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					The Differences Between Wildcard SSL and EV SSL

SSL certificates are key components to ensuring that a given webpage is both safe and secure. So, it is
important for websites, particularly online businesses, to purchase these in order to protect the
business. However, various types of SSL certificates work in different ways. Two specific types are the
Wildcard SSL and the EV SSL. While both of these are effective and efficient, they have several

The Wildcard SSL is a great certificate to ensure a website's security. In particular, the Wildcard SSL is
great for e-commerce. In fact, the scope of the certificate is unlimited, so it protects against phishing of
the website as well as hacking into customer's personal accounts. Also, the Wildcard SSL is compatible
with most e-commerce websites, so it is a compatible and versatile program. In addition to this, the
extra protection in the form of unlimited domains that are covered comes at no extra cost with the
Wildcard SSL, which is unlike most other certificates. However, the downfall of the Wildcard SSL is that
it does not cover most mobile devices. So, it is difficult to get the program to work on mobile devices
that are not compatible.

The EV SSL has some great points as well. The EV SSL is similar to the Wildcard SSL in that it is great for
e-commerce. It allows for multiple domains as well as confidentiality to customers and authentication
requirements for added protection. Unlike the Wildcard SSL, however, an EV SSL offers more encryption
for added protection as well as mobile compatibility. However, the program is more expensive than the
Wildcard because the additional encryption and protection is costly.

Both the Wildcard SSL and the EV SSL are great options for SSL certificates. They both offer optimum
protection and unlimited possibilities. While both are great for e-commerce, the Wildcard SSL is cheaper
and more versatile. The EV SSL is more costly, but it offers support for mobile transactions and added
encryption for extra protection.

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