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					                                                            AMONG FRIENDS
                                                                        the newsletter of The Friends of The New Haven Animal Shelter, Inc.        volume 9 issue 2 November 2010

If you’ve found a friend for life at The Robin I.
                                                       raging (pit) bull
                                                       MY JAKE LAMOTTA STORY by Anthony (AJ) Raccio
Kroogman New Haven Animal Shelter, let us know.
Perhaps you’ll be featured in a future issue of
               contact                 There was too much
                                                       sadness in my house last winter.
       COMING UP                                       My Mom, Norma, had suffered a
• Nov. 20 Adoption Event                               stroke and was paralyzed from
  With North Shore Animal League,                      the waist down. I was caring
  Bishops Orchards, Route 1, Guilford.                 for her as well as for my Dad,
• Dec. 4 Adoption Event                                who was also so unhappy with
  With North Shore Animal League,                      this turn of events. I knew our
  Petco, 2335 Dixwell Ave., Hamden                     home needed a dog to bring it to
• Dec. 18 Holiday Adoption Event                       life. So I began a search, which
  With North Shore Animal League,
  Vinny’s Garden Center,                               ended with Jake Lamotta.
  Wallingford, Conn. (See below)                       Jake (then named Dorset) is a
• Nov. 28-Dec. 24                                      happy, strong, and extremely
  Tree of Hope fundraiser, with
  portion of donations to benefit                      energetic pit bull mix. He is a
  FNHAS: Petco Hamden, 2100                            handsome specimen, and well
  Dixwell Ave. (203) 230-1888.                         knows it! This wasn’t always the
For future dates, visit our Web site,                  case, though. He came to the                            shelter an emaciated, frightened,
                                                       defensive, and very sad dog. He
  MARK YOUR                                            had been found tied to a tree and
                                                       starving, possibly as light as 45
  CALENDAR NOW                                         pounds. While at the shelter, he
                                                       had wagged his tail into shreds,
December 12 THIRD ANNUAL                               whacking it on the walls of
FUNDRAISING DAY AT                                     his stall as he greeted people,
TEN THOUSAND VILLAGES, a non-                          leaving bloody marks. He’s all
profit fair trade organization that markets             white, so I’m sure he looked
handcrafted products made by artisans from             dingy and dirty. He must not have                            (left to right) Lacrosse co-captains Austen Kim, Jason Cimino,
more than 130 artisan groups in 38 countries.          been a very attractive potential pet!                        and Drew Shelton join Coach AJ Ricco and team mascot, Jake.
Gifts, accessories and home decor from
around the world. SHOP WITH US on 12/12                His savior came by way of FNHAS President Delette Corwel. She’d come in one day to foster another dog. But the
and the FNHAS will receive ten percent                 shelter staff redirected her to Dorset, who needed her more; they didn’t think he would survive because he wasn’t
of the day’s sales to help us care for the
                                                       thriving in the shelter. Delette recognized his dire straits and took Dorset home. She introduced him to home life,
animals. 1054 Chapel St., New Haven.
1-6 p.m. (203) 776-0854.                               children, and new people, nurturing him to get him ready for a new home with lots of love. Using funds donated by
                                                       Friends supporters, she also had his tail docked to heal his wagging injuries.
December 18 SANTA PHOTOS &                             I met Dorset at Agway in North Haven in February and immediately knew that I had found my dog. He was sweet
                                   BAKE SALE:          and loving but timid, and I knew I could give him a happy life. When I first saw Dorset, though, he was with another
                                   Vinny’s Garden      couple, and I was worried that I might not get to be considered because they arrived first. But Delette felt that Dorset
                                   Center and Holi-
                                   day Showplace,      needed a little more personal attention, and the couple had three other dogs. After she and Dorset spent some time
                                   1076 South          with my friend Christine and me, she chose me to be his new owner. Dorset came home the next day and became
                                   Colony Road,        Jake Lamotta Raccio, named for the world champion boxer who was the subject of Martin Scorsese’s acclaimed film
                                   Wallingford,        ‘Raging Bull.’ I boxed in college, and had even met the real Jake Lamotta. So my Dad and I felt Jake would be a good
                                   Conn. (800)         name, because this dog needed to be a fighter to get strong and healthy…although he was far from a ‘raging bull.’
                                   988-5529 for
                                   directions.         Delette had originally described him as a ‘couch potato.’ This fit in with my plans, as I wanted to be able to take him
                                                       with me to work at my insurance agency. I thought a mellow dog would be perfect. But Jake had his own plans.
The Friends of The New Haven Animal Shelter,
Inc., is a non-profit, volunteer organization.          Jake and I bonded immediately. The first night he slept next to me in bed with his paws on my back the whole time.
Our officers are: President Delette Corwel • Vice       He loved people but it was clear he was also afraid of most. He gobbled down his food like only an animal who had
President Debby Wan • Corresponding Secretary
Jeannie Ranalli • Recording Secretary Carol            once been starved would do. He had stitches in his tail from his docking and in his belly from his neutering. The trips
Feiden • Treasurer Elaine Spinato                      to the vet were awful because of how fearful he was of everything. He didn’t like walks because he was scared to
Send mail to FNHAS                                     be too far from the house. But slowly he came out of his shell. He now had a big, strong owner at his side, and he
P.O. Box 9056 Brewery Street Station
New Haven, CT 06532                                    developed confidence…and got bigger and stronger by the day.
Donations are tax-deductible and welcome.              The stronger he got, the more he thought he needed to assert himself. He eventually challenged me for alpha dog
Visit us online at:                                    status. I’ve got to give him credit, as I’m 6’2” and a bit formidable; he showed a lot of guts, and I respect that in an or at                        opponent. With consistent training, he settled back into his appropriate status, still an important part of the pack.
AmongFRIENDS Staff: Delette Elliott • Karen            Soon after, I suffered a terrible loss when my Mom passed away. Jake was there to comfort me. He gave me a
Marchione • Jeannie Ranalli • Marsha Rabe • Anna       reason to keep going and helped me more than I can describe. He filled the emptiness in the house left by the loss of
Schildroth • Elaine Spinato • Leo Taylor • Debby Wan
                                                       my vibrant mother. His slobbering kisses, constant nuzzling, and greetings at the door, with his stubby tail wagging
Printing generously donated by K&G
Graphics, Branford, Conn. Thanks, Guys!                                                                                                           Jake’s story continues on page 2
                                             VOLUNTEER NEWS
    Notes from Delette Corwel, President
                                          We are preparing for the cold days of winter,
                                          when there is a slight lull in adoptions. But
                                                                                                 FRIENDS in the community                           more on page 3

                                          despite the cold, we persevere — taking the
                                          dogs to adoption events around the state,
                                                                                               YAPPY HOUR II                 A huge thank-you to our good friend
                                                                                               Claire Criscuolo, who, for the second year in a row, hosted a fun
                                          walking them, and playing outside in the dog         and fabulous Yappy Hour, on August 20, on Chapel Street in front of
                                          run — or even undertaking the occasional             her iconic vegetarian restaurant, Claire’s Corner Copia. A chance
                                          field trip or ride in the car. (This time of year,   for dogs and their people to mix and mingle, Yappy Hour II attracted
                                          we are always in need of warm dog coats for          dozens of frisky canines and their delighted people. The humans
                                          the bigger dogs.) We also spend more quality         enjoyed a sampling of Claire’s delicious vegetarian fare, as well as
                                          time in the cat room, making sure our feline         a martini courtesy the restaurant’s sister eatery, Basta Trattoria,
                                          charges get all the attention and socialization      while the canines had treats of their own. Everyone had a wonderful
                                          they need and deserve.                               time (espcially Greta and Bunny, chatting below). Thanks to Claire’s
                                       There are general orientations every eight              generosity, the evening raised more than $1,500 for our medical fund.
                                       weeks at the shelter for volunteers who like            See you next summer at Yappy Hour III.
    to work hands-on with the animals. Our Web site,,
    posts those dates. Also, I am always looking for “behind the scenes volunteers,”
    people who like to help by hanging up posters for events as well as posters
    of our dogs and cats who are urgently looking for their new homes. It is also
    important to cross-post these notices to friends and family. If you are a “behind
    the scenes volunteer,” you are very important, because you can reach people on
    a personal level from the comfort of your home on your computer. If you’d like to
    receive posters of urgent animals, let me know by e-mailing me at poomeister@ We would love your help.
    We are also in the midst of the Shelter Challenge. This is a great opportunity for
    us to win money to help the animals at the shelter. All you have to do it vote every
    day; it’s easy and free. We could win $1,000.00! Go to www.theanimalrescuesite.

                                                                                                                                                                         photo: Jeannie Ranalli
    com for more information and to vote. I’m also willing to send you a daily
    reminder to vote, just send me your e-mail address.
    Finally, for those of you who recognize the little doggie in my arms above, yes,
    it is Piglet! After fostering this sweet girl for several months and seeing her
    through the surgery that you and your donations made possible, my daughter and
    husband could not let her go. So we went through all the required procedures
    and adopted her, making her a permanent part of the family she came to love and
    think of as her very own.                                                                  PUTTING DOWN ROOTS                             On Aug. 12, about
                                                                                               60 students from Yale’s School of Forestry and Environmental
    If I can assist you or if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in           Studies visited the shelter as part of their community stewardship
    touch. Thank you for supporting The Friends of the New Haven Animal Shelter.               commitment. Along with staff from Yale’s Urban Resource Initiative,
                                              — Delette Corwel, President                      they turned our dog run and environs into a mini arboretum by
                                                                                               planting 10 different species of trees. These add to the existing trees
    JAKE continued ferociously, all told me my that house was still a home. Lately at          and shrubs around the shelter, which were provided by the city’s
    night he sits next to my Dad on the couch, I think to comfort him, too.                    Greenspace Program and planted by FNHAS volunteers. Several
    When spring came, Jake was awarded his most important job: he became honorary              students toured the shelter after the planting. Special thanks to Chris
    mascot of the Hamden Hall Country Day School Boys’ Varsity Lacrosse Team, which I          Ozyck of Yale’s Urban Resource Initiative who coordinated the effort
    proudly coach. I realized how strong Jake was becoming when, tied up to the bench          and to Friends’ volunteers Anna Schildroth and Leo Taylor for bi-
    during practice, he pulled the heavy bench onto the field to get to me. Jake still thinks   weekly post-planting watering.
    he belongs on the field in the huddle with the players when they yell their battle cry,
    ‘Hornets!’ He also struggles with the fact that he can’t be the center of my attention
    during games and practices, but that’s a good lesson for any team member. The kids
    love him, respect his strength, and admire his incredible muscle definition. He looks
    like a warrior.
    Jake is now the most loving and loyal friend to Christine and me. The former ‘couch
    potato’ is as big as a couch — 91 pounds of muscle. Yet he acts like a puppy — think
    Marley on steroids. The only time he is immobile at my office is when he naps on
    my conference table. (I still can’t figure out how he came to consider this a good
    place to sleep.) He also loves to meet new people, especially women. (He’s a flirt!)
    He still eats fast, mostly rotisserie chicken, but now seems confident there will be
    another meal when he’s hungry again. He goes on 1.5-mile walks daily, as well as on
    occasional hikes. Jake found the strength to fight and knock out his fears.
                                                                                                                                                                             photo: Leo Taylor

    He is a prime example of how, with time, commitment, and love, a sad case can
    become a thriving and happy family member. I’m not sure if I saved Jake or if it was
    the other way around. Maybe we were both saved by the bell — or more likely, by
    Delette, the shelter, and The Friends.”
    Mom and daughter, doing just fine
      I became a cat person in 1993 when a
secretary arrived at work with newborn kittens she had found
by the side of the road. I brought home a tiny black ball of fur,
the runt of the litter. Tempest proved to be the smartest and most
loving of all my cats over the years, until she passed away in
March 2009. I knew I could never replace Tempest, but I also
knew that I would be ready for a new companion in due time.
So I explained my situation to Ofc. Stephani Johnson, the officer
in charge of the Robin I. Kroogman New Haven Animal Shelter,
and told her I’d be interested in a kitten. As fate would have it,
she said that somebody had abandoned a mother cat and her four
kittens on the shelter doorstep that day. Over the next several
weeks I visited the shelter often to observe and interact with
the kittens. Although I was initially drawn to the most colorful
kitten (both in appearance and temperament), she seemed like
she would be too much of a handful for Sammy, my mature cat at
home. Ultimately I decided that the white/tan/gray shorthair who
climbed up the cage and chewed my fingers would be just the
right amount of lively in my household.
Although I had intended to adopt only the kitten, the mother cat
was always so sweet-natured when I visited that I decided she
needed to come home with me as well. Shortly after Memorial
Day last May, I picked up Dido (the mother) and Phoebe (the kitten) Left to right: Ray Sammarco, Dido, and Scott Nabel. Dido’s daughter, Phoebe, and 15-year old Sammy
                                                                    were in no mood for a photo shoot …thank you very much!
at the shelter after work. For the first two weeks, I kept them in
my bedroom and allowed them short supervised visits with Sammy, who didn’t appear overly enthusiastic with his new housemates. But as mother and daughter grew
and adjusted to their new environment, they showed that they were ready to venture beyond the bedroom.
Dido and Phoebe remain close; in fact, typically, when I wake up each morning, they are curled together between my legs. Then they start wrestling and batting toys
around (particularly things that they designate as toys, like rubber bracelets and pens); next up is a game of tag on top of the piano. I cannot truthfully claim that Sammy
has made new friends, but he will share space with Phoebe with a sense of acceptance; he and Dido usually practice avoidance, though the fur still flies occasionally.
Dido is very affectionate, a true lap kitty. Whatever her backstory is, I can only conclude that her previous owners treated her well because she is so loving and sociable.
She is also a world class leaper: her latest trick is jumping from the stove up onto the kitchen soffit. Phoebe is friendly, too, but is more independent and self-centered.
She purrs when she is stroked, but she is always more interested in something more potentially fascinating within earshot. Both are most welcome additions to my family
and provide lots of love and entertainment!” — Scott Nabel, Branford, Conn. Scott is the public safety human resources manager for the City of New Haven Department of Police Service.

    FRIENDS… in the community (continued)
                                                                         PBAD #4
                                                                         ON OCT. 23, FNHAS joined with other local groups to
 BLUE                                                                    host Connecticut’s Fourth Annual National Pit Bull
 STATE                                                                   Awareness Day, created to educate the public and
                                                                         celebrate this much-maligned breed. More than 100
 COFFEE                                                                  dogs and 400 people attended the event, held in New
                                                                         Haven’s Edgerton Park on what turned out to be a bright,
DO YOU LOVE                                                              beautiful fall day. The event’s theme was “Spay/Neuter,”
And would you like to support The Friends of the New                     and the organizers offered a raffle of free spay/neuters.
Haven Animal Shelter? If so, Blue State Coffee, at 276                   Nine dogs signed up and have been approved for the
York Street in New Haven, is the place to go to get your                 procedure.
caffeine fix! When you make a purchase at Blue State                      The event was made possible by the tireless work of the
Coffee between now and Dec. 31, you will have a chance                   sponsoring groups — Bikers Against Animal Cruelty
to drop a token into one of four bins, each representing a               (BAAC),, For the Love of Dog, and
New Haven nonprofit — including The Friends of the New                    FNHAS. In addition, nine donors generously provided crucial monetary support. The event also
Haven Animal Shelter! When the year ends, 5 percent of                   featured 10 vendors and a dozen rescue groups and info booths, some from as far away as Albany,
all sales will be donated to the four nonprofits, based on                N.Y. Other supporters provided prizes for the raffle.
how many tokens each nonprofit received.
                                                                         Among the day’s highlights were agility demos, doggy games, a costume contest, and a fashion show.
On Oct. 13, Treasurer Elaine Spinato and Vice President                  John Voket of 99.1 WPLR was the DJ/MC. But the real stars of the show were the dogs, of course,
Debby Wan participated in Blue State Coffee’s Second                     who not only tolerated their humans’ antics, but seemed to enjoy them with grace and dignity.
Nonprofit Night. Free coffee and cupcakes were served,
and representatives from the nonprofit organizations
spoke about their groups and how people can get                            ATTENTION FRIENDS: How would you like to donate $1,000 to FNHAS
involved. It was a great evening — and another way to let                  without spending a dime? It’s easy. Just Google Shelter Challenge. Read
the people of New Haven know who we are, what we do,                       the instructions, click, and help us win a $1,000 grant. You can vote for us
and how they can help. — Debby Wan, Vice President                         every day until Dec. 19. If you would like more info or to be placed on our
                                                                           daily reminder list, write to And thank you!
       YODI: saved by the FORCE…of patience and love.
                                                                                                                                                 weight problem. That’s right, the dog who was
                                                                                                                                                 malnourished has doubled in weight and is on a diet!
                                                                                                                                                 We couldn’t have asked for a more perfect dog for the
                                                                                                                                                 whole family. She is extremely gentle with the kids,
                                                                                                                                                 and knows to play rough only with her alpha-male,
                                                                                                                                                 ‘Brian.’ We hope to one day to be able to get her to
                                                                                                                                                 walk more frequently on a leash in New Haven, and to
                                                                                                                                                 be a little more social in the local dog community. We
                                                                                                                                                 have an amazing dog park down the street in Morris
                                                                                                                                                 Cove, but Yodi is still a little scared of going in.
                                                                                                                                                 Yodi looks like a fighter, with all of her scars from
                                                                                                                                                 head to toe, but she is such a lover. Pit bulls get a bad
                                                                                                                                                 reputation, especially in New Haven, but if everyone
                                                                                                                                                 had a chance to meet my little girl, I’m sure they
                                                                                                                                                 would change their minds.” — Brian Roccapriore,
                                                                                                                                                 Abby Watrous, and Family, New Haven, Conn.
                                                                                                                                                 Left to right: Brian, Rex (7), Yodi, Abby, and Aurora (5).
                                                                                                                                                 Brian is the executive director of Strive-New Haven, Inc., a
                                                                                                                                                 nonprofit agency that prepares, trains, places, and supports New
                                                                                                                                                 Haven residents in finding employment,

                                                                                                                            photo: Marsha Rabe
          When we first decided to get a dog,                       stairs and sat down. Our new little pup was scared
    the whole family felt it was best if we get a rescue.          out of her mind. For the next several hours, we coaxed
    We looked at a number of dogs online, and one day              her down with treats and the promise of a warm bed,
    we saw Yodi (then Yodette) at the Robin I. Kroogman            but she wasn’t having any of it.
    New Haven Animal Shelter. My wife and the kids
                                                                   She finally came down and ate some food, but it
    went to visit, and they all instantly fell in love with her.
                                                                   was several weeks before she would wag her tail
    Several days later at an adoption event at Agway in
                                                                   for the first time. Even then, it was the slightest of
    North Branford, I saw Yodi again, and filled out the
                                                                   wags before her tail went right back between her
    paperwork about two minutes before someone else
                                                                   legs again. Yodi was a challenge, but day after day,
    wanted to take her home.
                                                                   week after week, month after month, we didn’t give
    Yodi was a sight to see back then; she had just had            up. She started to become more social, and not hide
    puppies and her belly was hanging low. She was so              whenever someone would come over. She eventually
    malnourished that you could see her spine and count            stopped using the dining room as a bathroom, and
    her ribs. Two weeks after we filled out the adoption            we finally heard what it sounds like when she barks.
    paperwork, Yodi was ready to come home with us.                Today, she knows how to “sit,” “give paw,” and
    When we first got her home, she ran halfway up the              “stay.” She is also an avid hiker, despite her current                                 Yodi, then called Yodette, at the shelter in August 2009

    New training program launched
    Our shelter dogs are great. Our volunteers are passionate. This combination
    gives us the best adoption rate for a municipal shelter in the state of Connecticut.
    Yet, we are always searching for ways to improve. Our newest project is a twice-
    a-month training program to keep volunteers up to date on positive dog training.
    The program benefits from the combined expertise of three talented individuals,
    David Dreyfus, Mae Elliott, and Lil Clark.
    David Dreyfus, certified pet trainer, started the program with a series of six work-
    shops. The topics have included how dogs learn and process information, canine
    body language and communication, loose leash walking, and aggression.
    Mae Elliott, who is currently working toward becoming a certified professional
    dog trainer, has teamed with David to conduct additional workshops.
    Lil Clark, certified professional dog trainer, who has more than 30 years dog
    training experience, will offer seminars on nose work, which helps dogs build
    confidence, teaches them to think, and burns lots of energy.
    It has been remarkable to see the transformation in our dogs and volunteers.                                                    Mae Elliott, Lil Clark, Jill King, David Dreyfus
    The dogs profit from a more centralized, positive approach, and the volunteers are more understanding of what we
    need to do to make the dogs better, more adoptable pets. Volunteers have praised the program for expanding their knowledge and skills and for providing additional
    interaction with the dogs.
    Although we have just begun our program, we are excited about its success so far. A special thank-you to Officer Stephani Johnson, the officer in charge of the shelter,
    and to the shelter staff, whose guidance and assistance help make this program possible.                    — Jill King, Liaison
                               THE GRADUATION GIFT…
                                                                                                                                  MEDICAL UPDATE
                                         Alison’s gift to the shelter included
                                         a bounty of food and treats.

                                                                                                                     We are back with a few details…
                                                                                                                     about the medical care that YOU have provided with your kind donations.
                                                                                                                     As we have mentioned in the past, we are very proud of The Robin I.
                                                                                                                     Kroogman New Haven Animal Shelter and the combined efforts to ensure
                                                                                                                     that each animal is spayed or neutered before going to a new home. Ofc.
                                                                                                                     Stephani Johnson, the officer in charge of the shelter, coordinates the
                                                                                                                     adopted dog surgeries and a few of the cats; volunteer Anna Schildroth
                                                                                                                     coordinates with TEAM to take care of most of the cats, and volunteer
                                                                                                                     Jeannie Ranalli makes sure our rabbits are taken care of by the “bunny
                                                                                                                     vet.” Your contributions provide two vital parts of this process: antibiotics
                                                                                                                     to prevent infection and pain medication for the initial stages of recovery.
                                                                                                                     These surgeries also bring to light other health needs, such as the need
                                                                                                                     for tooth extractions, annoying dew claw extraction, growth removal,
                                                                                                                     and cryptochidism and/or hernia repair. Cryptorchidism was identified on
                                                                                                                     Popeye and two of his canine guy friends. It was a bit shocking to the guys;
                                                                                                                     however, they knew that undescended testicles increase the possibility of
                                                                                                                     cancer so they were relieved when the situation was corrected.
                                                                                                                     Nonnie and Sandy, had their hernias repaired along with their spay/
                                                                                                                     neuter. A hernia is a protrusion of a tissue or organ through an opening
                                                                                             photo: Thomas A Brown

                                                                                                                     that is normally closed. Inguinal hernias, a soft mass in the groin area, are
                                                                                                                     the most common. It can be very small or very big, and if large enough,
                                                                                                                     other organs can become trapped and result in a complicated medical
                                                                                                                     condition. Haichi an elderly Chihuahua with personality plus and now
                                                                                                                     living in Southington, wanted you to know that she was very relieved when
                                                                                                                     her mammary growth was removed. She sends all of you lots of kisses for
VOLUNTEER ALISON IRVING, 22, of Hamden, graduated                                                                    making it possible.
from Fairfield University in May with a degree in psychology. But                                                     Dental disease is often seen with neglect and is frequently associated with
rather than take the usual route to success, Alison decided to pursue                                                other serious health problems. Five of our smaller dogs (including Haichi
her dream and become a dog trainer. She is now studying in Colorado                                                  and Poppa), ranging from 7 to 11 pounds, required extractions and then
Springs with Angie Neal of Lucky Dog, a training school and canine                                                   cleaning of the few remaining teeth. All of the dogs have been adopted and
resort in the shadow of Pike’s Peak. But Alison did something else pretty                                            are currently “smiling” at their new best friends.
amazing before leaving Connecticut: she turned her graduation party
                                                                                                                     Two of our stars this season are Keno and Shelby. Keno is a gold colored
into a fundraiser for FNHAS. The result: more than $1,500 in donations to
                                                                                                                     Chow-Lab mix who lived outside, neglected, before he came to the shelter.
support our medical fund and ongoing canine training project.
                                                                                                                     His new companion brought him home knowing that he would require
”I have all the stuff I need,” Alison said, shortly before packing up and                                            quite a bit of training. She didn’t know, however, that he also would be
heading west. “So I decided, with my parent’s support, to celebrate my                                               diagnosed with heartworm! Keno’s new family is determined to keep and
graduation and my career choice by asking friends and family to come to                                              help Keno get better. We are able to offer the financial support to make
my graduation party and, instead of bringing me gifts, make a donation to                                            the treatment of this serious problem possible — only because of you, our
The Friends of the New Haven Animal Shelter, where I volunteered since                                               generous friends . Keno had to gain 15 pounds before he could even begin
March. I wasn’t sure how people would react to a nontraditional request                                              the treatment, which we expect to start very soon. Our other star is Shelby,
like this, and to my nontraditional career choice, but everyone has been                                             a two-year old beagle who was hit by a car. The injury was severe. She
totally supportive. I wanted to follow my heart, and everyone respected                                              was rushed to Pet Shield, and it appeared that she wasn’t going to make
that. Even some of my college friends who don’t have any money threw                                                 it. Dr. T. operated on her bladder immediately, and the care provided at
in $20 or so. I really appreciated that.”                                                                            Petshield combined with Shelby’s resilience and positive attitude enabled
Besides volunteering with The Friends, Alison interned with Best Friends                                             her to recover and to be adopted by a very special couple who are very
Animal Sanctuary in Kanab, Utah.The combination of experience                                                        excited to have her join their family.
supports her approach to dog training, which emphasizes a positive,                                                  We didn’t forget the kittens and cats. Leigh, Delette, Allison, and Deb have
rewards-based philosophy that reinforces and nurtures the dog/person                                                 been fostering individual as well as litters of kittens with or without the
relationship and does not incorporate abusive or dominant handling.                                                  mother. The fosters provide food, care, and that special touch of warmth
Alison, who spent much of her childhood around horses, chose to                                                      and love. Not only do they require these basics, they have also arrived with
volunteer with The Friends for all the right reasons. “I checked out a                                               various problems that need medical treatment, such as parasites, infected
few places and really liked the FNHAS Web site. When I read about the                                                paws, and even a tiny broken foot – all of this treatment funded by our
number and kinds of animals the shelter deals with, well, that did it. I am                                          supporters.
always amazed that animals who have had difficult lives are still so full                                             Through your kindness, compassion, and generosity we have been able
of love. They give us the great gift of joy. And they sure can teach us a                                            to save and enrich the lives of countless animals at the shelter. Everyone
thing or two about forgiveness.”                                                                                     says, “Thank you.”
We extend a special thank-you to Alison, her family, and all her friends who so generously
                                                                                                                                                    — Karen Marchione, Volunteer
supported her goals and ideals. You…and she…have made a difference.                                                                                                                                  5
                                                                      In memoriam
    We are grateful to everyone who made generous donations to The Friends during the past six months. We list here donations made in memory of and in honor of beloved animals
    and people. All of your donations help us provide a second chance for the good and loving animals who come to our shelter for help. We…and they…thank you..
    In memory of Geegee, a loving 18-year-old pit bull who was deeply loved by Joanna
        Caprio-Adams, who rescued Geegee from abuse.
                                                                                                                                 In honor of…
    Carolyn Baris in memory of Lucia Curbow-Larkin, beloved wife of Aaron Larkin.              Jason Almeida “in celebration of our wedding and in honor of all the pets
    Walter and Theodora Barker in remembrance of Walter Hanley.                                   who have touched our lives.”
    William Barker in memory of John E. Barker.                                                Ernie and Carol Asprelli in honor of the Fiftieth Wedding Anniversary of Joe and
    William Barker in memory of Walter Hanley.                                                    Terry Azoti.
    William Barker in memory of Jean Barker.                                                   Stephen and Rosalie Blunden in honor of The Kitty Triplets, adopted from the NHAS.
    Ann and Catherine Benedetti in memory of Bonnie and Carrie, “beloved pets.”                Frank and Stephanie Cochran in honor of Rudy: “Not a day goes by that
    Rosemary Booth in loving memory of Taco.                                                      someone doesn’t compliment us on Rudy, whom we adopted four years ago
    William and Monica Bosco in memory of Jean Barker, beloved mother                             from the New Haven Shelter.”
        of John E. Barker, Jr.
    Kathleen Boudreau and Deborah Halverson in loving memory of Ilsa.                          Jorge and Gloria Perez, in honor of Tigger, adopted December 3, 2005.
    Martha and Richard Brown in remembrance of Walter Hanley.                                  Kevin and Deborah Weingartner in honor of Jasper and with thanks to Delette.
    Richard Bullock in memory of Lucia Curbow-Larkin, beloved wife of Aaron Larkin.            Sara Welch in honor of Emmy and Bodie, who “just want to help.”
    Heidi and Ernest Busch in loving memory of Gracie, beloved companion of the                Melissa Whitson and Alex McBurney on the anniversary of their adoption of
        Dinardo Family.                                                                          Fenway, adopted 9/13/08…loved and thriving.
    Shirley and Barbara Buslowe in loving memory of Leo. “We miss you.”
    Diane Caffrey in loving memory of Amanda, Leah, and Cassie.
    Rose and Joseph Calandro in loving memory of Charlie. “Miss you, Charlie.”
                                                                                                                        Our special thanks…
    The Carpenter Family in memory of John E. Barker.                                          The Barnard National Junior Honor Society at the Barnard Environmental
    The Carpenter Family in memory of Jean Barker, beloved mother                              Studies Magnet School, New Haven, which sold school supplies during lunch
        of John E. Barker, Jr.                                                                 waves to make a donation and touch the life of an animal at the shelter.
    The Carpenter Family in memory of Walter Hanley.                                           The Morgan Point Saturday Yoga Class, East Haven. Namaste.
    Linda Cerino in loving memory of Madchen, Amber, and Topaz.                                James and Nabeel Nassar, of Wallingford, who collected donations of more
    Ann and Robert Chieppo in loving memory of Geronimo, “beloved dog of                       than 300 pounds of food, as well as toys, leashes, and blankets for the animals
        Matt and Katie Bizzarro.”                                                              at the shelter, in memory of Lucia Curbow-Larkin.
    John and Joanne Cicarella in memory of Jean Barker, beloved mother                         The law firm of Neubert, Pepe, and Monteith, PC., New Haven.
        of John E. Barker, Jr.
    Michael and Carey Curtis in loving memory of Rudi and Betty.                               Zoe Smith, of Orange, who celebrated her seventh birthday by asking for dog
    Diane and Joseph Dacosta in memory of Walter Hanley.                                       food, treats, and all kinds of goodies for the animals, which she donated to the
    Carol DeCrescentis in memory of Alice McAlister Leveton, beloved mother                    shelter. Thank you, Zoe, and Happy Birthday to you!
        of Charlotte Hartford.                                                                 United Technologies Matching Gift Program.
    Marjorie and Alton Eliason in memory of Walter Hanley.                                     We have made every effort to include all tributes. If we have missed anyone
    The Elliott Family in memory of Walter Hanley.                                             or misspelled any names, please let us know and we will include you in our
    April Feathers in loving memory of Sougie, “a dear cat of courage and acceptance.”         next newsletter. Thank you for your understanding. The editor.
    Dorothy Gaehler in loving memory of Spike, “my best friend for nine years.”
    Victoria Gallen in memory of Lucia Curbow-Larkin, beloved wife of Aaron Larkin.
    Karen Hanson in loving memory of Kitty Hanson.
    Nancy and Kenneth Hanson in loving memory of Kitty Hanson.                                                                                LUCIA ANNE CURBOW-LARKIN
    Kathy and Ainsley Highman in loving memory of Leila, “our NHAS Eskimo mix.                                                                July 28, 1969 to June 23, 2010

        We still look for you on the front porch.”
    Imperial Sovereign Court of All Connecticut, Inc., in memory of Lucia Curbow-Larkin,
        beloved wife of Aaron Larkin.                                                                                                     f a person’s legacy is measured by
    Genevieve Jackman in loving memory of Baron and JJ. “Always in my heart, Mom.”                                                        what she gives back, then Lucia
    The Katz family in loving memory of Shan, Shambo, Krystal, and Benjamin.                                                          Curbow-Larkin’s legacy will endure
        “We miss you.”                                                                                                                for countless years to come. Lucia
    Susan and Michael Keeney “in loving memory of our animals.”                                                                       did nothing but give, and she gave
    Jill King in memory of Chauncey, beloved companion of Mary Prescott.
    Jill King in memory of Taco, beloved companion of Rosemary Booth.                                                                 all that she was. Though she was
    Barbara Luke whose donation from her two-day tag sale was in memory of her                                                        disabled from a work accident, she
        beloved companions, Sage, Tasha, and Mr. Holmes.                                                                              never let that get in her way. She did
    Gerald Mastrangelo “to my wonderful dog Shatzi. Rest in peace.”                                                                   everything she could to help a friend
    Megan Macomber and John Christie in loving memory of “Echo, the Unforgettable.”                                                   or family or animal in need, including
    Barbara Melotto in memory of Monty, beloved companion of David Schaefer.
    Aileen Moran in memory of Walter Hanley.                                                   helping search for lost pets and working in greyhound rescue. Then, one
    John and Linda Murratti, “with loving memories of animals past.”                           day in 2007, everything fell into place when she saw a Pet of the Week
    Susan and Robert Natalini in loving memory of Kitty Hanson.                                segment for the Robin I. Kroogman New Haven Animal Shelter on Channel
    Lisa Clyde Nielsen in loving memory of her husband, Ian A. Nielsen.                        8, featuring an American bulldog named Bubba. That was the day Lucia
    Cynthia O’Leary in loving memory of Molly.
    Linda Prosco in memory of Gale Pollen, beloved daughter of Curtis and May Pollen.
                                                                                               decided to both volunteer at the New Haven shelter and start The Karmic
    Marsha Rabe and Thom Brown in memory of Lucky, beloved companion                           Dog, a nonprofit fund-raising organization dedicated to helping rescue
        of Alexis Wilcox.                                                                      groups and shelters all over the state. She attended several adoption
    Marsha Rabe and Thom Brown in loving memory of Daisy, beloved companion of                 events where her knowledge, people-skills, and animal-skills were
        Janelle Finch and John Columbus.                                                       invaluable. She organized fundraisers that took in thousands of dollars in
    Marsha Rabe and Thom Brown in loving memory of Sparkle, beloved companion
        of the Beacom Family.                                                                  donations. She ran bedding-, food-, and toy-drives that helped countless
    Trisha Radil in memory of Lucia Curbow-Larkin, beloved wife of Aaron Larkin.               dogs and cats at numerous shelters and rescues. In January, she had just
    Jean Rubin in loving memory of Rusty, Smokey, and Baby Theodore.                           raised more than $600 for FNHAS at Hula Hank’s in New Haven when she
    William Sennett in loving memory of Lucia Curbow-Larkin, beloved wife                      was hospitalized. Lucia battled several ailments before succumbing on
        of Aaron Larkin.                                                                       June 23, but her legacy lives on through The Karmic Dog and the Imperial
    Joann Sierejko in memory of Walter Hanley.
    Walter E. Smith in loving memory of his wife, Leontine Smith.                              Sovereign Court of All Connecticut, another charity organization with
    Barbara Spaziani in loving memory of Ricky, “my best friend for 14 years. Hope you         which she was associated. Lucia’s love of animals will never be forgotten,
        found your way to Heaven.”                                                             and her friends and family continue to honor her by carrying on her
    The Stitch and Bitch Cross Stitchers in memory of Gale Pollen, beloved daughter of         wonderful work. — Aaron Larkin
        Curtis and May Pollen.
    The Sydoriak Family in loving memory of Miss Fritz, “a dear friend of 20 years.”            Editor’s Note: Aaron Larkin, Lucia’s husband, is carrying on his wife’s legacy through The
    Eleanor Tatro in loving memory of BJ. “Lizzie misses you.”                                  Karmic Dog. This fall, he is organizing Blankets for Buddies, a blanket/towel/toy drive. For info
6   Lisa and Eric Wohlert in loving memory of Maggie.                                           on how to donate, call (203) 469-1918 or send an e-mail to

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