; Tomo, 11 Year Faithful Keeping Maleo
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Tomo, 11 Year Faithful Keeping Maleo


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									        Tomo, 11 Year Faithful Keeping Maleo

RONNY Buol Tomo find an egg in the hole Maleo second spot. He then noted the time was found, giving
the number and weigh.

MANADO, - First Tomo Lumamay (46) is a hunter Maleo eggs. Now it's been 11 years he has
dedicated his life to the guard post at the Estuary Research Maleo built Pusian Wildlife Society
Indonesia Program (WCSIP) North Sulawesi. Its location is in the National Park Bogani Nani
Wartabone (TNBNW), precisely in the Village Pusian, Dumoga, Bolaang Mongondow.

"The wild birds are like my pet," said Tomo, Thursday (27/09/2012) morning when getting
towards the spot where Maleo observations spawn near river bentaran Dumoga defending

Every morning Tomo must lurk spies building built by WCS. This little boy berpostur must sit
still for hours without doing much to wait for Maleo spawn. "They are very sensitive, if you
know someone, the bird would fly straight," said Tomo.

He equip himself with a small bag that is a bit shabby. "This bag is long enough," he said,

In it contained, notebooks, pens, as well as a means of scales. "I should record all my
observations in this book," said Tomo while showing little book.

His records are a valuable log. For 11 years, Tomo tail Maleo noting how it looks, how many
eggs are released and all related data.
As on the previous evening, Tomo find an egg in the hole Maleo second spot. He then noted the
time was found, giving the number and weigh. "This is an egg that I found to 4.386.yang since
2001 I believed to be the guardian Maleo here," he said with a happy face.

Together with three eggs he gets in the morning, the eggs were then planted back at the hatchery
- a special place hatcheries are deliberately created by WCS. "We deliberately make such a
fenced and locked cage to protect the eggs from predators Maleo and theft," said Iwan Honuwu
the Project Manager of WCS Maleo Project.
Tomo just villagers primary school graduates with no college education, but one concerned with
the preservation of endangered species extinction

Because, if not removed, the eggs will be eaten by lizards.

Maleo birds that exist in a kind of Macrocephalon maleo TNBNW protected conservation laws
for threatened populations. "This species is endemic to Sulawesi. Population is threatened
because the first egg is taken to be sold. Size of a giant egg made selling an egg Maleo be
expensive," said Iwan.

Through Maleo Project initiated by WCS IP Sulut, now maleo-maleo these have their own
guards. "Twice a day I had to go two places maleo spawn spot, in the morning and return in the
afternoon, because at that time they came spawn," said Tomo.

Maleo is typical that when the bird will lay eggs, Maleo pair will find a place that can be dug to
bury their eggs. "They will be looking for a place that can produce heat, because they do not
incubate their eggs," said Iwan.

Interestingly, the existing Maleo TNBNW choose spawn spot there because of the proximity of
hot spots with earth. "This was indicated by the steam coming out from some point in the river
water. We expect, Maleo can detect the presence of geothermal energy," said Iwan explained.

Unlike other types of Maleo elsewhere, Maleo existing research in the area of Muara Post Pusian
owned WCS, dig a hole deep enough, then lay their eggs and then fill it. While other types of
Maleo, hoarding the eggs with a mound up.

"The kind that collect heat from condensation resulting pile mounds made. Maleo But here know
exactly that they use sand stockpiled eggs contain heat," said Iwan again.

In addition to monitoring and recording, Tomo also oversees and observe the hatchery. The eggs
were found, haitchery replanted. "Average in 64 days, the eggs will hatch itself. Son Maleo that
will multiply itself hatched hole, then out to the ground. Task I release it back into the wild," said

Iwan added, of the records they have, with this protection techniques such as egg hatching
success rate reached 60 percent. "We do not disturb the natural process of laying cycle Maleo.
All we do is provide protection, because if not, the threat of predators is very high," said Iwan

Tomo dedication to conservation Maleo deserve appreciation. With his wife and five children, he
is faithful living in the jungle village of Pusian in small and simple buildings built by WCS. "I'm
happy to be part of this project," he said.

WCSIP Maleo Project Tomo supply needs and their families. "Not much, but enough for us to
stay alive," said Tomo accompanies his faithful wife.

Tomo tell ever one time, the supply of funds from WCS had faltered. "My wife and forced to
find their own needs for four months. But we remain faithful and keep the spirit of Maleo-maleo
it," he says.

What has been done by Tomo and WCSIP an example of a real act of devotion concern for
conservation of biological keanekaraman we have.

Tomo is the only village primary school without a college education, but one concerned with the
preservation of endangered species to extinction if not protected.

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