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					                             Baby Tree Consignment Boutique
                                 Consignment Agreement
Baby Tree Consignment Boutique is excited you are consigning your baby items with us. We commit to
you to do everything we can to sell your items at the best possible profit to you.

Boutique Items Accepted:
All clothing and items suitable for ages newborn to 5 years. Good to excellent condition used clothing
from newborn to 5T. Booties, blankets, toys, books, furniture, DVD’s, stuffed animals and we also accept
maternity clothing. Examples of non-clothing items accepted: strollers, playpens, walkers, carriers,
bouncers, high chairs and small children furniture (table/chair sets etc) other items to be discussed on an
individual basis. ITEMS NOT ACCEPTED: cribs & car seats

Condition of items accepted:
We want to put the very best in our boutique. Clothing items must be clean and in good to excellent
condition. Please do not bring us items that are faded, damaged, stained, or missing buttons/pieces.
 Non-Clothing items must be clean, in good working condition and not missing any parts. Please include
manuals whenever possible.

We reserve the right to accept or not accept any item brought to the boutique. We will select items we feel
our customers will purchase based on customer feedback and/or space and inventory limitations in the
You the consignor will receive 50% of the sale price and Baby Tree Consignment Boutique will receive
50%. We will display your times for 90 days. At the end of 90 days you have the option of taking your
items back, leaving the items for another 30 days and accept 30% of the sale price instead of 50%. If you
do not communicate with us after 100 days, you will forfeit all of your rights to reclaim any items you have
provided. Unsold items will be donated after 120 days.

Pricing of items:
We will always strive to get the best possible price for you. Items will be priced based on current supply
and demand, the condition of the item and customer feedback.
If you require a certain price you would like to gain for an item just let us know. We will give the item the
opportunity to sell at that price for 60 days. After 60 days we will mark the item down to what we feel the
market will allow. We reserve the right to hold periodic sales throughout the year which may impact your
requested sales price.

As the consignor, you can choose to be paid out or choose to apply your proceeds to store credit.
Proceeds being paid out will be paid between the 1st and the 5th of each month for the previous month’s
sales. Exceptions will be considered on a case by case basis. We must be notified when you intend to pick
up your pay out for the month. Store credit can be applied at any time.

Baby Tree Consignment Boutique reserves the right to update, change, and/or modify the consignment
agreement and payment terms at any time. The boutique is equipped with security cameras, however, Baby
Tree Consignment Boutique is not responsible for lost or stolen or damaged items.

Please sign below accepting the above consignment agreement terms and conditions.

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Address:___________________________________ Phone: ____________________________
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