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									                                 Birthday Party
Your Birthday is the perfect time to celebrate the joy and excitement of the
beginning of yet another wonderful year with your near and dear.
                                             If you are from Sydney then it’s always
                                             a great idea to host your birthday
                                             party on the scintillating surroundings
                                             of the Sydney Harbour. The premier
                                             Sydney birthday cruises makes it a
                                             perfect setting for a memorable
                                             birthday party onboard with quality
                                             menus and professional services.
                                             Host your upcoming Birthday Party on
                                             the famous Sydney Birthday Party
                                             Cruises and have fun.
Birthday Party Cruise Options

               • Magistic Lunch Cruise
               • Showboat Dinner Cruise
               • Birthday Party Dinner Cruise
Birthday Lunch Cruise
          Luxury multi million dollar catamaran
            - Magistic Cruises is one of the
            perfect venues for a luxurious
            birthday lunch on the Sydney
            Sydney Birthday lunch cruise – the
            best option for an amazing
            Birthday experience for all your
            Enjoy the delicious deluxe harbour
            buffet lunch freshly cooked
            onboard while you cruise around
            on the multimillion dollar luxury
            Birthday Dinner Cruise
Let the fabulous Sydney Harbour view at night be the backdrop for
your grand Birthday Party!        Host your Birthday Dinner Party
                                 on the Cruises and watch the
                                 beautiful      city      skyline,
                                 monuments and luxury mansions
                                 of Sydney while you enjoy the
                                 delicious dinner onboard. We
                                 offer you two options to select
                                 • Showboat Dinner Cruise
                                 • Magistic Dinner Cruise
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