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Drill Press Safety - TeacherWeb


									             Drill Press Safety!

1. What are we going to do today?
Drill Press safety: components & safety rules
2. Why is this important?
Safe use of the Drill=no injuries, no damage
3. How we are we going go over material?
Teacher lecture, student exploration &
4. How will we know if we got it?
Successful completion of the student study guide!
      Drill Press Components
1.   Pilot Feed Lever
2.   Switch
3.   Chuck
4.   Drill Bit
5.   Table
6.   Column
7.   Base
8.   Spindle Pulleys Located inside
9.   Safety Guard
         The “Big 6” Safety Rules
The 6 rules listed below are for all shop tools and machines!!

1. Teacher permission
2. 100% on the safety test
3. Safety glasses (are a required-NO
4. All guards in place
5. Tie back long hair, remove loose
   dangling jewelry, no loose clothing                       (safe

6. Report all injuries no matter how
          Drill Press Safety Rules

 7. Never touch the drill bit- sharp!
 8. One person operating drill at a time
 9. If drill bit breaks or material is caught on the
   bit- turn off machine!
10. Clamps MUST be used to hold material.
11. Turn off before cleaning drill
12. Use jig if provided.
   Review Time!
1. What is the first safety rule to follow
   prior to using the drill press?
2. What safety equipment must be worn?
3. What is the purpose of the machine guards?
4. What is unsafe about long hair, loose clothing/jewelry?

5. Why should all injuries be reported, no matter how small?
6. Why should you not touch the drill bit, moving or
7. How should the drill guides be adjusted?
8. What should be done if the bit breaks?

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