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• West Big Beaver Road Suite
  200, Troy, MI 48084
• Office
• Springhill Group - Turkey l Ohter l
  Gather l Quora-No one should be
  deceived by our cool-headed stance
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•    IT experts fear Anons Hacker group Anonymous is
    figuring to be the greatest worry of IT experts today,
    according to the latest survey by security software
    provider Bit9. A new survey conducted by the security
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• Apple’s Calls for Repatriation Tax Holiday Gain No
  Tractionwith White HouseWith some two-thirds of its
  cash hoard housed overseas, Applewould like a tax
  holiday to allow it to move that money back to theU.S.,
  but its pleas have fallen on deaf ears at the White
  House.With $64 billion in cash remaining offshore, Apple
  executives saidduring a conference call on Monday that
  they have no plans tobring that money back to the U.S.
  because of taxes. For sometime now, Apple has lobbied
  the U.S. government for a tax holidaythat would give the
  company an incentive to bring that
  moneystateside.“Repatriating the cash would result in
  significant tax penalties,”Apple Chief Financial Officer
  Peter Oppenheimer said. “The taxlaws currently allow for
  a significant disincentive. We‟veexpressed our views to
  Congress and the White House.”

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