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					           School Board E News

                                                             Issue # 54
Kathy Bousquet nominated for
 Maine Teacher of the Year
     from Vicki Stewart, CES principal
Central School's third grade teacher, Kathy Bousquet, School Board
 has been nominated for the 2013 Maine Teacher of      April 25th
the Year Award! She is one of eight candidates. We     at 7:00 pm
are so proud of Kathy's accomplishments and this       MHS Learning Center
                                                       Meetings are generally
Kathy will be setting up a table/booth at the York     on the 1st and 3rd
                                                       Wednesdays      of  the
location of Hannafords this Saturday, April 7th from   month at 7:00 at MHS.
11:30 AM to 1:30 PM. The booth will feature some
of her students' past projects and some of her favorite
classroom teaching experiences.                         Citizens are invited
                                                     to comment on the
This is a wonderful opportunity to let the community proposed      school
know that Central School's Kathy Bousquet has been budget       at    the
nominated for the Maine Teacher of the Year Award beginning of the
for 2013. It would be great to have her students,    next meeting.
colleagues, and community members stop by and say
hello or perhaps stay for a bit to visit to show our Emails for the
support.                                             Board of Directors:
This is just the beginning of this exciting process.,
I hope you can join Kathy at Hannafords!     
Public Comment on the proposed
 FY 2013 budget                                                         MSAD 35
                                                             For more information about
                                                             MSAD35, go to our
Generally speaking, public comment at School Board           website:
meetings requires a prior arrangement made with the district
superintendent at least 3 days in advance of the meeting.
 This is due in part to the fact that Board meetings are held
essentially for the purpose of Board work, and not for
public conversation per se.

Maine state law requires that all work of the Board be done
in public, though, with the exception of executive sessions.
 Called "The Sunshine Law," this Maine law states that
School Board work must be done in the sunshine, or in the
eye of the public. Therefore, we usually have members of
the public in attendance at our meetings, but not in open
dialogue with us.

However, at budget time, the Board allows and encourages
public comment without an appointment. Citizens of South
Berwick and Eliot may speak to the Board at the beginning
of Board meetings, sharing priorities, opinions, and
concerns they may have regarding the proposed             Marshwood
superintendent's budget. We set aside time at these       Education
meetings for this purpose.                                Foundation

                                                                The Marshwood Education
You need not stay for the rest of the meeting, however.         Foundation welcomes new
 We understand that your time is limited, so feel free to       members at any time. To
come to the meeting, share your thoughts with us right at       join the organization, or for
7:00, and then leave if you wish. We will not be offended       more information on how to
at all.                                                         attend meetings, please
                                                                contact Keri Tice at
You may also contact Board members by email or by
phone, if you cannot attend our meetings. And you may
watch the meetings live at:
                                                                Send this email to a             friend...

Thank you for your interest and your participation!
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