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          Sowing and reaping
           What is our part?
• Sowing the seed, watering the seed and reaping
  that’s our part to play
• But we cannot produce the harvest, we are not
  able to give growth to a seed sown
• That is GOD’s business
• 1Corinthians 3VS6-7
• I planted the seed, Apollos watered it but GOD
  made it grow. So neither he who plants nor he
  who waters is anything but only GOD who
  makes things grow
• GOD works differently from us. His ways are not our
  ways. While we expect to get everything there and then
• In the spiritual realm patience is part of GOD’s program
• There is a time period between sowing and finally
  reaping the harvest
• TIME is crucial in the principle of sowing and reaping. It
  cannot be bypassed or overlooked
• We reap in a different season than we sow
• There are seasons to life
• Ecclesiastes 3vs2
• ….a time to plant and a time to uproot
• As children of GOD to survive this period
  to harvest time we need to have patience
• Patience is a fruit of the Spirit
• James 5vs7
• Be patient therefore brethren unto the
  coming of the LORD, behold the
  husbandmen waits for the precious fruit of
  the earth and hath long patience for it until
  he receives the latter rains

• Our role during this period of waiting is to trust in the
  providence of GOD that he will bring a harvest for the
  seed sown
• This is not a very easy task
• Waiting is very important and only those that wait will
  receive in due season
• PSALM 145vs15
• The eyes of all wait upon thee and thou givest them their
  meat in due season
• Galatians 6vs9
• Do not be weary in well doing for in due season you shall
  reap if you fail not
• Challenges we face –why it is difficult to wait
• 1. We are used to instant gratification. We are used to instant of
  everything that the idea of waiting is foreign to us
• We are living in a time of instant coffee, credit cards
• If we wait for more than 5 minutes it’s a reason to complain and
• As children of GOD we have to be patient
• Sometimes we are eager to rush GOD’s plans
• When we do not wait we take matters into our hands.
• We run ahead of the LORD
• We start to work long shifts or employ our own strategies and
• We want to reap without sowing. We must resist the urge to go out
  and dig up the seed just to see if its sprouting
• 2. Waiting is difficult because we cannot actually see what is
  happening to the seed we have planted
• When a seed is in the ground the Farmer cannot see when the
  seed produces roots or know when it will shoot up
• Mark 4VS26
• …If a man should cast seed into the ground and should sleep and
  rise night and day the seed should spring and grow up he knoweth
  not how
• It is the same with us GOD does the growing of the seed in his own
  time and we do not know how he is doing it
• As Christians we do not walk by sight but by faith
• If we base our decisions on what we see we will be discouraged
• The apparent absence of immediate results must not discourage us
  because GOD is always up to something
• We live by faith, not by sight
• Hebrews 11vs6
• And without faith it is impossible to please GOD
  because anyone who comes to him must first
  believe that he exists and that he rewards those
  that earnestly seek him
• John 20vs29
• ….blessed are those who have not seen but
• We have to be on guard more during this time because we can
  easily be discouraged
• Matthew 13vs24-25
• Jesus told them another parable. The Kingdom of heaven is like a
  man who sowed good seed in his field but while everyone was
  sleeping his enemy came and sowed weeds among the wheat and
  went away
• There are people who will come and discourage us while we are
  waiting to harvest
• For us to remain faithful we have to be convinced in ourselves the
  promises of GOD
• 1PETER 3vs15
• But in your hearts set apart Christ as LORD. Always be prepared to
  give an answer to everyone who asks you to give an answer to the
  hope that you have
•   Sometimes we discourage ourselves
•   We can hinder the growth of the seed by careless talk
•   The bible says
•   Proverbs 18vs21
•   The tongue has the power of life and death
•   Sometimes we complain about the time we give to GOD, Sometimes we
    question the ability of growth of a ministry, or the chances of the people
    around us to turn to GOD
•   Remember everytime we question the growth of the seed sowed we are
    questioning GOD’s ability to produce a harvest because it is him that brings
    the growth
•   Malachi 3vs13
•   You have said harsh things against me says the LORD
•   Yet you ask, what have we said against you?
•   You have said it is futile to serve GOD. What did we gain by carrying out his
    requirements and going about like mourners before the LORD Almighty
• Between sowing and reaping there is watering, weeding and
• A farmer knows that if he throws seed onto the ground and do
  nothing to help it grow harvest will be minimal
• A Farmer knows he needs to water the ground and do all he can to
  prevent any pests or weeds from attacking the seed before it grows
  into a harvest
• Like wise we have to water the seed we have sown by speaking the
  word of GOD and believing GOD for a harvest
• The bible says GALATIANS 6vs9
• Do not be weary in doing good for in due season we shall reap
• This means we do not just do nothing while we wait
• We have to continue the work of GOD, continue sowing. We have to
  be diligent and consistent.
     What do we do while we wait
•   A farmer knows it is important to remove any weeds or kill any pests that come to
    destroy the seed
•   It is our responsibility to recognise weeds that come to compete for nourishment with
    our seed.
•   Anything that we spend most our time doing or our money on is a weed that needs
    removing before it starts to compete with the seed
•   GOD removes the weeds we must be ready and willing to let him remove the weeds
•   A weed can be an old habit or fleshly desire that can choke our seed
•   GOD promises to destroy any pests that come to destroy the seed
•   MALACHI 3vs11
•   I will prevent pests from devouring your crops and the vines in your fields will not cast
    their fruit
•   A farmer knows its important to maintain the right environment for the seed to grow
•   Likewise it is important to remain in the right environment and around the right people
•   We should continue coming to church, reading the word of GOD, praying and trust
    GOD patiently for the seed sown

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