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                            Keeping Your Pool Water Nice And Warm
Heating your pool water makes a positive difference to your swimming pool experience in so many
ways. All of us know the feeling of looking at an inviting sapphire blue swimming pool, only to take the
plunge and get a nasty ice-cold shock to the system! Or you may tentatively dip in your big toe only to
decide that that it’s far too cold and that you will try again when the sun warms the water a bit.

Our hot summer days are over in what seems a blink of an eye so why not keep your pool water a
constant warm temperature all year round? Make the most of what for most people is a huge
investment by choosing the right pool heater for your swimming pool. There are many types of pool
heaters to suit swimming pools of any size, shape and budget.

You can choose from electricity heating, gas heating and solar pool heating which is becoming more and
more popular especially with rising energy costs. It doesn’t always need to be a full sunny day to collect,
store and harness solar energy to keep your pool at a comfortable, even temperature.

Many of today’s pool heaters are also discreet. They blend into your garden area barely noticed and are
quiet, efficient and long lasting machines.

Keep fit and your family active with increased use of your swimming pool. As spring turns into summer
you can enjoy quality time by the pool with family, friends and neighbors. The water stays an even
temperature to your choosing ensuring a comfortable swim and increasing the usage you get from your
swimming pool.

Pool heating really can make a difference to your outdoor pool lifestyle. Find out more by talking to one
of the friendly, expert team at ThermoPools today!

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