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     DEGREES         polytechnic
YOU knOW YOUR OPtIOnS.                          WItH StROnG REPUtAtIOnS      HAvE An InDUStRY-GUIDED
YOU’vE MADE DEcISIOnS FOR                       AnD DEEP knOWlEDGE In        cURRIcUlUM, DEvElOPED
YOUR EDUcAtIOn AnD YOU’RE                       tHEIR AREA OF ExPERtISE.     BY FAcUltY AnD ExtERnAl
In cOntROl. nOW It’S tIME                       FROM PROlIFIc AUtHORS tO     PROGRAM ADvISORS,
FOR A DEGREE tHAt IS AS REAl                    GlOBAl cOnSUltAntS tO        EnSURInG tHAt StUDEntS
AS YOU ARE.                                     AWARD WInnERS, tHEY BlEnD    lEARn tHE MOSt cURREnt
                                                AcADEMIc lEARnInG WItH       AnD RElEvAnt InFORMAtIOn
                                                InSIDER knOWlEDGE tO tEll    AnD ARE UP-tO-DAtE On
                                                YOU WHAt It’S REAllY lIkE    InDUStRY PRActIcES
                                                In tHE InDUStRY, PROvIDInG   AnD tREnDS.
                                                YOU WItH A DIStInct
InclUDES A WORk PlAcEMEnt,                                                   tHERE REAllY IS MORE tO
                                                lEARnInG ExPERIEncE.
WHIcH GIvES YOU tHE cHAncE                                                   A HUMBER DEGREE nOW,
tO USE clASSROOM lEARnInG                                                    AnD MORE tO WHERE It
In REAl WORkPlAcE SEttInGS,                                                  cAn tAkE YOU lAtER.

On the cover:
Maggie, 4th year, Fashion Management
Trystan, 2nd year, Global Business Management
Heather, 2nd year, Paralegal Studies
Bianca, 4th year, International Business
Claudio, 3rd year, International Business

4   Get Ready for More
6   Real Graduate Success Stories
11 Real Experts. Real Answers.
18 Real Work Experiences
20 Real life at Humber
22 Real Experiences
24 Real Growth


28 Accounting
30 child and Youth care
32 contemporary Music
34 creative Advertising
36 criminal Justice
38 e-Business Marketing
40 Fashion Management
42 Film and Media Production
44 Human Resources Management
46 Industrial Design
48 Interior Design
50 International Business
52 Journalism
54 nursing (UnB* – Humber)
56 Paralegal Studies
58 Public Relations
60 tourism Management


62 Application, Fees and Funding
64 Pathways and transfer Opportunities
66 Admission Requirements
67 Make Your Move to Humber
68 connecting with Humber
69 locations and Directions

* University of new Brunswick
  and Humber collaboration

THaT’s real.

EAcH HUMBER DEGREE IS        Work placements with the
REvIEWED AnD APPROvED        opportunity to make valuable
                             industry contacts
                             More interaction with professors
                             who are active in their field
                             Small class sizes
                             Program and entrance scholarships
tHEY MEEt tHE AcADEMIc       collaborative Bachelor of nursing
                             Degree with the University of new
AnD InDUStRY StAnDARDS       Brunswick (UnB), with all four years
EStABlISHED BY tHE           delivered at Humber
POStSEcOnDARY EDUcAtIOn      Business degrees with a common
qUAlItY ASSESSMEnt BOARD.    two-year curriculum and then two
HUMBER DEGREES ARE           years of specialization in state-of-
                             the-art labs and classrooms that
                             reflect workplace settings
                             Friendly and inviting campuses

sUCCess                                    FROM MAnAGInG An AtHlEtIc APPAREl
                                           cOMPAnY’S OnlInE REtAIl BUSInESS tO

                                           WRItInG nAtIOnAl ADvERtISInG cAMPAIGnS
                                           tO PRODUcInG MUSIc FOR WIDElY knOWn
                                           ARtIStS, OUR GRADUAtES’ SUccESS
                                           SHOWS tHAt A HUMBER DEGREE HAS vAlUE
                                           nOW AnD lAtER. YOU GEt tHE AcADEMIc
                                           lEARnInG AnD PRActIcAl tRAInInG tHAt
                                           PREPARES YOU FOR YOUR cAREER AnD
                                           GIvES EMPlOYERS tHE cOnFIDEncE tO
                                           HIRE HUMBER GRADS.

                                           Ben Mcconchie
                                           Bachelor of applied Music – Contemporary Music
                                           Graduated: 2010
                                           Now: Student, University of toronto,
                                           Masters in Jazz Performance
                                           A double major in Political Science and History was
                                           not the end of Ben Mcconchie’s postsecondary
                                           education, but the beginning of a new era.
                                           After successfully writing his law School Admissions
                                           test (lSAt) in preparation for a potential career in law,
                                           Ben decided that law was not going to be in his future
                                           after all.
                                           With a passion for writing and playing music,
                                           Ben started researching Music degrees. “It was
                                           Humber’s list of accomplished faculty that drew me
                                           to the Bachelor of Applied Music – contemporary
                                           Music program. Some of my musical heroes were
                                           teaching at the college and I didn’t want to pass up
                                           an opportunity to learn from them,” he said. “the
                                           program boasted a tight-knit community of musicians
                                           with varied musical interests, fostering a well-rounded
                                           learning environment. While the clinics, performances
                                           and guest artists also provided us with ample hands-
                                           on experience and networking opportunities.”
                                           Ben started his Masters in Jazz Performance at the
                                           University of toronto in the fall of 2010.
Sylvie Alexandre
Bachelor of applied Business – Fashion Management
Graduated: 2011
Now: Merchandise Assistant, tJx canada
As a child, Sylvie Alexandre would dress her Barbie doll up to be fashionable.      “I find working in fashion
When she got older, she would wander the mall with her mother, trying to guess
what new styles would last. that was the moment she decided she wanted to            extremely interesting and
work in the fashion industry.                                                        exciting,” the toronto resident
After high school, Sylvie came to Humber for a diploma in Fashion Arts. However,     says. “My Humber education
after two years of working, she decided that in order to reach her career goal,      taught me the ins and outs
she needed a degree. that meant enrolling in Humber’s Bachelor of Applied            of the retail industry, and
Business – Fashion Management.
                                                                                     my friendly, knowledgeable
the program would provide her with solid business skills, an area of focus, such
                                                                                     and amazing faculty helped
as wholesale management, retail operations or import/export management, and
an internship, which Sylvie did at tJx in the logistics department.                  me gain the knowledge to
After completing her internship and graduating, Sylvie was immediately hired as a    succeed in my role.”
merchandise assistant by tJx, which owns Winners, HomeSense and other brands.

Sukaina Ebrahim
 Bachelor of applied arts – Interior Design
 Graduated: 2011
 Now: Designer, Freeman + Freeman Design
 When Sukaina Ebrahim quit her job as
 a sales and research co-ordinator at the
 Weather network in 2005, she was not
 certain what she wanted to do. While
 backpacking through Europe, she decided
 that she wanted to combine her love of arts
 and business. She chose Humber’s Interior
 Design degree program because it had the
 best reputation in the industry.
After graduating from Humber, Sukaina
was immediately hired by the firm
Freeman + Freeman Design Inc. Her
education, and the practical knowledge
she gained from her internship, has
helped her contribute immediately.
“So far, I have been involved in designing many
 downtown offices and a chiropractic clinic,”
 she says. “I love that every project is different,
 with varying issues, and each solution is
 unique. Being a designer means designing
 functional yet esthetically pleasing spaces,
 and understanding the built environment.
 My Humber education gave me the tools
 and skills I need to succeed in the field.”

Alexei Mikhailov
 Bachelor of applied arts – Industrial Design
 Graduated: 2011
 Now: Junior Designer, Bombardier Recreational Products
Humber graduate Alexei Mikhailov turned his boyhood passion
for cars into an award-winning automotive design. In his last
year in Humber’s Industrial Design degree program, Alexei
won several competitions, including an International Design
Award in the product design category. He credits his industry-
experienced professors for their guidance.
“I chose Humber because of the diverse approach in design
 curriculum,” he says. “My professors helped me to become
 a better analyst and to explore various solutions to design
 challenges. they helped me become a better student and laid
 down the path for my success.”
Alexei was hired by Bombardier Recreational Products (BRP)
before graduating. It is something he hoped for when he
realized in high school that his passion for automotive design
and drawing could result in a potential career.
“My co-op placement gave me real-world design experience
 that enabled me to better analyze my ideas and apply them
 into working product solutions,” he says. “Working at BRP is
 an exhilarating and challenging experience. When you do what
 you have loved since childhood, and you get paid for it, it’s a
 win-win situation. Most of all, I’m getting the chance to be part
 of something bigger and shape the future of the recreational
 vehicle industry.”

real                                          Oz tekson, MFA, Ph.D.

                                               Bachelor of applied arts – Creative advertising
                                               school of Media studies & Information Technology

                                              Oz tekson began teaching at Humber in 2005. Over

                                              the last seven years, the experienced professor has
                                              developed the skills and knowledge of students in
                                              Humber’s four-year Bachelor of Applied Arts – creative

                                              Advertising program, enabling them to graduate and
                                              become employed by canada’s leading advertising and
                                              creative employers.
                                              An expert in the creative advertising field with a Ph.D.
                                              in visual communication, Oz has more than 10 years
                                              experience as an art director with various multinationals
tOP AcADEMIcS. InDUStRY ExPERtS. GlOBAl       including the coca-cola company, Publicis, Euro RScG
cOnSUltAntS. tHOUGHt lEADERS. tHESE ARE       and Bozell Worldwide. He has also been recognized
                                              by the industry, having won national and international
OnlY A FEW WAYS OF DEScRIBInG HUMBER          awards such as the International Starpack Award, the
DEGREE FAcUltY. EAcH PROFESSOR IS A           quantum Business Media Award, and the International
                                              Marketing Excellence Award.
                                              In the classroom, Oz enjoys sharing his professional
                                              experience with students, giving them insight into the
In tHEIR InDUStRY. MAnY HAvE tOP AcADEMIc     variety of roles available in the creative industries. He is
cREDEntIAlS AnD EAcH cOntRIBUtES tO           motivated by social responsibility and the desire to give
                                              back to his community. Ultimately, he is driven to help
tHE BURGEOnInG knOWlEDGE EcOnOMY At           others learn and develop technical and life skills
HUMBER, In tOROntO AnD In tHE PROvIncE.       to achieve their goals.
                                              “I tell my students that they have the opportunity to
ASk AnY HUMBER StUDEnt AnD tHEY’ll tEll        reshape society and that the power of advertising is not
YOU tHAt HUMBER FAcUltY ARE PASSIOnAtE,        to be underestimated. I encourage them to challenge
                                               themselves and to take risks. Whether it’s on tv, the
                                               street or online, you have the ability to influence what
SUccEED AnD WIll HElP YOU AcHIEvE tHE          people do, what they buy and how they interact. that’s
GOAlS AlOnG YOUR EDUcAtIOnAl PAtH.             a big responsibility for students to understand.”
FROM InDIvIDUAl cOnvERSAtIOnS In clASS,       One of the strengths of the creative Advertising program
                                              is that Oz gets to teach his students in the Adcentre,
                                              Humber’s onsite ad agency that simulates a professional
On SOcIAl MEDIA, YOUR PROFESSOR WIll BE A     advertising firm. Students work with real clients on
SIGnIFIcAnt PARt OF YOUR HUMBER ExPERIEncE.   real projects, producing real work for real life. this
                                              gives students a stronger understanding of the creative
HUMBER FAcUltY ARE WIDElY knOWn In tHEIR      process and the client-designer relationship.

FIElDS In cAnADA AnD IntERnAtIOnAllY. tHEY    “We do our best to prepare our students to be up-to-
                                               date thinkers – technologically and creatively. We are in
ARE AWARD WInnERS, AUtHORS, SPEAkERS,          touch with professionals who are currently hands-on in
ExPERtS, InStRUctORS AnD tEAcHERS. tHEY        the industry. Our students get real experience with real
                                               clients when they study in the school. they graduate
                                               as experienced candidates with a broad understanding.
AnD knOW WHAt It tAkES FOR YOU tO BE           When they get their internship they start producing
SUccESSFUl.                                    from day one.”

Jeanine Webber, M.S.W., Ph.D.,                              RSW
Professor and Program Co-ordinator
Bachelor of applied arts – Criminal Justice
school of social & Community services

Jeanine Webber is a registered social worker with more than 20 years
of forensic experience. Jeanine has worked in multiple settings in the
criminal justice system and mental health sector including halfway
houses, a federal parole office, a maximum security penitentiary (the
kingston Penitentiary), and federal community correctional centres.
Specifically, her jobs have included federal parole officer, regional trainer
and head of correctional programs. She also worked in children’s
mental health as a researcher.
Jeanine first became interested in teaching while working for the
correctional Service of canada. As a trainer, she enjoyed helping
people achieve their professional goals. now, her passion is working
with students to help them develop the knowledge and skills they need
to pursue their chosen career.
“the classroom is a magical place. there is something energizing about
 being in a classroom discussing and debating topics such as the link
 between poverty and crime or whether violent young offenders should
 be tried as adults. It’s exciting to see the passion our students have
 for public service and to see their reaction when they recognize doors
 opening for them as a result of their commitment to learning.”
canada’s criminal justice system is challenged with the responsibility
of protecting the public, assisting victims and rehabilitating and
supervising offenders. criminal justice professionals need to be able
to work in emotionally charged and often stressful situations with
limited resources.
When teaching, Jeanine encourages students to think critically, assess,
prioritize, problem solve, negotiate, analyze, communicate and work
as a team. “Our students have the opportunity to develop a solid
knowledge base of the criminal justice system, human behaviour,
criminological, sociological and psychological theory, which they can
draw upon to help them meet the challenges they may face in the field
and their career,” she says.

lydia Boyko, APR, FlMI, B.J., M.Ed., Ph.D.
 Bachelor of Public relations
 school of Media studies & Information Technology

Humber’s reputation for delivering high-quality public relations (PR)
education is widely known in the communications and business industries
in Ontario. So when the program adds to its already strong faculty, the new
professor must have a great reputation and experience. Such is the case
with lydia Boyko.
lydia has more than 20 years of communications experience in the
private sector and has taught for eight years. the former director of
communications and government relations at canada life has long been
familiar with Humber PR students, having met and advised many of them
as part of the canadian Public Relations Society mentorship program.
lydia completed her Master of Education in 2006 and Doctor of Philosophy
in 2009 at the University of toronto. Her thesis, Academic Department
Management, won the 2010 George l. Geis Dissertation Award from the
canadian Society for the Study of Higher Education.
today, lydia brings her experience and commitment to lifelong learning to
Humber’s PR programs, including teaching the important writing course that
is part of the Bachelor of Public Relations curriculum. Her favourite part
about teaching is sharing her knowledge and experience with her students.
“the feeling that I am giving back to society and contributing to the future
 careers of young people is very important to me. Hopefully by sharing my
 enthusiasm and passion for the PR profession, and the sense of honesty
 and trust that are fundamental to success in life in general will impact my
 students in a positive way,” said the widely published professor.
lydia is energized by the opportunity to teach a range of subjects and to
do her part to strengthen the program’s reputation for preparing workforce-
ready graduates. “I like how the various subjects mesh together giving
students an idea of the many areas they’ll touch as a PR professional.
the corporate and International PR class, for example, covers the role of
communications in established sectors such as economics, as well as
more entrepreneurial areas such as new venture creation.”
the Humber PR program’s greatest strength is the dynamic faculty like
lydia Boyko who teach from experience, share a strong passion for their
students and the profession, and have tremendous connections with
industry that ultimately helps to secure jobs for students.

Pierre-Pascal Gendron
B.Sc., M.A., Ph.D.
Professor and Program Co-ordinator
Bachelor of applied Business – International Business
The Business school

Pierre-Pascal Gendron is a widely renowned economics expert who
specializes in public economics and public policy in areas such as value-
added taxation and developing country taxation. Sought by industry
and media for his opinion and perspective, he has consulted for global
organizations such as the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World
Bank, while also appearing on French- and English-speaking media in
canada to provide commentary on political and economic-related
current events.
An academic by training, Pierre-Pascal obtained his Ph.D. in economics
from the University of toronto in 1997. Prior to arriving at Humber in 2003
he was a consultant with canada’s Big Four professional services firms,
sharing his economics and tax expertise with a variety of private and public
sector clients.
In the classroom, the widely published author uses current events, trends
and major policy issues to generate discussion and encourage students to
share their perspective. He is particularly inspired by meeting students from
different backgrounds at different stages on their educational paths.
“As the program co-ordinator I get to know almost every Business degree
 student. I learn so much from them, their interests, beliefs, and academic
 and life goals. this helps me as a professor knowing that I have to make the
 learning environment rich and meaningful on an everyday basis, and not rely
 on just textbooks and case studies.”
Humber Business degree programs have a common two-year platform
in which students get a core business training in marketing, accounting,
economics and law to name a few. In years three and four, students focus
on their area of specialization. Pierre-Pascal says this approach helps
students obtain a well-rounded and flexible business education.
“the quality of our students and their ability to process and analyze real
 world issues is outstanding. the diversity of students and their backgrounds
 leads to robust debates as they share their experiences and learn from
 each other. this helps each student develop a critical business sense as
 they prepare for their career.”
Outside of the classroom, notes Pierre-Pascal, Humber Business degree
students benefit from a 14-week paid work term after their third year that
allows them to gain insight into their future careers while developing their
network and learning their chosen industry.
“What students learn in the classroom only goes so far. At some point they
 have to go out and get experience. Work terms are a key part of helping
 Humber achieve our goal of producing job-ready graduates who can work
 anywhere in the world.”

real WOrK
                                                     (Paralegal Studies)
ExcEllEncE In tEAcHInG AnD lEARnInG In EvERY
ASPEct OF YOUR EDUcAtIOnAl ExPERIEncE.              “For my work placement, I was
                                                     at a criminal defence law firm
A WORk PlAcEMEnt IS A kEY PARt OF EvERY DEGREE       in kitchener, Ontario. After
PROGRAM WHERE YOU WIll HAvE tHE OPPORtUnItY tO       completing my placement, I was
lEARn FIRSt-HAnD ABOUt YOUR cHOSEn FIElD BEFORE      offered part-time work while I
YOU GRADUAtE. tHESE REAl-WORlD ExPERIEncES GIvE      was still in school, and full-time
YOU On-tHE-JOB tRAInInG, tHE cHAncE tO APPlY YOUR    work even before I graduated.”

connie Mcculloch, EvP Home,
ladieswear and Planning Allocation &
Analysis, tJx canada
“Internships and work placements are equally
 important to the student and the company. Students
 get first-hand experience that they can add to their
 classroom learning, giving them a well-rounded
 education while preparing for their career. the
 company has the opportunity to teach students the
 finer points of the industry, helping them to make sure
 they have chosen the right career path and to identify
 the areas of the business they like best. the company
 then has the confidence it is hiring graduates
 who are prepared to enter the industry.”

                                                            (International Business)
                                                           “I completed my internship for International
                                                            Business at a company in Indonesia, where
                                                            I learned about logistics and marketing
                                                            internationally. It was great to take what I had
                                                            learned in the classroom and apply it in a job.
                                                            this experience will help me determine what I
                                                            want to do when I graduate.”

                                                            (Industrial Design)
                                                           “I came to Humber because it combined
                                                            theory with practical application, and the paid
                                                            placement was also a benefit. What I learned
                                                            in class I was able to apply to my internship.”

real lIFe
aT HUMBer.

more at

                                         Award-winning programs,
                                         faculty and students

More than

clubs and                                                                     the highest graduate satisfaction
associations                                                                  rates among GtA colleges*

    clubs                                    need Assistance?                                It’s time to play.
    the Humber Students’ Federation          •	 Services	for	Aboriginal	Students             varsity, intramural and extramural leagues
    (HSF) is the voice and advocate of       •	 Bookstores	                                  and competitions include ice and floor
    Humber’s 22,000 full-time students.      •	 Libraries                                    hockey, soccer, volleyball, and more.
    HSF provides a variety of services and   •	 Career	Centre                                visit
    programs available to all students,      •	 Counselling
    and lobbies the provincial government    •	 Disability	services                          varsity Sports
    on student-related issues.               •	 Health	Centre                                •	 Badminton	             •	   Fastball
                                             •	 International	Student	Centre	                •	 Baseball	              •	   Golf	
    HSF sponsors more than 80 clubs
                                                and new to canada support                    •	 Basketball	            •	   Indoor	Soccer
    across a wide variety of interests,
                                             •	 Peer	tutoring	and	mentoring                  •	 Cheerleading	          •	   Rugby
    from sports and cultural to business
                                             •	 Math	and	Writing	Centres                     •	 Cross	Country	         •	   Soccer
    and environmental. Joining a club
                                             •	 Financial	aid                                •	 Curling	               •	   Volleyball
    is a great way to learn something
                                             •	 24/7	Security                                •	 Dance
    different, plug in to life on campus
                                             •	 Campus	Walk
    and make new friends.

                                             * From 2010/11 key Performance Indicators (kPI). kPI are measured annually by an independent
                                               research firm for the Ontario Ministry of training, colleges and Universities.
real eXPerIeNCes.

Humber lakeshore campus                                  Humber north campus
Set on the edge of lake Ontario, Humber’s                located in northwest toronto minutes from restaurants,
lakeshore campus is an oasis in the rapidly              shopping malls, movie theatres, grocery stores and
developing downtown area. From an academic               other attractions, Humber’s north campus is among
village of nine restored heritage buildings to new       the most dynamic and fastest growing of any college
modern facilities and learning centres, to suite-style   in canada. Facilities feature state-of-the-art labs and
residence rooms for more than 400 students, and          classrooms, study areas, computer labs and wireless
ample green space, you’ll get the most from your         Internet. Humber’s north campus has two residence
college experience. Retail shopping, restaurants,        buildings, offering both traditional single room and suite-
banks, grocery stores and galleries are within           style accommodations for more than 1,000 students.
walking distance of this scenic campus and               Enjoy the sprawling parklands surrounding the campus
community. And a short ride on public transit will       dedicated to protecting the habitat for native plants and
take you to the heart of downtown toronto.               animals. After class, take part in numerous social and
                                                         extracurricular activities including athletics, concerts, pub
                                                         nights, awards nights, galas and other special events.

    real                     YOU’ll BE PARt OF An ExcItInG PERIOD OF GROWtH
                             At HUMBER. SIncE 2009, tHROUGH PROvIncIAl AnD

                             FEDERAl FUnDInG, GEnEROUS DOnOR SUPPORt AnD
                             InvEStMEntS BY tHE cOllEGE, HUMBER HAS ADDED
                             MORE tHAn $80 MIllIOn In nEW BUIlDInGS, WItH
                             MORE tHAn $100 MIllIOn PlAnnED FOR tHE FUtURE,
                             InclUDInG A lEARnInG RESOURcE AnD StUDEnt
                             SERvIcE cEntRE tHAt WIll BE tHE nEW GAtEWAY tO
                             tHE HUMBER nORtH cAMPUS.



    At tHE cEntRE OF All DEvElOPMEnt PlAnS.

    1 - Humber centre for Justice leadership
    Opened:     november 2009
    campus:     lakeshore
    Features:   crime scene investigation lab, forensic evidence
                processing studio, interview rooms

    2 - Humber Arts & Media Studios
    Opened:     April 2010
    campus:     lakeshore
    Features:   Rehearsal spaces; black box theatre; acting,
1               dance, film and media studios

    3 - Humber Fashion Institute
    Opened:     november 2010
    campus:     lakeshore
    Features:   Retail store front, window displays, studio,
                classroom and office space

    4 - Building - l
    Opened:     September 2011
2   campus:     lakeshore
    Features:   Student gallery, tiered classrooms, computer labs,
                centre for Digital Media and communications,
                student project space and learning commons

    5 - learning Resource commons and Student
        Services centre
    Opening:    September 2014
    campus:     north
    Features:   new school entrance; study spaces; library,
                and student and customer services


              ACCOUNTING – Bachelor of commerce
              CHILD AND YOUTH CARE – Bachelor of child and Youth care
              CONTEMPORARY MUSIC – Bachelor of Applied Music
              CREATIvE ADvERTISING – Bachelor of Applied Arts
              CRIMINAL JUSTICE – Bachelor of Applied Arts
              E-BUSINESS MARkETING – Bachelor of Applied Business
              FASHION MANAGEMENT – Bachelor of Applied Business
              FILM AND MEDIA PRODUCTION – Bachelor of Applied Arts
              HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGEMENT – Bachelor of Applied Business
              INDUSTRIAL DESIGN – Bachelor of Applied technology
              INTERIOR DESIGN – Bachelor of Applied Arts
              INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS – Bachelor of Applied Business
              JOURNALISM – Bachelor of Journalism
              NURSING – Bachelor of nursing (University of new Brunswick and
              Humber collaboration)
              PARALEGAL STUDIES – Bachelor of Applied Arts
              PUBLIC RELATIONS – Bachelor of Public Relations
              TOURISM MANAGEMENT – Bachelor of Applied Business
              More degree programs are planned for the future.
              check for the most up-to-date program information.


Student Success                              Research                                     liberal Arts and Electives
the student stories you will read on         Research and research-related activities     Our degree curriculum includes
the next few pages will show you how         are a key component of Humber’s              opportunities for students to
Humber degree students are positioned        institutional strategic vision. Humber’s     explore courses in categories of
to be successful. the degree they are        model of research and academic               study including: society, culture and
pursuing will qualify them for many          integration fosters innovation for small-    commerce; science and technology;
careers that may not be available            and medium-sized enterprises, enabling       and arts and humanities. Elective
any other way. the knowledge and             students to develop solutions for real       courses in these areas, or in other
professional expertise they acquire will     issues. Applied research at Humber           areas closely aligned with a student’s
enable them to choose from a variety         is about connecting with a business          personal interests, give students the
of career paths as diverse as their          outside the college, which says,             academic and life skills necessary
ambitions. Along with the training and       “I have a problem. can you help?”            to leverage their personal and
experience, the opportunity to network       In this solutions-based research             professional goals. these courses
and make lifelong friends and future         setting, we train our students to be         will provide students with:
business contacts is a benefit that will     innovative within a quickly changing         Self-knowledge – developing the
last a lifetime. Graduates of our degree     economic landscape.                          ability to critically analyze the forces
programs have an edge that gives             For students interested in business          that shape their values, ideas, and
them confidence when they start their        and product invention, the Innovation        personal circumstances so that they
professional careers.                        Humber Incubator (IHI) is a new              can cultivate a thoughtful, realistic, and
Whether it is Haleigh, from tourism          initiative funded by the Ontario centres     positive sense of themselves.
Management, who credits her                  of Excellence Experiential learning          Civic Engagement – being informed
professors for making every day              Program. the primary mandate of              and engaged citizens who are ethical,
a positive learning experience, or           the IHI is to develop and accelerate         professional, and productive in the
Pardeep, a nursing student who               start-ups for student entrepreneurial        workplace and in their communities.
believes the best part of the program        business ventures through experiential
is the clinical placement because he         learning. Whether it is an individual        Global Perspective – understanding
gets to work in different places, and        faculty or school-led research project, or   of the global forces that are shaping
meet and care for many people from           an institute-wide research initiative, we    the public sphere, through an
different cultures, or Staci from Interior   emphasize the integration of Humber          examination of diverse theories,
Design who says the small class              research activities with our degree          narratives and histories relative to the
sizes allowed for one-on-one time with       programming. this research for the real      environment, society, politics, arts,
teachers, giving everyone the chance         world provides direct benefits for Humber    sciences and technology.
to ask questions and get detailed            students and leads to economic benefits      Quest for Lifelong Learning –
critiques of their work, every Humber        for the Greater toronto Area (GtA),          developing a foundation of knowledge
degree student sees the benefits of          Ontario, and beyond. Innovation literacy     and skills necessary to a life of
their education both now and later.          helps college degree graduates get           learning and adaptation.
                                             jobs quickly.


Bachelor of Commerce
the Business School
Application Program code: 22211
Humber lakeshore campus
Eight semesters, beginning in September, plus one paid work term

YOUR CAREER                               not-for-profit organizations, major          Management Accountant (cMA) of
toronto is one of north America’s         corporations, small businesses, and          Ontario entrance examination. the
top three financial markets and a         financial institutions in positions          certified General Accountants (cGA) of
leader in professional services in        including accountant, budget analyst,        Ontario requires graduates to enrol in
the areas of assurance, audit, and        taxation specialist, and auditor or          additional cGA-specific courses as part
tax. Graduates of Humber’s Bachelor       treasurer. Or you can use your training      of their membership requirements. All
of commerce – Accounting degree           and entrepreneurial spirit to set-up your    professional accounting associations
program may combine their superior        own accounting practice or company, or       are independent of Humber, all have
accounting training with the wealth of    pursue graduate studies in the same or       additional requirements for membership
job opportunities in the GtA to be on     related fields.                              beyond holding a degree, and all may
their way to a rewarding career in a                                                   change their requirements at any time.
                                          Humber’s Bachelor of commerce –
challenging industry.                                                                  Applicants and students are advised
                                          Accounting degree program meets the
                                                                                       to review each of the accounting
With Humber’s comprehensive               Institute of chartered Accountants of
                                                                                       associations’ requirements and
accounting degree, you can pursue         Ontario (IcAO) course requirements.
                                                                                       standards carefully in order to ensure
employment in areas such as public        Successful degree completion also
                                                                                       a full and complete understanding of
accounting firms, government offices,     qualifies graduates to write the certified
                                                                                       current requirements.

                                                                                       OUR PROGRAM
                                                                                       Humber’s Bachelor of commerce –
                                                                                       Accounting degree program helps
                                                                                       students develop skills in the applied
                                                                                       aspects of the profession. Introductory
                                                                                       courses provide a fundamental
                                                                                       understanding of a variety of business
                                                                                       disciplines along with their functions
                                                                                       and relationships. Upper-year courses
                                                                                       provide a more in-depth study of
                                                                                       accounting. Elective courses available
                                                                                       in the arts and humanities, social
                                                                                       sciences and natural sciences will
                                                                                       enrich and extend your academic
                                                                                       experience. the Bachelor of commerce
                                                                                       – Accounting degree program
                                                                                       emphasizes critical thinking, analytical
                                                                                       skills, communications and leadership.
                                                                                       Areas of study include: marketing, law,
                                                                                       economics, operations management,
                                                                                       ethics, human resources management,
                                                                                       organizational behaviour, financial
                                                                                       accounting, management accounting,
                                                                                       financial management, taxation, audit,
                                                                                       strategic management and statistics
                                                                                       and quantitative analysis.

Paul Griffin, associate dean
416.675.6622 ext. 3226

                                               When kayla was in high school, Humber was her
                                               first choice for postsecondary studies. However, she
Students have the opportunity to train         was encouraged by family to go to university for an
in Humber’s state-of-the-art Accounting        accounting degree. After her first year, kayla realized
centre, where you’ll learn about best          that she should have trusted her instincts and gone
practices in accounting and use standard       to Humber.
industry software such as Profile              When she told her family her decision, they were
(personal tax), Access, Excel, Simply          surprised. She explained to them that a degree
Accounting and Accpac Plus.                    from Humber would give her the education she was
You’ll learn from professors who have          looking for.
real-world accounting experience and are      “I wanted the hands-on element of the business
active in the industry. Whether you’re         degree program at Humber. At university, the classes
analyzing a case study, hearing from a         are big and impersonal. At Humber, the program
guest speaker or participating in a field      is interactive and the faculty gives you one-on-one
visit, faculty are committed to providing      attention. they care about giving you the tools to
you with practical, hands-on accounting        succeed. You aren’t just listening to lectures. You’re
training to help you achieve the career        getting to work on real case studies.”
you want.
                                               While at university, kayla even began to doubt her
For information regarding faculty              choice to study accounting.
credentials for this program, visit
                                              “I lost my excitement about studying accounting in
                                               university and would procrastinate until the last
                                               possible day on assignments.”
WORk PLACEMENT                                 now with plans to major in accounting at Humber, her
Students will participate in one               passion for the subject is restored and she is one of
mandatory paid work term of 14 weeks           the most vocal people in her class.
of professional experience. Students will     “I’m confident because I’ve learned so much in
select from a wide variety of opportunities    the program. now, I can’t wait to start working on
in public accounting firms, government         assignments.”
offices, not-for-profit organizations,
                                              the practical learning of the program, with a 14-week
major corporations, small businesses,
                                              work placement, appeals to her, and she notes it is
and financial institutions. Students
                                              something her university degree did not offer. kayla
can work for employers in accounting
                                              also likes that the program covers a broad range
practices, in industry (insurance, banks,
                                              of business courses in the first two years, before
manufacturing or service industries),
                                              beginning to specialize.
non-profit organizations or for all levels
of government. these employers can            “One day, I want to have my own business that
range from large multinationals to small       combines my love of art and business. I want to be
proprietorships, and include partnerships.     able to manage all aspects of any work I do, so that’s
                                               why this program is ideal for me. I’m learning about
                                               accounting, and also about business. the program
ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS                         is providing me with real-world training in accounting,
Please visit for the most up-to-     and preparing me to succeed in my career.”
date admission requirement information.


Bachelor of Child and Youth Care
School of Social & community Services
Application Program code: 22231
Humber lakeshore campus
Eight semesters, beginning in September, plus one work term

YOUR CAREER                                  OUR PROGRAM
Humber’s four-year Bachelor of child         the Bachelor of child and Youth care        practice and children’s activity rooms.
and Youth care (cYc) degree program          degree program provides students            Program courses integrate the study
prepares you for a career in which           with the knowledge, skills and abilities    of developmental, preventative and
you can make a meaningful difference         required for in-depth work with             therapeutic approaches in child and
in the lives of children, youth and          children and youth, and in community        youth care. Direct methods such as
communities. Upon graduation students        development. the program is firmly          interviewing and counselling, responding
will be eligible to apply for professional   grounded in the professional practice       to abuse, play therapy and other
certification by the Ontario Association     of child and youth care supported by        intervention modalities are taught from
of child and Youth counsellors.              the disciplines of psychology, sociology,   a strength-based perspective and within
child and Youth care degree graduates        community development, political            an anti-oppressive framework.
can look forward to careers in child and     science and education. the curriculum       Areas of study include child
youth counselling, education, community      focuses on the theory and research          development, child and youth
development, child welfare and               of relational practice – that is building   care interventions, legislation,
protection, child advocacy, youth justice,   relationships to support children and       issues of diversity and social
children’s mental health, community          youth with crisis or change. courses        inclusion, psychology, interpersonal
outreach, and/or family counselling.         are taught in classroom settings and        communication skills, social policy
In addition the cYc degree will prepare      typically include lecturers from child      and change. the first two years of
students to develop social policy            and youth care practice, youth in care,     the program provide students with a
related to children, youth or families       and community representatives. the          comprehensive understanding of child
while working with government or non-        child and Youth care program offers         and youth development, as well as
governmental organizations (nGOs)            the unique opportunity for students         current methodologies in child and
either in urban or remote communities        work to be supervised in our state-         youth care professional practice. the
in canada or abroad.                         of-the-art play therapy laboratory          final two years of study enable students
                                             setting complete with family therapy        to apply their learning to more advanced
                                                                                         practice issues including those of
                                                                                         youth addiction, child protection, family
                                                                                         counselling, and working with youth from
                                                                                         regions in conflict, responding to issues
                                                                                         of child trauma, global perspectives
                                                                                         of child and youth care and working in
                                                                                         community practice in remote locations.
                                                                                         In addition, a wide selection of liberal
                                                                                         arts general elective courses enable
                                                                                         students to deepen their learning and
                                                                                         build the context necessary for their
                                                                                         professional careers.
                                                                                         this community-oriented program is
                                                                                         taught by experienced faculty, who
                                                                                         are active in the child and youth
                                                                                         care profession. Drawing on years of
                                                                                         professional and academic experience
                                                                                         child and Youth care faculty enable

Derek Stockley, associate dean
416.675.6622 ext. 3202

                                              Upon graduating from York University in 2004 with a
                                              Bachelor of Arts Specialized Honours in Economics,
                                              tobin built a strong career in the financial services
                                              sector. Wanting more out of his career, tobin decided
students to develop the skills and
                                              to leave the financial industry in order to pursue the
knowledge they will need to support child
                                              Bachelor of child and Youth care degree program
and youth development in the positive
                                              at Humber.
transformation of their communities.
                                             “I’ve always had a strong connection with disadvantaged
For information regarding faculty
                                              youth. I believe in their intelligence and abilities and
credentials for this program, visit
                                              feel that it’s important for them to have someone who
                                              recognizes their gifts and encourages them to develop
                                              their talent,” said the toronto resident.
INDUSTRY PARTNERSHIPS                         At Humber, tobin is looking forward to building
Humber’s School of Social & community         relationships with his classmates and developing the
Services enjoys an excellent reputation       skills and knowledge to put him on the career path in
within the child and youth care community     the growing and challenging field.
and profession. the program is an            “I chose Humber because of the combination of
organizational member of the Ontario          theoretical and practical courses. I know I’m going
and the canadian Association of child         to gain invaluable knowledge and experience and I’m
and Youth counsellers. Our community          confident that others will too. the program is exactly
partners include major children’s mental      what I’m looking for and is set-up to help prepare
health organizations, children’s aid          students to work with disadvantaged youth and to
organizations, street involved youth          make a difference in their lives.”
support networks and the Office of the
                                              the former loan officer credits the program faculty for
Ontario child Advocate. Our Advisory
                                              creating a supportive learning environment.
committee comprised of professionals
with diversified and extensive experience    “the professors are active and well-versed in their
in the profession guides the development      respective fields. they share their experiences with
of this degree.                               us, giving us insight into what it’s like working with real
                                              people and supporting them through real issues. they
                                              encourage us to ask questions and there have been
WORk PLACEMENT                                many times when the whole class gets into a lively
Students will participate in one              discussion or debate.”
mandatory work term of 14 weeks of            Overall, the 31-year-old is enjoying his time at Humber,
professional experience. the placement        noting that the student services that he’s used have
may be in a social service, community or      been highly supportive and that the library and the gym
educational agency or organization where      are open late seven days a week. Most of all, tobin is
they will have an opportunity to work with    energized by the child and Youth degree program and
children youth and families.                  the budding relationships with his classmates.

Please visit for the most up-to-
date admission requirement information.


Bachelor of applied Music
School of creative & Performing Arts
Application Program code:
Bass 2206S                       cello 2206c           Drums/Percussion 22065
French Horn 22062                Guitar 22063          keyboard 22064
Saxophone/Woodwind 22060         trombone 22066        trumpet 22067
tuba 22068                       violin 2206v          voice 22069
Humber lakeshore campus
Eight semesters, beginning in September, plus one work term

YOUR CAREER                                  film, commercials and pop – a valuable
chart a freelance career in your             resource for students unmatched by any
favourite section of the music industry,     other school in canada.
whether as a performing artist, clinician,   After two years of core music courses,
producer, songwriter, arranger or            students will choose electives in
composer in a wide range of styles           arranging, composition, advanced
and idioms.                                  improvisation, film scoring, recording/
                                             production techniques or songwriting
                                             along with courses in music business
OUR PROGRAM                                  and creative development. Students
Humber’s Bachelor of Applied Music –         who take a minimum of six music
contemporary Music program is unlike         electives in Performance/composition
any other four-year bachelor degree in       or Music Production will receive that
music in north America. By combining         profile designation.
the latest recording technologies and        Students in the contemporary Music
entrepreneurial business strategies          degree program develop musicianship
with performance, production,                and artistry by presenting their own
songwriting, and composition in jazz,        recitals, arranging and composing
pop, R&B, latin and world music,             original material, and recording and       YOUR FUTURE STUDY OPTIONS
graduates will be well equipped with         marketing their own music. In addition,    qualified graduates of this program are
the knowledge and skills needed for          students take courses in music history,    eligible to apply for several programs
success in today’s music world.              pedagogy, theory, aural training,          at the master’s degree level, and may
Founded in 1972, the Humber Music            improvisation, ensembles, private          be eligible to apply their academic
program has consistently produced            lessons, music production and music        credits toward further study at many
many of the most successful                  business. Every student must complete      postsecondary institutions. For detailed
commercial and jazz musicians in             a work placement component in the          information, visit our website at
canada and the world. With more              music industry to establish contacts
than 400 students and a faculty of 17        and relationships with key companies
full-time and 80 part-time teachers,         and industry personnel. All students
Humber’s Music program is the largest,       will complete a major recording project/   WORk PLACEMENT
most diverse and best program of its         portfolio in their fourth year. the
                                                                                        Students are required to fulfil a work
kind in the country. long known for the      assembled portfolio, which includes a
                                                                                        placement component designed to mirror
strength of its faculty, Humber offers       complete press kit and professional-
                                                                                        the professional music world, which
students the opportunity to study            quality recording, as well as other
                                                                                        is largely characterized by contract,
privately, in classroom situations and in    promotional materials, functions as a
                                                                                        freelance and part-time employment.
more than 47 ensembles with a “who’s         student’s calling card for entrance into
                                                                                        Students accumulate the equivalent
who” of canadian music. And because          the music industry upon graduation.
                                                                                        of 450 hours of experience, which
toronto is the centre of all aspects         For information regarding faculty          allows them to establish contacts and
of canada’s entertainment industry,          credentials for this program, visit        relationships with key companies and
Humber’s faculty consists of the top                         industry professionals.
pros in jazz, musical theatre, television,

Steve Bellamy, associate dean
416.675.6622 ext. 3450

                                               Although music has always been an important part of chris’
                                               life, it wasn’t until high school that he developed a true
                                               passion to study music. He began playing the guitar and
                                               tried other instruments while at Walkerville collegiate in
                                               tecumseh, Ontario, but his desire to become a musician
FACILITIES                                     intensified when he started playing the saxophone and
                                               learned to play jazz.
the state-of-the-art recording studio has
been home to hundreds of student and            chris enrolled in Humber’s Bachelor of Applied Music –
faculty recordings. It features world-          contemporary Music program to learn from both his peers
class equipment like the SSl Duality            and internationally renowned music faculty. His Humber
console, Yamaha c7 piano, neumann,              training and intense rehearsal schedule recently helped
DPA, and Sennheiser microphones.                him in winning the Galaxie Rising Stars top scholarship
the music facility also houses a multi-         at the 2011 tD Ottawa International Jazz festival, after
purpose electronic classroom and Pro-           his second year in the program.
tools workstations where students can          “Being surrounded by a network of other dedicated
learn to compose, edit, and mix their           students and professional musicians pushes me to
music. the music auditorium hosts 1,400         improve by playing as often as possible. I’ve had many
events and performances each year. the          gigs on campus and around toronto, and I’ve had the
auditorium seats 480 and is fully equipped      chance to explore and play lots of new music.”
for lighting, sound reinforcement, and
multitrack recording.                           At Humber, chris is learning the balance between personal
                                                development and group interaction in music. He especially
                                                enjoys the opportunity to develop a sound through playing
GUEST ARTISTS                                   and composition that reflects his personality. Being
                                                able to communicate his personal experiences through
As a result of toronto’s vibrant concert and
                                                composition and improvisation is also meaningful to him.
club scene, Humber students are treated
regularly to composer/Artist-in-Residence      “In class, we don’t just pick up our instruments and play.
Weeks, workshops and clinics with such          For many Humber students, music is our pen or voice.
world-class musicians and composers as          It’s our way of communication, our art form. classes have
Dave Holland, Jim Mcneely, kurt Elling,         helped me to achieve a greater understanding of music,
vince Mendoza, terence Blanchard and            improvisation and how to put theory into practice in a live
chris Potter, to name a few. Every year the     musical setting.”
music degree program features a visit from      As in many of Humber’s degree programs, chris says that
a renowned composer-in-residence during         the quality and reputation of his professors along with
the fall semester, and a renowned artist-       small class sizes and the chance to interact individually
in-residence during the winter semester.        with professors and students makes a huge difference
these great composers and performers            for him.
work and perform with students in a variety
of ways to improve their professional          “Having an amazing music faculty is the best thing about
skills and add inspiration to the Humber        the program. they are all experts in their field, they still
experience.                                     perform and they are constantly introducing us to people
                                                in the music business. Most of all, they are there for you,
                                                which makes it easy to ask questions and get feedback.”
Please visit for the most up-to-
date admission requirement information.


Bachelor of applied arts
School of Media Studies & Information technology
Application Program code: 22041
Humber lakeshore campus
Eight semesters, beginning in September, plus one paid work term

Use your strong creative skills
and versatility in a broad range of
advertising industry careers in both
agency and corporate settings. Work as
an art director, copywriter, or account co-
ordinator in all media, and ultimately as
a creative director. this degree can also
lead to graduate studies.
Our grads and students have won
two cannes lions and cannes Young
lions awards, a cMYk Magazine top
100 creative Student Selection, large
numbers of Applied Arts and Advertising       focus is on the creative aspects of         and industry to identify co-op employment
awards, and Design club of canada             advertising combined with a theoretical,    opportunities. Students must find their
Student awards in advertising. they           strategic, and historical perspective. It   own placements and are encouraged to
have been featured on the cover               draws on the theoretical constructs and     develop effective job search skills.
of Marketing Magazine, and have               paradigms of such fields as sociology,
participated in industry competitions,        psychology, ethics, literature, marketing
pitted against other colleges and             and statistics to enrich and extend the     OUR INDUSTRY PARTNERSHIPS
universities throughout canada. teams         understanding of advertising concepts       the following and others have donated
of Humber students have won the               and applications.                           their expertise to program development
ctv campaign challenge for election           Our faculty is composed of industry         and stated their intent to provide co-op
campaign advertising and swept the top        professionals and respected teachers        and employment opportunities:
three spots and the People’s choice           from varied fields of academia.             DraftFcB canada, Mclaren Mccann,
Award in the first Sourz Design School        they teach the creative aspects of          MediaEDGE, Riddoch communications,
challenge for a product marketing             advertising through hands-on studio         Grip limited, Y&R, Rosetta, Red Urban,
campaign, among others.                       work combined with a theoretical,           and Drive Agency.
                                              strategic, and historical perspective.
                                              Students develop and hone their
OUR PROGRAM                                                                               YOUR FUTURE STUDY OPTIONS
                                              advanced skills using state-of-the-art
Humber’s creative Advertising degree          equipment in our multiple computer labs     qualified graduates of this program
program is unique in providing creative       and digital classrooms.                     may be eligible to apply their academic
education for writers, future account                                                     credits toward further study at many
                                              For information regarding faculty
executives and art directors, allowing                                                    postsecondary institutions. For detailed
                                              credentials for this program, visit
them to work together in creative teams                                                   information, visit our website at
to produce the best of contemporary                                             
advertising. As well, students design
real-world solutions for clients of the       WORk PLACEMENT
Adcentre, our on-campus agency.                                                           ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS
                                              Students will complete a 14-week paid
this program is unique in providing                                                       Please visit for the most up-to-
                                              work term from January to April after
creative education to writers and                                                         date admission requirement information.
                                              semester seven. the school provides
designers together, which is just the         support, such as working with business
way they will work in the industry. the

nancy Rodrigues, associate dean
416.675.6622 ext. 3002

                                                             Humber was a new beginning for Atash. Five years after
                                                             graduating from high school in texas, she moved to
WE ARE AWARD WINNERS                                         toronto, where she had grown up, to attend Humber.

•	 2009	Applied	Arts	Magazine	Awards	–	                      “I chose the creative Advertising degree program because
   of the 16 awards for student advertising,                  it combines business with creativity. It was intimidating to
   we took four, the only school in canada to                 come back to school, but my professors and classmates
    get more than two.                                        made it an easy transition.”

•	DraftFCB	Scholarship	and	intern	position	                   Atash was drawn to the practical part of the program that
  won by one of our second-year students in                   allows students to work on actual advertising campaigns
  competition with OcAD advertising students.                 for clients through the college’s Adcentre, an on-campus
                                                              advertising studio. Atash’s favourite campaigns were for a
•	Campaign	development	contest	run	by	the	ad	                 soda company and a retailer.
  agency Publicis – three programs including
  ours at different schools were involved.                   “Our classes are hands-on. We don’t just sit in lectures or
  Students were given a written brief prepared                rely on textbooks. As the account manager for the soda
  by Publicis and the client. Real client, real               and retail projects, I was responsible for assessing the
  brief, real presentations, real hard work, and              products and briefing the creative team, which then puts
  in the end, real money too. ($3,000, $1,500                 together a campaign. We got some great feedback from
  and $500 to the winners.)                                   our teacher and the class.”

For an example of student work, visit                         Academics are not the only reason Atash is glad she                     chose Humber. She moved into residence for her first
                                                              year and loved it so much that she became a residence
                                                              assistant the next year. there, she got involved with
                                                              the school, organizing bake sales for Breast cancer
                                                              Entering her fourth and final year, Atash knows she
                                                              made the right choice.
                                                             “looking back now, I had no idea what I was getting into.
                                                              But I wouldn’t change anything. With advertising, you’re
                                                              often helping people and businesses. You’re discovering
      On graduation you’ll stand out from the crowd           something new every day. this is what I love to do.”
      with a background that includes:
      •	 Skills	to	create	the	concept,	copy	and	design	
         for presentations in print, radio, television and
         new media
      •	 Knowledge	of	agency	and	corporate	
         advertising perspectives, as well as consumer
         and business-to-business advertising
      •	 Development	of	advanced	skills	using	state-of-
         the-art equipment
      •	 Participation	in	student	design	competitions	
      •	 Working	on	creative	teams	to	design	real-world	
         solutions for clients of the Adcentre located
         on campus
      •	 A	14-week	paid	work	term	

Bachelor of applied arts
School of Social & community Services
Application Program code 22201
Humber lakeshore campus
Eight semesters, beginning in September, plus two, eight-week work terms

YOUR CAREER                                    OUR PROGRAM                                more in-depth study of: the nature
there are nearly 1,000 offenders in                                                       and causes of crime; processes
                                               Humber’s criminal Justice degree
Ontario participating in the province’s                                                   for managing crime, deviance and
                                               program provides students with a
Electronic Surveillance Program                                                           victimization; community safety;
                                               broad-based understanding of the
(ESP) in which high-tech tracking                                                         rehabilitation; recidivism; progressive
                                               criminal justice system. the curriculum
devices such as ankle bracelets or                                                        reforms; restorative justice; and
                                               combines both theory and applied
voice verification let case managers                                                      alternatives to incarceration.
                                               skills, providing you with the breadth
monitor their whereabouts 24/7. ESP            of knowledge and experience you need       Humber’s multidisciplinary approach
is just one development in the rapidly         to meet the demands of a position in       includes employability training,
evolving criminal justice field, in which      this field. Special emphasis is placed     emphasizing critical thinking,
organizations are increasingly looking to      on understanding the perspectives          analytical and organizational skills,
fill entry-level positions with credentialed   of offenders, front-line professionals,    and interpersonal skills such as
professionals. Graduates of Humber’s           administrators, the community and          communications, team building
criminal Justice degree program can            others who come into contact with the      and leadership.
apply their knowledge and skills in a          criminal justice system.                   Our expert faculty brings both advanced
variety of settings in institutional and                                                  degrees and a wealth of experience
                                               Introductory courses provide a
community-based correctional systems,                                                     from the field.
                                               fundamental understanding of key
and pursue a career as a probation
                                               concepts and theoretical approaches        For information regarding faculty
officer, parole officer, adult correctional
                                               developed in relation to crime,            credentials for this program, visit
officer, police officer, immigration
                                               victimization, criminalization, criminal
officer, canada Border Services Agency
                                               justice and penal practice. Subsequent
officer, correctional residential worker,
                                               criminal justice course content includes
community justice facilitator or as a
private security officer. Graduates may
be eligible to pursue graduate studies
in criminal justice education or
related disciplines.

Gina Antonacci, dean
416.675.6622 ext. 3423

                                              While attending Dartmouth High School in nova Scotia,
                                              carlos became interested in the rights and equality of
WORk PLACEMENT                                delinquent individuals in the criminal justice system.
Utilize and sharpen new skills while          Inspired to pursue a postsecondary education in
gaining crucial on-the-job work experience    which he could learn about human rights, equality
during two mandatory eight-week work          and fairness, and that would put him on a career path
terms that take place after semesters         to making a difference in the lives of others, carlos
four and six. the placements, which are       traveled the 1,800 kilometres to toronto to take
unpaid, are arranged with the assistance      Humber’s criminal Justice degree program.
of a Humber placement advisor.               “coming to Humber was a risk, because I came a long
                                              way and I didn’t know anyone. But the program has
                                              a great reputation so I was confident in my decision.
                                              My classmates and professors were welcoming and
Humber’s School of Social & community         helped me settle in quickly. It helped that class sizes
Services enjoys an excellent reputation       made it easy to meet people and you can talk one-on-
within the criminal justice community.        one with your instructors.”
Our Advisory committee, comprised of
                                              At Humber, carlos has learned that fairness and
professionals with diverse and extensive
                                              equality are the foundation of the criminal justice
experience in the field, guides the
                                              system, and that it’s important not to judge people for
development of this degree program.
                                              their wrongdoing, but rather to understand and seek
                                              opportunities to change the underlying issues that
PROFESSIONAL ACCREDITATION,                   influenced these individuals to become delinquent.
ENDORSEMENT AND RECOGNITION                   After his second year, carlos had the chance to put
this professional degree in criminal          his classroom learning into practice during one of the
Justice is endorsed by the canadian           program’s two eight-week work placements.
criminal Justice Association, the Ontario    “I went back home to nova Scotia to work in the area
community Justice Association and the         where I grew up. I worked with the Halifax Regional
International corrections and Prisons         Police community Response officers, as well as Youth
Association.                                  Advocate and community Recreation Services. I got
                                              first-hand experience and a better understanding of
                                              how closely the police and community services work
ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS                        in partnership with other services in the criminal
Please visit for the most up-to-    justice system.”
date admission requirement information.       now in his third year, the 21-year-old is most
                                              interested in learning about delinquent behaviour and
                                              crime prevention.
                                             “there’s a lot more that can be done to change the
                                              social issues that drive people to criminal activity.
                                              We have to find ways to give individuals more
                                              opportunities to contribute positively to society.”


Bachelor of applied Business
the Business School
Application Program code: 22141
Humber lakeshore campus
Eight semesters, beginning in September, plus one paid work term

YOUR CAREER                                online support. Humber’s e-Business         OUR PROGRAM
Humber’s Bachelor of Applied Business      Marketing degree program provides           Humber’s Bachelor of Applied Business
– e-Business Marketing degree program      graduates with the skills and knowledge     – e-Business Marketing degree program
prepares you for a career in doing         that are the foundation for future          provides students with the essential
business and marketing around the          managerial positions, as well as starting   components of a traditional business
world from wherever you are.               your own business.                          degree, plus a broad selection of cutting-
Merging information systems and web        Recent e-Business graduates have            edge technology and advanced marketing
communications allows businesses           been hired by the Home Depot, Ontario       techniques; preparing you to succeed in a
to refine customer service, enhance        Ministry of Government Services, Primus     highly competitive business environment.
manufacturing and inventory control,       canada, loblaw companies ltd., tD           By graduation, your e-commerce skills will
develop interactive websites, market       canada trust, Bank of Montreal, Adidas,     include the ability to develop e-business
products and services to multiple          taro Pharmaceuticals, tetley, public        marketing/sales plans (product analysis,
audiences and more. this increases         service and not-for-profit organizations,   pricing strategies, distribution channels,
the need for talented graduates with       small- and medium-sized businesses in       promotional programs); employ project
the e-business skills and knowledge to     manufacturing, services, and consulting     management and change management
help companies compete in the global       companies.                                  tools; analyze financial issues and how
commercial economy.                                                                    they affect pricing, cost, and profit;
                                           As you become more wired into
                                                                                       integrate effective and efficient supply
Graduates will have career opportunities   conducting electronic transactions,
                                                                                       chain management operations/tactics/
in the rapidly evolving world of           providing web-based customer service,
                                                                                       strategies; and streamline business
e-business marketing in areas such as      collaborating with business partners
                                                                                       processes, using information and
market analyst, e-marketing specialist,    online and promoting products and
                                                                                       communication technology (Ict).
product manager, distribution manager,     services you’ll be on your way to
purchaser/buyer, operations manager,       helping clients and companies in a          courses include accounting, micro/
quality supervisor, Internet marketer,     trillion dollar industry to change the      macroeconomics, business law,
web developer, content manager, and        way they do business.                       marketing, information systems, ethics,
                                                                                       e-commerce, web development, database
                                                                                       systems, supply chain management and
                                                                                       more. You’ll be able to put classroom
                                                                                       learning into practice and get real-world
                                                                                       experience by attending industry events,
                                                                                       participating in competitions and learning
                                                                                       first-hand from guest speakers.
                                                                                       Humber’s Bachelor of Applied Business
                                                                                       – e-Business Marketing degree program
                                                                                       is built on our specially developed two-
                                                                                       year common platform of solid business
                                                                                       education, comprised of marketing,
                                                                                       accounting, operations, economics and
                                                                                       law. In years three and four, you will work
                                                                                       toward your e-Business specialization.
                                                                                       Among the unique program opportunities,
                                                                                       you’ll have the chance to gain practical
                                                                                       skills using a broad array of business

Paul Griffin, associate dean
416.675.6622 ext. 3226

                                                 After three years of college and earning an advanced
                                                 diploma in E-commerce Management, Daniel realized
software such as Microsoft Excel, Word,          that to be successful, he would need a business
Access, PowerPoint, MS Project, SAP              degree. though he was accepted to university, he chose
software and other web development               Humber’s Bachelor of Applied Business – e-Business
languages and software.                          Marketing degree program because of the applied
                                                 nature of the degree.
You’ll learn from experienced faculty,
many of whom are active in their field          “I really wanted to attend Humber because of the work
and maintain a network of industry               placement semester included in the program. I worked
professionals, who understand the                for a small marketing/advertising company, which
challenges and benefits of the online global     specializes in both print and online media.”
marketplace. Using simple and proven             Using his credits from his diploma, Daniel transferred
teaching techniques faculty help students        into the third year of the degree. Despite having already
to harness information and communications        studied e-business, he is learning more about the
technology to innovate the way companies         industry at Humber.
and people do business. As Internet
sales from both business-to-business and        “Since coming to Humber I have broadened my
business-to-consumer reach into the trillions    knowledge about marketing, including online and digital
of dollars worldwide annually, Humber’s          marketing. I have also developed a better understanding
combination of a general business degree         of a variety of business areas including supply chain,
and broad computer and communication             database management, databasing, and Internet law.”
technology skills will make you more             Daniel likes Humber’s small classes, resources for
competitive in the job market.                   students such as open classroom labs, and convenient
For information regarding faculty credentials    class times. He also appreciates the knowledge and
for this program, visit       help of his faculty. One of his professors helped him
                                                 obtain part-time employment while at Humber.
                                                 He feels confident about his future and finding a job
WORk PLACEMENT                                   after graduation.
One full semester of paid work in the           “It’s no mystery that e-business is an important aspect
summer between semesters six and seven           of almost any industry. Researching new trends and
will give you the hands-on experience that is    learning multiple techniques and methods of e-business,
highly valued by employers.                      including new ways to combine business and the
                                                 Internet, is what I find most enjoyable. I feel confident
                                                 that the experience I’ve gained here will be a benefit to
                                                 me when I start working.”
qualified graduates of this program may
be eligible to apply their academic credits
toward further study at many postsecondary
institutions. For detailed information, visit
our website at

Please visit for the most up-to-
date admission requirement information.


Bachelor of applied Business
the Business School
Application Program code: 22101
Humber lakeshore campus
Eight semesters, beginning in September, plus one paid work term

YOUR CAREER                                 OUR PROGRAM                                business career development, 20th
                                                                                       century fashion history, textile product
As one of the major fashion centres         Humber’s four-year Fashion Management
                                                                                       knowledge and colour trend forecasting.
in canada, toronto is a vibrant             degree program is designed for students
                                                                                       You’ll gain practical skills through
environment in which to pursue a            interested in the business side of
                                                                                       applied projects in which you’ll develop
fashion management education.               fashion and offers a distinctive array
                                                                                       processes and products from the
Humber’s Fashion Management degree          of fashion management courses. the
                                                                                       idea stage through to execution. From
program prepares graduates to take on       emphasis of our Fashion Management
                                                                                       developing business plans and working
leadership and managerial roles in this     degree program is on preparing you for
                                                                                       with industry contacts, you’ll apply your
fast-paced, growing industry that sold      the fashion industry with solid business
                                                                                       classroom learning to fashion industry
more than $24 billion worth of women’s,     management skills.
                                                                                       analysis, financial management and
men’s, and children’s clothing and          the first two years of the Fashion         e-commerce assignments that
accessories in 2010. You’ll be on track     Management program concentrate             simulate the latest challenges in the
towards a career as a retail or wholesale   on developing general business             fashion industry.
buyer, brand manager, distribution          management skills, while the final
manager or product developer.                                                          Humber Fashion Management degree
                                            two years focus on your specialization
                                                                                       students learn exclusively in the Fashion
                                            in Fashion Management. courses in
                                                                                       Institute. All Fashion Management
                                            the first two years of the business
                                                                                       classes are delivered in this historic
                                            degree include marketing, accounting,
                                                                                       building that is part of the growing
                                            economics and law. In years three and
                                                                                       Humber lakeshore campus. Dedicated
                                            four the curriculum includes fashion and
                                                                                       to fashion, the new facility is highlighted
                                            management courses including retail
                                                                                       by a 300-square-foot store front window
                                            operations and brand management,
                                                                                       used for various visual presentations
                                            store planning and merchandising,
                                                                                       and displays.
Paul Griffin, associate dean
416.675.6622 ext. 3226

                                              the lure of a career in fashion management was what
                                              drew Maggie to Humber.

Other features include a 70-seat             “I looked everywhere for a program that combined
classroom, 36-seat computer lab, a            fashion and business. the Humber Fashion
student lounge and breakout rooms, all        Management program is ideal for me. It covers fashion,
of which will enhance your learning and       from fabrics, colours and styles, and you also get to
college experience. the Fashion Institute     learn about business, in courses such as accounting
is evolving constantly and will become a      and economics.”
hub for fashion activities at Humber and      Maggie plans to pursue a career in event planning. the
throughout the industry.                      diversity of the program, along with practical instruction
Faculty and industry professionals are        from professors and her paid work placement, is giving
a critical component of the Fashion           her the experience she needs to succeed.
Management degree program. Faculty            During her time at Humber, Maggie had her classes
members are active in their respective        move into the new Humber Fashion Institute. the
fields. Students also learn from a network    institute is exclusively for Fashion Management classes,
of industry professionals who participate     and includes a retail storefront and window displays.
as program advisors, guest judges for
                                             “the Fashion Institute is just a great building. It’s built
class competitions, and guest speakers.
                                              perfectly for any Fashion Management student. there’s
For information regarding faculty             a computer lab, areas to work and study and space to
credentials for this program, visit           lounge around with friends.”
                                             the niagara-region resident has made many friends and
                                             future business contacts while studying at the spacious
WORk PLACEMENT                               Humber lakeshore campus. She is pleased with her
                                             choice to move from home for school.
One full semester of paid work in
the summer between semesters six             “toronto is a great city to live in and the Humber
and seven will give you the hands-on          lakeshore campus is beautiful. I’m having a lot of fun
experience that is highly valued              and I’d recommend Humber to anyone.”
by employers.

qualified graduates of this program
may be eligible to apply their academic
credits toward further study at many
postsecondary institutions. For detailed
information, visit our website at

Please visit for the most up-to-
date admission requirement information.


Bachelor of applied arts
School of Media Studies & Information technology
Application Program code: 22161
Humber lakeshore campus
Eight semesters, beginning in September, plus one work term

Media production is a major employer        for skilled thinkers and creators.
in canada. Production activity in this      Graduates of Humber’s Bachelor of
country creates hundreds of thousands       Arts – Film and Media Production
of jobs. the growth and increasing          degree program can pursue career
sophistication of new distribution          opportunities in areas such as directing,
channels is increasing the demand for       cinematography, writing, producing and
imaginative, creative content. Production   post-production, interactive technologies,
technology continues to expand and          all of which will increase as the canadian
improve, and there is constant demand       industry continues to flourish.

Basil Guinane, associate dean
416.675.6622 ext. 4658

                                                 Marie describes her communications technology class
                                                 at St. Paul’s Secondary School in Mississauga, Ontario,
                                                 as “the most fun I’ve ever had in any of my classes.”
                                                 She wanted to make her new passion her career, and
Humber’s four-year Film and Media                decided on Humber’s Bachelor of Applied Arts – Film
Production degree program combines theory        and Media Production.
and practice with the goal of preparing
                                                “I chose Humber because it offers a degree that
students for a rewarding career in media.
                                                 combines the practical and theory components that I
An emphasis is placed on writing and
                                                 was looking for. the program helps students build and
storytelling and the creation of compelling
                                                 improve their skills in all aspects of filmmaking, while
visual narratives. Students study a broad
                                                 learning to incorporate other forms of multimedia.”
and rigorous range of practical and academic
courses, including screenwriting, picture       Since Film and Media Production students begin
editing, sound, directing, cinematography       working with various cameras and editing equipment
and post-production.                            and software right from the first day of class, the
                                                19-year-old has had many opportunities to produce and
In addition to film, the program focuses on
                                                screen short films while learning about the process and
multi-platform delivery to take advantage
                                                techniques behind filming and editing.
of new content channels such as hand-
held devices and the web. there is a film       “there is more to making a movie than I expected. I
and media theory component combined              have a much greater understanding and appreciation
with courses such as entertainment law           for the amount of thought and effort that goes into the
and business. In their final year students       filmmaking process. though we learn what works and
will work on a thesis project based on an        doesn’t work from screenings, lectures, readings and
approved proposal.                               class discussion, it’s getting the chance to do our own
                                                 projects that lets us develop a thorough understanding
Our faculty is composed of industry
                                                 of what it takes to make a good film.”
professionals, including Gemini and
other award winners, who bring their work        Marie gets her assignment ideas from classmates who
experience to the classroom. Students will       have a range of backgrounds including theatre, music,
graduate with a complete set of skills and       English, and photography, bringing varying perspectives
experience that will allow them to thrive in     and creativity to group work. She has also learned
this competitive field.                          from industry-experienced faculty including actors,
                                                 directors and producers. Students are challenged to be
For information regarding faculty credentials
                                                 visionaries, and to pursue the films they want to make.
for this program, visit
                                                “It’s been an awesome experience working on creative
                                                 projects with talented individuals. the most important
WORk PLACEMENT                                   part of film school so far is putting what we learn into
this program also includes a work                practice. learning to use sophisticated equipment and
placement component so that students have        editing software has been great. Each project builds on
an oppor tunity to gain valuable workplace       the skills we’ve acquired from previous projects, and
experience. the work placement takes place       screening our own little films is a fun way to see and
in the summer between years three and four.      learn from everyone’s hard work.”

Please visit for the most up-to-
date admission requirement information.


Bachelor of applied Business
the Business School
Application Program code: 22111
Humber lakeshore campus
Eight semesters, beginning in September, plus one paid work term

Humber’s Bachelor of Applied Business
– Human Resources Management
degree program helps graduates
to meet the growing, cross-industry
demand for qualified Human Resources
(HR) professionals. HR departments in
companies of all sizes in a variety of
sectors require trained professionals
who understand business and have the
ability to help recruit, train, compensate
and retain employees. With Humber’s
HR Management degree program,
you’ll have the chance to pursue
career opportunities in areas such as
government, non-profit, manufacturing,
hospitality, health care, financial
services, education and more. You’ll be
prepared for roles including HR training
co-ordinator, recruiter, compensation
analyst, health and safety specialist,
labour relations representative, benefits
administrator, or HR generalist.

                                             OUR PROGRAM                                  there is a strong industry connection
                                                                                          component to the HR Management
                                             Humber’s HR Management degree
                                                                                          degree program. Students have the
a day in the life                            program focuses on applied
                                                                                          opportunity to meet with a panel of the
                                             professional HR practices and solutions.
                                                                                          program’s Advisory committee members
A day in human resources could               Your first two years will concentrate
                                                                                          to discuss career opportunities, and to
involve managing employee benefits           on fundamental business training in
                                                                                          attend a series of workshops on HR-
and compensation, attending job              such areas as marketing, accounting,
                                                                                          related topics.
fairs looking for new talent, helping        economics and law. In years three
resolve interpersonal conflict or            and four, you will work toward your HR       For information regarding faculty
advising in the hiring process. You          specialization. this includes courses        credentials for this program, visit
could be called into meetings to             that give you the opportunity to gain
share your knowledge of employment           practical skills through applied projects,
law, labour relations, health and            such as developing a business plan for
safety or compensation as you play           the startup of a new HR department.
a role that influences important             You will have the opportunity to develop
business decisions.                          processes from the idea stage through
                                             to execution, and you will learn from
                                             experienced faculty and a network of
                                             industry professionals.

Paul Griffin, associate dean
416.675.6622 ext. 3226

                                              After six years in retail store management, hiring and
                                              training employees, natanya developed a passion for
                                              the human resources (HR) aspect of the business.
                                             “I enjoyed recruiting and developing people,” she
One full semester of paid work in
                                              says. “I started to look for HR programs, and I chose
the summer between semesters six
                                              Humber Resources Management degree program
and seven will give you the hands-on
                                              because it seemed more practical, where other
experience that is highly valued
                                              schools’ programs were more theoretical.”
by employers.
                                              After years away from school, it took time to adjust
                                              to the demanding academic program. However,
PROFESSIONAL ACCREDITATION,                   natanya says her professors made it easy.
                                             “they bring the experience they have into the
the Human Resources Management                classroom,” she says. “We have lectures,
degree program meets the most current         discussions, simulations and guest speakers. We
standards and academic requirements           are learning from people who are active in the field.”
set by the Human Resources
                                              She interned in Humber’s HR department after her
Professionals Association (HRPA). Write
                                              third year of classes.
the national exams, obtain your cHRP
designation and become a certified           “I’m working on faculty and employee relations,
Human Resources Professional. the             recruitment and selection, and payroll and
HRPA charges a fee to write the national      compensation,” she says. “It’s invaluable experience
exam for its cHRP designation.                for when I start my career.”
                                              natanya is excited to complete her last year and
                                              move towards achieving her certified Human
                                              Resources Professional designation.
qualified graduates of this program
                                             “looking at the trends, there’s a growing demand for
may be eligible to apply their academic
                                              HR professionals,” she says. “My future is bright,
credits toward further study at many
                                              and I believe attending Humber will be one of the
postsecondary institutions. For detailed
                                              best decisions I’ve ever made.”
information, visit our website at

Please visit for the most up-to-
date admission requirement information.


Bachelor of applied Technology
School of Applied technology
Application Program code: 22031
Humber north campus
Eight semesters, beginning in September, plus one paid work term

YOUR CAREER                                  In addition to the hands-on component,
“Industrial design is the art or practice    the Industrial Design degree program
 of designing any object for manufacture.”   includes courses in marketing, economics,
 (collins English Dictionary)                and design management. this unique
                                             blend of courses gives the graduate a
Humber Industrial Design degree              critical edge in both initial job placement
program graduates find employment in         and future career advancement.
a variety of sectors, including product
innovation and design consulting,            Industry support includes work term
consumer electronics, transportation/        opportunities, as well as support of
automotive, medical equipment, toys/         design competitions.
games, furniture systems for office,         Our Advisory committee provides regular        SOFTWARE AND TECHNOLOGY
hotel or home, displays and exhibits.        review and input of our curriculum            this program’s computer facilities
                                             ensuring our program is always on the         include a dedicated design computer
                                             cutting edge of industry developments.        lab, as well as other shared facilities.
OUR PROGRAM                                                                                the software that we incorporate into
                                             For information regarding faculty
From the chair that you sit in, to the       credentials for this program, visit           our curriculum includes 3D Modelling
computer you surf on, to the car you                            cAD, Alias, SolidWorks, Adobe
drive or the mp3 player you’re hooked                                                      Photoshop, Illustrator, and corel Painter.
into, industrial design begins with
analyzing the connection between the         INDUSTRY PARTNERSHIPS
                                                                                            WE ARE AWARD WINNERS
product and the user. A cross between        Some of our industry partners
an engineer and an artist – the industrial   include ABc Group, Autodesk (Alias),           Humber Industrial Design degree
designer thinks and designs in 3D.the        Bayer Material Science, Bombardier             students participate in national and
core of the Industrial Design degree         Recreational Products, cosmoda, Ontario        international competitions. In recent
program is learning and applying design      Science centre, Research In Motion (RIM),      years, students have won numerous
strategies through a series of studio        Sertapak, Shape Products, Umbra and            awards.
courses. In each semester, at least two      Magna International.                           Some recent awards:
design projects are undertaken, with
                                                                                           •	   ABC	Group	Award
many involving corporate clients to
                                             FACILITIES AND EQUIPMENT                      •	   Annual	Rocket	Show	Competition
ensure real-world relevancy. Students
                                             All Industrial Design students take studio    •	   Bayer	Industrial	Design	Competition	
learn how to generate innovative ideas,
                                             drawing, perspective and computer             •	   Cosmoda	Award	
work them into preliminary sketches and
                                             drawing, rendering classes, and studio        •	   DX/Safety	1st	Stroller	Design	
designs, and bring them to life through
                                             classes in which they develop their model-         competition
the creation of computer-generated three-
                                             making skills. Our on-campus facilities    •	      Energizer/Humber	
dimensional models and rapid prototypes.
                                             and machines at Humber include:            •	      EnerMotion	Competition	
Sketching skills are stressed throughout                                                        Industrial Design competition
the program, along with a thorough        •	 Model	shop	for	working	in	wood,	              •	   Psion	Teklogix	Inc.
foundation in 3D computer-Aided Design       metal, plastic or composites                       Industrial Design competition
(cAD), both dimension-driven and surface- •	 CNC	3-axis	milling	machine	                   •	   Teknion	Award
driven. Other courses vital to the design •	 Two	rapid	prototyping	machines.	              •	   Umbra	Award
process include Ergonomic Principles,        A dimension ABS plastic RP machine            •	   And	more...
Design for Manufacturing Production,         and a z corp 3D colour RP machine
and Design for Sustainability                that can incorporate colour and uses
(Environmental Practices).                   starch-based powder
                                          •	 Paint	booth	

Susan krausz, associate dean
416.675.6622 ext. 4661

                                                              When tanya looked at a hospital bassinet, she
In addition, the program holds annual                         saw more than a piece of equipment. She saw an
events and showcases of student work                          opportunity to build an improved bassinet that would
for industry, the public and the Humber                       be warmer, welcoming and more functional. She took
community including the thesis Show for                       the tools she learned in school to design lublü, a
graduating students and the chair Show                        redesigned bassinet that won the top prize in the
for second year students.                                     International Design Awards (IDA) for Industrial and
                                                              life Science Design – Medical Furniture for 2011.
the program has received extensive media
coverage including the Toronto Star, Metro                   “the technical instruction I’ve received helped me
News and Breakfast Television.                                to make my plans functional,” said the fourth-year
                                                              Industrial Design student. “It’s nice to know that I’m
                                                              good at what I love to do. Winning first prize is an
                                                              honour that I didn’t expect to receive. I thought maybe
Students will complete a paid 14-week                         I’d get an honourable mention, but never first. My
work term, which is scheduled in the                          parents and family are very proud.”
curriculum to occur after successful
                                                             tanya had always been fond of building things and
completion of semester six, from May
                                                             thinking of interesting ways to solve problems. A
to August. Students are expected to find
                                                             Montreal resident, she studied Industrial Design
their own placement. the school provides
                                                             for three years at Dawson college before coming to
support, such as working with business
                                                             Humber. She likes the technical nature of the Humber
and industry to identify employment
                                                             degree program, which focuses more on functions
                                                             than esthetics, and especially enjoys learning from the
                                                             Humber faculty.
                                                             “classes are focused and practical, and the faculty is
qualified graduates of this program                           excellent. they are the best part of Industrial Design at
may be eligible to apply their academic                       Humber. they are amazing teachers and I’ve learned a
credits toward further study at many                          lot just from talking with them.”
postsecondary institutions. For detailed
                                                             tanya had five offers for work placement in toronto,
information, visit our website at
                                                             but chose to go home to work for a moulded plywood
                                                             components manufacturer. She likes spending
                                                             time with children, and her career goal is to design
ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS                                       children’s toys, an outdoor wheelchair accessible
Please visit for the most up-to-                   playground, and children’s furniture.
date admission requirement information.                      “I enjoy working in industrial design quite a bit,” she
                                                              says, “especially problem solving and giving form to
                                                              products. In industrial design, your imagination and
                                                              ideas can become reality.”
    New Design Facilities
    As of fall 2011, students in Humber’s design
    programs will study in the newly opened, state-of-the-
    art design facilities. the space features seven open
    concept studios, a dedicated studio and computer
    lab open 24/7 for student use, a resource room for
    students to sample materials and to conduct industry
    research, and an industrial design workshop.


Bachelor of applied arts
School of Applied technology
cIDA-Accredited | Application Program code 22051
Humber north campus
Eight semesters, beginning in September, plus one paid work term

With more than half of the                You will participate each semester
membership of the Interior Designers      in relevant design projects. An
of canada based in this province,         interdisciplinary design class with
Ontario is the place to establish         a related design discipline and a
your career in interior design. As        self-directed service learning
an emerging interior designer with        community-based projects enrich
leading-edge skills and knowledge,        classroom learning.
Humber graduates will contribute
                                          Observational field trips and a major
to the well-being of society by
                                          off-site tutorial abroad allow students
creating built environments that are
                                          to observe and reflect on such
functional, holistically designed,
                                          theoretical contexts as the perception
and esthetically pleasing. today’s
                                          of space and human interaction with
designers integrate diverse
                                          built environments. In the fourth year
cultural needs, are accountable
                                          thesis courses, students interact
for accessible, sustainable and
                                          with industry mentors as they select,
environmental decisions, and are                                                       accreditation for a six-year period.
                                          research, develop, and document a
sensitive to issues of taste, gender                                                   the program is also recognized by
                                          large-scale project from initial concept
and perception.                                                                        the Association of Registered Interior
                                          to construction documentation. Recent
there are a wide variety of               field trips took place in Spain and Italy.   Designers of Ontario (ARIDO).
excellent employment opportunities
                                          For information regarding faculty
with Greater toronto Area firms                                                        YOUR FUTURE STUDY OPTIONS
                                          credentials for this program, visit
specializing in corporate, health care,
                                                           qualified graduates of this program
retail, commercial, hospitality, and
                                                                                       may be eligible to apply their academic
residential design projects.
                                          WORk PLACEMENT                               credits toward further study at many
                                                                                       postsecondary institutions. For detailed
                                          Polish your hands-on, job-ready              information, visit our website at
                                          capabilities with a 14-week paid work
Humber’s Interior Design degree           term after semester six. Students
program curriculum balances creative      must find their own placement, and
problem solving with research, theory,    are encouraged to take career                FACILITIES AND EQUIPMENT
practical skills, and technology.         management workshops to develop              Situated on Humber’s north campus,
A focus on sustainable design is          effective job search skills. the school      with its many amenities and resources,
integrated throughout the program         provides support, such as working            such as a student centre, library,
in many subject areas, emphasized         with business and industry to identify       athletics, bookstore, restaurant and
in interior design studios. Interior      employment opportunities.                    cafeterias, spa and residences, the
design classes are enhanced by a                                                       Interior Design students enjoy a wide
breadth of liberal arts and applied                                                    range of facilities, both shared and
                                          PROFESSIONAL ACCREDITATION,
science courses. collaborative and                                                     dedicated. Our learning spaces provide
                                          ENDORSEMENT AND RECOGNITION
stimulating interior design studios                                                    an atmosphere which simulates design
enable you to master the design           In 2000, the Humber Interior Design          studio environments, including drafting
process and your presentation             diploma program was first to receive         tables, computer stations, and team
abilities, and later to acquire vital     professional accreditation by the council    discussion and presentation areas. A
professional practice skills.             for Interior Design Accreditation (cIDA)     resource room, complete with material
                                          (formerly FIDER). In 2011, cIDA granted      samples, computer stations, layout
                                          the degree program professional              space, team areas and storage, is
Susan krausz, associate dean
416.675.6622 ext. 4661

                                                   Staci’s career path has gone exactly as designed.
                                                  “I’ve always known that I wanted to design,” the
available with secure access. Whether              fourth-year student says. “I went straight from high
you’re looking to focus on your class              school to Humber’s Interior Design program and
assignments, work in the computer                  haven’t looked back.”
lab, research in the library, meet with a          Staci interned as a junior designer at Marcotte
teacher, or consult with career Services,          Design Inc., in toronto, where she focused on
Humber north has everything you need               retail design locations, such as West 49, Billabong,
to get started.                                    kernels Popcorn and tip top tailors. She worked
                                                   on drawings, material selections and also had the
WE ARE AWARD WINNERS                               chance to begin networking as a designer.
Humber Interior Design degree students             Staci feels that her time at Humber prepared her to
participate in national and international          succeed at her internship.
competitions. In recent years, students
                                                  “the small class sizes allowed for one-on-one time
have won numerous awards including:
                                                   with my teachers, giving me the chance to ask
•	Arido	Award                                      questions and get detailed critiques of my work,”
•	FCSI	Canadian	Chapter	Design	Award               the Bolton, Ontario resident says. “Plus, we learn
•	Global	Group	Award	                              a range of design specialties. Faculty teaches us
•	IDEC	Regional	Award                              everything from classic ideas to new strategies.
•	II	by	IV	Design	Associates	Inc.	Award            We also learn about the newest technologies in
•	Mainline	Services	Inc.	Award                     the industry and how to implement sustainability
•	Mollie	McMurrich	Award                           elements in our work.”
•	OLG	Design	Competition
                                                  Staci had picked Humber because she spoke to
•	Sandra	Toogood	Legacy	Award
                                                  people in the design industry. the applied nature
•	Steelcase	Scholarship	Design	
                                                  of the degree program also appealed to her. Her
                                                  experience as a junior designer gave her a taste
                                                  of what design can be for people.
                                                  “the ability to positively change people’s lives
Please visit for the most up-to-
                                                   through their interior environments, combined with
date admission requirement information.
                                                   the opportunities for creative expression, made
                                                   interior design the perfect career choice for me,”
                                                   she says. “I love being part of the entire design
                                                   process. From starting with a broad concept in your
                                                   mind to refining it into a real-life environment you
    New Design Facilities                          can walk into is an amazing experience.”

    As of fall 2011, students in Humber’s
    design programs will study in the newly
    opened, state-of-the-art design facilities.
    the space features seven open concept
    studios, a dedicated studio and computer
    lab open 24/7 for student use, and a
    resource room for students to sample
    materials and to conduct industry research.


Bachelor of applied Business
the Business School
Application Program code: 22121
Humber lakeshore campus
Eight semesters, beginning in September, plus one paid work term

YOUR CAREER                                 more than tripled in the last 20 years         OUR PROGRAM
International business connects             and remains a fast-growing sector.             Humber’s International Business degree
people and places around the world          now is the time to put Humber’s                program prepares you for a career where
while managing the flow of goods and        International Business degree                  you need a broad array of business
services across the globe. Humber’s         program training into practice.                skills. You will develop the skills and
Bachelor of Applied Business –              the International Business degree will         knowledge you need to carve out a
International Business degree program       help you to pursue a career in a small-        career not only in a large multinational
will provide you with the broad             or medium-sized company that does              company, but also in responsive, fast-
understanding to develop a successful       business abroad, for a large multinational     paced or entrepreneurial organizations
career in a growing industry in canada      company on overseas assignments,               of any size. this program focuses
and around the world.                       or in local operations in canada or            generally on problem-solving, project
canada is a major player in international   overseas. Specific occupations may             management and leadership skills, with
trade, finance, and financial services.     include foreign investment consultant,         a specific focus on operations
the country’s steady economic               business development manager, logistics        and marketing.
performance and sound financial             manager, customs broker, freight
                                                                                           In years one and two you will be
infrastructure have led to a significant    forwarding specialist, trade consultant
                                                                                           introduced to the major areas of
increase of exports and imports of          or international marketing manager,
                                                                                           business including marketing, finance,
goods and services over the last            to name a few. International business
                                                                                           accounting, economics and law.
decade. In 2010, canada exported            requires skills in all functional areas, and
goods and services valued at $478           a second language is a definite plus.
billion while imports amounted to $509
billion. In the same year, total trade
accounted for more than 60 per cent of
the country’s gross domestic product.
Overall, canada’s trade in services has

a day in the life
A day in the life in international
business could involve reaching
all the way around the world.
From forging a marketing plan
for expansion into a new global
market to working out the
logistics of getting a product
across oceans, your day-to-day
work could be as varied and
exciting as the world itself.

Paul Griffin, associate dean
416.675.6622 ext. 3226

                                             A global world takes on a special meaning for claudio,
                                             who moved to toronto and Humber from his home in
                                             Brazil to study international business.
In years three and four, you will
work toward your specialization in           “the whole world is going global, and international
international business. this will give        markets are communicating with each other as if they
you the opportunity to gain practical         were doing business locally. As the global economy
skills through applied projects such as       becomes more and more connected, and business
presenting a comprehensive strategic          becomes more international, it’s important to be able
plan to launch a business into an             to do business in multiple countries.”
international market. throughout that         claudio researched different schools before deciding
portion of your international business        to attend Humber. the third-year student is grateful for
training, you will have the opportunity to    the support Humber has given him.
develop processes from the idea stage
                                             “For someone like myself, who speaks English as a
through to execution. You will learn from
                                              second language, it can be confusing to pick courses
experienced faculty and a network of
                                              and understand the classes,” claudio says. “But people
industry professionals. You may also
                                              here are committed to helping us. Every professor will
explore the opportunity to study abroad
                                              talk to you one-on-one and work with you so you learn
for one semester during year three.
                                              how to succeed.”
For information regarding faculty
                                              While claudio is exploring a number of career options,
credentials for this program, visit
                                              the practical nature of his classes has prepared him for
                                              a variety of work, including a summer position with the
                                              United Way.
WORk PLACEMENT                               “Humber has given me the tools to be successful.
One full semester of paid work in             I am very happy with my choice to come here.”
the summer between semesters six
and seven will give you the hands-on
experience that is highly valued
by employers.

qualified graduates of this program
may be eligible to apply their academic
credits toward further study at many
postsecondary institutions. For detailed
information, visit our website at

Please visit for the most up-to-
date admission requirement information.


Bachelor of Journalism
School of Media Studies & Information technology
Application Program code: 22241
Humber lakeshore campus
Eight semesters, beginning in September, plus one work term

YOUR CAREER                                   craft informative stories about current    OUR PROGRAM
In the digital age, journalists have          affairs and put issues and trends into     Humber’s four-year Bachelor of
far more reach than ever before to            context with insightful analysis.          Journalism degree program provides
tell stories, share images and shape          Join the exciting wave of innovation as    students with the knowledge, skills
opinions. Humber’s Bachelor of                media organizations experiment with        and abilities required for in-depth work
Journalism program gives graduates the        creative new ways to present stories,      as a journalist in a multi-platform
inside track in this challenging and fast-    images and video across multiple digital   digital environment. In addition to
paced line of work.                           platforms, whether on computers,           the traditional skills of researching,
Graduates will be ready to experience         tablets or mobile phones. throughout       reporting and interviewing, students will
the thrill of reporting on important local,   it all, use your considerable expertise    learn how to bring together audio, text
national and international matters, and       to gather and report information in an     and video in a web-based environment
the reward of keeping audiences up            accurate, timely and ethical way.          to create compelling stories. throughout
to date with informative, compelling                                                     the program students will be learning
                                              In addition to journalism, graduates
stories. Reflect the world back to                                                       how to manage web-based content for
                                              of this program may pursue a career
audiences across today’s multimedia                                                      both websites and hand-held devices.
                                              as a public relations practitioner,
spectrum, where information can be            media relations manager, editor,           Social media is having a significant
accessed through print, broadcast and         communications specialist and              impact on the journalism profession,
web-based and mobile media. Report            researcher, as well as a variety           and through this degree, students will
live from the scene of breaking news,         of positions relating to digital           learn how to incorporate social media
                                              media production.                          such as Facebook, twitter, and other
                                                                                         interactive technologies into their daily
                                                                                         journalism. Graduates of the degree
                                                                                         will possess both the fundamentals of
                                                                                         journalism along with a firm grasp of
                                                                                         interactive and web-based technologies.
                                                                                         Students will study both the theoretical
                                                                                         and practical aspects of journalism
                                                                                         using the latest equipment in a newly
                                                                                         constructed facility, the Humber Arts
                                                                                         & Media Studios, at our lakeshore
                                                                                         campus. Students will have access
                                                                                         to industry-standard software and
                                                                                         hardware, and will be taught by
                                                                                         instructors who will bring their industry
                                                                                         experience into the classroom. At the
                                                                                         same time an emphasis will be placed
                                                                                         on examining the history of journalism
                                                                                         and the role of the journalist in society.
                                                                                         Students will also enhance and expand
                                                                                         their knowledge through general
                                                                                         education electives, which will be taken
                                                                                         each semester.

Basil Guinane, associate dean
416.675.6622 ext. 4658

                                             Joyita’s interest in journalism began in high school. As
                                             part of her co-op program, Joyita worked as a production
the program has been designed with           assistant on the show High School Rush on Rogers
input from journalists and media             tv. By the time she arrived at Humber, she had done
professionals to ensure the curriculum is    numerous field reports, and written and produced
current and providing the skills necessary   segments for a magazine show.
for employment.                              the toronto resident chose Humber’s Bachelor of
For information regarding faculty            Journalism because of her interest in storytelling and
credentials for this program, visit          audio-visual production, and the option of continuing her                           studies in graduate school at the end of her four years.
                                             “I like that I’m getting the best of both worlds by having
                                              the hands-on, practical college experience while getting
WORk PLACEMENT                                a degree. I had heard great things about the Journalism
Students complete a fourteen-week work       – Print and Broadcast program so when I found out about
placement in the summer between years         the degree being offered, I knew I wanted in.”
three and four. this placement provides       In class, Joyita is developing a range of journalistic
students with an opportunity to gain          skills. She is learning to write traditional objective
experience in the field of practice and       articles, as well as how to HtMl code and build a web
to meet professionals in journalism and       page which she plans to use to start a blog. It’s not just
digital communications settings. Many         the work that she enjoys, but also who’s teaching it.
of the placements are offered in the
Greater toronto Area, a hub for the media    “All the professors are great. the best quality of our
industry. the work settings and the work      faculty is that they all have had industry success. We’re
to be performed in these settings, support    blogging under the guidance of a social media specialist
the professional development of the           and learning to shoot from a current cBc broadcast
students so that they will graduate with      journalist. You couldn’t ask for more valuable advice.”
both the knowledge and skills required       Joyita especially enjoys journalism because it’s an active
to enter the profession, as well as the      field that can take her to different places at any time.
confidence to perform the work required.     She likes the constant learning and experiencing new
                                             situations and opportunities. now, as an intern at Mtv
                                             canada and the national communications director at
ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS                       StAnD canada, an anti-genocide advocacy organization,
Please visit for the most up-to-   she gets to put her skills into practice on a daily basis.
date admission requirement information.      “I love what I do. the variety of my day makes being a
                                              reporter compelling and exciting. I’m positive that this
                                              is what I want to do for the rest of my life.”


Bachelor of Nursing
School of Health Sciences
Application Program code: 07061
Humber north campus
Eight semesters, beginning in September, plus one intersession

the Ontario government, which
previously announced it will spend $500
million to add 9,000 more nurses to
the health-care system by 2011/2012,
has also set a goal to increase full-
time employment for nurses. Upon
graduating from the Bachelor of nursing
degree program, eligible students
may choose from provincial, national,
and international placements as
practitioners, educators and managers
in community/public health, primary
health-care or acute-care settings.
Eligible students may also seek
graduate education.

                                             the hospital. Humber has relationships      It offers opportunities to rehearse skills
OUR PROGRAM                                  with more than 100 agencies and             before trying them on real patients
                                             makes every effort to give you the          - thus improving patient safety and
Humber is proud of its collaboration with
                                             best possible experience in all the         the student’s confidence. the clinical
the University of new Brunswick – both
                                             areas you could potentially work in         Simulation learning centre includes:
institutions have long-standing traditions
                                             after you have graduated.                   •	Three	independent	learning	labs	
of excellence in nursing education in
canada. Students receive all four years      All full-time faculty hold a master’s         each with eight to 10 beds
of university undergraduate degree           degree, while some hold doctorate           •	Each	lab	has	the	capacity	to	
education at Humber in toronto. Upon         preparation or are engaged in                 simulate a general inpatient unit
successful completion they receive their     doctoral studies.
Bachelor of nursing degree from the                                                      •	A	two-bed	critical	care	unit	for	
                                             For information regarding faculty             infants and adults
University of new Brunswick.                 credentials for this program, visit
A relevant, well-rounded curriculum                          •	All	labs	are	equipped	with	video	
focuses on the nurse’s role in                                                             and audio recording for evaluation
community/public health, primary                                                           and learning
health-care, and acute-care settings.        OUR FACILITIES                              During the simulations, students
the program includes many hours of           Humber has well-equipped labs,              are able to assess various medical
clinical/field practice where you will       including four simulated nursing labs,      situations and respond with appropriate
have the opportunity to practice your        and bioscience and anatomy labs. Our        treatments measures such as inserting
new found skills and knowledge with          clinical Simulation learning centre is      Ivs, medication delivery, various oxygen
supervision. It is paced to match the        one of the most significant changes in      delivery procedures, and tracheotomy
level of knowledge you have gained from      nursing education at Humber’s School of     care. the hi-fidelity patient simulators
the theory courses. clinical experiences     Health Sciences. the simulation lab can     also include vocal responses and heart
are diverse and cover a broad range of       improve student learning by providing a     and lung sounds. the simulation lab is
settings such as community agencies,         variety of clinical situations that might   an essential learning environment where
schools, long-term care and hospitals.       not arise during the hours a student is     students are able to work, learn and
nursing takes place in more areas than       in the clinical practice setting.           practice in a risk-free setting.

cindy Hunt, associate dean
416.675.6622 ext. 4327

                                                Pardeep arrived in canada from chandigarh,
                                                India where he was a trained pharmacist and
                                                medical transcriptionist. Wanting to continue
                                                to work in health care, Pardeep looked online
Students receive hands-on experience,           for career options close to his new home in
with a clinical component every year.           Brampton, Ontario.
                                               While the University of new Brunswick (UnB) -
OUR INDUSTRY PARTNERSHIPS                      Humber collaborative Bachelor of nursing degree
                                               seemed like an obvious fit, Pardeep had to first
Members of our Advisory committee              complete Humber’s General Arts and Science -
come from some of the organizations            Science and technology Profile program in order
which help to develop the curriculum, and      to meet the nursing degree requirements.
provide clinical placement and employment
opportunities including Baycrest centre         Determined to help people when they need care
for Geriatric care, college of nurses of        the most, Pardeep has excelled in the UnB-
Ontario, credit valley Hospital, Registered     Humber nursing degree program. now in his
nurses Association of Ontario, toronto          third year, Pardeep credits the program faculty
Public Health, St. Michael’s Hospital,          for guiding him on the path towards his future
University Health network, William Osler        nursing career.
Health centre, the Hospital for Sick           “the nursing faculty and program co-ordinators
children, and the trillium Health centre.       are both exceptional people and teachers. they
For further information, visit this    are helpful and always make the time to answer
degree program is also endorsed by the          questions and explain concepts and techniques
college of nurses of Ontario and approved       that we learn in class. Hearing about their
by the new Brunswick nurses Association,        professional experience helps us to prepare
and the Ontario Provincial Education            for entering the workforce.”
quality Assessment Board (PEqAB).              Pardeep has made steady growth in his
                                               classroom knowledge and clinical experience
                                               since starting the program. He notes that
ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS                         nursing is a lifelong learning profession and he
Please visit for the most up-to-     is interested in learning more about working in
date admission requirement information.        public health and primary care settings.
                                               “the best part of the program is the clinical
                                                placement because you get to work in different
                                                places and meet and care for many people from
                                                different cultures and countries. You get new
                                                experiences all the time. I’m happy when I can
                                                help make someone feel better.”


Bachelor of applied arts
the Business School
Application Program code: 22011
Humber lakeshore campus
Eight semesters, beginning in September, plus one paid work term

YOUR CAREER                                small claims court agent, legal
the Ontario Ministry of the Attorney       researcher, court monitor, investigator,
General spends more than $200              or paralegal firm manager. Employers
million a year prosecuting crime. At the   of Humber Paralegal Studies degree
same time, legal costs are increasing      program graduates include major
along with the need for accessible         paralegal firms, law firms, federal/
and affordable legal services, making      provincial government departments, court
paralegal services in high demand.         administration offices, administrative
                                           boards and tribunals, and legal
Humber’s Bachelor of Applied Arts –        departments of corporations.
Paralegal Studies offers graduates
a variety of career opportunities. On      Paralegals also provide important
successful completion of this program      advocacy services for clients appearing
and licensing exam, you may choose         before specialized tribunals such as the
to work as a paralegal in a law firm.      Ontario landlord and tenant Board, and
toronto, in particular, is home to 14 of   before the Provincial Offences court        In the first year of the program, students
canada’s 20 largest law firms, including   and the Ontario Small claims court.         are introduced to legal areas such as
the country’s top three, which have        clients are discovering that people who     evidence, tort and contract law and Small
nearly 300 lawyers each.                   are properly trained with a paralegal       claims court procedure, along with legal
                                           education are able to meet many of          writing and the philosophy of law.
Or, you may choose to pursue a career      their law-related needs in a
as a provincial offences prosecutor,                                                   In year two, you will study administrative
                                           cost-effective manner.
                                                                                       law, tribunal practice and procedures,
                                           Humber students have had the                provincial offences and residential,
                                           opportunity to do work placements           landlord and tenant law. In year three,
                                           and graduates have been hired at major      immigration and refugee law, debtor/
                                           law firms in toronto, including Borden      creditor rights and elder law are studied.
                                           ladner Gervais (BlG) and Fraser Milner      During years two and three, you will also
a day in the life                          casgrain, as well as the Department         learn how to do legal research, advocacy,
                                           of Justice canada.                          negotiation and mediation and alternative
A day in the life could include
                                                                                       dispute resolution.
representing clients, drafting
documentation in areas such                OUR PROGRAM                                 the final year curriculum includes
as small claims court, highway                                                         insurance law, employment law, criminal/
traffic court, human rights and            Humber’s Bachelor of Applied Arts –         summary conviction procedure, legal
other administrative tribunals.            Paralegal Studies is the only four-year     accounting for paralegals, professional
Or if you work in a larger firm or         degree program of its kind in Ontario,      ethics and practice management.
organization under the tutelage            combining the theoretical underpinnings
                                           of the legal system with practical          All professors in the program have earned
of a senior partner, you could                                                         a graduate degree and have extensive
assist in preparation, research            applications. the program covers
                                           ethics and professional responsibility,     practical experience in the legal field.
and drafting of documents or                                                           Paralegal Studies faculty believe that
meet with clients.                         negotiation and mediation, evidence,
                                           advocacy, criminal law, insurance law and   properly representing a client includes
                                           employment law, which will give you the     understanding the client’s background
                                           legal foundation you need to competently    and motivation. therefore, this degree
                                           navigate canada’s legal system.             program also includes courses in

Wanda Buote, associate dean
416.675.6622 ext. 3800

                                                 After working for two years following high school,
                                                 Heather began looking at career-oriented options
                                                 at various colleges. She wanted a quality academic
psychology, sociology, political science, and
                                                 focus, along with the opportunity to get practical
the philosophical foundations of the legal
                                                 experience. She chose Humber’s four-year Paralegal
system. Work placements offer on-the-job
                                                 Studies degree program because it offered her a
experience where students will utilize and
                                                 balance of both.
sharpen new competencies.
                                                the resident of Wyevale, Ontario, a small town north
For information regarding faculty
                                                of toronto, is most pleased with her decision to come
credentials for this program, visit
                                                to Humber because of the practical knowledge that
                                                her professors bring to the classroom. With many of
                                                her teachers still active in law, she is learning from
WORk PLACEMENT                                  actual cases and courtroom activity in addition to
                                                traditional lectures and text-based learning.
the paid work term is from May to August
after semester six, and lasts 14 weeks.         “One of my assignments was to go to a court, listen
Students work with their placement advisor       to a case, and discuss how I would have helped
to find a placement that fits their career       either side. I learned so much from being part of
goals. Students are also encouraged to           the action and hearing the case first-hand.”
take career management workshops to              She is glad for the small class sizes and the
develop effective job search skills. the         chance for one-to-one interaction with faculty.
school provides support, such as working         She remembers one test where she got a low
with the legal community to identify paid        mark and went to talk to the professor.
work placement employment opportunities.
                                                “We spent over an hour going over my test, and
                                                 ways to improve,” Heather says. “It really showed
PROFESSIONAL ACCREDITATION,                      me how willing the faculty is to help us in our
ENDORSEMENT AND RECOGNITION                      studies and careers.”

the program is endorsed by the Paralegal         Although the second-year student has not decided
Society of Ontario, the Prosecutors’             what career path she wants, she knows she will be
Association of Ontario, and the Ontario          prepared.
Association of Professional Searchers           “My future career is incorporated in every class I take.
of Record.                                       I’m really impressed with Humber and thankful I took
the law Society of Upper canada has              the time to find the right school.”
reviewed and assessed Humber’s Bachelor
of Applied Arts degree in Paralegal Studies
and has determined that it meets the
standards and competencies for paralegal
education program accreditation.

Please visit for the most up-to-
date admission requirement information.


Bachelor of Public relations
School of Media Studies & Information technology
Application Program code 22221
Humber lakeshore campus
Eight semesters, beginning in September, plus one paid work term

YOUR CAREER                                OUR PROGRAM                                the Bachelor of Public Relations
Humber is widely known for its                                                        program prepares students to manage
                                           Humber’s Bachelor of Public Relations
expertise in public relations (PR)                                                    PR as a core business function and
                                           is a comprehensive degree program
education and training. Graduates of                                                  includes business courses to enable
                                           that prepares students to manage
Humber’s Bachelor of Public Relations                                                 them to effectively develop and manage
                                           public relations in a variety of
degree program will be qualified                                                      budgets and recruit, engage and retain
                                           sectors including corporate, non-
for and able to pursue a career in                                                    PR professionals across sectors.
                                           profit, government, consumer and
progressively more senior positions                                                   Soundly anchored in PR theory and
                                           agency. It prepares students to plan,
such as communications/public                                                         best practices, the Bachelor of Public
                                           manage and implement a broad
relations officer, corporate/marketing                                                Relations program includes skills-
                                           range of public relations programs
communications manager, and director,                                                 based courses in planning, consulting,
                                           including brand management,
public relations/communications/public                                                research, measurement, writing, social
                                           marketing communications, employee
affairs. the public relations degree                                                  and digital media, presentations, project
                                           and executive communications,
will also prepare students for the full                                               management, proposal development
                                           media relations, investor relations,
breadth of the profession, including                                                  and more.
                                           public affairs, change management,
such specialist roles as social media      international PR, corporate social         Experienced faculty, many of whom are
strategist, community relations manager,   responsibility and sustainability,         current PR practitioners, bring their
employee communications co-ordinator,      government relations, social and digital   day-to-day experiences and projects
change management consultant, event        media, innovative thinking, fundraising    into the classroom, offering a glimpse
management planner, public relations       and corporate philanthropy programs.
consultant and fundraiser.

nancy Rodrigues, associate dean
416.675.6622 ext. 3002

                                                  While cole has talents that put him in the spotlight,
                                                  it’s his behind-the-scenes career aspirations that
into communications trends and issues.            brought him to Humber.
Guest speakers will also provide insight          After graduating from another Ontario college with an
into daily life in various PR settings.           advanced diploma in musical theatre, cole performed
the program Advisory committee, which             in a number of productions including cats, High School
comprises active PR professionals,                Musical and Peter Pan. His skills even took him to Japan
provides regular review and input of              where he was the lead singer aboard a cruise ship. After
our curriculum ensuring our program is            a few years, cole decided it was time to promote and
always on the cutting edge of industry            help others reach centre stage rather than perform.
developments.                                     now, cole is in the first-year of Humber’s four-year
For information regarding faculty                 Bachelor of Public Relations (PR) degree program.
credentials for this program, visit               He chose Humber because of the college’s strong                                reputation in the PR industry.
                                                 “I’ve always considered public relations for my career,
                                                  and I know I’m going to get the education and training
WORk PLACEMENT                                    at Humber to be successful in the industry. I’m excited
Students will participate in one                  because every day is different in PR, and there will
mandatory paid work term of 14 weeks              always be something new to learn or a new challenge
of professional experience, where they            to overcome.”
will gain an array of public relations skills.   the 23-year-old Renfrew, Ontario native likes the fast
Students will select from a wide variety         pace of the PR degree, along with its focus on social
of opportunities in corporate, non-profit,       media and developing strong writing skills. He’s also
government or agency settings that               impressed with the quality of the faculty and inspired
range from large multinationals to               by the program’s professionalism.
small proprietorships.
                                                 “In the classroom, I feel like the professor is my co-
                                                  worker passing on valuable knowledge while discussing
ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS                            an account, rather than a teacher talking to a student.
                                                  Since the faculty all work in the field, we learn so much
Please visit for the most up-to-
                                                  from their wide range of experiences, including current
date admission requirement information.
                                                  projects. After my studies at Humber I will be more
                                                  than ready to enter the real world.”


Bachelor of applied Business
School of Hospitality, Recreation & tourism and the Business School
Application Program code: 22081
Humber lakeshore campus
Eight semesters, beginning in September, plus one paid work term

YOUR CAREER                                OUR PROGRAM                                 advanced tourism industry management
tourism is the world’s fastest                                                         and the application of technology
                                           Humber’s Bachelor of Applied Business
growing industry and in Ontario alone,                                                 in tourism strategic, marketing and
                                           – tourism Management degree program
employment in the sector grows                                                         distribution systems. You will use
                                           has been designed to meet the
at an annual rate of five per cent.                                                    software applications and apply
                                           demands of employers for the strategic,
today’s tourism business leaders                                                       advanced financial management
                                           technological and managerial skills
seek employees who have both the                                                       skills to tourism business operations
                                           now necessary in this exciting and
knowledge and experience necessary                                                     and performance.
                                           dynamic industry.
to make immediate contributions                                                        the distinctive edge of a tourism
                                           to meet these demands, the program
to the workplace. Humber tourism                                                       Management degree program is that
                                           combines the theory and knowledge
Management degree program graduates                                                    you acquire professional experience
                                           of degrees in business administration
will be ready to pursue opportunities                                                  while attending classes. that is, you
                                           and tourism studies with experiential
with employers throughout the industry                                                 obtain an integrated degree. You will
                                           learning in tourism industry sectors.
including tourism suppliers – such                                                     interact with the professional world
                                           throughout the program, you will engage
as airlines, hotels, restaurants and                                                   through career placements and industry-
                                           in analyzing a series of business and
foodservice providers – attractions,                                                   linked projects, and will be guided by
                                           management scenarios for which you
wholesalers, retailers and distributors,                                               faculty with professional experience
                                           will prepare recommendations and
hotels and resorts, destination                                                        in research, education and industry.
                                           solutions. the program also emphasizes
management and marketing                                                               Graduates will have a competitive edge
                                           an international scope through case
organizations, and trade associations.                                                 in the tourism business world, both in
                                           studies that reflect the global nature of
Graduates of the tourism Management                                                    canada and internationally, or may use
                                           the tourism industry.
degree program are also qualified                                                      their skills and expertise to continue on
for many positions with provincial         In years one and two you will be            with graduate work.
and federal tourism boards and             introduced to the major areas of
                                                                                       For information regarding faculty
international hospitality management       business including marketing, finance,
                                                                                       credentials for this program, visit
organizations. Further, graduates may      accounting, economics and law. In
opt to pursue a career in business         years three and four, you will focus on
management, business analysis,
destination management, account
and revenue management, hospitality
operations management, customer
service management, or marketing and
event management. You will also be well
prepared to own and operate your own
small tourism business venture.

Alister Mathieson, dean
416.675.6622 ext. 4550

                                             Haleigh’s educational path is turning out to be the
                                             runway for her tourism career. In her final year of
                                             Humber’s four-year Bachelor of Applied Business –
                                             tourism Management program, Haleigh is on the
One full semester of paid work in the        verge of a future spent in cities and countries
summer between semesters six and             around the world.
seven will give qualified students the
                                             “For being in a tourism program, you might think
hands-on experience that is highly
                                              that I have been to many places around the world.
valued by employers.
                                              I actually haven’t, and that’s one of the reasons
                                               why I picked this program.”
OUR INDUSTRY PARTNERSHIPS                     Having researched tourism programs at various
Humber has more than 500 industry             institutions, Haleigh was drawn to Humber because
partners. Partners provide funding for        of the paid work term component of the degree
capital projects (labs, etc.), provide        program and the opportunity to get a general
internships for students, fund more than      business background as part of her credential. But,
$60,000 in awards and scholarships and        like many successful tourism professionals, Haleigh
employ our students upon graduation.          visited her destination before confirming her trip.
Industry partners for this program include   “I went to the Humber Open House and liked the feel
tour operators and airlines, Air canada       of the lakeshore campus. It’s close to home and I
vacations, Globus/cosmos, American            love the feel and being close to the lake. I also got
Express, Sears travel, thomas cook,           the chance to meet the program faculty. Hearing
Sunquest, Signature vacations, trafalgar      about their travel and career experience helped
tours, Air transat Holidays, Expedia,         me to make my decision. I knew I wanted to learn
travelocity, and many independent             from them.”
travel agencies. In addition, a number
                                             With the first two years of the program focused
of managerial positions are available
                                             on core business subjects of law, accounting,
in our partner hotels and foodservice
                                             economics, and marketing, to name a few, Haleigh
operations: Four Seasons, Hyatt, Holiday
                                             notes that it was during her third year when she
Inn, Hilton, Marriott, cara Operations,
                                             began to learn in-depth information about the
compass Group, Sheraton, Disney cruise
                                             travel industry such as niche tourism and
lines, Woodbine Entertainment Group,
                                             event management.
and many others.
                                              As she gets closer to graduating, Haleigh feels
                                              prepared for her career and credits her professors
YOUR FUTURE STUDY OPTIONS                     for making every day a positive learning experience.
qualified graduates of this program          “the teachers want us to succeed. they get to
may be eligible to apply their academic       know students on an individual basis including
credits toward further study at many          how we learn best, and they give us materials and
postsecondary institutions. For detailed      assignments through which we can show how we
information, visit our website at             learned the concepts taught in class and apply                      them to real-world case studies.”

Please visit for the most up-to-
date admission requirement information.

                                                                                       need a Place to live?
                                                                                       •	North	and	Lakeshore	Residences
                                                                                       •	Single	and	suite-style	rooms
                                                                                       •	Supportive	residence	advisers
                                                                                       •	Multi-option	meal	plans
                                                                                       •	24/7	security	and	walk	program
                                                                                       visit for more options.

Apply now                                 Fees                                         Identify All Potential
                                                                                       Sources of Income
choose Your Program(s)                    Estimate your expenses*
                                                                                       It’s important to identify all income
Use the admissions chart to help          tuition – Domestic: $6,500                   sources and when you will receive
you identify programs, academic
                                          tuition – International: $12,200             them. If there is a gap in your resources
requirements, and other skills and
                                                                                       consider applying for alternate
experience required for admission to      Books: $1,200
                                                                                       funding options. Student loans and
Humber. You can apply to a maximum        Supplies: $500                               most educational funds are often not
of three programs at Humber. not sure
                                          Parking: $578                                available until after you start school. For
what you want to study? Email us at
                                                                                       the first few weeks of school, plan for to make
                                          Public transit: $900                         an alternate source of funding so you
an appointment to discuss your options.
                                                                                       can purchase textbooks, etc. contact us
                                          Residence and regular meal plan:
                                                                                       at 416.675.5000 or visit
Submit Your Application                   $6,995 to $9,175
                                                                                       admissions/financialaid to help clarify
Apply online at For                                                your costs and funding options.
equal consideration, apply by February
1, 2012. For your application to be       * Estimated cost for one year based
processed, a $95 (non-refundable)           on 2010/2011 rates covering two
application fee must be paid to             academic semesters. Cost will vary for Online payment          each program. Co-op and/or lab fees are
                                            not included. Search our online calendar
options are available.
                                            for specific program tuition at
International Students
If you are an international student,
please visit


Degree Scholarships                       tuition Bursaries                         OSAP
Humber awards degree scholarships to      Humber offers tuition bursaries           Find out if you qualify for the Ontario
graduating high school students based     based on demonstrated financial need.     Student Assistance Program (OSAP).
on academic achievement.                  Bursary information is available online   visit
See the following chart for details.      at Make sure to apply
Some of the scholarships are renewable    early because bursaries funds may run     On-campus Jobs
each year if you maintain an average of   out before the deadline dates.
                                                                                    Earn while you learn! Students may
80 per cent or more.                      Deadline to apply: June 29, 2012 for
                                                                                    apply to more than 900 on-campus
                                          programs starting September 2012.
Degree Academic Average                                                             jobs each school year. competitive
Scholarship                               Entrance Scholarships                     wages and flexible schedules are
                                                                                    some of the perks of this program.
95% +                                     Many of Humber’s scholarships are         check out on-campus job listings at
$4,000 renewable                          based on grades and volunteer work
                                          experience. Scholarship details
90 – 94.9%                                and application information can be
$3,500 renewable                          found at
85 – 89.9%                                scholarships.
$3,000 renewable
80 – 84.9%
$2,000 renewable
75 – 79.9%
$1,500 one time


College Diploma in Related                              Humber                                                      Semesters Required to
Subject Area or Field of Study                          4 - Year Degree                                             Complete the Degree
Advertising and Graphic Design Diploma (2yr)            Bachelor of Applied Arts – creative Advertising             6 semesters, plus one work term
Graphic Design Diploma (3yr)                                                                                        4 semesters, plus one work term
community and Justice Services Diploma (2yr)            Bachelor of Applied Arts – criminal Justice                 5 semesters, plus two eight-week
                                                                                                                    work terms
Police Foundations Diploma (2yr)                                                                                    6 semesters, plus two eight-week
                                                                                                                    work terms
Film and television Production Advanced Diploma         Bachelor of Applied Arts – Film and Media Production        4 semesters, plus one work term
Interior Design Advanced Diploma (3yr)                  Bachelor of Applied Arts – Interior Design                  4 semesters, plus one work term

court and tribunal Agent (2yr)                          Bachelor of Applied Arts – Paralegal Studies                6 semesters, plus one work term
Paralegal Education Diploma (2yr)                                                                                   6 semesters, plus one work term
Business Administration Advanced Diploma (3yr)          Bachelor of Applied Business – e-Business Marketing         4   semesters, plus   one   work   term
Business Management Diploma (2yr)                                                                                   6   semesters, plus   one   work   term
Business – Marketing Diploma (2yr)                                                                                  6   semesters, plus   one   work   term
tourism and Hospitality Management Diploma (2yr)                                                                    6   semesters, plus   one   work   term
tourism Management and travel Industry Services (2yr)                                                               6   semesters, plus   one   work   term
Business Administration Advanced Diploma (3yr)          Bachelor of Applied Business – Fashion Management           4   semesters, plus   one   work   term
Business Management Diploma (2yr)                                                                                   6   semesters, plus   one   work   term
Business – Marketing Diploma (2yr)                                                                                  6   semesters, plus   one   work   term
Fashion Arts Diploma (2yr)                                                                                          5   semesters, plus   one   work   term
tourism and Hospitality Management Diploma (2yr)                                                                    6   semesters, plus   one   work   term
tourism Management and travel Industry Services (2yr)                                                               6   semesters, plus   one   work   term
Business Administration Advanced Diploma (3yr)          Bachelor of Applied Business – Human Resources Management   4   semesters, plus   one   work   term
Business Management Diploma (2yr)                                                                                   6   semesters, plus   one   work   term
Business – Marketing Diploma (2yr)                                                                                  6   semesters, plus   one   work   term
tourism and Hospitality Management Diploma (2yr)                                                                    6   semesters, plus   one   work   term
tourism Management and travel Industry Services (2yr)                                                               6   semesters, plus   one   work   term
Business Administration Advanced Diploma (3yr)          Bachelor of Applied Business – International Business       4   semesters, plus   one   work   term
Business Management Diploma (2yr)                                                                                   6   semesters, plus   one   work   term
Business – Marketing Diploma (2yr)                                                                                  6   semesters, plus   one   work   term
tourism and Hospitality Management Diploma (2yr)                                                                    6   semesters, plus   one   work   term
tourism Management and travel Industry Services (2yr)                                                               6   semesters, plus   one   work   term
Business Administration Advanced Diploma (3yr)          Bachelor of Applied Business – tourism Management           4   semesters, plus   one   work   term
Business Management Diploma (2yr)                                                                                   6   semesters, plus   one   work   term
Business – Marketing Diploma (2yr)                                                                                  6   semesters, plus   one   work   term
tourism and Hospitality Management Diploma (2yr)                                                                    6   semesters, plus   one   work   term
                                                                                                                    6   semesters, plus   one   work   term
tourism Management and travel Industry Services (2yr)
Music Advanced Diploma (3yr)                            Bachelor of Applied Music – contemporary Music              Bridging semester, plus 4 semesters
                                                                                                                    and one work term
Industrial Design Advanced Diploma (3yr)                Bachelor of Applied technology – Industrial Design          4 semesters, plus one work term
child and Youth Worker Diploma (3yr)                    Bachelor of child and Youth care                            4 semesters, plus one work term

Business Accounting (2yr)                               Bachelor of commerce – Accounting                           6 semesters, plus one work term
Business Administration – Accounting (3yr)                                                                          5 semesters, plus one work term
Journalism – Print and Broadcast                        Bachelor of Journalism                                      4 semesters, plus one work term

Public Relations Diploma (2yr)                          Bachelor of Public Relations                                6 semesters, plus one work term
Public Relations Advanced Diploma (3yr)                                                                             5 semesters, plus one work term

 Bachelor of applied arts – Criminal Justice

though Rosa may not have starred in a hit television series, she has had the opportunity to go from cSI to law and Order
while studying at Humber.
After high school, Rosa enrolled in Humber’s Police Foundations program. Upon completing her diploma, she used her
credits towards entry into the second year of the four-year Bachelor of Applied Arts – criminal Justice.
“I’ve wanted a career in law enforcement since high school. It was an easy decision to apply to the criminal Justice program
 after graduating from Police Foundations because I wanted to learn more and get more experience. I felt that getting a
 degree would open more doors for me, and I knew I’d get the education I was looking for at Humber,” said the 22-year-old
 Mississauga resident.
Rosa’s interest and understanding of the criminal Justice system increased significantly during her two programs. She
especially enjoyed the learning experience during her field placement.
“My internship was at the kingston Penitentiary. Interacting with inmates was definitely important for my overall learning,
 and a great experience. After my placement at kingston Penn I knew I had selected the right field. the placement gave me
 hands-on training and a glimpse into what my future as an institutional parole officer would look like.”
 now in her last year of the criminal Justice program, Rosa reflects on her time at Humber, and how the pathway from Police
 Foundations to criminal Justice prepared her for her career.
“Going from the diploma to the degree was a natural progression. I just kept learning skills that were relevant to the field. It
 also helped that my professors have worked in the field. they taught us from experience and gave each student the chance
 to learn on an individual level. Most of all, their teaching has given me the confidence to know that I’m ready to make a
 difference in someone’s life and hopefully inspire change where it’s needed.”

aND PrOGraMs 2012/2013.

Program name                       required courses                         Other requirements and                                             semesters Campus semester
                                   Minimum requirements: an Ontario         documentation                                                                       start
                                   Secondary School Diploma (OSSD),
                                   unless stated otherwise.

applied Technology
Industrial Design                  Six Grade 12 U or M courses including     Presentation of a portfolio.                                      8                       n                 S
(Bachelor of Applied technology)   U English, and any U Math                 For an applicant portfolio sample list, visit humber.
Interior Design                    Six Grade 12 U or M courses including     Digital portfolio and writing sample. For an                      8                       n                 S
(Bachelor of Applied Arts)         U English, and any Grade 11 or 12 U       applicant portfolio sample list, visit
                                   or M Math                                 admissions/portfolio/22051

arts and Performance
Contemporary Music                 Six Grade 12 U or M courses including     Attending an audition (fee of $35), which includes                8                       l                 S
(Bachelor of Applied Music)        U English                                 music theory and ear training placement tests.
Bass, cello, Drums/Percussion,                                               For more detailed information on audition
French Horn, Guitar, keyboard                                                requirements, visit the degree section at
Saxophone/Woodwind, trombone,                                      
trumpet, tuba, violin, voice                                                 under How to Apply.

Business and Management
accounting                         Six Grade 12 U or M courses including                                                                       8                       l                 S
(Bachelor of commerce)             U English, and U Math
e-Business Marketing               Six Grade 12 U or M courses including                                                                       8                       l                 S
(Bachelor of Applied Business)     U English, and any U Math
Fashion Management                 Six Grade 12 U or M courses including                                                                       8                       l                 S
(Bachelor of Applied Business)     U English, and any U Math
Human resources Management         Six Grade 12 U or M courses including                                                                       8                       l                 S
(Bachelor of Applied Business)     U English, and any U Math
International Business             Six Grade 12 U or M courses including                                                                       8                       l                 S
(Bachelor of Applied Business)     U English, and any U Math
Paralegal studies                  Six Grade 12 U or M courses including                                                                       8                       l                 S
(Bachelor of Applied Arts)         U English

Community and emergency services
Child and Youth Care               Six Grade 12 U or M courses including                                                                       8                       l                 S
(Bachelor of)                      U English
Criminal Justice                   Six Grade 12 U or M courses including                                                                       8                       l                 S
(Bachelor of Applied Arts)         U English

Health sciences
Nursing                            Grade 12 English (EnG4U), Grade          All six courses must meet a minimum overall                        8                       n                 S
(Bachelor of)                      11 Math (McF3M or McR3U) or any          average of 70% with a minimum grade of 70% in
                                   Grade 12 U Math, Grade 12 chemistry      each of the four core courses and 60% in each of
                                   (ScH4U), Grade 12 Biology (SBI4U),       the two elective courses.
                                   and two electives from an approved
                                   list (see

Hospitality, recreation and Tourism
Tourism Management                 Six Grade 12 U or M courses including                                                                       8                       l                 S
(Bachelor of Applied Business)     U English, and any U Math

Journalism                         Six Grade 12 U or M courses including                                                                       8                       l                 S
(Bachelor of Journalism)           U English, and any Grade 11 or 12, U
                                   or M Math

Creative advertising               Six Grade 12 U or M courses including    Submission of a digital portfolio and a writing                    8                       l                 S
(Bachelor of Applied Arts)         U English                                sample. For an applicant portfolio sample list visit
Film and Media Production          Six Grade 12 U or M courses including    Submission of a detailed resumé and two letters of                 8                       l                 S
(Bachelor of Applied Arts)         U English                                recommendation; description of three personal
                                                                            creative projects.
Public relations                   Six Grade 12 U or M courses including    Attend an interview with a writing exercise and                    8                       l                 S
(Bachelor of)                      U English, and any U Math.               submission of a detailed resumé.

                                                                           Declaration of Waiver The information in this document is accurate as of October 1, 2011. After October 1, 2011, Humber
                                                                           reserves the right to modify or cancel any program, option, course, program objective, fee, and timetable or campus location
                                                                           without notice or prejudice. It is also Humber’s right to schedule classes any time, Monday through Saturday. Students
                                                                           should be aware that it may be necessary for them to take a course during the evening or on Saturday. Our most up-to-date
                                                                           admissions information can be found in our 2012/2013 online calendar at
66                                              Note for all programs If applicants are enrolled in Grade 12 requirement subjects during the second semester (February to
                                                                           June), Grade 11 marks will be used.

“Coming to Humber was              1                                      6
 a great decision. Before          Research degree programs and           receive Humber Welcome and
 applying, I spoke to the          schools at and attend our    approval Package
                                   Open House on november 12, 2011
 program co-ordinator and
 to students who said              2                                      If you are planning to stay in residence,
 great things about the            Join Humber on Facebook, follow us     fill out a residence application form
 program and the learning          on twitter and watch us on Youtube
 environment. They really             8
                                                                          Attend the Open House on April 21, 2012,
 made me want to come to               book a tour at tour
 Humber, and I liked that      
 I could get a degree that                                                9
 combined theory with real-        3                                      Accept offer by May 1, 2012 at
                                   Apply to Humber online at     and
 life training. What I didn’t
 expect was the individual         Start applying as early as October/    10
 attention from faculty and        november. For equal consideration,     Financial Aid – apply for OSAP and
                                   apply by February 1, 2012              bursaries at
 how quickly I made friends.
 Living in residence and           4                                      11
 studying at the Lakeshore sends application   Pay your fees by June 27, 2012
 Campus gave me an overall         to Humber. check your email for

 college experience. The
                                   your Humber student number and
                                   Student Record Services (SRS) login
                                                                          check your timetable on SRS in
 campus is beautiful and you       information. Go to to    mid-August, 2012
 get to know everyone here         track the status of your application

 and it’s easy to get involved.”
                                   5                                      13
                                                                          Attend Orientation August 27 – 31, 2012
atash,                             Receive acknowledgement postcard
creative Advertising               from Humber. Depending on your
                                   degree program, you may have to:
                                                                          First day at Humber September 4, 2012
                                   •	Do	testing
                                   •	Go	to	campus	for	an	interview
                                   •	Present	a	portfolio,	etc.


Make the Right                                Web chats                                 Orientation at Humber
Program choice                                Student Recruitment hosts online          Your Humber experience begins
contact a recruitment officer to discuss      web chats throughout the year.            during the week before classes start.
programs, admissions and more.                visit or call              visit
call 416.675.6622 ext. 4048 or email          416.675.6622 ext. 4048.
Student Ambassadors                           tours are offered throughout the year
talk to current students about programs,      at all Humber campuses.
services and student life.                    visit to book
call 416.675.6622 ext. 5551 or email          a tour, or call 416.675.6622 ext. 4048.

     On request, this document is available in alternate formats.

                         New DeGree
                         Recently approved by the
                         Ministry of Training, Colleges
                         and Universities.

New –           cUrrIcUlUm hIGhlIGhtS:
Bachelor of     • culture and Development management
                • Ethics and Moral Theory
InternatIonal   • Macroeconomics
Development     • Management Information Systems
                • nGo management
                • Organizational Behaviour
                • Public Engagement and Marketing for
                  Development Organizations
                • World Geography
New DeGree
InternatIonal Development

Bachelor of International Development                                                  contact
The Business School                                                                    Wanda Buote, BEd, MBA, CHRM,
Application Program Code: 22251                                                        associate dean
Humber Lakeshore Campus                                                                416.675.6622 ext. 3800
Eight semesters, beginning in September, plus one work term                  

YoUR CaReeR                                 CIDA, entrepreneurship or economic         fosters a comparative understanding
Graduates may pursue careers such           development agencies; and businesses       of developed and developing countries
as international project manager,           that focus on international development    (economies) through directed study,
international logistics manager,            and management (e.g., Agriteam             analytical research and cross-cultural
international program co-ordinator, rural   Canada, Whyte Reynolds International       learning experiences. The courses in the
or northern community development           and Anjaro International).                 program core, where students develop
officer, international program                                                         professional competencies, include four
development officer, grant writer, or                                                  streams: international development
                                            oUR PRogRaM
researcher. Employment opportunities                                                   studies, supplementary disciplines,
                                            Humber’s Bachelor of International         management skills and research skills.
for graduates may include placements
                                            Development is an interdisciplinary
in a wide variety of international                                                     Professors in this program hold various,
                                            degree that provides students with
organizations (e.g., the United Nations,                                               relevant graduate degrees, as well as
                                            a solid theoretical foundation in
World Bank or Asian Development                                                        professional and practical experience in
                                            international development studies and
Bank), non-governmental organizations                                                  the field of international development.
                                            its related disciplines, as well as with
(e.g., World Vision, CESO|SACO,                                                        Most work in the field, either directly
                                            professional and technical skills in
Canadian Save the Children and Right                                                   within developing economies or through
                                            development management. The program
to Play); government agencies such as                                                  international development funding and
                                                                                       executing organizations. Placements offer
                                                                                       professional experience where students
                                                                                       will employ and further develop relevant
                                                                                       For information regarding faculty
                                                                                       credentials for this program, visit

                                                                                       WoRk PlaCeMenT
                                                                                       The 14-week work-placement is from
                                                                                       May to August following semester six,
                                                                                       and lasts 14 weeks. Students work with
                                                                                       a placement advisor to find a placement
                                                                                       that fits their scholarly and career goals.
                                                                                       Students are also strongly encouraged
                                                                                       to participate in career management
                                                                                       workshops to develop successful job
                                                                                       search skills.

                                                                                       adMission ReqUiReMenTs
                                                                                       Please visit for the most up-to-
                                                                                       date admission requirement information.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Humber North Campus
                                                                                5 ORANGEVILLE CAMPUS
                                       EN S                                                                                                            7
                                    QUE                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              WOODBINE DOWNS BLVD

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 MARTIN GROVE RD

                                                                                   50                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        ION
              7                           CITY CENTRE                                                                                                                            407                                                                                                                       4                                         RD

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               R DR
                                                                                                                                                                                                     STEELES AVE                                                                                                                                                                                                    FINCH AVE

      410                                                                                           WOODBINE DOWNS BLVD                                                                                                                                                                                              3        FINCH AVE

                                                                                      CARRIER DR
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             MB          27

                                                        SA                                         4                                                                                                                                                                      427                                  ER
                                                 ELE                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              C   OLLEGE BLVD
                                              STE                                                                                                                                               FINCH AVE                                                                                          2                                                                                  GARLAND BLVD

                                                                                 FINCH AVE                 3   COLLEGE                                                                                                                                                                                           1                  H

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  KIPLING AVE
    10                                                                                                         BLVD                                                    ALB

                                                                        RT RD
                                                     407                                                                                                                         ION

                                                                                                                                                                                                                        WESTON RD
                                                                                                                                                                                       RD                                                             400
                                                                                          2            1        H                                                                                                                                                                                                                REXD
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            ALE B

                                                                                                                                 MARTIN GROVE RD
                                                               RY                                                                                          REXDALE
                                                          DER                                                                                                           BLVD                                                          WILSON AVE                                          Humber Lakeshore Campus
                                                                                  427                      27

                                                                                                                                                   409                                                      401

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          KIPLING AVE
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       22ND ST
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 FAUSTINA DRIVE

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        16TH ST
   407                                                                                                          DIXON RD
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         BIRMINGHAM ST



                                                                                                                                                                                            ISLINGTON AVE
                                                                                                                                                                   KIPLING AVE
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         LAKE SHORE BLVD W
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    7                8                                                                       10

                                                                                                                                                                                                                         LAWRENCE AVE W


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          SMITH PARK DR
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          COLONEL SAMUEL
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         SCARLET RD
                             IO S

                                                                                                                                                                                                                      ROYAL YORK RD
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Campus West

                                                                                                                                               EGLINTON AVE W

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          23RD ST
     401                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   9
                                                    403                                                                                                                                      DUNDA                                       ST CLAIR AVE
                                                                                                                 BURNHAMTHORPE RD                                                                             S ST W                                                                                                                                                                          Campus East

                                                                                                                      BLOOR ST W
                                                                    E RD                                                                                                                                                                                                          Humber Orangeville Campus
                   VE W                                    ORP
           NA                                           TH                                                 427       DUNDAS ST W

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      PARK LAWN RD
      INTO                                          HAM
                                                                                                                                                                    KIPLING SUBWAY
   EGL                                        N                                                                                                                     STATION
                                          BUR                     TW                                                                                                                                                                                                              16
                                                           OR S
             403                                     BLO

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             BLIND LINE

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   FIRST ST
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   VETERANS’ WAY
                               SQUARE                                                         SHERWAY               THE QUEENSWAY                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   10
                               ONE                                                            GARDENS
                                                                                                                                  GARDINER EXPRESSWAY
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                BROADWAY                                                           9
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            LVD W
                                                                                                                 BROWN’S LINE                                                                                            RE B
                                                                                                                                                                                                                      SHO                                                109

             AS S                                                                                                                                  6                                                              E                                                                                5

          UND                                                                                                                                                                                                 LAK


         D                                                              QEW
                                                                                                   LAKE SHORE BLVD W                                                                                                                                                                                                   IAL                                                                                              LIN
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      ALDER ST ENN


                                                                                                                                                   7           8          10                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       WN
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               NT                                                                                                             TO






                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 LAKE ONTARIO

                                                                                                                 23rd STREET                                       COLONEL SAMUEL SMITH PARK DRIVE                                                                                                                                                                        136

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           M&C - 08.11

1 HUMBER NORTH                                          5 HUMBER ORANGEVILLE                                                    8 Humber Fashion Institute (L)                                                    11 Humber Sailing &                                                                                    TRANSIT TO HUMBER
   CAMPUS (N)                                                CAMPUS (O)                                                                       3166 Lake Shore Blvd. West                                                         Powerboating Centre (SPC)                                                               NORTH CAMPUS
   205 Humber College Blvd.                                  Alder Street Recreation Complex                                                  Toronto, ON M8V 1L6                                                                100 Humber Bay Park Road West                                                           Toronto Transit Commission (TTC)*
   Toronto, ON M9W 5L7                                       275 Alder Street                                                                 Tel: 416.675.5000                                                                  Toronto, ON M8V 3X7                                                           
   Tel: 416.675.5000                                         Orangeville, ON L9W 5H6                                                                                                                  Tel: 416.252.7291                                                                       Go Transit*                                         Tel: 416.675.5000 or                                                                                                                                                Fax: 416.252.5393                                                                       416.869.3200
                                                                                                                                9 HUMBER LAKESHORE
2 Humber Arboretum (N)                                                                                                                        CAMPUS (L)
                                                             Fax: 416.675.2427 or                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Mississauga Transit*
   North Campus                                                                                                                               3199 Lake Shore Blvd. West                                                                                                                                                 905.615.4636
   Tel: 416.675.5009                                                                                                                          Toronto, ON M8V 1K8                                                                                                                                              
                                                                                                                                              Tel: 416.675.5000                                                                                                                                                          Brampton Transit*
3 Humber Transportation
                                                        6 Humber Arts & Media                                                                                                                                                                                                                 905.874.2750
   Training Centre (TTC)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       
                                                             Studios (L)
   55 Woodbine Downs Blvd.                                                                                                      10 Humber Centre for Justice                                                                                                                                                             York Region Transit
                                                             300 Birmingham Street                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       905.762.2100
   Toronto, ON M9W 6N5                                                                                                                        Leadership (L)
                                                             Toronto, ON M8V 2E6                                                                                                                                                                                                                               
   Tel: 416.798.0300                                                                                                                          3120 Lake Shore Blvd. West
                                                             Tel: 416.675.5000
   Fax: 416.798.0307                                                                                                                          Toronto, ON M8V 1L3                                                                                                                                                        TRANSIT TO HUMBER
                                                                                                                                                                          Tel: 416.675.5000                                                                                                                                                          LAKESHORE CAMPUS
                                                        7 Community Medical                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Toronto Transit Commission (TTC)*
4 Humber Centre for Trades                                                                                                                                                                                                      Parking and campus
                                                             Services Building (L)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       416.393.4636
   & Technology (N)                                                                                                                                                                                                             maps are available at                                                          
                                                             3170 Lake Shore Blvd. West
   110 Carrier Drive
                                                             2nd Floor
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Go Transit
   Toronto, ON M9W 5R1                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   416.869.3200
   Tel: 416.675.5000
                                                             Toronto, ON M8V 3X8                                                                                                                                                No charge for parking                                                          

   Fax: 416.675.2427
                                                             Tel: 416.675.5000                                                                                                                                                  after 4:30 p.m. weekdays                                                                 Mississauga Transit
                                                                                                                                                                                                     and all day weekends.                                                                    905.615.4636                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      * Direct access to Humber
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        College Institute of Technology
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        & Advanced Learning

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