INTRODUCTION TO CERTIFICATE IV BOOKKEEPING                                                                        DEVELOPED BY
This course has been designed and developed for those who                                           ACCOUNTANTS & BOOKKEEPING
seek to gain a nationally recognized qualification, improve                                             INDUSTRY PROFESSIONALS
their employment prospects, or are simply seeking
to comply with pending legislation governing                                              Our course has been designed and written by current
the Bookkeeping Industry.                                                          industry professionals and accountants who understand the
                                                                        learning and experience required to succeed in the market. Computer
                                                                            based training, knowledge based manual bookkeeping, electronic
                                                                                 workbooks and a case study will help prepare you for success.

                                                                     ONE VITAL INGREDIENT IN GETTING BACK TO BASICS
                                               Most courses today show you how to use software to achieve an outcome, but may be missing
                                                                                                           one very important component.

                               Learning how to use software doesn’t necessarily create knowledge of what is occurring every time you press
                                                                                                         the ‘enter’ key on your keyboard.

                            Knowing how to manually process bookkeeping entries builds knowledge and develops understanding, so that
                         you can learn how the concept of double-entry bookkeeping actually works and more importantly, understand how
                                  to ‘fix’ entries the right way when errors do occur. For your ultimate benefit we have incorporated manual
                                                                                                                 bookkeeping into our training.

• Access to a PC or Laptop Computer (running Microsoft 98, ME, 2000, 2003, XP or Vista)
• A minimum screen resolution of 1024x768         • Adobe Acrobat Reader          • 1GB Ram
• Microsoft Word and Excel 97-2003 or later       • Adobe Flash Player 7

“ The biggest obstacle to our success is not our life situation, environment, education, genetics, time availability,
  parental support, bank balance or God-given talent… It’s US. Our attitude, our thinking, our destructive habits,
  our excuses, our procrastination, our inability to make significant decisions, our amazing ability to blame, our fear,
  our pride, our ego, our apathy and our laziness. It’s not about what’s going on around us; it’s about what’s going
  on within us. Once we start to change how we see ourselves… we start to change our reality. ”
                                                                                         Craig Harper, Motivational Speaker, Author, Exercise Scientist
DISTANCE LEARNING                                 RPL                          FACE-TO-FACE                        COMPRESSED                     BLENDED LEARNING
    “ There are no boundaries ”
                                    (Recognition of Prior Learning)
                                                                           “ An interactive environment “           PROGRAM                           PROGRAM
                                         “ Easier than you think “                                              “ Bookkeepers Boot Camp “          “ Recognising the demands
    Taking the challenge out                                                Facilitator led in a workshop
      of time and location                                                           environment                                                         on your time “
                                    Recognising your skills, knowledge,                                          A no-nonsense, roll up your
                                    previous learning, work-experience,                                        sleeves program for those who        For those already busy with
     Complete at your pace,                                               Maximum workshop numbers (12)
                                          & other life experiences                                              can afford one day a week for      work commitments. We only
       in your own space
                                                                          Interactive Learning environment      6 weeks, or a 6 day intensive     require your presence for 5 one
                                     Develop a consultative approach
    Feel confident in knowing                                                                                                                     day training sessions, 1 day per
                                    alongside your Facilitator/Assessor     Be part of a group dynamic          Your time is valuable. Learn
 your learning support is only an                                                                                                                        week, for 5 weeks
    email or phone call away                                              over 16 days (one day per week)      and return to earning in a short
                                                                                                                         time frame                 Your time is precious, learn
       Structured and easy                       ENROL                                                                                               and earn in 5 short weeks
        to follow program
      Develop & agree your
   training program with your         RECEIVE & COMPLETE SELF                         ENROL                                                                                          ACT NOW!
       Facilitator/Assessor            ASSESSMENT CHECKLIST                                                               ENROL                               ENROL

                                          RETURN CHECKLIST
                                          & BALANCE OF FEES
                                                                              ATTEND WORKSHOPS
                                                                             & SUBMIT ASSESSMENT                  ATTEND WORKSHOPS                   ATTEND WORKSHOPS
             ENROL                                                                WORKBOOKS

                                         CHECKLIST ASSESSED                                                     WEEKLY COMPLETION OF               WEEKLY COMPLETION OF
       & WORKBOOKS
                                        AND ‘GAPS’ DISCUSSED
                                        & RESOLVED DURING A
                                        2 HOUR CONSULTATION
                                                                               RECEIVE FEEDBACK                ACTIVITIES & ASSIGNMENTS           ACTIVITIES & ASSIGNMENTS
                                                                                                                                                                                     CERT IV
                                                                             COMPLETE CASE STUDY                 COMPLETE CASE STUDY                COMPLETE CASE STUDY              23 78 48                  .
    COMPLETE & SUBMIT                                                            & SUBMIT                           IN OWN TIME                        IN OWN TIME
                                            COMPLETE ANY
                                            GAP LEARNING

                                                                               RECEIVE FEEDBACK                    RECEIVE FEEDBACK                   RECEIVE FEEDBACK
                                                                                                                                                                                     COUR SES RU
                                       SUBMITTED & ASSESSED
                                                                             Courses run in all States*          Courses run in all States*         Courses run in all States*
                                                                                                                                                                                     IN ALL             imum
                                                                                                                                                                                                 to min
                                          RECEIVE FEEDBACK                                                                                                                             *S ubject

           $2,990                              $1,800                               $2,990                              $3,500                              $2,990

   What is unique about the Aussie Accounts                                                                  ...Nothing more than dedicated bookkeepers wanting to
                                                                                                             share their knowledge and experiences with other bookkeepers,
     Training in Cert IV Bookkeeping?...                                                                     to help lift bookkeeping standards!
 Unit Code                   Unit Title


 FNSICIND401B                Apply principles of professional practice to work in Financial Services Industry

 FNSICGEN301B                Communicate in the workplace

 FNSICGEN302B                Use Technology in the workplace

 FNSICGEN304B                Apply Health & Safety practices in the workplace


 FNSBKPG401A                 Develop & implement policies & practices relevant to Bookkeeping Activities

 FNSBKPG402A                 Establish & Maintain a Cash Accounting System

 FNSBKPG403A                 Establish & Maintain an Accrual Accounting System

 FNSBKPG404A                 Carry out BAS & IAS statement tasks

 FNSBKPG405A                 Establish and Maintain a Payroll System

 FNSACCT405B                 Prepare Financial Statements

 FNSACCT406B                 Maintain Asset & Inventory records


 Small Business Owner

 FNSICORG501B                Manage Own Professional Development

 FNSPRAC501B                 Manage and maintain Small/Medium Business Operation

 Contract Bookkeeper

 FNSICCUS401B                Deliver a Professional Service to Customers

 FNSICCUS402B                Maintain Customer Relationship

 Permanent Paid Bookkeeper

 FNSICORG501B                Manage Own Professional Development

 FNSICCU402B                 Maintain Customer Relationship

                                      Aussie Accounts Training is proud to deliver this Nationally Accredited Course in
                                      association with the Australian College of Training & Employment. NTIS No.: 31455

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