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									                                                 Plus Plus Consignment, inc
                                                      329 E. Market St
                                                    Smithfield, NC 27577
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                                            CONDITIONS OF CONSIGNMENT
                                                   *Effective August 1, 2012
            My Signature Above Indicates I Have Read, Understand, and Will Comply With These Conditions

1. To be accepted, clothing items presented for consignment MUST meet the following conditions:
         a. Clothing items must be “In Season”. Please ask if you are unsure about the season
         b. Clothing must be neatly pressed, freshly laundered, and on hangers (your hangers will be returned)
         c. Clothing cannot be more than 2-3 years old to reflect current fashion trends, older clothing will be returned
         d. All clothing items must be free from odors (moth balls, smoke, perfume, etc)
         e. Clothing cannot be torn, stained, or show excessive wear or fading
         f. We DO NOT accept clothing from K-Mart, Wal-Mart, Target, or other value-base stores
         g. We do not accept event or dated items such as “Fun Run 2009” or “Family Reunion 2010”

2. To be accepted, household goods and other items presented for consignment MUST meet the following conditions:
         a. Items must be fully functional and operational
         b. Sets must be complete
         c. Items cannot be damaged, chipped, broken, or missing any parts
         d. We cannot accept items that have any current recalls or have pending litigation

3. The Consignment Period is for NINETY (90) days. Please monitor your account from our website (see instructions below)!
         a. For the first 30 days, we offer your merchandise for sale at FULL SELLING PRICE that we assign to your items.
         b. For days 31-60, we reduce the Asking Price by 10%
         c. For days 61-90, we reduce the Asking Price by another 15%
         d. At the end of the 90-day Consignment Period, items are reduced by 50% until retrieved or sold.
         e. If you elect not to retrieve your unsold items WITHIN FIVE BUSINESS DAYS after the Consignment Period ends, Plus Plus
Consignment, Inc reserves the right to donate or otherwise clear the items from our inventory

4. Payment Terms: Plus Plus Consignment, Inc offers a unique approach to paying our consignors
        a. Please monitor your account from our website!
           Your Log-in ID is your LAST NAME and CONSIGNOR NUMBER (will be assigned)
        b. Your commission on any item you sell is ALWAYS 50% of the Final Selling Price.
        c. Payment can be picked up any time in the store with 24 hours notice
        d. Our normal payment window is usually five business days after the start of the new month

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