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					                                                                    July 2009
                                                         (304) 358-7662 ext 4
                                           email: customerservice@greatvalufranklin.com
      Monday                 Tuesday                    Wednesday                  Thursday                  Friday
      June 29                June 30                      July 1                    July 2                   July 3
     Meatloaf             Swiss Chicken               Salisbury Steak          Turkey w/Gravy         Baked Chkn Breast
Parmesan Garlic Chkn        Taco Bake              Chkn&Noodle Casserole          Meatballs            Chopped Steak
 Creamed Chip Beef           Lasagna                  Breaded Fish            Honey Dip Chicken      Bourbon Boneless Wings
  Mashed Potatoes       Scalloped Potatoes           Mashed Potatoes           Mashed Potatoes         Mashed Potatoes
    Mushrooms              Garlic Bread                Onion Rings                  Rice                Potato Wedges
       July 6                 July 7                       July 8                   July 9                  July 10
 BBQ Chkn Leg Qtrs     Country Fried Steak               Meatloaf               BBQ Pork Ribs         Roast Beef w/Gravy
     Spaghetti          Macaroni & Beef                   Ham                    Crab Cakes          Sausage,Kraut&Apples
      Stir Fry         Creamed Chip Beef           Parmesan Garlic Chicken        Taco Bake             Stuffed Peppers
  Baked Potatoes        Mashed Potatoes               Fried Potatoes          Scalloped Potatoes       Mashed Potatoes
       Rice               Mushrooms                    White Beans               Onion Rings             Tomato Bread
      Eggroll                                           Cornbread                Baked Beans
   Garlic Bread
      July 13                 July 14                     July 15                   July 16                 July 17
  Salisbury Steak        Turkey w/Gravy             BBQ Chkn Leg Qtr          Pork & Sauerkraut              Ham
 Chicken Parmesan      Sweet & Tangy Pork            Hamburger Steak              Lasagna             Chkn Broccoli Divan
   Beef Noodles              Stir Fry                 Breaded Fish            Creamed Chip Beef            Meatloaf
 Mashed Potatoes        Mashed Potatoes             Scalloped Potatoes         Mashed Potatoes          Fried Potatoes
    Mushrooms                 Rice                     Onion Rings            Broccoli Casserole         White Beans
                             Eggroll                      Apples                 Garlic Bread             Cornbread
      July 20                 July 21                     July 22                   July 23                 July 24
Baked Chicken Breast      Salisbury Steak          Roast Beef w/Gravy              Meatloaf             BBQ Pork Ribs
  Stuffed Peppers        Baked Spaghetti           Chkn&Noodle Casserole       Breaded Shrimp           Chopped Steak
      Scallops         Honey Mustard Wings               Stir Fry             Creamed Chip Beef      Bourbon Boneless Wings
 Potatoes Au Gratin      Mashed Potatoes             Mashed Potatoes           Mashed Potatoes             Pot Pie
   Brown Beans             Onion Rings                    Rice                   Baked Beans            Baked Potatoes
 Macaroni & Tomato         Garlic Bread                  Eggroll                                         Tomato Bread

      July 27                 July 28                     July 29                   July 30                 July 31
  Turkey w/Gravy       BBQ Baked Chkn Breast      Baked Steak & Gravy         Parmesan Garlic Chkn    Sweet & Tangy Pork
 Pork & Sauerkraut        Breaded Fish             Chicken Broccoli Divan      BBQ Pork Ribs              Meatloaf
  Chicken Livers               Ham                      Lasagna                Stuffed Peppers        Creamed Chip Beef
 Mashed Potatoes           White Beans               Mashed Potatoes          Potatoes Au Gratin       Mashed Potatoes
       Rice               Fried Potatoes               Garlic Bread              Onion Rings           Cooked Cabbage
     Dressing               Cornbread

                       Golden Fried Chicken            Sliced Pizza           Cold Deli Sandwiches
                       Rotisserie BBQ Chicken           Chili Dogs                Cold Subs
                         Cheeseburgers             Macaroni & Cheese            Garden Salads
                           Steak Subs              Steamed Vegetables            Chef Salads
                       Chicken Sandwiches           Hot Fruit Cobblers
                        Fish Sandwiches
                                               Dinner Plate Special - $4.99
                                                  Entrée - Your Choice
                                                  2 Vegetables & 1 Roll
                       Lunch and Catering Menus and Weekly Ads Available Online
                           Check out our website www.greatvalufranklin.com

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