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September 28


									              Sunflower                Test Date: October 5th

Lesson 3. A Forest in the Desert
     1. desert
     2. bend
     3. stump
     4. temperature
     5. dusk
     6. future
     7. petrified                      petrified forest
     8. Petrified means turned to stone.
     9. The temperature is how hot or cold something is.
     10.       Dusk is the time of day when it’s just starting to get dark.

 *desert: A desert is an area that is very dry. It doesn’t rain much.
        Some deserts are sandy. Deserts have rocks and plants, too.
        Many kinds of animals live there.
*bend: Bend means to change something that is straight into a curved or angled shape.
*temperature: A thermometer tells you the temperature.
*future: The future is the time that has not happened yet. Tomorrow is the future.
*stump: A stump is the short part of a tree left in the ground after it is cut down or fall down.

                    Stump            petrified stump                         desert


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