Appendix 2 Draft Cultural Strategy Action Plan Experiencing the by KevenMealamu


									              Appendix 2         Draft Cultural Strategy Action Plan

  Objective                      Action                                     When              Lead
Experiencing the County: to provide the experience to support creative

  Maximise the use and           We will submit a bid for Durham to         Expression        City of Culture
  development of Durham’s        be the first UK City of Culture in         of Interest       Board
                                 2013. This will be part of an              Oct 2009
  cultural assets and            ambitious programme of cultural
  capabilities                   events in the County leading to a
                                 step change in the cultural offer.

                                                                            Initial bid Dec
                                 We will develop a gallery/ exhibition      2010/11           DCC/Partners
                                 space to enable large and important
                                 exhibitions to come to the County
                                 We will develop the cultural/              2009/10           Beamish/
                                 heritage infrastructure of the                               Bowes/
                                 County, building on the work already                         University/ DCC
                                 taking place at The Bowes and
                                 Beamish, plans to improve Killhope
                                 and Locomotion and a review of the
                                 offer at the DLI.

                                 We will review the library network         2009/10           DCC(AWH)
                                 so that it is a community resource
                                 that is fit for the 21 century ( fit for
                                 the future, fit for purpose)

                                 We will encourage the use of the           ongoing           DCC/Partners
                                 County’s built environment as a
                                 cultural asset
                                 We will develop activities in non-         2010/11           DCC/Partners
                                 arts/culture venues.

                                 We will conserve our cultural              Ongoing           DCC/Partners
                                 heritage and built environment while
                                 encouraging the best of
                                 contemporary architecture in
                                 appropriate settings

                                 We will agree a % for art policy,          2009/10           DCC
                                 where a fee, usually some
                                 percentage of the project cost, is
                                 placed on large scale building
                                 development projects in order to
                                 fund and install public art.
                                 We will protect the County’s unique        Ongoing           DCC/Partners
                                 landscape, particularly the area of
                                 outstanding natural beauty ensuring
                                 the enjoyment for future generations
                                 We will produce a public art strategy      2010              DCC/ Partners
                                 which supports care of existing
                                 public art, decommissioning and
                                 commissioning new public art. We
                                 will use public art to draw visitors to
                                 the County.

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        Appendix 2             Draft Cultural Strategy Action Plan

                               We will create a programme of high        2010        DCC/ Partners
                               quality, high profile events, including
                               niche events
                                We will develop the use of cycle-        2010        DCC
                               ways via a range of cycling and arts
                               based activities from sculpture to
                               the use of new media to create
                               changing games and trails along the
                               County’s many cycle-ways.

                               We will investigate the feasibility of    2010/11     DCC/ Cultural
                               developing a large sculpture park in                  Partnership
                               and around Durham City

                               We will ensure that Durham                            DCC/Partners
                               participates in the Cultural Olympiad

Develop a networked            We will work with organisations in        2009/10     DCC/Partners
cultural infrastructure that   the County and the region to
                               develop the cultural offer in the
connects with local people     County
in an enjoyable, safe and
accessible way
                               We will increase young people’s           2009/10     DCC
                               access to cultural opportunities
                               working with the Building Schools
                               for the Future programme and the
                               Primary Capital Programme

                               We will enable groups with specific       2010        DCC/Partners
                               and specialist interests to have a
                               voice in developing cultural

                               Improve communication about the           Ongoing     DCC/Partners
                               range of cultural activities and
                               opportunities available to

                               We will produce a festival and            2009        DCC/Visit
                               events development plan. We will                      County Durham
                               implement this through bringing in to
                               the City international acts and also
                               placing performances within small
                               venues in a diverse range of villages
                               and towns across the County.

                               We will encourage the                     ongoing     DCC/ Partners
                               development of the smaller
                               voluntary and community museums

                               We will form a team of cultural           2009/2010   DCC/Partners
                               enablers to actively inspire
                               communities and help them develop
                               the skills and confidence to provide
                               their own events to a high standard

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           Appendix 2            Draft Cultural Strategy Action Plan

Getting Involved: to encourage diverse communities to realise their
  Increase participation in      We will develop a programme of            2009/10     DCC/ Partners
  and attendance at arts,        high profile excellent festivals and
                                 events which have national and or
  culture and heritage           international impact. This will build
  events and opportunities       on Enlightenment and BRASS in
  for both residents of the      2008, Lumiere, BRASS and the
  County and visitors.           Book Festival in 2009 and including
                                 plans for the Mystery Plays in 2010

                                 We will investigate barriers to           2010        DCC/Partners
                                 participation in culture in the County,
                                 identifying whether these are based
                                 on perception (culture is not for me)
                                 cost, access transport or lack of
                                 awareness of what’s available. We
                                 will take action to reduce these

                                 We will support and encourage a           2010        DCC/ Partners
                                 range of smaller excellent festivals
                                 and events such as the Bishop
                                 Auckland Food Festival.

                                 We will provide a small grants fund       Sept 2009   DCC (AWH)
                                 which will enable groups and
                                 individuals to provide cultural events
                                 and activities at a local level

  Redefine the County’s          A ‘Cultural Ambassadors’ cultural         2010        DCC/Partners
  cultural identity as a         volunteering programme will be
                                 created. This will link with and build
  centre of cultural             upon existing cultural volunteering
  excellence; reconnecting       programmes such as at Durham
  with a rich cultural past      Cathedral, Locomotion, Killhope and
  and shared future with a       other cultural facilities.
  positive outlook

                                 We will promote participation in the      2010        DCC/Partners
                                 voluntary arts sector e.g. Making
                                 Music -amateur music groups

                                 We will develop the use of modern         2010/11     DCC/Partners
                                 media to help overcome issues of
                                 access to cultural opportunity by
                                 those within rural and hard to reach

   Create an environment in      We will work with schools and             2010        DCC/Partners
   which the individual, and     young people’s groups to engage
                                 fully with the City of Culture
   particularly children and     programme and to use creativity
   young people, are             and cultural activity to assist
   supported to achieve self     educational attainment.
   expression, quality of life
   and well being through
   cultural activity

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Appendix 2         Draft Cultural Strategy Action Plan

                   The work already being carried out      2009/10   DCC/Partners
                   by the FORGE and Creative
                   Partnerships will be continued and
                   grown across a greater number of
                   schools bringing greater numbers of
                   artists and international performers
                   into schools.

                   We will work with Creative              2010/12   DCC/Partners
                   Partnerships Durham Sunderland to
                   explore and measure the impact of
                   cultural interventions on the
                   development of learning, ambitions
                   and life chances of children and
                   young people.

                   Community groups and event              2010/11   DCC/Partners
                   organisers will be supported to work
                   with and in schools in developing
                   their events

                   Schools will be supported and           Ongoing   DCC (CYPS)
                   encouraged to maintain or achieve
                   the Artsmark award.

                   We will continue to develop work        ongoing   DCC (CYPS)
                   with the schools music service, The
                   Sage, Youth Music and Sing Up to
                   build upon the musical talent within
                   communities across the County

                   We will support and encourage           2009/10   DCC/Partners
                   young people to develop and run
                   their own events

                   We will work towards all school         2010      DCC (CYPS)
                   pupils within the County having a
                   programme of visits to a range of
                   cultural institutions.

                   We will increase consultation with      2010      DCC/Partners
                   communities to shape arts activities
                   and their local cultural environment

                   We will ensure culture contributes to   2010      DCC/Partners
                   improving quality of life wellbeing
                   and addressing health issues and is

                   We will develop a strategy to           2010/11   DCC (AWH)/
                   improve the quality of life and                   NHS Foundation
                   wellbeing of older people and                     Trust, the PCT,
                   people with learning disabilities                 TEWV
                   through cultural activities

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          Appendix 2           Draft Cultural Strategy Action Plan

Creating Wealth: to seize the opportunity for creative and cultural activity
to generate wealth

  Expand the creative          We will nurture talent and             Ongoing   DCC/Partners
  economy, including the       encourage the creative industries
                               through the provision of affordable
  creative industries sector   workspace
  and tourism, by
  supporting cultural

                               We will offer skills development for   2010/11   DCC
                               County Durham artists, through
                               mentoring shadowing,
                               volunteering, training opportunities
                               with visiting companies / artists to
                               the area.

                               We will encourage a climate of         2010/11   DCC/Partners
                               private sector support and
                               patronage from trusts, foundations
                               and individuals for culture

                                We will work with partners such as    2010      DCC (RED)
                               Business Link to develop a strategy
                               for delivering business support
                               specifically aimed at the
                               independent creative sector.

                               We will work to attract film and       2009/10   DCC/Northern
                               television companies into the                    Film and Media
                               County in accordance with our
                               Filming Friendly policy.

  Raise the profile of         We will further develop a marketing    2009      Visit County
  Durham by developing the     plan for Durham City and County                  Durham
  external image and
  identity as a place in
  which to live, work and

                               Culture will be used to revitalise     2010      DCC/Partners
                               towns and villages across the
                               County and we will bid into the Big
                               Lottery’s Vibrant Villages Fund.

  Maximise culture as a        We will explore opportunities for      2010      DCC/Partners
  social driver for            providing creative and imaginative
                               new ways of revitalising
  regeneration; improving      communities such work may include
  community cohesion and       improving signage, lighting and new
  capacity building            forms of play

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Appendix 2         Draft Cultural Strategy Action Plan

                   We will build upon the County’s         2010      DCC/Partners
                   existing touring schemes

                   We will use culture to promote an       2010      DCC/Partners
                   understanding of different ways of
                   life and cultural diversity

                   We will support workers and leaders     2010      DCC (RED)/
                   in the cultural sector to enhance and             Partners
                   improve their creative skills with
                   nationally recognised training

                   We will use cultural activity to        2009/10   DCC(RED)/DCV
                   exploit the potential of Durham City
                   as a major retail, business and
                   residential centre and visitor

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