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					Welcome to Grace Christian School!               Encourage each individual to
                                                  grow in their faith
Over the years, Grace Christian School           Build responsibility in a Christ-
has helped hundreds of children                   centered environment
establish a solid foundation for their           Nurture each child’s God-given
future lives. Grace Christian School              gifts
currently serves over 65 families from
more than 25 congregations in the Fox      Arrival and Departure
Valley area. Students are challenged by
a dedicated staff working in close         Students should not arrive more than 10
partnership with parents, creating a       minutes before starting time (unless
community of people living in grace.       being bussed) and should leave the
Grace also maintains community             premises at dismissal time unless
partnerships, to include the Evangelical   remaining for disciplinary reasons.
Lutheran Church in America.
                                           Students should be dropped off in the
In 2002 our school became a multi-         east parking lot with cars passing from
congregational association, led by a       south to north. Students in Pre-School,
Board of Education and supported by        Kindergarten, and Grades 1-6 enter by
three local ELCA congregations.            the double glass doors facing the
                                           playground. The playground is our drop
Board of Education                         off area -- doors on the west and north
The Board of Directors governs Grace       sides of the building are kept locked at
Christian School. The board is             all times.
composed of:
    four school parents                   Students are welcomed into their rooms
    one representative per member         at 8:00 with class starting at 8:10. Our
        congregation                       teachers need the time before 8:00 to
    the school administrator              prepare for the day. Supervised before
    pastoral representation               school care is offered on-site from 7:45-
    a local educator from outside the     8:00 by staff members. Please only use
        school                             this time it you need to get to work by
                                           8:00 am.
Grace Christian School carries out its     Parents are expected to pick up students
calling from our Lord Jesus Christ by      within 15 minutes of dismissal time (by
living out the following:                  3:25 pm). If you are not able to pick
                                           your child(ren) up on time, please make
Our purpose is to:                         other arrangements. If your student has
   Provide affordable high quality        not been picked up by 3:25, they will be
      preschool and elementary             directed to the school office to contact
      education                            you and wait for your arrival.
   Create a caring community
      through active partnership of        Bicycles must be walked on school
      students, parents and staff          property, stored in the bicycle rack and
                                           locked or chained securely.
Attendance                                   11:10 am, meets Tuesday and Thursday
                                             from 11:10 am to 3:10 pm.
      Policy                                Grades 1-6: 1st-6th graders meet from
                                             8:10 a.m. to 3:10 p.m. Monday through
The school term consists of 175 student      Friday, with a total of 50 minutes for
contact days, with approximately 44          lunch and recesses.
days in each quarter. Students are
expected to be in attendance at school              Unscheduled Closings
and at all school functions, including
designated worship services (ie: music       Bad weather in the winter sometimes
performances, the Spring Cantata, etc.).     demands cancellation or early closing of
                                             school. We generally follow the
If a student must be absent because of       procedure of the Appleton Public School
illness, parents should call the school by   system. If the decision is made to close
8:30 a.m. and send a written excuse with     school prior to the start of the school
the student on the day he/she returns to     day, you will be notified by a room
school. Students that are tardy (arriving    parent. If the weather worsens during
to the classroom after 8:10 a.m.) should     the day, we ask that you watch/listen for
either be accompanied by a                   closings on TV, and
parent/guardian or have a note excusing      on WHBY, 1230 AM; WAPL, 105.7
the tardiness. Please keep in mind that      FM; or WEMI, 91.9 FM. If you do not
time is precious, so limit your tardies.     have access to these resources during the
                                             day, special arrangements can be made
      Schedule                              for the school office to notify you of a
                                             closing. Please refrain from calling the
Pre-School: for 3-year olds meets            school to inquire about a closing, we
Tuesday and Thursday from 8:20 am to         need to keep our phone lines open to
11:10 am.                                    receive updates from the Appleton Area
Pre-School: for 4-year olds meets            School District.
Monday, Wednesday and Friday from
8:10 am to 11:10 am.                         Books
Pre-Kindergarten: for 4-5 year olds
meets Monday through Friday from             A fee is charged for each student at the
12:45 to 3:10 pm.                            beginning of the school year. This fee
Kindergarten: The core Kindergarten          helps to cover the cost of textbooks,
class meets Monday through Friday            visual aids, the testing program, and
from 8:10 to 11:10 am. The all-day           other supplies. All textbooks are on a
Kindergarten program (5-day                  rental basis. Students are responsible for
enrichment) meets Monday through             textbooks and are to take reasonable care
Friday from 8:10 am to 3:10 pm. The 3-       of them. Where unusual or excess wear
day enrichment, in addition to meeting       occurs, an additional fee will be charged.
Monday through Friday at 8:10 to 11:10       Book covers are required for hard bound
am, meets Monday, Wednesday, and             books.
Friday from 11:10 am to 3:10 pm. The
2-day enrichment, in addition to meeting
Monday through Friday from 8:10 to
Discipline                                           Christian principles should not be
Our goal at Grace Christian School is to       4.    Jeans are permitted if they are
help each child develop self-discipline              neat, properly fitted and without
based on Christian principles. This will             large buckles or other protruding
be nurtured through goal setting and                 fasteners.
positive incentives within each                5.    Shorts are not to be worn from
classroom. Our hope is that each child               October 15th to April 15th in
will develop a lifelong foundation of                grades 1-6.
self-discipline according to God’s will.       6.    Please select shoes that do not
                                                     leave marks on the tile floors.
Discipline must have both firmness and         7.    Clothing that is deemed
love. Firmness without love produces                 inappropriate by the school’s
resentment. Love without firmness                    Administration will not be
brings compromise. The school and                    allowed.
parents must work together to set
boundaries for children. The ultimate       If a student has clothing which is not
goal of Grace Christian School is to        within these guidelines, a note to the
develop a student who is wise; one who      parents with a follow-up phone call will
sees life from God’s point of view.         occur. Additional infractions will
                                            require that a student be taken home for
Each classroom will develop a system of     a change of clothing or a new set of
positive reinforcement and a system of      clothing brought to school.
discipline based on assertion. Emphasis
will be placed on the positive              Health
reinforcement so that negative discipline
can be kept to a minimum. Each                      Asbestos Management Plan
classroom teacher will notify their
students and parents of their classroom     Grace has completed all the
management plans.                           requirements of the Asbestos Hazard
                                            Emergency Response Act, including the
Dress Expectations                          initial inspection and the follow-up three
                                            year inspections. The management plan
The Scriptures tell Christians to do        is on file in the Principal’s office and is
things decently and in order. Our bodies    open for review upon request.
are the temple of God. It is with these
thoughts in mind that we present these              Communicative Diseases
guidelines for dress.
                                            Students must be excluded from school
   1. No unclean, sloppy, frayed, torn      during the contagious phase of the
      or ragged clothes are permitted.      following conditions:
   2. No suggestive clothing is
      permitted. No “muscle” shirts.           1. Fever – cause unknown, until
   3. Clothes with verbiage or pictures           student is free of fever for 24
      that are contrary to positive               hours.
   2. Chicken Pox – until all lesions       accorded or made available to students at
      are crusted (usually about 5          the school. It does not discriminate on
      days).                                the basis of race, color, national and
   3. Scarlet Fever or Scarlatina – for     ethnic origin in administration of its
      24 hours after the initial dose of    educational policies, admission policies,
      an antibiotic.                        athletic or other school administered
   4. Lice and Scabies – return to          programs.”
      school as soon as treated
      medically.                            Parent-Teacher Support
   5. Other communicables – refer to
      guidelines in the office.                   Guideline for Parent-Teacher
                                            The school-home community provides
Students are to bring lunch to school       an opportunity for cooperative
with them. Parents should see that the      discipline. Parents should help their
lunches contain nutritious, well-           child by recognizing that the teacher
balanced, items. The staff and              substitutes for the parents while the child
volunteers will supervise the lunchroom     is in school. The teacher is God’s
on a rotating basis to insure that proper   minister and servant. Parents should
eating habits and manners are shared.       support, with respect, school policies
Students are discouraged from trading       and programs. If your child and/or
entire items of their lunches during the    yourself have a concern, speak to the
lunch period. Hot lunches may be            teacher first. If not satisfied, then speak
provided for a reasonable cost. Since       to the Principal. If the problem is still
volunteers are solicited to prepare and     not resolved to your satisfaction, speak
serve these lunches, the schedule is set    to the Board of Education about the
according to their availability.            matter.

There is a 40-minute lunch/recess                 Room Parents/Parent
period. Only students living reasonably            Volunteers
close to school may go home for lunch.
Parents are to provide written permission   One (or more) room parent per grade is
for their children to walk home for         responsible to take care of some of the
lunch.                                      important details of classroom life. A
                                            Room Parent Coordinator leads the room
The school participates in the Federal      parent team. The coordinator collects,
Milk Support Program. Milk may be           maintains, and administers a pool of
purchased on Registration Day.              parents that like to help teachers in
                                            various ways, inside and outside the
Non-Discrimination Policy                   classroom. Activities might include
                                            assisting with reading, art projects,
“Grace Christian School admits students     hanging new art projects, room
of any race, color, national and ethnic     decorations, classroom upkeep, hunting
origin to all the rights, privileges,       down and preparing materials, etc. The
programs, and activities generally          purpose is to provide teacher support.
The following is a description of the        may contribute $100 to the PTL in lieu
services of a room parent:                   of participating in $crip ($50 for Pre-
                                             School families).
      Assisting in purchasing or
       supplying necessary goods for               Support Teams
       classroom functions.
      Upon teacher request, render          The Parent Teacher League (PTL) is
       assistance in other areas related     organized into functional teams. Small
       to the above functions.               teams with well-defined missions will
      Serve as a liaison for special        effectively accomplish the many
       projects begun by the class, such     volunteer tasks that aid the functions of
       as recognition of special             the school to nurture the students, our
       occasions for the teacher of any      children.
       student. The room parent is in
       full charge of any arrangements       Teams                  Mission
       to solicit cash donations and the     Room Parent: Maintain communications
       purchasing of gifts.                                from the teacher to the
      Maintain contact with other                         classroom parents
       respective room parents to            Family        Promote unity among
       maintain consistent policy from       Social:       school families through
       class to class. If any questions or                 fun, social activities
       problems arise, the classroom                       outside school hours
       teacher or Principal should be        Hot Lunch: Coordinate Volunteers to
       contacted.                                          provide students with a
      Be part of the phone chain for                      nutritious hot lunch
       their respective grade.               Library       Provide daily clerical
                                             Support:      support and help with
      $crip Program                                       housekeeping of the
                                                           school library
All families in our school are given the     Student Life: Identify and implement
option to participate in the single PTL                    activities that occur
fundraising program known as $crip                         during the school day to
(Scrip). The funds from this program go                    improve school spirit
directly to the Parent Teacher League        $crip:        Engage school families in
special projects. $crip is a term which                    fundraising events to
means “substitute money” and involves                      benefit the school
purchasing real and negotiable gift          Technology: Set goals for technology
certificates from participating and local                  used in the curriculum
merchants. The school receives a                           and help maintain
percentage for each purchase. The order                    existing equipment.
form and check, made payable to Grace
Growth Fund, are due back to the school
office on Mondays, at which time the
certificates are ordered. Certificates are
available for pick-up in the office on
Thursday of the same week. A family

                                            First offense:        verbal warning
                                            Second offense:       time out
Playground                                  Third offense:        loss of classroom
      Playground Rules                     Fourth offense:       sent to the
1. No going beyond the fence, corner of
    the building, or shed.                        Playground Supervision
2. No children in the street even to go
    get a ball.                             Students are never left unattended on the
3. No climbing on the crossbars of          playground at recesses. Grace support
    swing set.                              staff provides this supervision.
4. No climbing the tree or the building.
5. No pushing, shoving, tripping,           Registration
    pulling or fighting.
6. Use the slide correctly (up the steps,         Accounts Receivable Policy
    down the slide).
7. Wood chips, stones, icicles and          Grace Christian School must honor its
    sticks stay on the GROUND.              financial obligations to staff, vendors,
8. Playground supervisor has final say      and service providers. It operates on a
    in all questionable play, arguments,    very thin margin and does not have the
    etc.                                    ability to shift resources to cover
9. Use appropriate language towards         unexpected shortfalls. Tuition and fees
    students, teachers, parents, etc.       cover about 30% of the expenses of the
10. Be respectful of people passing the     school, the rest coming from gifts and
    playground.                             individuals. It is vital that expected
11. The kindergarten windows are off        income from tuition and fees arrive in a
    limits.                                 timely manner. Exceptions may be
12. No karate.                              made, upon the approval of the
13. No kicking or pushing in line.          Administration and the Board of
14. No swearing.                            Education, if unusual circumstances
15. No saving spots or butting in line.     arise and are brought to the attention of
16. No electronic games or trading cards    the school’s administration/leadership.
    allowed on the playground.               A non-refundable, non-applicable
17. Only two-hand touch football                enrollment fee is required to hold a
    allowed - no rough play.                    place in class.
18. No running in between or in front of     Parents/Guardians sign a statement
    the swings.                                 committing themselves for a full
19. No twisting on the swings.                  year of Tuition and Fees through
                                                personal resources.
 When you hear the whistle blow, you         If a Scholarship is awarded, it is only
  must stop what you are doing and              credited upon parents completing
        immediately line up.                    their share of the Tuition and Fee
   Monthly payment plans may be used.        limited to the time period between 3:30
    A monthly service fee is applied for      p.m. and 4:00 p.m., at the school. The
    payments other than full, quarterly or    time immediately before and following
    semester.                                 class is very important for the students
   All accounts, both tuition and non-       and teachers communication and
    tuition, must be cleared before the       completion of transportation.
    last day of school or students will not
    be issued final report cards and a bar    Student Life
    will be placed on student records
   All accounts must be cleared before              Accidents
    enrollment for the next school year
    can be honored.                           Grace does not have a medical umbrella
   Late fees for untimely payments and       policy to cover student accidents. Most
    Non-Sufficient Funds fees for             parents already carry this type of
    returned checks may apply.                coverage in their family plans. If you do
                                              not have accident coverage on your own,
       Registration Day                      check with your agent to see if this could
                                              be provided.
Each year a Registration Event is held
one week prior to the opening of school.             Classroom Treats
Generally this is held on a Wednesday
on a date specified on the school             Often, families desire to celebrate
calendar. At this time, you may return        special events in their child’s life by
all forms and fees. ALL TUITION               providing a treat for classmates. We
AND FEES MUST BE PAID ON OR                   need to be sensitive to possible food
BEFORE AUGUST 30 TO                           allergies and dietary restrictions of
COMPLETE REGISTRATION. If you                 students. Please contact your child’s
cannot register on this date, you may         teacher before bringing any treat and for
register by setting up an appointment         special considerations and alternative
with the school office.                       ideas. A non-food treat makes for an
                                              excellent celebration.
Reports to Parents
                                                     Parties
Report cards are issued quarterly for all
Kindergarten through Grade 6 students.        We suggest that when your child wishes
There are 2 parent-teacher conferences        to invite school friends to out-of-school
during the school year.                       birthday parties, he/she do so by mail or
                                              by phone, not through the school. Also,
Our staff is ready to speak with parents      it is better to pick up the gift on the way
about concerns that may occur during          to the party, rather than to bring it to
the school year. If you wish to have an       school.
informal conference with any of the
classroom teachers, please make an                   Safety Patrol
appointment ahead of time or leave a
message for them to contact you. Phone        Safety Patrol members are drawn from
calls directly to the teacher should be       grades 5 and 6. These students are
selected and trained for the protection of
our school children. Safety Patrol
members have duties which require them
to be present for duty 20 minutes before
and after the school day, during
Kindergarten dismissal, and during the
lunch period. Special trips and events
are awarded to Patrol members who
excel in their duties. All children of
Grace are expected to obey and respect
the Safety Patrol members of Grace and
Lincoln Elementary.

YMCA School Age Programs

The Appleton Family YMCA offers an
after school care program across the
street at Lincoln Elementary. This
program is for students in K-6 who
attend Grace and Lincoln Elementary
Schools. The program offers supervised
activities which include large and small
group games, indoor and outdoor sports,
cooking experiences, arts, crafts,
storytelling, homework assistance, daily
nutritious snacks, and free choice
activities. The program is available
weekdays, while school is in session,
from 3:10 pm to 6:00 pm. Call the
School Age Child Care Registrar office
of the YMCA at 954-7641 for more

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