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How I made my pin ball machine


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									How I made my pin ball

              By Patrick Vuillermin
                 Step .1
• First of all you need to think about what
  size in width and length and also height.
               Step . two
• Once you have found the sizes of wood
  you need start drawing were you want
  your tings like springs and so fourth and
  for the ball to shoot out of so make sure
  that you have enough room for it all to
              Step . three
• Once you have got all of the designs on
  the piece of wood you make the arms that
  hit the ball when it comes to the bottom.
               Step . four
• Once you have made the arms and they
  are intact you may start putting everything
  else together but not the sides you put the
  sides on last
               Step . five
• Now we get the sides all measured up and
  mark the places were the flippers are and
  the spring for the ball then cut them out
  with the jigsaw that’s for the side and then
  measure the back and front put the back in
  but not the front you have to cut another
  hole for the marble to drop out. Then stick
  it on.
                Step . six
• Put a stand on it so that the ball runs to
  the front. Then you may decorate them as
  you like

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