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									                                                                                             INDIANA FOUR WHEEL DRIVE ASSOCIATION
                                                                                             3rd QUARTER                                     FALL 2005
3rd Annual 4XKIDS Day at Bradford Woods/ Camp Riley
By Michael Rosenbaum
Fat Boys Jeepers
   On Saturday, July 31, members of the Indiana Four-Wheel Drive Association convened at
Bradford Woods for the 3rd annual 4XKIDS Day. The turn-out was terrific, with about 60
IFWDA members participating, including members of Fat Boys Jeepers, Firewalkers, Monroe County
4X4 Club, Four Wheels to Freedom, and JP Frog. While most of the participants came from Indiana,
we also had members drive in from Illinois, Ohio, and Kentucky.
   After a brief driver’s meeting and practice run through the course, we picked up the first
round of campers and headed for the woods. About 80 children from Camp Riley participated
in the event, which offered children with severe physical disabilities the opportunity to ride
through the woods in one of the 36 vehicles that turned out for the day. Each of the campers
had hand-made “thank you” notes for their drivers, and the children had also drawn a large
banner welcoming us to camp. We added a water crossing to the trail this year, and a Camp
Riley staff member was waiting at the end of the crossing to take Polaroid pictures of the
campers in the vehicles. Along the trail, many of the campers could be heard chatting to each
other on the CB radios. After a fifteen minute ride, we drove back to the staging area where we
dropped off the kids and picked up more campers who were eagerly awaiting their turn.
   This was the third year of 4XKIDS Day, and it was our most successful yet in terms of donations to Camp Riley. At the end of the event, we presented
Camp Riley with a check in the amount of $1461, which brought the three-year total of funds raised to over $3000! This money will be used for a special
project on the grounds of Bradford Woods. It also subsidizes the considerable cost of the children’s two-week trips to camp. In other words, our efforts are
directly helping these children have a wonderful camping experience at Bradford Woods Aside from the monetary donations, we were also able to hand out free
commemorative t-shirts to all of the campers and Camp Riley Staff. Thanks to Hi-Lift Jack (Austin Harrah), Smith Drywall (Chris Smith), 4Wheel Parts
Performance (Mike Devore), Window Roll On-Board Window Storage (Bob Abondolo), Fat Boys Jeepers, Perfect Promotions (Kim Devore), Flying Hook
Crane Service (Jonathan Dawes), Hoosier Container (Eric Barnes), 4XFools Off-Road Club, and Richmond Industrial Supply Company, Inc. (Rudy Sperling),
for sponsoring the shirts. Many of the kids also marked the event with a Hi-Lift Jack temporary tattoo.
   Carol Stone, Director of the Camping and Retreats Center at Bradford Woods, had this to say about the day: “This was our 3rd year partnering with the
Indiana Four-Wheel Drive Association to put on the Riley 4XKIDS Day here at Camp Riley. Each year it seems to only get better! Both kids and staff have
a fantastic time and it’s simply a wonderful integrative event bringing together people of all ages and all abilities to simply have a good time! We look forward
to the event every year with some kids now only choosing the camp session where they get to ride in the Jeeps! I trust it will become a true ‘camp tradition’ with
us still partnering together hopefully 10, 15 years down the line.”
   Since joining IFWDA last fall, many people had suggested that I participate in this annual event. Past participants told me that it was a truly rewarding and
fun experience, and that it was a great opportunity to get together with other IFWDA members and make a positive impact on the community. After
participating in the 3rd annual event, I could see why 4XKIDS day has had such an impact on many of our members. Although the course was not technically
challenging, it was a blast to share our passion for the trail with children who obviously enjoyed sharing the day with us.
 Indiana Four Wheel Drive                                                                                                                         PRESORTED
 Association                                                                                                                                       STANDARD
 c/o Scott Sperling                                                                                                                              U.S. POSTAGE
 2500 Wernle Road
 Richmond, IN 47374
 e-mail:                                                                                                                    PERMIT NO. 99
 Phone: 765-966-7887

 Inside this Issue:
 •   4XKids Day
 •   Convention Information
 •   Club Activities
 •   Upcoming Events
                                                          received from Bob Abondolo that I would like to              IFWDA- $200.00 Stacey Schwanke.
                                                          share. This describes how they got the ice cream          7. Lockright locker from Fat Boys Offroad and
                                                          from Lansing to the Lane Motel in French Lick,               IFWDA- $195.00 Toby Hutchings
                                                          still frozen!                                             8. WARN Banner- $100.00 Max Soliday
                                                              “I am packing cooler in early morning, Thursday      Although we may be on the downhill side of 2005,
                                                          and putting it in a Blast Freezer for the day, (-50      there will still be trails to run and people to see at
                                                          F). Then packing it with dry ice just before I leave     Redbird and elsewhere in Indiana. A Bradford
                                                          work, Julie is on afternoon shift so I’m going to        Woods ser vice project is in the works for
                                                          leave the cooler in the Blast freezer until she gets     November. I said in a past issue, share your love
                                                          off of work at 10:30 pm then she will bring it to        of OUR sport with your fellow IFWDA members
                                                          the house Thursday night. Plans are to leave Friday      and friends. It’s always more fun to have a crowd.
                                                          morning about 6:00am. Mileage is about 260 so
President Report                                          that should bring us at Wilstem about noon.
From Scott Sperling                                           Not enough can be said about all the support         Vice-
    By the time you read this, it will be September.
Already, three quarters the year is gone. Where did
                                                          we had from the various manufacturers, clubs and
                                                          individuals that donated to this yearly event. There     President
it go? By looking at the IFWDA events calendar,           were a lot of great prizes and gift certificates given
                                                          away Saturday night.
things MIGHT start winding down after the Indy
                                                                                                                   From Dan Firestone
Jamboree. When Redbird shuts down, it will be                 I would like to thank those people for supporting
                                                          this IFWDA event:                                            Here it is, fall already.
time to make plans on what to do this winter on
                                                                                                                   Club of the Year points
our rigs and getting them ready for 2006.                     Warn Industries • Fabtech Motorsports
                                                                                                                   are out. Fat Boys are out
    What a busy month of August!!! Almost three               Hi-Lift Jack • MSD • Tuffy Security Products
                                                                                                                   in the lead with 4 Wheels
consecutive weekends of IFWDA/ off-road                       Crown Automotive • Edelbrock • UFWDA                 to Freedom hot on their tail and 4xFools not too
activities were planned. We had our 3rd Annual                4WPPC of Indianapolis • Fat Boys Offroad             far behind. We only have 6 clubs in the race at this
IFWDA Camp Riley 4XKIDS Day event July 30                     Summit Racing • Hoosier Container                    time. If your club isn’t one of the top three, you
(almost August). Then we had our 11th Annual                  Akers Packaging • Bushwacker Flares                  need to get with me and find out what you can do
Wilstem event 2 weeks later and then the 4WPPC                Quadratec • 4WDH • KC Hi-Lites                       to boost your chances to finish in the lead. You all
sale and IFWDA quarterly meeting last weekend.                                                                     know what it takes anyway. Attendance is the big
                                                              Clover Patch, Inc. - Bob Abondolo
Looks like the next couple of weeks might slow                                                                     thing. Attendance at events and at the IFWDA
                                                              Doug & Kathy Saul • Steve Hottel
down some and be reserved for mowing grass,                                                                        quarterly meetings. If you don’t get your attendance
painting and honey-do’s. SURRRRE…… I have                     Bestop • Strapper Fabrication
                                                              Carquest • Smittybilt/Outland                        at the events, you are missing out on the fun and
new trailer brakes to install and a Lockright to repair                                                            fellowship with the other members of the
in back of the trail jeep. That climb up Randy’s              Special Events • Flex-a-Lite Fans
                                                                                                                   association. If you are missing the quarterly
Ravine must have loosened up something inside.                Airaid Products • Tire Barn - Pat Davidson
                                                                                                                   meeting, whether as a delegate or just as an
    Was it just me or do you believe Wilstem was a            Borla Exhaust • M.C. Marble - Mike Bryan             association member checking things out, you are
little TOO warm compared to last year? Saying                 Fat Boys Jeepers • Boonie Riders                     missing the information and business side of the
“TOO warm” is understating it- it was TOO                     JP Frog • Monroe County • 4XFools                    association.
DARN HOT!!!!!! Looks like Allen might have to                                                                          Another thing you can do to get Club of the
add weather coordination to his Wilstem to-do list           For those that didn’t attend PHASE II of              Year points is to right an article for the association
for next year.                                            Wilstem’s Saturday night activities up in the barn       newsletter in your club’s name. Your club can
    This year, IFWDA was fortunate to have                after the BIG wind, here are the end results. Thanks     submit as many articles as you want and our
FABTECH MOTORSPORTS as a new sponsor.                     Blue for your auctioneering talent.                      newsletter editor will use what she can. Those that
Mr. Tony West, Eastern Regional Sales Manager              1. Fabtech Motorsports gift certificate for a jeep      make it into the newsletter will earn your club
for Fabtech Motorsports, was with us all day                   lift kit and 4WPPC of Indy installation-            points towards Club of the Year. The criteria is on
Saturday. He was a big help when it came time to               $450.00 Patti Guptill                               the IFWDA website, . If your club
throwing out some of the smaller door prizes. He           2. 100 Yr. Special Edition Hi-Lift Jack, No. 21         gets involved in any community service projects
came well prepared to help everyone out. Besides               out of 1905. Package included cover, shirt and      in your area, send me a copy of a newsletter article
donating some limited edition kids’ toys along with            handle isolator- $225.00 Derek Phelps               about it or a picture of those involved and that’ll
plenty of other goodies, the donation of a Fabtech                                                                 help too.
                                                           3. Optima red top/dual post battery from
Motorsports gift certificate, along with the 4WPPC                                                                     While on the subject of quarterly meeting
                                                               Strapper Fabrication and IFWDA- $105.00
of Indy installation, was worth close to $1000.00                                                                  attendance, it looks like the next meeting would
                                                               John Sorensen
alone!!!                                                                                                           be a great one to get to early. By a day if you could
                                                           4. Smittybilt Rock Crawler YJ fenders- $350.00
    How many people enjoyed the ice cream treats                                                                   make a weekend of it. The mini seminars being
                                                               Steve Lane
after Saturday dinner? Those wonderful, ice cold                                                                   offered Saturday at DeFelice Offroad in Noblesville
treats were gifts from Larry Wilfert and Julie             5. Powertank from 4WPPC of Indy and IFWDA-
                                                                                                                   will be a wealth of information for anyone. I plan
Boswell from Lansing, Illinois (up near Chicago).              $225.00 Jim Reed
                                                                                                                   on being there. I hope to see you there too.
Here is a snippet from an interesting email I              6. Lockright locker from Fat Boys Offroad and
Sunday Morning with                                                                    A Note from United
the Girls                                                                              Delegates
Kalah McGraw                                                                           From James and Becky Stewart
4 X fools – Urbana, IL.                                                                    This year’s United Annual Meeting was held in
    I’d like to express my thoughts on the Sunday                                       Big Sky, Montana. We made it out there the evening
Morning Women’s Trail Ride. In the past, I have                                         before the meeting was to start. The first day of the
participated in the lipstick challenge at Randy’s                                       meeting was really just housekeeping type tasks. The
Ravine, which by the way might be my favorite trail                                     delegates were seated the minutes from the previous
run at Wilstem. This year the challenge was changed                                     year were approved. After the delegates had been
to a trail run on the Fireplace Trail. Well, we all know   seated the new voting structure was explained and placards were handed out. Now votes in United are based
how it rained the night before, couldn’t miss that if      on membership numbers, so this year IFWDA had 4 votes instead of 2.
ya tried, so the trail was a bit more challenging then        The delegates caucus didn’t cover as many items as in years past but did cover some very weighty issues.
the day before. Us “girls” took out our / or our           The main things we discussed were change in membership structure and benefits of being a united member.
spouses off roaders and hit the trail. Some with and          For the first time United employed a meeting facilitator, who really helped keep us on track and was
some without a male passenger, but all women behind        impartial which made him more able to help us wade through the very sensitive issue of membership and
the wheel. Yee! Ha! Now, I personally enjoy having         benefits.
my husband along just for comfort, but he’s such a            The second day of the meeting a presentation and discussion was held by a member of the Montana
great guy that he allows me to make my own driving         legislature, and then we went back to the caucus. On Wednesday we voted in the new membership structure
decisions unless he is called upon. Thanks Kirk!           and some bylaws that had to be changed to make it work. Also officer elections were held. Shawn Pagan,
Anyway, we had such a great morning. For those who         Peter Vahry, and Billie Jeanne Fish, were retained as Vice Pres. Int’l Vice Pres. and Treasurer, respectively.
were not there, we girls “ROCKED”. We made it up              Wednesday evening after the last meeting was over, a banquet and awards dinner was held at the resort.
slippery hills, around off camber turns, through a rocky   Many Items were given away but
crack (ha! ha!, ya had to be there), empowered and         the Hi-Lift jack was the grand
encouraged each other, drove trail friendly and just       prize. Many people owwed and
enjoyed being behind the wheel. What a way to start        awwed over the jack, but it was
a Sunday morning and end a great weekend.                  won by Gene King of Colorado.
    I can’t speak for everyone who drove of course,        Some good things were
but the drive instead of the timed challenge was way       accomplished at this years
more enjoyable for me, even though as I said before I      meeting, some old friends were
do like Randy’s Ravine. So guys, we girls can do just      met up with and a pretty decent
about anything you can do, some of us even better;         time was had by all I think. Next
just give us the chance and opportunity. Anyway, it        year should be just as nice if not
was great to see familiar and new faces and eventually     better..
I might even learn some or your names. But in the             2006 Convention will be in
meantime, I look forward to next year’s trip.              Oakridge Tenn. July 11-14 is the
    Lots of thanks to whoever organized this event. I      meeting dates with wheeling at
personally would like to see it occur again next year.     Windrock the 10-11th. We will
Special thanks to Nancy and Stacy for being our trail      be staying at the Double tree Inn
guides that morning. You both were awesome. GO             or there is also camping available
GIRLS!                                                     right outside of Windrock.

                                                           number 11 in the book. Hard to believe it’s been           A big THANK YOU to all the sponsors ( HI-
                           A Note                          going for 11 years, I want to Thank those that         LIFT, WARN, 4 WHEEL PARTS, and our new

                           from                            started and believed in this event and busted the      sponsor FABTECH along with all the clubs that
                                                           rumps to make it work.                                 donated something ) without them we would have
                           Events                             If it wasn’t for those people we would not have     nothing to give away. Please support those folk’s as
                                                                                                                  much as your BILLFOLD/ CHECKBOOK or
                                                           events to go to and do the things we enjoy
                           Director                        WHEELING & GOOD TIMES WITH                             WIFE will let you.
                           Allen Popp                      FRIENDS.                                                   THANK YOU ALL for making Wilstem 11
                                                              I want to apologize for the dash plaque’s not       another great event for IFWDA.
   IFWDA MEMBERS                                           making it to Wilstem on time. There seems to have          If anyone has any idea’s or suggestion’s, Please
                                                           been a miss communication. I have since located        let me or a IFWDA board member know.
   I would like to THANK everyone that came to
                                                           them and will be sending out plaques by the number         THANKS AGAIN EVERYONE
Wilstem Event. It is the biggest IFWDA Event of
                                                           I received pre-registered people till they run out.        Allen Popp
the year ( OVER 200 ADULTS, 30 SOME KIDS
                                                           So if you registered after Aug. 1 deadline you might       IFWDA Event Director
                                                           not receive a plaque.
IFWDA QUARTERLY MEETING-                                                               Events Coordinator: Allen told everyone that Wilstem was a huge success
                                                                                    and that if there if any participants have any feedback to please let a BOD
Meeting Minutes of May 15, 2005                                                     member know. Next Years Wilstem will be August 11-13, 2006.
Submitted By Jayson Soliday
                                                                                       Newspaper Editor: Sharon was not present. Kelly reported that Sharon
                                                                                    needs articles, pictures, club information, upcoming events, or anything that
    Meeting was called to order by President Scott Sperling.
                                                                                    you want in the newsletter. This is our BIGGEST issue that we put out for the
    Guests: Matt Defelice of Defelice Offroad Innovations was introduced.
                                                                                    year. It will be distributed to a lot people at the Indy Jamboree. We will have
     Roll call:                                                                     approximately 16 pages to fill. The deadline is Friday August 26, 2005.
    4WTF- 2, 4xFools- 2, Boonie Riders-1, Fat Boys Jeepers- 2, Firewalkers-0,          Web Site: Shaun was not present. It was asked that Shaun look into
Hardcore Off Roaders- 0, Hoosier K5- 0, Illiana Off-Roaders- 0, Iron Horse-         “simplify” the website for the non-computer crowd.
0, JP Frog Off-Roaders- 1, Monroe County- 2, MWTR- 0, North Central Free
                                                                                       Old Business: It was discussed of possibly adding a Women’s only ride
Wheelers- 0, Northern 4 Wheel Drive- 0, Northwest Indiana Jeepers- 0, Purdue
                                                                                    on Friday in addition to the Sunday ride at Wilstem.
Off Road Club- 1, Odd Squad 4-Wheelers- 0, Ruff Riders- 2, Southern Indiana-
                                                                                       New Business: Matt Defelice of Defelice Offroad Innovations is opening
2, Tri-State Jeepers- 0, Wheeling Hoosiers- 0
                                                                                    a new shop in Cicero, Indiana (north of Noblesville) and has asked to host the
    Total delegates in attendance- 15
                                                                                    IFWDA Fall Quarterly Meeting in conjunction with his Grand Reopening. All
    President: Scott recapped the 3rd Annual 4xKids Day held July 30, 2005.         members are encouraged to attend the Grand Reopening which will be Saturday
It was another smashing success with over 200 event shirts given out to all in      November 12, 2005. Prizes, tech talks and services will be provided that day.
attendance. A sample of the shirt was shown to all in attendance. This event        The quarterly meeting will be held at the shop on November 13, 2005. Refer
will be a big part of IFWDA and Camp Riley for years to come.                       to event flyer in this upcoming issue of the newspaper.
    Vice President: Dan reviewed what he has received so far on Club of the            The IFWDA Convention will be held in Linton, Indiana at the Park Inn on
Year items. Please contact Dan with your original sign-in sheets. Club of the       February 10-12, 2006. Hopefully Redbird will be open for wheeling or will be
Year criteria is posted on the IFWDA website under IFWDA downloads.                 a part of a road rally. The convention will be co-hosted by Illiana and Monroe
    Secretary: Jayson was not present. If any club members are not a member         County. Lodging will be limited due to in part that the Park Inn only has 54
of the IFWDA e-groups and would like to be, please e-mail Jayson @                  rooms. Refer to flyer in this upcoming issue of the newspaper. A motion was made and second to waive the reading of              Officer Nominations:
the meeting minutes as posted in the IFWDA newsletter.
                                                                                       Vice President: John Swankee (4xFools), Nancy Thomas (Fat Boys)
    Treasurer: Jerry went over the current finances. Money and bills are still
                                                                                       United Delegate: James Stewart (Boonie Riders)
coming in from the recent Wilstem event. A motion was made and second to
                                                                                       Treasurer: Jerry Ellis (Odd Squad, Fatboys)
accept the treasurer’s report as given.
                                                                                       Events Coordinator: Allen Popp (Boonie Riders)
    United Safety Awareness: Jerry is currently looking to have a class
sometime this fall.                                                                    At the November meeting, nominations for the above offices will still be
                                                                                    open. Afterwards, we will have officer elections. All delegates are encouraged
    John Swankee of 4xFools shared with the membership on how there club
                                                                                    to attend this important meeting to either nominate or elect your candidate.
gave a short Saturday morning off-road driving/ vehicle clinic at a local
dealership in Illinois to new 4x4 owners. This earned their club $100.00 in            Scott is in need of workers for the Big after Jamboree sale at 4WPPC on
which they kindly donated towards the 3rd Annual 4xKids Day shirt donation.         September 24, 2004. 4WPPC will be a madhouse that Saturday and we will
                                                                                    need all the help we can get on the parking lot events. Please contact Scott or
    United Delegates: James and Becky recapped the United Convention
                                                                                    Max if you and/or your club can come and help out.
and went over some of the highlights including the restructuring of dues for
the lower level memberships. The 2006 UFWDA Convention is July 12-14,                  NEXT MEETING:
2006 in Oak Ridge, Tennessee with wheeling opportunities on July 10-11,                DATE: November 13, 2005
2006.                                                                                  TIME: BOD Meeting = 10 am- 11:45am
    Membership: Mark was not present. Notify Mark of any roster changes                GENERAL MEETING = 12pm
and/or additions @                                              PLACE: Defelice Offroad Innovations- 20935 State Road 19- Suite 25
    Public Relations Director: Max discussed shirts and misc items the              Cicero, Indiana
association has for sale. Our theme this year at the Indy Jamboree will be to          Thanks to Jonathon and 4WPPC for the pizza, drinks and keeping the
help promote Redbird SRA. Hopefully we will have the Redbird Bronco on              showroom open to all in attendance.
display along with handouts. We also plan on promoting and giving our business         A motion was made and second to adjourn the meeting.
sponsors the recognition they deserve.
    Environmental Affairs: George Thomas asked Leonard Hunter to recap
what’s been going on at Redbird. It was also announced that Illiana and Monroe
County will be co-hosting a night ride/chili cook off October 22-23, 2005.
There also may be an Interlake Clean up in September 10, 2005.
    Raffle Chairman: Scott again is handling the 2006 raffle for either a WARN
winch or a set of tires from 4WPPC for first place while possibly adding a
Powertank for second place. This will be finalized prior to tickets being printed
up and made available to the membership the middle of September.
Redbird State Riding Area News
By Tony Lance
    Hello and greetings from the Redbird Management Group. I would like to
start off with some exciting news we received in the past few weeks. In a press
release dated August 16 the State Budget Committee announced that funds
have been appropriated for Redbird totaling $200,000. The funds will provide
for development and land acquisition with a planned purchase of 235 acres
and a future purchase of 400 more acres. The funds will also allow for the
construction of an office, equipment garage and more restrooms.
    Sate Sen. Lindel Hume applauded the actions of the budget committee; he
stated this project is a great illustration of land reclamation at work. This site
was a former coalmine and is now available for all Hoosiers to enjoy.
    With that said it could bring our total property to over 1200 acres in the
near future and what a boost that will be for the four-wheel drive community
as well as the local economy.
    We will be having some events coming in the near future, which should be
of interest to many of you. We are having our first ATV Rally Sept. 30th thru
Oct. 2nd 2005 hosted by Midwest Trail Riders and Lincoln County Trail Riders.
It will consist of several events including mud bog contests; sled pulling and
an obstacle course along with a vendor midway and night ride, food will also
be available.
    The other events we will be having is a night ride and chili cook off on Oct.
22 two local fire departments will be serving chili and battling for bragging

rights and a trophy for the winner. Participants will purchase a bowl of chili
and vote for the one they like the best. The chili will start being served at noon
and end around 5:00 or 6:00pm. All proceeds will benefit the local departments
to help them purchase equipment and supplies. Like the past night rides we
will allow camping in the parking lot and if you want to have a small fire it
must be contained in an above ground container at least 6" off the ground.
    The other event is a Charity Night Ride on Nov. 19th proceeds from it will
go to a charity of the management group’s choice. Same rules apply to this
event also in regards to camping on the property.
    With that said you can see it’s an exciting and busy time here at the property
and I invite each and everyone of you to come and see what we have to offer.
You can check out our web site at to get all the latest
news or go to the forums section and pose questions to the management group
or just see what other people with the same interest are talking about. Thanks
and hope to see you on the trails.

   2005-2006 Events Calendar
September 23-25, 2005 - Fall 4 Wheel & Off-Road Jamboree
Nationals. Check event website for more details.                                     November 13, 2005 - IFWDA Quarterly Meeting. 10:00 BOD
                                                                                     Meeting, 12:00 p.m. Delegates Meeting. Everyone is welcome to
September 24, 2005 - Indianapolis 4WPPC Midnight Madness                             attend.
Sale. DJ, Food, Prizes and Great Sale Prices.
                                                                                     November 19-20, 2005 - Redbird Charity/Night Ride
October 8-9, 2005 - Cleves 4x4 Swap Meet
                                                                                     December 3, 2005 - Toys for Tots drive (see flyer in newsletter
October 13-16, 2005 - 16th Annual French Lick Jeep Jamboree                          for more information)

October 15, 2005 - Indianapolis 4WPPC Scary Sale                                     January 1, 1006 - 7th Annual 4xFools Hangover Run and Raffle.

October 22-23, 2005 - Redbird Fall Classic Night Ride and
Chilli Cook-Off
                                                                                camp...eventually. There were 8 trails to choose from, rated 1-5. Shirts,
                                                                                goodies for the kids and some adults, and plenty of water for the trails
                                                                                were made available. Did I say it was HOT, Montana and Colorado
                                                                                were setting new high temperature records during the week of this event,
                                                                                July 13-17, and I told my wife it was going to be COOL in the mountains.
                                                                                Boy was I wrong … and she likes to remind me of it.
                                                                                   Thursday we ran the Stewart Lake trail, rated 1-2, we wanted to start
                                                                                easy and compare how they rate trails out West. Besides we still had
                                                                                2000+ miles to drive back to Ohio in our Grand Cherokee. Trail Guide
                                                                                Ted Riebe showed us some beautiful high meadow vistas, over looking
                                                                                Philipsburg, and crystal clear Stewart Lake was our lunch spot. We
                                                                                returned by way of Granite mine and ghost town. Thursday evening the
                                                                                participants gathered together to share goodies and stories during an
                                                                                appetizer potluck.
                                                                                   Friday, Peter Vahry of New Zealand joined me in the copilot’s seat as
                                                                                we tackled the Gold Creek Lake trail, rated 3. Peter is the International
                                                                                VP for United Four Wheel Drive Association. We enjoyed comparing
                                                                                vehicles, terrain and weather between the US and New Zealand. New
                                                                                Zealand only experiences about a 15 DegF temperature change between
                                                                                winter and summer. It seems Peter was tenting it, we had experienced a
                                                                                light frost the morning before and now it was in the high 90’s. He was

Divide Ride 2005
by Dick Riebe
Individual IFWDA Member
   Divide Ride 2005 in Philipsburg, MT, was M4x4A’s (Montana Four
Wheel Drive Association) seventh annual and biggest four-wheel drive
event yet! Registration met its limit at 125 rigs, with over 300 people.
Three countries (US, Canada, and New Zealand), and seventeen states
were represented (Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Michigan,
Minnesota, Montana, New Mexico, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, South
Dakota, Texas, Utah, Washington, Wisconsin, and Wyoming). There
was a waiting list for those wanting to attend, with the few cancellations
that occurred, many on the waiting list were able to attend. Wow!
Imagine having so many participants, some had to be turned away!
Philipsburg is located on Montana Route 1, the Pintlar Scenic
Highway, the first paved road in Montana. But rest assured, this gold
mining and ghost town area is surrounded by picturesque and
challenging mountain trails.
   Event Chairman Dick Riebe and Registrar Cindy St. Clair did an excellent
job at getting the event off the ground. Trail boss, Ron Walker, picked out   surprised at the quick and extreme change in temperature in Montana in the
some great trails and made sure every broke vehicle made it back to           summer. He commented that my Grand was a very capable trail vehicle
                                                                              and the A/C felt good too! The final section of trail up to the lake was in
                                                                                                               the creek bed. We did get hung up on two
                                                                                                               beach ball size rocks, which required a little
                                                                                                               backing and a little spotting from our Trail
                                                                                                               Guide Jim Anderson. Jim and his son did
                                                                                                               a great job leading, spotting and keeping
                                                                                                               us informed about the area we were in.
                                                                                                               You might recognize Jim as the Editor of
                                                                                                               the UFWDA Voice newsletter. Again, the
                                                                                                               Gold Creek Lake was our lunch spot for
                                                                                                               the day. What a peaceful and scenic lunch
                                                                                                               it was. Due to the HOT weather, some
                                                                                                               rigs experienced over heating problems.
                                                                                                               The trail leader and I each pulled a rig into
                                                                                                               the campground at the conclusion of our
                                                                                                               run on Friday. Some of the rigs may have
                                                                                                  annual Divide Ride is scheduled for Leadore Idaho, July 12-
                                                                                                  16, 2006. Leadore is 40 miles south of Salmon, and 90
                                                                                                  miles north of Idaho Falls on Idaho Highway 28, in the
                                                                                                  Lemhi Valley, which is the ancestral home of the Lemhi
                                                                                                  Shoshone Indians. Leadore serves as a cultural center of the
                                                                                                  Lewis and Clark Expedition. Without the horses provided
                                                                                                  by Sacajawea’s brother, the chief of the Lemhi Shoshone,
                                                                                                  the Corps of Discovery would not have been able to cross
                                                                                                  the Rocky Mountains to the Columbia River. The trails
                                                                                                  available for wheeled recreation are challenging as well as
                                                                                                  historical. The development of mining and early exploration
                                                                                                  of the area was as exciting as any in the country. The Idaho
                                                                                                  four-wheelers will join the M4x4A as trail leaders.
                                                                                                     The planned schedule is for arrival Wednesday, July 12, a
                                                                                                  potluck after trail rides on Thursday, July 13, an ice cream
                                                                                                  social with a dance band Friday, July 14, a dutch oven chicken
                                                                                                  dinner Saturday, July 15, and will conclude with a breakfast
                                                                                                  on Sunday, July 16. Most of the functions are planned to be
                                                                                                  at the Search and Rescue Station in Leadore. Camping will
                                                                                                  be at the rodeo grounds. There are limited RV hookups (8),
                                                                                                  a small store and restaurant. Event chairman, Dick Riebe,
                                                                                                  cautions that there are no cash machines and credit cards
                                                                                                  are not accepted. Registrations will be available in January,
over-heated, but the participants were treated to an old fashion ice cream
social that evening as we again shared our adventures of the day with our            Many may ask why is the M4x4A having a Divide Ride in Idaho. Riebe
new friends.                                                                      answered that question, we were invited. He plans on this being a one-time
                                                                                  M4x4A event in Idaho. The Idaho Four-Wheelers are working to form an
   Saturday put my wife back in the navigator’s seat and we decided to
                                                                                  association, and hope to have four-wheel drive trail riding events of their
sign-up for the easy and scenic Altoona Lake trail, rated 2. What a wonderful
                                                                                  own. Anyone with questions about DR06, can contact chairman Dick Riebe,
choice. The map was deceiving, so what I expected to be a short, easy,
                                                                                  4026 Sunrose Drive, Missoula, MT 5904, 406-549-3842, or email
gravel road trail, instead was the best trail I have ever been on. Not that it
was hard, we weren’t looking for that experience, just that it had a little bit
of everything included. We started out heading out of town through the
back alleys and past the old town water tank, where
they had seen a grizzly bear the day before. We traveled
on gravel roads, dirt two-tracks, rocky trails, through
open meadows, forested twisty turns, up hills, along
rocky ledges, across water crossings, through some
muddy areas and we managed to arrive at a picnic area
with an outhouse just at a convenient time for the ladies.
Lunch was also at Altoona Lake, very blue-green in
color. On the way down, we stopped at an old mine.
The entrance was open but just for a short distance.
We drove across the ore car track and parked near the
old miner’s shack. The track dumped right off the side
of the mountain and there was rock crushing
equipment, an old boiler and other ore processing
buildings and equipment. What a way to end our visit
to this old mining region of Montana.
   After the trail riding was over on Saturday, we
paraded all 125+ vehicles through town to the welcome
waves of the locals and on to the High School where
we enjoyed a fantastic catered BBQ chicken and pork
dinner with all the extras. DR 2005 concluded with
Sunday breakfast, which sent all participants on their
way with a full belly!
   Mark your calendars for DR06!
   Divide Ride 2006, Montana 4x4 Association’s 8th
    MEET YOUR IFWDA BOARD                                           OF   DIRECTORS

President/Raffle Chairman, Scott Sperling
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             Vice-President, Danny Firestone
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                                                                               United Delegates Alternate, Nancy
Treasurer, Jerry Ellis                                                         Thomas
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                     4TH ANNUAL

                                                                                                 9470 E. Washington Blvd.
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                                                                                           Jamboree Sale
                                                                                           Saturday • September 24th,
                                                                                             2005 • 9am-Midnight
                                                                                           DIRECTIONS FROM THE FAIRGROUND:
                                                                                           EAST ON 38TH ST, SOUTH ON
                                                                                           KEYSTONE TO I-70 EAST

Saturday • September 24th, 2005 • 9am-Midnight                                             (NOT WEST) TO POST RD. SOUTH
                                                                                           ON POST RD. TO E. WASHINGTON,
                                                                                           EAST ON WASHINGTON,
                                                                                           4 WHEEL PARTS IS 1/4 MILE
                                                                                           ON LEFT SIDE.

                                                                                           CAN’T MAKE THE SALE,          10865 Brookpark Rd.
                                                                                           WE ALSO HAVE A STORE
                                                                                           IN CLEVELAND:                     216-267-6668

        WITH EVVER $500
     4 WHEEL
     *V      VALUE
                                                                 ENTER TO
                                                                                                                 L 4 S ar
                                                                                                                Put UWheel Peetls at
                                                                 WIN                                        o       l 4 Wh

FREE BAR-B-QUE              [   Truckloads of inventory
                                priced to sell!                  THIS 05 JEEP
                                                                   UNLIMITED RUBICON
                                                                                       ®        Come 24th. Annua ls at Indiana
                                                                                                      boree e Fairground .
                                                                                                               3-25, 2
                                                                                                        Sept. 2 ST PRICES

                            [  first 50 customers w/ purchase.
                                                                                                          LOWE NTEED!

ON SITE at below
Jamboree prices!
                            [  NITE TIME ROCK
                               GARDEN CRAWL

$500 Cash drawing
at midnight                                                       SIGN-UP AT THE STORE
                                                                   OR AT THE JAMBOREE
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Contact: Mark Wesson                         Northwest Indiana Jeepers
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                                             Web site:
                                       1st annual
  Fall Classic Night Ride
     & Chili Cook-Off                                                 Hosted by:
Schedule of events:                                         Monroe County 4X4 Club and
                                                               Illiana Off-Roaders
Saturday October 22
9am – Midnight - Trail rides
Noon – 6pm Chili Cook-Off Competition

Sunday October 23
9am – 5pm Trail rides

        $2.00 per bowl of chili to judge the        There are restroom facilities and a
           Chili Cook-Off competition.                shelter house on the grounds.
               All proceeds from the                 Camping will be permitted on the
           Chili Cook-Off competition                   grounds for this event.
        benefit the local Fire Departments.         Fires permitted with a fire blanket or
                                                         elevated 6” above ground.
      Winning Fire Department will receive a
                                                  There is no electrical or water outlets.
            trophy for bragging rights

                                                    For location and rules and
       $10.00 per OHV to enter and ride the               regulations of
        facility. OHV must be plated by the         Redbird State Riding Park
          state or registered with the DNR.
                                                        Go to the web site
           Fee covers the entire weekend       
                                               No alcohol or glass bottles will be allowed on premises.

 Visit website for lodging                     For information contact
                information                                 Steve Ford at 812-876-6688
                                                            Tony Lance at 812-398-3613
                                                                                         Awareness needs to be an important aspect. Most off-road recreational groups
                                                                                         have programs in place where training is available. IFWDA has one which
                                    A Note from                                          includes United’s Safety Awareness, and Tread Lightly’s Tread Trainer. It can
                                    Environmental                                        be a basic 1 day course or a more advanced course scattered over a few
                                                                                         weekends in different area’s. For example, we could come to your club for the
                                    Affairs                                              basic training (1 day) program, then follow up with more intense training and
                                                                                         experience, such as a couple weekends at our Freedom Training Location,
                                    From George Thomas                                   ending with a trip to an off-road park such as Redbird, or perhaps Haspin
                                           Looks like the End of another summer,         Acres or the Badlands, what ever is close for you or your group.
                                      the time just seems to fly past. Another Fun          We need groups size of 10 but not more than 20 to do it right. We are not
                                      Filled week-end at Wilstem Ranch has come          trying to push this program on anyone. If you wheeled for years you may not
                                      and gone. Those of us that were there had a        want to do it, but most learn something new from it all the time no matter
                                      wonderful time, trail riding and visiting with     how many years they have wheeled. The program is intended for the newbies.
                                      friends from other clubs that we only get to       They are the ones we want to start off right so they can enjoy our sport, be
see a couple of times a year. It seems we do most of our riding in the Spring            safe while doing it, and not damage their vehicles. But be aware, that can still
and Fall of the year. This has been a long hot summer and conditions in most             happen anytime anyplace no matter what training you have had. The more
places are very dry, and Fire danger is very High. Please be aware of this and           prepared you are the less likely it will happen to you. For more Information on
that vehicles with catalytic converters can get very hot a start a grass fire            this contact Jerry Ellis at He is in charge of the IFWDA Safety
when the grass is tall and dry, like it is now. The seasons are changing soon            and Awareness Training. You may also call me for week-end group lesson at
and the dry conditions will be turning wetter. I ask that you use the Tread              our Freedom Training Area. You can reach me at TQPTCS@AOL.COM
Lightly Principals when driving off road and lets all leave the area’s we go to          These programs offer a good way to bring new people to you club and promote
nicer than we found them. And if we come on a wet area rather that dig ruts              Safety and Tread lightly.
all through it lets try to avoid it till it’s dry again and safe to drive on. We can’t
                                                                                            You can only get out of something what you put into it. By being involved
afford to loose any more places to ride. We love our fun sport, and I know we
                                                                                         you can enjoy doing things you only thought about before. You can have fun
want it available for our children and grand children to enjoy to. Common
                                                                                         and meet new friends. Try to support local projects and the ones that apply to
sense and safety awareness can go along way to insure that it is there for them
                                                                                         our sport. There are some clean up projects coming up like the one at Interlake
too. The future of our sport depends on it. You are now seeing the younger
                                                                                         that may be over before the news letter comes out, but lets show our support
folks taking an interest in our sport, and more and more of them are women.
                                                                                         and get out and help!
With their youth and enthusiasm I’m sure they will carry our sport to new
heights, with lots of conservative actions. We have a big fight on our hands to             We are sad about the tragic death of our fellow member Bret Maggart. Our
try to keep the area’s we have, try to recover some lost ones, and support the           thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends. Bret, we’ll miss you
new one’s. We need to come together as a group under United Four Wheel                   man!
Drive Association, and Indiana Four Wheel Drive Association, through our                    Enjoy the trails this season and stay safe. I hope to see you all out there
local clubs with unity to support the things we all want. There are two very             some place real soon.
important events coming up in the future that you need to plan for now. One
is Our Convention in February. This is your convention, it is usually a real
good time with friends from all over the state who enjoy the same things you
do. There is usually trail rides, or road rally poker runs, a nice dinner party to
meet new friend and visit with old ones. Then it ends with the biggest most
important meeting of the year. All members are invited not just the delegates.
All the clubs should have at least two delegates there. But the more the there
is the better it is. How ever only two votes per club. If no one is there for your
club then you have no vote. This is also the election of key members of the
board and who will be representing you for the next couple of years in various
positions of the board. It is also a time to plan what we would like to do in the
coming years, and what we have done in the past few. New Issues arise all the                 On July 28, 2005, the Indiana Four Wheel Drive
time this is the best way to stay abreast of them. If you are interested in one
of the positions now is the time to start your campaign. Your nomination
                                                                                            Association lost a long time member to an industrial
should be in soon if not already.                                                           accident.
    The other place is the UNITED Convention next year in Tennessee. I have                   Bret Maggart was a member of North Central
already heard from a bunch who would like to go. Well again now is the time
                                                                                            Indiana Free-Wheelers for many years. His friendship
to start planning It is not that far and it will be here before you know it.
    There is also lots of IFWDA or local club events coming up that you will                and his knowledge and love for our sport will be
want to go to also. There will be a Night Ride at Redbird or TOYS FOR                       greatly missed.
TOT’S at the Badlands. I know there are local things too, so check out your
                                                                                              Our thoughts and prayers are with his fiance, Kelly
newsletters, the IFWDA web site, and the different club web sites for upcoming
events, and lets bring unity back and support each other when we can.                       Schreckenghaust and his family and friends.
    With SUV’s, ATV’s and dirt bikes becoming more popular, Safety and

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