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									          Secure Your Online Data With SSL Certificates

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is a crucial tool for maintaining a secure internet connection. In order to
ensure privacy, SSL software encrypts messages and network connections between web browsers and
web servers. An SSL Certificate is an electronic document that holds information about website owners
and verifies their identities and connections to the sites in question. Only truly secure web servers
possess the keys for decryption, in turn certifying that the exchange of online data is kept safe and

When a web browser attempts to connect with a website secured with SSL, the browser first requests
that the web server identify itself by providing its SSL certificate. The browser then determines whether
the server is trusted before allowing the transfer of any information. Next, the server is given a public
key that it can only decrypt if it is truly secure. Once the SSL encrypted session begins, the browser and
web server may exchange information privately and safely.

SSL Certification provides several levels of security. SSL encrypts any online data exchanged between the
web browser and the web server, so that only the verified server with the key for decryption may access
the information provided by the user. Private information such as names, addresses, phone numbers,
emails, bank account numbers, credit card information and passwords are all kept safe. If a hacker
intercepts any of this information, it is virtually impossible for him to make sense of it. The hacker comes
across the encrypted data, which is meaningless without the encryption codes possessed by the certified
server. The identities of both the web browser and the web server are authenticated so that neither is
accessed by an untrusted third party.

Overall, SSL Certificates serve as virtual certification that the exchange of information between web
browsers and web servers is secure. Furthermore, it assures internet users that their personal
information is not hacked or shared with outsiders. A website without an SSL certificate is not always
trustworthy. On the other hand, with the complex encryption involved in SSL, a web browser can share
any information with a web server and have confidence in its security.

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