed to achieve some                  school, the Lincoln City Girls Centre of
good wins over Witham, Trent Valley              Excellence and has now been selected
and Cherry.     However, not totally             for the England Under 15s training
satisfied, the younger girls have been           camp at the very young age of 12.
training twice a week ready for                  Abbie was the youngest player to
fixtures in March where we aim to                attend this camp and has since receive
beat the likes of Robert Pattinson and           excellent feedback. Abbie is expected
North Kesteven.                                  to receive another call up in the Spring.

GIRLS FOOTBALL                                                           P E Department

Girl’s football has really taken off this        Shoeboxes
year with 16 girls regularly attending
                                                 Students filled over 50 shoeboxes for
lunchtime clubs and 12 attending
                                                 Link Romania to deliver to families for
Jamie Forrester’s Futsal club after
                                                 Christmas. Some students generosity
                                                 was heart warming.

Girls at all age groups have                                                  LBlagrove
experienced some success so far and                                Head of Upper School
we aim to do better as the year

                                            10                    Christmas Newsletter 2009

Could I please remind all students
that you must bring the following
items with you when sitting any

       A black pen (you must only use a
        black pen during an exam)
       HB pencils
       Clear/see-through pencil case
       Calculator (if required)
       Ruler                                   EVERY STUDENT MATTERS GROUP
       Rubber etc
                                                The group are currently very busy
Please remember, if you have any                organising their Christmas Lunch for
mobile phones, MP3 players etc with             some of the elderly people of Branston,
you on the day of your exams, then              which will take place here at the
you MUST ensure that they are                   College on Monday 14th December.
turned off and given to the exam
invigilator, or left in your bag at the         We have had wonderful support from
back of the exam room.                          the following organisations:

Students should know that if they are           Lincolnshire   Co-op,     Sainsbury’s,
caught with any of these devices, the           Wilkinson’s, Lidl,   Morrison’s   and
exam paper they are sitting will                Waitrose. Thank you.
receive a mark of ZERO from the                                           Mrs J Woods
relevant exam board!

Thank you                                       Gifted and Talented Club/Activities

   Mr J Terry - Examinations Officer            Please see the timetable at the back of
                                                this newsletter.

Year 7 raised £1530 for LEPRA
during a charity workout. This was a
record amount raised by Branston
Community College, with a record
number of students involved.

                                           11                   Christmas Newsletter 2009
        COMMUNITY NEWS                          teenagers. They are simply a talking
                                                book on an MP3 player and have been
Branston Community Day Nursery                  very popular, especially during long car
                                                journeys! All you need is a set of
The Children in the Nursery have had            headphones and a battery, both of
another busy term.        They are              which we sell at the library if required.
currently   preparing    for   their            Titles include Jacqueline Wilson’s
Christmas show and party on                     “Candyfloss” and Phillip Pullman’s “The
Wednesday 16th December.                        Ruby in the Smoke”.
Learn Direct
                                                The library catalogue is on-line which
Please see the flyer at the back of             makes it easy for you to order any
this newsletter                                 books you want from the comfort of
                                                your own home. You can even register
Branston Library                                on-line and pick up your card from the
                                                library. It only costs 25p to reserve a
You will receive a warm welcome at              book on the Internet, or 35p from the
Branston Library, whether you are a             library itself.    You can renew your
student, teacher or parent. It is free          books on-line too. If you are under 19
to join the library and you don’t need          years of age and in full-time education,
to bring any ID with you. Once you              all reservations are free.
have joined, you can use your library
                                                We provide fax and photocopying
card in any library in Lincolnshire. You
                                                facilities and we have computers where
can also return your books to other
                                                you can access a wide range of on-line
libraries if it is more convenient to do
                                                resources including Ancestry, who’s
                                                Who and a variety of encyclopaedias
                                                and dictionaries.     We also sell an
You can now take up to 40 items out
                                                excellent range of reasonably priced
on your card, so come and see our
                                                greetings cards and posters. If you
wide selection of books, tapes and
                                                need to contact us with any enquiries,
CD’s. We also have the Governor’s
                                                the Customer Service Centre handles
Resource Collection here which
                                                all our calls. They are able to renew
provides up-to-date information for
                                                and reserve books and deal with many
school governors or anyone thinking
                                                other     library   related     enquiries,
about applying to be a governor. We
                                                including details of mobile library visits
have recently acquired a fantastic
                                                in your area. Their telephone number is
range of junior digital audiobooks,
                                                01522 782010. There is a reminder of
suitable for older children and
                                                our opening hours of the nearest

                                           12                     Christmas Newsletter 2009
libraries to us at the back of this                      TERM DATES
newsletter. The library is also open
to    Branston   Community    College
students on Tuesday and Thursday                             TERM 3
lunchtimes between 12.45 and 1.10 pm.          Monday 04/01/10 to Friday 12/02/10

                     Juddith Hibbitt           Half Term: Monday 15/02/10 to Friday
                    Site Coordinator                        19/02/10

                                                             TERM 4
          SURVEY                              Monday 22/02/10 to Thursday 01/04/10

                                             Bank Holiday: Friday 02/04/10 and Monday
It would be very much appreciated if                          05/04/10
you would complete the attached
                                              Easter Break: Friday 02/04/10 to Friday
survey form and return to Mrs
Campbell at the College. Thank you.

                                                             TERM 5
                                               Monday 19/04/10 to Friday 28/05/10

We currently have a vacancy for a               Bank Holiday: Monday 3rd May 2010
Parent Governor on our Governing
                                               Half Term: Monday 31/05/10 to Friday
Body. If you are interested, Please                         04/06/10
contact Helen Marriott at the College
for the relevant paperwork.                                  TERM 6
                                               Monday 07/06/10 to Friday 16/07/10

                                        13                    Christmas Newsletter 2009

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