Kinetic Energy

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       We see work all around
       us…even in the scientific
How many examples
of work can you see
                      Look closer
     What is the gift of work?
• Work tries so hard…he has all the good
 intentions a nice little physics concept
 could have…
• Work has something for you. It’s a gift.
  He wants you to have it, and he wants
  you to know that it is all he has to
  share…it’s everything to work.
• What does work
  give to the world?
• Even though you come to find that work is
 a re-gifter, you can’t really hold that
 against him now can you? I mean…he’s
 so cute!
     I give you
                        Or this?
Energy…there are so many different
kinds of energy…let’s get a picture of
some of the forms:

One form of energy we will focus on first is:
• Kinetic Energy…or energy of ________
 (Aidan’s slide)
The formula for kinetic energy is
actually derived from a motion
• Kinetic Energy equals the product of one
 half times mass times velocity squared.

              KE = ½     mv2
Shall we try one?
A 7.00 kg bowling ball moves at 3.00 m/s.
How much kinetic energy does the
bowling ball have? How fast must a 2.45
g table tennis ball move in order to have
the same kinetic energy as the bowling
ball? Can it actually move this fast?

 After the lab, You try page
 174 1-5
  Mini Lab Time: How much kinetic
  energy does your little car have?
Mass    Distance   Time   Velocity   KE
• Analysis questions about the questions:

•    1) What factors influence kinetic energy?

•    2) If you change any of the above it will
     affect kinetic energy, but which will have
     the greatest affect? Why?
How do these things relate?

  Wnet = ΔKE …Marker example
• A student wearing frictionless skates on a
  horizontal surface is pushed by a friend with a
  constant force of 45 N. How far must the
  student be pushed, starting from rest, so that
  her final kinetic energy is 352 J?
You try page 176 1-4

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