Simple Home Recipe for Colored Soap Bubbles by jobi1sugathan1


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									      Simplest Home Made trick To Make
            colored Soap Bubbles

Two Methods are given

Using Detergent

4.5 Liters of Water (4-5 cups) mixed with 1-1\2 cup(500mg) of detergent. Add
about 4 table spoons (60ml) of glycerin. Stir the Mixture in a container with cover.

Keep it longer for Larger Bubbles. Glycerin is usually in our garages or can be
bought from pharmacies.

Using Liquid soap

To 1 part of Liquid soap add 8-12 parts of water. For larger bubbles keep the
water less. Add ¼ part or less of glycerin or corn syrup.

Add as mentioned above.

Avoid getting into contact with eyes.


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