Teaching English Abroad -- What's It Really Like?

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					  You're thinking about teaching English abroad, but you
   want to know what it's really like. Here are 4 areas of
   teaching English abroad that you should know before
                    making a decision.
Ask anyone who's done it, and they'll tell you that teaching English abroad is the
ultimate adventure. You'll head to a brand new place, get to know all kinds of
new people, and help them realize their dreams of speaking English. It's kind of
like jumping into the deep end of a pool -- you're nervous before you do it, but
once you're in, you realize how awesome the experience is!

But what about the every-day stuff? What's teaching English abroad like on a
daily basis?

   -   It's totally different than traveling

   Instead of living like a tourist, you'll live like a native. In fact, many of the
   people who have done it say that teaching English as a second language is a
   learning experience for everyone involved. Your students will learn
   Conversational English, and you'll learn about the customs and experiences
that make your new country so unique and interesting. You'll see and
experience all of the "little things" that your new country has to offer -- and be
completely immersed in the culture.

-   It's not always about glitz and glamour

You've probably seen some of the world's biggest cities on TV and thought
about how great it would be to live in one of them. However, plenty of people
are teaching English as a second language in small suburbs. You may not get
to experience the same nightlife and all of the hustle and bustle that comes
with living in a giant city, but you just might get an even more authentic

Like small-town living in the U.S., you'll get to know many of the locals by
name, and you'll be a part of the community spirit. In the end, that can be a
whole lot more rewarding that finding trendy outdoor cafes and glitzy

-   It's completely different from the life you've lived so far

The vast majority of people who are teaching English abroad right now had
never been to a foreign country before -- not even on vacation. Plus, most of
them don't have any formal teaching experience, so they never knew what it
was like to be at the front of the classroom before they headed abroad. They
simply jumped in with both feet -- and you can, too!

-   It's a commitment

Teaching English abroad jobs come with contracts, and most of those contracts
last for 6-12 months. You'll need to be prepared to pick up and move for a
while -- and be committed to staying.

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