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					First aid training Halifax
Halifax Approved First Aid is an authorized
Red Cross Training Provider. We offer a variety
of First Aid and CPR courses around Halifax
and the surrounding area in convenient and
comfortable locations. Our prices are some of
the most competitive in Halifax.
           The aim of first aid
The main aim of first aid :
1. Save life of injured person
2. Save patient from its worsening condition (If
3. Helping to him to recover from his injury
     Calling for Emergency Help
In many situation we need emergency help. So
  call emergency Number for help.
Give clear information about The location, No of
  casualties, Type of injury , Type of Accident,
  Age of injured person
     Type of courses and Training
• First aid course : In this you learn and get
  training basic of first aid. To save life of a
  injured person.
• CPR courses (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation
  ):In this you learn and get training how to help
  people who suffer a “cardiac arrest” (their
  heart stops beating).
                Contact Us
• Call Us : 902-497-3400
• E-mail Us:

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