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									Ancient Man Already Know Animation This is an image in a prehistoric cave in France are believed to be similar techniques to create animated

Two French researchers discovered the work of prehistoric cave artists painted on the cave wall surface.

Uniquely, these images if we look more closely at the image sequence will form like a cartoon drawing

The work describes a beast with multiple legs, head and tail on the wall of the cave is said to be a
primitive animation techniques.

The two researchers, the archaeologist, Marc Azema from the University of Toulouse-Le Mirail, and an
artist Florent Rivere; claims when viewed in the light of the fire, so the pictures look like a moving

This finding is also believed to be a sign that in prehistoric times they were able to design an image that
has two sides that can rotate and increasingly blurred like in the animated film.

In addition, they both made a surprising claim that prehistoric man had predicted the discovery of

Azema who has over 20 years researching this stone-age animation techniques have identified 53
paintings were found in 12 caves in France.
The pictures that have been found to have more than two images that represent a movement, such as
the movement of an animal that ran, moving the head, or shaking their tails.

"Lascaux, a cave in southwest France is a cave that has a superimposition of images in motion," said
Azema told Discovery.

"There are about 20 pictures of animals, especially horses that have multiple heads, legs, or tail. When
the painting is viewed and illuminated by the light of flickering torches, the animation effect will
sempura," he added.
Azema and Rivere claim that this is an extraordinary new theory. Rivere believe that paleolithic artist has
created the same kind of optical toys in the 19th century.

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