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					                                                                     Q A                                                              GETTING TO KNOW
                                                                                                                             Kendell Bousquet
Q Nickname?                                                              Q Great moment you had at work?                                         Q  What’s the best way you’ve found to keep a balance between
A Kenny, Ken Von B (some believe that I look like Kat Von D...)          A Helping an elderly couple save money on insurance - they              work and family life?
                                                                         were on a very limited pension, and I cut their insurance bill in       A  Well I think I am still working on that...I have been told to just
Q Favorite pets or animals?                                              half - the lady started crying, and gave me a big hug. Pulled my        ‘shut my phone off’ but, alot of my clients have my cell phone # and
A I am fairly allergic to most, but I have two devon rex kittens-        heart-strings, knowing I could make such a difference for them.         whether they have an emergency on weekends, or, are going to buy a
they are very short hair and do not shed..they are my fur-babies!!                                                                               new car and need a pink card- I want to be there to help them!!
                                                                         Q What’s the one problem customers come to you most often with?
Q Vacation this year... you’re heading to?                               A Either paying too much for insurance, or, bad service/claims Q If we’re heading on a coffee run, you’re having … ?
A Jamaica in the winter...perhaps jasper for golfing in the               experience. The cost of insurance varies, depending on your     A Depends where I am going! Tim Hortons coffee, Starbucks chai
summer                                                                   personal situation/background, however, bad service is not              latte, or either at Second Cup (and maybe a lemon square!).
                                                                         acceptable! With Allstate, we have agencies all across Canada, so
Q The weekend in St. Albert, what are you doing?                         you can speak with someone, in person, and not have to deal with        Q How messy is your desk/workspace?
A Heading to Amaranth to stock up on gluten free goods...then            a call centre. Also, our claims people are available 24/7, 365 days a   A I dont call it messy... its ”organized chaos” haha... I really do
                                                                         year, to help our clients when they need us most!                       know where everything is!
to the farmers market, and I love a good bike ride on the trails..
and attempting to golf.
                                                                                                 Q What’s the best piece of business             Q What video game or phone app are you addicted to?
Q Favourite place to eat in St. Albert?                                                            advice you’ve ever received?
                                                                                                                                                 A I am proud to say NONE! (wait, does BBM on Blackberry
A Depending on my mood- Prairie Bistro, Copper Grain, Earls.                                         A With regards to sales: if you focus       count?)
                                                                                                      on creating a team environment
Q Your singing out loud in your car, what are you singing?                                             and taking care of your current           Q You would describe your sense of style as … ?
                                                                                                         customers, the rest will come...
A Really anything but country.. I am on an Alex Clare kick right now.                                      and it definitely holds true!
                                                                                                                                                 A Well, people that know me know that I love the color red! For
                                                                                                                                                 work, I tend to stick with timeless suits/dresses/skirts - nothing
Q Best thing about your job?                                                                                                                     too trendy, so I dont have to re-stock my closet every year! (yes,

A I make my own schedule, and its a 2 minute drive from home!                                                                                    that is most girls dream...however, I don’t like shopping!!).
                                                                                                                                                 Away from work, I am either in some type of workout gear, or a

Q Favorite movie?                                                                                                                                sundress (or snowsuit...haha)

A Uggh don’t make me choose!!                                                                                                                    Q What’s your goal for your business over the next 12 months?
Q Favorite hobbies?                                                                                                                              A Well, we just reopened our St. Albert office - so I am focused
                                                                                                                                                 on creating awareness of Allstate’s presence in St. Albert - we
A Guitar, boxing, golfing, gym, reading..and now cooking                                                                                          are extremely competitive in the T8N postal code, and want to
- I recently discovered I cant eat gluten, so I have become                                                                                       help more “St. Albertans” save money on their home and auto
quite creative in my kitchen! Does wine count as well?                                                                                              insurance.

Q What sets you apart in your business?                                                                                                                Q  Any advice you can give St. Albert residents, regarding
A I will always go the extra mile for clients - it is                                                                                                  their home and auto insurance?
common for me to meet my clients at their homes, for                                                                                                  A    Well, I think its always good to review your coverage
their convenience. I also take care of cancelling their                                                                                              yearly, to make sure your limits and coverage is sufficient.
current insurance, when they switch to Allstate - it gives
                                                                                                                                                   Most people will do some form of renovations on their house
them a hassle-free experience!
                                                                                                                                                 at some point- but what they don’t know is that they should be

Q Favorite thing about St. Albert?                                                                                                               letting their insurance company know of any renovations over
                                                                                                                                                 $10,000, as their limits must be increased to ensure adequate
A I love that it has a small-town feel...and its quite a                                                                                         coverage, should something happen to their home.
pretty city (Refinery-free! Just sayin’ )

 Kendell Bousquet                                                       FCIP CRM
 Gateway Village
 2 Hebert Road, Unit 240
 T8N 5T8
 St. Albert, AB

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