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					          INVISIBLE FORCES


  The secretive/furtive individual(s) and power(s)
   behind the chaos in the world finally exposed.
               The conspiracy truths unravelled!

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"Write your own story and help change the world"
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Chapter 1. Introduction

In this short book I wish to confront some of the biggest threats to human civilisation.
I will expose the furtive forces behind the chaos and confusion in the world; I will
name and shame. I will suggest strategies to defeat the enemy. Contrary to common
belief, these forces are not invincible. Mankind is endowed with the power to rid our
civilisation of this scourge.

I have been in conflict with myself for a considerable period of time, unsure about
making this startling revelation. Through revealing this secret, I have no idea who is
going to turn on me. It could be my own family. I have often heard the network is so
invisible and undetectable. People very close to you may be operating in tandem with
this force.

If we want to change things, we must not hoard knowledge; we must liberate it. The
bible calls us to be the light of the world. “ No one lights a lamp and puts it under a
basket, instead a lamp is placed on a stand, where it gives light to everyone in the
house”. Mathew Chapter 5 verse 15. What is knowledge I ask, if I cannot share it with
my brethren and help advance the human race?

This secret force has been hiding right under our noses for millennia. For aeons, we
have been unknowingly feeding this force giving it power and allowing it to grow
stronger and stronger. Like a masterful magician this force and its network has
craftily made use of two simple deception tactics for total concealment.

The first tactic is that of mixing truth with error. The skilled magician often mixes
truth with error when performing tricks such as cold reading to deliberately confuse,
convince and trick the audience. Often when truth is mixed with error people take
the following detrimental options.

       Reject the whole as a lie

       Take the part of the truth in the whole as a lie and reject the truth in the
       whole as the lie

       Accept the whole as the truth

True wisdom requires people to discern the truth as truth in the whole, and the lie as
lie in the whole and be able to separate the two.

"Write your own story and help change the world"
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The second is sleight of hand. The master magician will make us focus our attention
in one way, whilst doing another thing. How many times has the world made loud
proclamations of having uncovered the invisible forces? Over and over again, the
evidence has proven contrary to the purported uncovering. This invisible force is so
cunning that it has managed to send humanity on a wild goose chase. This invisible
force is not in deep outer space, in another realm, or deep within the earth as we
would like to believe. Surprisingly it is right here with us now and always, watching
our every move. Relentlessly it is guiding mankind on a course that can only lead to
destruction due to selfishness and greed.

This force is so powerful that it has full access to our minds. It takes a lot of effort
and will, not to come under its control. Who knows when it strikes? Revealing these
deep secrets for me is like opening Pandora ’s Box. I sometimes ponder but I have
already started to write and my will drives me to continue with this most amazing

Prepare to be shocked. Who am I sometimes I ask; to be the one to expose this
system? I am on a divine mission to completely strip naked this force. This is a heavy
burden I carry on my shoulders I assure you. However, I am sure if you were in my
shoes, you would do the same to ensure a better world not only for you and me, but
future generations.

How do I know about the identity of this secretive force you may ask? This is a
confession that I have to make here and now. In our primordial state we used to be in
control of this force. Not long ago I used to be under the full control of this power. I
know most of you are asking if I am crazy making a public confession and exposing
dark nefarious forces to the public. I have heard how when people exit secret
societies, either they lose their lives, or their lives change in ways more horrific than
the most terrifying tragedies the human mind can imagine.

I used to be completely under the grip of this force, unable to control my life. I was
like a puppet following orders from this power. This only led to pain and suffering for
not only me but a lot of people around me. Since my new life, I can’t even fully
proclaim whether I am totally free of its hold. If you are not ready for the revelation I
am about to make in this book, please do not continue on. Rather close this book and
continue leaving your life of pretence. However to quote from my favourite movie
the Matrix, “That there is something wrong with the world. You don't know what it
is, but it’s there, like a splinter in your mind, driving you mad."

If you are brave enough to continue, I salute you. The more people who can help
expose this force, the more its power weakens. Maybe just maybe, you might be the
individual required to tip the scale in our favour so we can truly realise the ‘kingdom
of heaven on earth’.

"Write your own story and help change the world"
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In Chapter 2, I reveal what the world thinks about this invisible force(s). However, I
assure you that most of this is just bollocks and a bunch of half truths. It is none
other than the sleight of hand in operation. Our attention has been misdirected. In
Chapter 3, I gross over world systems how these powers have influence over
everything from religion, society, politics and economics. For the benefit of those
who walk around half asleep, I hope this expose will help you to see that something is
truly wrong with the world.

I make this book short and precise. I believe there is too much material out there on
the workings of this force. The only difference being, the world has been getting the
identity of this power completely wrong!

"Write your own story and help change the world"
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Chapter 2. Of Invisible Powers

The internet is abuzz with conspiracy theorists. The more vocal of these theorists
have stories with a grain of truth in what they detail. However, I assure you they
don’t quite hit the spot. Maybe you think I have limited knowledge hence why I am
taking a divergent opinion to a majority of world views.

Who can tell me about theories of Reptilians? A nefarious group of aliens who are
said to occupy the 4th dimension. The Reptilians are said to control the authority
figures on our planet. Some claims go as far as stating that, we are a creation of
theirs through genetic manipulation.

Who can tell me about the illuminati, and the freemasons? These secret forces are
believed to be the powers behind revolution in the world. The sole aim is to create a
pyramid structure with them as the elite right at the top. But wait! These are said to
be mere individuals, just like me and you. Where then do they seem to get the power
to roll-out agendas of the scale we see on our planet, war, poverty, misery and

Who can tell me about the impending New World Order? A world without freedom.
Man reduced to mere animals, bar-coded slaves. The Christian church is said to be
behind this scheme. Then there are claims that aliens, the royal families, world
leaders, mystical beings are in it as well. Seriously who is it really? What about the
so-called Anti-Christ? Sadly, most candidates have died such as Saddam and Osama.
The speculative lists include and have included George Bush, the Pope etc you name
them. People wake up and seek the real truth!

Certainly, one thing I know for sure is, a lot of the conspiracy theorists out there
seem to all contradict each other. There is no agreement in terms of who really the
secret force(s) are, how they operate and where they draw their power from.
Obviously this can only point to all of their theories being mere speculation and half
truths. These people are just merely clutching at straws.

Can the internet be trusted? You see the problem with the internet, anyone can be an
authority, and anyone can post anything. There are just too many half-baked truths.
With this information overload, it is very difficult for humanity to use discernment
and distinguish truth from error. People post material to gain fame, attention, push
their views and most importantly, the real powers/forces use this to deceive us.

I know you hear me, but listen! This is the conspiracy truth. Everything you have
been told about this invisible force is far from the truth. Forget the pyramid system

"Write your own story and help change the world"
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with an elite group of people at the top. This is just to give us a splinter of hope that
we far outnumber the enemy. The truth is there are millions in fact even billions of
these invisible forces. Mankind has a behemoth task. I can only wish that every eye
that reads this message listens and takes heed.

Forget the Bilderberg or other secret meeting places. Their meetings are carried out
in plain sight. They meet in houses, in homes, in the hotel rooms, in pubs, in
churches, in parliaments, at universities, etc. They meet regularly to scheme without
ceasing. Who will fall, who will rise, who will gain, who will lose? It’s all part of a
crafty little game of distorted truths and agendas.

There are no initiations, rites of order etc. No higher knowledge, no screenings, not
even bloodlines. Nothing! For how can something that seems so organised breed
chaos. The chaos we see on the level of how our world is rapidly transforming into
the Wild Wild West can only arise from an extremely wild entity. Neither can a sheep
give birth to a pig nor the vice versa! Entry is open to all and sundry who are willing
to tune or tap into the frequency.

No covens, no quorums are required to enact deadly and destructive schemes. A
single individual tapped into the frequency can unleash unparralled suffering on the
entire human race, either directly or through the immutable law of cause and effect.

Yet only mortal, this force wields powers of unfathomable proportions. Who can
challenge it? Who can derail it before it’s too late? No! The target of this group is not
the wealthy, the enlightened, the educated, political and religious leaders. It is
yourself, your wife, your father, your mother, your child, your brother, your sister,
your neighbour etc. Anyone! This force is bent on not only controlling everyone but
also destroying humanity by sabotaging humanities divine potential.

In the next Chapter I gross over the current world system. Am I keeping you in
suspense? Maybe this hint will help you determine who this force is. As documented in
the Bible during early civilisation. Mankind gathered together at the tower of Babel to
build a tower to reach the throne of God. In this story I don’t recall anything about
aliens driving this campaign; no mention of angels; no mention of mystical beings; the
illuminati or world leaders. Mankind, meaning a large number of individuals who had
a common purpose and agenda gathered at Babel.

"Write your own story and help change the world"
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Chapter 3. World systems

Power corrupts absolutely. Corruption and entitlement syndrome are rife in young
democracies. Whereas, in older democracies bigotry and bureaucracy are the norm.
Governments from most nations are the subject of one scandal after another amidst a
myriad of failures.

Majority of world politicians are under the grasp of this force and couldn’t care less
about the ordinary person. Most politicians are in some insane race to grab, plunder
and enrich themselves at the expense of the very people they claim to serve.

In Africa and other third world countries, government services and essential services
have collapsed or are inherently on this path. Surprisingly the combined wealth of top
government officials is so immense and far outstrips the amount of money required to
resuscitate these services. Dictatorships rise and fall all over the world not without
collateral damage. Selfishness and greed being the major fuel behind these systems.

Promise after promise, the only thing consistent about most politicians under the
grasp of this force is their lies. Who seriously amongst you can lie over and over again
without a guilty conscience? I can tell you it is only one who is under the hold of this
force. How many friends, family, neighbours of yours have risen to positions of power
and suddenly changed? Yes, you guessed right. Once in power, they are soon
recruited into this furtive society.

The politics of nations only seems to lead to war. Nations with power seem to be
concerned with imposing their will on weaker nations. Constantly stronger nations
bully weaker ones to get what they want. Weaker nations seem to be willing to
sacrifice their own people in order to prove a point. Democracy a popular word of our
age, still remains elusive. The needs of politicians are placed before those of the
general public.

"Write your own story and help change the world"
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"Only after the last tree has been cut down, the last river poisoned and the last fish
caught, will you find that money cannot be eaten." Cree Indian Prophecy

How ironic it is that, money has the potential to solve most of our problems yet it
does the reverse. Money has become a god that is worshipped by all members of this
society. Money is the tool through which all the control and manipulative agendas of
an insidious nature are executed.

The economics of today is very skewed. However most of us are under the hypnotic
state of this force so we don’t realise. Just look around at how, capitalism has led to
the destruction of our beautiful planet earth. All in the name of wealth accumulation
and development. There is an ever widening disparity between the rich and the poor.
For all of you who are Christian does not the story of the rich man and Lazarus say
something to you?

Most countries are over indebted, due to the greed that runs in the veins of the
banking system. Banks and the financial markets increasingly place most countries in
volatile situations that threaten economic collapse. What for, immediate profit? Have
not derivative products and other instruments been labelled, financial weapons of
destruction? How many times must the poor leave under constant fear of imminent
financial collapse in so-called developed countries?

Slavery is still alive, this secretive society, has just made it more acceptable. How
many companies make super profits from child labour? How many big corporates make
money paying minimum wages that barely allow their employees to survive? All this
whilst the fat cat members under this force, get richer and richer. As their wallets
get bulgier and bulgier so do they get fatter and fatter.

No, I am not a communist. Neither communism nor capitalism in its current forms can
save the economic systems of our days. Only through ridding our planet of this force
can we save ourselves. I feel pity! One only needs to look at impoverished countries
such as Ethiopia and see that something deeper is at work here.

Social Dynamics
World over, the basic family unit and community have collapsed. What do you expect
when children are brought up without values? Future generations can only degenerate
at an exponential rate.

"Write your own story and help change the world"
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Look around, violent crimes, criminality, fraud, corruption, chaos are the order of
the day. Communities are no longer important, it is truly the law of the jungle that is
ruling now. Eat or be eaten!

Nature spawns and embraces diversity but mankind nowadays has intolerance for
such. Racism, reverse racism, fascism, sexism, bigotry, xenophobia, homophobia,
tribalism and all forms of discrimination are being promoted daily by this dark force.

Religious leaders who are under its grip divert mankind’s attention from striving to
seek true spirituality. They constantly drive people to accept the lies of this force. I
can go on for pages, rather let me just reveal this furtive force.

"Write your own story and help change the world"
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Chapter 4. Named and shamed

Truth is really stranger than fiction. You have always known but have continually
deluded yourself, in all your pomp and glory or self piteous state. When I discovered
this entity it crashed me to the core that everything I had been taught was a lie. I
took it badly and even penned a short book “ Delusions of Grandeur; Is Man a Mere
Animal with an Over-Inflated Ego?” Having to see names of people I trusted, loved
and admired on the list of this secret/furtive list, crashed my being.

Rather than provide you with a long list of names, I will reveal two very important
people who are members of this society. Are you ready? Yes, one of them is myself as
I have alluded to in the introduction. The other is none other than YOU! Yes YOU!
Don’t act surprised. I feel sorry for all the pain you have inflicted on your so-called
loved ones.

This is not a joke, the time for joking is over. Who when faced with a lion in the bush
considers it a laughing matter and hopes to joke his way out? You run for your life,
with your life. The world is at the crossroads and no joke will tilt our future course
and steer us to safety amidst the impending crisis we face as humanity.

The individual is you and the power is the unchecked ego or self as more commonly
stated. The ego is responsible for giving us the illusion of separateness in this
temporal physical realm during our lifetime. However, because everything is and is
not at the same time, the very important role of the unchecked ego lends itself to
most if not all of our destructive tendencies.

The reason the ego has gone undetected almost like a secret society is because it is
very good at pointing fingers. How many times do we blame the chaos of the world on
others or imaginary secret societies when in actual fact all of us are playing a part
knowingly or unknowingly. Yes I am talking to you, who underpays your workers. Yes I
am talking to you the genius who is busy looking for ways to make bombs more

How many of you out there, can really admit that they give proper guidance and
attention to their kids? How many of us are not driven by greed? How many of us
swear by the law of the jungle, preying on the weak in the skewed belief that either
trick or be tricked? Now you want to tell me the problems of the world is a secret
society? Go be a comedian somewhere else please!

It’s time for humanity as a collective to grow up and take responsibility. This trick
may have worked when you were a child to blame an imaginary entity when you did

"Write your own story and help change the world"
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wrong. Not anymore! You my brother/sister are the reason the world is the way it is

Wake up! Get to know the immutable law of cause and effect. I had a friend who
stayed in the same road with his boss. He was always late for work because he would
have a fight with his wife every morning. Rushing to arrive before his boss, he would
always cut his boss in the morning. At work the boss would always complain about an
arrogant idiot who was a threat to his life. This would sour the boss’s day and he
would take it out on his employee. The boss hardly finished his work and piled it onto
his subordinate, who was always late at home. Agitated because of the tension at
work he would take it out on his wife at home. Guess who the wife was taking it out
on, our supposed bright future generation? What future is there I ask?

Need I go into more examples of how you and create numerous unintended
consequences, through selfishness and general lack of awareness.

"Write your own story and help change the world"
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Chapter 5. The Solution

Knowledge is Power. Now that you know who the dark force is, you are as equally
guilty as the people you blame. Stop blaming the chaos in the world on others it’s
your responsibility to help make a difference. “ Be the change you want to see in the
world,” Mahatma Ghandi.

We all have the potential to subjugate the ego. The ego is not an enemy but a
necessary entity on whom our will needs to be applied. We need to work at purifying
our hearts, minds and soul if we are to experience heaven on earth.

Love is the only true divine law that can liberate us. If you love your neighbour as you
love yourself, you will not demean him/her, be jealous, spite him/her, and spread
malicious gossip about him/her. You will not generate thoughts that will cause you to
act in detrimental ways.

It takes awareness to be able to work on your character and personality. How often
do we listen to ourselves when we talk to others. If videos of our lives are to be
played out at the end of each day, we would hardly recognise ourselves. The hate,
pride, malice, that comes out of you would shock you. A proper grounding in
awareness will allow you to think before you talk and act. How often do we take time
before we react, not thinking about the consequences.

I could go and on about the ego, but I certainly am not an authority. All I wanted was
to reveal to you is that you are causing the chaos in the world knowingly or
unknowingly. I make a plea to you to change! There are many good books about the
ego, such as Eckhart Tolle’s, A New Earth. The Bible is another when read without
the indoctrination of dogma and creed. I am in no way endorsing these books, I am
just directing your attention to where I got a good grounding on learning about the
ego and how to subjugate it.

You actually don’t need a book to know the ego is there and has a firm hold on you.
Study yourself and others everyday to learn more about the ego, you will see! The
important thing is for you to practice love in your daily life. To be more aware of your
thoughts, beliefs, actions and deeds. Make a commitment to become a better person
for the sake of this earth and humanity.

Take the first step to renewing your mind and write your own story and change the

"Write your own story and help change the world"

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