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									If my student enters IB, will they be               What is the IB Diploma, and does it
able to have a well-rounded high                    really matter?
school experience?                                  The IB Diploma is recognized by over 850 colleges &
                                                                                                                              Forsyth County
                                                    universities in the United States and Canada. Most major              South Forsyth High School
In short, the answer is a resounding YES!           colleges & universities have admissions policies that cover 95%
                                                    of the students earning the IB Diploma.
In addition to being involved with family,
community, and church activities, may IB            The IB curriculum is internationally recognized for its rigor and   International Baccalaureate
                                                    quality. One of the major components used in the college
students at SFHS hold after school jobs.            admissions process is the rigor/quality of the academic program          Diploma Program
Most are involved in extracurricular                of study. The SFHS IB Diploma Program is one of the most
activities including academics, arts, and           rigorous and challenging academic programs offered at South
                                                    Forsyth High School. South Forsyth High School is one of only
athletics. Over the past four years, IB             twenty-two schools in the State of Georgia to offer the IB
students have participated in the
                                                    Research shows that academic rigor increases student
                                                                                                                         What is the IB
Academic Bowl
Beta Club
                          Anime Club
                                                    performance on standardized tests including the PSAT, SAT
                                                    and ACT—tests used to determine student qualifications for
                                                    college admissions.
                                                                                                                        Diploma Program
                          Equestrian Club
                                                         What is the course sequence for
                                                                                                                        and Is It For Me?
Future Business Leaders   Fellowship of Christian
     of America                Athletes                 students seeking the IB Diploma?
First Vote                French National Honor
                                                     Here is an example of what an IB student might
Gamers Club                    Society
Habitat for Humanity      Improv. Troup                    take during the diploma program:
German Club               Key Club
Latin National Honor      Literary Club                                       Junior Year:
     Society              Math Team                         IB History of the Americas HL /AP US History
Mock Trial                Mu Alpha Theta                                      IB English HL
National Art Honor             Honor Society                        French 4, Spanish 4, or Latin 3
     Society              National Honor Society                              IB Biology SL
     S. A. D. D.          Science Olympiad                                 IB Math Studies SL
Spanish National Honor    Student Government                                    2 Electives
Assoc.                    Society Thespian               Junior Year Exams: IB Biology and IB Math Studies
                                                                           Senior Year:
Football                  Cross Country                               IB 20th Century History
Wrestling                 Track                                            IB English HL
Soccer                    Volleyball                          IB French HL, IB Spanish HL, or IB Latin
Basketball                Lacrosse                                     Theory of Knowledge                                     585 Peachtree Parkway
Golf                      Swimming                                     IB 6th Subject Elective
                                                                  US Government and Economics
                                                                                                                                Cumming, GA 30041
Hockey                    Baseball
                                                                             2 Electives
                                                           Senior Year Exams: English, Foreign Language,                 Kevin Denney, South Forsyth IB Program Coordinator
Regardless of what you may have                                                    History, 6th Subject
                                                                                                                          Phone: 770.781.2264 x100182 Fax: 770.888.1224
                                                                          Note that this is only one possible
heard, IB students do more than                               schedule for students in the IB Program. There

            just study!                                                   are many other options.
What is the IB Diploma Program?
What do IB students at South                            What does my student need to do in                                     Colleges & Universities Accepting
                                                                                                                             South Forsyth High School IB Diploma
Forsyth High School study?                              order to enter the IB Diploma Program?                                       Candidates 2002-2011

IB Diploma Program students study six subjects in       The only requirement students must meet to enroll in the                          Auburn University
five areas during their 11th & 12th grade years:        IB Program at SFHS is that they have completed all                                Baylor University
                                                        prerequisite courses. Students do not have to test into the                         Berry College
 Literature and Composition                            SFHS IB Program. Students do not have to be identified as                          Boston College
 Foreign Language—French, Spanish, German,             Gifted or in the Horizons Program to be eligible for the IB                      Clemson University
  or Latin                                              Program. Although teacher recommendations are an impor-                         College of Charleston
 Mathematics—IB Math Studies (Pre-calculus),           tant part of the registration process, the final decision is the                  Cornell University
  or IB Mathematics HL (beyond AP Calc                  student’s with guidance from parents. No student who has                          Converse College
  AB/BC                                                 taken the prerequisite honors level courses and wants to be in the                 Duke University
 Experimental Sciences—Biology & Physics               IB Program will be denied admission to the IB Program by South                       Elon College
 Humanities—History of the Americas                    Forsyth High School.                                                           Florida State University
 Arts/Electives—Visual Arts, Economics, Music                                                                                    Georgia Institute of Technology
  Theory, Computer Science or Psychology                The IB Diploma Program at South Forsyth High School begins               Georgia State College & University
                                                        in the 11th grade. Students planning to enter the program                   Georgia Southern University
In addition, students take an interdisciplinary         are strongly encouraged to pursue Honors level or AP                         Kennesaw State University
course call Theory of Knowledge during their                                                                                 Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
                                                        classes in the 9th and 10th grades. Students also have the
senior year, which challenges the students to                                                                                     North Carolina State University
                                                        option of taking AP courses during 11th and 12th grade,
question their bases of knowledge and understand                                                                                        Oglethorpe University
                                                        where available.
“how they know what they know”                                                                                                          Presbyterian College
                                                        By the end of the Fall Semester of the 11th grade year,                       Randolph-Macon College
IB students complete a program called Creativity,                                                                                         Tulane University
                                                        prospective IB students must have successfully completed the
Action, Service (CAS) which involves participation in                                                                            University of Alabama-Birmingham
community service, and for example, theater                                                                                             University of Georgia
                                                         Level 3 of French or Spanish OR Level 2 of Latin.
production and sports. Students are expected to                                                                                          University of Miami
                                                         Students interested in taking Calculus should complete
document 150 CAS hours during their 11th &                                                                                   University of North Carolina – Wilmington
                                                             Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Geometry, and Advanced Algebra &
12th grade years.                                                                                                            University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill
                                                             Trigonometry to enroll in IB Math Studies in 11th grade
                                                                                                                                    University of South Carolina
Finally, IB students are required to write an                                                                                           Vanderbilt University
Extended Essay of up to 4,000 words. This is an                                                                                          Washington College
independent research project mentored by SFHS           Is there a cost for the IB program?                                                And many more
teachers that is meant to acquaint students with
the kind of independent research and writing skills     Yes. Unless there is a demonstrated financial need, students
                                                                                                                                 Class of 2011 IB Student
expected of them at the university level.               are expected to pay the costs of their own exams & assess-
                                                        ments. For the class of 2012, the total cost for 6 subject area           Academic Composite
                                                        exams, the Extended Essay, and the Theory of Knowledge               Average SAT Score (CR+M+W):      1994
                                                        research paper is $745.00. Forsyth County Schools currently                Verbal: 667      Math: 678
                                                        pays and will continue to pay for all administrative, curricular,    Average ACT Composite Score:     29.95
                                                        and instructional costs related to the IB Program.                   Average Overall GPA:             4.001

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