The Saddest And Happiest Thing In Existence by pankurs619


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									The Saddest And Happiest Thing In Existence
The saddest thing in existence is when people do not use their consciousness and
thought in any way. The happiest thing in existence is when people reach their
potential with their consciousness, thoughts and actions behind and in front of
those thoughts. This is an article about both extremes of reality. Think, that is all it
starts out with, that word, "think". If it starts out with more, it would also be
justifiably hard to do the other steps now, would it not? We start out thinking,
and, yes, everything else comes after it. All leaders think, act, and generate, and
all followers follow. That is the secret life holds for all who end up and are their
own authority ultimately. While followers do not think or use their consciousness
in any way. They just follow the leader or even the slightly more conscious

Winning is a game for leaders, not followers, that is also the standing point and
action point of this article. Let me explain: A real leader is an originator. While a
real follower just follows and gets nowhere except where that real leader tells
them to go or creates an example to go to. Initiative is power, to follow makes
you weaker than the person with initiative. That may sound extreme and scary,
but it is the raw and real truth and honesty of the matter. To some, that reality
may be scary and something that does not want to be dealt with. To others, (and I
am writing for those others) the message may be fully and succinctly understood.
But for all, the message applies to reality.

Look, the fantasy is that this message does not apply and that thought is not
required because someone will provide the necessary leadership without too
much effort. I am here to say no, it takes leadership effort and realistic thinking
and action from all with consciousness. Laziness and fear are the disease, courage
and work ethic from within are the cure. Happy or sad, good or bad, reality works,
and how we work reality is how it comes out, happy or sad, good or bad. Follow
the leader or the more conscious than you follower only makes you a fool.
Thinking and genuinely understanding for yourself makes you wise. Follow or lead
though, individual responsibility is always there if you have any consciousness.
Taking that responsibility fully and succinctly without fear or looking to others to
shoulder any burden except yourself is the happiest thing in the world. Do not
forget that, because it is your responsibility to make yourself a winner and happy
through your actions.

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